Highlights: Liverpool 4-0 Southampton | Jota brace, Thiago and a Van Dijk volley win it!

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Watch key highlights from Anfield, where the Jürgen Klopp's side secured another excellent Premier League victory and extended their record of netting two or more goals in a game.

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26 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Military Update
Military Update Aylar önce
Salah doesn't put the ball in, but his field action is always the best
Edwin Wejuli
Edwin Wejuli Aylar önce
The result however is what counts in the end.
sambel terasi
sambel terasi Aylar önce
Salah mulu yang lo bahas
EpicLedger LLC
EpicLedger LLC Aylar önce
@Hafþór Höskuldsson 2nd place which is made up of Mane and Jota...
E Dar
E Dar Aylar önce
@Prajjwal Basnet of course India done well in the cricket to.
NNnnAA CEEff Aylar önce
Where is Firmino?
Malek samarah
Malek samarah Aylar önce
The teamwork and selflessness between the attacking three are the most adorable trait of this season. They are all now leading the top scorers' list, yet every one of them wants the other to score. We were wasting a lot of goals in the past because of the individual and hasty style of play in front of the goal.
Nogoodyai Герасимов
@grey шшш
Aziz 14j
Aziz 14j Aylar önce
@A. D. when was mane selfish she whole game??
Blanco Aylar önce
Idk about Liverpool but at Real Madrid it seems we waste goals because of this. The players all want to score a wondergoal with one touch passing and finnesse corner shots. So they often dont shoot in dangerous positions, to pass it into the middle or back. Sometimes it works, sometimes its a waste.
Wayne Mckay
Wayne Mckay Aylar önce
So true ....
R A Aylar önce
@Mr Triger If you watched the games you would know firmino is injured so we cant bench jota anyway…fool
Vaital V
Vaital V Aylar önce
Alisson is ridiculously good. So many times this season he has neutralized dangerous moments & been impeccable whenever teams got behind our backline. He’s probably the most irreplaceable player in this team.
The real Joe Biden
The real Joe Biden Aylar önce
Except west ham
WLL Maahir
WLL Maahir Aylar önce
@Dread for desire I hope he’s your uncle 😅
Ehien Kenneth
Ehien Kenneth Aylar önce
He's evolved tremendously.
viktor widiantara
viktor widiantara Aylar önce
he is Thor The god of Thunder ✨
Dread for desire
Dread for desire Aylar önce
@WLL Maahir if I'd to choose I'll pick Alisson>Salah. Its a close call tho
Merhawi zeru
Merhawi zeru Aylar önce
Great performance today from the lads. It's good to see Van Dijk and Thiago on the score sheet. Jota is just unbelievable 🔥
big hero
big hero Aylar önce
Jota tried to make salah score and he kill all chances when salah and mane free in agood situations
Mohannad Kutaish
Mohannad Kutaish Aylar önce
He wasted so many chances ,, especially the ones for salah..
Faisal Fkp
Faisal Fkp Aylar önce
jota is a pro fifa player too lol
Mr Triger
Mr Triger Aylar önce
jota is trash ffs
New Era Academy
New Era Academy Aylar önce
Selfish And Envy Jota
Jodan Aylar önce
Alisson and Van Dijk had a great game. Where would we be without them
YoungBae 518
YoungBae 518 Aylar önce
@Sweeping Sweeper we had Lovren and the worst keeper in the world Karius, lad. Coutinho was here and we were 4th.
Sweeping Sweeper
Sweeping Sweeper Aylar önce
we would be with cutinho lol
Khomsa Mifta
Khomsa Mifta Aylar önce
yeah, the really save us when Thiago, Konate, and Trent made Mistakes
YoungBae 518
YoungBae 518 Aylar önce
Best keeper in the world since we bought him. Fk Karius the fraud. That keeper change is what got us to the top. Glad Klopp is ruthless and kicked Karius after half a season when he usually trusts his players.
Andy Kurmann
Andy Kurmann Aylar önce
where would we be without them? we acquired them with the proceed from courtinho sale, didn’t we?
With Talha
With Talha Aylar önce
Liverpool is literally on a whole another level in this season 🤯
Awangan Das
Awangan Das Aylar önce
@Nor Priest Manchester City defeats Chelsea at away and drawn with Liverpool ar Anfield where they completely dominate the match if it wasn't for Salah's individual brilliance, Manchester City would have won that Match 2-0.
Awangan Das
Awangan Das Aylar önce
@Nor Priest pep Guardiola will win premier league......pep's Manchester City is unpredictable they will thrash both Chelsea and Liverpool without no 9.
shane🇮🇪 Aylar önce
@Sulaiman Haji musein 2 thank god everton wenesday
Sulaiman Haji musein
@Nor Priest Bec they drop Ronaldo...dat the biggest effect...🤭🤭🤭
Nor Priest
Nor Priest Aylar önce
@Sulaiman Haji musein man It's the effect of coach changing in United. That's why 😂
mmm Aylar önce
Salah not scoring in one game feels like a goal drought to me. He literally spoilt us with his performances.
Adam Aylar önce
Well Jota and Mane didn't pass for Mo there was many many chances but they didn't pass him it was clear..watch the game again
Sulaiman Haji musein
@Francis Karera I never mentioned its Salah FC....if dis Salah FC...he will bench Ox immediately 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sulaiman Haji musein
@Tuusula JoTe Let Salah do whatever he wants to do...As a midfielder...Yr job to protect and supply balls to Yr star striker...Look at Ronaldo or Messi or even old legends like Maradona or Pele....🙄🙄🙄
Sulaiman Haji musein
@Francis Karera Do u ever played ? If u ever have ' special star' in Yr team...go and gave the ball to him...Otherwise others jus support him...Dat why he a highest goal scorer and assists in stats!!...Why u need to be a look like a fool when others will comment what u doing in midfield??? 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Francis Karera
Francis Karera Aylar önce
@Sulaiman Haji musein He'll definitely read your comments and scold Ox 😂😂 Calm down & enjoy the win. It's LFC not Salah fc
S. O
S. O Aylar önce
This is the first time I've seen Van Dijk score with his foot 🤣
Mahomed HOOSEN
Mahomed HOOSEN Aylar önce
@Ethan TMAPM how I would love that!!! Hit a thumper against that Pickford
Pooper Aylar önce
YoungBae 518
YoungBae 518 Aylar önce
He could dribble past the entire dfense and take long free kicks in Celtic.
Alexander Aylar önce
@beige fox I´ll take you up on that brb
beige fox
beige fox Aylar önce
You must not have seen Celtic goal when he dribbled everybody before scoring. Go look it up
M.K.H 31
M.K.H 31 Aylar önce
Love the Mane and Robbo 1-2 passing. Fantastic. Robbo looks recharged welcome back. Thiago ability to spray a ball from anywhere is outstanding. Great finish aswell, Jota was goal hungry and scored a brace. VVD AKA The Best defender in the world scored a superb Volley. Mane is always world class and always has the desire to assist his team mates and score terrific goals for the team. Liverpool are the best we are on fire. Our team work is tremendous 🔥🔥🔥✅
Liverpool Era
Liverpool Era Aylar önce
@Ricky Aron he hates both
Ricky Aron
Ricky Aron Aylar önce
Salah and hendo too
hugo matthews
hugo matthews Aylar önce
Yeah that mane pass was clinical
Farhan Mohd Mustapar
This season is the best teamwork and style of play shown by Liverpool.
Xolani Aylar önce
big hero
big hero Aylar önce
Jota try to kill all chances for others I notice that
#dope clance_*jr*
#dope clance_*jr* Aylar önce
Not really
Sa soo
Sa soo Aylar önce
Salah's assist was beautiful, the amount of control he has is amazing
Sh-Azam!! Aylar önce
@dino Clasher mahrez is better than ziyech
Seif Yasser
Seif Yasser Aylar önce
There was a one great solo run in the middle with insane dribbling but then he passed the ball a bit further than Jota inside the box so Jota too was sooo close at a hatrick
Onni Varjonen
Onni Varjonen Aylar önce
@dino Clasher 😭😭😭
Cyber Ninjas
Cyber Ninjas Aylar önce
@dino Clasher im literally crying from laughter 😂
준혁 Aylar önce
@dino Clasher 😭😭
Miles Artha
Miles Artha Aylar önce
It’s unfortunate that Salah didn’t score. He managed to get an assist and he play brilliantly, though. Glad to see he’s tied for the most assists so far this season, as well as the top scorer.
Richard Dunne
Richard Dunne Aylar önce
So great to have a six-yard box striker like Jota who knows how to be in the right place to score simple goals. It's something we've sometimes missed.
Richard Dunne
Richard Dunne Aylar önce
@big hero Funnily enough I was just arguing on another thread with someone who thinks Jota is miles better than Firmino, which is obviously rubbish!
big hero
big hero Aylar önce
It's easy goals for any player but the problem he didn't make chances for others He try to kill the ball when mane and mo salah in agood situations. More noticed that if you follow most comments
Kavin Konyana
Kavin Konyana Aylar önce
What are we saying about Thiago's touch?? Come on now!!! And the man wants to stay ,he has fit in like a glove,,, pure class🔥🔥
خير الإسلام
How Alisson didn't win the MOTM award is beyond me. Unbelievable performance today and throughout the season. What a keeper. What a keeper!
YoungBae 518
YoungBae 518 Aylar önce
Best keeper in the world since we bought him. Fk Karius the fraud. That keeper change is what got us to the top. Glad Klopp is ruthless and kicked Karius after half a season when he usually trusts his players.
Jack Mason
Jack Mason Aylar önce
Who noticed the underrated chemistry between Mo and Hendo 🔥🔥🔥
big hero
big hero Aylar önce
@Nasrah Jumah mo make assist for hendu and hindu did the samd I love harmony between them But jota and ox kill all chances for mo and mane
عطيه المعبدى
He was clear to me
Nasrah Jumah
Nasrah Jumah Aylar önce
In this season they are best duo, hendo like to assist salah goals i think he likes salah to score as much as we do❤
sigitpurnama Aylar önce
it feels like watch stevie with torres in another generation
Khomsa Mifta
Khomsa Mifta Aylar önce
Hendo only looking for salah when he tried progressive passes. I dont know if it just me, but i never see hendo make a thru pass to mane or jota
Dacron Aylar önce
Our performance was based on teamwork and it’s incredible to see how the players are playing. We just played pure football.
Malvin Nyathi
Malvin Nyathi Aylar önce
@Liam Faith read again what I wrote and watch what he did moments before he was set up with that goal.
Liam Faith
Liam Faith Aylar önce
@Malvin Nyathi so jota should pass the ball instead of scoring into an open net to be less selfish?
Malvin Nyathi
Malvin Nyathi Aylar önce
Except that the scorer of first 2 goals was not a team player at all . His teamates created the first goal for him After he had been super selfish just moments earlier.
GeTroy Aylar önce
Crazy that in the Premier League right now: Most Goals: Salah (11) Most Assists: Salah (8)
RieKie Aylar önce
@Kris mac when liverpool win CL...VVD got ballon dor When Muenchen won CL.. Lewandowski earn it.. When chelsea win CL.. Salah the one who will win ballon dor???????
RieKie Aylar önce
@Kris mac nope that year he earned it.. Kante and salah case is similar with...Xavi and messi.. Messi won it instead xavi...who the very baclbone of barca play.. People always like a striker...people who score goal..but forget the importance of midfielder..and the huge differences
Kris mac
Kris mac Aylar önce
@RieKie like lewandowski won balon last year ??
RieKie Aylar önce
@Kris mac thats is the case..if even kante not yet win it.. Do you think salah had a chance..🤣 It will be a joke....like his goal won puskas award ..
John Creasy01
John Creasy01 Aylar önce
@RieKie Are you high or something?
NUWA Aylar önce
Every single player is on fire now. Robo is back to his form. Brilliant Jota and VVD. Thiago wow! We need that duo 'Thiago and Fab' in each game. For all Liverpool fans around the world, wish you always well and in Allah's protection. Lampung, Indonesia. YNWA
Craig Lawton
Craig Lawton Aylar önce
@EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup "you can't get injuries if you play fast and hard for 1 half" you can and will if you do it every game and it's nieve to think otherwise - this isn't fifa 22 its real life. When teams get a player sent off defending becomes the priority- and you said it yourself, Chelsea are masters of parking the bus - so thats a poor example. Case and point - we're the only of the 3 title chasing teams to keep a clean sheet this weekend, and city have lost 2 matches while us and Chelsea have lost 1 so far, your entire point isn't holding up
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
@Craig Lawton you cant get injuries if you play fast and hard for 1 half. Those idiots are overpaid, and you're telling me they cant run around a pitch for 45 minutes and actually bother to do their job? It's very simple, so fail to understand how you do not see it, but get the job done in the first half, then the next half is a training session of keep ball. Pack the midfield and just keep posession. Liverpool are stuck in dark ages tactics now. Other teams change formations, but Liverpool insist on this 433 where they get outnumbered in midfield. As long as the defence is not fixed, Liverpool will fail against a good side. Could not even score against Chelsea who were down to 10 men. To be fair Chelsea are the masters at parking the bus, but even then.
Craig Lawton
Craig Lawton Aylar önce
@EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup you keep bringing the ucl up like we're not top of the group already qualified for the next round with a perfect record 5 wins from 5, anyone reading your comments that didn't see the ucl or look at the tables would think we were barely scraped though. Teams have issues- isn't the best tactic for Klopp and the boys to actually work on that rather than pursue a match tactic that would inevitable lead to an injury crisis- you see to completely ignore that if the team went hard and fast against more teams it would lead to an injury crisis, and player health is more important than number of goals scored as long as we're winning. It doesn't matter if we concede goals, as long as we win matches - and the team are going to start parking the bus becomes thats not our style - i'd rather the team stay fit while working on defensive issues in training than simply pursue a tactic that will inevitably drain energy and end up injuring them to paper over it.
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
@Craig Lawton thats why Liverpool will fail. At times you have to manage games properly. Liverpool are stacked in defense and have better defenders than City or Chelsea, but yet have conceded more goals. Its a very bad thing. Liverpool should not be conceding from corners due to the height they have, and yet look very vulnerable at corners. The reality is that Liverpool are poor at game management. Games against City, Brentford, Brighton, and West ham have proved that. Liverpool just out themselves into bad situations. The first game against Athletico was a good example. Just about won that game, even though it should have been 5-0 by half time and then a training session in the second half with a simple keep ball exercise. Liverpool have to score several goals as they will definitely concede goals. I'll make it clear, Liverpool do not need to hammer every team, but because of their lack of game management they simply have to hammer most sides.
Craig Lawton
Craig Lawton Aylar önce
@EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup Liverpool almost NEVER park the bus, its not our style. The reason i can't agree with you about scoring excessive goals is simple- as it stands before Chelsea-united game we have the best GD in the league, 2 ahead of Chelsea - so unless they do to United what we did the current way of playing is working. Scoring 2 or 3 goals and being careful - meaning keep attacking but focus on defense (not parking the bus because like i said its not our style- thus probably won't work) is what I've been saying all along and you've been disagreeing with - a tactic which will be less likely to injury players than scoring as many as possible
Ehklass Trends
Ehklass Trends Aylar önce
Jota was brilliant. Thiago needs to start every game. Salah not scoring felt weird. Great teamwork from all the boys.
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
Watch to the end, it gets funs :)
Stefano Ridi
Stefano Ridi Aylar önce
Man how lucky we're to have Alisson: he doesn't need to make Hollywood saves like other keepers and he's one of the finest keepers in coming out to put pressure on the attacker: just look how easy he made it look when he saved the day when Thiago lost the ball in a dangerous area! Without him the game would've been much more difficult.
PhysicsWithSuta Aylar önce
Not a fan of this club, but I think they’re the best club in the world. Their game is so enjoyable.
Suleyman Osman
Suleyman Osman Aylar önce
Mo and Hendo working together is just too beautiful to watch. Good game overall. Loved Diogo's goal celebration.
JOHN KING Aylar önce
playing FIFA on PS5 for real 😂😂😂🤣
Zest Aylar önce
The amount of willpower of each players with or without the ball is amazing for me. Nobody is slacking, everybody is just so eager to win, win, and win again.
Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan Aylar önce
Loved this win..🤩 but one thing ill be honest a game without a Salah goal does not really feel like a game lol
Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan Aylar önce
@Malek samarah obviously its not healthy to be highlighting one player we love all the team all that team makes us and where we are is because of all their efforts 🙌🏻
Gaming Paradise
Gaming Paradise Aylar önce
@Malek samarah he did have 2 assists
Malek samarah
Malek samarah Aylar önce
I`m not in favor of highlighting players always in terms of goals. Salah delivered one of his best performances today, and left his prints on the team`s win. Scoring doesn't always mean that you played well enough, and the opposite is true.
Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan Aylar önce
And lets not forget mane love him so down to earth
Ahmad Ihsan
Ahmad Ihsan Aylar önce
Yeah bro 🤣
FC Sportx
FC Sportx Aylar önce
great match but kinda feel no one was passing the ball to salah this match and the only players who often pass to salah are Hendo and Thiago but ox today never pass the ball to salah in the box and jota kinda not passing to anyone and jota waste a lot of chance to score or to assist but overall great performance
big hero
big hero Aylar önce
Jota and ox join to mane part for feeling jealous. But salah have advantage with his solo goals No one can compare with him
FC Sportx
FC Sportx Aylar önce
@Oluwaseun Ajia I meant jota thanks for the correction
Oluwaseun Ajia
Oluwaseun Ajia Aylar önce
Mane didn't waste any chance. It was Jota, he's really slow and he's not a good passer of the ball. He missed a great chance before his substitution and I think that may have influenced his coming off. Even Klopp mentioned his first miss. Then Ox was just meh
moha kassim
moha kassim Aylar önce
Totally agree with u, salah gives the ball when jota or mane are around but they don’t do the same if firmino was there he’ll help salah to score more goals and they kind have a very good friendship but it was a another great night at anfield
Rich Brown
Rich Brown Aylar önce
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola Aylar önce
Keren Liverpool👏
revando yumantoro
revando yumantoro Aylar önce
Jos liverlool mah 😂
shane🇮🇪 Aylar önce
Ok bot
Arse Wijaya
Arse Wijaya Aylar önce
Di Sini Juga Bang👍.....
Bill Aylar önce
Mane, thiago, van dijk this match on fire 🔥
Augustine Yapp
Augustine Yapp Aylar önce
What a joy when watching Liverpool play like that. Simply beautiful! And the goais by Jota, Thiago and VVD were just icings on the cake. YNWA!
FARRI GAMES Aylar önce
What a performance by jota. Thiago scored again, and VVD also scored too
Amir Merican
Amir Merican Aylar önce
A superb result and a clean sheet. Fantastic performance from the Reds🔥 Jota x2, Thiago and Virgil with the goals. Alisson and Robertson were immense. Great to see Virgil score! Bring on Everton💪🏻 @LFC YNWA🔴
soppan96 Aylar önce
Liverpool are playing beautiful football atm. A joy to watch. The whole team is involved and the chemistry is amazing. Ps. Im a Madrid fan
Vik Z
Vik Z Aylar önce
Great to see Thiago scoring but it's his technique and vision that's the real deal.
Salah, Jota, Mane, all of them are the current top three premier league leading goal scorers!
Mr Triger
Mr Triger Aylar önce
his finishing is terrible yeah he's scoring now but that's becuz he's getting a lot of chances he could've easily score 4 goals today, same for the arsenal game in the UCL u have to score every chance u get or u will get humilated also he's consistently trying to outshine Salah which is not a bad thing ... but his way to outshining him is by not giving him the ball whenever he's in a better position than him or by cutting the ball before it goes to him ( he do the same thing with Ronaldo in Portugal ) childish mentality
Infinityplusone Aylar önce
And salah and taa are top 2 assisters
megrosl megr
megrosl megr Aylar önce
Too many chances were wasted..
miracle_ 7
miracle_ 7 Aylar önce
@Mr Triger consistently score goals was considered trash?? How?
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda Aylar önce
@Mr Triger But he's scoring goals. Or is there another way of winning a game?
Fake doctor
Fake doctor Aylar önce
Allison is easily the best 1 on 1 keeper, perfect for a high line.
G L Aylar önce
Allison is the difference between a shaky performance and a complete rout. We have to applaud him saving the team on numerous occasions
jabavu maphenduka
jabavu maphenduka Aylar önce
Adi Dervishi
Adi Dervishi Aylar önce
Just look at the pace of Alisson when he sprints out to smother the ball. Never should have been able to get to it but did. What a player!
Kindness Aylar önce
I think Salah would score more with Firmino being the supplier, but currently, Mane and Salah are the one supplying for Jota. Either way I don't care as long the team wins 👍
big hero
big hero Aylar önce
Jota if he want to help mane and no salah he can .But he won't
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk Aylar önce
Semi-clinical in front of goal today with some beautifully constructed goals...However, we did concede quite a few chances mainly due to our own sloppy play at times. Still, I'll take that result all day long!
Mike Lumatauw
Mike Lumatauw Aylar önce
What a game 🔥
Voice Of Kana'an
Voice Of Kana'an Aylar önce
This team is like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly! Football harmony right there.
Raji Laskar
Raji Laskar Aylar önce
Jota is unbelievable 👍 Thiago scored again 🤘 glad to see salah's beautiful assist 😍👌
Q Q Aylar önce
Liverpool, a team that likes to score big but not always coming from “that one player”
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher Aylar önce
I love how Henderson and Salah are clicking really well this season
ZDLRRATM Aylar önce
Ain't nobody going to discuss Mane's pass to Robbo for the first goal?
Saad Aylar önce
Such High quality highlights. Love this. But should be longer than 2 minutes.
Yaadman Sports Review
It's good to have competition for places. Firmino knows he wont just walk back into the first 11,and robbo feeling the heat from Kostas. Goals are coming in from back to front which is awesome. Should be a cracking festive season. Just stay injury free ,and we'll be champions of England again.
John Odande
John Odande Aylar önce
Is there another player with more assists in the Premier League than Salah's 8? Leading in goals and assists. Wow! He's having the season of his life, The Egyptian King!
Flavio Araujo
Flavio Araujo Aylar önce
Que time é esse, só dando show de futebol e gols ...LIVERPOOL concerteza vai nós da um título esse ano...🏆🏆🏆
nugroho jati
nugroho jati Aylar önce
What a solid team work 👍🏻 , also Thiago is on 🔥
Mousa Mousa
Mousa Mousa Aylar önce
The best coach , the best team , the best players , the best Mo Salah 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kop Squad FC
Kop Squad FC Aylar önce
We keep delivering the goals and I appreciated the clean sheet. Strong performance by the REDS against a game Southampton. YNWA.
Relax with Alwie
Relax with Alwie Aylar önce
It is so great to see how wonderful Liverpool is playing.Guys are gelling well YNWA
Rodrigo Lyra
Rodrigo Lyra Aylar önce
How lovely to see Virgil scoring after his injury 😍😍 what a player he is
Bartek Jasinski
Bartek Jasinski Aylar önce
Another outstanding performance by Liverpool all goals beautiful excellent connection between strikers and Henderson great saves by Alison in one on one situations and looks like Thiago finally believed in him self well done to Jurgen well done to rest of the lads YNWA
Nobody survives even one bit
What a performance from the reds.
Cold_black1715 Aylar önce
What game lads we are so good this season I’m so proud to be a Liverpool fan YWNWA
Zoqo Aylar önce
Another brilliant win, hoping for another 3 points on Wednesday night!! 👏👏🔴👍
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar Aylar önce
The Thiago moves the ball just before hitting it ❤️
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Aylar önce
The amount of willpower of each players with or without the ball is amazing for me. Nobody is slacking, everybody is just so eager to win, win, and win again.
Chill ex
Chill ex Aylar önce
Two EPL matches in a row with 8 goals is stunning guys..🤣😂
HustleAssassin. Aylar önce
Thiago makes me love football and the rest of the team makes me love Liverpool big time
mayrln Aylar önce
jotas second goal was wonderful. amazing teamwork by salah and henderson.
QED Aylar önce
Every player had a very good performance.I'm very happy that Jota is active😍 TAKI seems to be suffering a lot, including against Porto, but I will support you forever!Hang in there!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
His time will come when mane and salah goes to the African nations cup.. i hope he makes use of it..
SHAMY DON Aylar önce
Love this team more than ever❤️ Up the reds🔴
Indra Fadillah
Indra Fadillah Aylar önce
From Goalkeeper till Forward playing very Good.. thanks Klopp
2gigahijau Aylar önce
Best Team ever, i hope this season we'll be on TOP!
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen Aylar önce
Nice to see that we have so many different goal scorers 💪
Still&WillBelieve Aylar önce
I think since now Thiago is back we have an additional option from the middle if the usual build up play from the wing is stuck because our opponents stacking defender in both wings, like in Porto match and this match Thiago sudden penetration and mid range shoot ability can catch opponent off guard and hopefully will be useful against opponents like Chelsea or City
aaron7jones Aylar önce
Let's keep the momentum going lads. Love a VVD goal when ever there is one.
don't take it too seriously
Mane with the offside goals, his playing well again though
beige fox
beige fox Aylar önce
Its almost like last 2 seasons when VAR came around, and Mane having the most disallowed goals. Hope he can improve his timing a little better.
Mike Lumatauw
Mike Lumatauw Aylar önce
Watch he defend.. Watch he score 🔥 VVD 🔥
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Very good performance for Liverpool, they are great team with great squad, also a genius tactican like Klopp can bring succes to this team in the future
Manny G
Manny G Aylar önce
Liverpool have now scored 39 goals in 13 Premier League goals averaging 3 goals a game. Unreal form!🤩
Ricktastic Aylar önce
0:56 what’s going on there, it looks salah decided to ride one of the Southampton’s defenders after squaring the ball to jota 🤣🤣
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol Aylar önce
It looked like a glitch on FIFA at first.🤣
monkey monk
monkey monk Aylar önce
He knew the goal was coming and celebrate it with the beaten defender..😂🐍🐴
Nj _Arch101
Nj _Arch101 Aylar önce
My goodness Liverpool are in a world of their own,it’s amazing on how klopp has transformed this club.Arsenal fan here.
mae Aylar önce
0:57 had to give kudos to the Southampton defender that didn't let salah fall on his back or else that looked like he could have hurt his arm or back... that's true sportsmanship..
Karthik Machaiah
Karthik Machaiah Aylar önce
What a team 🔥
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo Aylar önce
How Alisson only won me 7 points for FPL shocks me. He was easily the best player on the pitch
Don Promise
Don Promise Aylar önce
Another sweet victory from my Darling Liverpool 💪💪 Congratulations 🤝🤝
Dzaky Muyassar
Dzaky Muyassar Aylar önce
Brace from Jota. Good performance 🍾🍾🍾
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
What a performance by jota. Thiago scored again, and VVD also scored too
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
What a performance by jota. Thiago scored again, and VVD also scored too
Uli One
Uli One Aylar önce
Amazing football 👏👏 You'll Never Walk Alone 🙌
Daso Ibra
Daso Ibra Aylar önce
I am happy that Liverpool won, but I couldn't help notice some selfish behavior by some players , including Chamberlain, Jota, and Mane. I hope Klopp as a manager and Henderson as a captain would say something in the locker room and bring their attention to this fact: " it is not about who scores and who is not, it is about sportsmanship and a team work. Salah was very kind to all of them and didn't deserve to be ignored during the game. He could also try to score alone in every game, but he isn't that kind of a player. Salah enjoys a team effort that leads to score wonderful goals and bring joy to the incredible fans who never stop singing for him. As a loyal Liverpool fan, I am devastated and embarrassed for those players despite the winning. Chamberlain acted that he does not see Salah and Jota put his foot in front of salah after he has already scored two goals to deny Salah the chance to score the fourth or the fifth goal of the match. If you continue acting like that in the future games, you don't deserve to be in the games.
Patrick Li Ying
Patrick Li Ying Aylar önce
This team just oozes goals The reason being the front three deciding to play as a team and not focus on individual goals like the Golden Boot Lastly when we play the first team like the original line up against Southampton there are simply no passengers in this team but 11 drivers 🤣
Ayanda Sikithi
Ayanda Sikithi Aylar önce
It's amazing how this front three has been around for like 3 4 years and still performing
Just A Dude On the Internet
0:49 Konate knew he screwed up but instead of blaming and shouting aggressively at him Ali just comfort him. What a team.
Rinki Tokazu
Rinki Tokazu Aylar önce
Salah may not score,but he is in top shape. He even fly after set up an assist😂
Heba Ali
Heba Ali Aylar önce
كنت اتوقع هذه الفوز نستحقه ❤
Taza Taziri
Taza Taziri Aylar önce
Back 4 and Allison solid as usual.. Front 3 sharp as it should be.. In the middle dominating
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale Aylar önce
Best player for me this game was Robbo. Didn't lose the ball, was on point with making key passes and looked sharp as ever.
Ry cuan
Ry cuan Aylar önce
although thiago is too slow to pass the ball. but his accuracy and goal instinct is extraordinary. sorry my english is bad.
Ruby Jones
Ruby Jones Aylar önce
💔 that disallowed goal I can see why he'd be offside But it was the tightest of margins I'd need to see it at another angle but I'd agrue that he was onside I would need to see what the VAR shows Like it's a tight call
❶ القارئ مصطفي محمود / Qari Mostafa Mahmoud
0:55 Salah climbed above the player 😂😂
❶ القارئ مصطفي محمود / Qari Mostafa Mahmoud
@NotBottle I love Salah very much. But he was wronged in this match😥
NotBottle Aylar önce
Yeah I saw lol
Unknown Traveller
Unknown Traveller Aylar önce
Great football style of play definitely a team to beat this season again - From ManU fan
Noah Okoth
Noah Okoth Aylar önce
City are the team to beat
Kaddal Beruang
Kaddal Beruang Aylar önce
So awesome.. good job kloop & all your staff, especially all liverpool player. "You will never walk alone". from Indonesian 🥰🥰
Muhammad Mazhur
Muhammad Mazhur Aylar önce
Salah's Assist make He become the top Scorer and assist in Premier League right now. 🔥🔥
Zaky Manhajurrahman
FOOTBALL is my DNA Aylar önce
Best team in the world ever❤🔴❤
aswer huio
aswer huio Aylar önce
Loved this win..🤩 but one thing ill be honest a game without a Salah goal does not really feel like a game lol
Brunći Aylar önce
Alisson MOTM, great great saves👌🏼❤️
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