Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern Show Pt. 3

The Howard Stern Show
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0:00 - Favorite President
5:08 - Falling in Love with Bill
12:55 - Investigating Nixon & Meeting MLK
18:32 - Becoming First Lady & Public Scrutiny
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6 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Michael Seitz
Michael Seitz 11 gün önce
yea..noooo; don't want HER to be president..fuck...i'm still devistated
A O 16 gün önce
She is the most qualified candidate to date,. Can you please run again? third,s a charm.
Old School Fire Alarms
I will never understand why so many people do not like Hillary Clinton, especially so many women. She is so down to earth, modest, and intelligent. She is the one that should be in the White House, this country would be so better off with her. Her experience and credentials are impeccable compared to the clown who is now the president (Trump). If those who do not like her would just take the time to research and study her accomplishments, they would see that she is not the horrible person that so many have made her out to be.
Fordbuilt F.
Fordbuilt F. 20 gün önce
I find her to be very honorable smart lady.
Jim 21 gün önce
I never understood the hatred for her? She always reminded me of my high school history teacher. idk, I don't get the problem.
mar go
mar go 21 gün önce
Hillary would have had this pandemic under control. What a shame.
inn news
inn news 21 gün önce
What a gem of an interview by Howard Stern of Secretary/First Lady Hillary Clinton. I only wish he had this interview prior to the 2016 Election. You really get to see the real Hillary as an honorable person and how experienced, knowledgeable, capable and fitting she would be as the President of the United States.
Joyce Bradley
Joyce Bradley Aylar önce
I'm really enjoying your interview with Hillary. She's definitely a class act. Such a positive person. She has accomplished so much. She's amazing. I truly believe. She'd of been a wonderful President
June B
June B Aylar önce
Amazing woman and amazing life. So glad I stumbled across this interview. I wish more people could have seen this side of Hillary when she was running; maybe things would have turned out differently. So much respect!
Keith Powell
Keith Powell Aylar önce
My God, why in hell was she not voted President of the US, she would have made a good one
York Rose
York Rose 2 aylar önce
She is great and so relaxed in this interview. What a woman of substance.
Light23K 2 aylar önce
I was born in 1975.
Simone K A Denton
Simone K A Denton 2 aylar önce
Hillary was and is very impressive. I voted for her.
Linda Privito
Linda Privito 2 aylar önce
Love her.
Bradley2000 2 aylar önce
Great interview. So many posters think she would have "won" had this interview been done before the election but SHE DID WIN by historic three million voters. No one ever won by as many votes as Hillary in the history of USA. Really. Her voters might have felt much better about voting for her if this interview had happened first & maybe she would have brought out a few thousand more but the very secretive electoral college you never hear names of in it would have still done what it did. If they are going to keep this insane electoral college, it should be a LAW that every name must be given to the public before, during, and after elections. I don't mean private info like addresses etc but Americans should at least know something about these people. Did TRUMP PAY THEM OFF?
chocol8milk 2 aylar önce
Wow, I didn't know that Hillary was involved with the Nixon Impeachment. Very interesting interview, thank you for posting. Hillary should have done this interview when she was a Presidential Candidate. She seems more genuine, likable, sincere, and human rather than the stiff serious way she spoke most of the time in public.
Paula Kubik
Paula Kubik 2 aylar önce
Excellent interview!
Luba Zak
Luba Zak 2 aylar önce
You have always been such a great interviewer, but I love the change in you since you got therapy and really grew up. Awesome interview of Hilary. Such a shame that she is not our president instead of that blowhard orange Cheeto, who has the vocabulary of a high school drop out.
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston 3 aylar önce
This is the real Hillary that I voted for.Thanks Howard for posting this.Wish she would have done this in 2016 things would have turned out different.Hillary is so smart, articulate and a great story teller.
R S 4 aylar önce
She should have done this interview when she was campaigning for the presidency. She comes of more personable and less calculating.
Billie Bergmann
Billie Bergmann 4 aylar önce
like her
Jake 5 aylar önce
“The lake country”
Fatefullyyou 5 aylar önce
Sarah Brit
Sarah Brit 6 aylar önce
I am such a big fan of Howard Stern and everyone who produces his show. Been a fan since the 90s. He's a true feminist.
r0se 6 aylar önce
If Hillary did an interview like this one time during the election, she'd be president right now.
C L 6 aylar önce
Who is the Greek God before Bill !?
Ryan M.
Ryan M. 6 aylar önce
Howard stern is the best damn interviewer on the planet.
Mrhump IsOnline
Mrhump IsOnline 6 aylar önce
Sometimes, even a talk show session can become therapy.
edog101 6 aylar önce
She would have made a first class executive. It’s a sad commentary on America when a silver spoon-fed idiot like Trump can win the presidency over someone as qualified as Hillary Clinton.
Zelda Pinwheel
Zelda Pinwheel 6 aylar önce
What a phenomenal interview.
Madelon Wilson
Madelon Wilson 6 aylar önce
OMG... people of a certain age always devolve into their health issues. This whole show (all 4 parts) just shows the humanity of both Hillary Clinton and Howard Stern. I loved watching!
Gail Matthews
Gail Matthews 6 aylar önce
What was the name of the author of the 4 volumes on Lincoln?
Hi Desertian
Hi Desertian 6 aylar önce
Hillary was always a trailblazer for women. She tested the glass ceiling for you, now someone needs to smash through it!
Inconvenient Timing
Inconvenient Timing 6 aylar önce
She really needed to do this before the election. This should be compulsory for all candidates.
Alan David
Alan David 6 aylar önce
Clinton > Trump. She has more likes just like she had 1 million more votes!
BoBo Beware
BoBo Beware 6 aylar önce
3 million
Michael Goehner
Michael Goehner 6 aylar önce
Law school and a luv affair sounds fun
brad 6 aylar önce
Goddamnit Hillary should have done this pre-2016 election.
Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas 6 aylar önce
I wonder how many of Howard’s old fans sat through this interview. It’s a different show, but it’s fascinating.
Truth Lover
Truth Lover 6 aylar önce
Booooo!!!!!!! NY City Sucks & Contributes Nothing Good To The USA.
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 6 aylar önce
This lady is so hated that she lost to an unknown black guy and a known orange guy ...And a grumpy Jewish guy would have beat her ass as well had she not rigged the system...We don’t like you Hillary ! Go make yourself useful and don’t run for President anymore....
RESIDENT EVIL 7 aylar önce
I'm seeing so many comments about how this interview is causing so many people to have a different more favorable view of Hillary. WTF?? Hillary have always been incredible. Y'all should have taken the time to silence the noise surrounding this woman to find out the truth. Here is the real threat to the establishment which is why so much was unleashed to sabotage her. I've never been more proud to vote for a candidate than I was with Hillary. The Hillary haters ain't shit. Groupthink is a bitch. #StillWithHer
Randell Hendley
Randell Hendley 7 aylar önce
Wow! I actually like her now. She should have done this interview with Howard when she ran both times.
Historic Top 10s
Historic Top 10s 7 aylar önce
Nigga how you gonna say Washington
Susan Ch
Susan Ch 7 aylar önce
Hillary Clinton is rhe real deal, so cool.
Jesus Alejandro Cazares
I’m still hoping she would run again. So many Presidents ran multiple times.
nathan layman
nathan layman 7 aylar önce
It sounds like Forest Gump was loosely based off of her and Bill based off of all of the people they met
IAM P 7 aylar önce
Howard, you wimp kiss ass to pure EVIL.
Good Fella
Good Fella 7 aylar önce
She's def party over country
YTW2015 7 aylar önce
Interesting interview but A.D.D. much? Let's talk about 9/11, what did you think of Al Franken, o wasnt washington a great President?
Scott Trujillo
Scott Trujillo 7 aylar önce
W H A T????? “He died”........I would’ve never guessed
sailor senshi
sailor senshi 7 aylar önce
she would have been a great president
Gail Dedrick
Gail Dedrick 7 aylar önce
She is amazing.
Lesley Wheeler
Lesley Wheeler 7 aylar önce
wonderful interview xx
Clarine Berry
Clarine Berry 7 aylar önce
photonrayswaves 7 aylar önce
Imagine what a braggadocios incoherent dishonest racist hateful rant Trumps interview would be interviewed by Howard. America blew the last election bigly.
Insomniac 7 aylar önce
Good ole Sidney Blumenthal is Hillary’s “friend” now. Ha! Remember in court when Trey Gowdy was hammering her, calling him her “friend and work associate or mentor old Hillary said he was an “acquaintance.” She’s such a bullshitter. Don’t be fooled by Hillary people, she’s a crook and a war monger through & through.
Cool New York
Cool New York 7 aylar önce
Hilary is a cheater herself. No wonder why she forgave Bill. It was Karma
Kenneth Echeverri
Kenneth Echeverri 7 aylar önce
wow I have now seen it all Howard Stern kissing that big fat white ass of Hillary Clinton net feeding oh my God that murderous conniving bitch Howard Stern you piece of shit
Non SJW Progressive
Non SJW Progressive 7 aylar önce
She's a lying, corrupt, evil war mongering piece of shit that should be in prison for rigging the primary from Bernie.
Rohan Kalelkar
Rohan Kalelkar 7 aylar önce
People now say that only after the interview, they like Hillary. I could see through the false narratives being put on her, and I supported her from day 1. America, you have another chance with Joe Biden. Do not screw it up.
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