HIGHLIGHTS | All Blacks v South Africa 2022 (Johannesburg)

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Catch all the action from the All Blacks second Test against South Africa from Emirates Airline Park.

Credit: @Sky Sport NZ

Highlights brought to you by Altrad.




12 Ağu 2022




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Lam Cheek
The skills the players displayed from both teams were phenomenal. What a game.
Jackson Ioane
Can’t help but cry 😭 up the All Blacks. Boys left it on the field. Much love to SA. Always bringing out the best in us.
Karl Burgess
Looked like a good old fashioned game of rugby from the highlights. Running,spreading the ball wide, muscle, and hard work from both teams
Leave it to the All Blacks and Springboks to have better test matches together than most RWC semi-finals and finals
Man Rieko is really coming into his own on the defensive end.. It's like he took all that negative talk to heart during the off season and really worked at it. Amazing display of defence by him.
When the AB’s play SA they always bring the best out of each other. Always a tight contest. Huge effort from the boys. Thank you SA for a great game
Congrats AB’s. Only one team who can play like that. International rugby needed that. Only team that can play SA at Ellis Park like that. Superb!
Andy Mather
Being a Kiwi living in London, there's something about listening to Nisbo commentate that makes me slightly emotional. Just love that way he calls the games!
What a great result for this team, the forward pack looked 100 times better, set peices were good and they finally provided the backline with something to work from. They played for the jersey and their country today folks and they can be proud of that performance. The big question is can they back it up... its beem one of their biggest weaknesses stringing performances together against top tier teams
Yannick Lenormand
So good to see the ABs back on top of their game. From a French supporter ;)
Mr Miyagi
Great highlights! Awesome to see an actual in-depth selection of highlights of the game. Much appreciated 🔥
Yuma Yuma
I'm from Japan, but I'm looking forward to seeing All Blacks in Japan on October!
John Mcfadzean
These are the games you live for! Two great teams giving it everything. Well done ABs, you done us proud! South Africa No 13 is some player! As for Etzibeth, wow!!!
As a neutral i've never cheered for the NZ'ers... ever. Not because I don't like them or have a problem with them but because they're always favourites and i like cheering for the underdog. I broke with that tradition for this game!
As a kiwi, SA are BEASTS!! They bring a great challenge everytime! Glad our boys secured the W but SA stand up!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
James Aholelei
As the commentator said.."The All Blacks have silenced the critics"! Well done All Blacks!🔥💪
Ernest Stanley
The Boks 13 showed why he is considered by many rugby pundits as the world's best centre. A real multi- skilled midfielder who has the strength to breeze through tackles. What a talent.
Nashville Masora
Very happy for the AB's and the selection of Richie Mounga brilliant player 👏
Another banger of a test match against the old foe. Happy to come away with the W in Ellis Park 🔥
As a Springboks fan I have to give credit were is due.The ABs brought thier A game in this one.....I could see from the first half that they won this match👌🖤💚
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