High Schoolers Decide Who Gets $1000

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21 Oca 2021




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Lorenzo de’ Medici
“I’m Buddhist so I do this like ten times a day” proceeds to go against all the virtues of Buddhism.
Raven 🪐
Raven 🪐 9 aylar önce
That's what I was thinking too lmao she was being so rude after I don't know much but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that 😂
cigragrets 11 aylar önce
@Shayq7 The Book of Joy - Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu
Shayq7 Yıl önce
@shyguitargirl1975 id love to get into Buddhism. Which books would recommend I read?
Ecs Yıl önce
@Charlie Wegner ding ding ding
Emma 78
Emma 78 11 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure EJ was more upset about having to sit on the couch by “Ocean Facts” girl than losing $1,000
Nigar Uddin
Nigar Uddin 6 aylar önce
Georgy Zhukov
Georgy Zhukov 6 aylar önce
I feel so bad for that man
Ant Pp
Ant Pp 8 aylar önce
i would be too
Jensen Kansas
Jensen Kansas 10 aylar önce
@Wijny barely as Jordyn kept bothering him lol
No. Yıl önce
The fact that Heather can even afford to Uber everyday means she's not exactly poor... or anything close to it really. Also, it was hella funny that she thinks taking Uber to school is "growing up too fast"😂😂 That girl with the ponytail trying to save up for college would've gotten my vote😊
momoring 桃
momoring 桃 4 gün önce
@sophie she specifically said there are no busses that go to her area, which is why she has to the Ubers, and her school is a 30+ minute ride from her house
To be honest if she was THAT worried about money for Uber, she would ask friend for a ride, not spend her money on getting her hair done, or spend it on such fancy clothes. :|
uh ronnie
uh ronnie Aylar önce
my thing is if you're so tight about money, why go to college in the first place..
A K Aylar önce
@urmomishere Dude, same here, her crying over having to pay for ubers and saying she's "forced to grow up so fast" made me so fucking angry. Like, sweetie, take public transport, get a bike, save the money from your job and buy a car (from what I'd seen used cars are like... insanely cheap in the US). It's not "growing up too fast" it's just learning how to manage your time and finances. I'm not going to get into my traumas, for so many reasons, but that just doesn't... There's just no comparison.
Leona M Vinoy
Leona M Vinoy 2 aylar önce
How on earth could we possibly judge them based off of such little information and here from a 15 min video? Honestly the entire thing was such a bad idea because its just high school kids comparing their troubles and problems and deciding whose sorrow is more "deserving". Nothing could be more toxic than that.
huh Yıl önce
“I’m Buddhist so I do this like ten times a day” *gets eliminated* “That wasn’t fair.”
Boss Dogg
Boss Dogg 5 aylar önce
Plus aren't Buddhists supposed to be nice?? Literally right after saying she's Buddhist she goes "I'm gonna be hella mean"
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 9 aylar önce
I live in India so I know a fair share about Buddhism. It’s about being the most non violent, peaceful person who shouldn’t even hurt an ant. They don’t wear shoes at home, walk barefoot so that insects on floor don’t get killed under the shoes. You’re definitely not supposed to be mean & raise voice like that
huh 11 aylar önce
@Ali Roberts bruh 😂😂😂
Ali Roberts
Ali Roberts 11 aylar önce
I can't find it now but I'm pretty sure she made a video where she said something along the lines of "I'm not actually buddhist...I don't know why I said that. I think it was intimidation?"
Sam Wiener
Sam Wiener 11 aylar önce
Cristian Campos
Cristian Campos Yıl önce
Lol the saddest story she could come up with was that she needs to take ubers everywhere
fuhjrvr Aylar önce
@Isela Barragan no she works up to 30 hours i’m guessing she earns about 300-400 a week or idk how they pay her and she says she supports herself financially so that’s why she has the money to pay for uber . ik someone like this that don’t mean their rich. also means she can save very lil for a car
Zoe 5 aylar önce
@Jules Williams she says they don’t have buses that get her to school
lux lisbon
lux lisbon 6 aylar önce
@Jules Williams not everyone in the video is from seattle tho?? and there are suburbs which don’t have the same transit system
ashanti 6 aylar önce
@Samuel fr lmao
Samuel 6 aylar önce
I was dying when she said "it made me grow up so fast." Like taking Ubers... lmao
codymenesini Yıl önce
I did not expect this to be how the government would give out stimulus checks but I guess it works.
[based audio]
[based audio] Yıl önce
Your profile pic lol
⸸ cora ⸸
⸸ cora ⸸ Yıl önce
lmaooo that made me laugh
Meraf Sergoalem
Meraf Sergoalem Yıl önce
Actual factual evidence
frenly Neybur
frenly Neybur Yıl önce
Heather has fake eyelashes, fake hair colour, high-class clothing and makeup ... She doesn't need money. The girl who wanted to buy books for University should get the money
koostattoos -
koostattoos - Aylar önce
@Stathia Katsoulis THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS?? you could literally find her entire outfit at goodwill yall are so fucking dramatic 😭
koostattoos -
koostattoos - Aylar önce
@Stathia Katsoulis if you have someone with experience doing your hair then yes it could easily look that good with cheap hairdye. my step brother's sister does my hair for free because she needs the practice for beauty school and it always looks good,, there are so many other ways to have nicely dyed hair without spending a fortune at a salon.
Stathia Katsoulis
Stathia Katsoulis Aylar önce
@koostattoos - a 20$ box dye won’t get your hair looking that good if platinum blonde. You’re right we don’t know her story but in a competition like this when you’re trying to basically get enough pity to win 1000$ maybe don’t cry because your life is so hard yet you look like you spend thousands of dollars on your appearance
koostattoos -
koostattoos - 2 aylar önce
fake lashes are like $5 at walmart and a box of hair dye is $20 at most,, and her clothes could easily be thrifted or hand-me-downs. idk if she is actually poor or not, but the whole "well she dresses nice and looks put together so there's no way she's poor" argument is honestly just disgusting and disrespectful.
TalesByTasia 9 aylar önce
@bub by exactly you could probably know people who is a hairdresser , does makeup and shi
cl Yıl önce
the girl with the ponytail seemed the nicest and most genuine, the girl who won was obviously not struggling that much bc she has a designer watch and perfectly dyed and curled hair. definitely manipulated them by crying
fuhjrvr Aylar önce
@niekoh63 facts😂😂
Bella Aylar önce
that’s because some poor people waste all their money on shit they don’t need instead of saving it
koostattoos -
koostattoos - 2 aylar önce
@Trinity J y'all know people can dye their hair at home right? 😭 i mean it's not like her hair looked incredibly professionally done or anything lmao
Ava Riian
Ava Riian 2 aylar önce
poor people can have nice things, it may take saving up or maybe it was a gift, but we can still have nice things
aant 3 aylar önce
@niekoh63 fr, people just spend money they don't have
this girl purple you
kalid was actually nice.. got out 1st round, still smiling on the couch and he had the most reasonable one aww
Aizawa’s Trash Waifu
*maybe I’m just Poor but I think their problem sound like “privileged people” problems*
hernández 3 aylar önce
@Jacob Keppler yeah no
Jacob Keppler
Jacob Keppler 3 aylar önce
@hernández just depends on where you live. Most people have some access to internet in the world.
Jacob Keppler
Jacob Keppler 3 aylar önce
Totally, I just can’t even imagine these being real problems... “I wanna go bahamas” “I have to take uber 😢” “I wanna sell tshirts” like brah, I got jumped twice in highschool lost my phone and my wallet.....
hernández 4 aylar önce
@moonlight yeah apparently not
moonlight 4 aylar önce
@hernández damn dude i'm sorry, i thought we had it worst in Africa
Dive King Fan
Dive King Fan 8 aylar önce
the fact that she “ubers” everywhere shows me that she’s privileged because she never thought of using taxis or public transport
Dive King Fan
Dive King Fan Aylar önce
i do realize that this comment is dumb and wrong but it’s gotten so many likes so i won’t delete it lmao
teenage daydreams
teenage daydreams Aylar önce
uber is generally known for being less expensive than taxis lmfao. plus she literally said the reason why she doesn’t take public transportation or taxis is because they dont supply those in her living area
kara extra
kara extra Aylar önce
I do wanna say tho that she did say buses aren’t supplied to her area. And I know the places where I live, a train wouldn’t work so well either. So I can kind of understand how Uber might be cheaper than taxi too
koostattoos -
koostattoos - 2 aylar önce
taxis are expensive and there might not be public transportation that'll take her to her school (im pretty sure she said that it was kind of far)
Greg Weebly
Greg Weebly 2 aylar önce
Taxis are pricey as shit like what LMAOOOO public transportation is by the cheapest option with Uber coming in second 😂
leah Yıl önce
The street wear kid made my heart melt he seems so sweet
maroulaki Aylar önce
I bet he would've used the money wisely tbh
Mia 10 aylar önce
he’s one of those people that still look like what they would’ve as a toddler. like he has the face and demeanour of a little kid it’s so fuxkinf endearing.
Vanshika Rungta
Vanshika Rungta Yıl önce
I feel like kalid is genuinely scared of the ocean girl
Dualta Hunter
Dualta Hunter Aylar önce
I'm genuinely scared of the ocean girl
Maks Largu
Maks Largu 4 aylar önce
I think they’re siblings? Idk they look similar and they seem very familiar with each other
Georgy Zhukov
Georgy Zhukov 6 aylar önce
Bruh I would be too, you say you don't like crabs that much and she jumps you after school
yeehaw Yıl önce
13:41 heather is literally struggling not to smile when the other girl votes herself off bro i just KNOW she's a liar
Dualta Hunter
Dualta Hunter 23 gün önce
She's evil but i have to respect it at the same time
Banana Man
Banana Man 2 aylar önce
@селестика 𓃚:*111 what did you say
селестика 𓃚:*111
@Big Smoke oh much appreciated sir 🤜🤛
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 5 aylar önce
@селестика 𓃚:*111 on a side note if that’s u in ya pfp you bad asf
S 8 aylar önce
I didn't even seee that omg that's so scary tf 😭😭
Katie The Human
Katie The Human Yıl önce
I wanted Nina to win just because fish girl didn’t like her 💀
AT Yıl önce
@a i liked the girl on the far left
a Yıl önce
I thought none of them deserved it ngl
Tiger Lily Smith
Tiger Lily Smith Yıl önce
kylie maysa
kylie maysa Yıl önce
same truly nina deserved to win
Jada MyLan
Jada MyLan Yıl önce
I prolly would’ve voted for Jovina (the girl w/ the ponytail) she’s my fav, unproblematic queen
Dualta Hunter
Dualta Hunter Aylar önce
i liked ej he was so fucking funny
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 11 aylar önce
Yeah, she was my fav! Nina was just plunged into drama
Mary-Helen Kolousek
Nina wasn’t problematic either. Fish girl just focused on her because she’s a natural leader.
Sea-Bass is a BottleCapCo
Total Drama Island has taught me one thing... never trust a person named Heather
C Mendes
C Mendes 11 aylar önce
I live for this comment 🙌🏻
Hoodie Boys Records
Hoodie Boys Records 11 aylar önce
underrated comment tbh
Mah M
Mah M Yıl önce
girl in a ponytail is the most mature out of all of them. major props
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Yıl önce
The blonde girl Heather Kim--just be honest and say you suck at money management. She's crying cause she spent $400+ on her hair and can't afford her ubers now. Whose fault is that?????? It's like the one thing she didn't address on her instagram.
koostattoos -
koostattoos - 2 aylar önce
@Midna it's incredibly obvious that her hair was dyed at home. it's really weird how y'all assume that anyone who looks put together or is dressed nice/looks nice cant be poor.
nate froggy
nate froggy 10 aylar önce
@Omar A denied
Ben Yıl önce
They definitely made a group chat without the ocean girl afterwards
Lyndee Ward
Lyndee Ward 9 aylar önce
Lol fr
Fooly Boi
Fooly Boi 9 aylar önce
And uber girl
bread ___
bread ___ Yıl önce
it was called asian gang
BucketDwarf Yıl önce
oof this hurt
David pinontoan
David pinontoan Yıl önce
And the group chat is dead
Wassup bud123
Wassup bud123 Yıl önce
I don't believe for a second that any of them really needed the money, they all seemed fairly privileged
Chris Knapp
Chris Knapp 8 aylar önce
@Tom Cowans Squid Game
Cat girls? Nah bitch rabbit and hare girls
@Tom Cowans that would cause a big fight tho. Cuz desperate times call for desperate measures
S 8 aylar önce
@Zarah Otaru absolutely true. they all had "extra" problems even the AP cost one which was valid but still extra, cause he goes to a great school.
taran sinfuego
taran sinfuego 10 aylar önce
@Zarah Otaru Mr beast be like
Zarah Otaru
Zarah Otaru 10 aylar önce
Duh.. why would they make poor people fight for money 😭😭 that's just evil
Lenef Yecak
Lenef Yecak 7 aylar önce
I love how Nina said “aw thanks” knowing damn well that ocean girl didn’t mean her. That was genius.
Lenef Yecak
Lenef Yecak 7 aylar önce
That was the best way to respond to something like that.
ShinySparce Yıl önce
Heather scammed the fuck out of every other kid there. She played up her story at the beginning and subtly controlled which contests would be the ones they used to decide. Mad respect.
Dread Pirate Robin
Everyone is being very understanding and kind and then Bahamas girl is doing her best to turn this into a reality show I love it, love the drama.
Max Minichiello
Max Minichiello Yıl önce
Asian ponytail girl is the goat. That girl had good character the whole time, zero greed, zero malice. What a legend. Edit: Never thought 1000 people would agree w me on anything. Dope to see. Thanks guys
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 11 aylar önce
Yeah me too
Budget Cuts
Budget Cuts Yıl önce
Yeah the girl admitting she’s been ubering everywhere deserved the money. No way she doesn’t have some dough
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong Yıl önce
Omg yes love her
Briana Yıl önce
agreed! she was a champ.
Max Minichiello
Max Minichiello Yıl önce
Blonde chick just said wah wah gimme money lol
kanye west fan
kanye west fan Yıl önce
The heater girl tricked everyone into feeling bad for her lmao. if you can afford to bleach your hair, wear nice clothes, and good eyeliner I think you can set aside some to pay for school. And taking an Uber doesn’t mean “your growing up too fast” just let one of your friends take you to school 😀😀
Hottiest Biscotti
Hottiest Biscotti 7 aylar önce
@bbqdrumsticks I know, my mom was trying to take one the other night and it would’ve been $40 one way. Like??? If anyone can afford that daily then they do not need the cash
kanye west fan
kanye west fan 11 aylar önce
@bbqdrumsticks fr
bbqdrumsticks 11 aylar önce
Not to mention how expensive ubers are everyday.. shes definitely a middle class con artist
Isableal Yıl önce
Heather played them like a FIDDLE bruh
Three Leaf Clover
This is filmed in Seattle and I live here, I can’t imagine being able to afford to Uber to and from school every day that’s fucking insane idk what that heather girl is on but if your school bus doesn’t come to your neighborhood we have public transportation like everywhere here if she can afford $10 for an Uber she can afford $1.50 for a public bus Some of my friends take like an hour and a half to get to school via bus or metro because their parents won’t drive them and they make it work, I take the public bus to school myself and in Seattle it is some crazy fucking privilege for a 16 year old to take an Uber even once a day
Three Leaf Clover
Three Leaf Clover 10 aylar önce
@TalesByTasia LMFAO
TalesByTasia 10 aylar önce
It's called manipulation lol Gotta do what u gotta do for the bag 😂 Then she pulled out the water works 😂 Which made errebody feel bad. Girl prolly bought some Starbucks after she won
diana pamela
diana pamela 10 aylar önce
@Three Leaf Clover i see more of what you’re saying !
Three Leaf Clover
Three Leaf Clover 10 aylar önce
@diana pamela I’m not saying some people don’t struggle with transportation, I’m just saying that in Seattle the odds are just minuscule, to not have a bus in your area but being able to afford multiple Ubers a day? In king county? I don’t buy it for a second. Also, car insurance is mandatory here if you own a car and parking is pretty expensive plus gas, idk what $1,000 is going to do for someone who apparently isn’t making much money since she’s got to pay for all her Ubers because buying a car here is a serious investment. I personally started taking public busses home alone at age 13, so I completely resent the sob story of “I’m only like 16 and I can barely afford 2+ Uber rides a day I’m being forced to grow up so fast 🥺” that is an insane amount of privilege.
diana pamela
diana pamela 10 aylar önce
i totally get that but i have a friend who works literally 10 minutes away from his job and has to take 2 busses. each 20 minutes bc of the routes so that’s 40 minutes. and not only that but some busses don’t pass by every 5 minutes. his busses are like 25 minutes wait times. sooo imagine waking up every morning for school or for work like more than two hours jusy for a trip that’s like 10 minutes away. ya know??
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 10 aylar önce
They knew it was game over when Heather started crying. She knew what she was doing 😂
Yawn3005 Yıl önce
The fish girl literally said “let’s make everyone stand on one foot” knowing she had an advantage being as she practices so much and then got pissed when she wound up losing.
LiebeAlle 10 aylar önce
I wish the girl with the ponytail got it, honestly. So humble and sweet, and obviously wasn't liking the drama and wanted to keep out of it.
Mike Yıl önce
She literally takes Ubers everywhere lmao. She’s rich
Kaleigh Cook
Kaleigh Cook Yıl önce
I love how he is by himself laughing it up and making all this stuff so funny.... all by himself lol its like most people need a room full of close friends to create this environment of hilariousness but Cody just needs himself lol
Leann 426
Leann 426 Yıl önce
Fish girl was “so sorry” the guy got eliminated over his drawing cause you know she was hoping it Nina getting kicked😂
beeto Yıl önce
@MINi Korea 민재 I might have to follow you ngl
MINi Korea 민재
@beeto oh if only you saw me try and redraw the Octopus on my Insta live... you’d see I am a horrid artist 😂🥸
beeto Yıl önce
@MINi Korea 민재 oh no way it's the guy! you're a really great artist i dont know why they kicked you out for that
MINi Korea 민재
@beeto thank you Beeto :D
beeto Yıl önce
i really liked his drawing too
Juniper Lee
Juniper Lee Yıl önce
Yo, the girl who voted herself off deserved it the most. Also, why was this so much more civilized than the other one I watched with all adults?
Ian Daniel
Ian Daniel 3 gün önce
Rewatching this video while my dog has bad cancer but this still made me laugh, thank you Cody :)
aloe vera
aloe vera Yıl önce
I really liked Nina, Jovina, NJ, EJ and Kalid. They seemed really mature for their age and I would probably want to be friends with them.
BlackhawkX02 Yıl önce
"omg, I have to pay Ubers everyday, it's so painful" *starts crying* Does anyone realize that if she actually pays those ubers everyday, she doesn't really need the money? She's probably going to spend it on new boots cause her style is on point as well 😂 but who cares, at least her acting was on point too. Non of these kids seemed to really need it
cyphertaehyungie 2 aylar önce
the fact that she can actually afford to uber every day tells me everything i need to know
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 7 aylar önce
I noticed that too. She was the first one to mention sharing everyone’s backgrounds like she wanted to tell her story and then starts crying about it like she didn’t want to talk about it like what?? Her hair also looks like it must’ve been expensive and recent like why didn’t she use that for her Ubers? She’s smart for using everyone’s emotions but still kinda makes me mad that she won and not one of the other ones (especially the pony tail girl she probably would’ve made the most use out of the 1000)
bbqdrumsticks 11 aylar önce
NONE! the college girl seemed to deserve it tho
OhBoyy Yıl önce
Cut is the best at finding the worst people to do this stuff.
John Castle
John Castle 5 aylar önce
OhBoyy Yıl önce
@DindonPoo Don't S!MP Cool thats great
DindonPoo Yıl önce
No. One of the contestants later revealed that Cut THEMSELVES altered a scene of Jordyn crying, supposedly for a game she lost, but in fact she was talking about something personal and that's why she cried. She was 14. Cut gained money profitting off of unnecessarily dramatizing their video to the point of thousands of people belittling her, as if dear GOD no one else other than her acted cringy and anxious being that young.
ianserene Yıl önce
most iconic business move of all time
no one
no one 2 aylar önce
"I am buddhist everybody" one minute later: "I will be mean. Imma be soo mean" high schoolers really do be slapping titles on themselves just to sound fancy. yo girl cannot be further away from how she perceives herself.
aelin Yıl önce
Having to call an Uber to school is not "fending for yourself"
alondra anaya
alondra anaya 10 aylar önce
so are we just gonna ignore how nina’s pitch was her going to a wedding in florida like that’s literally just a trip
Jenna Fox
Jenna Fox 9 aylar önce
Thank you like explain to me how that is better than trip to Bahamas
Iva Pavlović
Iva Pavlović 9 aylar önce
yea thats called pretty privilege
myprettygirl 7 aylar önce
I really feel like Jovina (ponytail girl) or Nina should've won. They seemed the nicest and most down to earth and mature of the group.
Michelle Mercil
Michelle Mercil Yıl önce
It’s pretty clear that overalls isn’t used to not getting her way lol
gal strauss
gal strauss Yıl önce
@Catt xx jesus christ I’m just like you girl, the fish girl triggered the shit outta me
Nat KM
Nat KM Yıl önce
she gives me huuuuge ASD vibes. she might not know how she sounds to other people tbh
Ilze Reknere
Ilze Reknere Yıl önce
@MW Parker you've obviously never been bullied
Milo Yıl önce
@BennyMKW she called somebody useless for not being able to do a math problem
BennyMKW Yıl önce
@Milo i believe you whole heartedly like that sounds like shit she'd do
Hande Gun
Hande Gun 6 aylar önce
I thought being forced to get married to an abusive sadist at sixteen was hard. But damn having to take ubers everywhere seems hella hard..
Odin Yıl önce
High school kids' emotionally immaturity is more entertaining than I was expecting.
TalesByTasia 10 aylar önce
Heather manipulated her way to that cash I'm actually glad she won😂 Anything for the bag
Adam Wang
Adam Wang 7 aylar önce
That's what im saying everyone mad but she did what she had to do to get the bag🤷🏻‍♂️ i respect it
Mickey Armstrong
Mickey Armstrong 10 gün önce
god i remember this level of emotion for EVERYTHING. how exhausting 😂
BLYTHE Yıl önce
Jovina (the ponytail girl) should've won. Her reason was understandable and I'm disappointed but proud of her for sacrificing her seat in the game compared to the people in adult version of that video. Also don't blame fish girl for being the way she is. Yes she's immature..... because she's a teenager.
Cassandra Yıl önce
i love how he's called fish girl lmao
KTOWN KILLAZ 10 aylar önce
Buddhism rules: 1 - Stand on 1 foot 10 times a day 2 - Be an incredibly poor sport 3 - Cry cause you cant go to the Bahamas
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 5 aylar önce
by far one of my favourite Cut videos. the one person everyone hates gets voted off early on her own terms, calls it unfair, and everyone collectively agrees not to involve her in anything. amazing
Philip Lee
Philip Lee Yıl önce
The girl who cried is so damn manipulative.
Ben O'Neill
Ben O'Neill Yıl önce
are we just gonna ignore how awkwardly close fish girl was sitting to the nice guy
Em Elizabeth
Em Elizabeth Yıl önce
There was this guy in my school who sat way too close to me, even if we were both friends - too close, and kept asking me about my book. So it sort of reminds me of that experience.. Oh also. Turns out he's now the creep of my year and I constantly see him touching everyone. Tried pressuring his girlfriend of 1 week to send pictures and shower with him. Disturbing.
Nyla Bradfield
Nyla Bradfield Yıl önce
she was literally on top of him
I once killed A man with my shoe
@Emma Jensen lmao, but couldn’t they just move when more people got added to the couch? It’s really not hard at all to just move a bit.
j Yıl önce
@Emma Jensen but no one sat there 😩
mia brown
mia brown Yıl önce
it reminds me of one time when i sat down then the guy sitting next to me sat down but he sat so close that we looked exactly how fish girl and business guy looked
green amity
green amity Yıl önce
“ i dont wanna make fun of these people, theyre highschoolers. what do they know?” ocean facts apparently
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Yıl önce
ej should’ve won that he was the only one that seems real and down to earth that little trio at the end gave off toxic energy
Joshua Cole
Joshua Cole Yıl önce
All in all we all know Heather did not deserve it 😂she just going to LA every week
KTOWN KILLAZ 10 aylar önce
"Im just being forced to grow up way too fast, i have to take a $40 uber every single day and I can barely afford my gucci!"
Blue Night
Blue Night Yıl önce
"I'm Buddhist so I do this everyday" Also her: *loses and complains about it*
omar Yıl önce
we watched the video nigga ik
LilBabyJ Yıl önce
@vebez59 hater her personality😂
Niya Mitchell
Niya Mitchell Yıl önce
@Peach Tea I think it’s just “one of you... aren’t my favorite” but like with sass, way too much sass
vebez59 Yıl önce
And the fact she chose the idea knowing she had the advantage and then goes “that’s not fair!”
Peach Tea
Peach Tea Yıl önce
What does shw say at 12:38
Olive1100 🌃
Olive1100 🌃 9 aylar önce
The Uber girl literally could just take the city bus. Costs like $5 for an all day pass. If she could afford to Uber everywhere then she didn’t need the money.
Kyle F
Kyle F Yıl önce
THIS IS COMEDY GOLD!! My face hurts from laughing too much 🤣😂😂
Samantha Merrett
Samantha Merrett Yıl önce
They definitely took a person with some sort of disability and edited it against them. You can see them ticking in the background of some shots. Now everyone just attacks this kid who can't speak up for themselves.
olivia player
olivia player 9 aylar önce
100% agree this video and these comments are super uncomfortable to see. The dedication to oceans, sudden mood changes and what you mentioned is ridiculous. It’s literally just bullying a kid and I don’t get how anyone thought it was okay.
Kaylee Eke
Kaylee Eke Yıl önce
I love how I decided to eat my dinner during this video especially when you mentioned a dog who has a** cancer and even showed a lovely image. Thank you Cody Ko...
Morganne Yıl önce
fish girl is like the mean version of horse girl
Cameron DePotato
Cameron DePotato 4 aylar önce
This is the most liked comment I’ve seen
Aella 5 aylar önce
no..she's SEAhorse girl XD
Lucky mark
Lucky mark 6 aylar önce
*Nina* *NINA* *NINAAA*
Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Smith 8 aylar önce
Can I quiz you on ocean facts!
sta6ys m0m
sta6ys m0m Yıl önce
bahama girl literally agreed that they should do the one leg stand & then switched up saying it was unfair when she lost 😭
John Ash
John Ash 9 aylar önce
I'm so happy I've found your channel I've been binging your videos and right now this one just got top 5 lmao 🤣 I'm dying laughing
Jenna Hyser
Jenna Hyser Yıl önce
People need to watch the interview with Jordyn. It is sad how much hate she’s getting, she was 14!
maddie 4 aylar önce
@Oli Oliver And somehow that means she deserves to be bullied by thousands of people? She legit said at the end of the video she regrets things she said. She got death threats over this because she was a 14 year old girl who wasn’t controlling her emotions.
Caitlin Wheeler
Caitlin Wheeler 10 aylar önce
@Oli Oliver I saw in some other comments and apparently she was talking ab something really personal and then asked for it to be cut and that’s why she was crying so that might be why idk tho
Oli Oliver
Oli Oliver 10 aylar önce
Okay fair, but if you're gonna be on a yt vid maybe dont act like a kindergartner? "ThAts nOt fAiR" and she cried like what?? She's 14, not 9
frida melendrez
frida melendrez Yıl önce
Honestly I’ll rather watch these Cut videos than the actual videos 😂😂 Cody makes them so much better
Frogcesca Yıl önce
“I love the ocean and therefore I NEED to go the Bahamas” has to be the funniest shit I’ve ever heard
Jonathan Stache
Jonathan Stache Yıl önce
@Anna Kluger I was dying. So basically just a vacation then...
Destan Palermo
Destan Palermo Yıl önce
lmaooo wanted a free trip to the bahamas. i kinda respect it
mia Yıl önce
The way they looked at her when she said that tops it off
Barry Gün önce
“I’m Buddhist so I do this like ten times a day” later says "it wasn't fair" tbh you had the biggest advantage
trinity mcdougale
trinity mcdougale 2 aylar önce
I’ve never laughed so hard 😂
IDK Yıl önce
After seeing him react to the highschool version of this challenge, he needs to watch the Senior citizens version, they get way more cut throat and make the teens look compassionate in comparison. They straight up tell a lady that she can wait a couple years for a new set of teeth smh
elliott bestt
elliott bestt Yıl önce
“They’re giving 1% of their global sales to non profit organizations” wow 1%?! How generous of them! Philanthropy at its peak.
David Konevky
David Konevky Yıl önce
The girl who voted herself out of the game should've won tbh, she was honest, she wasn't petty, and seemed the most mature out of all
himtt Yıl önce
@Tatyanna I see what you mean, and it totally makes a lot of sense now too. If its the only choice you have, it's just what you gotta do. Especially if you're a young girl working at night/you live far from a bus stop, it's a way better idea to take Uber. There's a lot of dangerous people out there and shit gets really scary sometimes. Ubering alone is a way better option than dealing with some creep in public transportation or walking 45minutes to the nearest bus stop by your home. It sucks that a lot of people are making fun of her unique situation but I guess people aren't really thinking hard about it. If what she's saying is true, then I honestly have a lot of respect for carrying on this hectic life style as a teenager. Anyways, thanks for going over it lol. Idk if your transportation situation is still going on, but I hope the best for whatever going for you in this unprecedented time rn. Take care.
Misheru Momonekko
@an oroc I wouldnt be sharing my problems in a way to make everyone feel pity for me because I want money I’m not saying that she hasnt problems (besides that apparently she cant walk or use public transportation) I’m saying that she was manipulative because she was the one that wanted so bad to share her sad story and after that act like the reasons of NJ wasnt valids For example when she said that the girlfriend of NJ should be the in his place in the contest because he said that wanted to spend the money with his gf
Tatyanna Yıl önce
@himtt i get what you're saying, but sometimes and it seems like in her case, that's the only way. if public transportation, friends, walking, or biking (as you've suggested) are not viable options and local taxis are the same price or even more expensive than ubers, why not? especially when you're rewarded with discounts/promos and free rides the more you use the app. of course, i don't know the details of her life either, but i've personally had to get around under the same circumstances. someone always has a suggestion or tip but they're not always useful or available to everyone. it sucks to see a lot of the comments doing just that or trying to prove she's lying because of 'xyz' (even worse those calling her 'manipulative' because she's obviously upset over her current life circumstance) and fewer people accepting that it's simply how some people have to live for however long. assuming she's being honest, i'm asking myself, what 16 y.o kid wants to work 30+ hrs/ week on top of homework & SAT prep only to lose at least half their earnings just to do so unless they really had to?
Jade C
Jade C Yıl önce
@Jovina Chi OMG
ana lee
ana lee Yıl önce
@Moredcai Cyrus People can feel that way on the inside but hide it, she seemed immature. Group dynamics can be hard.
Freja hertz
Freja hertz 8 aylar önce
Girl got lash extensions, designer watch, perfectly done hair, expensive skirt… Damn she did manipulating good
Rose Langone
Rose Langone Yıl önce
I’ve seen a few other comments stating this too and I’m not assuming anyone’s mental state, but as someone who is on the spectrum and who used to be a lot like her, it just feels like she’s somewhere on the spectrum, the special interest, the inability to have a filter and the lack of social skills just give off that vibe, I’ve been on that end of things so I feel kinda bad for her
Favray Yıl önce
Watching people beg for only $1000 is just fucking hilarious to me😂
thebaejazelle Yıl önce
you are a gem in this world.thank you for the laughs
Aimee D
Aimee D Yıl önce
fish girl was so bitter she lost so she sat there and ruined everyone else’s fun
L Z Yıl önce
The video would have been so boring without her. And we would have the nina meme 😀✋
Ashlyn Robinson
Ashlyn Robinson Yıl önce
And why did she basically sit on top of the dude that was already on the couch?😭🤚🏼 if I was already sitting on a couch alone and somebody came and sat with their whole body touching me we would have some problems. Lmfaoooo
Aimee D
Aimee D Yıl önce
@Selena Lewis i’m chillin
Selena Lewis
Selena Lewis Yıl önce
Can I quiz you on ocean facts though?
noityouiv 10 aylar önce
I miss being a kid when 1,000 dollars was a lot of money
Jonathan K
Jonathan K 6 aylar önce
I love how the Bahamas girl said she was “a Buddhist and did this ten times a day” (which is obviously an advantage if that were true) and then is still sour when she gets out.
Sam B
Sam B Yıl önce
you definitely need to make more videos of you reacting to these 😭it’s too funny
xaureliex Yıl önce
14:11 that little smile, she tried to hide... like she knew she would win....
Nick Maxwell
Nick Maxwell Yıl önce
“CAN I QUIZ YOU ON OCEAN FACTS?!”, while she aggressively foams at the mouth
jazmin Yıl önce
@Hana Hodžić i commented too late 😞
Hana Hodžić
Hana Hodžić Yıl önce
@jazmin your coment is so underrated
jazmin Yıl önce
sea foam
Gina Versaceee
Gina Versaceee Yıl önce
Alexis Aschkenase
I've watched this three times and i'm still crying laughing hahaha
waldorfsvibes 11 aylar önce
The dumbest decision was not eliminating the guy that wanted to take his girlfriend out in the first round
A M Yıl önce
In my opinion, just based off what Cody said at the end, I think the whole concept (regardless of it involving high schoolers) is extremely unfair and kind of horrible. Imagine providing that opportunity to strangers on such an unequal playing field - sure from what it seems they don't have people who are homeless or people who are rich on the line-up but everyone has different situations and comes from different backgrounds. Some people may genuinely 'need it more' than others but may not want/know how to express or argue that. Regardless of age or any other factor, this concept is just a little hard to watch for me personally. Sure the first time I watched, it was humorous because of marine girl, but after this reaction to the video, I felt horrible that they had made the decisions to come on and try and compete for $1000. If a random person won the lottery, sure, that's one thing because it's 'completely random' (at least to our knowledge) but these people are given a chance to try and argue why they should get the money when they all have different opinions, different situations, different capabilities and because of this, the whole thing seems wrong to me. Just my Opinion - What's people's thoughts?
Shae 💕
Shae 💕 4 aylar önce
Oml I remember when this first came out😭😭 I was figuring out my sexuality, watching RPDR with my sister, and came out to her as bi (although now I’m a non-binary lesbian). She was great about it, as she’s bi too. Good times :) and then we watched Cody’s video together
Jason Flynn
Jason Flynn Yıl önce
"you guys wanna play rock, paper, scissors?" "I'm chillin" Fucking wrecked Ocean girl
Georgy Zhukov
Georgy Zhukov 6 aylar önce
He was just chillin man
Rose11 Yıl önce
UnknownR Yıl önce
lol the best one was "how are you and your girl doing" "aw cmon dawg"
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez Yıl önce
the second hand embarrassment i got for her in this entire video-
Maddy Cascio
Maddy Cascio Yıl önce
Then she asked about his gf like their friends 😂 his response to that was priceless
Elizabeth Stonem
Elizabeth Stonem 8 aylar önce
Heather doesn’t know how “ forcing to grow up too fast “ looks like lol
abby e
abby e Yıl önce
Clothing brand dude shouldnt have been out first, props to him for wanting to start his own carreer, obviously the other kids dont believe in that stuff Lol
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 7 aylar önce
"Yo bro.can i quiz you on ocean facts?" Made me laugh out loud. Im also drunk on egg nog mixed with sailor Jerry Apple whisky at 945 on wed day before thanksgiving doing work at home i didn't finish At Work. But still hilarious...bc i get it.ive been at that random house with random drunks askin random shit
Urabarosso 24 gün önce
Ocean facts girl gives off the "I was constantly bullied in middle school" vibes, with how hard she tries to sound cool and bitchy, but in reality says "draw an octopus" and loses the first challenge right after saying "I do this 10 times a day" Honestly can't not feel for her, even the whole comment section's dunking on her She just wants to go on a trip, didn't need to do her dirty like that
moon crab
moon crab Yıl önce
She's not a savage, she's just homeschooled
Elana :]
Elana :] Yıl önce
@Mr-AmA What do you think sociopath means? This is probably a joke, but it bothers me how stigmatized and misdefined sociopathy is.
lusca Yıl önce
@Abby M yeah i can definitely see some autistic traits in her as someone with autism myself
Worst Username In the World
sounds close, but I used to talk with a homeschooled girl and she acts nOTHING like ocean girl lmao
Harry 10 aylar önce
Why is that girl crying about having to take uber to school everyday? That's what, at least 17 bucks back and forth MINIMUM? Get a bike. Also, if she can get an uber on time to school every morning, she probably can find a bus that takes her at least near her school area. Does she not know how to use google map? Also, what kind of job does a 16 year old have that allows her to take an uber to school everyday?
Ayustria Salma
Ayustria Salma 9 aylar önce
Me with my scooter : look at this poor little lady
che chell
che chell 4 aylar önce
*who can stand on one leg the longest* Ocean girl that gets eliminated: “That wasnt fair” *dude gets eliminated for drawing octopus* Ocean girl: “That was fair :)”
qZenz2k Yıl önce
Fish girl: let’s do the stand on one leg challenge Fish girl:“I’m Buddhist so I do this like 10 times a day” *gets eliminated* Fish girl: “that wasn’t fair😡”
Jessica Alvarez
Jessica Alvarez Yıl önce
Lol how's she going to say the standing on one foot challenge was unfair? She agreed it was a good idea, and the reason they ended up doing it 😂 Then started bragging about how she does that every day. She wants to talk about unfair. If that's true, then she had an *unfair* advantage over everyone else. Stinks she lost, but sucks to suck lol
Charles Winston
Charles Winston Yıl önce
“You guys wanna play Rock Paper Scissors or something?” “I’m chilling”
Michael Engelmann
She said that like it’s a real quirky thing to do
Sarah is bored
Sarah is bored Yıl önce
Dog Kaisher
Dog Kaisher Yıl önce
That was cold af
Menco 90
Menco 90 Yıl önce
she’s not
Phim Short
Phim Short Yıl önce
Feel so bad for the couch guys
Emily Day
Emily Day Yıl önce
So, ocean girl was actually talking about a program that wasn’t through her own school, not some random trip to the Bahamas. She’s clearly misunderstood here
Bianca N
Bianca N Yıl önce
Your commentary on these videos makes me laugh out loud.
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