House of the Dragon's Matt Smith Shows Off His High Valyrian Fluency | The Tonight Show 

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Matt Smith talks about meeting King Charles after playing Prince Philip in The Crown and pulling off an epic battle without dialogue in House of the Dragon before teaching Jimmy a few phrases in the High Valyrian language.
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House of the Dragon's Matt Smith Shows Off His High Valyrian Fluency | The Tonight Show
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15 Eyl 2022




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@issaphae9659 Yıl önce
i always find it so interesting how matt smith was shot into stardom by playing such a lovable and wholesome character only to later discover that his true calling is playing absolute menaces
@rawadosa90210 Yıl önce
He's been Morbing for a while now.
@mariatereza9721 Yıl önce
If you are talking about Doctor Who he also was a absolute menace 😆
Spot on! 😂
@Arrynek01 Yıl önce
@@mariatereza9721 Spot on. It's just that the menace was on our side :D
BROOO , As someone who didn’t watch, I was confused cause I thought he was Dr who but his personality was mad different so I thought I must be confused
@ugochi1 Yıl önce
His portrayal of Daemon is perfection. When he’s on screen he doesn’t even have to utter a word, his body language screams attention.
He have coke energy that seems to be natural. A chaotic neutral. George R.R. Martins favorite character .
@ChrisVillagomez Yıl önce
Aemond too honestly, I'm excited for the end of the series 🐲
@PhenyFedelia Yıl önce
Exactly! He always manages to portray every single role he is given perfectly and I don't even know how he does it.
@ugochi1 Yıl önce
@@ChrisVillagomez 💯 yes!
@riley8209 11 aylar önce
i LOVE how he is just being himself. Vulgar and all, relatable because I cuss all the time and don't think much of it. This guy is a gem and an absolutely fantastic actor.
@hush.4945 7 aylar önce
I know HAHA he's amazing. But sometimes I think about the idea that if an actress would do the same, be vulgar, etc. they would not say the same as her.
@urthboundmisfit 5 aylar önce
@@hush.4945 Well, no. In the UK, women swearing is not the big deal that it is here. Depends on what social class they're in, to some extent, but that's about it.
@LetsGetitBoah Yıl önce
Daemon truly is going to be a legendary character. Easily one of the most compelling characters in ALL of entertainment. You truly never know what he's going to do next. The acting is top tier.
@josuemelena1478 Yıl önce
We do it’s in the book
@deadlyydude5522 Yıl önce
Y’all ain’t ready for season 2, daemon is gonna do some crazy shit!!
@LetsGetitBoah Yıl önce
@@josuemelena1478 Sort of yes, but they've changed a few things around here and there. Like when he cut Vaemonds head in half, that's not how that went in the books.
@ToriHiragana Yıl önce
@@LetsGetitBoah it was better in the show
@thedonahuetwins Yıl önce
I laughed so hard when Matt finally was like,“oh crap I can’t curse.”😂😂5:56
FUCK NO! Really?
@MatthewJBD Yıl önce
@@MatthewJBD Cuss
@Dontlook146 Yıl önce
Jimmy F is a terrible host. He has no clue about HOTD...
@rowell669 Yıl önce
I love his character. My only complaint is they don’t feature him enough. He carries the show to some extent. The scenes with Daemon are always the best. And I loved every f- word that came out of his mouth.
@Tajbor87 Yıl önce
yeah but you know how little Darth Vader was on screen in the first Star Wars, and yet he became legendary and iconic
@minhafarooq4501 Yıl önce
@@shaquonstewart3736 uu+
@NangDoofer 7 aylar önce
@@Tajbor87 Can't have too much of a good thing
@fashionablyrude4339 4 aylar önce
Totally agree. The whole storyline with the crab king should have been a whole episode in itself
@daniromero5135 Yıl önce
I love how as Matt kept cursing Jimmy was getting more and more stressed😂😂😂
Jimmy couldn’t anymore at last 😂
Gotta make sure your beepers are on-point. Lol
@misteral1083 Yıl önce
@@alexhein1738 Might be his last.... To me (as a fellow Brit) it looked like Matt was very relaxed and talking the way many of us do in daily life. He'd have had no problem if he'd been on the Graham Norton Show!!
@3200DPI Yıl önce
Wrapped it up pretty quick after that.
@marcjones5862 Yıl önce
Americans seem really precious about language on TV. it’s so weird
@indighost4364 Yıl önce
I was skeptical about Matt playing a Targaryen but I must admit he is KILLING IT and without a doubt my favourite character in the show now.
@anonsmith3459 Yıl önce
It's comments like these that baffle me. Where would the skepticism come from like honestly?? It's just like Henry Cavill having had to actually campaign- campaign- to be The Witcher. What are you all smoking?
@tammy4742 Yıl önce
@@anonsmith3459 exactly. Matt Smith proved multiple times he would be great fit Targaryen
@anonsmith3459 Yıl önce
@@tammy4742 Girl! Like the EGOS & NERVE on these TALENTLESS people - talking about they were SKEPTICAL?? NO YOU'RE BLIND DEAF & DUMB TO OBVIOUS TALENT! Like who the heck do you think you are being skeptical??? Honestly Daemon & Daenerys are my favorite Targaryens EVER on screen so far. The way that High Valerian rolls off that mans tongue like butter?!? GTFOH HE'S WINNING AN EMMY FOR THIS ROLE NEXT YEAR👏🏽 PERIOD. 👏🏽
@amandanguyen390 Yıl önce
You know people do have a right to be skeptical on things because they haven’t done enough research into it right? Sure it’s demoralizing for the Matt’s fans to hear such words, when they know how versatile he is as an actor better than most who have just gotten into the HOTD bandwagon, but is it that necessary to call those skeptics names and go on full offense over a famous person?
@AlexIsModded 10 aylar önce
Matt Smith singing to Vermithor is a scene wrapped in beauty and absolute terror that makes Tyrion unchaining the dragons look like it was not as dangerous as it was. He was the perfect choice for Daemon.
Well said
@noorz29 11 aylar önce
"It's when I'm at my best. When I don't speak actually". I absolutely love how he pulls off being self deprecating, yet charming and its this whole vibe he has making these comments, be it toward royals, the show or himself. I think Matt Smith has a super interesting personality and I definitely want to see more of him. His acting in his roles speaks for itself actually, so no wonder he's nominated for so many awards.
@sporeceress1465 10 aylar önce
That beautifully spontaneous, organic move with the crown scene when Paddy stumbles is exactly what elevates Matt Smith as an actor. He's great to begin with, but those instincts, that perfect sense of how to magnify character and scene by just posturing or moving or just _looking_ at another character in precisely the right way, he makes his characters shine. He's right, you know? The best parts of Daemon aren't dialogue scenes. They're physical and silent. The way Daemon looks at Viserys and Rhaenyra, the look he gets as he's reading the letter about Viserys sending reinforcements to the Stepstones, and even that brief little sigh/smirk at Aemond that speaks so much as to how Daemon realizes he's watching a younger self staring back at him with one eye. I wasn't sold on him as Daemon to begin with, but oh my god I was so wrong.
@noorz29 10 aylar önce
@@sporeceress1465 yup! You said it very well. All of it I agree with
@sporeceress1465 10 aylar önce
Actually, my favourite bit _isn't_ even one of the dialogue-free ones. He's gone to sing to Vermithor, and it's actually his own voice, minimal editing. He can't quite hold every note perfectly, it comes off as an actual person who isn't a professional singer. But more than that, it's the extremely calm, controlled body language throughout - he's moving slowly, carefully, conveying his _respect_ for the old beast, for the thing he's attempting to do. Vermithor isn't a tool, a weapon to be ridden and used. Daemon genuinely loves and honours the dragons, and everything about how Matt Smith carries himself in that sequence underlines that. Daemon is a true dragonlord, arguably the last of them all. And Matt Smith channels that to perfection.
@karenguittar8416 9 aylar önce
I just recently got access to a DVD of Party Animals, and if you have the chance to see it, he was quite young and quite, quite awesome in it. (UK political tv series)
@jigyboy267 11 aylar önce
He is the Tyrion of House of Dragons his screen presence is incredible steals the show hands down 🔥🔥🔥
@C0NTUMACIOUS 10 aylar önce
@belle7289 10 aylar önce
Not even close lmao
@lakshmi-13 8 aylar önce
Both are different
@imnotchilla9482 8 aylar önce
@bookywooky2259 5 aylar önce
I feel it's aemond
@evehhr2 Yıl önce
I'm so happy Matt is finally getting the main stream recognition he deserves, he's always been a fantastic actor
About time he gets recognized
Yes!!!! He is amazing! I am happy as well
I’ve been a fan of his for years now and his success gives me so much joy
@evilydal Yıl önce
Already Love him in Last Night in SOHO
@nightkore6756 Yıl önce
and he is so charming omg
@carolmartin1298 Yıl önce
From Matt's first episode on Doctor Who, I loved him! He's such a versatile actor, and he really shines as Daemon, steals every scene
I agree with you 100%! I loved him as The Doctor as much as I loved David Tennant, but Matt is off the chart as Daemon! I can't wait to see him in Season 2! And he makes High Velyrian sound like a real language. Just love him and how he acts.
@nikki3879 Yıl önce
Not only is he swearing like a sailor, he also stopped to translate what "boozer" means 🤣 He is a delight.
@Basedbrulee Yıl önce
I'm so glad this man is getting the recognition he deserves.
@nienkexkus Yıl önce
Hahaha love british people. Their sarcastic dark humor, swear a lot and being honest with no sugar coating. I went on a holiday with some british boys/girls and as a dutchie myself we clicked immediately. 😂❤️
@liss441 Yıl önce
Just like aussie’s
@cogito919 Yıl önce
That makes sense to me, from my short experience living in NL as an american I've found dutchies also have sarcastic dark humor, swear a lot, and are extraordinarily blunt, I love it. I think my favorite dutch curses were ones that were just diseases like "kanker" and "optiefen" lol
I love how they'e still calling Elizabeth ''the queen'' she deserves it to be the queen eternaly
@BrawndoQC Yıl önce
Dutch people remind me of Quebec people for some reason. Not the same culture and language but it's like Quebecers are closer to Dutch than French even if they speak french.
@hwren9845 9 aylar önce
As a Brit I always seems to get along with Dutch people, Irish people, Danes, and Aussies the best.
@lizs5152 Yıl önce
He has absolutely blossomed in the years following his run on Doctor Who. He was always so great at playing the awkward turtle that was the eleventh Doctor, but holy cow, he is seriously embodying Daemon Targaryen even now
@sarahconnor13 Yıl önce
as a british girl who swears constantly, it was honestly refreshing to see him swear as much as he did. real british representation.
@roddo1955 Yıl önce
I think he is playing up to his character when he promotes a show. He was on Graham Norton when he played Prince Phillip and he sounded VERY posh and his entire demeanor was different from this show. More etonian graduate. He also did not swear and as you know; you can swear on the beeb after the watershed. So I think Matt is also doing it a bit on purpose. He's been told not to swear but does it anyway and Jimmy only tells him off by the end. Seems a bit of a set up. It is very in line with Deamon. "Deamon don't to that" OK "Deamon! I TOLD you not to do that" Oh! And I did it anyway, didn't I? I am so sorry. No really, I am Deamon is that person who whacks you in the face and then says 'sorry'
@piljoe0828 Yıl önce
I think thats a european thing :) i am from austria and we swear constantly to hahaha
How is your surname German?
@Thawhid Yıl önce
@@runningbear6391 they just do it to act "cool"
Well we did get something from you guys. ;)
@dianaluna2482 11 aylar önce
He's a brilliant actor, and the way he portrays Daemon makes him the best character on the show, despite many of his best scenes being erased, cause the writers obviously have an agenda, he still remains the most popular character. Hope the writers don't fck him up for the next seasons
@sapling3519 Yıl önce
jimmy getting more and more stressed as matt swears, and then when jimmy says something you can see how stressed MATT got. what a guy
@andyclift6481 Yıl önce
matt is one of the great actors of our time. truly amazing to see him do anything tbh.
@dashfatbastard Yıl önce
I'm so happy to see Matt leveling up his career. Remarkable talent! It had never occurred to me that he'd make people swoon. Whovians don't swoon, though...we squee :)
@MylesUK Yıl önce
I mean - I don’t know what levelling up is supposed to mean tbh, I feel he’s pretty much up there when you’re a double BAFTA, Emmy Award Nomination winning actor 🤨 But fr though , Doctors make the best ‘villain’ type of characters (Though I’m not sure Daemon is reallly a villain tbh) Tennant as purple man still haunts my dreams!
@dashfatbastard Yıl önce
@@MylesUK To "level up" means to progress to the next level of a game. It's a video game expression. It's a colloquial expression, but in pretty common usage. In the states Smith isn't a household name yet. I think it's almost inevitable he will be.
@MShaiqable Yıl önce
Fish fingers and custard!
Speak for yourself! I fell in love with him as Eleven, and I swooned from episode 1.
This dude just oozes charisma
and sweetness
@robotube7361 Yıl önce
Dude is the epitome of Daemon. No other cator could play Daemon. He has that cynic smile, that mischevious way of carrying himself. As Matt said it himself: "Daemon is a leaner". He likes to lean and smirk while watching others going batshit insane. hehe.
@Tilly1770 Yıl önce
I love how Matt Smith treated it like a UK talk show instead of a US one😂😂😂 Jimmy having a heart attack every time he swears lololokik
He really thought he was on Graham Norton 😂
LMAO noticed that
@kimmieh8419 Yıl önce
It truly is so stupid that they don't allow swearing when there is sooooooooooo so so so SOOOOO much worse things being seen/said everywhere, everyday. Seriously, does the 'F'-word even have any 'oomph' like it used to have?
@meganyoung. Yıl önce
@@kimmieh8419 lol great point. It's like "hey!!! You better make sure to bleep out the no-no word that's said in the middle of the scene where the guys gettin disemboweled! We dont wanna upset anyone! Oh, and just to be safe let's go ahead a bleep the one that's happening while the woman is getting raped too. You kno the rules and regulations man!" 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣🤣
@hotdogguru2037 7 gün önce
I love Matt Smith was so happy to see him in this show as well. Phenomenal role
@darthstryk7169 Yıl önce
He's the best part of House of the Dragon and he was my favorite Doctor. Don't get me wrong, I love David Tennant, but the Matt Smith seasons were the best.
Agreed!! David is great but Matt's Doctor was, in many ways, better. The Colonel Runaway scene was awesome! Now that I've seen him as Daemon, I can see similarities between his Doctor and his Daemon. I knew he was a great actor but he really is even more amazing as Daemon Targaryen.
@dawnbarton7918 10 aylar önce
Totally agree. No one does a Dr Who monologue like Matt Smith. Love him!
@chispuda Yıl önce
He’s amazing!!!! The Crown and now House of Dragons. What a magnificent actor.
@hannah1948 Yıl önce
I just love him!!!!!❤❤
@lynnquin8565 Yıl önce
Before that, the 11th Doctor!❤️
@wishvakrish3583 Yıl önce
His screen presence is terrific It’s just not about writers brilliance but his work for the character is outstanding 👏👏👏
@brunoxd151 Yıl önce
"It's about an incestuous volatile sociopathic family" Wait, is he still talking about the crown?
@banibatbout Yıl önce
@pixii89 Yıl önce
Lol i just realized that's he's on that too
@Maggie-rr8gi Yıl önce
It could be either 😅😅
Brilliant 😂😂😂
Daemon steals the show every time he's on screen. I guess that's just a Matt Smith thing at this point. Love his personality.
@@royalgem6379 typo smh. happy now?
his acting choices put me off watching Dr Who but he is perfect in his current role since i can dislike the ish out of him
@HK-gm8pe Yıl önce
Daemon and Rhaenyra are two of my favourites in the show and also in the books, I dont spoil anything but I think that Daemon is going to be a fanfavourite ,I hope that Emma Darcy is able to follow in Millys footsteps , suchand amazing chotic and passionate characters are they both...yeah its incest but nobody realis that this WHOLE FAMILYis full of incest Visryss and Daemons mother and father were sister and brother D so Iam rooting for Rhaenyra and Daemon get together at some point :)
@royalgem6379 Yıl önce
@@bondpenelopebond You mean "Thank you"? And I say "You're welcome" 😊
@@royalgem6379 yeah keep liking your own comments. see if that gets you somewhere 💀
When he was first cast as the Doctor, a friend and I binged everything we could get our hands on that he was in. He was such a young actor that there wasn’t much, but he was excellent in everything. We knew he would make a brilliant Doctor. He’s so tremendous as Daemon, though. I’m so happy he’s getting the recognition he deserves.
@suzannemaki3413 Yıl önce
I met him at Comic Con in Chicago and he was very personable and down to earth. I also love that he swears like a sailor. Lol
@MrCdub88 Yıl önce
Paddy and Matt’s acting and there characters stories compliment each other so well, it’s fucken amazing! Hope they get some sort of recognition for some future accolades
I've been a fan of Matt Smith since Doctor Who, where he was so charming and dorky. It was already surprising seeing him playing Prince Philip in the Crown, but I was not prepared for him playing Daemon Targaryen.
@dubsonly 11 aylar önce
Same I know him from doctor who but hes my favourite in HOTD
@usha9807 Yıl önce
Matt Smith is bloody brilliant in anything he is in. Best Dr Who in my humble opinion, and love him in the House of the Dragons.
@vexmyth0clast Yıl önce
I truly hope he wins an award for his performance as Daemon. He eats up every scene that he is in even when he’s on the damn floor. I can’t see anyone else in the role.
@jubu. Yıl önce
I agree with you.
@nandogee1205 Yıl önce
Daemon the Niece Slayer
@jeremyj5932 Yıl önce
Nobody should. The new prequel has now ruined game of thrones. What a horrible series it is. I’ll just have to watch the first season again to try and erase the prequel from my mind.
@dratini4036 Yıl önce
@@jeremyj5932 lmao i bet you were one of those bozos who thought the last seasons of got were amazing
@jeremyj5932 Yıl önce
Damn dratini you had a 50% chance to guess it right and you still got it wrong. Speaking of bozo…
@nivras2757 Yıl önce
I like his performance as Prince Phillip too! Very compelling actor! Daemon is a legend himself!
He is a star. Always wait for his presence in every HOD episode
@RieCeleste 11 aylar önce
I first saw him on Doctor Who. I was intrigue of how he portray his character on longest-running series and it turns out he was good and also on those movies and other series. But, i must say that his role as Prince Daemon Targaryen was magnificent for me. L
@NekoHibaCosplay Yıl önce
I can't help myself but think that Smith can never stops to improve, he had some rough times in movies that were not very good (Morbius and Terminator Genysis just to name the most famous ones) but everytime he's provided with a good script he steals the scene, like in The Crown and Last night in Soho. He was already famous but now with House of the Dragon we are really witnessing the birth of a legend.
@sushmitasen8807 Yıl önce
He done a great job!! He's my most favourite character in this series, absolute gem 🤍
@ahmyakm9176 Yıl önce
He's such a good actor that I can't even imagine anyone else playing Daemon on this show. The sad thing is before ppl really saw his performance most fans were just hating on him bc they thought he wouldnt fit the role. And he proved the contrary and won everyone's approval in just 2-3 episodes.
Ehhh he seems to always do that. Like the doctor 😉
100%. I’ve read the book a few times and as Daemon HES PUUURRRRFECT! Misunderstood, but tough and aggressive, but quite tender when you least expect it.
@@brandon5012 if he does in the show, then I’m sure it’s just the script writing
If you see him on the Crown, it's a bit of a gateway to that role. His Phillip isn't a full Daemon, there are some similar elements. He flies a plane instead of a dragon. There's implied infidelity. He's in this position where he wishes he had more power, and a woman he loves rules over him. Oh and Elizabeth is his cousin so incest. As soon as he got cast as Daemon I was like "yeah, he's gonna kick ass as this!"
@bozanrum5123 Yıl önce
I was first introduced to Matt Smith when I started watching doctor who 10 years ago. I remember eagerly waiting for the 7th series episodes to air on TV and being blown away by the speech he gives in one of the episodes. I always love seeing him in whatever he pops up in, he has a wonderful energy to him
@dulcegomes7855 Yıl önce
Matt Smith surpreende pela positiva que grande actor a série sem ele não era a mesma coisa definitivamente. 👏👏 Well done. Agora é aguardar pela 2 temporada e que seja o mais breve possível 🙌
@manolia2606 Yıl önce
Is it just me or when some actors become their characters "or vice versa" it's just a proof to how amazing actors they are !! I'm so happy he's not being replaced through those time jumps the show has I want everyone to remember we were blessed with one version of prince Daemon Targaryen who's Matt Smith ❤️
@lostnemesis Yıl önce
He's honestly one of the reasons of the show is so amazing it's a great show if you liked the earlier seasons of game of thrones with competent writing and battles of wit but with sprinklings of conflict elsewhere thrown in that's what the first six episodes are probably going to offer you it did me and Matt Smith was great.
@klrocco 10 aylar önce
I actually couldn’t stand him as Prince Phillip in The Crown at first bc of all the whining, but now I sympathize with that character a lot. And the. I started watching House of The Dragon and was like WAIT, THAT’S… OMG. So it’s odd to be watching him in two roles at once and absolutely smash both of them. And you’re telling me he plays Doctor Who as well?! Get out. This man is actually and truly top notch. He’s won me over.
@THEAnnEla Yıl önce
Every time he is on screen he steals the show unless he's there with Milly and they steal it together. His charisma is insane, he is a perfect Daemon.
@saheb_faizi Yıl önce
@gollanikhil3098 Yıl önce
I thought I am the only one
He made morbius the movie of all time 🤷🏻‍♂️
@neptune6989 Yıl önce
@vokasimid5330 Yıl önce
@@t-bonethugger9389 🤣😆
@Justsomebody009 5 aylar önce
Can I just say. He played Prince Philip amazingly. I’ve also seen house of dragon and he is daemon Targaryen he just is SUCH a character actor and I live for it
@bobert1236 Yıl önce
Matt Smith has BEEN that guy. The best Doctor Who - such a versatile and humble actor. Truly the best we have to offer! He deserves all of the success coming to him from House of Dragons. He may be remembered and rewarded for this role, but he has put in the work for many years to get here!
@ritanehru7688 10 gün önce
Matt Smith is agreat actor in HOTD and really enjoyed it,he had me just rewind his acting scene😊😊❤he got the real energy it
@Lulu-vw8nq Yıl önce
I’m so proud of Matti. I totally underestimated him for this role and I am just gutted about it now. His performance is so powerful in so many ways. He certainly has me swooning. Red flags 🚩 everywhere
@ashbringer5999 Yıl önce
My most favourite doctor of all times. I really loved him as doctor; in fact he was the first doctor who series I became to love. I wish him the best and many other roles to come in the future.
@maryfrump7937 Yıl önce
Oh when he told River good bye I cried!.
@livvyb3583 Yıl önce
I just got finished watching the first four episodes of House of the Dragon and I absolutely love Daemon which is a lot in part because of Matt’s portrayal. Such a great actor.
@NK-vb3fn Yıl önce
I haven't watched GoT, should I watch House of Dragons?
Most definitely. It is awesome.
@@NK-vb3fn yes its a prequel and you'll understand like 95 percent of it without watching GOT
@nissan_skyline Yıl önce
Me too. Perfect casting decision for that character. He steals every scene he's in, even when he doesn't utter a single word lol, and I just love the chemistry between him and his on-screen niece.
@tajaemartin2251 Yıl önce
@nissanskyline lol did you see the preview? She is pissed at him for leaving her 😂
I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but he won me over with his HOD role. Killing it
@anastasianastia Yıl önce
He is so hilarious 😄❤️
@EdgeOfMars Yıl önce
8 episodes released now and I stand by Matt Smith / Daemon is 100% my favorite character of the series easily. 🔥👍
@richtarget1127 Yıl önce
Rhanyrea, alicent, Daemon and viserys are all the good main characters. Now viserys is gone. It will be hard to kill another and have the series continue.
@EdgeOfMars 10 aylar önce
@@richtarget1127 great acting in the show all around, people are sad it’s slow but it was season one & MASSIVE character development, the craziness is on the way and I’m stoked.
@richtarget1127 10 aylar önce
@@EdgeOfMars I still don't know if it will get as massive and crazy as we hope. In many ways the violence this season was very safe and there was no real nudity. With GOT you felt it could go any way. But this is maybe a bit more rigid
@vfalcon7864 Yıl önce
I love him so much!! He deserves recognition!
This guy is funny as hell 🤣 and so freaking modest.
I know this is not just me thinking it , but Matt speaks high Valyrian like it is his mother tongue. There is no other role more perfect for him.😍
He is an excellent actor, I bet he gives his best at everything
@XchloeellieX Yıl önce
he deffo spent a good few hours on Duolingo for this role lol
If I remember correctly you can actually go and learn high valerian in one of the language apps I forget which ine
@@joshleonaherndon6199 yes Duolingo
He is Daemon Targaryen of the blood of Old Valyria.. Valyrian is his mother tongue!
@imharsh2504 11 aylar önce
His screen presence always steals the show. I did not liked him in his firt appearance but later he just got my attention. His looks, body language and dialogues connects his character perfectly. Just like tyrion i know everyone will end up loving Daemon s character as well.
extreemly talented actor I love his work he is 10% perfect for his role! it amazes me he looks normal and in all his movies he can make his face look so damn crooked no idea how he does it.
He's just great. I remember when he was cast as The Doctor and you could instantly tell he was a find and would have a great future.
@iwantabetterworld1759 10 aylar önce
He is so down to earth and funny!
@ronandynan1228 Yıl önce
It's so fucking good to see matt FINALLY getting the recognition he deserves as a fantastic, powerful and captivating actor, he's just been so unlucky with his movie roles up until now.
@LemonAndIggy Yıl önce
Watching Jimmy Fallon cringe with panic every time Matt Smith cursed made me laugh way harder than it should have. Poor Matt was just acting like he's having a chat with a friend and Jimmy is like BRO IM WORKING RIGHT NOW S T O P
@_Noluv Yıl önce
isn’t it a late night show? They can’t curse?
@misteral1083 Yıl önce
@@_Noluv Not in the US. In the UK it's far less of an issue.
@UnknownvV Yıl önce
Hahaha It was so funny 😅
@joycelima2926 Yıl önce
Actors should be instructed to not swearing on live tv, looks like the program might get sued due to these swearings.
@mitchdavis6001 Yıl önce
When Matt smith first became the doctor I was a little nervous because I wasn’t familiar with any of his work. But damn can he act! I hope his back is ok. From carrying every scene he is in. DOTD has made me an even bigger fan. This man is a treasure
@therealgoz Yıl önce
He followed David Tennant and came out with his career unscathed. Only a truly incredible actor could survive that
Amazing actor and he seems like he’s a genuinely nice person too.
@Zeynep-ut5gt Yıl önce
I love Matt Smith so much like he has been one of my fave actors for sooo longgg and he deserves all the love and the fame in the world
@grayzebra226 Yıl önce
it was about time.
@mithicash1444 10 aylar önce
I have loved Matt since I first say him on Dr. Who! He is very similar imo to Andrew Garfield. They are both incredibly underrated and have extremely wide range of acting and emotion.
This guy needs to win an award for the role of Daemon Targaryen!
I watched his whole run in Doctor Who and he killed it has The Doctor. But I honestly didn’t think would be able to pull off Daemon. But he really really does. Such a good actor.
@TonyOnePilot Yıl önce
Yeah, I mean, he’s Doctor might be goofy, sweet and funny most of the times, but when he goes dark he REALLY GOES DARK
@letteralex Yıl önce
He was pretty good, but David Tennant was tough one to follow.
Which seasons he is a Doctor? I have watch it! Really great actor! 👏👏
@bluelily7174 Yıl önce
@@jarnobrofelt1891 5, 6, 7 I think
@@bluelily7174 thx! 👍
when you see him like this in the real world then you understand, MORE, that he is a brilliant actor!
@lydiathiele5985 7 aylar önce
I loved him even the times he was playing the role of the 11 th doctor in Dr who.He has such a potential
@Agesilaus.88 Yıl önce
He's so wholesome. I'm very happy for him.
@galemusgrove4589 10 aylar önce
Matt Smith is so cool,and so is Daemon They cast him real well
@701delbronx8 Yıl önce
This man will be one of the great actors of our generation
Every scene with him in HOTD is great. Love his acting and presence in the show.
@jimherold7827 Yıl önce
I really liked Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra. I think her acting performance was the best in the show. Shame she had to be replaced with the time jumps.
A fantastic actor and his portrayal of the Doctor (in Doctor Who) was the best. He is immensely talented and a top bloke too.
@kamariixxx7026 6 aylar önce
house of dragons are so good ❤️ definitely making up for later seasons of GOT
@amandawall8249 Yıl önce
I'm so happy to see Matt Smith making his interview rounds. It's been so long since his goofy self made TV appearances in the US!
@davidcole2337 Yıl önce
House of Dragons is the best show to come out this Fall. Every Episode has been awesome. Episode 10 really sets up Season 2. I hope it comes out late 2023 because it really is setting up a huge fight.
@grim4uZJ Yıl önce
Best character in HoTD by far! He has so many layers, and any of them can explode outward at any time. I can actually believe he is Daemon T!
Matt Smith’s character in HOD is what you anticipate on seeing in each episode, hoping he’ll one day turn to be one of the good guys but keeping him afloat as one of the bad guys because you like that kind of shit
@potatome176 Yıl önce
he's like Jaime Lannister on a different level. Both great actors and characters.
@user-fw1hj3vv2k Yıl önce
I already think he's better than others in the series. He's already a good character.
@saraeissa4954 Yıl önce
kind of like Damon from the vampire diaries
@crystall.411 Yıl önce
he stays kinda in the middle thats why he’s interesting@Rosemary
I'm really fall in love with this interview 😍 I can watch it alllllll day 😍
@juliocolina8141 Yıl önce
Tremendo actor salvó la acción en la casa del dragon.! Felicidades y Gracias por tan excelente actuación
Super cool how nice Matt is with Jimmy, they look like great friends having a conversation in a bar. Which makes all the more worse and funny when you account that they're not in a bar but on TV and Jimmy is cringing at every f bomb 😂😂😂
@tjlg7335 Yıl önce
This show is surprisingly good and smith plays his part well.
@Dino13 Yıl önce
I've rewatching The Crown this week, and it is insane the chemistry he had with Claire Foy. Then I remembered the chemistry he had with Karen Gillan In Doctor Who. Now the chemistry he has with Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon. So I don't understand how some people are worried about how the Daemon/Rhaenyra thing will change when the actress switch happens, because Matt could be cast beside a rock and it would still be so interesting. He bounces energy so well, that's why his interviews are always so entertaining. Can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes with Emma.
I thought he had chemistry with Jenna Coleman. I badly want to see a romance movie with both of them starring in it.🙈
@100Crackfist Yıl önce
The man had chemistry WITH the Tardis he's fucking awesome.
@oceancat0450 Yıl önce
I am NOT looking forward to the actress switch at all.
@neamraven Yıl önce
When the switch happens Rhaenyra will be ruined pretty much. Shame to lose her so early.
Emma and Olivia were both cast first.. then they cast the younger actors later on based on what Emma and Olivia looked like when they were younger. People haven’t even seen it yet to give it a chance but they are all up in arms about the switch. I say bring it on. I hope they all eat their own words 😜 it must really suck to be Emma and Olivia right now reading all of this feedback..
Smith is just really good at his craft -- possibly the best actor alive. He can do just about any role. Most people don't even know his earlier stuff. For those literary fans out there who like movies based on the true lives of writers, I strongly recommend Christopher and His Kind about the gay writer Christopher Isherwood and his early years when he lived in Berlin during the rise of the Nazi party. The film's plot is similar to the movie Cabaret, and it's an important film to see, but Smith's portrayal of Isherwood alone was just amazing.
@DigitalDuelist Yıl önce
House of the Dragon was impeccably cast! I can't imagine anyone but Emma D'Arcy playing adult Rhanyera which was had to pull off as the younger was also perfect. #TeamBlack
@suzhale345 5 aylar önce
This guy is the real deal...he is awesome
@oanam4981 Yıl önce
Jimmy's face when Matt swears...lol Legendary role, look forward to season 2 😍
@Quanchi99999 Yıl önce
😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s hilarious cause he makes a face when he curses too funny
What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man ❤
Seriously have always had the biggest crush on him even if he isn’t the most conventionally handsome person.
@sumanilyas293 Yıl önce
Matt embodies every character he plays. He is my favorite Doctor and there couldn't have been a better Daemon! Just absolutely love everything he does. Elated to see him getting all the love and recognition and praise!
And he was the only person that made morbius watchable!
So true! There was a scene in Last Night in Soho that made me think of him as the Doctor. I first watched him in Doctor Who so I always associate Matt Smith with the Doctor Who franchise.🙈
@sumanilyas293 Yıl önce
@@clairedelune-ri4ti Such an underrated film that is too!
@EdSmed20 Yıl önce
he steals the show in every role hes in. and what a contrast to his character on the crown. generational talent
@perryb21 Yıl önce
Matt Smith seems like cool dude to hang out with. Yes, he gives great performances in The Crown and House of the Dragon.
@mattjack3983 7 aylar önce
He says he's excited to see where his character goes. For those of us who have been reading all the books for years and years, and know all of the lore, and the history of Westeros and House Targaryen, know all too well how it turns out for Daemon, unfortunately. RIP Rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen & Dragon Caraxes.
@therealcap8598 Yıl önce
You know, if the whole show was spoken in high valyrian, I honeslty wouldn't be mad. Forget the boring "common tongue" hearing them speak the dragon language is hoooot🥵🔥
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