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In today's episode False works on 3 projects to get her base up and running as quick and efficiently as possible, as well as make it look even more magical. A giant tree now looms over her base cave and storage is sorted! An organised False is the best False.

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17 Eyl 2021




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FalseSymmetry 4 aylar önce
Download Monster Legends now and get this special reward for free until September 26th! bit.ly/392b0H5
LordT 4 aylar önce
Hey there
BrownR87 4 aylar önce
I'm really disappointed when it said "300,000 gold, and 10 gems!" you didn't paste 10 little pictures of GeminiTay around the screen. Missed opportunity.
Maddock Emerson
Maddock Emerson 4 aylar önce
You don’t think it’s unethical to be shilling a habit-forming freemium game to an audience that includes a lot of little kids?
Kodi Brown -02-
Kodi Brown -02- 4 aylar önce
Hey false, maybe make some water-logged half-blocks to use as landing pads. May make entering the cavern less damaging.
glowy the glowbug
glowy the glowbug 4 aylar önce
I wont download it sorry I didn't fail no simp November for a reason Also I don't have any more memory space lol
TheOneUH8 4 aylar önce
It's honestly such a good idea to make cave/terraforming/LUMP/mountain based builds in hermitcraft because all of the new decorative blocks are themed that way. Kudos to the hermits for being so clever!
HIGH FIVE 4 aylar önce
Her base is looking awesome. If I were flying overhead and saw the cave entrance, I'd definitely want to check it out.
Matthijs van Hofslot
Matthijs van Hofslot 4 aylar önce
I think it has more to do with all of them having planned their megabases in advance, based on the information that 1.17 would add massive mountains and caves, and then when the actual mountains didn't come with the update they had to build mountains themselves.
Transmission Control
Transmission Control 4 aylar önce
It's funny how most of the Hermits have gone all Caves & Cliffs despite the lack of them in the update.
Paul Elderson
Paul Elderson 4 aylar önce
They're always creatively inspired by the new blocks that are added and this time it's a lot of cave style flowers and blocks. It's a pretty natural result, really. As for the mountains, it's almost like a "fine, I'll do it myself" scenario. With them constantly one-upping the previous mountains to make them look like hills.
Finx 4 aylar önce
I think it would look beautiful if false woud and more bridges that go up and from the caverns to other ones just to tie the build together and makes it easier than flying into the wall each time
reginthe7th 4 aylar önce
Maybe some sleek suspension bridges with some vine's to camouflage them?
S4SS1TUD3 4 aylar önce
FalseSymmetry your entire island is coming together so beautifully! I wish you the best on your terraforming journey and I hope you don't have any lumps in the road of it! Edit: An easy way to get around the storage room and the furnaces, You can do a mini floating island path, or a bunch of leaves everywhere, Or just a spruce bridge.
Claire Kholin
Claire Kholin 4 aylar önce
perhaps they could look like rubble from ripping out the floating islands
Phoenix's Trills
Phoenix's Trills 4 aylar önce
Drip leaves would fit in pretty nicely, I think
Isaac Lukas
Isaac Lukas 4 aylar önce
@Sebastian Jost or hanging llamas everywhere (with chests even)! The idea is so that you'd ride on 2 or 3 of them just to get across. They look funny, it's harmless and it makes the base more dynamic. But yeah, it's much more practical to use riptide tridents anyway, since all you need is a small water platform on each of the areas. there could even be secret water tunnels under them!
Sebastian Jost
Sebastian Jost 4 aylar önce
Riptide tridents would als be a fun way to get around inside that base
Yama 4 aylar önce
Some more trees further back from the hole might look good? That way they won't block off too much more with their canopy. More of a side note: In terms of the timescale/lore of the base. The eagle only just lifted the ground out right? So would there be many trees already growing within the hole? Or is the eagle moving slowly enough for plants to grow back into the area it carried into the air?
Tilen Kos
Tilen Kos 4 aylar önce
Storytelling. When you approach the base you see the eagle lifting the lump away. When you get closer, the eagle goes out of view, you see a tree - maybe an acorn fell on some fertile ground and grew over 30 years, idk, you don't really see the eagle anymore anyway. You enter the base and see that some time later a civilization found the cave and settled in it etc. It doesn't need to be a matter of seconds
Big Gay Inc.
Big Gay Inc. 4 aylar önce
For traversing the small gaps, I'd suggest just keeping some ender pearls, it's a little quicker and you can get tons of them at the xp grinder. Or if you don't want to go that route, maybe some big hanging vines draped across the gaps?
Flip of the Force
Flip of the Force 4 aylar önce
I think your caverns would benefit greatly with glow lichen as a way to reduce spawns and incorporate lighting into the deco. Impulse covered sea lanterns with lichen for a good effect. Dont forget about sea pickles for another possibility. Or creepy candles throughout. Love your videos and have been watching for years now, keep it up!
Flip of the Force
Flip of the Force 4 aylar önce
@Keith Wright that is why I mentioned it. I watch most hermits and candles seem to be forgotten since you need bees.
Keith Wright
Keith Wright 4 aylar önce
I’ve been surprised how few candles we’ve seen in hermit craft.
Revan 4 aylar önce
Gt Bkts
Gt Bkts 4 aylar önce
Love the title. Almost seems like a mod name.Would be an awesome pack!
Carmine F
Carmine F 4 aylar önce
Or an adventure map
greatazuredragon 4 aylar önce
Love how the ravine is shaping up. Great work False.
Rixa Xeno
Rixa Xeno 4 aylar önce
This looks fantastic! I feel like if you want to keep the number of physical paths inside a bit lower, a riptide trident could be useful to traverse between the many water pools 😁🔱
lovelivil 4 aylar önce
i think you can make a pathway with oak slabs and chains to resemble a hanging mineshaft for a more efficient (and lazy) way of getting from the smelter and storage areas !! maybe you can add some rails and glowlychen to prevent spawns , and underneath the path you can add hanging lanterns over whatever you will build under there in the future !! ^-^
Joseph • 3 years ago
I love this base, it has the coziest feeling ever! Let's go false :)
Mario12267 4 aylar önce
Epic episode! Absolutely love all the progress in this jam packed episode! Everything is looking amazing! I think maybe some farm land or maybe a mini village could look cool in the other half of the base, or maybe a magical spring with a giant tree at the centre that could be the life source of the base surrounded with some farm land or agriculture or something. Can’t wait to see what you decide to put there! Keep up the amazing work! Have a fantastic week! See you later!
Math Yoda
Math Yoda 4 aylar önce
Love the build! Good luck in MCC later! Spoiler warning below: CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 3rd WIN!! YOU GUYS DID AMAZING.
KiraKamiMax 4 aylar önce
Hello False, congratz on yesterday's MCC victory, was watching the end of Grian's stream, that was awesome. You're probably the best minecraft player i know with a bow, i wouldnt duel you lol.
Joeri van Limpt
Joeri van Limpt 4 aylar önce
I guess for that distance an ender pearl would be slightly easier than flying
Guus Klaas
Guus Klaas 4 aylar önce
False, you're way too humble! Your area looks great, and a lot of the footage where you said "that might not be that interesting" probably would've been great. Keep up the good work!
HouseButch 4 aylar önce
Love the idea of big giant trees - dark oak and jungle logs would be great (even using jungle to "wrap" around the dark oak as a type of really thick vine might be cool)
Sarah T
Sarah T 4 aylar önce
It might look cool to do a branch or root of a tree connecting the two areas so you don’t need to fly between them...kind of a more unique way of doing a bridge :)
Buddykins 4 aylar önce
I bet you're looking forward to the new lighting update, any light lvl precents spawns. That will allow for some really moody builds
Squibit Bessy
Squibit Bessy 4 aylar önce
Don’t forget about using stone slabs and stairs to spawn proof, it will be totally invisible and after all that digging you certainly have enough stone to spare!
Kush J
Kush J 4 aylar önce
Use tridents to move around your base! It'll let you move across quickly and be the least distracting from the other visuals of the cavern
PRAKESH 4 aylar önce
Maybe you should add another, smaller tree. then for the rest you can add some more leaves, moss stuff, and glowberries that hang down into the hole. I think that would look incredible edit: as for the smelter path, I think a wood brige would be nice and look really cool, something like a hanging bridge with lanterns and maybe even some overgrowth would looks awesome, perhaps you could even have more of those connecting the different hollowed out "corners"
Demented MK
Demented MK 4 aylar önce
For getting to the smelter, I think a tree root bridge could look cool!
RedWinterRoses 4 aylar önce
Ooh, this is lovely! The overhanging tree is awesome, but it does block the entrance a bit -- maybe either a second tree that sits back a bit further, or a few smaller trees and bushes lining the other side of the opening, as if the forest is kind of growing downwards into the cavern over time? Can wait to see how it turns out!
K. Rose
K. Rose 2 aylar önce
False, this base is amazing!! This is like my DREAM base. I actually tried to create something similar to this about a year ago but I just could not execute the vision (I'm not very good at Minecraft hahahah). I might have to revisit the idea on a small scale in my little world because you have just sparked me to be reinterested ☺️ love love love this video. I think your base is my favourite of the season so far!
Akiva Jacobs
Akiva Jacobs 4 aylar önce
False! You’ve won every MCC that takes place in September! The September Champion!
Naktya 3 aylar önce
Your base is amazing! I look forward to seeing it complete.
Deaven Hendrix
Deaven Hendrix 4 aylar önce
I think Riptide would be a good way to traverse your base. It could work well in the river, and maybe add little spots of water on the platforms.
peterlem1 4 aylar önce
It's a beautiful cave False, the rivers are awesome! To connect the different ledges, I think either flat bridges out of the glass you are already using in the floors or slightly arced wooden bridges would look good.
Quincy 4 aylar önce
You could use something that looks like a rope bridge to connect the areas in your main base area
Gabriel Hanlen
Gabriel Hanlen 4 aylar önce
I was watching the video and I was really loving it(as always) but anyway I had an idea for the water fall. If you are gonna make a super smelter maybe have the items that are gonna be smelted flow up out of a chest into a dropper which fires into the water fall and the water fall pushes the items down over hoppers into the smelters. I think it would be very sleek. Any way. Really love the episode, and can’t wait for the next one!
jurian0101 4 aylar önce
A lively cavern give such a good Tomb Raider vibe! Maybe populate it with underground mini-biomes like bamboo forest with pandas (a mob a bit neglected so far in S8).
Douglas Kontrath
Douglas Kontrath 4 aylar önce
Make a root bridge from side to side would look amazing
Red Spade
Red Spade 4 aylar önce
You could try making a geode room. It might give good contrast to the cave.
Kieran 4 aylar önce
The base is looking amazing!
alik sardar
alik sardar 4 aylar önce
11:20 you can use fences with carpet on top as a bridge
IaIaCthulhuFtagn 4 aylar önce
This is turning to the alternate travel season. We got the hyper loop, horse paths, and now underground canals.
Ryan Mangan
Ryan Mangan 4 aylar önce
The tree roots at the end almost looked like a bridge so maybe that could in some way be a nice way to connect the platforms so she wouldn't have to fly each time.
Douglas Kontrath
Douglas Kontrath 4 aylar önce
Enchanting room and you said you’d actually have a bedroom this season 😂
Julie Meadows
Julie Meadows 4 aylar önce
To go along with your theme you could create a fallen tree to connect the two platforms? That would be pretty
Jaxon 4 aylar önce
i think it would look magnificent with little bridges connecting the storage and smelting area and such
Ethan Hegge
Ethan Hegge 4 aylar önce
it'd be pretty awesome to have water involved in any part that has green. if it's a splotchy path, dripping water from above would be awesome. if it's a more solid green path, water on the side would be awesome.
Siddy 4 aylar önce
use some coral stuff in the river or maybe just bonemeal :-) it'd be great
krayokay. 4 aylar önce
The bridges on the lower level all curve up and over the rivers, so maybe it would look good if the bridges between the upper platforms curve down like a rope bridge?
Emmanuel Monforte
Emmanuel Monforte 4 aylar önce
RhianKristen 4 aylar önce
I vote for flower or crop farms personally. It would look so nice to see so many colourful flowers across the base.
gamer hunter91
gamer hunter91 4 aylar önce
Using sea lanterns and dark glass covering is makes a nice dark lighting atmosphere
George Harris
George Harris 4 aylar önce
you could always use campfires and chains to make rope bridges between the high spots, just do them in such a way you can still jump fly when your in a rush
Monatae 4 aylar önce
campfire bridges are some of my favorites, and the chains are a great touch! now that Big Eye Ron's is open, iron isn't such a hassle to acquire, either.
Ask Geisha sticker Shop
False, for a less intrusive path between your storage and smelt area i suggest carpet over string, makes a thin floating path you can run accross, im sure you could make it look amazing
Memeanade 4 aylar önce
For the smelters area connect a hopper to the chest and dig a tunnel to where ever you store the glass. Make sure the hoppers are connecting to the other hoppers.
BrownR87 4 aylar önce
4th corner, maybe a few librarian villagers in the one section and an enchanting area in the other?
CaptainZ 4 aylar önce
You should make a little bridge to get to your smeltery area from your storage and use drip leafs in the bridge
Liam R
Liam R 4 aylar önce
I think an enchantment area would be good for the empty spot, unless you already have one of course!
Kirsty Jordan
Kirsty Jordan 4 aylar önce
False digging a hole in her base is trademark False 😁 it is beautiful!
Maria Rose
Maria Rose 4 aylar önce
Make it look like a suspended bridge. Use trap doors as the bridge part. one wide, chains.
Dusk_Pika 4 aylar önce
to get around ur base a nice suspended bridge from storage to smelting would look nice
alik sardar
alik sardar 4 aylar önce
you should clear all the trees above. so that your cave hole can be seen and looks nice with the tree you made
Mango 727
Mango 727 4 aylar önce
"Stone, stone, cobblestone.. that kind of stuff" should be a remix it would sound pretty nice
Tyler Dyer
Tyler Dyer 4 aylar önce
You should put wood bridges so you don’t have to fly back and forth between the 4 corners
Amazing Matt
Amazing Matt 4 aylar önce
11:30 you can use ender pearls, maybe have a chest with ender pearls on each side
James Owen
James Owen 4 aylar önce
@FalseSymmetry I would try using some slabs, buttons, and other ways of blocking spawns because it being dark is cool but just covereing everything in grey carpet looks a little weird
LilyJ0y 3 aylar önce
The cavern area is beautiful and magical! I’d say don’t cover up the entrance too much with canopy! ❤️❤️❤️
SnuggleM0nster 4 aylar önce
If you're looking for a fun way to connect some of your cave spaces I think some rickety-looking hanging rope bridges could look and feel really nice!
truncatedGrip 4 aylar önce
false and bdubs, redstone masters… honestly that'd be wonderful to see
Jade Randall
Jade Randall 4 aylar önce
For the split area, try doing a enchantment and potions area
YoMoBoYo 4 aylar önce
Congrats on the third MCC win!
TheGreatFirebolt 4 aylar önce
What I have in my single player world is I put a dispenser under the ground hidden by a pressure plate that matches the floor that basically pumps an ender Pearl into my inventory when I walk over it, it’s a quick way to travel those differences
Lukas 4 aylar önce
You could put like the other villager stations that are usefull in one of the corner areas
Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶
The tree looks good but isnt it a bit odd to have it come out there when the hole was seeminly just made?
Raven Stewart
Raven Stewart 4 aylar önce
I'd suggest instead always using rockets from small platform to platform maybe a bridge. Like the wooden bridges over streams cliffs...sorry drawing a blank on name lol. On the tree for hole make another one diagonal from your first tree maybe?? Love video False and your builds can't wait for next video!
Bagely 4 aylar önce
Yes, false needs her underground river to go all the way through the continent with various geysers or something to enter/leave lmao
Sweaty Fromage
Sweaty Fromage 4 aylar önce
Hi False, in terms of getting across the little platforms, you could do an ewok tree house kind of bridge
PhillTheHero 4 aylar önce
I’m loving the base
Elijah Valley
Elijah Valley 4 aylar önce
You should use tuff to add texture also love this base! 🙂
• Jasa •
• Jasa • 4 aylar önce
Hey false, you can go to the first 1.18 snapshot and locate any of the two new cave biomes "lush caves" & "dripstone caves" and i am 100% sure you are gonna get lots of ideas and inspiration
Kroznick 4 aylar önce
Make a tightrope of chains to connect sections.
xX Xx
xX Xx 4 aylar önce
u could build a fairy bath tub over there it would work well with the whole water natuer theme
Satvik Kumar
Satvik Kumar 4 aylar önce
A bridge would be kinda nice to connect all of those platforms
Andrew Childs
Andrew Childs 4 aylar önce
It would be fun to have a mini game in your base! Maybe like a caving/spelunking themed game? If you look into caves, there’s some beautiful natural features you could look at
Neriehem 4 aylar önce
I suggest to make an enchanting room behind the roots of the tree :> would kind of fit in - at least it does in my head. How about incorporating the Dripleaves into the base as a form of smaller platforms? Or some little floating island bits and pieces, with magical amethyst blocks at the bottom or something. ;) Or being held up by vines? I'd say that's worth exploring
Meloetta is the best Pokémon
Build a hanging bridge between the two ledges
tealduck 4 aylar önce
Can boats go up waterfalls if there's soul sand under them? It'd be neat to be able to ride the underground river
LightningAussie 4 aylar önce
To move around your base use enderpearls.. wether manually thrown or an enderporter to move you around at the press of a button.
Savannah Atkinson
Savannah Atkinson 3 aylar önce
Your base is so cool. Really inspires me.
Oliver Nutkins-Middleton
Maybe you could use a slime launcher to propel yourself between platforms? Or a few pillars to parkour across.
LunarAssassin 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the new game! It looks cute.
1324cmoikev 4 aylar önce
Ask some assistance from some of the redstoners on the server to make some slime block launchers to swing you from one platform to the next in your cave base.
Bram van de Ven
Bram van de Ven 4 aylar önce
you could build mineshaft tracks to get from the storage room to the smeltery
Professional Bum
Professional Bum 4 aylar önce
For the bridge to the smeltery you could have a branch from a tree with the leaves of the branch making the bulk of the bridge
Roman Quick
Roman Quick 4 aylar önce
Bouncy mushrooms with minimal red stone to hop from area to area in the base so u don’t use rockets
Jack Brand
Jack Brand 4 aylar önce
You should build tree roots that act as bridges to get across to each platform.
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Abhijeet Shrivastava 4 aylar önce
Use item Frame rotation key instead of lever for entry exit of bulk storage
James Hedin
James Hedin 4 aylar önce
With water around, you could use a trident for getting around the base like iskall does
TheHallowFire 4 aylar önce
Can you do you like bridges connecting to all the platforms and then have them maybe Spruce and Oak maybe with like vines or greenedge hanging from them and then have them like at miscellaneous Heights I think they would look pretty cool, but you might hit your head when you’re flying
TheMelloyMan 4 aylar önce
A drop bridge to your smelter could be nice, gives the cavern a little more life :0
WrightKnight 4 aylar önce
if the hole in the ceiling is going to continue to be the entrance, than I'd say the one tree is good, but if it's just for style, the second one would be pretty cool, imo.
Andy_KaSe 4 aylar önce
A suggestion for the second tree. If you build it a little higher up its canopy won't collide woth the first one.
Brody Stone
Brody Stone 4 aylar önce
As Mumbo has taught me, every successful hermit needs an office, so you could throw one of those up?