[HOONIGAN] Gymkhana 2020: Travis Pastrana Takeover; Ultimate Hometown Shred in an 862hp Subaru STI

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More than a decade-long rivalry between friends and rally drivers Travis Pastrana and Ken Block has culminated in a passing of the torch. Travis Pastrana is trying his hand at his own Gymkhana film, shot and edited by the same crew that makes all the Gymkhana films: Hoonigan Media Machine. Who’s the real winner here? You!

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8 Ara 2020




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UltimateXgaming Gün önce
Can we do this at home?
Damn boi i like that subaru 🤤
Cleilson Lima dos Santos
Tá louco muito top um abraço aqui do 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
INDER beats
INDER beats Gün önce
This happens when she says: i'm Home alone
Jordan millings
Jordan millings Gün önce
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Gün önce
Travis made that look too easy
AKAx JuGo Gün önce
oh how i wish i could have a car like this and make it a sleeper
Ann Kelly
Ann Kelly Gün önce
man forgot he needed to take a crap before this and is now trying to hold it in while making those jumps
Julian Giesy
Julian Giesy 2 gün önce
Now this, this is what you call talent and perfection
Rahmat Dani
Rahmat Dani 2 gün önce
Derek 2 gün önce
Without a doubt the most talented man on the planet.
Hefty 3 gün önce
Festival Horizon nunca foi tão real
sakthi s.p
sakthi s.p 3 gün önce
northwest mechanic
northwest mechanic 3 gün önce
150 mph!!!! Holyshit 😳.
Jacques Shieiretta w126
grande artista
Hugh Simpson
Hugh Simpson 3 gün önce
This is the ultimate GymK!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 3 gün önce
3:51 hahah the camera falling on the water is soo funny😂😂
J.A.Gaming 4 gün önce
Forza horizons type shit
Brady Sukun
Brady Sukun 4 gün önce
Taser Fazer
Taser Fazer 4 gün önce
🚗Holly cow that was a killer performance💨
akiey 4 gün önce
Brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Tempik Kirik
Tempik Kirik 4 gün önce
Fr legends yg sesunguhnya
Richard Bonvin
Richard Bonvin 4 gün önce
#blackriflecoffeecompany xD Guys... you are f*cking awsome to be on this video !!!
Mu0nT 4 gün önce
This shit is crazy man
Pro Gamer killer
Pro Gamer killer 4 gün önce
the best of our livers ;D
Kadek Andi
Kadek Andi 5 gün önce
Lewat di beranda🗿
Lord Awake
Lord Awake 5 gün önce
Need this in forza 5
lego balok dump truck
Nice video good luck 👍👍
Tuyết Ngân
Tuyết Ngân 5 gün önce
Quá đẳng cấp
succboo 5 gün önce
rip the 2 go pros in the water haha
Uilton Pereira
Uilton Pereira 5 gün önce
a morte tem medo desse piloto
Visual Dosage
Visual Dosage 6 gün önce
how can u be that amazing at mtx, but also have drifitng skills like this.
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon 6 gün önce
That run on the road at the end. Awesome. Could watch an hour of just that!
Fabian Rädeker
Fabian Rädeker 6 gün önce
Die beste Werbung für den Reifenhersteller
Rokfonda's Clickbait
dont tell me he is getting paid to live his dream🥺🙈
welz oliver
welz oliver 7 gün önce
Fk fast and the furious this video is none stop bad ass !!!
Emanuel Carvalho
Emanuel Carvalho 7 gün önce
Nossa os 2 carros em sincronia foi de +
Ivan RV
Ivan RV 8 gün önce
Lo admito, tmb me mié ! 😄
doctord 8 gün önce
Fkng WOW!!
Bobby Wagner
Bobby Wagner 9 gün önce
He just kept doing more and more insane shit lol
Max Wolverine
Max Wolverine 9 gün önce
HondaRacingholland 9 gün önce
He’s living the real gta life..
Ridame Phawa
Ridame Phawa 9 gün önce
This guy should be the one on fast and furious goddamnnnnn 😵😵😵😵
Atakan POYRAZ 9 gün önce
STİ 🤌🏻❤️‍🔥
jim z
jim z 9 gün önce
How many takes for this shoot? 😎
هيبة قناص
هيبة قناص 9 gün önce
دخيلك ربي موش فرخ 😂😂
Grave Danger
Grave Danger 9 gün önce
I'm sorta in shock.....is that him with that talent as well ???? Really ?????? Holy shit ...that is incredible.
Redoine Faid
Redoine Faid 9 gün önce
おくとパス 10 gün önce
Genk 10 gün önce
How bout chasing Road Runner for 2022 theme bro.
Paul Evemy
Paul Evemy 10 gün önce
Amazing Travis you drive like you ride full on
JP Gomez
JP Gomez 10 gün önce
Carlos Dávila
Carlos Dávila 10 gün önce
Excelente, 10 puntos, felicitaciones
J Tofu
J Tofu 11 gün önce
this guy is so good at drifting-
Darnamora Gaming
Darnamora Gaming 11 gün önce
Look at the crane operators reaction to the car passing 3:20
Julian Socadia
Julian Socadia 11 gün önce
great moment like ever we see yours videos !!!
olga 11 gün önce
jesus fucking fuck
MZA Method Man
MZA Method Man 11 gün önce
Gymkhana 2021 hypee
Essen 12 gün önce
Oh wow. Just noticed the new BRZ was in this before they unveiled it
Aytekin Cetin
Aytekin Cetin 12 gün önce
😵👍 Wow
pablo ducrox
pablo ducrox 12 gün önce
No hay algo que no haga este tipo travis Pastrana
Ceez The Day
Ceez The Day 12 gün önce
Can’t wait for this Forza Horizon 5 DLC
William Gaskin
William Gaskin 12 gün önce
That was awesome
Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero 12 gün önce
🤤👉💯👍😎👉⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐que huevos tiene para ASER esas voladas de rampa en el aire y no pierde le control al aterrizaje
Aqyr 12 gün önce
I just recently got into cars and just from watching this I have a big grin I cant wipe off lolll, this was so exciting Im shaking from my computer chair LOLL.
Go Kilat
Go Kilat 13 gün önce
Keren banget 🔥🔥
herson fuego 20
herson fuego 20 13 gün önce
esta loco
herson fuego 20
herson fuego 20 13 gün önce
pura adrenalina
Timmy Wood
Timmy Wood 13 gün önce
Man he is going balls to the wall
Juan Velandia
Juan Velandia 13 gün önce
She: Come over, I'm home alone Me: no say more
Noguera Martínez Jonathan
pero que es esta maravilla?
Akmal Saputra
Akmal Saputra 14 gün önce
Wtf did i just watch????
Markos Vittorakis
Markos Vittorakis 14 gün önce
That was AMAZING!!! DAMN!!! Congratulations!!! Greetings from Greece!
Splatter Datter
Splatter Datter 14 gün önce
Would definitely love to see this car in Forza horizon 5
Peter Mikeska
Peter Mikeska 14 gün önce
3:50 R.I.P. Gopro :-D
HENRY GIL 14 gün önce
chron 14 gün önce
holly cow pastranaland is so much better then disney
Isabel Jorge Adama
Isabel Jorge Adama 15 gün önce
Que lindo buen piloto y buena marca
Daniel Bedlow
Daniel Bedlow 15 gün önce
Kayak p Qi ?
Jordan Terry
Jordan Terry 15 gün önce
Holy god I’m so well you guys know
Republik Of Maharlika
Republik Of Maharlika 15 gün önce
Evem police surrender to this man how to got him🤣
1 A. M.
1 A. M. 15 gün önce
The real life mission impossible
matheus _flexs
matheus _flexs 15 gün önce
Que vídeo satisfatório de c assistir
Tanner Huizinga
Tanner Huizinga 15 gün önce
the Chuck Norris of drifting
Ivo 15 gün önce
Who's watching this in 2021???
Thomas S.
Thomas S. 16 gün önce
Absolut !! Ohne Worte !! Menschliche Eindrücke, Reaktionen, Geil gemacht !! Danke TRvid und allen Teilnemern !!
Professor Puschy
Professor Puschy 16 gün önce
as we say in germany:Stabil Bruder
Derek Swiatkowski
Derek Swiatkowski 16 gün önce
How is this even possible to have that kinda reflex. None of this makes sense to me that’s all I have to say about it. NOT HUMAN
Axel Bermudez
Axel Bermudez 16 gün önce
This is real life shit! Wow.
fuhjrvr 16 gün önce
This is how fast and the furious should’ve been ! Wtf
Venom Snake
Venom Snake 16 gün önce
I hope you won't have heart attack in the future...
Dan T.
Dan T. 16 gün önce
Always unbelievable and... WOOOOOOHOOOOOO !!!!
Bee Ger
Bee Ger 16 gün önce
For real?siickk
Hirix _
Hirix _ 17 gün önce
This is like ASMR for me
리브포투모로 17 gün önce
와 미쳤다
Mustansir Mukati
Mustansir Mukati 17 gün önce
That moment when his one tyre slids off the track in slow mo.. good stuff
Akil Akbar
Akil Akbar 17 gün önce
when I was a child, I talked to my mom, my dream is to be a doctor, but right now I wanna be a Travis Pastrana
Domen Pogorelc
Domen Pogorelc 17 gün önce
That Subi looks like a machinee that you drive in a battle 😏
Heri Dantjie
Heri Dantjie 17 gün önce
Hebat mantap
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