Highlights: Everton 1-4 Liverpool | Reds ruthless in derby win at Goodison

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Goals from Jordan Henderson, Mo Salah (2) & Diogo Jota netted for Jürgen Klopp's side in their Premier League victory at Goodison Park.

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30 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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DH3 GAMES Aylar önce
There is no better football team than Liverpool at all, thank you Liverpool for the fun, thank you Mo and better luck next year 🙏
Marcella Mccormack
Marcella Mccormack Aylar önce
Marcella Mccormack
Marcella Mccormack Aylar önce
Par4d0x_ Aylar önce
Pls don t call him "Mo" use his name Muhammed
Zulkifli Adam
Zulkifli Adam Aylar önce
@ikhsannul amal 3-1
ZULRANGER Aylar önce
Always beautiful goal = SALAH
Pauline Adrien
Pauline Adrien Aylar önce
@Purwanti Allan l'n'Pik ''Lok' kimol'kg no on 'pollo komm ikn nik n(l'on Klo
ألريدز ألليفر
@Abdullah Al Faruque Mullick 🌹😘
ألريدز ألليفر
@e برافو عليك وعلى تعقيبك الرائع 🌹🙏
ألريدز ألليفر
@Aditya Sharma تلك السرعه هيا َمن جلبت أبطال أوروبا واستعادت كرامه وهيبه وعظمه ليفربول بعد أن غابت لأكثر من ٣٠ عاماً؛. فيجب نبذ العنصريه اخي الغالي
robain desbois
robain desbois Aylar önce
@freedom misr oum dounia
Military Update
Military Update Aylar önce
he is fast and very talented, Salah always give his best
Head Myself
Head Myself Aylar önce
@Peace of mind He is Polish, not German😒
Peace of mind
Peace of mind Aylar önce
@Ery Prihartono you know that one of those journalists is Pakistani and they asked him why u didn’t vote for levandownki , he said I searched on google for Germany national team goals and I didn’t find him scored any so I didn’t give him 1st lol He thinks he is German coz he plays in Bayaern Journalist voting is stupidest possible way to rank football players
Ery Prihartono
Ery Prihartono Aylar önce
@Peace of mind that's....i don't understand about jurnalis vote
ادهم علي
ادهم علي Aylar önce
Touch wood
Peace of mind
Peace of mind Aylar önce
Don’t forget France football ranked him 7th
Red Flag
Red Flag Aylar önce
I can't imagine how these goalkeepers and defenders felt when seeing Mohamed Salah sprinting amd charging the last 40m towards the goal... Just magnificent this man is
Peace of mind
Peace of mind Aylar önce
He reminded me with those Brazil Ronaldo runs towards the goal at his prime if you saw him
Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming Aylar önce
Always beautiful goal = SALAH ❤️‍🔥
Goran Damianovici
Goran Damianovici Aylar önce
@Liverpool Era call TRvid police and shut up
A person
A person Aylar önce
Stop copying comments
r u salty on YouTube? bruh
K 😑
Kev Irl
Kev Irl Aylar önce
Originality is dead it seems.
@•IrfanImran903• W
Military Update
Military Update Aylar önce
Salah always give the best performance
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
That turn from Jota was world-class 💥
Julia Red
Julia Red Aylar önce
the man who always secure and seals the game and put a wide smile on each Liverpool fan, thank you Mo
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Aylar önce
Salah absolutely incredible and his moves are as sharp as a sword blade
Robby Redwan
Robby Redwan Aylar önce
Am a united fan but a missive respect on how Liverpool play this day ...the flow the speed everything is almost perfect . Mohammed salah is extra special.
Ery Prihartono
Ery Prihartono Aylar önce
Sudarshan singh
Sudarshan singh Aylar önce
What a finish from Salah!!!! Just incredible.🔥
Jason Newsted
Jason Newsted Aylar önce
I just love the club, the manager, every single lad on the pitch, the crowd, the atmosphere, the feeling I get when we score, the bond between the players that you won't see anywhere else. What a beautiful time to be alive
مصطفى المصرى
LFC makes miracles this year and Mo is really LFC's legend ...
Emily An
Emily An Aylar önce
Jota's first touch remind me of Torres in prime. He is good at headers and has sharp and powerful shooting. He has a potential to become unstoppable like Salah at one poi
Bi Han
Bi Han Aylar önce
Rewatching this so many times! All the goals were world class!
Merseyside Channel
Merseyside Channel Aylar önce
Спасибо парням за этот потрясающий матч!
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen Aylar önce
That turn from Jota was world-class 💥
Marcella Mccormack
Marcella Mccormack Aylar önce
Arsh _10
Arsh _10 Aylar önce
He learned it from sadio
Yellow Boy
Yellow Boy Aylar önce
Liverpool like yours comment 👏👏👏
jovaughn thompson
jovaughn thompson Aylar önce
The baby shark celebration was world class as well
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Aylar önce
@Mx hi MX. Good evening to you. From Purwanti Allan.
Joluto Aylar önce
Every player put an absolute shift in and we should be proud of our boys brilliant performance brilliant victory YNWA 🖤
Julia Red
Julia Red Aylar önce
Unstoppable! Liverpool. Extraordinary skill, confidence and finishing.
DarkCrypt 13
DarkCrypt 13 Aylar önce
Let me In😍
Kalpa Harshana
Kalpa Harshana Aylar önce
This team is so direct than a straight line, I love it.
REZA7XZ Aylar önce
What a journey for Henderson he’s come so far and tbh I never expected him to be the player that he is today I hope he keeps up doing this magnificent work and become better day after day
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
13 goals in 14 matches. He can break his own record of 32 goals in a single Premier League season.
@Faisal Azwal cancelled
Rodrigo Lyra
Rodrigo Lyra Aylar önce
@Kaleb Seiffu apparently not, it will be Palace and Brentford, according to Sky. I read this 2 days ago, a bunch of reliable Liverpool news outlets posted it
Blessed Victor-Igwe
@Nym-os elaborate bro
Blessed Victor-Igwe
@Rodrigo Lyra I don't understand bro. Please elaborate thanks.
Vincent Ngetich
Vincent Ngetich Aylar önce
AFCON is the only thing standing btw Liverpool fc & Epl title!
Logan Aylar önce
Jota's first touch remind me of Torres in prime. He is good at headers and has sharp and powerful shooting. He has a potential to become unstoppable like Salah at one point.
Rúben Campos
Rúben Campos Aylar önce
Imagine being a coach and having Diogo Jota LW... Ronaldo (or João Félix, André Silva) CF... Bernardo Dias RW... and parking the bus in the defence and midfield with all this firepower 😂😂 My national coach is actually a sad man, and is making us portuguese football lovers sad.
Manusia Biasa
Manusia Biasa Aylar önce
Salah absolutely incredible and his moves are as sharp as a sword blade
Okpe Henry Sunday
Okpe Henry Sunday Aylar önce
That Jota finish made me speechless... Beautiful goal..!!!
Nicola Vivarelli
Nicola Vivarelli Aylar önce
What team ! We 're the best : no doubt !!Spectacular, great goals, wonderful players....go Reds !
Tree Aylar önce
Fabinho… no one praises him.. he does the dirty work.. braking up play.. winning the ball back in midfield constantly.. he’s the reason our forwards have so much time and freedom…
Bi Han
Bi Han Aylar önce
Definitely need to get a backup for him. If he’s injured we are screwed!
Alexander Aylar önce
I used to think that Fabinho was little more than decent by Liverpool standards. He’s won me over though. He is slow (seriously it looks like he is running on stilts with those long legs) but he makes up for it with positioning and timing. He always makes himself available and rarely makes mistskes with his decisions. He isnt very flashy, but he does the necessary hard work so that the offensive players can afford the more risky but brilliant stuff.
Rainberry Aylar önce
@The Chosen One ok the let me ask you...who was the best player in the euros 4 months ago??
koch 8
koch 8 Aylar önce
Rivals taking note keep quite
عبد الله جابي
@𝐑 𝙴 𝐋 𝙰 𝐗 nah I'm sure plenty barca fans realize he is and has been the heart of Barca for over 12 years, forget Messi.
Fan React
Fan React Aylar önce
That angle from Salah's first goal 😍
Ashok Neelakandhan
Ashok Neelakandhan Aylar önce
That finish from salah.. ❤
faith enabulele
faith enabulele Aylar önce
Liverpool are pure class; gives me Joy everytime I watch them play🙌
Musonda MQ
Musonda MQ Aylar önce
Am an Arsenal fan but Liverpool' football this season is absolutely beautiful 😍 👌 👏. What a front three.🥺🥺
Skywalker Aylar önce
The greatness about Salah's pace is that he's faster with the ball under his feet than the free runners running behind him and that's absolute magic not to mention his other attributes... Best in the world by a country mile regardless of that Ballon D'or farce!
Sh-Azam!! Aylar önce
@Asra A 😂😂😂 lol, do you watch football kid ? Go to your momma and drink 🍼
Singering Star
Singering Star Aylar önce
Regardless of what other players do Messi still gonna win it since Ballon Dor is a popularity contest
Initial status
Initial status Aylar önce
@Flavio Who deserve to won Ballon D'or 2021, I think Everyone knew very......It's not Ballon D'or itz joke of the year....
Initial status
Initial status Aylar önce
@Avergreen STEM 🐖💣 what a joke.....Who is better 2021 every one knows that........I thik pessi is ur mother's ❤️ and it means u know very well......
Oz Aylar önce
Balon D or is a joke this year
Awok Kiter Channel
Awok Kiter Channel Aylar önce
no words can describe the feeling to how beautiful 4 goals we have from the game...
Eriks Gasins
Eriks Gasins Aylar önce
This was LFC's best game in terms of quality. Close 2nd is the Man City game, imo, but the defense let us down a bit in that one.
Musa Ibrahim
Musa Ibrahim Aylar önce
I lack words to describe Liverpool performance especially this particular season when we talk about team work and every1 exhibiting his responsible on the pitch the club are really incredible scoring beautiful goals conceding less.
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Aylar önce
Class goal from Henderson, 2 Salah style goals, Fantastic display from Jota. You gotta love Liverpool
FPL Skills
FPL Skills Aylar önce
Henderson was absolutely brilliant, scored a beauty as well as slotting Salah in for the second, a proper captains display all round💪❤
Ghivarra Senandika
Ghivarra Senandika Aylar önce
@Tree Agree, a wise man once said a brilliant defensive player is not always flashy.. I never remember Makélélé flashy play but he was touted as the best DM of all time.. Fabinho is really bringing that Makélélé vibes to LFC
YO MAMA Aylar önce
@Saransh Sharma its not about stats. his presence and leadership on the pitch is very important to the team. he plays a position where scoring and assisting is a bonus. he helps pass the ball around and works hard to win the ball back. one of the most important players in this liverpool side.
Poolie Aylar önce
@Saransh Sharma And what is the difference between a "good" goal and any other??Do you get something extra for a "good" goal??Do you find fault with TAA and Robertson having so many assists when they are defenders??What do you think Henderson is doing when TAA is getting assist after assist??
Poolie Aylar önce
@Saransh Sharma Looking forward to your management career!!!Possibly you could have a chat with Klopp who admits to playing Henderson out of position for much of the time!!THAT is why he has not scored as many goals!! Liverpool are a better team when Henderson plays, despite him not scoring many goals, like ALL the midfield players!!!!
Satria PG
Satria PG Aylar önce
@Saransh Sharma Klopp disagree
Romeo Siyena
Romeo Siyena Aylar önce
The assist from Thiago was 🔥
Rafeey Muhammed
Rafeey Muhammed Aylar önce
4 goals per match... that’s out benchmark 😍
misolou fout
misolou fout Aylar önce
Class goal from Henderson,👌🏼 2 Salah style goals, 😍😍 Fantastic display from Jota. 🤩 You gotta love Liverpool ✌🏼😎
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven Aylar önce
A lot of this year's goals have been very classy ⛳
Touhid Talukder
Touhid Talukder Aylar önce
Insane goals 🔥💯
Spence Abroad
Spence Abroad Aylar önce
When Liverpool play like this, there's no better team to watch in my opinion. Absolutely different class.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi Aylar önce
Great performance by Liverpool 💙💙💙. Henderson and Salah played phenomenal Football in winning cause with Great Strikes 👍👍👍.
Ahmed Sumon
Ahmed Sumon Aylar önce
The 2nd goal of Slaah..it was amazing,Salah show his magic continue ❤️
mmm Aylar önce
Liverpool are the only team in English football history to score 2 or more goals in 18 consecutive matches. What an achievement.
Richard Cunningham
Richard Cunningham Aylar önce
that includes a loss and a draw that they still scored 2 goals in.
Tim Spigen
Tim Spigen Aylar önce
@surya sarat lets see, lets see. If you say so, there is chance for MU too 😂. Sorry Brat, dont took me seriously.
Poolie Aylar önce
@Tim Spigen And Liverpool living rent free in your head!!! Can't imagine how empty your lil life must be!!🤔🥱🤪
සංචික ගුරුතුමා
@Tim Spigen Yes it is. But here we are talking about a record, not about any other thing.
surya sarat
surya sarat Aylar önce
@Tim Spigen is the season over ?? Chelsea just 2 points ahead and it’s not even January
David Doherty
David Doherty Aylar önce
All 4 goals were sensational but I think Jota's is my favourite
Partai Persatuan Saham dan Kripto Antar Galaksi
Salah in 2017, one season wonder Salah in 2021, every seasons wonder Good job Salah.
Teddy Mwikisa
Teddy Mwikisa Aylar önce
What a team this is! Firing on all cylinders. The Jota turn is legendary
Darshan Aylar önce
Mo Salah is absolutely incredible. This is from a Chelsea fan.
Darshan Aylar önce
@mikoy huio yeah bro, absolutely true. Salah deserves the ballon d or
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Aylar önce
Why’s salah not even being mentioned for balon dor. Who’s actually playing better then him right now
Declan Aylar önce
Salah’s gotta be up in the conversation for Liverpool’s best ever player, if not now in a season or two’s time if he carries on
YouTube V.
YouTube V. Aylar önce
He is already 😊😉
john alsopp
john alsopp Aylar önce
@Cristobal Sanhueza Suarez used to really get his teeth into the opposition.
john alsopp
john alsopp Aylar önce
@john wick totally agree, king Kenny was and always will be the king!
Tiramisu One More
Tiramisu One More Aylar önce
Salah vs Suarez vs Tores who is the best?
ليبرالي مصري
I think if Salah played another 5 years till 2027 .. he will be surely top 2 after Rush
Kabelo Makhubele
Kabelo Makhubele Aylar önce
It really feels Amazing being a Liverpool fan 🤗👌
Alex Klein
Alex Klein Aylar önce
What a game. Well done lads!
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria Aylar önce
As far as I'm concerned, what a great performance by Mo Salah, every day he gets me amazed a little bit more. To be frank, any football team would want him such as Real Madrid or even PSG, where Ramos plays, the same footballer who tackled on him in that UCL's final in 2018.
Mar Larsen
Mar Larsen Aylar önce
That little hop from Jota to let the ball run through, then control and blast off. Salah's magnificient power in his runs.. Wow.
AL RUM Aylar önce
Watching Salah' goal is very incredible , it can't be definition by the words. I believe next years he deserve ballon d'or. Hold my words.
Vinh Nguyễn Thành
@Tareq Selim sorry if it did anything harm to you but what i meant is that Egypt can't win the world cup tilte. What i wanted to say is the standards to choose the winner of ballon d'or is significantly unfair for those players who dont come from a big country in terms of football. I' m a fan of Liverpool, and i clearly think Egypt can paticipate in the world event. It's that WC trophy which bugs me
Jason Newsted
Jason Newsted Aylar önce
Ballon is rigged and worthless, I'd rather see him celebrating another UCL trophy again!
xyz zyx
xyz zyx Aylar önce
They will give ballon d'or to messi for winning Ligue 1
Hanif Folami
Hanif Folami Aylar önce
We need to renew his contract first of all with mane
redshift Aylar önce
Salah fans want a ballon d'or for him. Liverpool fans want the club to win trophies.
John Damac
John Damac Aylar önce
the amazing thing about Liverpool is the team work, it’s a battlefield and Salahudin fighting side by side with Heraclius and Caeser against the Viking, when I watch the match it’s not only a match, i feel that This team is uniting the world, very amazing mix. The best of the best
Jason K
Jason K Aylar önce
Diogo's goal is Fcking awesome.That footwork execution!
Akriya Asmara
Akriya Asmara Aylar önce
Love it!!! Let’s go REDS
Wahyu Wardhana
Wahyu Wardhana Aylar önce
Wonderful goals wonderful team
Paul Aylar önce
That jota's control and finish it's so amazing
Mesuli Vetshe
Mesuli Vetshe Aylar önce
0:49 Mo is very dangerous from that position 😭
serry ciok
serry ciok Aylar önce
Salah's 2nd goal... absolutely instinctive finish.
T 2waviee
T 2waviee Aylar önce
What a performance by Henderson I criticised him for his work off the ball this season but today he got it spot on Hope it continues
Relocation Dohavets
the man who always secure and seals the game and put a wide smile on each Liverpool fan, thank you Mo
Kramig Panda
Kramig Panda Aylar önce
i think its Divo origi
Ery Prihartono
Ery Prihartono Aylar önce
@Bukan Ustadz22 hahaha..... that's correct
Bukan Ustadz22
Bukan Ustadz22 Aylar önce
Menang salah kalah pun masih salah
Cinema 4 you ملخصات
Amazing team hendo big player really Mo salah best player in the world in this time we will supported this team every time Thank you to everyone who supported this great team
ayoub widadi
ayoub widadi Aylar önce
Salah is as usual and he is in a strong direction now and Jota's goal is amazing from dribbling to goal
Frank Moomba
Frank Moomba Aylar önce
Top class finish by Jota 👏👏
Haniff Ramli
Haniff Ramli Aylar önce
0:46 That goal is like men against boys. The simplicity.
Mubashir A.
Mubashir A. Aylar önce
I didn't know Jota had the finishing skill that we've seen at Liverpool. He was perhaps overshadowed by Jimenez at Wolves. Klopp and the Liverpool scouts have a great eye. Nearly all their signings have been exceptional.
Toni K
Toni K Aylar önce
@grant tiller Alisson the best in the world? That's a bit far-fetched. The likes of Donnarumma, Mendy and Oblak would have something to say about that...
Toni K
Toni K Aylar önce
@Melón Collie Karius did after that night. 😅
Bobi Stojov
Bobi Stojov Aylar önce
Thats the real Jota, back in time when he was in wolves
Arsh _10
Arsh _10 Aylar önce
Yeah even thiago and keita got back in form this season
Comedy city
Comedy city Aylar önce
Jota has been great since wolves and was not overshadowed by jimenez
Gabrielle Carvalho
Gabrielle Carvalho Aylar önce
Henderson captain forever can't even imagine how is gonna be without him
Joanna Aylar önce
Rewatching this so many times! All the goals were world class!
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Aylar önce
Fredy Irawan
Fredy Irawan Aylar önce
Mo Salah always give the best.... Stunning ...
Петър Ранчев
I am United fan but Liverpool are amazing!!
Anthony Aylar önce
All Salah's goals are 🔥🔥
Dr. Abu Taher Bhuyan
2nd goal was extraordinary...
R G Aylar önce
I am a longtime Liverpool fan, and going back 3-4 seasons ago, I was not a fan of Jordan Henderson as a Liverpool player and captain. However he has blossomed into one of the most important players at Anfield, and when he’s missing on the pitch, one can notice the difference in their overall play. Along with Thiago and Fabinho, Jordan is a vital cog in the Liverpool midfield.
Muriel Dubois
Muriel Dubois Aylar önce
Strong team !!! Strong confidence !!!
SONIC FF Aylar önce
The best 🔥🔥
Dior Aylar önce
@AB He tried to make new subscribers
AB Aylar önce
Dead channel
Cyber Ninjas
Cyber Ninjas Aylar önce
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi Aylar önce
What a dream signing has Jota been for us. Insatiable hunger for goals and the pace and intelligence to run angles and get into dangerous spaces in the opponent's box is a joy to watch. Add to that his skill with both feet and headers, and you get exactly the kind of forward that slots in perfectly with Liverpool's football style. *GO DIOGO!!* 🔴⚽🔴
Andrej Ristic
Andrej Ristic Aylar önce
Love his energy, that agressive playstyle is exactly what we needed
Stephen Little
Stephen Little Aylar önce
Great payback for last year, I want to keep it positive and talk about how good Liverpool were but worth mentioning as well the dirty tricks and lies Everton resorted to all throughout the game because they were outclassed, diving, and handing the ball and dirty tackles. Low level poor team and most of their fans were leaving throughout the game.
daniel kioko
daniel kioko Aylar önce
The best attacking football, we need to keep the momentum, One Love from Kenya
farid Abidin
farid Abidin Aylar önce
Mo Salah... Top Scorer Top Assist
FPL Skills
FPL Skills Aylar önce
Jota, hardly had a sniff in front of goal all match, gets one chance and takes it. That's what you call CLINICAL ⚽️
Alhamdulillah الحمدلله
@No Name 😂😂😂 i replied to the wrong comment guys why you ganging up on me
Superfly Aylar önce
Is that Godzilla mouth hand gesture kind of goal celebration
L'aigle Royal
L'aigle Royal Aylar önce
Agree Sir. Klopp always buy players that wud fit the team. Mane salah tiago,robertson, kimikas..konate virgil etc
Matthew Price
Matthew Price Aylar önce
I think his point was would Jota will still be there and he's good to rely on.
Jesse LFC
Jesse LFC Aylar önce
@Daniel Ubokudom he is right footed but doesn’t show it 😂
Amora.3mk Live
Amora.3mk Live Aylar önce
Salah and hendo are unbelievable duo this season 🙌🏻🖤
Moha Hure
Moha Hure Aylar önce
Those goals are all 🔥💯
Abdulla Aljaberi
Abdulla Aljaberi Aylar önce
The best player in the world 🌎 Mo Salah
Nazmul Huda
Nazmul Huda Aylar önce
what a game from Mo! and Handerson as well
Kaye Garber
Kaye Garber Aylar önce
Scoring 4 against Pickford is the definition of satisfying
Shuaib Aylar önce
@Dellapry Arliandro watford are the most clinical team right now, it's facts
Alfadh B
Alfadh B Aylar önce
that's why his name is Pickford (Picked Four)
Fka_the_body Aylar önce
oliver wenzel
oliver wenzel Aylar önce
Is it really... Why?? I don't get that at all
captain cash
captain cash Aylar önce
@Dellapry Arliandro but this special derby clash which is 100% different from the watford clash and create that awareness
Hari P
Hari P Aylar önce
Salah put the ball just like playing golf, amazing
Sameer Kashyap
Sameer Kashyap Aylar önce
Jordan Henderson. Scorer of Beautiful Goals
Dorji Aylar önce
Now... it's always a joy to watch Liverpool play every game week whether we win or lose. YNWA
Avatar N
Avatar N Aylar önce
Thank you Everton for the training session
Manny G
Manny G Aylar önce
Salah emptying BOTH Old Trafford and Goodison before half-time in the same season is iconic. Our Egyptian King! 🇪🇬 👑
Vulxh Aylar önce
@xxz xxx thats why its called emptyhad
Earlhyn Noona
Earlhyn Noona Aylar önce
@xxz xxx 😂😂😂😂
Mubasshir Hasan
Mubasshir Hasan Aylar önce
@xxz xxx faxxx 😂
Mohamed Elshnawy
Mohamed Elshnawy Aylar önce
How messi win i don't know that
xxz xxx
xxz xxx Aylar önce
@Akachukwu Anumudu ethiad is empty before the whistle
Sino official
Sino official Aylar önce
1:23 Mo Salah goal Amazing , he's a Machine 🔥💯 His speed was estimated at 36 km, the fastest goal he scored in his history 👏🇪🇬🇩🇿🔥
Aymen Louhibi
Aymen Louhibi Aylar önce
Beautiful! If Salah keeps playing and scoring like this, Messi will definitely get the 8th ballon d'or
Laureus Aylar önce
Mo Salah is an utter legend! On point in every match! 💪💪
tom shuo
tom shuo Aylar önce
came in he's just gone from strength to strength as always Salah
Ivan C
Ivan C Aylar önce
I’m a Chelsea fan… how Jorginho was ranked above salah in the ballon d’or is beyond me…
Сінан Шанавас 4™
Factos 👍👀
Alex Musyoka
Alex Musyoka Aylar önce
Jorginho is European and Salah is African..
Zeff Bezos's Barber
@dzenan begovic champions league spot😂😂
dzenan begovic
dzenan begovic Aylar önce
Because he won champions league as well as Euro 2020 and Salah won - what ?
Ivan C
Ivan C Aylar önce
@lamp man mind boggling.. if u look at the history of the recipients.. zidane, R9, Ronaldinho etc then compare that to Jorginho.. no hate. Just saying. He’s a great player in his position and happens to fit in well with the teams he plays in but Calibre-wise.. deffo doesn’t come near the greats.. he prob shouldn’t have even made top 10
Мартин Петров
Third goal was like Messi goal over Madrid in the semi-final of the Champions League. Jota is a stunner.
Kevin Joseph
Kevin Joseph Aylar önce
John Aylar önce
Great performance indeed!
Chris Alldis
Chris Alldis Aylar önce
Anyway, Mo aside, this is a team to remember, they have more flair than Man City, Chelsea & could easily concede 2 goals & still win there games, this team gels so well it is unbelievable, i meean they embarrassed Barcelona a couple of years ago 4-0 with a brilliant corner taken by Alexander - Arnold for Otigi to score something i will never forget
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