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OverSimplified 5 yıl önce
Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Just wanted to give this a little more visibility: I'm getting a lot of comments asking me to not take 5 months to make videos, and quite frankly, I agree! I would LOVE to be able to make these on a more regular basis, but the problem is that I gotta eat meaning I gotta get paid meaning I gotta spend time doing things other than OverSimplified. In addition, it seems that these new videos aren't getting many ads on them, probably because they're about Nazis and TRvid's new advertiser-friendly rules are shockingly not keen on Nazis. The revenue reports are coming in and let's just say I'm a lot like Alois at the start of this video; not really rolling in cash (but unlike Alois I'm also not really rolling in women), which is a bit disappointing after months of work (especially the no women part). So if you'd like to see more OverSimplified on a more regular basis, please consider supporting me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/OverSimple Whatever the case, I'll be getting WW2 out as soon as I physically can! Thanks again for all the support!
Brian Hernandez-torres
Bro if you were to start a Patreon I'd join and many would I promise
OrangeRBLX 13 gün önce
too many word's too bad i ain't reading them
Crystaelechan 14 gün önce
@Mr. Beat yo what u doing here
Jason Salistean
Jason Salistean 22 gün önce
This aged nicely I’m sure he’s only doing content now nice 6 million subs
Saxon Post
Saxon Post 2 yıl önce
I love the way he says "this enraged Adolfs father, who punished him severely."
Nikolos Becker
Nikolos Becker 13 saatler önce
*Lost world war 2 to allies * “this enraged Adolf’s father, who punished him severely “
Bears r cute
Bears r cute 14 gün önce
Almost no one is saying that
Nathanael Crowder
Nathanael Crowder 19 gün önce
Robert McNamara
Robert McNamara 25 gün önce
Thats kind of the point
Lizzquack 4 aylar önce
amunkus Aylar önce
"Hitler could not conquer the USSR" "This enraged his father, who punished him severely."
*Cod zombies theme starts playing* Alois:*rises from the ground* come here you little dissapointment Adolf: *cries*no no no , you are dead Alois: I came back from the dead to punish you severly Adolf:*has a panic attack*
The Dank Gamer
The Dank Gamer Aylar önce
Peter Hardy Togonon
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber Aylar önce
You know a character's story is real deep when even his oversimplified video starts with part 1.
Yes_DotCom Aylar önce
Honestly its pretty crazy how World War 1 was the best time of his life. But, this enraged his father, who punished him severly
What 29 gün önce
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort is put in these videos? 👍
No No
No No 20 gün önce
You've copy pasted this comment on 3 videos, the sentiment is lost pretty quickly when you do that
Junko 4 aylar önce
One thing that I learned from Hitler's story is that anger and hate are the most powerful motivators. The man went from homeless to almost taking over Europe driven purely by rage.
Afflictamine 20 saatler önce
yeah I'm sure he had no love for his folk at all
Jewy McJewJew
Jewy McJewJew 28 gün önce
@MARSHs777 My username is ironic and a meme
Shammi Dubey
Shammi Dubey Aylar önce
You forgot Love
MARSHs777 Aylar önce
@Jewy McJewJew i dont think he really liked you tho
Jony Hyder
Jony Hyder Aylar önce
@julia Why wont you talk about the genocide of Palestinians??You talk about hitlers injustice but what about zionist injustice?is that because they are jew?
Sk-7 Aylar önce
I had no idea Hitler had to suffer so much in his early life. Knowing this makes me feel so sad for him, I never thought I would ever feel for Hitler like this. This world is such a messed up place! :(
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 gün önce
That's how sociopaths are made.
Ashe 3 gün önce
really, he is human. the wrong places and wrong choices led to him. maybe if he succeeded as an artist, hed be a popular painter than the monster he is. remember, human kindness and evil knows no bounds.
wargames 6 gün önce
@lizzoncker ik
lizzoncker 6 gün önce
@wargames yea but terrible wording
wargames 6 gün önce
@dayo i dont think they feel bad for adult hitler just when he was a kid
Lehmspielt 14 gün önce
I am from germany and the second i go to greece i get this recommend! Glad i finally got to watch this. It's important to understand how these maniacs come to be and that this is blocked in germany really makes me sad.
DarkCerato 7 gün önce
@Ashay Dwivedi a PART of our history, sure. but we don't want to show any form of nazism, sooo... but yeah, i agree, the videos shouldn't be blocked.
Ashay Dwivedi
Ashay Dwivedi 7 gün önce
you can’t watch this in germany?😭that’s kinda weird like okay hitler was not a good guy but its your history- it should be not be banned
DarkCerato 7 gün önce
SAAAME, but i'm in spain.
Vaibhav Kura
Vaibhav Kura 28 gün önce
"which enraged his father who punished him severely" gets me every time
Maria Eunica Angel-Garcia
I cant tell which is Hitler's most traumatizing part in life. The fact that he was punished severely or he saw his friends die in WW1
Rakshaan Thareja
Rakshaan Thareja Yıl önce
Art school : I don’t like how u draw the lines. Hitler: draws Europe some new lines
Kevin Alvarez
Kevin Alvarez 7 gün önce
​@DaMemeThief p
Weirdodrawsstuff 8 aylar önce
Not Hitler's fault but the art schools fault.
Vincent Salamatino
Vincent Salamatino 8 aylar önce
@Lord tchachanka Hitler didn't surrender he bounced to Argentina and died old in Patagonia.
gigachad 8 aylar önce
Jim Rafferty
Jim Rafferty 3 aylar önce
One very common nickname the leader had/still has is "Hitty". Although not usually written in many books, several people including Generals and Field Marshalls called him this. At least 2 girlfriends called him this as well.
What 29 gün önce
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort is put in these videos? 👍
What 29 gün önce
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort is put in these videos? 👍
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 3 aylar önce
“Hitler doesn’t become the man he is” *This enraged history, who punished him severely.” Edit: why is this liked so much?
Kira Mary
Kira Mary Aylar önce
FakeExøtic Shorts
FakeExøtic Shorts 2 yıl önce
Hitler: *breathes* His Dad: *Punished Him Severely*
Thatrandomcreeper Aylar önce
Unknown Aylar önce
Evan Platinum
Evan Platinum 2 aylar önce
h 2 aylar önce
then he was an old ass man so he let it go.
Tyler Cunningham
Tyler Cunningham 2 aylar önce
Helps me learn more in this short video than hours of other videos about the subject.
Dittily wittily
Dittily wittily Aylar önce
Also when hitler was in war he got injured and went to the wrong side and was going to the enemies trench instead of German because he got confused and there was a man who could have killed him but he had made a promise to himself that he would never kill an injured solider and he thought about killing Adolf but he didn’t That’s not exactly how it went but still I said the basics
Daven Aguiar
Daven Aguiar 3 aylar önce
1:32 This is actually pretty accurate. Hitler suffered from pretty bad cramps and excessive flatulence that was made worse by his diet and stress.
Razor Chip
Razor Chip Aylar önce
You know you got a big history when oversimplified has to make a part 2
Brady Stewart
Brady Stewart 11 aylar önce
Imagine walking past a homeless man and not thinking much about him only to find out a few decades later he's the DICTATOR of your country.
@DON'T READ MY PROFILE okay, get lost
LevanEvan 2 gün önce
And then he puts you in jail for not sparing him change all those years ago.😱
SCP-049 Aylar önce
@Cookies🍪 I'm hungry for souls, and I'm about to go grocery shopping.
Cookies🍪 Aylar önce
@SCP-049 what scp doing in here, bro-
Alexander McGaw
Alexander McGaw 3 aylar önce
Made 5 years ago , still the best history vid i have ever seen
Chilling_Weather🕊 4 aylar önce
Lesson learned: Never let a German obsessed persons brother die of measles.
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott 3 aylar önce
“Which enraged his father, who punished him severely” Literally, it said that so many times I started laughing
LolBerry 4 aylar önce
WWII was not hitler’s fault, it was the art teacher’s
ASAPfacts37 Yıl önce
I heard that the art school isnt rejecting students anymore
HannahStories 3 gün önce
Courtney’s Wild Town
@Ay ru the 2nd Yeah probably
Stuff from a Virginian
Hitler awakens
WOW COW 6 gün önce
TheAesirGod 6 gün önce
Too little too late
Crystalglow Aylar önce
You know after hearing his story doesn't it make you think: If his mother didn't die...he could have had a somewhat normal life. It's kind of sad honestly...
Chongo1x 4 aylar önce
His entire life is a giant “what if…” because if he was accepted into art school, what might have happened? Would Adolf hitler just be some normal dude that liked to draw?
Error 11 saatler önce
Imagine what those bully’s thought of themselves when they heard that adolf became a dictator
The Stop-Motion Llama
The Stop-Motion Llama 3 aylar önce
Enraged his father.. Who punished him severely It gets me everytime Edit:this vid is so good keep the vids up OverSimplified
jesi perales
jesi perales 3 aylar önce
Atul Kumar
Atul Kumar Yıl önce
Imagine how bad, lonely,toxic his childhood was when he believed World War 1 was his best time in his life.
Abhinav Kushwaha
Abhinav Kushwaha 19 gün önce
People do go through worse than this, but didn't turn out like himmm.... This all toxic and abused childhood can't be a justification for what he did..
Rasha Aya
Rasha Aya 24 gün önce
I guess it's never too late! Lol
Bijoy Garodia
Bijoy Garodia 27 gün önce
@Goons Doona 101
Jiovanni Sookhai
Jiovanni Sookhai Aylar önce
Most drafted soldiers though in the beginning not just hitler thought of war as a fun adventure. But most suffered from PTSD and so on and so forth after realizing the horrors of war. Especially in the gruesome conditions of the trenches and torn battlefields of ww1 so yeah hitler is definitely a special case then.
Shivakumar Kannur
Shivakumar Kannur Aylar önce
Or imagine if Hitler's father stuck to one woman
Lapiz Lazuli
Lapiz Lazuli 7 gün önce
"He didn't get into art school." *"This enraged his father, who punished him severely."*
Adnan Hussain
Adnan Hussain Aylar önce
I wonder if those postcards were still somewhere, in someone's home, like a normal old ripped postcard.
SmortStonk 4 aylar önce
This is such a good origin story, bruh.
catch me if you can
catch me if you can 8 gün önce
hitler: has one of the most traumatic. tragic, unfortunate childhoods and upbringings i've heard about smartstink: this is such a good origin story bruh
Bernice� Kamto
Bernice� Kamto Aylar önce
“ Who survived while selling postcards he painted “ The dad in heaven: “ Who punished him severely “
King Dice
King Dice 10 gün önce
Oh no no no, HIS ass started this shit if only he was supportive none of this shit would be like that
Sh.Ge.Del. 17 gün önce
Heaven ?
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Yıl önce
This whole first half of the video: Hitler existed, so his dad punished him severely
entkey 10 gün önce
Every asian's story
Nolan Navada
Nolan Navada Aylar önce
It was at this moment that we knew; we fked up 3:46
OBI- -WAN Aylar önce
Francis Winnfred Lobaton
@horror king agreed
MORI Aylar önce
I had so much fun watching "This enraged his father,who punished him severely" parts
abdulali Mebarki
abdulali Mebarki 3 aylar önce
"hitler lost WW2" "this enraged his father, who came out of his grave and punished him severely"
The Accountant
The Accountant 4 aylar önce
Hitler's art teacher : "You Failed" This enraged Hitler who punished him severly
Mister Morne Van der Berg
I can never, ever , EVER support what Hitler did, EVER! But he clearly had a horrible childhood. And there were several events in his life that allowed history to take its course in a very brutal way. What a disaster
Faris 11 aylar önce
Moral of the story: Never punish your kid severely
wild sea_monster
wild sea_monster Gün önce
Nelson Sanabria
Nelson Sanabria 2 gün önce
Never have a kid with your cousin
Alvin Adrian Sopoco
Alvin Adrian Sopoco 26 gün önce
Nope it’s never to mess up Germany
Thomas Rob
Thomas Rob 28 gün önce
@Neel Gurung this reply to a reply enraged hitlers father, who punished him severely
Fredrik Bergkvist
Fredrik Bergkvist Aylar önce
No! The moral is dont spoil your kids...almost all kids were beaten at that age and we would have like 1 million hitlers if hitting kids makes them evil
Alex M
Alex M 3 aylar önce
5:18 Historical error: Iron Cross and Knight Cross look the same, but the Iron Cross is always worn at the left breast pocket while it's the Knight Cross that's work around the neck. Hitler never wore his around his neck, in all photographs he wore it correctly at his left breast pocket.
TwoMint 11 gün önce
Ah! I still remember when i used to Torment my Pro-Austrian Religion teacher by giving him clear symbollic gestures, dsplaying my allegiance the idea of united germanic people under a greater German state and defines under habsburg, Austria! The good classic ol' days!
Goodscratcher Aylar önce
3:06 The most incredible plot twist ive seen in the history of animation
Piggy Tutorials and More
Hitler: *breathes* “This enraged his father, who punished him severely.”
bagman6001 2 yıl önce
99.99% of comments:Who’s father had punished him severely. 00.01%:Me wondering how a homeless man nearly took over a whole continent
Bryce 16 gün önce
Never underestimate a homeless man who knows what he could accomplish
Møønlight_Marie 2 aylar önce
@Valrhys True...Imagine if he have done good things...not saying that he is entirely evil and not saying that I support him,just imagine if he do more good things that would change the world completely.
David Jacobs
David Jacobs 3 aylar önce
You should look into the Founder of Ming Dynasty China. He was a beggar who became emperor of China.
Pepe Troll
Pepe Troll 8 aylar önce
@mariofan1ish true, without the cruelity and shit yes
Madison Dean
Madison Dean 3 aylar önce
Oversimplified: "You'd think this child would grow up to be become a good man, an honest man." Hilter: NOPE!!!!!!!
_Jeppy Aylar önce
Imagine how his friend felt when hitler started being attached to war.
rem Aylar önce
Hitler had all he needed for a villan arc: -A terrible childhood -Growing up with war -Losing someone he loved -Thought what he was doing was right
TNTHEAD938 2 aylar önce
Really good, comedic and easy to follow
Finn S.
Finn S. Yıl önce
When your life is so tragic that war becomes the best thing you've experienced.
Anonyme 2 aylar önce
Yeah he loves chaos
Mela-Queenin 2 aylar önce
That’s just tragic
Shane Dillis
Shane Dillis 3 aylar önce
That’s not really true ask alotnof guys in the military and they’ll tell you war is hell but, you don’t feel more free or more alive then in war it’s feels as if that’s what men are meant for which we are
bababooey 4 aylar önce
Aaron Rowell
Aaron Rowell 2 aylar önce
Don't mess with artists You know it's one of those things where you don't want to feel sympathy for one of the most evil men ever born but you know when you learn more about the dudes life you're like you know did terrible things but I want to at least feel an ounce of sympathy for the dude, you just don't want to condone how he vented his anger and aggression *Which enraged his father, who then punished him severely*
Mäs R
Mäs R Aylar önce
I love the idea of nazi uniforms consisting of yellow-red caps with little propellors on them
ᗯᕼITᕼᗩGEE 2 aylar önce
After dozing off in History class, and then suddenly getting into a History phase over summer. This is a very useful and great channel lol
KingWorld Adventures
Mind blowing Youtube shorts
"Hitler failed to conquer the world" "Which enraged his father who punished him severely"
lego dude
lego dude Yıl önce
“Hitler failed to take over the world” “This enraged his father,who punished him severely”
•Helixagonal• Aylar önce
@commit leaving zoom meeting by accident Can agree. Am Russian, was there
Annapotat098 Aylar önce
but by that itme hes already a pile of bones oes he kinda just let it go
Jahcolby Aylar önce
Since Hitler didn't take it over, who did?
indresh m
indresh m Aylar önce
"his father's ghost"
Flawedra Aylar önce
its weird seeing it from his perspective. its like watching the main character become the bad guy
8en 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: at the time my family would’ve been able to pass this down because my family is from poland on my dads side
Sandwhich Master_ 150
Sandwhich Master_ 150 4 aylar önce
2:01 This is the most iconic OverSimplified line ever
Denis Malone
Denis Malone Aylar önce
There is truly something to be said about those who escape homelessness. I mean the ones who genuinely find a way out of no way. They become embedded with an innate sense to ascend phenomenally.
Dai Xinpeng (Victoriasch)
Imagine Hitler had actually become an artist tho. And here we present to you: Skweril, by Adolf Hitler
Zidane Rizal Al Ghifary Alghifary
@Micheal afton i heard it's because he can't draw a person so that's why he was rejected, which is kinda bullcrap
Dai Tsukishiro
Dai Tsukishiro Aylar önce
time travelr should ahve gave him manga so he would become a comic booka artist instead
Angus Gibson
Angus Gibson 3 aylar önce
Underrated with the "Skweril" bit...
French Bread Stupidity
@PUNISHERMHS 2021 The specific problem was he only wanted to paint dead urban scapes. Perfect buildings with no people or trees. And they were only real sights. So it was a duplicate of the work of someone else, an architect. He was told to become an architect but he didn't want to.
Maduaghta Ucheetah
Maduaghta Ucheetah 2 aylar önce
“ Hitler cleans his father feet when asked to” “This enraged his father who severely, punished him.”
PlayStation acesss
PlayStation acesss 28 gün önce
He teaches us wayy more simpler than anyone of history teacher ever can..... 😂😂
ECLands Aviation
ECLands Aviation 2 aylar önce
When Adolfs dad found out that hitler started a war, he punished him severely, even though he was dead
Ziggy Zoggin
Ziggy Zoggin 8 gün önce
it makes so much sense now why he became how he was. a stable household is key for good mental health
Dark Forremancer
Dark Forremancer 8 aylar önce
An interesting story regarding Hitler’s family doctor: The doctor, Eduard Bloch, did all he could do to help Hitler’s dying mother. Hitler never forgot this despite the fact that Bloch was Jewish, which Hitler knew. Hitler’s appreciation for Bloch was so great that Hitler had Bloch escorted out of Germany to safety once the Nazis’ anti-Jewish policies began escalating to violence.
Blub Club
Blub Club 17 gün önce
@AlmightySamwhich well for one thing, this is a video that focuses on, guess who, Hitler! Two, Hitler is more notorious.
Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya 20 gün önce
I guess Adolf never forgets who cares about his family or him personally
madhu rawat
madhu rawat 21 gün önce
@Prash Tara How is this comment section toxic? No one is denying holocaust, no one is trying to defend his actions. What he did was bad and everyone knows it. The only thing that is being discussed here is his motivation, the reason why he did what he did. Just tell me how is it toxic?
Rasha Aya
Rasha Aya 24 gün önce
Wow he had a bit of humanity in him
So Far Away by Agust D
Bruhhh.. these made me realized that anyone can potentially be the next Hitler. We rarely hear about Hitler's childhood and movies always paints him as some evil villain who just came out as a fuhrer right out of his mother's womb.
Nathan Doran
Nathan Doran 3 aylar önce
Fun fact: during his time as a soldier Adolf got passed enime lines unarmed, 1 troop spotted him but since he was unarmed the troop didnt shoot. He helped him and let him go.
H5601 3 aylar önce
Who knew that Hitler used to be a genuinely decent human being?
Mr Daniel's
Mr Daniel's Aylar önce
as a German currently in Turkey, I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY SEE THIS
GageIsGreat 11 aylar önce
“He enjoyed gathering the other children to play war games” Talk about Foreshadowing
GageIsGreat 8 aylar önce
Guys I still can’t believe I almost have 1000 likes! This is amazing to me thank you all!
Mitchplaysroblox 8 aylar önce
hits comrade with a stick
Ulro Hermit
Ulro Hermit 8 aylar önce
@White Senpai lol
ForgiveZharion’s Dad
PUNISHERMHS 2021 8 aylar önce
I mean, war games are pretty common lol
GabeWasHere 3 aylar önce
This enraged Adolf’s father, who punished him severely
Drizzzy503 20 gün önce
Interesting fact: Alois Jr. had a son who fought in WWII for the British, against his half brother Adolf.
Brandon Midkiff
Brandon Midkiff 3 aylar önce
You know, in this context, Alois did get what he wanted from his son.
VG 15 saatler önce
It is really oversimplified😂😂..hey it's really so easy to grasp and retain...thankyou so much. Damn, I am learning so quick all because of it. Thanks a ton! ❤️❤️
Need more snow pls
Need more snow pls 2 yıl önce
WWl: Caused by shooting an Austrian guy WWll: Caused by not shooting an Austrian guy
Amy Chan
Amy Chan 24 gün önce
Coincident i think not
vamsi gaming 123
vamsi gaming 123 Aylar önce
Wrong social credit score -999 execution date is tomorrow
Ivan the Terrible
Ivan the Terrible Aylar önce
this genuinely got me laughing😅😅😅😅
ali kashif
ali kashif Aylar önce
Omg just realised
Victor Ezekiel
Victor Ezekiel Aylar önce
WW|||: Caused by shooting the wrong Austrian guy.
FTBL_Editz 6 gün önce
"This enraged Adolfs father, who punished him severely".
Mary Woodhams
Mary Woodhams 3 aylar önce
Your really good at making these vids and your really funny🤣🤣🤣🤣Please don't stop making these vids!!!!!
king cobra
king cobra 3 aylar önce
If Adolf's father didn't discourage his art interests, we may have avoided some of the worst historical events.
Maggie H
Maggie H 4 aylar önce
This is honestly the perfect villain backstory tho
Jake 3 yıl önce
Imagine how much Hitler would get spanked if his father knew he participated in the 2nd World war and was actually on the evil side and lost.
aiapihud Aylar önce
@SID G The cruelty of said war crimes. And it's not like it went under the rug, since we've openly apologized for and admitted to the war crimes which I know schools aint teachin usually.
aiapihud Aylar önce
@SUS Trol
Dildo comics
Dildo comics 5 aylar önce
He would get punished severly
Jake Ergueta
Jake Ergueta 5 aylar önce
@SUS Churchill* can’t even spell lmao
robolol Aylar önce
"Adolf breathed" So his dad punished him severely
Cuboid Gamez
Cuboid Gamez 2 aylar önce
Damn i didn't knew someone can make me feel bad for freaking hitler
Goodscratcher Aylar önce
"Hitler commited suicide in his bunker" This enraged his father's ghost, who punished him severely in hell
Klo Papier zum Abputzen
In my opinion it's kind of crucial that you don't beautify his persona too much and be too humoristic when you describe his past. I think how you did it was just the right level of humor and seriousness.
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy
Art school: doesn’t accept hitler This enraged hitler who punished the world severely
a black icon
a black icon 8 aylar önce
@Lavanya Saxena your comment made me get rejected by art school multiple times
Neeti Mishra
Neeti Mishra 8 aylar önce
E 10 aylar önce
another w
another w 10 aylar önce
dingus Yıl önce
France : declare war on germany This enraged hitler who punished france severely
༊*·˚ d¡vine
༊*·˚ d¡vine 4 aylar önce
i feel like if his father didn’t severely punish him he would of been a great person
Esme J
Esme J Aylar önce
"However he didn't take the overall final school exam, instead just dropping out." The chalkboard: "Social Darwism and nationalism are great and all but I just want to be clear I wasn't suggesting you commit genocide or anything. Lets hope no one who will be of major historical significance is absent for this particular lesson. By the way has anyone seen Adolf?" If this joke were reality Hitler could have just not dropped out and we would still have the last world war being ww1.
SlippPlays 2 aylar önce
3:23: Well, here comes Wagner and his Valkyries!!! YOO Imagine if Hitler’s Military Band while marching into France played Ride of the Valkyries while raiding. I could picture that.
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes Aylar önce
You never get to hear about any of the sillier stories from hitlers youth. Everyone’s always so focused on one or two negatives
Noobin 2 yıl önce
Hitler: "Time to get an art career!" Art School: *No.*
Omar Al ghailani
Omar Al ghailani 25 gün önce
Why? (if u now u now)
spartan _648
spartan _648 3 aylar önce
Hitler: Alright I'ma take the Europe then...
NovaStorm93 2 yıl önce
This enraged his father, who punished him severely
thinkwithurdipstick 2 yıl önce
Lol at all the people that think the world would be rainbows and butterflies had Hitler become an artist. Somebody else would have taken his place, there would still be wars. Mussolini was still a thing, the Japanese were still a major expansionist Imperial power, and the communists were in power in Russia before hitler ever became a politician. Nothing would have been different, you would just be cursing somebody else’s name as the worst human to ever live (as if that were even true) and you might see one of hitler’s works in a museum somewhere.
enejda brahasani
enejda brahasani 2 yıl önce
super pug 1 up well we would learn about Hitler during Art class,not History one.
MidNightClub 2 aylar önce
"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right."
Shammi Dubey
Shammi Dubey Aylar önce
I fear now, what person I'll grow in to..after watching this it's really hard to say... circumstances can totally change the course
Vinnie G
Vinnie G 28 gün önce
Compare the treaty of Versailles to other peace treaties, it was not that hard. Just look up how Romans treated their conquered foes.
Beratha Jaya
Beratha Jaya 27 gün önce
Let us take a moment to take in the fact that Hitler could've been Adolf Schicklgruber.
kalil Abraahim
kalil Abraahim 4 yıl önce
2.4k dislikes ?! This enraged Adolf's father, who punished him severely...
Omar Al ghailani
Omar Al ghailani 25 gün önce
A comment of history
Vezun4ik [GD][ОHOI4][MC][КБ]
Naterson Greaterson
Naterson Greaterson 3 yıl önce
kalil Abraahim lol
Joanne Liu
Joanne Liu 3 yıl önce
Actually, it's 2.8k... Which enraged his father, who punished him severely.
Esdras Marroquin-Aleman
When you most expert to him to say “he punished him severely” he really says he was and old ass man 😅😂😂
Gaming_Banana 18 gün önce
Ok hear me out. "Hitler failed art class. Which enraged his father who punished him severely"
PokeNeon 3 aylar önce
Dude had the qualification of being an anime villain character.
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