HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 3-2 Aston Villa | CHAMPIONS AGAIN! | Gundogan two goals & Rodri!

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City staged another incredible final day fightback, scoring three goals in five second half minutes to dramatically beat Aston Villa 3-2 and so retain the Premier League title at a spellbound Etihad.
Having gone 2-0 down midway through the second half Pep Guardiola’s side looked to be in danger of losing the crown to Liverpool, who beat Wolves 3-1

However, in amazing scenes reminiscent of our first Premier League triumph 10 years ago, with the same uncanny scoreline, we staged the most unbelievable of comebacks to seize the crown, as a brace from substitute Ilkay Gundogan and a Rodrigo strike lifted the lid off the Etihad.

It was a fightback full of grit and character and one worthy of any title-winning side.

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21 May 2022




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Xavier Aylar önce
What a frantic and crazy ending to the season, Completely had me at the edge of my seat 🙌
Ardit   🇦🇱
Ardit 🇦🇱 13 gün önce
X1 SPORTS Bangladesh
X1 SPORTS Bangladesh 27 gün önce
Big Fan
AHIDUL ISLAM 29 gün önce
Johan 666
Johan 666 Aylar önce
@iNFAMAGZ CODM more like youtube fan lol
Mum Blic
Mum Blic Aylar önce
The assist from De Bruyne was magical The anticipation of Gundogan was fantastic
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh 14 gün önce
Do you guys know Now IPL's Per match revenue is more than EPL's per match revenue And soon it will beat NFL
Tim Martin
Tim Martin 24 gün önce
The run from Sterling leading to the first assist and sparking the comeback was greased lightning... Sterling's contribution is often overlooked, but he is the individual that ignited the comeback here... that first goal was needed for any form and glimpse of momentum and optimism and it started with Raz's electric pace...
ZakDoesEverything 26 gün önce
Someone wrote this song before and I can tell you were it’s from. Agero
Black White
Black White Aylar önce
The atmosphere was magical
Ekales Aylar önce
Coutinho's goal was magical.
Toni Nenkov
Toni Nenkov Aylar önce
What a season that was. As a Liverpool fan, nothing but respect. I can't even be mad that we didn't win the title, because the race for it was just incredible to watch. More so, as a football fan, it's amazing to watch when it's so close, as otherwise it's not fun when one team completely dominates. Hopefully next season we will see the same great race for the title. Congratz.
Lee Brightmore
Lee Brightmore 23 gün önce
You have just got to show respect for Liverpool fans like you this makes all Liverpool fans amazing and really shows there not a greedy club.huge respect for you bud ❤️👍🏿💙👍🏿
AHIDUL ISLAM 29 gün önce
Tim Martin
Tim Martin Aylar önce
I mean the current City team plus Haaland and any other signings is a recipe for domination in the upcoming seasons...
Halower 1
Halower 1 Aylar önce
@Big Dave I hope you know that no one thinks you're funny.
Pratyush VN
Pratyush VN Aylar önce
Good luck in the UCL final, get the job done
abdul modibbo
abdul modibbo Aylar önce
Rodri doesn't score many goals but anytime he scores its a banger. What a beast
2paclivez 6 gün önce
I wouldve said the same thing seasons ago about fernandinho. He only scores bangers 💪
Hamza Musa
Hamza Musa 24 gün önce
OG 29 gün önce
He's always far away from the goal so it has to be a banger.
m sholeh
m sholeh Aylar önce
True, always with rocket goal 🚀
Dokterpedia.net Aylar önce
A moment i will never forget thanks to gundogan 💙
Ihsan Pros
Ihsan Pros 19 gün önce
Astaghfirullah fans ghoib, bang rukyah bang ambil air ZAM ZAM nauzubillah ini jenis hantu nya sangat berbahaya, karena badannya biru
Krisna Christian
Krisna Christian Aylar önce
njir lu lagi lu lagi
JALIL RL9 Pwdd Aylar önce
Tumben telat komes bos?
Maswendix Aylar önce
What a dramatic comeback!! SERGIO GUNDOOOOO!!!!
Tim Martin
Tim Martin Aylar önce
Lucas Premat
Lucas Premat Aylar önce
Anto pamungkas
Anto pamungkas Aylar önce
Gundoooolmu Joss Gundogan 🏆🏆🏆
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Taufik Hidayat nope. This goal is way more dramatic.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Anıl Uğurlu 👍👍
Alan Williams
Alan Williams Aylar önce
In 2012 the commentator said "I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again". He was wrong!!!! Yesterday City put us through the wringer again against Villa. At 2-0 down with 15mins to play, despite the heroics of 2012, I honestly started to doubt. I thought we were down and out. And then 5 minutes of brilliance and hey - the trophy is ours again!!!!! God - what another wonderful, dramatic, exciting, explosive end to a title winning season AGAIN!!!! CTID
Lucas Premat
Lucas Premat Aylar önce
@FrizFroz yes same
FrizFroz Aylar önce
Not quite 93:20, but this was still top tier entertainment as a neutral! Can’t imagine what it must have been like as a City fan
Lucas Premat
Lucas Premat Aylar önce
@Sophisticated Soul oh pkay
Pelajari lebih lanjut
@Lucas Premat "Manchester City are still alive here, Balotelli... Aguerooooooooooooooooo. I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again"
let it be
let it be Aylar önce
@Mwangi Njenga lmao. Salty lfc fan 🤣🤣🤣
Sushant Chipte
Sushant Chipte Aylar önce
I am still stunned about what happened at Etihad yesterday, Manchester City are truly one of the greatest PL team ever. Losing title by 1 point twice feels heartbroken
Natty Aylar önce
City loves dramatic wins, almost gave me a heartattack. perfect ending to a great season
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
As soon as you made it 1-2 me and every other Villa fan could see what was going to happen, great come back and congratulations
Simon Asiimwe
Simon Asiimwe Aylar önce
What a comeback, what a team❤️❤️
YzzMythical Aylar önce
What a frantic and crazy ending to the season, Completely had me at the edge of my seat 🙌
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
What a comeback, what a team❤️❤️
MrTunzz Aylar önce
When Rodri equalized I knew we would score the winning goal💙
minij hooi
minij hooi 28 gün önce
What a game we have witnessed...from down to 2 nil to winning the title.. Congratulations Man City 💪
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Aylar önce
The scenes from the stadium was insane, I haven’t felt like this since 2012 when City won the prem in a 3-2 game against QPR.
Lucas Premat
Lucas Premat Aylar önce
@Joe Mama thanks
Dario Mladenovski
Dario Mladenovski Aylar önce
@Joe Mama just the truth
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Aylar önce
@Lucas Premat Queen’s Park Rangers
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Aylar önce
@Dario Mladenovski crying Liverpool fan 😂
Lucas Premat
Lucas Premat Aylar önce
Who are QPR
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
City loves dramatic wins, almost gave me a heartattack. perfect ending to a great season
Khu Timothy
Khu Timothy Aylar önce
What an epic comeback🥰
What a frantic and crazy ending to the season, Completely had me at the edge of my seat 🦾🦾🦾🦾
Brett Riverboat
Brett Riverboat Aylar önce
As soon as you made it 1-2 me and every other Villa fan could see what was going to happen, great come back and congratulations
Sion hentai enjoyer
That goal from Coutinho was insane. That assist from KDB was also out of this world. A banger ending for a banger season. Congrats to City! From a Chelsea fan.
James Aylar önce
@Sangeet Shekhar you cared enough to reply 😉
Sangeet Shekhar
Sangeet Shekhar Aylar önce
@James who cares 🤣🤣🤣
James Aylar önce
@Sangeet Shekhar reminding you who the real king is, hala 14 😍
Sangeet Shekhar
Sangeet Shekhar Aylar önce
@James Wtf Pedrid fans doing on City's official channel 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you cry babies 🤣🤣🤣
Vikrant Arun Kumar
Vikrant Arun Kumar Aylar önce
What a game that was! What a season this was
Nicklas Andreasen
Nicklas Andreasen Aylar önce
Insane comeback !! 😍. and an insanely nice jump-in of both Gundogan, Sterling and Zinchenko as all 3 came in and made a difference! Zinchenko and Sterling with an assist be! and then Gundogan with his two important goals! the boys never give up and it proved again today !! They stand together as a team !! And wins the 4th Premier League title this year! 💙. Congratulations boys! 🏆
Jonas Belo
Jonas Belo Aylar önce
Que jogo 🤩🤩🤩💥👏
Dan Purnama
Dan Purnama Aylar önce
Phenomenal comeback 🔥💙
Tamzzy Aylar önce
Gundogan legit recreated the Aguerooo moment even from being a substitute 😩🙌
Muhammad Syafiq
Muhammad Syafiq Aylar önce
When Gundogan came in, he brought so much positive energy.
Sheus Kwkww
Sheus Kwkww Aylar önce
@Connor XT yaşlanmadı max 3 yıl daha oynar
Connor XT
Connor XT Aylar önce
he old now
Ayudh Nagaraj
Ayudh Nagaraj Aylar önce
​@Omar Abdullah are you out of your mind? he's been one of the absolute best💙
Khizer Ahmad
Khizer Ahmad Aylar önce
@Johnson ¹
Eagle  airborne
Eagle airborne Aylar önce
Zinchenko was immense.
HOPIUM Aylar önce
Congrats City! Can’t wait for another amazing title race next season!
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Aylar önce
After the second goal from Vila, I thought we are loosing the trophy to Liverpool. Sensational come back from the team. Tears of joy
Mr. G
Mr. G Aylar önce
Simply stuff of legends, another legendary come back i call it the Augero Moment just breathtaking. That first assist abd goal breath life back into the City just amazing Congrats guys.
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman Aylar önce
As Liverpool fan want to say to you congrats you really deserve it, it's too much hard for us to lose the title in only one point, this happen again as it happened in 2019 tbh until this moment I can't stop crying but we will back again next season and will win it btw we make the league better congrats again
Sander 😎
Sander 😎 Aylar önce
Se lo merecen un gran equipo acompañado de de un gran técnico 👏
Alex Kostuk
Alex Kostuk Aylar önce
As Liverpool fan it was worth watching City's game. Great job 👏 Thanks for both of the teams performances, see you next season:)
obie sario
obie sario Aylar önce
What a fantastic match of football? I am lucky that I watched live last night. Love you Man City from Thailand
Reners S
Reners S Aylar önce
what a game, what a league. Congratz Man City!!!
EL_RegioNL1 Aylar önce
Zinchenko was a huge boost. And Rodri once again, quietly a beast.
I’m subbing to everyone who subs to me
I wonder what the score would of been if Pep started sterling, gundogan and zinchenko 🥶
Лера & Никита
Зиньо реально велик!
Chasing_dreams Aylar önce
God knows how many times I have watched this highlight 😅💙.. Amazing!!
Mohammed Anas
Mohammed Anas Aylar önce
What a come back 💙
Ouzi Pistol
Ouzi Pistol Aylar önce
Unbelievable the greatest comeback of any sport 3 goals in 6 minutes congratulations Manchester city well deserved!!
Marcos M E
Marcos M E Aylar önce
What an amazing day for Man City, truly epic
Kelvin Omundi
Kelvin Omundi Aylar önce
This was the BEST possible end to Gundogan career at City🔥🔥🔥He gave City one last thing to remember him by.......Legend
ElTorgoMan Ia
ElTorgoMan Ia Aylar önce
I really hope he stays
James Aylar önce
@operavill wolverine to remind city fans of this -> Real Madrid 13-0 city hala 14 😂
operavill wolverine
@James I taught dey is something called sportsmanship ND maturity, to wat do u hope to achieve with ur reply.mtcheew
James Aylar önce
Nah the best end was how Real Madrid kicked u out like trash from the champions league! hala 14 😂
shobhit jha
shobhit jha Aylar önce
@Jean Ramagnoli Looks like you didn't do any research 😂
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 29 gün önce
City loves dramatic wins, almost gave me a heartattack. perfect ending to a great season
Marib Iqbal
Marib Iqbal Aylar önce
Being a United Fan.. The comeback was epic!! 😱 and congrats on winning the Champions League Final. 👏👏
Dera Johnpaul
Dera Johnpaul Aylar önce
Comeback.. when.. which club?
x k
x k Aylar önce
idk what the "not in my lifetime"mean , I just had tears . it was not only an incredible win, it was something else, something beyond just football game.
Carmen Gracida Elenis
What an amazing match😍❤️‍🔥
Ahnaf Ariq
Ahnaf Ariq Aylar önce
Gundogan has been an underperformer this season, he comes in and casually drops this banger! Never in doubt! It reminds me of last season when he carried us for months back in December- March
Ged Boswell
Ged Boswell 25 gün önce
He played in 43 games this season...
LeBabo Du47
LeBabo Du47 Aylar önce
@Ahnaf Ariq Yes I agree, he really stepped up when De Bruyne was missing, and there's not many midfielders who could replace de bruyne... I can understand that he wants to leave because he absolutely deserve to be a starter, but with Rodri, De Bruyne and Foden, City can not guarantee him a starter 😅
Alfie Aylar önce
He plays in position of Bernardo and kdb. In most other team he would be starting
Ahnaf Ariq
Ahnaf Ariq Aylar önce
@Gee 20-21 was his best season.
Gee Aylar önce
Facts, he's been instrumental in helping his team this season, scoring crucial goals when they needed to, by far his best season as yet.
Kristin van Reenen
Kristin van Reenen Aylar önce
absolutely amazing. so proud of this team 💙
Qalbi wanag 🥺🥰
What a comeback lads 🙌😩
j kish
j kish Aylar önce
Happy for Man City Didn't want Liverpool to lift this 🏆 Congratulations Manchester City
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
What a game we have witnessed...from down to 2 nil to winning the title.. Congratulations Man City
Sultan Gaddafi
Sultan Gaddafi Aylar önce
This was so thrilling...Gundogan and zincheko changed the entire game when they came in🔥
R2G Abyss
R2G Abyss Aylar önce
@random guy:) facts, he's a quality player always has been, coming from a non city fan ggs
random guy:)
random guy:) Aylar önce
Gundogan is underrated:/
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Lulo Yantolo and Gundogan and Foden also.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@RedHead yep. 🔥🔥🔥
antman Ant
antman Ant Aylar önce
@Lulo Yantolo so was kdbs assist
abrahams neo
abrahams neo Aylar önce
I'm so proud of this team
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Aylar önce
City loves dramatic wins, almost gave me a heartattack. perfect ending to a great season
Machinxz FNM
Machinxz FNM Aylar önce
I was totally sad and you guys made a beautiful comeback❤️ Best team and favourite ❤️
Sertzio Aylar önce
that's why I love this team, history repeats itself after ten years time, we love the 93:20 moment but let's never forget the 80:47 one, Gundogan and Aguero both made unforgettable moments. Let's go for 3 in a row, SHALL WE ?
minij hooi
minij hooi 26 gün önce
After the second goal from Vila, I thought we are loosing the trophy to Liverpool. Sensational come back from the team. Tears of joy 😭
Yasir Yusuf
Yasir Yusuf Aylar önce
What a comeback guys🔥💙
Michael Dorego
Michael Dorego Aylar önce
As soon as Man City scores that first goal, you knew they were going to win the match. It felt inevitable
minij hooi
minij hooi 26 gün önce
The scenes from the stadium was insane, I haven’t felt like this since 2012 when City won the prem in a 3-2 game against QPR.
Glen Tan
Glen Tan Aylar önce
Crazy season! I wanna thanks Aston Villa for fighting like a top level club. Its crazy that one man is at the right time and moment.
Eddie Bats
Eddie Bats Aylar önce
In future i will tell my grandchildren about this game 🤣🤣. This match taught me not to give up until the last minute.
City Clips
City Clips Aylar önce
Gundo our hidden hero, he rises when we need him most. 🔵🙌
Ryan Green
Ryan Green Aylar önce
We didn't need Sterling too huh...give all yhe subs credit...zinchenko too...smh
David Bigirwa
David Bigirwa Aylar önce
@denny setya wijaya Shobbie meant in the context that Gundo has also won them the cup in the most dramatic of fashions. Or wasn't that clear
Adrian Allen
Adrian Allen Aylar önce
@denny setya wijaya no he is a 8 or 10 can play both
denny setya wijaya
denny setya wijaya Aylar önce
@Shoobbie C no, his posution same with Toni Kroos
Shoobbie C
Shoobbie C Aylar önce
Gundo is the new Aguero!
Marjan P
Marjan P Aylar önce
What a match! and what an ending to a season!!! But what I loved most was that how the Man city supporters celebrated after the match. Such display of pure emotion and joy was a great thing to watch, specially after two years of empty stadium due to pandemic... I'm not a Man city fan, it's actually the other one for me(slightly ashamed 🤦) but I must say I was so happy for City... Congratulations 👏👍❤️
Uloq-ko'pkari milliy o'yin
2012- Aguero 2022- Gundogan 🔥🔥🙌🙌👏👏
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos Aylar önce
Historic, epic, this is Manchester City! 💙😍🏆
Summriz Aylar önce
Such an exciting finale to the season. But as a liverpool supporter, I cannot even enjoy such a historic moment, match of the PL history
SANSAN TV Aylar önce
Well done city..and good joob villa
MK CHNL🇮🇩 Aylar önce
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Aylar önce
Rodri doesn't score many goals but anytime he scores its a banger. What a beast
indra lemana
indra lemana Aylar önce
Epic comeback,,,❗ Epic EPL champion,,👑
Richard Dunne
Richard Dunne Aylar önce
As a Liverpool fan I just want to say congratulations to City. To come down from 2-0 with 20 mins left and win is an epic reaction, the mark of champions. It's tough to lose by one point with 97pts (2019) or 92pts but it's a mark of how insanely good both teams are and at least both times we've had a CL final to soften the blow, and no that isn't a sly dig. It was a f**king epic race and the margins are tiny. Long may this rivalry last. I hope both of our managers stick around for years. Enjoy it! See you next season 👏
David Littman
David Littman 27 gün önce
We both lost in a champions final
Night Time
Night Time 20 gün önce
I wasn’t in the stadium in 2012 and the fact it was our first PL made it very special. But in my 32 years of watching city this is the best game I’ve been too , this game has the edge over 2012 for me personally cause I was at this 1. The scenes when all 3 goals went it was something that will live with me forever. I keep watching the highlights every few days. What a day. What a season. Bring on Haaland next season.
Insights. 97
Insights. 97 Aylar önce
For all those who never got the chance to experience the 2012 feeling, yesterday was just as special! As the shoreline is the same. C'mon City 💙
David Winston
David Winston Aylar önce
As a life long city fan it is wonderful to be where we are now. A fantastic last 20 minutes which speaks volumes about the tenacity and mentality of this group of players. Well done lads and thanks to Pep for his genius management to date. Long may it continue.......
stu1002 Aylar önce
United fan here: Congratulations. Absolutely magical comeback - showed huge belief, and you kept the treble out the hands of the scousers which all of Manchester can be pleased about. :) Your team have shown all the qualities that the current United team does not: Most notably absolute belief and a never-say-die attitude. Superb effort. Well done.
Love You
Love You Aylar önce
What a come back guys..... ❤ Really deserving title👍🏻🙏 Love from india❤
S M Imran
S M Imran Aylar önce
No one talking about how good the goal from Rodri was 🙂
ak Aylar önce
coutinho goal is world class
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Jake Farron Merlin what a finish and what an ending.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Stev Bryant 👍👍
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@AQUALAD nope. More like FAIR LEAGUE.
Jake Farron Merlin
Jake Farron Merlin Aylar önce
What a finish eh :)
Leon 281 - This channel is closed - GoodBye
Congrast Man💙It was really a fun game. The end of The Premier League was very interesting , full of adventure .
Blessed Collins
Blessed Collins Aylar önce
Most wonderful comeback in history Congratulations 🎉 to guys
Marwa Talaat
Marwa Talaat Aylar önce
Congratulations to Manchester City from an Egyptian fan to Liverpool❤️🇪🇬
CX.CHRI$ Aylar önce
after years of not playing or watching this game fr made me fall in love with football all over again
Hassan Turki🤍
Hassan Turki🤍 Aylar önce
37’-Man City 0-1 Villa 69’-Man City 0-2 Villa 76’-Man City 1-2 Villa 78’-Man City 2-2 Villa 81'-Man City 3-2 Villa Unbelievable. Congratulations man city🏆🏆🏆🏆
Oskar Jensen
Oskar Jensen Aylar önce
@Victor Musa three goals in 5 minutes!
Victor Musa
Victor Musa Aylar önce
I never thought City would score three goals in ten minutes. Pep accused Real Madrid of doing same before losing the semi, but they did it to win the EPL
Cedrick Ngoetjana
Cedrick Ngoetjana Aylar önce
This moment was superb 💙💙🔵
Ekene Raymond
Ekene Raymond Aylar önce
Insane come back 😬❤️❤️
Michael Mativo
Michael Mativo Aylar önce
A game full of adrenaline. We fight till the end 🙏
H M Aylar önce
Historic! Iconic! Mind boggling!
HH Studio Channel
HH Studio Channel Aylar önce
That Agueroooooooooo moment happened once again after 10 years . That was so dramatic ! Congrats CITY !
FLOW Aylar önce
Yeah but aguerooo will always be #1 moment for me 😍
Vvoh vaelez
Vvoh vaelez Aylar önce
Google search ANONFXD & visit d website
Incredible ending. This is why we love the sport. Do what my name says if you bet on football games.
celebcrunch Aylar önce
Absolute madness Love this club to death
Ogah Jahmez
Ogah Jahmez Aylar önce
I have never been more proud to be a city fan 😭😭😭😭....so great an emotion...
Ray REUS Aylar önce
As a dortmund fan I really miss gundogan. KDB is beast ❤️. Congrats Man city.
Arabo Abdulle yusuf
What a come back Man city 🧖‍♂️💯🦁🙏😭♥️
Negus Aylar önce
What a win boys Love this never give up mentally This is why we love football Gundo deserves a statue What a preformamce from Zinnyy tooo
Ahnaf Ariq
Ahnaf Ariq Aylar önce
@Vani 333 bro you salty asf rn.
Vani 333
Vani 333 Aylar önce
@Ahnaf Ariq What's wrong is that mans comment 😭😭 😅😅 city sure beat super Aston Villa, but they couldn't do that to Real Madrid 😅😅 premier little league is no match for Real Madrid alone. Ask Chelsea and City how it went. littlepool is next. Manchoker city and Chelsea is just a girl name so it doesn't get any whimpers than that 😂😂😂
Ahnaf Ariq
Ahnaf Ariq Aylar önce
@Vani 333 what's wrong, need some sugar to neutralize that salt?
Real Lombeekgunner
Real Lombeekgunner Aylar önce
@I Che
Alexandre Feijo
Alexandre Feijo Aylar önce
Congratulations, Manchester City....👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🇧🇷
Broncos 58
Broncos 58 Aylar önce
The end of this game was insane go City
Joel Lopez
Joel Lopez Aylar önce
Somos campeones mi Manchester City 💪❤️
GleX Entertainment
GleX Entertainment Aylar önce
Coutinho goal was 🔥🔥. The 💎 fits in any club
pablo Aylar önce
Just when we thought we're never gonna see something similar to the Aguero moment, 10 years later here it is
Lucas Premat
Lucas Premat Aylar önce
yessir... Whatever that is
Unсreative Aylar önce
@Purwanti Allan what
Bennie Whip
Bennie Whip Aylar önce
It's how the commentary said Agueeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooo!!!! That made it even more amazing for me 😹😹
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Jolle_898 me too this is a super big moment.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@marjan10 👍👍👍
Abdikher Jimale
Abdikher Jimale Aylar önce
What a fantastic game I knew that city can't come back like that but I remembered 2013
Kelvin Robast
Kelvin Robast Aylar önce
That was an amazing comeback..De Bruyne assist made all the difference..Congrats Blues
Talat Aziz
Talat Aziz Aylar önce
What a comeback 🔥😛 Congratulations 🎉👏 Manchester City
Ade Trio Wibowo
Ade Trio Wibowo Aylar önce
COME ON CITY !!! Can't not to cry, with feeling similar to the 2012 moments 😭, NOT IN MY LIFETIME !!!
shashikala goraksh
shashikala goraksh Aylar önce
This was a crazy match. A moment it felt like we lost. But then the substitutes changed the game with 6 minutes👏👏🙌
Jonas Wambo
Jonas Wambo Aylar önce
@Samiul He could have put him in the second half to substitute Rodri after City would have secured the win. Anyway the most important is that they won the title
Samiul Aylar önce
@Jonas Wambo yeah true but i think he did this just because it was fernandhino's last game for city
opeyemi adediran
opeyemi adediran Aylar önce
@Jonas Wambo almost threw it away
Football Talks
Football Talks Aylar önce
@Jonas Wambo Np bro
Jonas Wambo
Jonas Wambo Aylar önce
@Football Talks I corrected the text. Thanks
Temitope Lofinmakin
The beautiful game 🔥
Phi Bob
Phi Bob Aylar önce
Ten years, one journey, one heart ❤, Mancity fans. An emotional match , reminiscent of exactly 10 years ago when Mc was led 1-2 by Qpr and came back 3-2 in the final seconds . And this time against Astonvila was more difficult when they were leading by 2 goals, but Mc overcame countless difficulties and brought great emotions to Mancity fans around the world. Today in Vietnam it is red and in the UK it is blue. One good thing is that in Vietnam, Mr. Park cried and in England, Mr. Pep also cried, tears of happiness for the two men. It's football! Mancity love forever ❤
Congratulations City,what an exceptional performance,the grit , resilience of a champion. It can only done by City!
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