House of the Dragon's Matt Smith Shows Off His High Valyrian Fluency | The Tonight Show

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Matt Smith talks about meeting King Charles after playing Prince Philip in The Crown and pulling off an epic battle without dialogue in House of the Dragon before teaching Jimmy a few phrases in the High Valyrian language.

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House of the Dragon's Matt Smith Shows Off His High Valyrian Fluency | The Tonight Show




15 Eyl 2022




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issa phae
issa phae 2 aylar önce
i always find it so interesting how matt smith was shot into stardom by playing such a lovable and wholesome character only to later discover that his true calling is playing absolute menaces
Wink Blue
Wink Blue 14 gün önce
Happens to most doctor who actors I've found
Edna Izabel
Edna Izabel 15 gün önce
He has a face fitted to play cunning and deceving roles.
Telecia Tnika Robinson
He has the face to do it..
Elijah Clough
Elijah Clough 16 gün önce
He gained popularity with DOCTOR WHO first though
coolaccountname 27 gün önce
The 9th-12th Doctors all had a darkness to them (some more obvious than others). I wasn't surprised at all.
Ugochi Baker
Ugochi Baker Aylar önce
His portrayal of Daemon is perfection. When he’s on screen he doesn’t even have to utter a word, his body language screams attention.
Ugochi Baker
Ugochi Baker 23 gün önce
@Chris Villagomez 💯 yes!
Yaya 26 gün önce
Exactly! He always manages to portray every single role he is given perfectly and I don't even know how he does it.
Chris Villagomez
Chris Villagomez 27 gün önce
Aemond too honestly, I'm excited for the end of the series 🐲
Guy With All the Answers
He have coke energy that seems to be natural. A chaotic neutral. George R.R. Martins favorite character .
KiDDoMadeIt Aylar önce
Daemon took that boy head off like some melted buttef. Rip
The Donahue Twins
The Donahue Twins 2 aylar önce
I laughed so hard when Matt finally was like,“oh crap I can’t curse.”😂😂5:56
Love Thieves
Love Thieves 6 gün önce
The show has incest, violence, rape, cursing, murder, dragon while the network is like let's promote this amazing show but let's keep the language clean for the family audience. lol. he should have cursed through out the whole interview so the interview becomes a joke.
Jai 15 gün önce
I like the way Jimmy reminded him he couldnt swear at the end of the interview when he was done with his questions
Devonian 21 gün önce
Haha did he forget he was in America or something? Its because you can swear on British TV all day long, or actually only after 9pm I think.
Kroneexe 21 gün önce
In Britain swearing on TV is no big deal, so he forgets himself in America.
Mary Frump
Mary Frump Aylar önce
He can on Graham Norton I think.
Nick West
Nick West Aylar önce
Episode 8 made me cry like an infant. When Viserys is looking around at his family for the last time in slow motion, and that beautiful violin music plays, it’s seriously one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen
Nick West
Nick West 8 gün önce
@hasan1980hb The build up to the exact scene I’m talking about is insane. And the score is absolutely beautiful. I’m obsessed with music tho so music hits me in the feels a little more than others 😂
hasan1980hb 8 gün önce
@Nick West truth be told I may have also to some classic movies but not this lol.
Nick West
Nick West 8 gün önce
@hasan1980hb thanks for that input man, we all appreciate you
hasan1980hb 8 gün önce
Get out your basement for once people crying over TV shows. Lol.
Anonymous 13 gün önce
@Celon you came at that scene? wtf man
American Curves
American Curves Aylar önce
Daemon truly is going to be a legendary character. Easily one of the most compelling characters in ALL of entertainment. You truly never know what he's going to do next. The acting is top tier.
Thalmor Agent
Thalmor Agent 10 saatler önce
@VayaconDios Better? I think that it was undercut in my opinion. Vaemond's death had more weight in the books, and honestly, it's a shame it was hastened.
P M 9 gün önce
@Josue Melena Oh look, a book reader!
Raul Duke
Raul Duke 11 gün önce
You should watch Game of Thrones, it was even better
Khalid Garbiya
Khalid Garbiya 22 gün önce
Aemond is clear
VayaconDios 23 gün önce
Don’t ruin him GOT🫣
John Striker
John Striker Aylar önce
"It's about an incestuous volatile sociopathic family" Wait, is he still talking about the crown?
LaLa B
LaLa B 4 gün önce
Alison Santer
Alison Santer 10 gün önce
Brilliant 😂😂😂
Maggie 24 gün önce
It could be either 😅😅
Burrito Queen
Burrito Queen Aylar önce
Lol i just realized that's he's on that too
sunni bae
sunni bae Aylar önce
rowell669 Aylar önce
I love his character. My only complaint is they don’t feature him enough. He carries the show to some extent. The scenes with Daemon are always the best. And I loved every f- word that came out of his mouth.
Minha Farooq
Minha Farooq 8 gün önce
@Shaquon Stewart uu+
tajbor_official 10 gün önce
yeah but you know how little Darth Vader was on screen in the first Star Wars, and yet he became legendary and iconic
Shaquon Stewart
Shaquon Stewart 23 gün önce
Justin Amenta
Justin Amenta Aylar önce
This dude just oozes charisma
Mira Wondafication
Mira Wondafication Aylar önce
and sweetness
Nienke 2 aylar önce
Hahaha love british people. Their sarcastic dark humor, swear a lot and being honest with no sugar coating. I went on a holiday with some british boys/girls and as a dutchie myself we clicked immediately. 😂❤️
Brawndo 12 gün önce
Dutch people remind me of Quebec people for some reason. Not the same culture and language but it's like Quebecers are closer to Dutch than French even if they speak french.
Melk 28 gün önce
I love how they'e still calling Elizabeth ''the queen'' she deserves it to be the queen eternaly
cogito 2 aylar önce
That makes sense to me, from my short experience living in NL as an american I've found dutchies also have sarcastic dark humor, swear a lot, and are extraordinarily blunt, I love it. I think my favorite dutch curses were ones that were just diseases like "kanker" and "optiefen" lol
Lissful Beauty
Lissful Beauty 2 aylar önce
Just like aussie’s
Tilly1770 2 aylar önce
I love how Matt Smith treated it like a UK talk show instead of a US one😂😂😂 Jimmy having a heart attack every time he swears lololokik
Shannon Fleming
Shannon Fleming 4 gün önce
My. 😢😮😢😮😮😮😮
Love Thieves
Love Thieves 6 gün önce
Well, the US looks at nudity/sex/cursing as bad and censored but Violence and Guns is ok, then a shooting happens all the time...people in America act all surprised. it's pretty sad.
Happy Life
Happy Life 10 gün önce
I think they should've told him off-stage instead of trying to embarrass him like that
James Palmer
James Palmer 20 gün önce
Who ever thought that a show about utterly ruthless psychopathic incestuous love would bring us all so close together and inspire such beautiful conversations.
Kimmie H
Kimmie H 23 gün önce
@Malkumecks Awww! Thank you! Megan is a pretty adorable person to have an exchange with! It’s so nice when you come across nice people in the comment section. There’s so much drama and ‘pot-stirring’ by ‘trolls’ and ‘momma’s cellar-dwellers’ that it’s awesome when you get to have a fun-loving exchange between a like minded person. I mean she even wanted me to give my fur baby extra lovin’ from her! Can’t get much more amazing than that!😻🥰 And now you’ve come into the picture and it makes it even better! Thank you and may you have a healthy, safe, and wonderful holiday season with all your loved ones! May you get every happiness life has to offer!🤗🥰
Nikki 2 aylar önce
Not only is he swearing like a sailor, he also stopped to translate what "boozer" means 🤣 He is a delight.
IndiGhost Aylar önce
I was skeptical about Matt playing a Targaryen but I must admit he is KILLING IT and without a doubt my favourite character in the show now.
Amanda Nguyen
Amanda Nguyen 15 gün önce
@Anon Smith ​ @Anon Smith Firstly, it is very interesting that you're fiercely assuming that I'm attempting to lecture you and make you feel belittled. Secondly, you are absolutely correct! I DO have the right to exercise my right to keep scrolling, but I ALSO have the right to intervene when I see that one person is heavily insulting another person for simply carrying an opinion they don't agree with. If you're going to argue how your previous comment firing against Matt's skeptics weren't insulting, then best we stop engaging with one another, because your idea of a civil conversation is plainly too different from mine.
Ray Uddin
Ray Uddin 15 gün önce
its simple. if they are british they can act and do whatever role. most americans think british actors are american
Anon Smith
Anon Smith 16 gün önce
@Amanda Nguyen "You know" your comment made no sense. Who's arguing rights? You and you alone. Why because I'm going to turn your sorry argument on its head- if he has the right to be skeptical about his performance, I have the right to question his and anyone else's skepticism PERIOD. You basically had a whole conversation with yourself. But what you're not going to do is you're not going to lecture me on WTH I said or how I chose to say it cuz YOU'RE NOT CHANGING IT - I know I'm not. I put down EXACTLY what I wanted to say as usual. Girl bye 👉🏽🚪 you should have just exercised your right to keep scrolling. 😌 #DISMISSED
Amanda Nguyen
Amanda Nguyen 16 gün önce
You know people do have a right to be skeptical on things because they haven’t done enough research into it right? Sure it’s demoralizing for the Matt’s fans to hear such words, when they know how versatile he is as an actor better than most who have just gotten into the HOTD bandwagon, but is it that necessary to call those skeptics names and go on full offense over a famous person?
Anon Smith
Anon Smith 18 gün önce
@Tammy Girl! Like the EGOS & NERVE on these TALENTLESS people - talking about they were SKEPTICAL?? NO YOU'RE BLIND DEAF & DUMB TO OBVIOUS TALENT! Like who the heck do you think you are being skeptical??? Honestly Daemon & Daenerys are my favorite Targaryens EVER on screen so far. The way that High Valerian rolls off that mans tongue like butter?!? GTFOH HE'S WINNING AN EMMY FOR THIS ROLE NEXT YEAR👏🏽 PERIOD. 👏🏽
Darth Stryk
Darth Stryk 29 gün önce
He's the best part of House of the Dragon and he was my favorite Doctor. Don't get me wrong, I love David Tennant, but the Matt Smith seasons were the best.
Kai Thoren Fawkes
Kai Thoren Fawkes 12 gün önce
Agreed!! David is great but Matt's Doctor was, in many ways, better. The Colonel Runaway scene was awesome! Now that I've seen him as Daemon, I can see similarities between his Doctor and his Daemon. I knew he was a great actor but he really is even more amazing as Daemon Targaryen.
Maria Aylar önce
I'm so glad this man is getting the recognition he deserves.
Angelina 2 aylar önce
as a british girl who swears constantly, it was honestly refreshing to see him swear as much as he did. real british representation.
Romana Nyx
Romana Nyx 6 saatler önce
“British representation” please y’all are just colonizers
Mandi Taylor
Mandi Taylor 10 gün önce
I swear at least this much and I live in the US. It stupid as hell that you can’t swear on live tv yet here. Whether you say shit or shoot, you mean the same thing so why can you say it one way but not the other? That’s rhetorical but I still feel it’s fucking ridiculous!
Tony Dracon
Tony Dracon Aylar önce
it's unattractive when girls swear
T Jones
T Jones Aylar önce
@allshookup1640 …and a liar…
@roddo the character stays with you even after the shoot is over
Liz S
Liz S 2 aylar önce
He has absolutely blossomed in the years following his run on Doctor Who. He was always so great at playing the awkward turtle that was the eleventh Doctor, but holy cow, he is seriously embodying Daemon Targaryen even now
Carol Martin
Carol Martin 22 gün önce
From Matt's first episode on Doctor Who, I loved him! He's such a versatile actor, and he really shines as Daemon, steals every scene
Kai Thoren Fawkes
Kai Thoren Fawkes 12 gün önce
I agree with you 100%! I loved him as The Doctor as much as I loved David Tennant, but Matt is off the chart as Daemon! I can't wait to see him in Season 2! And he makes High Velyrian sound like a real language. Just love him and how he acts.
RoboTube Aylar önce
Dude is the epitome of Daemon. No other cator could play Daemon. He has that cynic smile, that mischevious way of carrying himself. As Matt said it himself: "Daemon is a leaner". He likes to lean and smirk while watching others going batshit insane. hehe.
Chispuda Aylar önce
He’s amazing!!!! The Crown and now House of Dragons. What a magnificent actor.
Lynn Quin
Lynn Quin 19 gün önce
Before that, the 11th Doctor!❤️
Hannah19 29 gün önce
I just love him!!!!!❤❤
Dani Romero
Dani Romero 2 aylar önce
I love how as Matt kept cursing Jimmy was getting more and more stressed😂😂😂
Henry Li
Henry Li 20 gün önce
Matt thinks he's on Graham Norton
Devonian 21 gün önce
@Daemon Electricity As a Brit I think its a good thing that America retains some formality and a basic level of respect by not cursing in front of millions of people.
that's that
that's that Aylar önce
What did he expect
Daemon Electricity
Daemon Electricity Aylar önce
@Marc Jones As an American, I think it's crazy how hard we clutch pearls over language.
DaveL 2 aylar önce
It's fucking late night TV 🤷 It's 2022. Kids in bed. Sorted. I still don't get why grown adults have to censor themselves late at night in the land of free speech 😂
Max Striga
Max Striga 2 aylar önce
He's just like Cillian Murphy when they don't speak.. so much presence
Zoe 卐
Zoe 卐 2 aylar önce
I once met Alan Moore in real life. His presence was palpable. He's like a gentle giant with a black aura.
Sapling Aylar önce
jimmy getting more and more stressed as matt swears, and then when jimmy says something you can see how stressed MATT got. what a guy
Dash Fatbastard
Dash Fatbastard 2 aylar önce
I'm so happy to see Matt leveling up his career. Remarkable talent! It had never occurred to me that he'd make people swoon. Whovians don't swoon, though...we squee :)
Anna Plotnikov
Anna Plotnikov Aylar önce
Speak for yourself! I fell in love with him as Eleven, and I swooned from episode 1.
Maheen Shaiq
Maheen Shaiq 2 aylar önce
Fish fingers and custard!
Dash Fatbastard
Dash Fatbastard 2 aylar önce
@MylesUK To "level up" means to progress to the next level of a game. It's a video game expression. It's a colloquial expression, but in pretty common usage. In the states Smith isn't a household name yet. I think it's almost inevitable he will be.
MylesUK 2 aylar önce
I mean - I don’t know what levelling up is supposed to mean tbh, I feel he’s pretty much up there when you’re a double BAFTA, Emmy Award Nomination winning actor 🤨 But fr though , Doctors make the best ‘villain’ type of characters (Though I’m not sure Daemon is reallly a villain tbh) Tennant as purple man still haunts my dreams!
Fishy Go Boom
Fishy Go Boom Aylar önce
Loved Matt Smith since he was Dr Who, such an underrated actor and personality in my opinion, glad to see him getting the spotlight again
Mary Frump
Mary Frump Aylar önce
He and David Tennant are my favorites.
Penelope Bond
Penelope Bond 2 aylar önce
Daemon steals the show every time he's on screen. I guess that's just a Matt Smith thing at this point. Love his personality.
ENTREPRENEUR_90s Aylar önce
Ousman Jallow
Ousman Jallow 2 aylar önce
Leslie Nold
Leslie Nold 2 aylar önce
@MIM Totally
*(h3/$3@* 2 aylar önce
He's got amazing swag!
B Z 2 aylar önce
@Arcane A That's all the first 4 seasons were was politics what are you talking about?
Wishva krish
Wishva krish 2 aylar önce
His screen presence is terrific It’s just not about writers brilliance but his work for the character is outstanding 👏👏👏
MarsOwnz Aylar önce
8 episodes released now and I stand by Matt Smith / Daemon is 100% my favorite character of the series easily. 🔥👍
Rich Target
Rich Target 29 gün önce
Rhanyrea, alicent, Daemon and viserys are all the good main characters. Now viserys is gone. It will be hard to kill another and have the series continue.
Stephan Pereira
Stephan Pereira Aylar önce
He's definitely going to die more. 😭
Andy Clift
Andy Clift Aylar önce
matt is one of the great actors of our time. truly amazing to see him do anything tbh.
MrCdub88 Aylar önce
Paddy and Matt’s acting and there characters stories compliment each other so well, it’s fucken amazing! Hope they get some sort of recognition for some future accolades
evehhr2 2 aylar önce
I'm so happy Matt is finally getting the main stream recognition he deserves, he's always been a fantastic actor
GeoMarie Rock
GeoMarie Rock 2 aylar önce
@Moise Mensah Thanks. I am not trying to be US-centric but, being a huge Whovian myself and a fan of Matt's, I am very aware of his popularity within the US. As I was watching Karen Gillan rise in super popular MCU movies (though not many people would recognize her as Nebula as she is bald and blue and speaking with an American accent) and the Jumanji movies, I was surprised Matt was not catapulted to huge stardom since he truly is an amazing actor. Up until a month ago, if I said "Matt Smith", after they would say who, I might be able to get them to recognize him by saying Prince Philip in The Crown. Now, his name is everywhere and he's being asked to do some very high profile press.
Moise Mensah
Moise Mensah 2 aylar önce
@GeoMarie Rock your points are fair, astute and valid
Dalle Samllhals
Dalle Samllhals 2 aylar önce
@Farsh78rus ..not a bad Prince Phillip
Farsh78rus 2 aylar önce
Doctor who turned out to be good, played his role well, I didn’t see him again before the dragon’s house and he is perfect for this role
Dalle Samllhals
Dalle Samllhals 2 aylar önce
Erh... in 'murica or wa'?
Suzanne Maki
Suzanne Maki Aylar önce
I met him at Comic Con in Chicago and he was very personable and down to earth. I also love that he swears like a sailor. Lol
Anastasia 6 gün önce
He is so hilarious 😄❤️
manolia 2 aylar önce
Is it just me or when some actors become their characters "or vice versa" it's just a proof to how amazing actors they are !! I'm so happy he's not being replaced through those time jumps the show has I want everyone to remember we were blessed with one version of prince Daemon Targaryen who's Matt Smith ❤️
That guy from Aggretsuko
I can't help myself but think that Smith can never stops to improve, he had some rough times in movies that were not very good (Morbius and Terminator Genysis just to name the most famous ones) but everytime he's provided with a good script he steals the scene, like in The Crown and Last night in Soho. He was already famous but now with House of the Dragon we are really witnessing the birth of a legend.
Abhishek Marattu
Abhishek Marattu Aylar önce
He is a star. Always wait for his presence in every HOD episode
Mitch Davis
Mitch Davis Aylar önce
When Matt smith first became the doctor I was a little nervous because I wasn’t familiar with any of his work. But damn can he act! I hope his back is ok. From carrying every scene he is in. DOTD has made me an even bigger fan. This man is a treasure
Goz Goswell
Goz Goswell Aylar önce
He followed David Tennant and came out with his career unscathed. Only a truly incredible actor could survive that
Ricardo Blikman
Ricardo Blikman 11 gün önce
extreemly talented actor I love his work he is 10% perfect for his role! it amazes me he looks normal and in all his movies he can make his face look so damn crooked no idea how he does it.
sushmita sen
sushmita sen 23 gün önce
He done a great job!! He's my most favourite character in this series, absolute gem 🤍
Annika K.
Annika K. 2 aylar önce
Every time he is on screen he steals the show unless he's there with Milly and they steal it together. His charisma is insane, he is a perfect Daemon.
Annika K.
Annika K. 26 gün önce
@AGirlHasNoName It was really sad to see Milly go, but i understand the decision. She could not pass as a mother of six... I really love Emma too though. The energy is different but it also makes sense since she is an adult now and not a wild teen anymore. After all, Emma was the one cast first, Milly was a brilliant choice dor young Rhaenyra and her chemistry with Matt was insane, but Emma is a brilliant actor.
AGirlHasNoName 28 gün önce
So true. If it wasn’t for milly and his chemistry I wouldn’t have rooted for an incest relationship ever. And milly really set high standards for Emma. I wish they could have kept milly even when older. I would do anything to see milly and Matt together on the show
MylesUK 2 aylar önce
@T-BoneThugger it’s ‘Smithin’ time….. 😔I’ll leave…. 🚪🚶🏻‍♂️
A J 2 aylar önce
@T-BoneThugger I didn't even realize he was in Morbius lol never saw it
Noel Navasca
Noel Navasca Aylar önce
Matt Smith is the best in HOTD. I didn't like his character at first but as the show progressed, it made me changed my mind.
Nivras 23 gün önce
I like his performance as Prince Phillip too! Very compelling actor! Daemon is a legend himself!
CuriosASMR 29 gün önce
I had this face 😊 the whole video Matt is really cool!
Ronan Dynan
Ronan Dynan 11 gün önce
It's so fucking good to see matt FINALLY getting the recognition he deserves as a fantastic, powerful and captivating actor, he's just been so unlucky with his movie roles up until now.
Vex Mythoclast
Vex Mythoclast 2 aylar önce
I truly hope he wins an award for his performance as Daemon. He eats up every scene that he is in even when he’s on the damn floor. I can’t see anyone else in the role.
Miss Lala
Miss Lala Aylar önce
@Jeremy J dood, the first season of got is so shyte... people have rose tinted glasses when it comes to that show.
historyraven Aylar önce
Phoenix Aylar önce
My fav character. I like the grime.
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Aylar önce
@Tamara Bitch dont talk to me about what is or is not a good show. Game of Thrones seasons 1-5 was a great show. There is nothing complex about Daemon other than forgetting reality and actually believe that a skinny little shit like him could actually wear armor and swing a sword ROFLMAO! It takes the mind of a child to believe this shit, its quite magical really. This role was not for him. He would have been better cast as King Visarys or the gimp. He could have at least had a tiny iota of professionalism and gained 15-20lbs for the role so he doesnt look like a wet noodle in armor.
Tamara Aylar önce
@Thomas Jones because he is not just a villain. It's not a stupid show with really bad and really nice people 😅 It's not child sho It's a show with complex characters and Daemon could be nice and bad. For me the scariest villains are quiet and soft. So much better than a character who yell and is always agressive. But if you don't like complex story 🤷
lyannastarkweather Aylar önce
I've been a fan of Matt Smith since Doctor Who, where he was so charming and dorky. It was already surprising seeing him playing Prince Philip in the Crown, but I was not prepared for him playing Daemon Targaryen.
701 del Bronx
701 del Bronx Aylar önce
This man will be one of the great actors of our generation
Lost nemesis
Lost nemesis 2 aylar önce
He's honestly one of the reasons of the show is so amazing it's a great show if you liked the earlier seasons of game of thrones with competent writing and battles of wit but with sprinklings of conflict elsewhere thrown in that's what the first six episodes are probably going to offer you it did me and Matt Smith was great.
V Falcon
V Falcon Aylar önce
I love him so much!! He deserves recognition!
LivvyB 2 aylar önce
I just got finished watching the first four episodes of House of the Dragon and I absolutely love Daemon which is a lot in part because of Matt’s portrayal. Such a great actor.
Haris Abram
Haris Abram 2 aylar önce
Yes and his back must hurt carrying the series.
Gina-Marie Carr
Gina-Marie Carr 2 aylar önce
@NK absolutely, you don't need to watch game of thrones to understand HOTD.. all u need to know if that it takes place like 175years before game of thrones
Arcane A
Arcane A 2 aylar önce
@Penile Shenanigans exactly! Show is a joke so far like those wigs.
Penile Shenanigans
Penile Shenanigans 2 aylar önce
@Arcane A lmao what a joke
Arcane A
Arcane A 2 aylar önce
show is boring af. Not even half as interesting as the first 4 seasons of GOT. Politics this politics that. Nonsense!
Ash bringer
Ash bringer Aylar önce
My most favourite doctor of all times. I really loved him as doctor; in fact he was the first doctor who series I became to love. I wish him the best and many other roles to come in the future.
Mary Frump
Mary Frump Aylar önce
Oh when he told River good bye I cried!.
CharlesFH 2 aylar önce
Whoever casted him as Prince Daemon deserves an award
SCL Aylar önce
He's just great. I remember when he was cast as The Doctor and you could instantly tell he was a find and would have a great future.
Praetorian 61
Praetorian 61 Aylar önce
Man I shall never forget him in that fucking armour, he was fucking astonishing
Dulce Gomes
Dulce Gomes 28 gün önce
Matt Smith surpreende pela positiva que grande actor a série sem ele não era a mesma coisa definitivamente. 👏👏 Well done. Agora é aguardar pela 2 temporada e que seja o mais breve possível 🙌
SaaveComanche 2 aylar önce
I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but he won me over with his HOD role. Killing it
Bozan Rum
Bozan Rum 2 aylar önce
I was first introduced to Matt Smith when I started watching doctor who 10 years ago. I remember eagerly waiting for the 7th series episodes to air on TV and being blown away by the speech he gives in one of the episodes. I always love seeing him in whatever he pops up in, he has a wonderful energy to him
Tonight's Entertainment
when you see him like this in the real world then you understand, MORE, that he is a brilliant actor!
maria velasquez
maria velasquez 2 aylar önce
I know this is not just me thinking it , but Matt speaks high Valyrian like it is his mother tongue. There is no other role more perfect for him.😍
Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham Aylar önce
​@SwiftFox Productions Exactly! Everyone playing a Valyrian in the show can do that. They're just memorized lines. That's what dialect coaches are for.
maria velasquez
maria velasquez Aylar önce
@SwiftFox Productions Who cares if he had to rehearse it. My comment states specifically that he speaks like it is his mother tongue. Of course it is not. He sounds great. Practice makes perfect and he delivered.
SwiftFox Productions
Haha! Don't fool yourself, Matt was practicing that line like crazy before he did this. It's his first Tonight Show appearance, so he had to go all out for it and he knew it would come up. If you asked him now, I can pretty much guarantee he wouldn't remember a word of it. 😂
Chewpa Miverga
Chewpa Miverga Aylar önce
facts lol
Jim Herold
Jim Herold Aylar önce
This is actually Daemon playing as Matt Smith.
Lulu 714
Lulu 714 2 aylar önce
I’m so proud of Matti. I totally underestimated him for this role and I am just gutted about it now. His performance is so powerful in so many ways. He certainly has me swooning. Red flags 🚩 everywhere
Usha 19 gün önce
Matt Smith is bloody brilliant in anything he is in. Best Dr Who in my humble opinion, and love him in the House of the Dragons.
TJ Blaidd
TJ Blaidd 20 gün önce
House of the Dragon was impeccably cast! I can't imagine anyone but Emma D'Arcy playing adult Rhanyera which was had to pull off as the younger was also perfect. #TeamBlack
Perry B
Perry B Aylar önce
Matt Smith seems like cool dude to hang out with. Yes, he gives great performances in The Crown and House of the Dragon.
ahmya km
ahmya km 2 aylar önce
He's such a good actor that I can't even imagine anyone else playing Daemon on this show. The sad thing is before ppl really saw his performance most fans were just hating on him bc they thought he wouldnt fit the role. And he proved the contrary and won everyone's approval in just 2-3 episodes.
Caesar Cipher
Caesar Cipher 2 aylar önce
I just think Matt James should be the next James Bond
Anilia Arneus
Anilia Arneus 2 aylar önce
@Mad Marielle I said the same thing! Your comparison is perfect
Windy Hawthorn
Windy Hawthorn 2 aylar önce
I was annoyed when he was shown to be the next Doctor but he proved his acting skills in one episode.
Nicole Waters
Nicole Waters 2 aylar önce
He is the only one who could play him!! ❤
I could have seen Tom Felton crushing the role.
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams 2 aylar önce
Amazing actor and he seems like he’s a genuinely nice person too.
Io non sono San Patrizio
I'm really fall in love with this interview 😍 I can watch it alllllll day 😍
Grim4U Aylar önce
Best character in HoTD by far! He has so many layers, and any of them can explode outward at any time. I can actually believe he is Daemon T!
akash aher
akash aher Aylar önce
He is a great actor.. he speaks from his eyes
Shannon C.
Shannon C. 2 aylar önce
I just could not imagine Matt Smith as Daemon but he really won me over. So much charisma. I agree Jimmy he is a stud 😎
Ian Trimbath
Ian Trimbath Aylar önce
@Edz4prez Oh I mean just looks wise he is absolutely ugly. I find personality more attractive overall.
Edz4prez Aylar önce
@Ian Trimbath i think the reason you may find it weird is because you value looks to much now i may be wrong and you genuinely just can’t understand the wonders of attraction but there’s a thing called “being attracted to other qualities” whether it’s a feature or personality in matts case it’s definitely personality he just gives off a unique vibe that’s very attractive the other replies described it better but for me personally he’s definitely not my type looks wise but i’m a sucker for personality and his is just top tier that’s why i was so exited to see this new mainstream role cause his acting is just so attractive
Ian Trimbath
Ian Trimbath 2 aylar önce
@12wer3 wer It's the entire shape of his face and features. I mean his look is great for the role of Daemon.
12wer3 wer
12wer3 wer 2 aylar önce
@Ian Trimbath it's always men who say he is not attractive. As a woman I only started watching the show when I heard that he would be in it 😄. There are whole Tumblr/Twitter/ Reddit/ Blog threads about how hot he is to many women out there. It's funny how different men see him.
Tellurius 2 aylar önce
The same
william stockton
william stockton Aylar önce
This guy is funny as hell 🤣 and so freaking modest.
JC Fleet
JC Fleet 29 gün önce
He must take tranquilizers to play Daemon ;) Who is so quiet and says so much with just his stare and smile. I knew nothing about him before HOTD. But Daemon is probably gonna end up being my favorite character out of both GOT and HOTD. More than Snow and Tyrion. Love the show. I kind of thought he might be using some sort of facial feature enhancements. But he really does have an unusual face. But not close to Aemond and his constant kiss lips. lol
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva Aylar önce
Super cool how nice Matt is with Jimmy, they look like great friends having a conversation in a bar. Which makes all the more worse and funny when you account that they're not in a bar but on TV and Jimmy is cringing at every f bomb 😂😂😂
Amanda Wall
Amanda Wall Aylar önce
I'm so happy to see Matt Smith making his interview rounds. It's been so long since his goofy self made TV appearances in the US!
Nick Fernandez
Nick Fernandez 2 aylar önce
Aww u can tell matt genuinely didn’t know he couldn’t curse on the show his face looks like he feels real bad
RS Jaguar
RS Jaguar Aylar önce
Thought they had freedom of speech over there?
Alicia Jacquelene
Alicia Jacquelene 2 aylar önce
@David Pevar I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I’m born and raised in the northeast and everyone I know and their mother used the term “cursing”
Lacrimosa 2 aylar önce
@Somnath Surve Oh boy, I didn't hear good things about that movie. I'm not sure I'd want to watch that even though Matt's in it.😅
Lacrimosa 2 aylar önce
@Daemon Targ Thank you. I'm going to have to check them out.
NThornton 2 aylar önce
@SwiftFox Productions swearing isn't to look cool, us brits literally swear all the time - it's normal for us xD Americans are such whimps lmao
Scott Welsh
Scott Welsh 2 aylar önce
It's not his fault that he swears haha, in England once 9pm hits we swear on talk shows, all bets are off, they get drunk and everything it's great haha
horkusone 2 aylar önce
Anyone that watched The Crown knew he’d kill it as Daemon. He can just ooze embittered second-son energy.
Jeffrey Sperazza
Jeffrey Sperazza 25 gün önce
Smith is just really good at his craft -- possibly the best actor alive. He can do just about any role. Most people don't even know his earlier stuff. For those literary fans out there who like movies based on the true lives of writers, I strongly recommend Christopher and His Kind about the gay writer Christopher Isherwood and his early years when he lived in Berlin during the rise of the Nazi party. The film's plot is similar to the movie Cabaret, and it's an important film to see, but Smith's portrayal of Isherwood alone was just amazing.
Ben Turner
Ben Turner Aylar önce
If he wants to curse, you let him. Jimmy was lucky Matt ever decided to grace his stage.
TheRealCap 2 aylar önce
You know, if the whole show was spoken in high valyrian, I honeslty wouldn't be mad. Forget the boring "common tongue" hearing them speak the dragon language is hoooot🥵🔥
William Juul
William Juul 2 aylar önce
The fact that Jimmy Fallon has the Tonight Show still continues to amaze me every time I see his interviews
William Juul
William Juul 21 gün önce
@Rich Target Craig Fergusson was also really funny and quick witted. There are really no good hosts left afterr Conan stopped doing his show
Rich Target
Rich Target 28 gün önce
@William Juul Conan is the only one. And he doesn't get as high ratings. How funny was Letterman? Or Jay Leno?
William Juul
William Juul 28 gün önce
@Rich Target Conan is a great example that you can be a nice guy AND be funny. He made people feel comfortable and played off of his guests with playful humour. Also he didn’t seem fake like Fallon
Rich Target
Rich Target 28 gün önce
@William Juul the point of the host is to make the guest feel comfortable and to let them talk. If the host is making hilarious jokes they will be taking away from the guest. Personally I love Kevin Hart. Think he's very funny but he would be a terrible talk show host
William Juul
William Juul 29 gün önce
@Rich Target He's way too enthusiastic in a way that makes it hard to watch him. Also, the over-laughing is horrible and he's totally unfunny which is sort of an important characteristic for a late night host
David Cole
David Cole Aylar önce
House of Dragons is the best show to come out this Fall. Every Episode has been awesome. Episode 10 really sets up Season 2. I hope it comes out late 2023 because it really is setting up a huge fight.
jorja 2 aylar önce
he steals the show in every role hes in. and what a contrast to his character on the crown. generational talent
Tristan Garza
Tristan Garza 2 aylar önce
Every scene with him in HOTD is great. Love his acting and presence in the show.
Jim Herold
Jim Herold Aylar önce
I really liked Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra. I think her acting performance was the best in the show. Shame she had to be replaced with the time jumps.
Ulrich Helm
Ulrich Helm Aylar önce
He's so wholesome. I'm very happy for him.
tj lg
tj lg 2 aylar önce
This show is surprisingly good and smith plays his part well.
boncitagoyang 2 aylar önce
matt smith is SUCH A DELIGHT! he's so fun to watch in interviews
DarkWords🖤 Aylar önce
Brilliant! Love him and all his cussing! ♥️
IrrelephantRamblings 2 aylar önce
I watched his whole run in Doctor Who and he killed it has The Doctor. But I honestly didn’t think would be able to pull off Daemon. But he really really does. Such a good actor.
Mr Meseeks
Mr Meseeks 2 aylar önce
The Malfoy looks help I guess.
Istudyo Konsepto
Istudyo Konsepto 2 aylar önce
His character did really compliment together with Karen Gillian
Jack Whitbread
Jack Whitbread 2 aylar önce
@Sandy no he plays the doctor in the Sci fi hit show Doctor Who
Jack Whitbread
Jack Whitbread 2 aylar önce
@Boogieman David Tennant was a tough act to follow and he's still my favourite doctor, I didn't want to like Matt Smith's Dro Who but he won me over and I have to admit he is a great actor
Sandy 2 aylar önce
He plays doctor as well in GoT?
Maria Nemkovich
Maria Nemkovich 2 aylar önce
He has such a presence about him! I loved all the cursing! Love Brits!!!! So free and authentic!
Zeynep 707
Zeynep 707 Aylar önce
I love Matt Smith so much like he has been one of my fave actors for sooo longgg and he deserves all the love and the fame in the world
Grayzebra Aylar önce
it was about time.
Canario Boss
Canario Boss 2 aylar önce
I still think to this day Matt Smith and David Tennant are the 2 best Doctor Who's i mean the originals are way before my time I'm 95 but no one can say those two are not amazing Doctor Who's :)
Robert R. Hinkle
Robert R. Hinkle 29 gün önce
Marvelous actor. House of the Dragon is awesome.
Dino 2 aylar önce
I've rewatching The Crown this week, and it is insane the chemistry he had with Claire Foy. Then I remembered the chemistry he had with Karen Gillan In Doctor Who. Now the chemistry he has with Milly Alcock in House of the Dragon. So I don't understand how some people are worried about how the Daemon/Rhaenyra thing will change when the actress switch happens, because Matt could be cast beside a rock and it would still be so interesting. He bounces energy so well, that's why his interviews are always so entertaining. Can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes with Emma.
verobelli 22 gün önce
Not forget the chemistry with Alex Kingston and with Anya Taylor Joy... The man can have chemistry with anyone, it's insane
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson Aylar önce
@Hi my name is Someone told me House of the Dragon is a fantasy version of The Crown - with the time gaps and cast swaps
Sebastian Hackembruch
Well this aged like fine milk XD
Hi my name is
Hi my name is Aylar önce
I’ve never seen the crown - now I will watch
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 2 aylar önce
@Neam Raven They have to change them because of the time jump. The actress who plays the queen is only 20. If Rhaenyra is ruined it's because they got the casting wrong.
Cpt_Katsuragi 28 gün önce
I love it when he says: "It's swearing time!", and proceeds to swear all over the place.
Stuart Armstrong
Stuart Armstrong Aylar önce
A fantastic actor and his portrayal of the Doctor (in Doctor Who) was the best. He is immensely talented and a top bloke too.
Hannah Poland
Hannah Poland Aylar önce
What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man ❤
Hannah Poland
Hannah Poland Aylar önce
Seriously have always had the biggest crush on him even if he isn’t the most conventionally handsome person.
Sebbir Aylar önce
I love how Matt is just keeping it real
Lily Bolanos
Lily Bolanos 2 aylar önce
I really didn't expect him to swear 5 times. He really didn't know he wasn't allowed too which just means he swears all the time normally. He's just like me fr.
Munards 2 aylar önce
RunningBear 2 aylar önce
You really think they don't tell them not to swear before they're on stage 🤦? He knew!! He just didn't care lol.
Alex Hein
Alex Hein 2 aylar önce
It’s his first time on jimmy fallon I think so jimmy told him to cut the cussing 😂
GeoMarie Rock
GeoMarie Rock 2 aylar önce
You can swear on TV in the UK. Americans are the conservative stuffy ones.
Tilly1770 2 aylar önce
It’s really weird that US tv is still weird about swearing, it’s normal after 8:30pm, that’s when it’s free reign
Allstar Gaming
Allstar Gaming Aylar önce
This guy needs to win an award for the role of Daemon Targaryen!
Onlythe Thorn
Onlythe Thorn 2 aylar önce
When I first seen matt in the trailer for house of the dragon, was very sceptical as he didn't quit look the type of actor for the show, but as I've been watching the show and matt as Daemon, really couldn't imagine anyone else, he really has done a great job in the show and his acting is superb in HoD
soul Aylar önce
daemon being one of my favorite characters ever and barely having any dialogue in the show is really a testament to matt smith’s acting like wow!
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