Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern Show Pt. 3

The Howard Stern Show
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0:00 - Favorite President
5:08 - Falling in Love with Bill
12:55 - Investigating Nixon & Meeting MLK
18:32 - Becoming First Lady & Public Scrutiny
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6 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Alan David
Alan David 4 gün önce
Clinton > Trump. She has more likes just like she had 1 million more votes!
O C 25 gün önce
Hillary Clinton was the clear and better choice even before sitting down for this interview. PERIOD!
Angor Randford
Angor Randford Aylar önce
How is this that most are saying that this interview should have been done in 2016? Why could some people saw exactly this in her debates. I for one literally went and fact check what she stood for and how she embraced humanity. And that should have been enough for everyone or most. She won't run and that is now sad :(
Rachel Armstrong
Rachel Armstrong Aylar önce
Great interview Howard. I have not listened to you in years and will start listening again
Robin Westergren
Robin Westergren Aylar önce
I am in love!
Roshii Senn
Roshii Senn Aylar önce
She is so amazing in this interview. Greek God! Lol... I love listening to her stories, so many secrets too. Things I would never have imagined about her.
thomas j
thomas j Aylar önce
Howard is the best interviewer ever. I agree if u are fake he will expose you as a republican I gotta say I see Hilary in alot different light
thomas j
thomas j Aylar önce
I'm a very conservative republican but I gotta say Hilary seemed very charming
tapetwo Aylar önce
You're not a conservative republican at all.
Ryan C
Ryan C Aylar önce
God if only this happened in 2016... Say what you will about Hillary, she was the most qualified to be the President. And not a bad person..
Tank Tanker
Tank Tanker Aylar önce
During the Civil War not one Republican owned a slave. A lot of people don’t know that. It was the Democrats who created proSlave policies.
Tank Tanker
Tank Tanker Aylar önce
Screw Hillary! She’s evil
Paula Dimicello
Paula Dimicello Aylar önce
wow. Sweet lady intelligent kind and would have made a wonderful president.
Andrew Presley
Andrew Presley Aylar önce
That’s why trump was elected people may not agree with everything he says but he never felt rehearsed. If she would of showed this side of herself we all would have a better president now.
youngjdef Aylar önce
Long form podcast conversations are the only way to see politicians as actual humans, and people are starting to realize it. Check out the Joe Rogan episodes with Tulsi and Bernie for more of the same. Fuck TV.
maxhammertruth Aylar önce
Fantastic interview. Why are Republicans these days such shameless cowards? 🤷🏼‍♂️
justfine77777 Aylar önce
And the academy award for best actress goes to......
Grant Richter
Grant Richter Aylar önce
great interview... 2 very smart people.... they need to do their research on vaccines and autism... you can't believe everything a billion dollar lobby tells you... plenty of good science that tells us vaccines cause autism.
CrimsonTide Aylar önce
Hillary was treated so horrible by the left and the right
DAISY : D Aylar önce
I Prefer The Old Howard!!!! He Is To Sugar-Sweet For Me!!!!! She Had Enough Sugar In Her Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danny Brown
Danny Brown Aylar önce
I live and work in an area that is very pro trump and anti Hillary....you'd think she was an absolute monster.....the characature of her is off the wall.....I saw this and thought what an opportunity to learn about the actual character and person.....I was not disappointed.....Howard is the absolute best interviewer ever and i'm so glad he went in this direction with his show....
teresa horsley
teresa horsley Aylar önce
Such a great interview!! It goes by so fast. I am binge watching this!! Love it Howard and I rang the bell!! I love Hillary!! She did win . I have been in a state of unrest for 3 fucking long years! Thank you both.
Big Thumbnails Suck
Old Howard slipping through with the Lesbian comment.
Sea Star
Sea Star Aylar önce
Hillary is STILL blaming Bernie? Really?
Rin Okumera
Rin Okumera Aylar önce
What did she do as an senator nothing
SacredG 93
SacredG 93 Aylar önce
TRUMP 2020!! 🇺🇸💯🇺🇸
Jessica Sturgis
Jessica Sturgis Aylar önce
What a fabulous interview. This should’ve been done a long time ago.
Media Counts
Media Counts Aylar önce
Who exactly are these people who disliked these videos? They are sick.
Butterfly Liondance
Wake up Stern!
Disenfranchised American
Howard humanised Hillary. This is what people need to understand the human side of people we don't see that way. I speak for myself
Yash Aylar önce
This is a few years too late. And it just shows that rn we treat those politicians as some pricks who are running for some job. We spend no time to humanize them or relate to them. Takin a camera into their house or explaining their life over one telecast report or article isn't what ppl need to know who to vote for
Kevin Harte
Kevin Harte Aylar önce
Wow, she's human. Great interview.
555 555
555 555 Aylar önce
Can’t believe this acting-Wow
clockwork914 Aylar önce
🇺🇸 BERNIE 2020 🇺🇸 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joel T. Helyey
Joel T. Helyey Aylar önce
OMG, she is relatable
Joel T. Helyey
Joel T. Helyey Aylar önce
Howard Stern is so annoying but if Hillary Clinton would had given this interview earlier she would have been sitting in the White House right now as the first woman president of the United States of America!
Nomad Aylar önce
bella rosa
bella rosa Aylar önce
She’s so down to earth, casual, comfortable and engaging in this interview. I’ve never seen her like this. Howard always does an amazing job at interviewing his guests.
Natsu D Happy
Natsu D Happy Aylar önce
Can you imagine having someone as president with the ability to form sentences. amazing
dingoog1 Aylar önce
Speaking out against anti Vaxers like a boss at the end! Awesome
Daryl Bottema-Adkins
This interview was so captivating. Really well done!
Gavin Isaacs
Gavin Isaacs Aylar önce
Damn Hilary , should’ve had this interview before 2016 - a false narrative really destroyed her chances - smart lady and very composed , presidential material - America is paying the price !!!
Blair JR
Blair JR Aylar önce
I’m 31 and I had no idea they didn’t say Breast Cancer or Cancer basically not too long ago! Wow!
Andre Jenkins
Andre Jenkins Aylar önce
Awesome interview. I wished Hillary had been a little more like this (in the interview) during her campaign. In the interview, She was forthright, calm, forthcoming and very personable. Again, excellent interview. Hillary would have made a far better president than the idiot that’s in the position now. Dumb dumb trump.
Christopher Farkas
Christopher Farkas Aylar önce
I had always liked and admired her until she changed while running for President. When she claimed that her and Bill left the Whitehouse broke. I would have voted for this Hillary.
peggy olson
peggy olson Aylar önce
Hillary is right, Betty Ford was awesome and did so much for the public good. Back before Republicans mutated into major a** holes.
matt call
matt call Aylar önce
Great interview 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻xx
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins Aylar önce
I know a lot of people hate Hilary but she did seem pretty relaxed and genuine in this interview
Tinoooo Aylar önce
New game Anytime a commenter references 2016 take a shot
Georgina B
Georgina B Aylar önce
waiting for the Hilary biographical movie on netflix 🍿 👀
Mun Strum
Mun Strum Aylar önce
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew Aylar önce
Btw I’m one of those “crazy antivaxxers” but I have to say I absolutely LOVE this interview...off to watch the rest. I may even buy her book. I can’t believe I’m considering it. 😜 ps look up the Children’s Health Defense by Robert F Kennedy Jr.-there’s lots of science behind us. Moms Across America is in Japan right now. Many Blessings.
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew Aylar önce
She is so charming! This is a fantastic interview. Not a Stern or Hillary fan but this is fantastic. This actually makes me kind of sad.
samyoung2000paris Aylar önce
She is going to run for President.
david dogan
david dogan Aylar önce
She is amazing lady.Hilary please Run.
TogetherAtLast Aylar önce
Nadine F
Nadine F Aylar önce
Howard, can't thank you enough for posting the full interview. Much appreciated.
WhatsaMattaU Aylar önce
Bernie Sanders responds to Hillary smear trvid.com/video/video-rqNi7VptU_w.htmlm00s
I P Aylar önce
go away Hillary, we have had enough of you and Chelsea and bill
Alan Angel
Alan Angel Aylar önce
This version of Hilary would have wiped the floor with Trump.
Srta Carla
Srta Carla Aylar önce
He opened the door to China the biggest mistake of history.