Here's Why the Porsche Carrera GT Is My Favorite Car Ever Made

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The Porsche Carrera GT is my all-time favorite car. Today I'm reviewing the Carrera GT to show you around the greatest supercar of all time, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Porsche Carrera GT. I'm also driving the Carrera GT to tell you what it's like behind the wheel of such a special car.


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16 Haz 2020




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Ken Kitchin
Ken Kitchin 6 saatler önce
I think the interior is in that 15 year old age range that looks super dated. Like a von Dutch hat.
UnlicensedOkie Gün önce
RIP Paul Walker
Леа Кадерова
In frame of Green Deal its expected from conscious citizens to buy only cars with certification from Greta Thunberg. You can recognize them by the letters GT in the name of the car, or GT-R like Greta Thunberg - Recommended.
mehjr700 4 gün önce
R.I.P. Rodas and Walker
Suyash K.
Suyash K. 5 gün önce
Here from NFS MW
Rhea Belltower
Rhea Belltower 7 gün önce
Look at all of those hidden compartments for your mariju…luggage
raunak Ingle
raunak Ingle 8 gün önce
this car took life of paul walker 2013 and pauls family had filled complainant against porsche but somehow porsche denied all 🥺
Adrian Fabbri
Adrian Fabbri 9 gün önce
Meanwhile in Need for Speed Carbon Community: User: I don't like Carrera Gt Me: I dare you don't like Carrera GT, you fuzzy blue eyebrowed fuck?????? User: What did he just said about my eyebrows? Me: Look, if you all don't understand the greatness that is Carrera Gt Carrera Gt: Stop Me: You can just stand there and listen to my top 100 reasons why Carrera Gt is a great car! Carrera Gt: Stop!!! Me: Number #100 She has a V10 Carrera Gt: I swear to God once this ends, I'm gonna fucking kill him!
Kyle Wegner
Kyle Wegner 9 gün önce
Sounds Awesome 😎
TheDocMike71 10 gün önce
Next time you're in Europe and have some time to spare, Doug, make sure you can have an appointment with Walter Röhrl, so he can show you how to drive her even 'less anxiously'. ;-) trvid.com/video/video-IiFGkEhk5tk.html
Craze2 K
Craze2 K 10 gün önce
Just recently found your channel and man this is my favorite car ever made!! Thanks for showing everyone why it was and in my opinion still is one of the best Porsche ever built.
ps 11 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-72sIKyuQbgc.html this must be soooo painful for you to watch
Barry Joslin
Barry Joslin 13 gün önce
How can Doug have 4.2M subs and a gazillion views and not afford this car, when FAR lesser TRvidrs buy cars that cost far more than a Carerra GT? I guess they are in debt up to their ears and don’t have the finance degree that Doug got at Emory.
lowbrow thailand
lowbrow thailand 14 gün önce
fascinating to hear the owner's perspective, id like to hear more of that tbh, why people bought it etc, what they do with it, interesting stuff thanks doug and tom
Ben Broly
Ben Broly 16 gün önce
Wow, door storage for the missus’s herbs..
Osiris 17 gün önce
The car sounds really good! The only thing sounding better is the Lexus LFA in my opinion :)
ejones9924 18 gün önce
Its a Carrera DougT
senoJSR 18 gün önce
Doug has over 4 million subscribers how can he not afford this car? I've seen other Utubers with far less views living in multimillion dollar homes and several million dollars worth of cars in their garage.
Audrey's Kitchen
Audrey's Kitchen 19 gün önce
I love the wooden shift knob.
AAYAZ AHMED 19 gün önce
Don't forget this is the car Paul Walker died in
SEI Michael Motocar Tips
Nice exhaust sound very crispy that you can here in the hiway in Germany!!!!
Mike Abel
Mike Abel 22 gün önce
That exhaust note is insane. What a machine.
Robert Allison
Robert Allison 22 gün önce
Is it still your favorite here late in 2021? Not me, it's C8 Vette baby! Add twin turbos if you dare!
Holy Trinity School San Pedro
Our 2002 911 is a cabriolet, push a button and the entire roof opens without all that monkey motion removing panels and storing in frunk. Ours also has 4 seats so a child can ride. Porsche history is flat plane engines, this V-10 is completely wrong.
Holy Trinity School San Pedro
Incredibly ugly. Very un-Porsche. We love our 2002 911 which is analog and beautiful inside and out.
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 9 gün önce
How is this un-Porsche? It has the simple styling similar to the 911. The Taycan and Panamera are non-Porsche.
Matthew Conley
Matthew Conley 22 gün önce
Also the assistant from the bids site needs to be in more video's. I'm sure he's too adorable for the videos.
Matthew Conley
Matthew Conley 22 gün önce
First time I saw one was with a side profile, I was like Porsche made a pickup truck?
COPYRIGHT YTT 23 gün önce
when I see this missing PAULWALKER 😢 😔
mad_titan THANOS
mad_titan THANOS 24 gün önce
The owner of this Carrera GT is such a simple looking man. You wouldn't think this guy owns this car if he would be walkinh down a street. Great!
Desert Sandfly
Desert Sandfly 24 gün önce
So that's why this car sounds like a F1 car. They literally shoved an F1 engine into it.
Phumipat Sudmai
Phumipat Sudmai 21 gün önce
basically yes lol
Parker Varin
Parker Varin 25 gün önce
just wondering, did you marry a person or a car?
Alexander G Russo
Alexander G Russo 25 gün önce
I don't know how Doug did this whole video while hiding his hard on.
MisingLinkGTRS 25 gün önce
For me the sound of this car is tied for best sounding car with the LFA
Hemichanga 25 gün önce
Doug - "My favorite car of all time." Also Doug *Leaves door open in the rain*
Marc Coker
Marc Coker 28 gün önce
Hang on. Just seen your Mustang Mach E video. This is also a GT. Does that mean it is also a Mustang?
Vocalpro International
It still has value even though it has 9500 miles on it. 😳
Lee Good spirits
Lee Good spirits 28 gün önce
Carrera Gt also called" The widow Maker"
my dad has that car :D
Bolothin 29 gün önce
I love the fact that you covered driver's seat with towel, so it doesn't get wet from the raindrops
Josephine Abello
Josephine Abello 29 gün önce
:Brain Porsche is my fear
Easy Audio Archives Duiker
Ah... the car that wants to kill you. I love it
jOhNnYr1cO Aylar önce
Just wondering if Doug nicked the CGT's screw driver?? lol
munnugamerz1 Aylar önce
Carrera gt is my favorite car in roblox car dealership tycoon and in real also looking cool car i love it than lamborghini Aventador
Walter D Wormack
Walter D Wormack Aylar önce
"This car does 250mph, and is faster than anything that Steve McQueen owns!"
BlaszZz Aylar önce
Paul Walker
BlaszZz Aylar önce
Paul Walker
David Vague
David Vague Aylar önce
Rally legend Walter Röhrl about the Carrera GT and driving it trvid.com/video/video-MiVeMalPHcs.html It's in German but the autotranslated subtitles are decent.
Vinamra Parashar
Vinamra Parashar Aylar önce
This is JARDONS CAR ISN'T IT. Heyyyy CaptainSparklez ..
Tiger Blood
Tiger Blood Aylar önce
I will give party (to my friends or loved ones) if doug buys Carrera GT. I sincerely hope he gets to have it.
Buttertoast Aylar önce
wow wow slow down 1.5 mill? lemme get one first then do it
dbbyres Aylar önce
GoFundMe to get Doug this car?
John May
John May Aylar önce
Invest into HEX and stake it for 5years and then you'll be able to buy your Carrera GT not Financial advice but if you look into HEX and see how it rewards you way better than an CD omg you'll be all in and yeah you'll be very happy just saying 😀
Scar P196 Gamerz
Scar P196 Gamerz Aylar önce
I will give it 0/10 because it kill Paul walker 🖕🖕
Camogap 17 gün önce
The car didn't kill Paul. The car had bad tires which weren't changed. Plus the guy driving it took it too fast through a corner.
Matthew C
Matthew C Aylar önce
Props to the owner for keeping this car so clean.
Doug:- carrera gt my all time fav. Car also doug:- ford gt 2005 my dream car .💀
GOLTATTA Aylar önce
Oren 64
Oren 64 Aylar önce
I saw one of these in a Porsche dealership in Scottsdale, and I was so amazed since you almost never see these. I asked one of the sales reps what the price was and he said "1.4 million".
D2jspOFFICIAL Aylar önce
bargain xD
Endless Infinity
Endless Infinity Aylar önce
I've only ever seen one of these. It was around the time they first came out. I was at a red light at the very front of the intersection, and in the perpendicular lane, 5 feet from my front bumper, a silver one like this one flew by me and it felt like the earth was shaking with how loud the exhaust was. It was one of the most insane car experiences I've ever had.
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins Aylar önce
This is also my favorite car
Muhd aril
Muhd aril Aylar önce
Killer paul
Brian Woodcox
Brian Woodcox Aylar önce
Someone please buy this man a Carrera GT.
A Broke Gamer
A Broke Gamer Aylar önce
Doug's dream car is his death car
Camogap Aylar önce
Unlike you, he does know how to drive such cars. He owned a 97' Dodge Viper, so I think he knows how to drive cars
213Pr0ductions Aylar önce
Dream car
Sepehr Aylar önce
holy grail.
Vedant Sharma
Vedant Sharma Aylar önce
Luggage was primary carrera was secondary.
Scores dont really relate to the smile value. But I wish he got one in time. Cars just appreciate. Especially ones like this.
Cant recall how many times I "Could have" bought my dream car like 10 years ago.....
Danny Allen
Danny Allen Aylar önce
Harbor freight screwdriver with a Porsche label!!! 🙃🤘🏼
Marian Florin
Marian Florin Aylar önce
The car who kill paul walker 😢 R.I.P Legend ❤
Camogap 17 gün önce
It wasn't really the car, the tires on it had worn out and the guy driving it with Paul took it too fast through a turn.
Tristan Davis
Tristan Davis Aylar önce
Carrera GT & Lexus LFA Has The Best Sounding Engine Notes Of All Time Those V10 Sound Sounds Better Than Any V12 Only The Hellcat Demon Comes Close With That Wine
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Aylar önce
Doug making love to a Porsche @ 36:40
Astro Aylar önce
I have had a Cerera GT die cast pullback toy for as long as I can remember.
Enrique Rivera
Enrique Rivera Aylar önce
Ford GT #1
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan Aylar önce
If every one of Dougs subscribers gave him 25¢, he'd be able to buy a Cararra GT
Car Enthusiast
Car Enthusiast Aylar önce
37:53 There will never be another car quite like this. *ENTER GMA T.50*
Anthony Lehner
Anthony Lehner Aylar önce
Do you have a favorite car ever Doug?
Panda man
Panda man Aylar önce
33:50 Toes
Panda man
Panda man Aylar önce
hope this man owns it
QuadTap Aylar önce
i was cringing when he was letting it rain on the engine.. eesh
KC Michelson
KC Michelson 2 aylar önce
Doug review my 2002 Nissan Maxima. The AC only works on full blast.
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever 2 aylar önce
I think one of these is at my local McLaren dealership Same color as this one
Sensei Mofiz
Sensei Mofiz 2 aylar önce
All the hidden and unusual storage compartments... Must be a great car for illegal drug distribution. 😂
Bidith Ranjan Deb
Bidith Ranjan Deb 2 aylar önce
I Have A Hot Wheels Version Of This.
Harrison The Car Guy
Harrison The Car Guy 2 aylar önce
if doug lived an otherwise reasonable life he could afford a carrera gt or a brand new ford gt
ryley McCafferty
ryley McCafferty 2 aylar önce
RIP to Dougs' knee's
Bill Morrigan
Bill Morrigan 2 aylar önce
Excellent super car but the styling is not the best. It is still probably the best super car for driving. It must be super stable and reliable. I agree with Dough on this one. That said, the Lamborghini Huracan makes more sense in terms of price tags. This Porsche is simply to exotic and too expensive like the Huracan is not very expensive already. Of course, Huracan is a much newer car and technology. So this logic is not fair towards this Porsche. Porsche's own new models like the GT2 RS and GT3 RS are much better choices nowadays. The funny thing is cars like that don't make much sense in my opinion unless driven on track from time to time. Just a regular Porsche Cayman should suffice on public roads. The track still wants a track car (not a rich man's wannabe track car) like a true racing car or a civil Radical RXC, which is of course not civil at all. It's more of a track car through and through fitted with license plates, side blinkers and the horn. Suffice it to say, this Radical RXC doesn't even have an amateurish gearbox - it got a pro sequential one like all modern racing cars - a perfect solution for racing (not to mention non-decorative rear spoiler that draws looks from everyone on the street). Doug needs to drive the Radical RXC. LOL :)))
Mach III
Mach III 2 aylar önce
Aadi Pawar
Aadi Pawar 2 aylar önce
i just dont seem to like this car that much cuz paul walker died driving it in...well i know it isnt the cars fault but still
Zac Kontakis
Zac Kontakis 2 aylar önce
Someone in my neighborhood had one and would occasionally park it on the street
Glitch Rekal
Glitch Rekal 2 aylar önce
this care killed paul walker. this car is cursed.
Camogap 17 gün önce
It wasn't really the car, the tires on it had worn out and the guy driving it with Paul took it too fast through a turn.
ike james Timbal
ike james Timbal 2 aylar önce
2005 Carrera GT (Start up, exhaust, engine and in depth tour,)
Chris S.
Chris S. 2 aylar önce
Everyone knows this car is what Paul walker died in but jay leno also nearly killed himself driving a C GT as well.
Johannes Amon Haase
Johannes Amon Haase 2 aylar önce
The way he is touching the shift lever
His Dudeness
His Dudeness 2 aylar önce
Why don't you own one?
Jay 2 aylar önce
Paul Walker killer
Camogap 17 gün önce
It wasn't really the car, the tires on it had worn out and the guy driving it with Paul took it too fast through a turn.
Logan Wurtz
Logan Wurtz 2 aylar önce
man tom is so great, a smaller scale j leno 😂😂
Sergiu Ciprian Vari
Sergiu Ciprian Vari 2 aylar önce
RIP Paul...
Robert smee
Robert smee 2 aylar önce
The wheel base is too long to be stable considering the width of the car. A very dangerous car. Even Speed Racer would give it a fail. Jump on it and it will stand on it’s nose. Bad car.
Allen Parrish
Allen Parrish 2 aylar önce
Very dangerous car, if you go beyond your limits!
Dueds Filla
Dueds Filla 2 aylar önce
The legend who had that Porsche 🥺
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