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If we didn't have pollinators Fiona wouldn't have her favorite snacks like watermelon, cucumbers, and squash. But pollinators aren’t just for fruits and veggies…in fact, 75% of the crops humans eat rely on pollinators. Pistachios, almonds, quinoa, rice…if it grows on a plant, it needs pollinators! Today bees, butterflies, and many other insects are declining in abundance. Do your part to help pollinators by planting native pollinator-friendly plants in your flower pots or gardens. Need help with what to plant? Click here - cincinnatizoo.org/horticulture...

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28 Eki 2021




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Sherri Edwards
Sherri Edwards 2 aylar önce
Can't believe how fast Fiona grew up. She was so tiny 😭 Love her.🤗😋
holly 2 aylar önce
So cute! Love how Fiona needs her watermelon cut in half but Bibi just eats it whole. Reminds me Fiona is still growing
Leisongi Vangomo
Leisongi Vangomo 2 aylar önce
Fiona: watermelon!!!! Nom nom nom 😋 Mom: hey! Where’s mine?
Indira Juarez Gomez
crow 2 aylar önce
I like how happy they look
Piper’s Mommy
Piper’s Mommy 2 aylar önce
So stinking adorable 🥰
c_2 Aylar önce
PERCILIO AVILA 2 aylar önce
Fiona muto linda. ❤ Amo
S Benji09098345
S Benji09098345 2 aylar önce
Love her!
AniFam 2 aylar önce
Fiona is sooo cute~🤗💞
Joanne M
Joanne M 2 aylar önce
Love these hippos!!!
Betsy Lee
Betsy Lee 2 aylar önce
I never knew I would love hippos 🦛 so much till Fiona ♥️
Idatex 2 aylar önce
Love Fiona!!
Marie Mulkey
Marie Mulkey 2 aylar önce
Fiona is just like me, love me some watermelon, squash and cucumbers! Such a treasure to have watched for 4+ years. Love you Fiona!
Vickie Fowler
Vickie Fowler 2 aylar önce
Love me some Fiona!!!
Rachel Shaub
Rachel Shaub 2 aylar önce
So precious
A 13 gün önce
Oh how I love her so
Donn Pugh
Donn Pugh 2 aylar önce
Such sweet girls❤️😍
Annie 2 aylar önce
How does she manage not to choke?
mari smith
mari smith 2 aylar önce
So cute I lover her 😍😍😍😍😍
Aurelija Petrulyte
Aurelija Petrulyte Aylar önce
🍉so cute
Elise Julie
Elise Julie 2 aylar önce
You guys should do an ASMR channel with the hippos just eating stuff.
John Petan
John Petan 2 aylar önce
Omg I've never seen a watermelon consumed like that, holy crap. Imagine what it could do to a human head 😯🤯🤢
Abbe Vega
Abbe Vega 2 aylar önce
Can y'all do a slomo video of you tossing various fruits and veggies into their big old mouths?! I would probably watch that 1000x
Johanna Zamora
Johanna Zamora 2 aylar önce
Support our pollinators!!
Selva Fernandez
Selva Fernandez 2 aylar önce
Sweet baby 😍😍😍💕
keryl cooper
keryl cooper 2 aylar önce
Debbie Jennings
Debbie Jennings 2 aylar önce
I love you Fiona! 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yourlocalsimp Aylar önce
Just shows how strong a hippos jaw is
Нина Лященко
Лучшая девочка Фиона ,маленькая красотка .🥰🥰🥰
newmobne 16 gün önce
If every hippos were this cute
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick 2 aylar önce
Samrita Dash
Samrita Dash 2 aylar önce
Ohhh God 🙆🙆🙆🙆😁😹
Digital Darkroom
Digital Darkroom 2 aylar önce
zardozmania 2 aylar önce
Tossing food into the maw of death.....from a safe distance....lol
Almirah Alpay
Almirah Alpay Aylar önce
Its so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dori 2 aylar önce
Does a 🦛 hippo ever really feel full? Ha ha. That’s a redundant question. ;-)
Ñan ñan ñan que rico!!!😘
Blaise Tighe
Blaise Tighe 2 aylar önce
Yes, human. Throw fruits and vegetables into my giant, terrifying mouth that'd crush bones with ease. Hippos are cute, but they're probably the most dangerous animal on earth.
Mondo 2 aylar önce
She's a big girl now.
Rikke Raahauge
Rikke Raahauge Aylar önce
God video
your majesty
your majesty 2 aylar önce
Not to complain but starting to miss Jenna and the other guy
Juan Joya Borja.
Juan Joya Borja. 2 aylar önce
Interesting how this zoo’s been able to make a homicidal African mammal seem cute
Derek Hall
Derek Hall 2 aylar önce
Fionna is not worried about sharing that's for sure. Mom is over there like , hey just a little this way please.
Benita Beattie-Mesa
Benita Beattie-Mesa 2 aylar önce
Firegetic pyrus
Firegetic pyrus 20 gün önce
what a big cat
Firegetic pyrus
Firegetic pyrus 20 gün önce
thats a joke please dont hurt me
Glory Shadow
Glory Shadow 2 aylar önce
spoiled baby 😄
Toby Lam
Toby Lam 2 aylar önce
Simmal Sadruddin
Simmal Sadruddin Aylar önce
What is this
Josep Vallcorba Tomé
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