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Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker discuss their return as the Sanderson sisters in the Disney+ sequel to the Halloween fan favorite.





29 Eyl 2022




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Nightslayer Aylar önce
No one can play the Sanderson sisters better than the original cast
Manfred Pinedo Soto
Manfred Pinedo Soto 25 gün önce
They understood the assignment!
Holliday55 Aylar önce
I agree
Blanca Fernandez
Blanca Fernandez Aylar önce
I totaly agree
Zombie Dad
Zombie Dad Aylar önce
@Chris Michaelis what did u not like it if not u cra-z bc it’s amazing but I guess we all have opinions
Chris Michaelis
Chris Michaelis Aylar önce
@Dave Rohrich the wrong take lol
L Blincoe
L Blincoe Aylar önce
"Don't we look good 30 years later?" Actually, they look amazing! I know it was said in jest, but they weren't wrong, all three women seriously look gorgeous!
Kbrin Moys
Kbrin Moys 29 gün önce
Bcos they ate all those children and that 30yrs later they did not age so much. Haha...
AO 2 aylar önce
So happy to see a sequel with the original actors! Can't wait to watch it ! 🤩
Tenacious Lee
Tenacious Lee Aylar önce
Sorry but don’t waste your time. Typical modern film.
Val Kimura
Val Kimura Aylar önce
Rather dismal performance with both critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes
K Aylar önce
@Hào Nguyễn Khánh YES!!! Finally someone! Binge watching Charmed again for 2 days now ❤️❤️❤️
Shane Engler
Shane Engler Aylar önce
Was nothing I expected smh
Mary richards
Mary richards Aylar önce
@davivu Agree! They hate our great country, so why would you support them!
Theresa Marie
Theresa Marie Aylar önce
I absolutely love their chemistry! What a great trio ❤
dawn morrison
dawn morrison Aylar önce
So awesome
Mary richards
Mary richards Aylar önce
lunarcorpse 20 gün önce
They did such a wonderful job with the sequel. It has the same energy as the original. I cried so hard at the end. I love Hocus Pocus 2 so much. 🥰
Unizens Aylar önce
I love them so much. I hope there's a third movie.
13139Allyson Aylar önce
I would like to see a 3rd movie that covers more of their backstory 3 the actresses that played played the sisters when they were young did an amazing job
D Hendren
D Hendren Aylar önce
neXt_cavalier Aylar önce
@Vinicius Rafer they're probably planning a Disney+ series with the new actresses
Vinicius Rafer
Vinicius Rafer Aylar önce
Did you see the post credits scene? There’s a 3rd black flame candle!! So you never know 👀
Pynk A'Licious
Pynk A'Licious Aylar önce
A 3rd with an epic ending to be remembered for ages to come...
Justine Harper
Justine Harper Aylar önce
I was so happy that the sequel was good. Nothing can top the original for me, but I was so scared they would mess up the story with the sequel. You can tell Bette, Sarah and Kathy are so happy to jump back in the roles
Sam S
Sam S Aylar önce
Disney knows when they have a good thing, the fact they get along so well is just a bonus. They even left open the possibility for one more film (sooner most likely) because of the one black candle remaining at the end of the film. Not sure if they will do it but the possibility that it can be considered is just amazing.
Larry Poppins
Larry Poppins Aylar önce
This is the one instance where I wouldn't mind if Disney wants to milk this. If bette, kathy, and SJP are down I'd love if hocus pocus became a huge franchise with a million sequels. I need more of the Sanderson sisters dammit.
shannon w
shannon w Aylar önce
I just adore these 3 ladies so much! They bring back so much warmth and nostalgia to me. I miss that era so much and just to see them back brings me back there ☺️
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Aylar önce
My mum MADE me watch Hocus Pocus as a child, and I'm SO glad she did. Hocus Pocus 2 is just as good as the first one, and Bette Midler has been my favourite actress since I watched the first Hocus Pocus at maybe 4 or 5. I'm now 25, my 8 year old wanted to watch Hocus Pocus and number 2 the second it was released. It is DEFINITELY a generational movie that will be considered a classic in years to come. All three look absolutely amazing, it's almost as though the 30 years was more like 3. I can't get over how young Cathy and Bette both look.
Little Texas
Little Texas Aylar önce
Literally just got done watching Hocus Pocus 2. It's really good. I liked the first one more. But it's VERY difficult to out-do the original. But it was really good!!! 😊😊🖤🖤
penelope Ferrer
penelope Ferrer Aylar önce
The main characters were stale but the Sanderson sisters kicked ass
Shane Engler
Shane Engler Aylar önce
It was awful 😆 🤣 😂 and I really like the 1st
Mary richards
Mary richards Aylar önce
@LaLaReal 1 Agree!
LaLaReal 1
LaLaReal 1 Aylar önce
Sequel was trash.
Iyawo Monife
Iyawo Monife Aylar önce
I had never seen hocus pocus until a couple weeks ago, so I didn’t grow up watching it like everyone else. I think the sequel is funnier (but I prefer comedy over suspense)
Itsameamario Aylar önce
I watched HP2 twice now and plan to watch it again. I loved the first one, but Bette is, dare I say, even funnier in the sequel! She’s such a gem!
Albert Garcia
Albert Garcia Aylar önce
One of the first movies with a sequel that was actually very pleasant to watch! So nostalgic! 😊
Brandi Fuller
Brandi Fuller Aylar önce
I would love a Hocus Pocus 3. I want more of the 3 little girls in the beginning of 2. They did an amazing job 👏.
Sharp Design
Sharp Design Aylar önce
It would be cool to show more of the sisters relationship with Mother, especially if she was the villain of the next one.
Francisca Gomes
Francisca Gomes Aylar önce
Amazing trio ❤ Hocus Pocus 1 was delightful, Hocus Pocus 2, the bomb ❤ I was a teen when the first was released. Now I watched both with my daughters, they loved it, our Halloween favourite movies ❤
wexfordam Aylar önce
just watched and loved it so much was so nice seeing them back for the movie really hope they make another
Andre S
Andre S Aylar önce
I love it!!! 🥰☺️❤️ All of them, are amazing!!! ❤️
Dookaman Aylar önce
I love it so much more their part then anything they should make a part 3 but just have them stop having kids save the day let us watch them be bad all the way
Yoshi Aylar önce
We'd just had a Hocus Pocus viewing party and then a few weeks later they announced the sequel! So awesome 😁
Latricia Aylar önce
These gorgeous ladies did an awesome job reviving the sisters 🥰🧙🏼
Daniela Cabuloy
Daniela Cabuloy Aylar önce
This movie was everything and more!!! I loved it sm
Angela R.
Angela R. Aylar önce
I can’t wait for the release . Next movie to add to my collection ❤
Terry j Brown
Terry j Brown 12 gün önce
They are the best no one can ever replace them in this move! I love the first movie and also the second movie is too bad the original cast weren't in Hocus Pocus 2 hopefully If Hocus Pocus 3 is made the original cast could come back and be in the movie!
woMOMhood. Aylar önce
I was 2 when the original came out and I grew up watching it every year for Halloween and now my son who just turned 3 is obsessed with “pocus pocus” he wants to watch it everyday and this year me, my husband and 6 kids AND our dog are all dressing up as hocus pocus characters we love it!😄 can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction at their school parade lol
marszipan Aylar önce
Love how they all still get along after so many yeaars.make another one ill watch😍
Gabrielle Salsido
Gabrielle Salsido Aylar önce
No one can replace them!!! There is either a 3rd movie with them or none!!!!🎉❤
Jonathan Figueroa
Jonathan Figueroa Aylar önce
nah i would like them to make a third movie but, hocus pocus 2 gave the sanderson sisters the farewell they deserved.
Mary richards
Mary richards Aylar önce
Érica Carreiro
Érica Carreiro 18 gün önce
Perfect movie again!!!!! I want more. I love the Sanderson sisters. Great actresses
CORAL Aylar önce
I love this so much can you please make a number 3!
Jogi Panangian S
Jogi Panangian S Aylar önce
I just finished watching it, it's good. I loved it, so fun to watch
They look great! I love this movie and cast.
Saz Aylar önce
I absolutely loved Hocus Pocus when it came out when i was a kid. Have no clue how many times i watched it🤣loads... I still have it VHS 😂😂😂
Michelle Fuqua
Michelle Fuqua Aylar önce
They look so good I aint lying The years have been good to the ladies aka the Sanderson sisters
Veronica😘TLC 25 gün önce
@Itsameamario bingo adrenochrome ❤
Itsameamario Aylar önce
It’s the souls of little children 😆
A A Aylar önce
This is so wholesome to see!! Love this trio sm ❤❤
Dan Geki
Dan Geki Aylar önce
Hocus Pocus really defined a generation
I watch this film at any time of year. It’s fantastic.
Arlene Shines
Arlene Shines Aylar önce
I love them all so much, they are fabulous! ❣ I can just eat them all up. 🧛🏻‍♀ (No pun intended😄) We're saving this for Halloween night.🎃👻
Sara Harrison
Sara Harrison Aylar önce
Ugh I'm beyond excited to watch this with my nugget !! I'm 30 and she's 3.5 and she's beyond obsessed with the first movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Holliday55 Aylar önce
In Hocus Pocus I loved how they reacted to the little girl dressed as an angel and said bless you and they screamed those three make a great team
The Ronaldo Photography
One of the most awaited family movies of the yea that’s been 29 years in the making.. YASSS!
Antony Pettifer
Antony Pettifer Aylar önce
Oh my gosh I remember being around 6 years old when the first movie came out… and oh my gosh this new movie is amazing
Elise Langendam
Elise Langendam Aylar önce
We need a third one!!❤️
shpei88 Aylar önce
I loved it and actually teared up at the end go figure
Emomomotionall Aylar önce
"We got into our drag" made me so unbelievably happy ♡♡♡♡
Veronica😘TLC 25 gün önce
Because they’re actually mtf you’re welcome ❤
ArceeM8 Aylar önce
It's just nice that they're back after 300 years in the first movie. And almost 30 years they're back again. What a witchcraft!
JJ Prentiss
JJ Prentiss Aylar önce
I’m gonna be honest the first one was way better but I’m so happy to see them all back hocus pocus has become my fav movie
Erech Aylar önce
Whaaat?! A true sequel starring the original cast!? I am definitely gonna watch it!
Nec Big Dog Ozzi
Nec Big Dog Ozzi Aylar önce
Should be a good one can't wait to see it.
Bey Aylar önce
I watched hocus pocus and hocus pocus 2 at disney+ 3 times in a row and I need a 3rd one. They are the best. Loved it and I am 40. yes. Love all the actresses and showing sisterhood.
Susan Marie
Susan Marie Aylar önce
Those actresses look even more beautiful now than they did back then.
webguy943 Aylar önce
30 years later n they still look great. WOW!
Megan S
Megan S Aylar önce
No outdoing the original obviously but this is the closest we can get with more of the original Sanderson sisters!
Shelly Aylar önce
It's crazy how much they still look the same when they're in the costumes and makeup, like no time has passed.
Felicity Porter
Felicity Porter Aylar önce
Love this movie, im so happy they did a secan part. LOVE IT
zlameli Aylar önce
Excited for this and absolutely in love with SJS's dress
Itsameamario Aylar önce
@Sarcastically Rearranged Sarah Jessica Parker
zlameli Aylar önce
@Sarcastically Rearranged well excuuuuse meeee, spelling police
Sarcastically Rearranged
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Aylar önce
These woman have just gotten even more beautiful with time
Renata Pereira
Renata Pereira Aylar önce
I LOVE this film!!!
NewWitchOrder Aylar önce
If they make Hocus Pocus part 3 They could also make a spin off for the new Witches as a Disney Show. 🔯😈🧿
K Bo
K Bo Aylar önce
I feel like a spin off is next.
Cynthia Copland
Cynthia Copland Aylar önce
1st movie 🍿was so good! I can’t wait to see 2.
lexsea Aylar önce
must be so cool to film a movie and 30 years later to still have that movie be a staple of halloween
Corday Aylar önce
I just watched it and it was amazing 🎉
lunarrainbow2501 17 gün önce
One of my favorite movies 😁
Eggsaremelting Aylar önce
im so happy they used the original cast
Katrina Mcelroy
Katrina Mcelroy Aylar önce
Finally a sequel worth watching. I miss being a kid
Darien Chen
Darien Chen Aylar önce
the sequel is sooooo gooooood omg, thank you thank u!!! so grateful~~
Ivy Aylar önce
I love these three ladies in hocus pocus but I felt like this new one could've been way better.
Yelitza Domi
Yelitza Domi Aylar önce
they so awesome love them ❤️
mindingmyown Aylar önce
I love the Sanderson sister's ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Indy the Rottweiler
I am almost 35 now. Mt birthday is on Halloween and I have faithfully watched hocus pocus and raised my children doing the same. I even have a black cat named Binks! I absolutely love them and the new one is just as wonderful
Sherman Shecapio
Sherman Shecapio Aylar önce
Ages of the original cast in the first and second movies; Bette Midler: 47 and 76. Kathy Najimy: 36 and 65. Sarah Jessica Parker: 28 and 57. Doug Jones: 33 and 62.
Soy Andy Roz
Soy Andy Roz Aylar önce
Alguien más piensa que se ven hermosas? 🥺 Pero hermosas, en el sentido lindas, tiernas y también sexys 😨 Auxilio! Que otra persona de 24 años piense lo mismo, no quiero sentir que algo está mal conmigo 🤣
Ellaabunny Aylar önce
Jesus Kathy hasn’t aged AT ALL she looks amazing
Veronica😘TLC 25 gün önce
@Shawn Putnam adrenochrome❤
Shawn Putnam
Shawn Putnam Aylar önce
and she lost significant weight.. that can only make one look amazing
Julian Child
Julian Child Aylar önce
Loved it. Some of the extras could have been more wisely cast and it was a little too Disney-afied but the sisters held their own.
Julian Child
Julian Child Aylar önce
​@Mark Rizzo I understand and agree but I do understand the flip side of the struggle. To have a passion in your life that cannot be fulfilled simply due to the fate laid on you at birth has to fill one with anguish. I do have trouble with period pieces in which a character of high British society is portrayed by anyone other than an actor who looks of white privilege ... it's just hard to forsake our knowledge of history. But ... perhaps it is we who need to adjust. In time, we'll get used to it and regain these films' entertainment values. It's an interesting time we're living in. Back to HOCUS POCUS II, I DID enjoy the performance of the young trio, especially the black girl's sidekick. I'm an semi-professional director (paid amateur) and her talent really caught my attention. As for Gilbert ... I think the director needs to take partial blame for it but this character was so much less than what it could have been ... but that gets me onto the subject of a dying breed; the strong character actor and that's a whole other conversation, though.
Mark Rizzo
Mark Rizzo Aylar önce
@Julian Child I just feel like it's forced on us. I don't care what people do or the color of their skin, but it just seems a bit much sometimes.
Julian Child
Julian Child Aylar önce
@Mark Rizzo Agreed. I suppose this is something that's necessary we go through but I do hope we can at least come to a point, once the backlash of exclusion ebbs, in which an artist is based on his talent and abilities.
Mark Rizzo
Mark Rizzo Aylar önce
Yes a bit too woke
Yosef Roth
Yosef Roth Aylar önce
Damn I'm 35 .. I remember watching this every year when I was a child... that and goosebumps lol
Czarina Garcia
Czarina Garcia Aylar önce
Hocus Pocus has become such a cult classic. I remember watching it on Dinsey channel every holloween growing up.
Jesse Cortinas
Jesse Cortinas Aylar önce
I loved it !!! 😍🙏❤️🍃..
brittany stevens
brittany stevens 2 aylar önce
I cannot wait to watch this !!!
Lauren Nicolas
Lauren Nicolas Aylar önce
A prequel please!
Vicki Danforth
Vicki Danforth Aylar önce
I wanna be Bette milder when I grow up. I’ve loved her for 45 years.
diana magritte
diana magritte Aylar önce
"don't we look good 30 years later" that's the most sanderson thing anyone could ever say at least in the tone kathy used and omg
Flo Aylar önce
Love how abc managed to cut everything regarding the movie being a stable for the gay and drag community. Great work. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
iankof90 Aylar önce
Wow, the years have been great to all three!
Josh Brown Weather
Josh Brown Weather Aylar önce
Cannot wait to check out the sequel on Disney+ one day.
Alise Walker
Alise Walker Aylar önce
I can still remember watching this I think I was in like second or third grade when it came out and I can remember watching it on the Disney channel I think it came on after 9:00 and I was so excited cuz I got to stay up and watch this brand new movie that premiered
Derek Llewellyn
Derek Llewellyn Aylar önce
It's coming back home Disney company class starts in case of power day Disney magical magic of the day away magic of a few 1993 and 2022 before New DVD more information
MigukChelovek Aylar önce
I've been debating whether or not I want to watch this, but her flying on the Roombas was just what I needed.
Airdrop is Cool
Airdrop is Cool Aylar önce
Sam Free
Sam Free Aylar önce
They did excellently!
Eves Faith
Eves Faith Aylar önce
How can Bette be nearing 80 years? Incredible. 76 years old and still this fresh and awake aura
Kbrin Moys
Kbrin Moys 25 gün önce
@Veronica😘TLC thanks! May God bless you, too. 😊
Veronica😘TLC 25 gün önce
@Kbrin Moys so happy to see someone who questions everything ❤God Bless you till Jesus comes back
Veronica😘TLC 25 gün önce
Child blood.Andrenochrome
Kbrin Moys
Kbrin Moys 29 gün önce
Bcos she ate the youth of children so ofcourse she'd look gorgeous! Haha
Melissa Ivy
Melissa Ivy Aylar önce
I had loved the first one I passed it on my kids now they will for my grandchildren...I find it very disappointing that the 2nd one is ONLY goin to be on Disney plus I shouldn't!!!!! Happy Halloween everyone 🎃
K bm
K bm Aylar önce
I was up at 5am just to watch it! No Regrets!!!
Nancy Calderon
Nancy Calderon Aylar önce
I’m waiting impatiently to go home and watch this with my 6y old… she loves Hocus Pocus!! She can watch it all year long
K bm
K bm Aylar önce
@Leo Bewley I ADORED IT! Such a Fabtastic Movie!!! (Fabulous + Fantastic = Fabtastic!)
Leo Bewley
Leo Bewley Aylar önce
Did you love it?!
Kathy Blanks
Kathy Blanks Aylar önce
Loved the movies so awesome 😎
Blanca Fernandez
Blanca Fernandez Aylar önce
Best witches i ever seen. Love them a lot
Sharon Shade
Sharon Shade Aylar önce
I loved Bette and SJP in First Wives Club too.
Aribella Smith
Aribella Smith Aylar önce
I swear to God, I just balled my eyes out at the second one.
Sarcastically Rearranged
It's BAWLED and thanks for the spoiler!
Alen King
Alen King Aylar önce
It’s like saying goodbye to the characters forever 🥺
Aribella Smith
Aribella Smith Aylar önce
@TheCRYSTALLURE I'm glad i'm not the only one who cried theierselves to sleep lol.
Yea the ending is a gut-wrencher! 😭😭
Marion Manuel Hunt
Marion Manuel Hunt Aylar önce
It was so good I loved it!
Mary richards
Mary richards Aylar önce
Vane Vivaldi
Vane Vivaldi Aylar önce
Love it more that the 1💜💜💜
knuclear200x Aylar önce
I'm sad that they fired Kim Cattrall. She was my favorite
Nicole loftus
Nicole loftus Aylar önce
I can’t wait to watch it tonight
adeyosola Aylar önce
I love the fact that the got new brooms
rob angeles
rob angeles Aylar önce
Almost 30 years before the return of the 90s Witches 😀🎃
Tommy's Tunes Toons Overflow
I’m boycotting this movie even though I absolutely loved the first Hocus Pocus movie. I simply cannot get past the verbal abuse Bette Midler has unleashed on those she disagrees with politically in recent years. I cannot excuse her bad behaviour.
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