His fabulous studio apartment is hidden inside a work truck!

Tiny House Giant Journey
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Jason takes us on a tour of his mini studio apartment on wheels, which is actually inside of a box truck. He built out this van so that he can live in the space while attending grad school and avoiding the high rent prices in the city.





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00:00 Intro
01:05 Why does Jason live in a work van?
02:31 Nothing to see here! Hidden in plain sight
03:24 Off-grid options, deck, & gear-age
07:17 How do we get inside?
07:28 Micro apartment tour
13:40 Yes, there's a bathroom
14:13 A period of transition w/ low expenses

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21 Eki 2021




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Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 aylar önce
This is amazing. I never wanted to live in a work truck until now.
Sandra Koyle
Sandra Koyle 5 gün önce
Love the rock wall idea in place of a ladder!
John Claba
John Claba 18 gün önce
@Terry and of course you posted that without doing ANY research. Did you bother researching the appreciation rate of a house for a 10 year period? No...but you posted your bullshit anyway. Congrats
Terry 18 gün önce
@John Claba / On the other hand… think of all the monies he’s saving on rent alone…& electric etc…..10 years of no dam rent and utilities.. sounds like appreciation to me…👍
John Claba
John Claba 19 gün önce
@Nat Nielsen I have never borrowed equity from one home purchase another. I agree that would be stupid As for ownership. I own three outright. Own about 85% of the 4th and 25% of the 5th which I recently bought about 60 days ago. As for telling people what they should do, maybe if you had my record you would be doing the same. As for your assumptions of me in your dumb post…..All they did was make you look clueless
Nat Nielsen
Nat Nielsen 20 gün önce
@John Claba You are such a jealous AH!! This man agreed to be filmed and to share his tiny box home for this you tube venue! He made no such claims except for himself - his way of living - and, was extremely humble in doing so! Soo... would you like to open up on this same platform and tell us about your full adventures of owning overrated and over priced stickbuilt homes! Call up this platform and let's hear your exciting story of how you own a home in Europe and 4 here in the US!! We'd love to hear your strategies- oh, and they better all be paid off, and the titles in your hand - if not - well than, you're not so smart after all!
Turban Cousin Sheila Muhammad
This would be perfect for me! I currently stay at a homeless shelter and my biggest complaint is the noise that the other women keep up. I long for an affordable place to live in peace, solitude and quiet.
Shewana Miyienda
Shewana Miyienda 5 gün önce
You will it takes working and saving.
Victoria Valdez
Victoria Valdez 8 gün önce
@Ryan yep! Plus in certain states there are phone services/phone plans at a discounted rate for anyone living in poverty. I wonder if anyone realizes that wifi exists so no data needs to be used 😂 A lot of people also get hand-me-down phones that people give them. 💁🏻‍♀️
Sylvia Wilson
Sylvia Wilson 9 gün önce
@carlsjr Troll and clickbait comment. You won. Whats the prize. Nothing
Goldi C
Goldi C 9 gün önce
@Ryan the government offers free phones for citizens that receive government aid.
Castel's Posh Closet
Castel's Posh Closet 11 gün önce
You can do it! Things will turnaround and you will have a safe place to call home. 🙏🤗
Ric Wood
Ric Wood Aylar önce
Super clever guy! He’s also lucky to have a friend that helped him build the interior and space saving ideas. He should maybe consider starting a business making these vehicles for other people.
peachybuttercrunch Saatler önce
Shawna Reed
Shawna Reed 4 saatler önce
@Jenell Khem did you even watch the video?
Cody Conlay
Cody Conlay Gün önce
Yes! I would most certainly be interested in purchasing one! Does anyone know how to get in touch with this guy?
Honei 3 gün önce
That’s the same thing I said he should get in his own business with his friend
heatedspam 17 gün önce
@Noah L yes there's a bathroom actually
P La
P La Aylar önce
I actually like that he’s using a regular truck as a disguise and even the window to look like a vent so he doesn’t stand out 😊
Robert P. Wainman
Robert P. Wainman Aylar önce
This is grrrreat!!! In the 1970's as a student I lived in a 'stealth van' on the University car park for eighteen months before I was 'discovered'! Your van takes it to another level.
Lady C. Diamonds
Lady C. Diamonds 12 gün önce
And it can still be done to this day. Heard of some people who lived in their van evem car pay parking fee in parking garages. No one suspected they lived there!!
Melody the Brave
Melody the Brave 22 gün önce
@Jenell Khem he has a composting toilet
Jenell Khem
Jenell Khem 24 gün önce
Where does he use the restroom?
kathy allman
kathy allman 24 gün önce
God bless you, it’s wonderful.
B Hudd
B Hudd 2 aylar önce
Okay, I’m a 75 year old granny and that young man with his stealth home is just about the coolest idea I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to him for adapting his current wants and needs into something so clever and adaptable! I wish him all the best as he continues his formal education and I hope his life’s journeys continue to be as rewarding as his current accomplishments!
B Hudd
B Hudd Aylar önce
@alexae1367 no, southern part of USA 😊
alexae1367 Aylar önce
Folks my grandparents age have been making my day all day today! May I ask, are you from a British Commonwealth country?
A H Aylar önce
Sounded like Steve Rogers lecturing someone. 🙌
Alexander Maffucci
Alexander Maffucci Aylar önce
@Louis Whisonant okay
Alexander Maffucci
Alexander Maffucci Aylar önce
@J Man The correct pronunciation and spelling would be to use the letters Okay.
Catherine Hubbard
Catherine Hubbard 14 gün önce
This is so clever! Suggestion: in a dry climate, an evaporative cooler added to the roof would be an efficient way to cool your living space with relatively little electricity (just used for turning the barrel fan and water pump - there is no compressor) and water (a closed loop, with more added to replace what evaporates). It also humidifies the air, which can be welcome in an arid place where your nose may bleed from drying out. A relatively small unit should be sufficient. In my childhood in the Southwest, my parents’ entire 3-bedroom home was cooled with one simple roof unit less than one cubic yard in size. The barrel fan was a foot or less in diameter and sucked outside air through fibrous pads on the four sides which were wet with a small water pump. Unfortunately this type of air conditioning does not work if the outdoor humidity is too high as it relies on water evaporation.
The Interest Net
The Interest Net 12 saatler önce
I did this in my truck, except I put the box under neath the truck with a fan going up through the floor, it would make the truck to high with it on the roof. One thing though, they use way more water than most would think, up to 90L in a day so you need to add a huge water tank.
DC Mc 18 gün önce
Brilliant build. Love this guy’s imagination and his general vibe. Wishing him well in his grad studies and future endeavors and hope he takes these lessons learned into his career to help pave the way for other urbanites who seek affordable housing options.
MOON _ FACTOR Aylar önce
I love this setup. This guy is so chill, and seems like he knows himself and his preferences. They're a great match, him and his rig! 🖤💜💙💚💙💜🖤 Thanks for the tour! Much love!!!
Jenell Khem
Jenell Khem 24 gün önce
Where does he use the restroom?
solar muse
solar muse 19 gün önce
So clever! This would be a great less-expensive way to bicycle-tour cities. Love the window. Moving from city to city, parking a week at a time. Wow. Have you considered/is it possible adding a stealthy deck to the roof (with hidden/collapsable lounge chair)? Maybe a ladder that doesn't look like a ladder to get to it. Just to make the outdoors more available.
Lee Jay
Lee Jay 2 aylar önce
I love how grateful he is for everything he has. That's the real secret to happiness.
Lane Ochoa
Lane Ochoa 19 gün önce
@Jon Jackson he lives with another guy in there. He always talks in two's , we wanted this ,we wanted that.
Greg Schaust
Greg Schaust Aylar önce
@Jon Jackson If you want something, work hard to get it. No matter if it is a house, or a stealth camper. The only person that you have to blame for where you are in life is yourself. If you don't have what you want, go out and get it.
Linda F
Linda F 2 aylar önce
Amen now that's the truth
Tony Hammer
Tony Hammer 2 aylar önce
Don’t forget to eat seaweed and don’t use deodorant. Hippies stink.
Lee Jay
Lee Jay 2 aylar önce
@shadesofpink it is to a lot of people who think they need this year's iphone to be happy.
Rita Book
Rita Book Aylar önce
Love your tiny living space. I'm impressed by your focus, attention to detail and your pursuit of your dreams. Best wishes to you. I've been a full time RVer for 7 years. It's good to be mobile.
truerthanyouknow 8 gün önce
This guy seams healthy and happy and well grounded (in his values) while he’s on the move.
J A Aylar önce
A roll-out retractable canvas "roof" would be nice mounted right above the fold down patio so that you could extend it over the patio when the sun is beating down and/or for a great way to sit out on the patio even when it's raining out.
Cara Morrison
Cara Morrison 23 gün önce
Love this a home that is hidden in plain view. Just looks like a delivery truck. Really love its safety. Thanks for sharing your amazing home.💖❤💖
Abby Martin
Abby Martin 3 aylar önce
This is the most clever, functional, slick, sly, and aesthetically pleasing truck build I’ve ever seen-and I’ve watched hundreds of videos. You sir, are the secret agent of van life! 😎
Sharon M.T.
Sharon M.T. Aylar önce
@Matt S another commenter said he has a door on the side (via the shower) that is an emergency exit and for moving in bigger items. You can see it at 1:14.
littlebabyblue 2 aylar önce
Ahhhhhoooooooooooh what a outstanding statement!
Muriel Katz
Muriel Katz 2 aylar önce
@nicolaxoxo1 Diesel costs more than regular gas. It shouldn't because it's a byproduct of gasoline and, thus, should cost less...but that's what greed gives us.
Monica Warner
Monica Warner 2 aylar önce
@nicolaxoxo1 . It's even more expensive!
Mike Byrd
Mike Byrd 2 aylar önce
This is awesome how much did the build cost
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 19 gün önce
Love this design! Definitely going to be looking into a box truck for my next build!
Dan Harris
Dan Harris Aylar önce
Its amazing how cozy people can make in such small spaces
Frank Bales
Frank Bales Aylar önce
Just excellent! Best one I’ve ever seen. The stealth idea is such an amazing, and practical idea! WELL DONE!
Maria Allende
Maria Allende Aylar önce
Oh that was amazing. I am fascinated with this. I feel good that he feels good with his achievement. I can feel the comfort, and the minimalism,and the modern bald relaxing with a touch of luxury. The sensation of space even when it's a small area, doesn't seems small at all, the studying area it's amazing,the kitchen oh my gosh I love it !!! Every detail, the drawers, the water container closet, the window Infront of the desk...the closets,the area with the baskets where he put his clothes...Evey detail. I really felt in love with this tiny living space. It's Wonderful! Congratulations. PD: the couch looks delicious to take a brake ..I was picking at it during the whole video🤭 Good video!
David Thomas
David Thomas 2 aylar önce
I love how he constantly smiles like he has a naughty joke he wants to tell you. Joyful people are so refreshing to be around.
Louis Gonzalez
Louis Gonzalez 6 gün önce
If his smile is so captivating, ...........i would love to hear him laugh.!!!!!
fanfare100 Aylar önce
@Rob Hoffman So, why do most cities make this illegal if it actually bothers nobody?
Rob Hoffman
Rob Hoffman Aylar önce
His stealthy living is most likely illegal in any city. Probably why he's got that smile. That said, that is one cool tiny house!
fanfare100 Aylar önce
Basically, the joke is on the System, with capital "S". :D
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph 2 aylar önce
I don't think he can help it. Thin upper lip and very teethy.
James Serna
James Serna 19 gün önce
You can clearly see that this guy is an amazing person, makes me feel full of joy when I watch this kind people living their dream... You can feel the happiness emanating from him....
Charlotte Willis
Charlotte Willis Aylar önce
Wow! This is amazing, for his circumstances and he seems totally happy. Of course nothing says he will live this way forever but it is neat that he used his mind to come up with something that would fit his lifestyle at this time. And if he does continue living in his truck good for him.
accurate alloys
accurate alloys Aylar önce
You can get a vinyl decal saying something like “Joe’s Quality Septic Service” and you will never worry about someone stealing from you.
GDBLUNT420 3 gün önce
Nah his is unmarked and far less likely to be touched. Most people with think rapist, murderer, grifter, ect. Its genius already.
Dukes Thompson
Dukes Thompson 3 gün önce
Crechen Mujoro
Crechen Mujoro 7 gün önce
This a very nice one
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet 7 gün önce
Then people will be trying to hire him 🤣
LottiDotti76 7 gün önce
Well you can always put HIV Positive Human Waste Disposal Unit. That should cover it.
sergio Aylar önce
Congrats to the owner and the designer. What a nice van/house to have!
Dave N
Dave N 2 aylar önce
I did this in a 6X12 enclosed cargo trailer - traveling the country for two years and saving up funds to buy property. I now have my own place, the house paid off as well and l've been living off-grid without any utility bills going on seven years now. So set your goals, be realistic and drive on to achieve them. Good luck to you all.
Shawna Reed
Shawna Reed 4 saatler önce
That's freaking awesome!
Way of the Kodiak
Way of the Kodiak 11 saatler önce
@John Claba I didn't see any assertions in his comment about how people choose to live. Simply that you chose your way and these off gridders went their way. So by all means keep enjoying your life and properties and let others enjoy their choices.
Christine Kunclrs
Christine Kunclrs 8 gün önce
How much did the van design cost
Kashouri Katsu
Kashouri Katsu 10 gün önce
Thanks man
David Joyce Luckysafehaven Google
That's really cool lots folks are offering free overnighters or reduced pricing..
samuelonthewall 14 gün önce
Great job on the editing of this video, very well done. Two things that weren't addressed in this video is where he is able to park his rig, and is it outfitted to make use of external water and power sources when available?
Thor Rutherford
Thor Rutherford 3 gün önce
Absolutely love this! I am remodeling a camper for this same purpose except not needing to be stealthy, nice to see how others are doing theres for inspiration on how to make mine better. Also fun to see someone else that has converted to a tiny home after living in Fort Collins Colorado.
John Acott
John Acott 14 gün önce
Instant thumbs up for the creative spark of an idea using a high visibility jacket as part of the 'camouflage' for your stealth home!
SHUGA Aylar önce
This makes me want to go all stealthy with a van myself ! This man has a wonderful mind and has done an excellent job with this truck
Galick Gun
Galick Gun 2 aylar önce
The amount of times this dude smiled made me really happy for him. Truly a life worth living good for him.
M M 2 aylar önce
@Verminator151029 I'm good, thanks for concern-trolling though! I'll stop feeding you now :) have a nice day
Verminator151029 2 aylar önce
@M M Not at all. Read my initial post! It's your need to be offended that causing you to see something offensive out of literally nothing. This is a sign of a degragment syndrome you suffer from and help is available for you! Please seek it out!
M M 2 aylar önce
@Verminator151029 you seem more offended by his happiness than anything but alright
Verminator151029 2 aylar önce
@M M I guess in your need be be offended by anything and everything, you failed to actually read what I originally posted. I clearly said that people like him are generally happy. You appear to be agreeing with this but somehow find it offensive at the same time. So agreeing with someone is now offensive in your world? You may need some help my dear. Electro shock therapy seems to help many others like you.
Verminator151029 2 aylar önce
@rjampiolo32 Neither word is nasty and no one would be jealous unless you're also a soy or cuck. Truthfulness is never nasty eirher dear. And I'm just pointing out and agreeinf that people like him are generally happy, and that's a good tbing for him right? I know that you're probably a person that needs to be offended everyday and seeks out anything, everything, to be offended by, but sorry sweetheart, this just isn't one of those times for you. You're going to have to find something else to be offended by today.
Charlie Flynn
Charlie Flynn Aylar önce
Hi Jason, I love what you did with that truck! I wish I could do something like that.. I'd totally pay you and the friend that helped you put it all together to do one for me lol, seriously though, I'd pay for that.. it's perfect!!!
Angel Gendvilas
Angel Gendvilas Aylar önce
Few things: total cost? Love it! Didn’t know solar could handle microwave or air conditioning? Brilliant! Does the shower go into a grey water tank? I might have missed that. He’d have to dump and fill up with water somewhere? How does he secure the cab from break-ins? I’ve seen semi drivers give tips on that. I’d want another exit I think. Hidden door out back?
Xevious Stevenson
Xevious Stevenson 17 gün önce
He mentions a 44-gallon tank, yes.
Karolyn Armstrong
Karolyn Armstrong 29 gün önce
He has a 🚿 and a toliet he can also stay at a 🚚 dealership before someone figures out he not supposed to be there that long or try to sell him his own truck. Wal-Mart parking lot for awhile got to get those empty chip bags from somewhere. 😅😇
Roy Jorgensen
Roy Jorgensen Aylar önce
I would love to know as well. The batteries handle the load. just a matter of keeping them charged. they may also charge with the motor while driving.
Immersive Gamer
Immersive Gamer Aylar önce
Brilliant setup - absolutely amazing. One cant help but admire how much use you got out of the available space. Great stuff!
River Noelle Segreto
Oh man, I absolutely love the mobile lifestyle. And the small truck makes it so portable, even in the city. Awesome.
Roni Joseph
Roni Joseph 2 aylar önce
He seems so very happy with his living arrangements. His work truck home is incredibly thought out, and it looks so comfortable. It's no wonder why he smiles all the time. I'm so happy for him!
Louis Gonzalez
Louis Gonzalez 6 gün önce
We ALL are happy with him.!!!!!
Maalik Serebryakova
Maalik Serebryakova 24 gün önce
@William Polanco's If only that were true
William Polanco's
William Polanco's 24 gün önce
@Maalik Serebryakova -Selfishness is the wisdom of a fool.
Maalik Serebryakova
Maalik Serebryakova 24 gün önce
@William Polanco's the reality of the world is selfishness. wisen up.
Jenell Khem
Jenell Khem 24 gün önce
Where does he use the restroom?
PBD Aylar önce
Wow! This is amazing and you could still add more storage in the future when you upgrade your sofa. Wondering if you could add a ceiling fan in your sleeping area... I've seen a few vans that have one that is level with the ceiling and it will draw air in or suck it out.
Heyyy Julia
Heyyy Julia Aylar önce
Best design yet!!!! Love 💕 that it was designed with safety in mind…..Great job.
Happy SoulTraveler
Happy SoulTraveler Aylar önce
Absolutely one of rhe most sensible and well thought out build! Turley a liveable tiny adventures home on wheels!
Life with PeeJay
Life with PeeJay 2 gün önce
I absolutely love watching this video! I never thought I would want to live in a truck until now lol.
Michael Cheli
Michael Cheli 2 aylar önce
One of the nicest stealth builds I've seen. I was especially impressed with the vent to conceil the window, and the toy hauler style garage and fold down patio utilizing the roll up door components. Great job on the build, and great video presentation.
Harry Goulding
Harry Goulding Aylar önce
You will scare every tweaker in the neighborhood with this badboy loool
Joana Briggs
Joana Briggs 2 aylar önce
Got me thinking!
Kenny Hawley
Kenny Hawley 3 saatler önce
Loved it! Great explanations laying out everything he did.
Andrew Godden
Andrew Godden Aylar önce
What an awesome home on wheels.Briliant ideas,great workmanship,and certainly perfect for the city.Even if it was a break from schooling,you just need to do to get away from the rat race is drive,and find a beautiful view and stay put.Now that is what I call living and enjoying life to the fullest. Congrats mate on what you have created,with some help,for yourself.Goodluck with school and the future.Cross the oceans,and come to our beautiful country 🌏 Australia.Fantastic and perfect place to travel around our awesome country and my Queensland 🌄 State.(I'd love to be your guide,no worries mate!!!)
paul euliano
paul euliano 25 gün önce
Amazing gig man! So glad for your genius work! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you! Really inspired!
Kali Nav
Kali Nav Aylar önce
If I could give him one tip it would be swap the induction range for an electric skillet! All in one, don’t need a separate pan, and it cooks amazing!
Sydnei Green
Sydnei Green Aylar önce
I can’t even lie , this is genius! Being able to travel to different cities without worrying about hotels or rentals/ Uber 👍🏽
Doreen Stodolski
Doreen Stodolski 23 gün önce
🙏🏼 Repairs R n’t coastly
Jenell Khem
Jenell Khem 24 gün önce
@RETRO. Thank you! 🙏🏾
RETRO. 24 gün önce
@Jenell Khem time stamp 13:40
Jenell Khem
Jenell Khem 24 gün önce
Where does he use the restroom?
E E 25 gün önce
I'm glad you didn't lie to me :)
Echo Chambers
Echo Chambers Aylar önce
I really LOVE this.I turned 40 this year and have been retired since 2017.I wanted to buy a small RV and just travel the US and Canada with my Dog.My family thinks I’m crazy.I absolutely love the blend in ability of a plain,moving van.This might be my the best idea/option I’ve seen.I need to decide,so I can start my 3-5 year journey.
Knowledge Tree
Knowledge Tree Gün önce
That position of his bed is perfect for safety from intruders! If someone came in he would be facing their back! And have an advantage! Great ideas here!
Kelli Lavonne
Kelli Lavonne 18 gün önce
One of the coolest builds I have seen! I finished my E250 cargo van build last year and this inspires me to upgrade and build something bigger! Love it!
bloodOntheStep Gün önce
Definitely a new favorite build! For me being in hot south Texas I could never live in a vehicle but certainly is inspiring.
Tom Adams
Tom Adams 2 aylar önce
I love, love this build-out and the fact that the truck is so inconspicuous. Great job!
Daphne Raven
Daphne Raven 2 aylar önce
@Darrel Lee : I agree. Besides, it's not like they would house people who have to live in their vehicles in a more conventional place on his budget. That's not what I think he's getting away with. He's getting away with being able to camp in areas where he would otherwise be forbidden. I agree wholeheartedly that the police are probably fully aware of what he's doing, but the fact that he is at least being discreet and tidy about being where he is, is what lets him get away with it.
Ethan 2 aylar önce
@Darrel Lee POV: you can’t exist for 5 seconds without bringing up politics
Addicted 2 aylar önce
It looks like a delivery truck
Darrel Lee
Darrel Lee 2 aylar önce
@David Pelto Sadly that person is you, yes, you. Perhaps your Democrat dictionary is written with your interpretation of ‘truth’ but lacks all facts.
Darrel Lee
Darrel Lee 2 aylar önce
@Daphne Raven I’m only suggesting, the police know darn well he/someone his living in that truck. To believe police are ignorant of the big white truck is a bit foolish. He’s not getting away with anything, it’s almost socially acceptable to live in your vehicle no matter the size.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Aylar önce
That is the coolest stealth van build I've ever seen.
Larry Webber
Larry Webber Aylar önce
I like your rig. I’ve been a live aboard, cruiser on a sailboat for over three years. I like the stealth part of your design. Don’t plan on going back to landlife anytime soon, but I like your design overall. Might use it in the future. Many thanks!
DeerHaven Aylar önce
Would have loved to have seen a cost comparison for renting vs. what you paid/are paying for this box truck including its rebuild, insurance, gas, registration and maintenance.
Sarah Gomes
Sarah Gomes 12 gün önce
Might have spent a years worth of rent for a years of no rent.
Maxim P
Maxim P Aylar önce
My guess is much, much less expensive.
Fatbee Reg
Fatbee Reg Aylar önce
The wardrobe is "Pure Genius". I now want to create my own "Studio on Wheels". Great job 😁
Vicki Vosper-Fenton
Vicki Vosper-Fenton 2 aylar önce
I loved the fact that he thought about making his tiny home appear as a delivery truck so he could park anywhere, and he even has a shower!
c z
c z Aylar önce
Yeah, it's so funny they have to disguise how much wealth they have with working class decor. 🤡
Angie DD
Angie DD Aylar önce
@BlooChoob incorrect, in southern arizona, work vehicles are broken into EVERY night, if you work down there you have to bring all of your tools into your hotel room with you or you will not have them to work the next day
MarcosElMalo2 2 aylar önce
@BlooChoob Tape Measure = something a crackhead could trade for a small rock. You don’t want anything worth more than a dollar, because it will end up costing you a window. You don’t want to overdo the camouflage, but a fast food wrapper and a ketchup packet would make for good dash dressing. Walk around a parking lot or a city street and look at what messy people leave on their dashes. It’s mostly trash.
BlooChoob 2 aylar önce
@Dank Williams Jr Yes, and a tape measure, notebook, pen etc. Every real work truck would have an assortment of things scattered along the window screen, it would look very authentic
Dank Williams Jr
Dank Williams Jr 2 aylar önce
@BlooChoob I think a clipboard would really complete it
Stackz Aylar önce
I would totally be okay living my life in that van. Great build. If I wanted to have a van built like this can you recommend a company that might be able to do it for me? And where would I possibly find that style van are they hard to come by?
Toma Nicodin
Toma Nicodin 19 gün önce
Great design and very good ideas are put to use in this amazing van/truck conversion! I'm blown away!!!
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones Aylar önce
Love it! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Skylar Funkhouser
Skylar Funkhouser 8 gün önce
I so appreciate this video, as I also have a stealth van and live full time in the city. So while other people are making their vans for a mostly nature-driven lifestyle, there aren't as many of us, that don't want a lot of signs that we're living in there (roof fan, visible solar panels and even just the Sprinter vans). So this was really cool to see all of the little touches and forward thinking he had, to keep the stealth factor (such as the yellow construction vest on the dashboard).
jay kay
jay kay 2 aylar önce
I wasn't expecting that. His truck home is nicer than some apartments. Wow.
Angie DD
Angie DD Aylar önce
@Lu Johnson i believe he was joking, making fun of climate change.
Lu Johnson
Lu Johnson 2 aylar önce
Nice build. Hot weather isn't "climate change" tho. I wish people would stop saying stuff like that so often. That's not accurate or scientific.
Karla Aylar önce
This is amazing, I love when one has space!
hernan rodriguez
hernan rodriguez Aylar önce
The stealth window is awesome. Looks great!
The Life of Nicx
The Life of Nicx 22 gün önce
This is probably the best build I’ve ever watched. Wish there was a company in Virginia area where you can rent van home builds 😭
Ronda Pohner
Ronda Pohner Gün önce
Young man, you are truly an inspiration. You have such a great spirit and gentle soul. Many blessings to you, sir.
Daniel Covert
Daniel Covert 2 aylar önce
This guy needs to start a business converting moving vans into tiny moving homes!!! He would make a lot of money
B W Aylar önce
So kinda like a Motorhome ? Maybe a chanuk or a camper ? I think they have what you think he invented. I've seen them on the road. I'm not lying.
Sharon M.T.
Sharon M.T. Aylar önce
@Raymond J yep, he said he "hired" his friend to install the more intricate builds.
J. A.
J. A. Aylar önce
@Kevin an rv would draw attention and would defeat the purpose.
Kevin Aylar önce
Or you could just buy a rv with a warranty
cueball981 2 aylar önce
My niece's boyfriend is doing just that and at 21 years of age, he's raking in the cash! Absolutely amazing builds!
William Polanco's
William Polanco's Aylar önce
All I can say is that I’m very impressed. It’s an excellent way to live incognito. No one needs to know you live comfortably in a work truck.
John Dewey
John Dewey 24 gün önce
Impressive planning and execution and you said staying focused on what you really need. I wonder if there are builders out there that can do such a build for someone who does not have the skills and /or the time and place to build it in. You did a very good job and I am sure you are getting a real nice ROI.
Mike G.
Mike G. Aylar önce
Kudos! You did a wonderful job! You are laser focused on your goal and congratulations on grad school! Speaking it in to existence for and with you! Stay safe, blessings!
Lola Yancey
Lola Yancey Aylar önce
Incredible job! Congratulations, young man! Grad school should be a breeze for someone with your talents in solving problems!
Calvin J
Calvin J 2 aylar önce
Despite it being a cheaper option than an apartment in the long-term, having something like this is a luxury in itself. You’d need the resources and skills or friends with skills to make something like this. The results are awesome.
Jakari 2 aylar önce
Have you never just driven out into the country before? Trust me, theres more land, than can be watched over 24/7, thats why theres thousands of crime investigation shows/documentaries on people's bodies not being found for decades when someone just dumped them into a bush in the forest. Unless you're a wanted criminal, theres plenty of forests you can go to, but you would have to deal with the wild life though.
x z
x z 2 aylar önce
@Jakari i’ve never heard of anywhere like that, as most land is either national park, reservation, private , or federal bureau of land management land
Jakari 2 aylar önce
@x z true, but i was thinking more along the lines of going out into the country, where u can park a car there for like a year and nobody really cares. I know plenty of places like that.
Big Josh
Big Josh 2 aylar önce
@3GramsofJam Maybe people should start learning these skills again.. there's clearly value in them.
x z
x z 2 aylar önce
@Jakari u would have to do it in a national park where you can park for up to 30 days, but you would have to get everything there plus all the materials and tools and a generator for power. Still a lot of money and time that a city slicker trying to escape crushing rent prices may not have
Hilton Travis
Hilton Travis Aylar önce
Awesome layout, and amazingly done. :)
Atomic Werewolf76
Atomic Werewolf76 Aylar önce
This is my favorite stealth living space I've seen so far.
J Ray
J Ray 24 gün önce
Jason, thank you for sharing your apartment. Your design and finish is so impressive. what is the white wall surface made out of?
treespirit2000 Aylar önce
A lot of ingenuity went into this amazing build, though it's not obviously reproducible overall in that the city constrains how many people could actually do this kind of thing. Jason, hope you'll do more innovative things in your new urban planning career!
Juan Kloppers
Juan Kloppers 2 aylar önce
If you were applying for a job at my company, all you'd need to do is show me your truck and you'd be hired. Brilliant design and craftsmanship. Well done.
BilgemasterBill Aylar önce
'Juan Kloppers' makes an excellent point: Why WOULDN'T you hire an elegant and economical problem solver like this guy? And hey! He already has his own mobile office!
Centauri A
Centauri A Aylar önce
Address: Anywhere
Lyndzie Rugg
Lyndzie Rugg 2 aylar önce
@Kyle Milford no he can use a po box
Kyle Milford
Kyle Milford 2 aylar önce
He could rent an RV lot that has utilities hooked up, they are very reasonable in most parts of the country like 2-300$ a month
Kyle Milford
Kyle Milford 2 aylar önce
Except most corporate companies require a permanent address on the resume 😭
DanoFireMano Aylar önce
I saw this on another Tiny Channel & think it's a fantasticly devised way to live in the city unnoticed! One thing he didn't show is his secondary egress, which would be a must to have.
proto57 8 saatler önce
My mother and her boyfriend were traveling artists in the 1970's through early 90's. They fixed up their van on the inside, but kept the work truck look on the outside so that they could park in industrial parking lots, or even public lots, to sleep, and not be rousted by the police. In some places it was hard to find camping, and parking in public lots was illegal overnight... but they could not afford motels, usually. Larry even had a plywood door between the front seats, leading to the living area, with tools hanging from it. It wasn't ANYWHERE near as nice as this, though! Great job.
doctorrockter Gün önce
Amazing! Great job, nicely done.
Wayne 6 gün önce
That's an impressive tiny house video I seen so far, very well done.
Carrie Keith
Carrie Keith Aylar önce
I think this is the most brilliant thing I've seen, because it is so very hard for rv and campers to be in the city without being constantly harrassed. If this was a thing back when I was 19-20 (1993), I would have totally did this! I'm going to encourage my kids to do this, so they aren't hampered down with roommates or expensive rent/mortgages until they are ready to settle down. They can freely go where they want when they want. It's perfect! 🥰🤯
Patricia Owens
Patricia Owens 3 gün önce
I wish him every happiness and safe travels.
Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor Aylar önce
It just looks like a moving van/work truck. Good job. Now I'm anticipating someone will come out with a tiny home that looks like a huge bush or a boulder. "Daddy, that man walked right into that rock!" Camouflage could do wonders for the homeless. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
Jeshua Bullets
Jeshua Bullets 14 gün önce
This is a cool idea and well thought out. The only concern I have for it is it didn’t look like he beefed up the suspension to carry such a constant heavy load.
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo 3 aylar önce
I love how happy he seems with what he created. He has such a genuine smile on his face when he's talking about it.
The Shitty Bowman
The Shitty Bowman 2 aylar önce
Agreed, this dude has a cool vibe.
Jelly Beanz
Jelly Beanz 2 aylar önce
Such a chill 😌 guy
Louis Gonzalez
Louis Gonzalez 2 aylar önce
Cant seem to find zero fault in his charm, myself.!!
nelson martinez
nelson martinez Aylar önce
This would be great to rent ! Loved it
Real Truth
Real Truth 16 gün önce
Awesome! One of the best van built I have seen!
Proud Mary
Proud Mary Aylar önce
Well at the rate we are going, might as well find alternative options for living quarters on wheels instead of renting outrageous apartments or homes with no rent control whatsoever. Kudos to him for creating this wonderful and well designed living space 👏❤
Gigi Oso
Gigi Oso Aylar önce
This is absolute GENIUS! I love it 😻
Brenda Gonzalez
Brenda Gonzalez Aylar önce
Forget the college degrees, become a consultant for these tiny homes on wheels. This is super fancy! I bet you've already gotten lots of requests from others!
Joy2theWorld 10 saatler önce
@twicebang! it is a scam - you’ve been duped
Michelle ishappy
Michelle ishappy Aylar önce
@Zooks the "too much people in the world" argument is a long-standing hoax. As in it's been around for decades. It's been used to justify the torture and slaughter of thousands per day--including 2,600 infants tortured and slaughtered TODAY AND EVERY DAY in the U.S. by abortion.
Michelle ishappy
Michelle ishappy Aylar önce
@Overbuilt Limited 🎯 BINGO. You are absolutely correct.
Michelle ishappy
Michelle ishappy Aylar önce
Yep, just build these for a living!
twicebang! Aylar önce
@Overbuilt Limited You believe climate change is a scam? I’m sorry but you’ve been living under a rock
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson Aylar önce
This is epic , I wish I had the build sheet for this project.
Canu Gizabit
Canu Gizabit Aylar önce
I smiled all through watching this one ! Well done 👏
dvdgalutube Aylar önce
One of the best I’ve seen. The interior does look like an office
Kayla Yang
Kayla Yang 2 gün önce
This is awesome! It’s a brilliant build!
FreQuenC Aylar önce
That was an incredible mod. My guy didn't miss a thing. All bases were covered. Hell, he had a better studio apartment than most people in NYC. 🤣
fall4daeyez 15 gün önce
FreQuenC 24 gün önce
@Jenell Khem trvid.com/video/video-py4zetCEYzA.html He's got a bathroom too. If you didn't watch to the end, then you missed it. Link above goes to the timestamp that'll show you how he showers and uses the restroom.
Jenell Khem
Jenell Khem 24 gün önce
Where does he use the restroom?
Caramel Latte
Caramel Latte Aylar önce
This is a great idea. Love it!
B J Wieland-Doucet
B J Wieland-Doucet Aylar önce
Killer build! Agree on the fridge 👍 For me, I'd need more closet space & a 100 gal fresh water tank. Thanks for sharing you home on wheels. I'm saving it for some design & floorplan ideas. Be well & good luck in school!
Gary Stamper
Gary Stamper Aylar önce
Sweet and Genius! I'd like to hear about where and how he finds places to park and maintain his stealth.
David Change
David Change 24 gün önce
Genius! Thanks for letting us in on the stealth secret. Super cool!
NJA 3 Aylar önce
Dude, you did well. Outstanding temporary living arrangements. It’s absolutely functional, sounds perfect for what you need. Nice job!
John Wyatt
John Wyatt Aylar önce
This is the perfect permanent living arrangements for me. This is exactly what I would need. I would have no need for the computer work station that would allow enough for a recliner which is all I need that isn't there now. Very nice looking , just think this size apt in New York City and lots of other places will cost $1500 to 2000 a month rent.
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Does Alex need to share sausages? 😂
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