His jumper is AUTOMATIC. 🎯🎯

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This is CRAZY. 🎯
(via @lethalshooter)

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5 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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ispyassassin _
ispyassassin _ Aylar önce
Imagine going up for a dunk forgetting thats there
Victor72 Gün önce
@Football dog! 💀💀💀💀💀💀🚫💀🚫💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
HwanKanLin 2 gün önce
Your profile picture say everything
I don't know
I don't know 6 gün önce
your comrade
your comrade 7 gün önce
Bro hahahhaha
Please sub to me I’m trying to hit 1k
Ohhhh dam that would hurt
Na il
Na il Aylar önce
The last sound of machine fits so well with the “defense” chant
Dane Gün önce
Nah way to slow
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien 16 gün önce
Damn yeah true
Lance Lacuna
Lance Lacuna 18 gün önce
@Mr. Nobody AYO WHAT THE FU-
Trez Trigga
Trez Trigga 28 gün önce
De-Fense 👏🏾 👏🏾 De-Fense👏🏾👏🏾
Vicente Ortiz
Vicente Ortiz Aylar önce
that's cool good ear lol
Kohaku Aylar önce
Bro probably puts a ruler on his bed to measure how long he sleeps
cleblpebl 2 gün önce
@aftab khan-EAE21B0020 what
Blue Leafy
Blue Leafy 4 gün önce
I’ve seen that comment on a Beetlejuice video from a year ago
Donna Clay
Donna Clay 7 gün önce
Bro probably explains the joke when people are laughing
Donna Clay
Donna Clay 7 gün önce
Bro probably floats up in the air when he smells food
Donna Clay
Donna Clay 7 gün önce
Bro probably looks left and right before doing something micheavious
OvieObaro Aylar önce
I’ve been wracking my brain to fully understand and comprehend why he thought this would be necessary. Seems like a good way to waste a perfectly good basketball
Shun 873
Shun 873 11 gün önce
@LieutenantCheeze like I previously said , this doesn’t help with anything
LieutenantCheeze 11 gün önce
@Shun 873 it’s about timing ur shot and knowing when to shoot
3 headed snake
3 headed snake 18 gün önce
@Sam Malone Lethal Shooter videos have no point. It’s just him flexing his shooting ability. He does gimmicks like this all the time these aren’t drills
Fermi’s Axiom
Fermi’s Axiom Aylar önce
Your view and your comment that inspired hundreds of likes and many responses. That’s why.
SpookyRumi Aylar önce
ever heard about youtube money?
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass Aylar önce
He’s probably training for a goaltend
JoshToMystic 28 gün önce
@Danny indeed
Danny Aylar önce
Might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard😂
Mark Shepardson
Mark Shepardson Aylar önce
That thing isn't automatic, he has a friend control it so that he always makes it in, that's why it's super inconsistent
Vincent T
Vincent T 6 gün önce
@RemyKingKen “trust me bro”👦🏼
2static 11 gün önce
@Zeb idk shits just in my vocabulary
Zeb 11 gün önce
@2static Dont look like a pattern to me. Why you feel the need to swear to assert your point of view?
Aidan Wright
Aidan Wright 12 gün önce
@Mark Shepardson most people who talk ab someone else’s IQ or their own in most cases isn’t very intelligent 🤷🏻‍♂️🤭
Aidan Wright
Aidan Wright 12 gün önce
Darren Villanueva
Darren Villanueva Aylar önce
For those of yall confused, to me it looks like it helps his timing on his release, trying to get the ball in at the right moment before the spike comes up. Either that or its just for fun, it cant be that deep
UNITED USA 2020 Aylar önce
Clever and great motivation for training and practice
Loqman Tang
Loqman Tang Aylar önce
This thing can change the whole basketball game. Imagine where players had to score at the specific time to get a score
michael alfandary
michael alfandary Aylar önce
The fact that he thought of this has me worried. Mainly because he put the time and implication to follow through. And this also makes me wish I had that kind of motivation
Kiyo Aylar önce
The face he did when he was seeing the spike
bleh Aylar önce
When she does that twist top and doesn't stop
PARKER PITALE 🔥 12 gün önce
This man insane 🔥
Gustavo Carrillo,Lopez
I stand for all basketballs in the making of this video what torture they have faced from being part of this man's videos
Adi Bruh
Adi Bruh Aylar önce
The things this man does to prove he’s a great shooter is hilarious lmao
MOBLINPLAYZ ☆ Aylar önce
This is the definition of "Risk your ball to win"
Seth Bowen
Seth Bowen 18 gün önce
The way the spike is going in/out looks very mechanical like it was controlled with a lever or trigger. It could be argued that the operator was bias as to his timing specifically to avoid puncturing the ball.
Oil Tycoon
Oil Tycoon Aylar önce
I finally found something that can guard Steph Curry!
Liam Hannah
Liam Hannah Aylar önce
Bro those passes were way too clean!
AwakenTheWoke Aylar önce
I like how the spike isnt out on a single shot. Points are points regardless if its nothing but net or you get love from the rim.
_yo.Kikee Aylar önce
That last shot definitely got stuck so they had to cut it 🤣
Edgar J Cordero
Edgar J Cordero Aylar önce
Great puncture skills
Wiztro Aylar önce
Imagine if the nba did this for one time, would like to see that ngl
Gurpreet Chohan
Gurpreet Chohan Aylar önce
Love how you changed the speed!
FONZZY Aylar önce
"One down, one more to go" *proceeds to shoot the ball 3 more times*
Ayden Quick
Ayden Quick 23 gün önce
I think he meant he has 2 basketballs
Jason Lovi
Jason Lovi Aylar önce
I feel like it'd be a good training tool if it only came out when you hit the rim.
The good life
The good life Aylar önce
Learnt the pattern in 10 seconds 😂
Jackson Bryant
Jackson Bryant Aylar önce
Can we just talk about the insane rebound tho
Mr Love
Mr Love Aylar önce
This would make dunks that much more interesting !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vito Aylar önce
The end is perfectly cut right when it hits 👌 😂🤣😂🤣
Vito Aylar önce
@CaptainCalamity for sure lmfao 😂🤣
CaptainCalamity Aylar önce
Yep that last shot the ball got popped again for sure
GoodasGold 2 gün önce
Someone was definitely controlling when it came up and down cause it was mad off beat
Your local hater.
Your local hater. Aylar önce
It felt like a game where you have to jump over a spike
Trevor Awesomness
Trevor Awesomness 20 gün önce
Grinding those metal sparks right into the camera man 🤘
Devine Beast
Devine Beast Aylar önce
Imagine thinking this is controlled by anything except his buddy out of the scene making it go 🤣
v Aylar önce
Now Imagine if the nba used this🤦🏽🤦🏽
Top Bottom
Top Bottom Aylar önce
It's about timing 😌
NHL prods.
NHL prods. 29 gün önce
Everyone else: watching vid Me: wondering why his machine sounds like a lightsaber
Ash 22 gün önce
Oml i have been scrolling for minutes just to find this comment Lmao
willie1k Gün önce
They need to make him a 2 k jumper 😂
Out of context
Out of context Aylar önce
I’ve seen that machine on porn hub.
💜IKB Jai😈
💜IKB Jai😈 14 saatler önce
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien 16 gün önce
Andex XD
Andex XD 16 gün önce
Helll nah
ണεηαςιηց ςατ
Johann cloud santos
Johann cloud santos 18 gün önce
Bruh caught on 4k same 😂📸
Shawnie Aylar önce
A whole new meaning to a “dagger”
RantonyDaRealest Aylar önce
We lost some brave soldiers that day, R.I.P. basketball brethren
Ghost09 Aylar önce
Imagine pulling yourself up of the net and sitting on it after a dunk 😩
Henry Williams
Henry Williams Aylar önce
If Steph ain’t doing this, I ain’t either 💪🏿
Mr Miagi
Mr Miagi Aylar önce
Let’s not forget how big he made that rim
Bernard Jackson
Bernard Jackson Aylar önce
Does anyone know this Sir's name? After watching some of his other vids I'm surprised he's not in someone's league lighting it up. Blessings. BRITTNEY GRINER
LakerShow Aylar önce
Lethal shooter
Isaac Campbell
Isaac Campbell 22 gün önce
Nice and safe using a angle grinder next to a net 😀👍
YouCanCallMeReTro Aylar önce
This the dude that turned Grant Williams into a 40%+ shooter
notoriousbills Aylar önce
Hell yea, when your an engineer that still balls.
Jibeson Aylar önce
It’s a display of timing and shot selection.
Caphar’s Son Shilo
Poor display.
PapiKamiKaze 22 gün önce
That's good offense training for the mind while the opposition play defense 🧐💯☝🏼🙏!
Damon Stapleton Jr.
This video: his jumpshot is autmatic Also this video: Hits and amazing three shots in a row Steph Curry somewhere: drained 73 consecutive three pointers
Piarxisss Gün önce
Imagine sitting on it to fix something
Ira Gonzalez
Ira Gonzalez Aylar önce
It wud still work if it dull on the end. Just knock the ball back out instead of pop it.
Okay Aylar önce
I’m confused on what this proves?😭
JapaneseAfrican Hooder
@I think Jae Crowder is cool staged videos*
I think Jae Crowder is cool
Mfs can’t do fun videos anymore without these people.
J.r. Aylar önce
No one uses that hoop other than him and if you do then your balls popped lol
JapaneseAfrican Hooder
@mike money you can’t be calling someone slow when someone is controlling it 😭
Malik Glover
Malik Glover Aylar önce
Working on rhythm, that click triggers a beat in your feet memorizing the motions
Liam Helland
Liam Helland 6 gün önce
2 shot perfect timing
Shawn Moss
Shawn Moss Aylar önce
When ball is life but you have a background in mechanical engineering
Altin Kryeziu
Altin Kryeziu Aylar önce
I think you flexing cuz you dont miss😂✌💪❤
Kenny Gamble
Kenny Gamble Aylar önce
But like why though lol
ericLT21 11 gün önce
@vyksi öyh I agree lolll
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien 16 gün önce
Yeah fr just destroying those nice basketballs
Weneed him
Weneed him 17 gün önce
@Rod Todoroki it’s a sort of punishment when you mess up
Weneed him
Weneed him 17 gün önce
@Rod Todoroki true
Rod Todoroki
Rod Todoroki 17 gün önce
@Weneed him yeah but why making it sharp? That's a waste of balls everytime your timing is off
AGGAMER 24 Aylar önce
That's pretty risky of getting a new ball but cool
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans Aylar önce
Training for when NBA teams decide to employ a phalanx to defend the paint
bebop palooka
bebop palooka Aylar önce
It’s not even improving his timing (is that even a valuable skill with no opponent?)… he just releases the ball around the time he hears the piston extend.
TheInlandPainter Aylar önce
Ingenuity & creativity at its finest 😂🤙
Nojus Aylar önce
galaxy matter
galaxy matter Aylar önce
Imagine playing with friends with that ring ohh I'm gonna lay up always
Rovan C
Rovan C Aylar önce
Is it really necessary to pop the ball thou 🤔
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Aylar önce
The only thing I’m focusing on is how hard that man passing the ball back to him
Виталий Тромбон
Они конечно молодцы, но могли бы и поставить датчик приближения
rick rolled
rick rolled Aylar önce
So how much would a slightly bigger version with a rounder tip cost? Asking for a friend
Nico Laffey
Nico Laffey Aylar önce
I trip fat girls
I trip fat girls Aylar önce
I need this for my house 💀
Omarion Clark
Omarion Clark Aylar önce
I did you shoot the basketball in the pan within the gold that was so cool
Omarion Clark
Omarion Clark Aylar önce
White striped Mustang
Omarion Clark
Omarion Clark Aylar önce
That blow my mind
keith williams
keith williams Aylar önce
Ballers with too much free time 🤝 Engineers with too much free time
Bradley kasnick
Bradley kasnick Aylar önce
Is he trying to pop the ball? I got all the way to the end and was proud of my mans for avoiding the spike
J3RX Eruption
J3RX Eruption Aylar önce
Not so automatic I see 😂😂
Jayfos Aylar önce
so easy to him shooting on normal rims are boring to him 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
OKBROWER Aylar önce
Imagine it popping the ball.
hi youtube
hi youtube Aylar önce
It’s like Mario going in the green tube 😂
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez 9 gün önce
They're adding this to the text NBA season
Josh Branch
Josh Branch Aylar önce
changed the speed real quick
tanSen Aylar önce
"I just got an idea" "She is dead"
Nah Aylar önce
Peter griffin
A random banana
A random banana Aylar önce
Imagine climbing up and sitting on the hoop
Ratchet? Aylar önce
Does literally nothing for accuracy just helps with timing your shots.
HO y El Creador
HO y El Creador Aylar önce
When you have too much free time...
Matt Brigham
Matt Brigham Aylar önce
I'm more impressed by the engineering skills lol
NVN 16 gün önce
Imagine goin to the rec to shoot hoops and you see a dude on a ladder holding an angle grinder
Pure 16 gün önce
somebody is moving the spike based on the inconsistent times it goes in and out
zaid hamid
zaid hamid Aylar önce
When he first turned on the sander it sounded like a light Saber being opened
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR Aylar önce
*”Steph Curry has this at his mansion” - MELL DUNEY 616*
Christian Greathouse
Lol.. it's easy when you have someone running the spike for you
Micah Dixson
Micah Dixson Aylar önce
I need a lot of these for my front door.
User Unknown
User Unknown 23 gün önce
Practice perfect arch timing
Silver Scythe
Silver Scythe Aylar önce
Does it really need to be sharp at the end? I feel like that's overkill.
Ghostrider Aylar önce
“MAKE THE DUNK” Yay oh why is their blood 🩸
Solar Rain
Solar Rain Aylar önce
Thank you for having no cuts
Fernando Almeida filho
Esse costume já vem do berço! Não tem como mudar
Constitutional American
Every gym in America needs this really cool idea!
Casey Barnett
Casey Barnett Aylar önce
"Has anybody heard of that teacher that was sitting on the hoop teasing kids"
Gabriel Jackson
Gabriel Jackson Aylar önce
That thing look scary lol
test Aylar önce
scarier when inserting😬
Flyfish69 Aylar önce
@Builder Dog phenomenal grammar, Chief
Sang Mang
Sang Mang Aylar önce
Naah, we all need more spiked in our lives
Builder Dog
Builder Dog Aylar önce
@Jonathan she said scary to u cause u to scary to put it in
Derpyturtle 2
Derpyturtle 2 Aylar önce
Now make it shoot out by sensor, that will be hard.
Preston Tuau
Preston Tuau Aylar önce
Are we not going talk about his shot damm🔥🔥
spore1176 Aylar önce
This man made a breath of wild shrine in real life
a nice robloxian noob :D
Mm that's perfect to fit something in
A 16 gün önce
I dont get it, all he has to do is time the shot… its not about improving accuracy or anything. He can completely airball and his ball will be fine😂
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