Hermitcraft 9: Episode 33: A FRESH START!

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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 33 A FRESH START! Grian is back on hermitcraft going over the story so far and having a "soft" reset to get back into the server.

Texturing Inspiration credits:

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3 Şub 2023




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AviationNathan Aylar önce
10 months of not being online on the Hermitcraft Server and Mumbo is still the richest hermit
Crimson Squid
Crimson Squid 10 gün önce
He for sure is isn't
Alienter 75
Alienter 75 22 gün önce
Another avgeek watches hermitcraft???? 👀
22 gün önce
​@AlphaStar yes it were
NoobProductions Aylar önce
DemonicLady Aylar önce
​@Marley it actually takes time to build stuff and he's also been dealing with some serious crap recently, they are people too, so give them some grace.
Mysticat Aylar önce
why not raise the dolphin highway up 100 blocks or so and go OVER the buildings? would b easier! :D
YaBoiJony 8 gün önce
How would it work to go uphill? Would it just be water elevators?
Owen Phillips
Owen Phillips 18 gün önce
if you use glass and leaves and such, you can also avoid casting a shadow on all the buildings below!
Lê Duy Khang
Lê Duy Khang 21 gün önce
Just make a roller coaster 😂
Lucy Aylar önce
Shelaine Whelan
Shelaine Whelan Aylar önce
Or under ground would work either
CantaloupesRyan Aylar önce
One of the more rare items I can think of is the glitched leather helmet. In the secret tree rooms of Woodland Mansions, there is one chest that can contain an Efficiency I Iron Axe, but the game can glitch out and give you an Efficiency I Leather Cap instead.
NorthernTooth96 3 gün önce
Got 17 in one chest so far
Albatraz 14 gün önce
Me and my friend found an iron chestplate with efficiency 1 is that the same? We played on Bedrock Edition.
NightSong Lightning
NightSong Lightning 21 gün önce
I remember finding one of those!
Ms Heat
Ms Heat 29 gün önce
I thought that was only possible in Bedrock? :0
ct_vp Aylar önce
Yeah, I was wondering why that was a thing. Thanks for the explanation :) I found one and have been confused about it for a while lol
ItsGhostfire_1 Aylar önce
I have never heard a more accurate summary of etho's build style than "whatever direction he fancies at the time"🤣
Dundos 16 gün önce
Good ol ~Von Sway~
DreadKyller Aylar önce
Here's a little tip for building the backs of builds. Make the back... into the front. Seriously, add a few rooms there where you enter from the back, and that'll help with the necessity and motivation to actually do stuff over there. If you don't frequently visit a certain side of a build it's easy to neglect it, if you make all sides of your build important, then they tend to get less neglected.
zenthous 6 gün önce
Yeah that’s a good idea
bedrock30 19 gün önce
Ooh I like this tip, thanks
Ellie-Angel Aylar önce
The first Decked Out was amazing, but this second one is absolutely blowing my mind and it's NOT EVEN DONE YET. Seriously, the amount of detail and dedication Tango has to that build? The End aesthetic of just the lobby? Absolutely amazing. I just- there are no words. (Also, I love Grian's obsession with rare items. I absolutely get obsessed about similar things haha.)
Jodie 11 gün önce
Seems like Tango really likes Decked Out haha!!
Georgee Aylar önce
You should check if Zedaph needs double tall grass for the “hall of all”, you could make some profit off him or at least a cool collab
SIN Methodical
SIN Methodical Aylar önce
@LasevIX_ shhh. I know but it got likes so I left it.
LasevIX_ Aylar önce
@SIN Methodical wrong comment buddy
Georgee Aylar önce
@Michael Moore that was sorta the idea, yeah
Michael Moore
Michael Moore Aylar önce
And because he has 2, he can keep one and sell one to Zed.
Shadowman1006 Aylar önce
@WhiteRabbit huh?
That1Dog Aylar önce
how to finish the back of the base: realize you've built the base facing the wrong way, and you already have it done. now you just have to build the front.
Totesnotnova Aylar önce
You should try find a blue axolotl, theyre super rare!
lost and confused
lost and confused Aylar önce
Hear me out, Subterranean Cetacean Station. Cetacean [see-tay-shun] is the family dolphins are in. Subterranean, obviously means underground. If you guys were to build the track underground, you wouldn't have to worry about disrupting builds or the sight line. It'd be pretty cool :)
Matthias Aylar önce
this!!! the way it is now is horrible and i hope he doesn´t destroy awesome buildings for this crap
דניאל ליכטר
Assuming a village has about 5 chests, and the chance to get tall grass in a chest is 1% , the chance to get two or more tall grass is 0.098%. wow!
turbojax07 Aylar önce
Some suggestions for highway: Mysticat seems to have already said to make it higher, which is a good idea, and is half of what I was going to say. 1. You could make a sort of hub like in the nether. This would provide a good stopping point, and you could change directions a bit easier. 2. With the angled road, don't have flowing water going off of either end. It seems to be pulling you off of the road. 3. (Possibility, I'm not sure if it would work) Maybe put dolphins all along the road. This might keep the effect active, therefore reducing the number of times you would need to slow down on the highway. Again, this might not work, idk.
Praecantetia Aylar önce
This episode is secretly for Mumbo as a catchup.
Noob slayer New
Noob slayer New 7 gün önce
@Sturmfalke ][ ranch
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ 8 gün önce
@Noob slayer New The joke was catchup.
Praecantetia 8 gün önce
@Sturmfalke ][ mayo.
Noob slayer New
Noob slayer New 22 gün önce
@Sturmfalke ][ mustard
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ Aylar önce
MaxLink Aylar önce
A projectile protection + protection helmet is the rarest its obtained through trapped skeleton horses
Spottyrules Aylar önce
28:11 perhaps you could drop down into the ground and speedy under bdubs’ and scar’s shops, then pop up and continue speedy running to everyone’s bases? Not sure if this idea would work, and the mining would definitely take a lot of time, but it’s an idea! :)
Lord Cactus
Lord Cactus 21 gün önce
That or just have the entire highway be underground like a subway!
OR56 Aylar önce
You should make a Pether Nortal. Yes, it’s a bunch of fancy red stone, but it is a mega flex
VioletReaper79 Aylar önce
I love how you got so excited about finding tall grass. I feel that entirely except I'm obsessed with trying to see all the music discs recently in survival. Real Minecraft nerd pride😁
Michael Lautermilch
The soul soil road could be made into a "rainbow road" type of mini game, like a race track you can compete on. Also a very scenic race track that shows off many parts of your world.
Sonryle Aylar önce
I swear I took a break from watching hermitcraft for like 5 months and as soon as I decided to start watching it again... Grian starts talking abt how its been a minute... maybe QUITE A FEW MINUTES and then proceeds to give me a COMPLETE RECAP for everything that I missed when I was gone... Thats madness. its like this video was made for me
Mike Aylar önce
always bored
always bored Aylar önce
No way, literally same here. Got it reccomended again and decided to watch again and wow
Jesse_ U
Jesse_ U Aylar önce
Same here! I just wasn’t really feeling a vibe at the beginning so I quit watching it and now this video was suggested to me and I feel good to get back to watching the hermits again
Ben Goldberg
Ben Goldberg Aylar önce
In addition to putting (grey) glow lichen on the green blocks, you can put vines on some of the grey blocks around it. Keeping vines from spreading is as easy as right-clicking with shears.
Playr4 Aylar önce
How did all of you guys accidentally end up building in basically a straight line this season?
Ch3zter Aylar önce
Have you experimented with different angles for the highway? a 15° angle is a lot straighter then a 45° one. It might just work for a short section to get around the shopping district.
LeSuper Craft
LeSuper Craft Aylar önce
when Scar and Grian tried to summon Mumbo they even did a sacrifice! without noticing it lol!😂
Imasimp 10 gün önce
*Evo flashbacks*
Birdie Aylar önce
Deepslate coal ore is very rare too, just like the deepslate emerald. Your collection wouldnt be complete without it!
Zhop Aylar önce
have you considered making the dolphin highway underground and just having easily accessible stations at every major stop? This seems like a perfect opportunity to just make it a subway.
Naokarma Aylar önce
@Nightmare "when has the hermits ever done something 'the easiest approach'" Every episode? With everything that was for purely practical purposes? The only time they don't is when they're going out of their way to be creative, which mainly happens with pranks and builds. Everything else is just messing around, not trying to hyper-optimize for increasingly niche scenarios. You're thinking of Scicraft if that's the impression you got.
Nightmare Aylar önce
@Naokarma when has the hermits ever done something "the easiest approach" and no you can't say not doing the back side of builds
NateTheGnat Aylar önce
I think either this or at build height, build height would be less work just cause you don't have to also dig a tunnel, but both have pros and cons
Harrygold8 Aylar önce
@Zhop Yeah a subway would be very cool like the one they made in Keralis’s city during Grains base in base “phase”. At least it would be easier to get the dolphins underground then at the build limit. I mean also seem them building it through the two buildings. Or a crazy solution I had using an Enderperal stasis or some other tricky to pass the buildings (highly unlikely)
Zhop Aylar önce
@Harrygold8 Y'know what, that's probably what they'll go with if I'm being honest, just making it turn left then right. I think a subway system of sorts would be cooler solution but by far that's the easier one
Taymarpigeon Aylar önce
What about using red stone ore beneath some glow lichen (or vines but vines may be too harsh) to give the effect of small flowers growing in some of the mossy parts of the build. You could also try it with Lapis, diamond, gold or emerald ore if you're feeling flush. Maybe even coal ore for your more spooky builds.
Tatiana Lipert
Tatiana Lipert Aylar önce
When Etho joined the server this season, he found a double tall fern item in a taiga village. Same with tall grass, it's the only way to get the item.
Norlan4u Aylar önce
Have you thought about doing it underground? that way you can even have some nice speed effects due to tunnel design
Dan Ovadia
Dan Ovadia Aylar önce
Every one of your TRvid videos that are titled with "It begins" or "let's go" or "Lets starts" has performed very very well on TRvid. Theyre part of your top 100 most viewed videos. This begins a new beginning! Hoping it hits one of your tops ❤️
Kiwi The Witch Of Blood
The amount of times I have seen the grass and fern stuff in chests and have literally taken the chests’ contents and tossed those things on the floor to despawn is a great deal. I may hoard a lot of stuff, but “rare” stuff like that just never really gets used where I live. Although, a museum of artifacts, fossils, and rare finds might be neat to have…🤔
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad Aylar önce
I really want to see a video of Grian getting that therapy about the back of builds, but Mumbo as the therapist
RealSlytha Aylar önce
He did back lol
mhm Aylar önce
@DannyBonk or better help
billabong1264 Aylar önce
@DannyBonk lol
DannyBonk Aylar önce
He could do it as an audible sponsorship 😂
k r
k r Aylar önce
It'd be so neat to see some kind of inspiration from the nether castle from one of the previous seasons hanging from the rocks! Like, an upside down village, maybe? Or a crazy tall house like What Remains of Edith Finch!
Sun 75
Sun 75 Aylar önce
i'd suggest adding an entrance on the back of your build so you see that side more and thus are more motivated to finish it. also a reason to approach from that direction :D
Calvin Akery
Calvin Akery Aylar önce
Deepsllate coal is surprisingly rare
shwamalama bamalama
this may be a bit late but itd be cool if you designed the water travel system as if it were an aqueduct with archways underneath, you could maybe even push it and ask if you could integrate the aqueduct with the peoples builds its going through to help with the look and maybe add some design
Wolfkiller Aylar önce
The large fern is one of the rarest things in the game
Alex Booth
Alex Booth Gün önce
not really since you can pick it up with sheers. compared to the tall grass you have to find it in a chest
Asher McKay
Asher McKay Aylar önce
You need to turn one of the buildings on your floating rocks into a "Museum of Strange Oddities" and display your rare items in it in some fancy way!
Wendy Hughes
Wendy Hughes Aylar önce
@your.niichan yep, that's the one.
your.niichan Aylar önce
@Wendy Hughes I think it's Zedaph
Wendy Hughes
Wendy Hughes Aylar önce
Isnt someone already collecting rarities and offering rewards for??
a Rock
a Rock Aylar önce
Hans Coelmont
Hans Coelmont Aylar önce
Raven9010th Aylar önce
If you want to go diagonally, you'd have to significantly widen the track and that would require more dolphins in order to get the full effect across the entire track.
Justin Chen
Justin Chen Aylar önce
From the front, the new building makes the entire base look more like a single build and the upper rocks look less floaty.
Nikixu Aylar önce
I have a feeling that in order to bring Mumbo back to hermitcraft we have to bring him back Taurtis summoning style.
Bubble Aylar önce
Amazing! It makes me feel like I want to rewatch ALL hermits video. Im even rewatching season 6
Peter Falk
Peter Falk Aylar önce
Honestly, I'd probably put the super speed highway underground. It's a lot of digging and will be hard to get the dolphins in there, but on the plus side you don't have to worry about going through any buildings. Plus bubble elevators are awesome to use.
CowCow1015 Aylar önce
Grian should make a summoning platform for Mumbo, just like he did for Taurtis in Evo
CowCow1015 Aylar önce
IMIBUKS Aylar önce
@CowCow1015 yea Miss that series....
Rob the blox
Rob the blox Aylar önce
He made it in scars stream
Kevin Malmberg
Kevin Malmberg Aylar önce
Stariel Aylar önce
ʎpoqou 8 gün önce
Your building looks amazing, love the idea and the gradient! 💚
PokeDweeb 29 gün önce
I want to see the hermits try and do a whole season in the RLcraft mode pack
Meady Aylar önce
what if you just started approaching your castle from the back? So that way it’s actually the front and you’ll feel compelled to complete it. I’d only suggest doing so once the front is finished though
aMadHatter13 Aylar önce
The castle looks fantastic! I really appreciate the mini tutorial of the moss gradients too. I find it easier to naturally integrate new techniques into my own building when it's explained so I can't wait to get working on things! As for the speed highway, it'll be a bit more work but if you can't go through shops and can't go around shops, can you go under shops? I mean have it as a tunnel like a subway system. Downside of course is the digging but some hermits like Pearl enjoy mindless mining at times. Whatever you end up going with, I can't wait to see it!
PancakeOfTheOpera Aylar önce
The double large fern, which can be found in taiga villages, is also rather rare! :D
Hans Coelmont
Hans Coelmont Aylar önce
Surprisingly, Deepslate Coal Ore is very rare because most Coal spawns above Deepslate level
The Music Rider
The Music Rider Aylar önce
Deepslate Emerald is the rarest block in the game, since emerald ore only spawns in mountains, and at high y levels, thus deepslate emerald is rarer then Netherite.
SergeantXray Aylar önce
@Muhammad Raihan emerald in normal stone is super common
Muhammad Raihan
Muhammad Raihan Aylar önce
But what about the emerald stone ore? I saw it when he flew away from the village (video at 17:11)
global moron
global moron Aylar önce
I found 10 in the same patch of coal in my world, using it for accent blocks
Ham_burger Aylar önce
bro i just mined a bunch without silk touch! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
xpGamer77 Aylar önce
Grian, I like the idea of the road. I think its a very funny idea that Etho came up with. But whould it be better if the road was underground? This way you can avoid all those problems that you mentioned earlier and also it might look a bit better if the speedway wasnt ontop of bdubs roads going through the shopping district. Just a thought, and glad to see hermitcraft vids back again!
ipostrandomcringe 23 gün önce
i think the rarest block is a block of fire? bc u could only get it in the early versions of minecraft. also finding double double tall grass was pretty chobblesome
Luke B.
Luke B. 20 gün önce
This is perfect I just came back from a couple mont break of grain and am pumped to be watching again!
Serena Silvermoon (VT)
A simple solution to the back problem is to not have a back. Or at least... when designing your build... don't build it in a manner where it's only seen from one side. Try and build it where it looks good from all sides. If you start your builds with this in mind, it actually makes it a lot easier to do.
ChildofIvy Aylar önce
I was worried earlier when the boulder felt off balance due to the building on the right. The stone castle bit definitely returned balance the build!
Flying Kiwi
Flying Kiwi Aylar önce
Large Fern is just like the tall grass however it only spawns in spruce villages and deep slate coal and normal diamond ores are also pretty rare!
Marcel Aylar önce
You could bring back the Time Machine and get itemized fire
CraftingCatIX the Minecrafter
Deep slate coal is super rare
Sean Dun
Sean Dun Aylar önce
Not as rare as deepslate emerald, but yeah.
Matke Aylar önce
@8-Bit Dragon Ive seen quite a few today
8-Bit Dragon
8-Bit Dragon Aylar önce
Deep slate copper ore is rare to.
ThunderCrash Kids
ThunderCrash Kids Aylar önce
I love the new castle it reminds me of a miniature hog warts castle!
Ben Goldberg
Ben Goldberg Aylar önce
For the diagonal speedy water highway, what if the sides were open fence gates? They don't have collision boxes, so you can't accidentally run into them.
some guy
some guy Aylar önce
I wonder if you could design a bubble elevator/drop down chute for the speedway to go under the shops. Whereby the momentum of your running would propel you to the drop down, whilst going over the bubble column, allowing you to drop down or go up, depending on the direction you are going.
Chexmix6 Aylar önce
In your base you should put a room of oddities! For all the rare items you find!
Landini The Spaghettini
Half of this episode is “Grian pops off over touching grass” nd im lovin every second of it
Juniper Juno
Juniper Juno Aylar önce
Also have you considered making the dolphine trail more like a subway/train rail and let it go under ground during the shopping district with access points you can fly into??? It'd be much cuter and interesting than a line in the sky AND just as fast and easy to access. While being able to make it very bare bones and just putting it as a subway line that can be very copy past (and have the ability to have hermits potentially throw graffiti in the tunnels 👀🥰
Citrine Aylar önce
wow good idea
Juniper Juno
Juniper Juno Aylar önce
@Minalkra ofcourse! It would be far too much of a shame to hide all of it. I'd love to have only the shopping district underground proper, whatever Y level that is I mean. But letting the cute world be shown as much as possible 🥰
Minalkra Aylar önce
Instead of putting it ALL underground, having some 'viewports' into the highway might be a good way to draw attention to it. Digging a deep hole, designing the landscaping to be interesting and having a glass roof over the subway during that part will allow the runner to be seen. I wish there was a way to gently step-up/down the path so that it's not a huge bother to change elevation ... a path of four or five waterlogged halfslabs to change half a block, repeated a few times to change elevation without interrupting the speed? So block-block-lower halfslab-halfslab-halfslab-halfslab-halfslab-lower block-block-block-block-block-even lower halfslab-halfslab-etc?
Keith Wiechart
Keith Wiechart Aylar önce
That’s a really great idea, but just keep in mind that the entire tunnel would have to be dug out. Considering that the Hermit’s bases are several hundreds of blocks apart, it would be a serious undertaking.
Heather Voisin
Heather Voisin Aylar önce
@Aarush Patil but what if someone’s base is underground
Blipblop Aylar önce
Grian excitement for the tall grass is refreshing- my current world I’ve been trying to collect everything in minecraft for a museum build and I react the same
FishStix 6 gün önce
I played Minecraft yesterday on my survival world and I looted a savannah village and found some tall grass. I didn’t know it was rare until I watched this video, which sent me on a 30 minute run to the village, and another 30 minutes back. It is now hanging on my wall.
Samuel Bedford
Samuel Bedford 21 gün önce
"I need to find some more rare things" Grian says while flying past an emerald ore which is a pretty decently rare block
Clay Hales
Clay Hales Aylar önce
I think I remember hearing with the new ore distribution deepslate coal ore blocks are really rare.
Joe Bray
Joe Bray Aylar önce
You could drop the whole speedy highway underground , no issue with bases and you could color code the walls for different hermits.
Congratulations you have been selected as random winner of my giveaway DM via above content to claim your prize
Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell Aylar önce
For the speedy highway problem, to avoid cutting through the builds of other hermits, why not bury it deep underground, or raise it to the sky above all the buildings, that way the X and Z coordinates stay the same but you just change the Y value.
Amy Hart
Amy Hart Aylar önce
@Kaycee Carson Something with slime block's maybe? i think that could work! with trip-wires you could literly jump over a building, plus you get a nice view
Pseudodonn7 Aylar önce
I believe I know the answer, though I am only guesssing. Running it underground may also cause issues with anyone who has mining or farms beneath their base that expand across the region. It might also be harder to plot a course after so long into the season as it would be to plot one above ground. The only disadvantage I can think of for putting up high is that it may not be asthetically pleasing. True, it may not be asthetically pleasing now... but I suspect the flourish that will be done to it might dominate the skyline far more than a simple roadway may. Again, just guessing and not intending to project my opinions on this. I could be wrong and I don't necessarily believe that such a thing would not be asthetically pleasing nor do I know if it would be that hard to run it underground. I'm just purposing why Grian thought this might've been the best choice. True, he may be underthinking it. Or overthinking it... since he put it above ground. :D
Zach Slaughter
Zach Slaughter Aylar önce
this is what i was thinking. why not put it at the deepest point possible? the sky limit might be an easier option but it might not look as good
Kaycee Carson
Kaycee Carson Aylar önce
Like it could literally shoot them over the base and they land back into the straight away water I wonder if it’d work
Cameron Larson
Cameron Larson Aylar önce
I was literally about to leave a comment saying this
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 20 saatler önce
Etho's content makes me so happy so it's super heartwarming to see him mentioned and appreciated hehe also oddly enough, I've found multiple of the double tall grass items just wandering around haha. I think I have 3. I also have something like 10 or so deepslate coal ore... and I think one deepslate emerald ore? Maybe? I can't remember. I've also been collecting any normal stone diamond ores I find. the drafts made out of diamond and gold blocks hahahaha
NSC_notNCS Aylar önce
Make a museum with all the rare items like the dragon egg, tall grass, notch apple, deep slate emerald, and empty buried treasure map.
Samuel Bedford
Samuel Bedford 22 gün önce
Grian gave me flash backs to when I got really gassed up about getting large ferns (basically the same as tall grass but only found in spruce villages)
Evan Kwek
Evan Kwek 18 gün önce
Another rare thing is Large fern which is found in the spruce village. Its just like tall grass, can only be obtainable thru chests.
Protect Omega X
Protect Omega X Aylar önce
What about creating a random platform in the sky. And from there, the high way would go above all the buildings. It would be cool to have a transportation up in the sky
WideTarantula20 Aylar önce
Hi Grian! Name idea for your speedy highway: the slip n' slideway
duckydabeast Aylar önce
Amazing name man
Alfae Aylar önce
Who is this grain character?
MandaraMinu 9 gün önce
Yeah, your special attack in that card game should have been, “Build my back please”, but “Start a War” is still acceptable.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Aylar önce
The bundle seems just like an early game shulker box that is useful for storing a bunch of the same item like taking them to collect cobble
Valravna Aylar önce
Maybe you and Mumbo should make a backless base together - each of you make a front that join together into one. Of course, the benefit of that is the lag! So many items might lag into your pockets!
TheMaskedGamer Aylar önce
i feel a war breawing for that dragon egg now that HE wants it
ItsFlom Aylar önce
Btw its like a 6/10000 chance to get 2 tall grass in one village (depending on how many chests there are)
Flowercrowns NSkulls
Definitely gotta be double tall ferns next! As they also cannot be sheared or silk touched! They are only found in taiga village chest!
Spikewheelo Aylar önce
Start a war to get the dragon egg
Imperfect Imp
Imperfect Imp Aylar önce
Either this or getting enough fragments to make record 5. The following are a bit less rare, but: deepslate coal, stone redstone ore, or stone diamond ore. Or finding a fossil with diamonds underground? Though that can literally take forever.
CoreyGG Aylar önce
That was gonna be mine
Throyol Aylar önce
that would have been my suggestion aswell :D
SoupHam Aylar önce
The castle you built this episode looks like it has a face, just like the face you accidentally built on the villager farm a few episodes ago.
MoonDoesRandomStuff 8 gün önce
*Walks into therapy* Therapist: "What seems to be the issue?" Grian: " *The back.* "
mikieeco1 Aylar önce
A double fern is very rare. I think it spawns in taiga villages.
BabyGhast Aylar önce
Look for double tall fern plants in spruce/taiga villages, same way you got the tall grass.
hurtU Aylar önce
A big fern is the rarest found in a spruce village
Afish8me2china Aylar önce
I love how you just casually mentioned that doc somehow brought the ender dragon back to the overworld like it’s the most normal thing ever
Moon Aylar önce
@CubyCube lol, good job. My pfp was just some artists drawing that I liked. I am planning on changing it to something I made soon, but I haven't gotten to it😅 but u have a fun little story for yours!
CubyCube Aylar önce
@Moon yeah pfp was from like 2 years ago and at the time I wanted to make a mc channel and somehow I thought of this lol
Chuunosuke (The Squishiest Lawyer)
For Doc it is. My first introduction to Doc's craziness was the grand opening of the Octagon last season with the lightning generator. He had a CIRCULAR nether portal!! The man is NUTS
Y1PPE Aylar önce
Its hermitcraft people do random game breaking stuff
Moon Aylar önce
@WhiteRabbit I don't understand the context of this, but it is a good reminder. Thank you rabbit
NorthernTooth96 3 gün önce
Efficiency 1 helmets can only be found very rarely in a woodland mansion
XevianLight Aylar önce
What if the dolphin highway goes through the shops but gets integrated into the design of the building? There are many real life residential buildings and hotels that have train and rail systems going through them!
Rafael Martins
Rafael Martins Aylar önce
What about a storyline where you make a gallerie with all your fancy itens and your dragon egg that you obtain "fairly" (buying or making a favour/job) and thennn IT GET STOLEN! Then you have to discover who did it with you detective friends, and then the group that stole it have to hide it and sabotage the investigation. After you guys "fight" then the egg get donated to a museum in the shopping district rather then your personal gallerie.
DTC Aylar önce
For the water, moving the highway down/up would allow to avoid hitting things
Abby Adams
Abby Adams Aylar önce
You could open a “Grian’s Rarities” show case room now that you’re collecting rare items!
RamennBowls Aylar önce
can we just take a moment and appreciate how FREAKING SICK Decked Out 2 looks?!
Icy Aylar önce
I'm taking more than a moment
Sabkut_ Aylar önce
Lightning _11
Lightning _11 Aylar önce
Can't wait for the game to come out.
Raven Aylar önce
fr it's stunning
Lisa Schröpfer
Lisa Schröpfer Aylar önce
I don’t know any rare items in minecraft but you could put them up either for auction between the hermits or maybe even better make a exhibition for it. Maybe sort them after time period in which those might have been normally found within every different period section of you floating build 👍🤔 then of course charge entrance fee for the hermits to visit
Gsav1320 Aylar önce
Nothing as good as season seven. Everyone was consistent with uploading, fantastic builds and storylines. Good ol days
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Logan Bodenhamer
Logan Bodenhamer Aylar önce
I don't know if it's still possible, but in older versions you could build contraptions to glitch a bedrock item into existence. If it is still possible, that could be an item you could hunt.
Beau Stricklin
Beau Stricklin 16 gün önce
Get your rare items turned into trading cards in the game, that would be really cool to have a special rarity like ultra rare or something.
I like shrimp
I like shrimp Aylar önce
The water stuff is a great idea for a train station for shops
Nicecream Aylar önce
Large fern is a very rare item, similar to the tall grass and can only be found in spruce villeges.
Oz Raby
Oz Raby Aylar önce
definitely needs to find that.
Clever_leverOP Aylar önce
Taiga villages, but yes he needs to find that.
Lukas Alkauskas
Lukas Alkauskas Aylar önce
Here's me placing it down the moment I see it and breaking it due to my random hatred for tall grass.
Nicecream Aylar önce
Opsie, now i know :)
Candela Aylar önce
actually its called tall fern and they're called taiga villages
Floofy_Loof 15 gün önce
You can get tall ferns from spruce villages aswell.
QuiteCoast 4 gün önce
In bedrock maybe Java, there’s a chance that in a Woodland mansion a chest will spawn with a helmet that has efficiently.
akaittou Aylar önce
Rare things that come to mind: Deepslate Coal Ore (this one makes me cry because i like to use it in dark gradients in creative but it's too rare to do that with in survival) Diamond Ore (non-deepslate, but I don't know if it actually counts as rare on Hermincraft after the diamond pillar war lol) Tall Fern (exact same situation as Tall Grass but taiga villages) Recovery Compass Notch Apple (they're still rare, people just go after them more) Music Discs: "Otherside", "Pigstep", "5" Banner Patterns: "Thing" (costs a notch apple to craft), "Snout" Mobs: Purple Axolotl, Brown Mooshroom, Brown Panda, Skeleton Horse
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