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Olivia Jade
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1 Dec 2019




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And i oop
And i oop 2 dakika önce
Wait who even is this?😂this was on my recommenced page
Kyairah Crawford
Kyairah Crawford 2 dakika önce
she's really her mom's twin. I'm here from the controversy
plaincivil 4 dakika önce
Brandon Tee
Brandon Tee 4 dakika önce
You should be terrified... You have a longgg way to go.
diegoyotta 6 dakika önce
audreymaria117 7 dakika önce
You've learned nothing, how unfortunate.
Riley A
Riley A 9 dakika önce
Yo gtfo Olivia
Anndrea Mya
Anndrea Mya 9 dakika önce
girl you’re cancelled , NEXT!
Josh JG
Josh JG 10 dakika önce
you said nothing, you entitled POS, you are mom should be in Jail...
kaccc chapp
kaccc chapp 11 dakika önce
this was posted on my 13th birthday
NateThan 12 dakika önce
So many fake likes. Did your mom buy them?
Nicholas Heisler
Nicholas Heisler 16 dakika önce
she's trying to make it seem like everybody should feel bad for her while the rest of us are out here fighting for our lives to get into school and figuring out how to pay for it.
J M 16 dakika önce
No one was waiting for you bitch.
jack waliszewski
jack waliszewski 21 dakika önce
what can someone who cheated the system say? oh, right, let's keep listening.
CarryOnGarry 22 dakika önce
Hi Everybody my RAP for Olivia ENJOY, 😉....... Oh Shallow Olivia JADE,🤢 For Education ur Bimbo self was never MADE .😲 U r just greedy for YT VIEWS,🤤 While ur Mom blew up on the NEWS.😋 Cmon Bissh let's get REAL,🖕 DO a Jail Make Up TUTORIAL.😉 When you will visit ur mom as she is sent to JAIL,🤣 Heard u gave up Rowing, now you SAIL 😂 World doesn't need ur Make up TIPS, 😲 Jus Lies drooling down ur conniving LIPS. 🤤 Tell ur mom what she should wear in JAIL, Like you she is an #Epic FAIL 🤢 We don't want your Narcissistic Shallow YT VIDEOS, 😤 Self centered & selfish u DESERVE peeps bashing ur False EGO's. 😈 Do not pass GO, Go straight to JAIL. 🤣 Ur narcissistic, shallow life is Bound to be an Epic FAIL🤢 LOL remorseless Olivia JADE, For good education you were never MADE. A TRvid ban for ur actions will be a fair TRADE, Oh Selfish and shameless OLIVIA JADE.🤢 Now ROW away to irrelevance, may u quickly FADE 👍 ~Garry~©®™ 🙂
aeiwa 23 dakika önce
Who cares?
bella 666
bella 666 27 dakika önce
lol fuck u.
Gary Edick
Gary Edick 28 dakika önce
WTF. This is what babbling looks/sounds like.
TheProtege00 28 dakika önce
I mean she has to move on with her life at some point and the only thing she knows how to do is TRvid vids, so might as well. What i dont get is she was 100% aware that she didnt get into college for rowing and even though her parents got her in, she was aware of it. Why is her mom facing jail time but not her?
Daniela Dominguez
Daniela Dominguez 30 dakika önce
Wtf was the point of this lmfao
Lee McCormick
Lee McCormick 31 dakika önce
Oof get off TRvid
Julia Rainey
Julia Rainey 32 dakika önce
I feel like she should just stop youtube...
Marlene Rachor
Marlene Rachor 33 dakika önce
Please don´t let the hate get to you too much
Tracy Christenson
Tracy Christenson 33 dakika önce
To everybody who's using the "you're not perfect either" defense of Olivia Jade, nobody needs to be perfect or even "practically perfect" to know right from wrong. Olivia Jade and her family are wrong on every level, intentionally so, and completely unrepentant about it. At least most of us average, imperfect people try to improve ourselves, and if we don't, we've got other people who come down on us and push us to improve. Most of us actually suffer consequences for things we do, intentional or not, and few people will put up with us whining about it. The saving grace of imperfect people is self-improvement, and that requires not only hard work and persistence but the humility to realize that improvement is necessary. That's how life is for most people because most of us have no choice but to learn and improve in order to make it through life and get along with other people. If Olivia Jade just gets pampering and defense from people like you, I can tell right now that she's just never going to get better. You're not doing her any favors by making excuses for her. If she swallows that, she'll spend the rest of her life being a whiny, overgrown brat who defends herself by saying that her friends like what she does and sullenly avoiding self-improvement because others are "imperfect", never becoming a real adult who can control herself and her selfish impulses and learn to make the right decisions on her own. This right here is about as good as it's likely to get with her until she wakes up and realizes that it's not even really adequate.
Lauren Poelman
Lauren Poelman 34 dakika önce
Who cares about the scandal?! It has nothing to do with us.... there’s no reason to hate on her. She probably gets enough crap for this already.
a b
a b 34 dakika önce
Honestly who gives AF? Really!
Dominic Roseland
Dominic Roseland 36 dakika önce
It’s callled monetizing your haters.
Yesenia Pyt
Yesenia Pyt 40 dakika önce
Fernanda Gudino
Fernanda Gudino 41 dakika önce
LMFAO in other words she misses her fame ..
Timelapsed 42 dakika önce
Being wealthy doesn't mean you can get away with whatever you want you brat.
JIGWIGPIGGY 42 dakika önce
Screw off. No one cares.
Semaphore Smith
Semaphore Smith 42 dakika önce
Sponsored by Xanax
kaki harris
kaki harris 43 dakika önce
its ok queen i still love u
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
How come she hasn’t apologized yet? That’s the first thing you should’ve done. Where’s the remorse for taking someone else’s spot who actually worked hard and DESERVED it?
Madasin Noelle
Madasin Noelle 46 dakika önce
If she can’t talk about it, she isn’t going to say sorry or anything in this specific video. that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel sorry. she’s a young girl and if her parents made her do it, that isn’t her fault. I think everyone, including Olivia, deserves a second chance. Live and learn.
Madasin Noelle
Madasin Noelle 30 dakika önce
Tracy Christenson i’m not going to argue with people i don’t know on youtube, this is simply my opinion and it is okay if it differs from yours. i’m legally an adult and around her age, but still dependent on my parents.
Tracy Christenson
Tracy Christenson 32 dakika önce
She's not a little girl. She's legally an adult.
Lee. Fitzpatrick
Lee. Fitzpatrick 46 dakika önce
When you get a job and pay your own bills then maybe just maybe you will be accepted by the public. Until then STFU amd take your spoiled skinny ass back to your privileged lifestyle and stay the fuck out of ours.
Jacob S
Jacob S 48 dakika önce
i feel bad for her because this kind of was her parents fault she didn’t want to go to college and they forced her but idk i also understand why people are annoyed because she’s not that genuine of a person
Marianna Gadaleta
Marianna Gadaleta 52 dakika önce
anyone else just go straight to the comments
Julian Velasquez
Julian Velasquez 54 dakika önce
Looks like she needs to show off more
D S 54 dakika önce
Anyone on placing bets now when this vlog will come down? No one ever wants 130K dislikes to be posted for ever
Ethan Klein on Olivia Jade