[HOONIGAN] Gymkhana 2022: Travis Pastrana Goes Berserk in Florida in a 862HP Subaru Wagon

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Leave it to Travis Pastrana to give us one of the most rowdy Gymkhana videos ever -- a jet, a chopper, boats, a scoot-ski, 165mph jumps, and more pucker moments than we'd like to remember. If this is what a Pastrana family vacation looks like in Florida, sign us up.

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Craig Milton
Craig Milton 20 saatler önce
This is the ABSOLUTE BEST Gymkhana ever! More action in 10 minutes and 26 seconds than all of the FAF movies combined! Oh and there is not any CGI in this unlike FAF.
B D 11 saatler önce
Ken's electric Gymkhana was cool, but screaming tires alone can't compensate the sound of a fierce combustion engine. Not taking into account the mad stunts Travis did. Audi would've gotten seizures seeing their E-Tron flying like that.
eclipseno15 12 saatler önce
Ff is just a paradocumentary
Delta 38
Delta 38 12 saatler önce
You really don’t like fast and furious do ya lol.
Brian Bramm's
Brian Bramm's 12 saatler önce
Ian Price
Ian Price Gün önce
It wouldn’t be a Travis Pastrana exclusive without him getting hurt right out of the gate
Neil Parrish
Neil Parrish 13 saatler önce
@Hoonigan yo how have we not had Cleeter on an episode of "This Vs That"??? Too far for him to travel or is he too fast? 🤣
RealLordRodney 16 saatler önce
Insurance: “Hey Mr Pastrana, I’m just reviewing this application for coverage for the new car video thing. I can’t help but notice the script where it says *Travis jumps from building with parachute*, then it says *breaks pelvis*…You’re joking right….?”
Geoffrey 17 saatler önce
@Prob bruh, look at the fucking video. The dude firstly, didn't have enough altitude (that flip took longer than it should have), secondly, he didn't miscalculated and didn't even out on time or in the right place. I've never sky dived, but it doesn't take a genius to see that he himself fucked up.
Prob 17 saatler önce
@Geoffrey lmao and who told you that? Please give a link or suggestion I’d love to know who told you that was user error
Mario Arroyo
Mario Arroyo 18 saatler önce
Travis Pastrana is a SAVAGE!! Top speed bridge jump UNREAL..
Family Flippers
Family Flippers 17 saatler önce
As much as we pay attention and watch Travis with his driving skills, we also need to give props to everyone behind the scenes. The permits they have to pull to shut down these streets. All the camera men and women, everyone involved in making these amazing, so entertaining, finger biting videos. Congrats to everyone involved and thank you for your hard work!!
Stuart Coupe
Stuart Coupe 11 saatler önce
The skills are one thing. But huge kudos to the editing & direction; it’s an art firm to make it flow and give perspective to the action.
jerry henderson
jerry henderson 12 saatler önce
@Hellified There's an entire hoonigan video dedicated to it . This is the finished product not a behind the scenes video .
Robert Cartwright
Robert Cartwright 12 saatler önce
He probably got so excited about posting his comment, he soiled himself, and had to leave it at that.
Hellified 13 saatler önce
no shout out to the car builders?
Brian Quinney
Brian Quinney 14 saatler önce
I'm glad you called that out! For me, when you take in the full scope of what had to be done to make this happen, you appreciate it more!
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
I am so happy Cleetus made it into this! Can’t be a Florida man without him!
TARMACULA 11 saatler önce
I'm almost certain that's JH diesel driving the air boat too!
Edward Molloy
Edward Molloy 12 saatler önce
@polygaryd turning traction control on would have been a hell of a difference & even a bit of track prep under the tyres. But can't have the Subaru spanked by a big block lol
Benjamin Weslake
Benjamin Weslake 12 saatler önce
Hell yeah brother! All the Cleeter fans know Mullet eats the Huckster for breakfast down the strip
Yan Bauer
Yan Bauer 12 saatler önce
Should have been Leroy, but ok
polygaryd 12 saatler önce
Would have been even more epic if it was a preped surface for mullet, like its designed for.
Michael Graper
Michael Graper 19 saatler önce
It's always cool seeing the different people from around the internet come together for these. I hope ol' cleet has some footage from behind the scenes!
Trevor Sullivan
Trevor Sullivan 17 saatler önce
Okay, you've officially produced the best motorsports video on TRvid, bar none. This blows anything made by Hoonigan or anyone else out of the water. I am incredibly impressed.
knowartist 11 saatler önce
basically...same feeling. so bad-ass
Mike Billman
Mike Billman 13 saatler önce
The black rifle team had a big help😘
Trevor Sullivan
Trevor Sullivan 17 saatler önce
@Savage63 right. I mean anything else made by them lol.
Savage63 17 saatler önce
This WAS produced by Hoonigan.
_ Wattage
_ Wattage Gün önce
I am so happy Cleetus made it into this! Can’t be a Florida man without him!
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 15 saatler önce
@Ruger84 I guess like a pro mod in sheep's clothing
Ruger84 15 saatler önce
@jacob Hey I don't doubt it probably more. But he never says what he pays for most stuff on his channel only when he's doing paid plugs for stuff he's selling or Raffling off etc. Way out of my league either way. I think It's a beautiful built street legal pro mod but it is by definition.
Ruger84 16 saatler önce
@Tim D ya it is look at my comment above.
Ruger84 16 saatler önce
@Optimus Prime What is Pro Mod? Pro Modified Cars are 200mph doorslammers, running on petrol or methanol. They are the fastest class of drag cars with working doors; only rail Dragsters and Funny Cars are quicker. Cleetus McFarland goes his fastest pass ever in Mullet!! 6.54 at 221 mph!!! congrats to the McFarland racing team!!Oct 13, 2022 With the built motor in Mullet & twin 94mm turbos it's capable of making 2000hp. & He even has a video titled exactly that.
EndslikecrazyGaming 16 saatler önce
@Optimus Prime he's probably set low for this, but i'll give you a point its a lowbal for what he can do
Twarken 18 saatler önce
Best Gymkhana ever! Great to see Cleetus and Mullet involved too! Those jumps were absolutely insane!
Rod Cab
Rod Cab 18 saatler önce
Nothing like the high octane, tire shredding, curb-grazing stylings of T. Pastrana to make one sit in awe at the absolute insanity that can be the automotive world. Amazing performance from the car and the driver, as well as the choreography of it all. Mad applause. Mad respect.
Buddybryan3 19 saatler önce
How could this not give you a huge grin watching it? Travis is unreal in everything he does. What a blast to watch!
Garrett Gustafson
Garrett Gustafson 12 saatler önce
Dude that soundtrack was on POINT….
Agoodpaddlin 13 saatler önce
Except 1000hp rallycross cars. But hey, apparently if it does make fart sounds at 130db, it's not a kick ass vehicle.
R Monkey
R Monkey 13 saatler önce
No doubt, how can this guy be excellent at everything?
Brian Quinney
Brian Quinney 14 saatler önce
Between Travis and Ken Block, these guys are awesome!
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo 17 saatler önce
My jaw absolutely to the floor for at least a third of it.
MrBuck YouTube
MrBuck YouTube 18 saatler önce
Holy sht this was f'n nuts!!! loved every minute of it! That insane jump with the car pinned 169mph had me straight stunned jaw dropped for a minute had to rewind a bit to catch up 🤯🇺🇲👌 mad props to Travis and everyone involved. Hoonigan the 🐐
djneedles000 Gün önce
I think I want a wagon now
WILLØW 12 saatler önce
Wagon club 💪💪
Brian Boney
Brian Boney 15 saatler önce
wagon life is a good life
rhadiem 17 saatler önce
@Brian Lee 100% would buy a STI wagon.
rhadiem 17 saatler önce
@kazadori164 🤙 Miss my Bugeye Wagon.
rhadiem 17 saatler önce
Wagon Mafia
Scott Heyers
Scott Heyers 19 saatler önce
Absolutely insane! Hoonigan does it again. Amazing work guys! Travis can wheel anything. Hope get to see the making of this one. And shout out to my boy Cleet! Love every second of that one!
Evan Callis
Evan Callis 19 saatler önce
Awesome seeing cleetus in this! Those jumps towards the end were crazy! Travis is a mad man! 😂
Darth Plaguerism
Darth Plaguerism 18 saatler önce
Okay….this is definitely the best Gymkhana ever. The edit, theme, car, tricks, etc. were next level. Thank you Travis and Nitro squad for doing what you do!!
Jon M
Jon M 16 saatler önce
That side shot of Cleetus flying past with the parachutes open is SO GOOD!
Brandon Koenig
Brandon Koenig Gün önce
Ok I'm going to go ahead and say it, This is my favorite gymkhana. Between helicopter jumps, Cleetus cameo, and Travis' "I don't have to pay for this" driving style.
Cody J
Cody J 13 saatler önce
@Shawn Edmunds el cameo. Lol
Cullen & Dad
Cullen & Dad Gün önce
I'm wondering how many times they had to fix the car after it jumped and went nose first right into the pavement...m
Z0Sick Gün önce
@Yuriah Souderthat's the first thing I noticed was the lack of tire marks compared to kens you can just tell Travis sends it
noon Gün önce
idk his debut was wild
Jeremy Borges
Jeremy Borges Gün önce
Dude that was badass
Shane Koshie
Shane Koshie 18 saatler önce
Wow! Y’all knocked it out of the park! Great job, especially to the quys that designed and put together the car! Even more impressive that the car held up through all of that… we need a damage report!!
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way 15 saatler önce
I like how Travis has brought his own style to Gymkhana universe. ken’s style was always about proximity, Travis’ is about the jumps.
imGidge 16 saatler önce
man, I've always loved Gymkhana's with ken ripping. But Travis just brings another level of madness to Gymkhana. The raw adrenaline, him looking genuinely terrified in some shots, and just the absolute CHAOS of everything he does. It fit's perfectly with Travis, and Travis fits perfectly in Gymkhana. Major kudos to everyone involved!!
Number 8
Number 8 17 saatler önce
He drives the way we all day dreamed of driving when we were kids in the back seat staring out the window, foot to the floor and not holding anything back, amazing talent!
Superfluous Gün önce
You know what I'm the most impressed with in all this? Whatever that front bumper is made of and what is holding it in place 💀
JustifyTheseHeathens 20 saatler önce
@DUHLoreanprobably just a skid plate made out of special material some kind of water repellent nano coating on it too I'm pretty sure because that hydroplane stunt with the jetski was also bonkers
NZuncovered 20 saatler önce
Would be like the stuff KBD body kits use, polyurethane
DUHLorean 20 saatler önce
Bro the undercarriage at 1:15.....i was mind blown.
Andreas Schäfer
Andreas Schäfer 21 saatler önce
K.I.T.T. Go to super pursuit mode
Ronin 21 saatler önce
Bumper stronger than his hips for sure
Dale Cutler
Dale Cutler 18 saatler önce
I really wish they would have another video come out after these showing the car right after each of the stunts on the track. Just so we can see how much wear and tear the car takes. Love these videos.
Laney421 19 saatler önce
Great production, great driving, good ole Cleeter, Pastrana, Black Rifle Coffee, and Subaru. What else does a video need?? Can’t wait to make my wife sit down and watch this on repeat a dozen or so times with me! 👍🏼
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 16 saatler önce
It needs more "no Subaru"
fubar1217 18 saatler önce
That active aero coming out whenever he hit the brakes or went airborne was SICK! And special appearance from ole Cleet and Mullet!
Evan Patten
Evan Patten 17 saatler önce
This is so nostalgic. I used to love watching these videos back in the day. Good to see them coming back. That is the sickest GL I have ever seen!
Douglas K Mwoge
Douglas K Mwoge 12 saatler önce
They're not 'coming back', they're produced every year
Trash Boat
Trash Boat 19 saatler önce
Hoonigans never fail to disappoint. Gymkhana videos are my favorite
KingKeson 18 saatler önce
Mullet is such a freaking freight train Cleetus had done such an amazing job! This Gymkhana is insane awesome job to all involved!
seth spring
seth spring 17 saatler önce
I love the Gymkhana videos and this was takes it up a notch!! Way to go creative team on bringing so many different aspects into the full production.. When i saw Cleetus in Mullet i was fired up and had to slam a Mt Dew! But damn this video is awesome!
DaveFriessen 17 saatler önce
This is just insane,I’m so happy that Cleetus and Mullet got to be a part of it,the godly beast of a presence that that car with that monster of an engine is just awesome.
Average Moto
Average Moto Gün önce
Probably the most creative Gymkhana video yet. That 165 mph bridge jump and "pond" crossing were wild!
Chris Trunek
Chris Trunek 15 saatler önce
@Average Moto i had to turn that one off. this machine looks like it would eat the etron probably weighs a third of that thing
Average Moto
Average Moto 21 saatler önce
@The Viewer formerly known as Prince haha I noticed that. Driven hard like a rally car should🚀
The Viewer formerly known as Prince
Ya so many memorable moments in this one, Travis is a mad man lol. Also the car just ate a curb around the 4 min mark, got launched in the air and drove off like nothing happened!
Average Moto
Average Moto 22 saatler önce
@Skiddles Sim Racing yeah that was cool too. This Gymkhana was all around more interesting than the electric Audi one in Vegas from last month.
Stupefyyoursenses 23 saatler önce
@CriCri #706 good old countach!
Blake Irvin
Blake Irvin 17 saatler önce
Thank you Travis for keeping these movies exciting!!! Hell yeah this reminded me of how I felt watching Ken in his Subaru in the early gymkhanas.
Jacob Sherwood
Jacob Sherwood 13 saatler önce
You guys have always set the bar so high. Thanks for leading the way 🏁🔥
Sharpe Racing
Sharpe Racing 18 saatler önce
Mad props to all of you for this wonderful edition of Gymkhana. Loved all the action, cameos, and especially Travis Pastrana. Would love to see this boxer Subaru in person.
#in66 16 saatler önce
Кен красавчик, даже в возрасте исполняет те вещи от которых просто кайфует 👍🏽
Joe Sutinen
Joe Sutinen 23 saatler önce
This is probably the most Hoonigan Ain't Care Gymkhana yet. The absolute commitment from Travis and the thrashing of that beautiful wagon is unparalleled.
Eric Mcvey
Eric Mcvey 19 saatler önce
Yea cuz Travis is in it
Crt7skillz 19 saatler önce
@Xavier imagine making a fake Xavier account
Mitchell Dowling
Mitchell Dowling 19 saatler önce
@Xavier ain't care
Nysmx 19 saatler önce
@Xavier no one asked, if It ain’t positive keep it to yourself.
Xavier 20 saatler önce
Please don't ever say Ain't care again. You're not KB and it's lame AF when he says it.
Sam Howard
Sam Howard 13 saatler önce
what an absolutely amazing return for Gymkhana. Brian Scotto is a visionary! And Travis is just pure entertainment. I wasn't sure what else could be done in the Gymkhana series and if I'm honest, the last one felt a bit tired (but still epic). This one was properly insane. massive thanks to everyone involved for such a brilliant piece of automotive driving and cinematography art. YOU SMASHED IT!!!!
Oliver Duarte
Oliver Duarte 16 saatler önce
Great content, great editing, humor, danger, drama it's a blockbuster! that's the right way to do marketing, congratulations to all the brands supporting this [HOONIGAN] Gymkhana 2022: Travis Pastrana.
Martin Glaviano
Martin Glaviano 17 saatler önce
that was insane! Pastrana is the ultimate personification of "hold my beer"
JUCA 18 saatler önce
THANK YOU!!!!! It’s very hard to put in words how much these videos inspire / entertain ! This is insaneeeeee 🤯🙌♥️ (great cameo there with Cleetus too)
Chris Wilkey
Chris Wilkey Gün önce
This is a beautiful marriage between the absolute animals from Nitro Circus and the scumbags at Hoonigan... Truly a new level of epic: rail grind, Cleetus, water skim..so many great moments...will be watching many times! Hope Travis is ok..
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Gün önce
Michael Ryerson
Michael Ryerson 16 saatler önce
Possibly the coolest build ever conceived! Amazing film y’all. Now we need both Ken abs Travis together
Branjo Snow
Branjo Snow 19 saatler önce
Outstanding! driving. He cleared that entire bridge, the landing looked like it was all over but he held it like a champ! Adrenaline from start to finish, just WOW!
demi saputra
demi saputra 12 saatler önce
Absolutely beast!! everything is sick! almost all the scene.. really "don't let them know your next move"... crazy!
Rahsaan Mccurn
Rahsaan Mccurn 17 saatler önce
That was cool having Cletus McFarland do a cameo!!! Crazy skills as usual on Travis 🤘🏽👌🏽
Chris Lavigne
Chris Lavigne Gün önce
To clarify: The guys at Hoonigan are not just on another level. They ARE the level. Everything about this entire production is just absurdly perfect.
DieselDabz710 Gün önce
You have any clue how much money they spent to produce this? More than ALOT of movies on the big screen..
Rob 12 saatler önce
I remember when the 1st Gymkhana came out years ago. Man its so great to still see them being made bigger and better than ever.
MIA 15 saatler önce
During that drag race w/ Cleetus I was praying y’all would use the “this vs that” to show the winner 🤣🤣
Kedo 17 saatler önce
During that drag race w/ Cleetus I was praying y’all would use the “this vs that” to show the winner 🤣🤣
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo 17 saatler önce
Every single year you guys get better with these. I would love, absolutely love, to know what the budget breakdown for putting one of these together is. Screw the car build, just the legal shit that you'd have to do and the palms you'd have to grease would be a fascinating figure to see. I have dreams of making something that is going to require these same hoops and fees at some point in the future but you guys have to be nearing blockbuster budgets just to get this shit on film.
Cliff Jacobs
Cliff Jacobs Gün önce
Cleetus making an appearance was a huge surprise! Epitome of a Florida man. You guys really went full send on this one. Think it's the hardest I've seen one of the gymhana cars get sent. Well done
Hayze 21 saatler önce
dude right!?!? and that chute pull was epic they timed that perfectly.
dcskate1022 Gün önce
You do realize his entire persona is a act right? Dude is a fucking a clown and a absolute dickhead in person.
@Tim Bailey Probably why there was a sloped front that you can see, which helps quite enough to slide forward instead of bumping with cornered front.
Tim Bailey
Tim Bailey Gün önce
I thought he was gonna flip it on that bridge jump the way the nose was pointing holy cow what an amazing Gymkhana!
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 17 saatler önce
No one has said it so I will, whoever did sound design is an artist. That moment in the building where the engine noise goes from right to left as the car does was 😤👌
Old House Redux
Old House Redux 18 saatler önce
I’ve watched this 3 times so far. It’s incredible. Freaking awesome to see Cleet in Mullet!
Kenneth James
Kenneth James 17 saatler önce
Gymkahana...always a brilliant event, loved this one and the inclusion of the drag race with Mullet...that was awesome!
MicBergsma 12 saatler önce
So awesome! I can’t imagine how much work they put to make this video…good job!
Evan Mielhausen
Evan Mielhausen 19 saatler önce
I have zero words for this. I have no idea how this man controls such a machine at such speeds on land let alone after landing from being airborne that long. Incredible
Sam Malcolm
Sam Malcolm 18 saatler önce
This was such a good video. Definitely one of the better gymkhana videos. Thanks for the great content!
SoFLaZ06 19 saatler önce
I'm very impressed how much beating that car took, and kept on keeping on 💪
Kedo 17 saatler önce
That was all pretty cool, the shot with Cletus coming through with the chutes deployed was genius
ThatDudeinBlue Gün önce
First comment while watching: "This man just Freaking 50-50'ed a car." I absolutely love how different of a vibe this one was. Gymkhana is always a treat - but incredible to see you guys innovate to this day. Killer work!
Calum King
Calum King Gün önce
I'm thinking of a whole new Gymkhana of just car skateboard tricks now.
Jolle Johansson
Jolle Johansson Gün önce
After i saw that, i just had to pause and check the comments before watching the rest.. That is some MAD stuff.. 😲
Eric 14 saatler önce
Absolutely incredible. Great job everyone!
JayinMI 19 saatler önce
Can't believe the dug up "Cars that go boom" lol. Haven't heard that in years. Also cool that Cleetus got a cameo. These things are always incredible to watch.
Benjamin Sparks
Benjamin Sparks 17 saatler önce
Travis is a beast! He hit the ground so hard and was just like that was a pelvis and probably some internal stuff! Lol. My man is just living life to the max! Cleetus you rock! I can't believe that he hit that jump at over 150 mph! This was a awesome video! Peace
Kevin Huff
Kevin Huff 11 saatler önce
EPIC! The Cleeter cameo was great as well. I don't know how you guys do it, but these Gymkhanas just keep getting better and better!!!
OK Create Media
OK Create Media Gün önce
I like how Travis has brought his own style to the Gymkhana universe. Ken's style was always about proximity, Travis' is about the jumps.
@DieselDabz710 shitty opinion but sure i guess.
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Gün önce
@keisukeenzo I may have to. Has he improve since I last checked. I'm going off his last attempt. I stand corrected.
David Smith
David Smith Gün önce
@DieselDabz710 I’d have to interject, and not as a long time fan of Travis. Ken was very methodical in his movements and his thing was get as close to something but let’s not wreck it, that started to make Gymkhana somewhat sterile to me. Like with each one you knew what to expect. With Travis, he’s a man of chance and he likes jumps and to air things out. To me Travis is more exciting to watch because you can see his driving style and he has his ideas and other areas of motorsports he’s involved in blend together. He’s the guy where it ain’t it right unless it’s broken. And I get it, if you want precision diamond cut edges, that’s fine. But I’m all for the flare and the seemingly unkept edges that makes his series great.
keisukeenzo Gün önce
@Rhys Williams well, you might wanna check the ARA 2022 driver standings
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Gün önce
@DieselDabz710 Travis is a better actual rally driver. Block is all show... incredible at it but failed at real rally driving
Pierce Winters
Pierce Winters 19 saatler önce
This will go down as one of the best gymkhana videos ever. Well done to all involved 👍🏻🇺🇸
knowartist 11 saatler önce
Leon Bold
Leon Bold 13 saatler önce
Epic!!! great work Hoonigan team!! (and all to the people behind the screens to make this possible!) This is how you make stunt video's and publish them!
Eric N
Eric N 18 saatler önce
Best one yet. Travis has some massive balls. And the cameo from Ole Cleeter was rad.
stevenlaughs 19 saatler önce
This must have costed a fortune to film 🎥 this was insane 🔥loved it
Sploosh McCooch
Sploosh McCooch Gün önce
At 3:50 watching cleet rocket up to Travis and pass right at the turn was a beautiful shot. Awesome
Corey Nelson
Corey Nelson 23 saatler önce
Was he still roasting them as he passed Travis with his chutes out?
Zac Caira
Zac Caira Gün önce
EffYea Gün önce
Also the 1/4 mile long burnout was sweet
Adrian Jayne
Adrian Jayne Gün önce
dude i got chills. that was a banger shot.
Loading . .
Loading . . Gün önce
I think this took a few takes to get that timing perfect (based off the skid marks at the starting line) but yeah that was epic So was 5:10
Andrew 18 saatler önce
Cleetus was a nice surprise. I'd actually like to see more automotive youtubers make appearances in the following Gymkhana videos. I hope to see Rob Dahm and his 4WD RX7 in one, one day.
Hogiewan1 17 saatler önce
Love seeing the drones in the footage. Shows that y’all are legit in my book. Love it
TimeBucks 16 saatler önce
Amazing work guys!
Salima Khatun
Salima Khatun 12 saatler önce
Mason Harkness
Mason Harkness 19 saatler önce
Simply bravo gentlemen, this was bonkers from start to finish. When Travis hit the jump and flew over the freaking bridge I spit my drink out, it was insane
Jordy Farmer
Jordy Farmer Gün önce
As soon as i seen mullet and Cletus i literally yelled NO SHOT!!! This was way cool dudes!! Major props to Scotto and the team for this killer 10 mins of awesomeness
The Roober
The Roober 21 saatler önce
if mullet was able to hook he would've eaten the wagon alive but instead he did a massive burn out in true Cleeter fashion
thenewcraft 16 saatler önce
Fantastic Gymhkana video! That wagon took some HARD hits on that one jump and exiting the water pit and just kept on going. Loved the bit with Cleetus.
Shiggi 125
Shiggi 125 17 saatler önce
AMAZING!!! It's so cool to see Cleetus in this! I am a little disappointed that Adam LZ wasn't featured, but fantastic Gymkhana nonetheless. You guys nailed it once again!
SoloRacer 15 saatler önce
Ken Block's Gymkhana series must be in incredibly tough act to follow, but you absolutely CRUSHED it man! Keep up the awesome work!
Edoardo Grattoni
Edoardo Grattoni 12 saatler önce
Best Gymkhana video ever for all the driving stunts elements! Well done guys!
RidgeRunner Gün önce
@Anthony Mcnatt not quite
Anthony P 🗽
Anthony P 🗽 Gün önce
You trippin trippin
Anthony Mcnatt
Anthony Mcnatt Gün önce
Is this the guy who was going slow and got rear-ended in a mac?
Rashaun Walker
Rashaun Walker Gün önce
RidgeRunner Gün önce
We better get a Twin Turbo SVJ Gymkhana when it’s finished lol
cg 12 saatler önce
that 50-50 grind in the beginning was freaking sweet!
Bashaar Tarek
Bashaar Tarek 12 saatler önce
i expect nothing less from the crazy driving talent and production from hoonigan but gawd damn hats off to the engineering team for designing the body kit, thing was eating the road and still stayed on
Shane Jeffery
Shane Jeffery 16 saatler önce
Back to the good old gymkhanas of years ago. So much action. That car took a beating and that first bridge jump. Wow
Andre Howard
Andre Howard 11 saatler önce
Well that was awesome ... terrifying ... thrilling ... Great work guys, seriously just great work.
Tim Siemssen
Tim Siemssen 21 saatler önce
Thank you to all for this video. I used to share these a lot with my younger brother until he past away last year in a random motorcycle accident. Tonight I saw this unexpectedly and it felt like he was here watching it with me and it brought tears of joy. Loved every second of it and super glad you didn't suffer worse. You're amazing.
Rudy Rude
Rudy Rude 17 saatler önce
He was definitely with you watching it. Sorry for your loss, he will come & go. Make him proud
Silver SooZookee
Silver SooZookee 18 saatler önce
Sorry to hear about your brother man, And the burden you bear. I've had family riders pass so I can relate. I've felt that pain I'm glad you connected in a way with a little bit of joy Just know when I ride I think about those who no longer can I'll carry your brother in my mind The next time I hit the streets
MW RP 20 saatler önce
Sorry for your loss.
MattHeaven 20 saatler önce
That’s got to be beyond tough to cope with. Glad these memories give you some peace brother.
Mark 15 saatler önce
it looks like Travis lives by the motto: "Never lift." (the throttle, that is...) I hope you're feelin' o.k.
Whitney Schiesser
Whitney Schiesser 19 saatler önce
I'll admit that I got excited to see cleet!!! But that first jump was insane....omg the water skip!!!!! Badass!!!!
Pauly Fresh
Pauly Fresh 19 saatler önce
Next level 🔥🔥🔥 keep it up 👍🏽 hard to beat the last but y’all keep accomplishing it
Benny Bravo
Benny Bravo 18 saatler önce
You maniacs have done it again - best one yet! I’ve had it on repeat the last 90 minutes lol
Mathew Schmidt
Mathew Schmidt 22 saatler önce
Big wow moment seeing Cletus in mullet but my jaw dropped seeing that 160mph jump over a bridge 😮
isrv 17 saatler önce
Sammme!! Holy shiiit dude
Souless Shadow
Souless Shadow 18 saatler önce
Yo me too!! I was like wait holy fuck that's MULLET!!!
Trucking OZ
Trucking OZ 19 saatler önce
I reckon this is my favourite one yet. Nice work guys!
stx. 19 saatler önce
loved seeing ryan anderson included in more hoonigan vids. what a guy
GEARED! 18 saatler önce
This one hit different!! 😳 The Best Gymkhana to date I reckon, absolute Masterpiece! 👌🏻
Christopher Beeman
Christopher Beeman 19 saatler önce
Watched it like 5 times so far on the 6th and I’ve showed every co worker and friend I can think of, favorite gymkhana yet!!!
03CanadianF5 Gün önce
I'm glad they're showcasing Travis with this series now. Ken's style is pure finesse and on a whole other level, but Travis is so fun to watch, he has mastered the art of send, the bridge jump, and then the water skip really had me questioning if they had multiples of these cars lmao. I look forward to any behind the scenes stuff that comes from this.
Thorstein Klingenberg
@East Bay Angler Well he should. Look at the tell-tale marks on the tarmac, you can see in previous films that Ken has had 15-20 tries. I could nail some of the moves in that many tries.
Underdog Overland
@East Bay Angler Violent is probably the best way to put it, I can't say there wasn't a stunt that didn't involve some sort of death wish!
Andrew Higdon
Andrew Higdon Gün önce
gonzoe123 Gün önce
@East Bay Angler Ken gets to where he WANTS to go, Travis HOPES he gets there but sends it anyway. Even though Travis is actually very calculated.
East Bay Angler
East Bay Angler Gün önce
Ken in gymkhana is precise, Travis in gymkhana is violent. Totally different styles and both awesome to watch.
Daniel Washington
Daniel Washington 19 saatler önce
Man I love these videos! I am glued to every one of them. Travis you are badass and Ken, the guru, thank you.
Grinchvette 16 saatler önce
This was going on LEGIT right out front of my apartment. So cool to see the final video. Car is insanely loud in person.
Noppenparade 18 saatler önce
Hoonitron is cool, but I thought there would never be an amazing vehicle like the Hoonicorn. Now there is this Family Huckster wagon thing.... Stunning video, sick driving skills. Thank you very much!
John Stewart
John Stewart 17 saatler önce
Thank you Travis, always putting the body on the line lol. Please keep the risk formula postive brother.
Yung 6 Pack
Yung 6 Pack 23 saatler önce
Love how you guys continue to get creative while still having some classic shots like the moving donuts. Travis is such a monster. Those stunts were so scary and he just send it every time.
Adam Harmon
Adam Harmon 20 saatler önce
Jumping a gap filled by the whirring blades of a helicopter was pretty chill
Seth Bergile
Seth Bergile 21 saatler önce
That water crossing was the best. That and the 160mph bridge exit!
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