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Unlock your fears 🔓 is coming to Hulu Oct 7.

A Hulu Original, in association with Spyglass Media Group, the film reunites Director David Bruckner, Screenwriters Ben Collins & Luke Piotrowski, Writer/Producer David S. Goyer and Producer Keith Levine, all of whom were teamed on 2020’s “The Night House,” along with Producers Clive Barker and Marc Toberoff and Executive Producers Gary Barber, Peter Oillataguerre and Todd Williams. Chris Stone serves as co-producer.

In “Hellraiser,” a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.

The ensemble cast includes Odessa A’zion (“Fam,” “Grand Army”), Jamie Clayton (“The L Word: Generation Q,” “Sense8”), Adam Faison (“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” “Yes Day”), Drew Starkey (“Outer Banks,” “The Devil All the Time”), Brandon Flynn (“Ratched,” “13 Reasons Why”), Aoife Hinds (“The Long Call,” “Normal People”), Jason Liles (“Stereoscope,” “Rampage”), Yinka Olorunnife (“The Transporter”), Selina Lo (“Boss Level,” “Q8 Unleashed”), Zachary Hing (“Halo”), Kit Clarke (“Leonardo”), with Goran Visnjic (“The Boys,” “Timeless”) and Hiam Abbass (“Succession,” “Blade Runner 2049”).



19 Eyl 2022




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MrFirefly3000 2 aylar önce
The box hurting you the more you solve it, is just a fantastic detail. Goes to show you really want it.
sky r
sky r Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! what do you think you’ll accomplish in your attempt to convert people in the comments of a horror movie trailer..especially a horror movie involving bdsm demons. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment and the inevitable further enmeshment into your insular cult. At least try the comments of a better suited video??
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Aylar önce
@Anecro Woe unto the ignorant who speak out as if knowledgeable, deceiving themselves that they're wise when foolish and proud. Blind, but think their vision is fine and what they see is accurate. 1 John 5:19 KJV 19 And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.
Anecro Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! "The world is of the devil" You'd think religious folk would actually know what their own books are saying but nah, we're improvising now
Anecro Aylar önce
@Chuckles the Jester Isn't that kind of the point? It's Hellraiser, that's an artifact with paranormal properties.
Coolmacatrain Aylar önce
@Thomas Neal which were all shite as well.....
Grant Robertson
Grant Robertson Aylar önce
This movie was very well-done. We need more horror like this. I wish it had come to theaters. I would’ve paid to see it.
Todd Nidzgorski
Todd Nidzgorski 2 gün önce
@Peter D Jamie Clayton definitely did Doug Bradley proud with the reboot! I can’t wait for the next film since she’s reprising the role!
Peter D
Peter D 17 gün önce
Doug Bradly was amazing as the original Pinhead. So very big shoes to fill. But I have to admit that this new woman portraying this character looks amazing! Watching the movie today!
Nimitz Aylar önce
You must not have seen the original...
I feel sorry for you 🤣
lior yunfh
lior yunfh Aylar önce
small world, hehe. (I always confuse Clive Barker with Todd McFarlane, in that it was Todd McFarlane whom wrote the "Spawn" comics, that is from Calgary, AB)
OnePrettyBeast Aylar önce
I was worried it would be a cheesy remake but tbh it was actually way better than I expected. The graphics, the monsters, and the acting was really good. Totally worth the watch!
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OnePrettyBeast 13 gün önce
@YTN Reread my comment and let me know where you got lost
OnePrettyBeast 13 gün önce
@YTN you must not have read my comment to be saying that
YTN 13 gün önce
you've must not watched the first 3 huh. This is nothing close to them.
Col  Musgrave
Col Musgrave Aylar önce
"Didn't open the box - and what was it last time: didn't know what the box was - yet we we still keep meeting don't we?" Love that line and the delivery is perfect!
Scott Grant
Scott Grant Aylar önce
@Lambda Citizen yeah man I only saw bits of the original think I got bored actually and turned it off. As for the reboot the trailer look incredible but the film itself was dull. Waited 2 hours for a payoff that never was coming
Lambda Citizen
Lambda Citizen Aylar önce
I've watched the movie. For someone who didn't watch the other ones, it feels underwhelming to be honest.
Col  Musgrave
Col Musgrave Aylar önce
Scott Pickett
Scott Pickett Aylar önce
So many great lines and deliveries from Hellbound. "We have eternity to know your flesh." 10/10
Lambda Citizen
Lambda Citizen Aylar önce
Say no more, I'm sold.
Bemused Kidney
Bemused Kidney Aylar önce
Just finished watching it, very impressed. I was half expecting another Hollywood slasher but it's dark and sinister with a feeling of dread all the way through. Looks like they've prepared the ground for a sequel also.
Nimitz Aylar önce
Being impressed by low budget remakes is why all todays movies are coming out so trashy
Dead Meat
Dead Meat 2 aylar önce
LOVE the hint of the classic theme in the music. This looks dope as hell. But if I opened the box my one wish would be to make this a theatrical release.
YagRudGaming Aylar önce
You gonna cover it?
Rohiman Aylar önce
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Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper Aylar önce
@Brian J. Carnevale it’s way better to watch films in the cinema on a big screen, surround sound. All of this cheaper than some shitty streaming service that buffers all the time
AdoreYouInAshXI Aylar önce
@Ni hao They are demons. Not aliens, lol. Where did you get that idea?
Sassy The Sasquatch
@Ni hao who told you they where aliens? They're literally other worldly beings
Puskar Karmakar
Puskar Karmakar Gün önce
Incredible 🔥
Jay M
Jay M Aylar önce
The movie was put together very well, I enjoyed it quite a bit! Too bad it didn't come out in theater; I would have liked to of seen it at a cinema! I really hope they make more using the same actors, it's been a while since a movie monster has actually creeped me out!
Nimitz Aylar önce
No, it came out like a low budget remake.
CR Aylar önce
This is a great symbolization of the human self destruction. Im an addict and I relate to this completely. To think that someones destruction is brought in by their own actions is exactly what we see here. They want to figure the box out and continue to do so despite being cut the more they figure it out. Then finally, after figuring the box out, they bring into their life all their biggest horrors and fears. Until it ultimately destroys them, and binds them to a hell for all eternity. That is EXACTLY what we do to ourselves here in real life. Unbelievably scary to think about. That my own demons were brought on by me slowly chipping away at my box. Until I finally opened it. And now here they are. Slowly learning my flesh for all eternity.
karmelodion 8 gün önce
I like pez too
Carson Hunt
Carson Hunt 17 gün önce
@Peter D Perhaps a major in philosophy would help you see it deeper than just “drugs bad for you”. The box hurting you along the journey could also represent self sacrifice, short term pain for hope of a future gain. Yet the real irony being that what we seek will actually just destroy us (power, money, etc). There’s also a message about harming (disregarding) your peers for self gain. I digress, but yes the surface level “drugs bad n destroy lives” is neat too.
Peter D
Peter D 17 gün önce
@Carson Hunt I'm a pharmacist, and medical student, with also a Bachelor's degree in chemistry. I'm sorry you didn't relate or at least understand his analysis. As a healthcare professional that's worked both in the community and hospitals, it's actually right on the money!
Peter D
Peter D 17 gün önce
Such a great, and interesting comment! I have just beaten a 7 year opioid addiction. I have a Bachelor of science majoring in chemistry, a Master of Pharmacy, and was a medical student, receiving a scholarship for "gifted students." None of that makes me a better person, I just mention it to stress that you can end up in a terrible cycle no matter what your background. I myself was sexually abused by my father if that even matters. I love your view, and hope that in the future you may beat whatever you are dealing with. I have to admit that I am lucky. I have a VERY understanding and supportive partner, and really a pretty easy life, if I can just keep clean. But I think, after relapsing once already, that I will need to watch myself for the rest of my life, even though I have no wish to abuse opioids again. If you don't mind me asking, what are you struggling with? (I'm in Australia, we are lucky here, rehab and meds are free, and a monthly buprenorphine injection helped me stay off opioids without any withdrawals, and gave me time to recover and allow me to mentally make changes.)
BH Ramsay
BH Ramsay 19 gün önce
I've read the occasional think peice that says Hellraiser is at its narrative best when it's a horror themed allegory for addiction and compulsive behavior
Blue Courting Entertainment
This movie is brilliant, especially the ending. I've been thirsting for real horror for years. Thank you for this.
Calvin Bethea
Calvin Bethea 2 aylar önce
One of the truly terrifying aspects of the cenobites is that they are summoned by their victims. In the books you see the depraved to the curious all playing with fire. Unlike other horror these victims sought out an experience that was to much for them. What’s scary is it’s such a human trait.
Carson Hunt
Carson Hunt Aylar önce
@Darkseid2021 I don’t think its as simple as drugs. Makes more sense on a deeper level of say self sacrifice. We hurt ourselves, in hope for something better for doing so. Is essentially what sacrifice is. Like how we all have things we want to do, but don’t, in hopes slaving away for a dollar will pay off years later. The Logical being illogical is the greatest human fallacy.
bob carter
bob carter Aylar önce
@Simone theyre just being them like hollywood always says you should be yourself-
Simone Aylar önce
That's why I do not consider cenobites evil per se, in fact they seem pretty diplomatic (on paper, the old movies stretched their concept quite a bit).
bob carter
bob carter Aylar önce
yup f*** around and find out they call it.
parvin pal
parvin pal Aylar önce
Really? you are kidding me and that is why you are not a story writer . Movies need glitz and blitz and boom a twist this was like watching pigs getting slaughtered
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor Aylar önce
Just a great movie. Everything that I wanted in a Hellraiser installment and more of what I didn't know I needed.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Aylar önce
@Zavil What? This movie was FAR better than the original in every aspect
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood Aylar önce
@Zavil well thats a complete joke, i watched it because im a Marvel fan, i havent missed a single marvel show or movie since bloody iron man came out, having to watch that crud just so i didn't miss out on any story prospects basically gave me cancer
Zavil Aylar önce
@Dylan Wood You enjoyed she-hulk otherwise you wouldn't have watched it till the end.
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood Aylar önce
@Roy Taylor thank you, just watched the she hulk finale and i need to bleach my brain and wire brush my eyes Need a bit of hellraiser, holy wow
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor Aylar önce
@Dylan Wood Hulu
B M Aylar önce
Just finished watching, great movie. An excellent omage to the classics while bringing originality to it, while doing a good job of not falling for the modern day jumpscare fest blueprint
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Aylar önce
This movie is brilliant, especially the ending. I've been thirsting for real horror for years. Thank you for this.
Beth Lowery
Beth Lowery Aylar önce
An atmospheric and fresh take , true to the original spirit of Hellraiser with phenomenal special effects and costume design. Enjoyed it and recommend it.
mary shepherd
mary shepherd Aylar önce
@Periteu that's a big N O
mary shepherd
mary shepherd Aylar önce
Hell no !
dimlightbulb10 Aylar önce
@Periteu It's really just boring. The cenobite designs are nice, yet really cheap looking, and it's about 30 minutes too long with not much going on.
Beth Lowery
Beth Lowery Aylar önce
@Periteu Well, to be quite honest with you, I've seen so much horror in my lifetime that it's generally a miracle if anything scares me. But there's some worthy scares in there. For me, the aesthetics made it worthwhile!
Periteu Aylar önce
@Beth Lowery So, is it scary o no??? that's the question!
Nefaustis 2 aylar önce
The change from leather cenobites to mechanical-like cenobites looks amazing. This looks like Hellbound 2 to me personally.
Mrg Gonzalez
Mrg Gonzalez Aylar önce
@eljefe0820 nostalgia is the old school copium
Koria Johns
Koria Johns 2 aylar önce
@The Walliest random comment here but the hellraiser films,rawhead rex,night reed,and the Lord of illusions is all interconnected just to let you know.
Just a guy on YouTube
@george I didn’t think they looked attractive. Lol But yeah, good point.
RDB 2 aylar önce
@Nefaustis I feel dumb lol, thanks
Nefaustis 2 aylar önce
@The Walliest Hellbound is my favorite as well. It was a little bit "to out there" for some people, but i was into it. Its so original .
Q Floridian
Q Floridian Aylar önce
What a perfect movie! Back to the classical genre of horror sits just fine with me! This one was just like the original ones but because of better graphics than on our first tube televisions
YTN 13 gün önce
Jeepers Creepers had a better remake than this, and I don't need to watch this movie for this to be a fact........revalations and judgment is a good example of remaking this franchise
Let’s try this again
The original is a masterpiece. This was absolute trash. In the era of remakes it wasn’t the worst, but they had to check to many boxes in this movie to push the message!
Relaxing White Noise, Nature Sounds, Ambient Music
My husband and I watched this last night. Don't go into this expecting it to be like the book or the original movie because it's not, but it's still very good. I am hoping for a sequel.
Holister Bruxly
Holister Bruxly Aylar önce
Bot comments production paid for.
Hexican Batman
Hexican Batman Aylar önce
@Relaxing White Noise, Nature Sounds, Ambient Music from the comics, history, candyman might as well be a girl then 😤😤😤 3 male cennobites were butterball, pinhead, and chatt..... I'm just ranting, I liked the 3 guy cenno
Relaxing White Noise, Nature Sounds, Ambient Music
@Hexican Batman yeah, but that didn't come out until the second movie and wasn't in the book at all.
Transkohmer Aylar önce
Agreed, just back from watching. Ok Good budget film with solid writings and direction. Way better than tat Jeeper Creeper remake and Dr strange 2
Hexican Batman
Hexican Batman Aylar önce
@Relaxing White Noise, Nature Sounds, Ambient Music ok and also In Hellbound: Hellraiser II, it is made clear that Pinhead has no memory of his human past as Elliott Spencer, believing he has always been a Priest of the Cenobites. Once he is reminded of his human past and recalls his former life, he transforms into a human appearance and is then vulnerable to an attack by Channard. Screenwriter Peter Atkins explained that Pinhead regaining Spencer's humanity left him "spiritually weakened" and thus vulnerable to attack.[46] As a result, the third film Hell on Earth depicts a new incarnation of Pinhead who lacks restraint and embraces chaos, wreaking havoc on Earth and indiscriminately killing humans he encounters. When Spencer's spirit willingly merges with him once again, the fusion regains Pinhead's previous sense of restraint and belief that he must follows the rules of his station. In the BOOM! Studios comics, it is said that Pinhead retains the memories of Elliott Spencer following the events of Hell On Earth, leading him to feel less satisfied and certain of his power and purpose, now desiring more than his life as a Hell Priest in service to Leviathan
REEL Z 13 saatler önce
There was some weird buildings(like a maze) appeared at the end , can anyone explain why , when , from where , for what purpose, because the film doesn't think it's necessary to explain certain things
Vaclincia Pounds
Vaclincia Pounds Aylar önce
The reboot was really good! "We have such sights to show you!" If you love the hellraiser series then this is a must watch! ❤️ 😍 💖
BlazingOwnager 2 aylar önce
I hope they don't mess up the Cenobites like the sequels did. I love the fact that they are this horrifying thing that is still, somehow, True Neutral. Later on they became lame slasher monsters but originally they weren't there to slaughter and kill and maim; they were there to welcome the people who called them and the "sights they have to show" were ones they gladly inflicted on themselves. It really made them next level.
BH Ramsay
BH Ramsay 19 gün önce
Doug Bradley seems to enjoy it giving me hope we'll see him in a future sequel as an older gentleman who thinks he's ready for the delights of The Puzzle Box Hell Priestess : I was like you once, naive and fresh but I learned the ways of pain
photoboyjet Aylar önce
@BlazingOwnager The biggest mistake with the Cenobites in this one is that they did away with the black leather costumes. The current Cenobites are basically naked, draped and decorated with their own flayed skin. The makeup effects for this look just doesn't work. It is honestly a creepy and horrific idea, but it is a fail as executed in this film. Then they hide the fact by keeping the Cenobites mostly in shadows so you can't see how bad the makeup job is. Pinhead's facial prosthetics are very good, but the rest of the costume is obviously stiff silicone or latex.
Col  Musgrave
Col Musgrave Aylar önce
Precisely, although I thought the second one was a worthy sequel!
MaRs Oblivi0n
MaRs Oblivi0n Aylar önce
They didn’t mess anything up. I’m an 80s kid and grew up on the originals. I was weary of this. But they did great and once it starts moving it feels like old school Hellraiser. Focus is more on the other demons.
R3grET Aylar önce
OP did you watch it yet? How'd you like it?
bigheadrhino Aylar önce
As someone who’s watched the whole series… I really liked this one! I hope there are more like this
bigheadrhino Aylar önce
@momonatu he already had a gift, pinhead just offered him to trade for another gift as a reward for his efforts in bringing them so many souls.
momonatu Aylar önce
Could you explain the ending? SPOILER!!! It didn't make sense that Roland got a price and then the girl too. Why did they both get a price? Wasn't that the girl's gift only? Why did the man, or the girl, get granted a gift? It doesn't make sense. There was only one final configuration and that was provoked by him hurting the friend, but then the girl changed the game. The logic here fails completely. I thought only one person could get the gift in the end.
rosekenadle Aylar önce
@Dark zero gaming it looks like I'm the only one who didn't knew about it
Dark zero gaming
Dark zero gaming Aylar önce
@rosekenadle why
rosekenadle Aylar önce
@Dark zero gaming shame on me 🤣
Peter CoLD
Peter CoLD Aylar önce
I loved everything about this movie! Finally an amazing successor to Clive Barker's legacy.
Peter CoLD
Peter CoLD Aylar önce
@tryingtogame Not only.
кофе с корицей
@tryingtogame it's streaming on hulu i think
tryingtogame Aylar önce
Is it on cenima?
Ian Templeton
Ian Templeton Aylar önce
Rarely do I think reboots or remakes are good, but this one actually hit all the marks this time! If this gets a sequel I hope it’s released in theaters!
Aleksander Myslicki
Is it rly good?
EroticElectrocutioner 17 gün önce
This movie was SO GOOD. I was pleasantly surprised. Much better than I expected. It honestly made me consider diving into Hellraiser universe more, it was that well done. Amazing job.
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wiinterflowers 13 gün önce
I thought it was ok. I didn't like the lead chick or the other characters. The actress who played Pinhead was great, make up effects on the Ceneboites and Pinhead were cool and I like the look of the box. Solid B- for me.
Jessica Turner
Jessica Turner 2 aylar önce
As many have said, this should be in theaters. I don't normally watch modern horror movies because they're not my thing (give me a good slasher). But this looks a lot like the original. And the makeup is beautiful.
Mike C
Mike C Aylar önce
Slashers are the worst kind of horror movies. no wonder you dont like modern horror lol
HROMOY Я Aylar önce
Я тоже люблю умные ужасы,и не люблю ужасы,типа просто кто то резко выпрыгнул из за угла,или темноты!так и я могу пугать,хоть каждый день! А вот умных ужасов мало!
Seventeen Seventy Thirteen
@Autheil The reason they're comparing it to the book is because nuckle heads keep bitching end on end about "Oh it's woke because now Pinhead is a girl! Pinhead wasn't a girl in the OG source material, he was a guy!". So now people have to correct the record by pointing out The Hellpriest's look is a lot more in line with the actual original source material and not the movie franchise. You're right though, they don't have gender, which is why it's confusing that people are actually angry to have a feminine pinhead. Honestly if people cared about the source material then they'd be more angry at the first movie franchise for making Pinhead very masculine and not androgynes at all.
Autheil 2 aylar önce
It doesn't look a lot like the original. They changed a lot and I'm surprised people want to see this. I'm personally disappointed already. I like how people defend the female Pinhead because of the book but if anyone actually read the book they'd know the cenobites have no gender. Clive Barker is just spitting stuff to please modern marketing. The people defended everything made it seem like this series would be a retelling of the book. Nope it's completely different not about the book at all. There's a good reason it's not being put in theaters.
@Big Beautiful Ape Did you read the books? No you didn't.
SatoKuma’s mom
SatoKuma’s mom Aylar önce
It has the same feel as the original… I am extremely pleased w this addition to the franchise… great job Hulu
James Walker
James Walker Aylar önce
I still LOVE the original 1987 Hellraiser movie. It has aged so well. O saw it for the first time in 2015 (28 years after its inception) and it immediately catched me.
LuridContent Aylar önce
@Arjay82 The original was directed by Barker. For a million dollars. It spawned an entire franchise of varying degrees of crap including this entry. This one is certainly one of the better ventures but even that isn't saying a lot. Give it 40 years of age and we'll see if it has the stamina the original has.
Arjay82 Aylar önce
This is literally closer to the source material than the "original". If anything, that was the remake.
eyow foou
eyow foou Aylar önce
It's been a long time coming, absolute banger of a movie, a shame it wasn't in the theatres.
In4It789cat Aylar önce
I’ve never been a huge fan of of this movie but this remake changed all of that for me. It was good! Looking forward to a sequel!
SlCKB0Y Aylar önce
first two of the original serie are great, the rest only go downhill and into the gutter from there. but again the first one is an absolute classic/cult movie and the special effects are still amazing to this day, not only that, but it's one of those movie that make you wanna take a shower after watching it, something the new one lack unfortunatly, but like every modern movies. that being said, i was also very pleasantly surprised by the new movie, and Jamie Clayton is an absolute revelation as the new pinhead, as a fan of the old ones it pain me to say it, but her portrayal was arguably better than Doug Bradley, she even more outerwordly and creepy
thecrow1al Aylar önce
First movie was brilliant
Radza Martin
Radza Martin Aylar önce
This was one helluva movie, a must watch horror. Great job from the entire cast
Marc 2 aylar önce
My only gripe: this movie deserves to be watched in a theater. Very rare to find horror like this now in days
Natasha Watson
Natasha Watson 20 gün önce
I was thinking the same thing.Been a min since a new one dropped and it's only on steaming apps. amd Hulu.They bust my head with that!!!Should been in theater forreal!!😪
TehAgent 29 gün önce
VR head set, Big screen cinema, thank me later.
sybergato Aylar önce
I'm taking off some points for the lip filler....
cantag ious CA
cantag ious CA Aylar önce
3 rating? Other low ratings I will pass,being born in 76 means these movie makers got too much to do and they fail everytime
k1n63d Aylar önce
No it doesn't. This movie was a colossal failure.
SanpelleGringo Aylar önce
It's been a long time coming, absolute banger of a movie, a shame it wasn't in the theatres.
S£4N¥B!ZzL3 Aylar önce
I didn’t see this being advertised at all and this is going to be brilliant
Cristopher 28 gün önce
I actually enjoyed this movie very much. I was so entertained and immersed. Pretty cool to be the first Hellraiser movie I've ever seen.
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TehAgent 29 gün önce
Having absolutely loved the originals, i watched this with low expectations, but it blew them out of the water. much better than i thought it would be.
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Francisco Franco
Francisco Franco 2 aylar önce
The Cenobites actually look pretty creative, wasn’t expecting that. They changed it enough to give it a new spin without overdoing it. Looks pretty good. Wishmaster reboot, when?
Francisco Franco
Francisco Franco Aylar önce
@Project Vegan lol I don’t know…. a Demonic Toys remake could be cool if Full Moon didn’t spend pocket change on it lol. I mean Full Moon has always been low budget……but they’re like extreme low budget these days lol.
Project Vegan
Project Vegan Aylar önce
I’ll also take a Demonic Toys reboot.
necessaryvolitio 2 aylar önce
I Have An Idea
I Have An Idea 2 aylar önce
@POSSIBLY INSANE They are from another dimension, they exist parallel to our own. There, but not there. The puzzle box, or Lamarchand's puzzle is the portal to their world. Where torture of the flesh is reverred as the truest height of pleasure and delight. Picture an S&M's most dangerous physical act, but literally multiplied by 1000. Of course no human can withstand such mutiliation, and thus if you do happen to ever unlock the world of a Cenobite, you are gifted eternal life.....eternal life so you can *withstand* the eternal torment of their twisted offering. Whilst Stephen King is no doubt a master of depicting real life horror with a twist of the supernatural, Clive Barker is on an entirely different wavelength, as his crafting of humans with otherworldly interaction is simply fantastic
Levi Sowell
Levi Sowell 2 aylar önce
wishmaster would be dope
Phacelesshero Aylar önce
Have watched this a few times now. Yeah, the new Hellraiser is outstanding. Hope to see more like this.
Diego Cobo
Diego Cobo Aylar önce
Very decent and refreshing reboot: they respected the atmosphere, the soundtrack, the dialogs and the practical effects from the first and second installment. Yeah, the first one still untocheable, and Doug Bradley as Pinhead is and will be forever the iconic villain, but this reboot is the best movie in the series right after the 1 and 2.
Janie Swanson
Janie Swanson Aylar önce
@Sean Foster "hence why I said more femanine." femanine* is still not a word. "Pi Head" Now you're just making things up. "femine" Also not a word. Good to see you have nothing to refute me. Pointing out your mistakes is establishing a pattern of poor intelligence.
Sean Foster
Sean Foster Aylar önce
@Diego Cobo yeah it was a double feature at a drive in near denver colorado. First was The Lost Boys earlier in the evening, then Followed up by the newly released Hellraiser.
Sean Foster
Sean Foster Aylar önce
@Janie Swanson In the novela The Hellbound Heart "Pin Head" as they are now known by fans beacuse of the look, was described as androgynous with a female voice, hence why I said more femanine. thats why, to me, I felt this version of Pi Head seemed more accurate to the original source material. When I read the novela as a child after i saw the movie in the drive in theater, I thought of a more femine character because of the description. And they are actually finishing nails, not pins. Also sorry for the typo of "moves" instead of movies. but most people would just get the context of what I was saying, and not take it so literal. But thanks for pointing it out, that way I can clarify what I was trying to convey in the comment.
Janie Swanson
Janie Swanson Aylar önce
@Sean Foster You're not making much sense. There is no such thing as "Pin head." femanine* is not a word. That's* There is still no such thing as "Pin head." The original Hell Priest/Lead Cenobite was described as genderless and androgynous in the books. That's nice that you love the Hellraiser "moves" even though that doesn't make sense either.
Diego Cobo
Diego Cobo Aylar önce
@Sean Foster OMG in a theater? You were very lucky dude, as you, I watched this movie as a kid of 7 years old too. By that time gave me nightmares but was my introduction to the horror genre, since that moment I loved horror movies.
Texty Stories
Texty Stories Aylar önce
This movie is amazing If you love horror movies You will love it trust me 😊
T. R.
T. R. Aylar önce
Okay. This is a SOLID movie. I was so surprised. A reboot done correctly.
Nimitz Aylar önce
Yeah, nowhere near as good on the costumes or acting.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Aylar önce
@mary shepherd hell yes
mary shepherd
mary shepherd Aylar önce
Hell no !
~bakugo’s explosion~
I agree, but prepare to be targeted by every triggered person in this comment section who won't let anyone else have an opinion...
Transkohmer Aylar önce
Agreed, just back from watching. Ok Good budget film with solid writings and direction. Way better than tat Jeeper Creeper remake and Dr strange 2
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez 2 aylar önce
That Lament Configuration design is so sick. I would love to see them all and how many of them are fully practical puzzle boxes. Also the cenobites look and sound fantastic even in movement. I can’t wait.
a Tree
a Tree 2 aylar önce
​@Darius Bostic does turning christian make you into Christian Bale?
Jay Maker
Jay Maker 2 aylar önce
The book literally shows that it's not the Lament configuration. It's the Lazarus configuration. The guy who owns it is probably either trying to resurrect someone or keep himself from dying. It's the same puzzle box for sure, but it's in one of its six other configurations. I bet we'll see them all. Leviathan was already teased.
Truth Detector
Truth Detector 2 aylar önce
I met some Cenobites before and they would be very happy with the way they are represented here.
omni rhythm
omni rhythm 2 aylar önce
@Furion Max Yep, while the original book design was a frightening concept, this one is more sinister and not to mention hauntingly beautiful.
Furion Max
Furion Max 2 aylar önce
I find the new design rather impressive. They really overhauled the design from a simply cube that sort of popped up and turned to whatever kind of shape this is.. It really looks like a key to hell now.
Nash Megia
Nash Megia Aylar önce
I really like this new movie of Hellraiser. It explains how the puzzle box work so the new generation can catch up what it is about but after watching this I have to watch the past movies. Very interesting.
Joey James
Joey James Aylar önce
Cannot wait for more Hellraiser films!!
lior yunfh
lior yunfh Aylar önce
This movie is amazing If you love horror movies You will love it trust me
philippe chan
philippe chan Aylar önce
I absolutely loved it. 12 years sober and I completely related to this movie. I cried at the end because it was so relatable.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Aylar önce
@Coolmacatrain It's very good, you never even watched it.
Stef Van Roey
Stef Van Roey Aylar önce
@LifeExtensionProgramCreator the movie can be seen as a metaphor for addiction, especially since the main character is an addict trying to come clean. I can see the ending really resonating with strugglers.
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal Aylar önce
@LifeExtensionProgramCreator empathy is NOT your strong suit. just saying.
SanS Evero
SanS Evero Aylar önce
You're such a pinhead
Coolmacatrain Aylar önce
@GordonBeckles It's garbage
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini 2 aylar önce
I love how the very opening has that classic Hellraiser music, even if only for 2 seconds. This also looks much better than I was expecting.
Octavain Davis
Octavain Davis 2 aylar önce
David Williams
David Williams 2 aylar önce
Larry H
Larry H 2 aylar önce
Sam Aylar önce
Always loved the designs in these movies even as a kid I knew not to many things were like it glad it’s making a return pinhead always looked so intimidating and super demonic
Sam Aylar önce
@Jared Buckley not gonna lie I think that’s my annoyance with modern movies some stuff looks to polished For example “modern westerners “ the characters are so clean they look like they’ve never touched dirt in their life compare that to the good the bad and the ugly or once upon a time In the west and the characters are gritty dirty sun burnt tired looking makes it so much more believable that they exist and have existed in the world the movie is portraying You could even say no country for old men or there will be blood are good examples of believable characters
Jared Buckley
Jared Buckley Aylar önce
The new cenobites are not threatening to me. They seem too bright and very polished.
Jalen B.
Jalen B. Aylar önce
this movie was just too good. haven’t been scared and at the edge of my seat like that in a big while
Transkohmer Aylar önce
Agreed, just back from watching. Ok Good budget film with solid writings and direction. Way better than tat Jeeper Creeper remake and Dr strange 2
Mr. BaliSong
Mr. BaliSong Aylar önce
Ya know...as awesome as the trailer was it appears to be the case that the movie is even better...like no joke it's prob top 3 best Hellraiser movies ever...the athmosphere, the music, the production value of pretty much everything and just how creative it was both visually and in terms of new ideas that expand on the lore instead of ruining it...Please for the love of Leviathan, watch this movie and make it a super success so we get more of THIS instead of some next remake or something.
Kristine Chua
Kristine Chua Aylar önce
Omg.. my favorite movie since i was a kid.. I've watched all of its movies with my mom. I'm so happy they made another one this year
Nora Smith
Nora Smith 2 aylar önce
This actually looks really good, very happy they're sticking to practical effects and not relying on CGI.
Joshua Solstice
Joshua Solstice Aylar önce
@Darius Bostic HI Darius. I'm fine with my lord and master Satan. He and I are buddies... he's really not so bad. Preaches enrichment of the self, wants us to care for ourselves. Altogether so much better than stodgy old Yeshu.
Kit shabong Kupar
Kit shabong Kupar 2 aylar önce
@R Le Riche lol 😂
Ajbajnificent 2 aylar önce
@Darius Bostic You chose the wrong movie trailer to comment stuff like this friend. Have you ever watched Hellraiser?
R Le Riche
R Le Riche 2 aylar önce
@Kit shabong Kupar you're talking to a bot btw
Kit shabong Kupar
Kit shabong Kupar 2 aylar önce
Are those real?
Andrew H
Andrew H Aylar önce
Hellraiser never scared me but i always loved the visuals and how gritty and dank they felt. This one succeeds in feeling the same. I thoroughly enjoyed this reboot.
thecrow1al Aylar önce
@Doing me hellraiser is a fucked up film for the time that it was made in, it's a classic horror masterpiece. First time I watched part 1 and part 2, I had the worst nightmares as a kid.
Doing me
Doing me Aylar önce
@thecrow1al seriously. Hellraiser scared the living hell out of me as a child, no pun intended. To this day, this is one of the only scary movies that really is terrifying. But yet , I can’t look away.
Jordan Aylar önce
@Andrew H You got some balls, scary stories in the middle of nowhere, I watch MrBallen at home and always check my surroundings😅
Andrew H
Andrew H Aylar önce
@thecrow1al i hear that a lot
thecrow1al Aylar önce
@Andrew H u fucked up man LOL 😂
Matthitizidu Aylar önce
Can’t wait! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎉
ButterflyTaee Aylar önce
Definitely should be in theaters haven’t seen the old version but would give this a 8 1/2 out a 10 ONLY because I was looking for a complete scary movie I’m talking about conjuring scared lol this more alien / monster but like I said it was good worth a watch ! 🎉
pokerphil1st Aylar önce
Hell of alot better than expected. Highly recommended.
Acoustic Gamer
Acoustic Gamer 2 aylar önce
It's refreshing to see Hellraiser with an actual budget finally
Saku Raitonen
Saku Raitonen 2 aylar önce
@Darius Bostic Stop forcing the God down people's throats. It's inapproriate, really. Even Pinhead says that in one of the movies: "Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?" No-one does.
The Cold One
The Cold One 2 aylar önce
@Coasterdude02149 right sometimes holly wood you don’t know what your gonna get. I do believe marvel should have made this movie so there’s more explosions. Because you can’t have a good horror movie without one good explosion my grandma always would say but then again she drank my orange juice so I smacked her over the head with a hammer and she fell but don’t worry we got up made some soup later on but she didn’t get any
Coasterdude02149 2 aylar önce
@Darius Bostic "Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?" 😈
sqerx fan
sqerx fan 2 aylar önce
wtf 20th Century Studios ist so schlecht geworden, das ist viel besser trvid.com/video/video-BtB4FebTSnU.html
the mani(a)cs
the mani(a)cs 2 aylar önce
👑🧫👑 trvid.com/video/video-z31HCMKOLus.html
The Sorrow
The Sorrow Aylar önce
My wife and I watched this last night. Don't go into this expecting it to be like the book or the original movie because it's not, but it's still very good. I am hoping for a sequel.
John Evans
John Evans Aylar önce
I really liked this film. Good writing, good story, dialogue and characters. The visual elements are visceral and brutal, and the creature design is fantastic. A+
Rocko Wilson
Rocko Wilson Aylar önce
I just finished watching it. Great trailer, the movie, not so much. I found it very hard to care about any of the cast. I also didn't like how they changed the whole concept of the puzzle box. Having to poke someone with it. I found that kind of silly. The trans pinhead actor did a great job, and was better than I expected. It was a 6/10 for me. Slightly better than the average horror movie. That's my opinion.
Maddy Bee
Maddy Bee Aylar önce
Loved it. Gruesome sadistic!! 😰🤢
TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
This actually looks really good
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vijendar kumar
vijendar kumar 2 aylar önce
Good earnings this Chanel
Snehasis Mondal ETCE
Snehasis Mondal ETCE 2 aylar önce
Azimsha Muhammad
Azimsha Muhammad 2 aylar önce
lavanya andol
lavanya andol 2 aylar önce
Alistair Borthwick
Alistair Borthwick Aylar önce
Wow! I've watched every single one of these movies. I love them. I really hope this one is a good one.
turkey jerky
turkey jerky Aylar önce
Jamie Clayton’s performance as pinhead looks really compelling
Eli V. Ruiz
Eli V. Ruiz Aylar önce
Jamie was amazing as Pinhead, can't wait to see her more! The cenobytes were great too, the variety in the body horror was awesome 👌
Gr8Momba Aylar önce
They did a great job with this movie. Well done 👏
Transkohmer Aylar önce
Agreed, just back from watching. Ok Good budget film with solid writings and direction. Way better than tat Jeeper Creeper remake and Dr strange 2
Akshay Trayner
Akshay Trayner 2 aylar önce
This actually looks awesome even the original theme is used
Belle DeJ
Belle DeJ 2 aylar önce
@o c wdym?
Sliider 2 aylar önce
i cant believe you ppl still swallow this remake drivel. shame. another legendary film being remade by the inept hacks in current hollywood. theres no mistaking it at this point: they are truly creatively bankrupt. void of originality. an endless stream of soulless, irrelevant remakes. a dark era in filmmaking. a generation of talentless yet narcissistic amateurs. but you keep consooming, consoomers.
the mani(a)cs
the mani(a)cs 2 aylar önce
👑🧫👑 trvid.com/video/video-z31HCMKOLus.html
Wayne Lee
Wayne Lee Aylar önce
Just saw it. This was well done. I kept my eyes on the screen for this one. i may rewatch it again.
captainthrall Aylar önce
I just watched the movie - it was really good!
B Cameo
B Cameo Aylar önce
This was a nice remake, director did really well. Highly recommend.
Justin BentRails
Justin BentRails Aylar önce
Hulu had big shoes to fill with this remake of a cult classic, and they did a remarkable job of it! From the beginning to the end, they got everything right! *NOW MAKE A SEQUEL!!* 😈
Don't read profile photo
One of the truly terrifying aspects of the cenobites is that they are summoned by their victims. In the books you see the depraved to the curious all playing with fire. Unlike other horror these victims sought out an experience that was to much for them. What’s scary is it’s such a human trait.
Siiri Cressey
Siiri Cressey Aylar önce
@Yuki Yamimura Oh. Yeah, that sounds off.
Yuki Yamimura
Yuki Yamimura Aylar önce
If you look at their profile, its obviously a fake profile of some kind, they stole Calvin's comment about 2 days after he made it word for word.
Yuki Yamimura
Yuki Yamimura Aylar önce
@Siiri Cressey "Don Read Profile Photo"
Siiri Cressey
Siiri Cressey Aylar önce
@Yuki Yamimura Who did?
Yuki Yamimura
Yuki Yamimura Aylar önce
Stop copying other peoples comments, bot you copied @Calvin Bethea's comment word for word.
BLACK COBRA Aylar önce
This movie was an absolute blast! Highly recommend the watch from a horror fan!
Jaquay James
Jaquay James Aylar önce
I loved the body art it looked so painful and disturbing but yet so beautiful
AdoreYouInAshXI Aylar önce
Pain and beauty are the essence of the cenobites.
DEEEEEE Aylar önce
Now that we have this masterpiece can we get same crew to make another Silent Hill movie
Rocky Dennis
Rocky Dennis Aylar önce
This wasn't a masterpiece. The original Hellraiser was.
Energy3 Aylar önce
Lets hope it is everything we should expect this to be, looking forward to watching this ...
JTISREBORN 2 aylar önce
A hellraiser movie that actually looks good!? I’ve waited a long time for this.
Cory Ander
Cory Ander Aylar önce
theres about 6 kills in the entire movie and almost zero gore
Felix Fungle-Bung
Felix Fungle-Bung Aylar önce
@Midnight Library I would say anything beyond 2nd is garbage. 3rd was fun but Barker left the film for a reason then 4th film is the last real budget because it had a theatrical release but the time traveling architecture thing was too 90s. I'm just happy Miramax no longer has control over Barker's IP
DasKame 2 aylar önce
Sure, Movie Number 11(!) will be the greastest of them all
EasyRider912 2 aylar önce
@o c No this one seems more LGTBQHIJXYZ community
Twisted Elegance
Twisted Elegance 2 aylar önce
We'll see. It seems to use the "troubled young woman" trope, which is super disappointing. It's been done so many times already, it's tiring. But here's to hoping it's good.
CyberDoge Aylar önce
I'm a fan of occult, gory films and loved this one. My favorite scene was Leviathan coming down from the dark sky with the classic music.
True Aylar önce
Just watched it the other day and it was pretty decent. Pinhead did not disappoint at all even though they chose a female actress. I was actually quite impressed by how intimidating, cold, and scary this Pinhead version was. I think this Pinhead talked even less than the original Pinhead, which made it a lot more frightening. So yeah, I enjoyed this movie and you should definitely go watch it.
Heart NotSmart
Heart NotSmart Aylar önce
@Drakorex that’s true. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Here’s a fact; Almost every medical and psychological professional and expert on Earth disagrees with you. Here’s another fact; There is no compelling evidence that affirming care for transgender people is harmful. And another; Medical professionals unanimously agree that “conversion therapy” is just psychological torture. Wow! Look how many facts that don’t care about your feelings there are! Isn’t this fun?
Drakorex Aylar önce
@True Facts don't care about your feelings
True Aylar önce
@Drakorex No they didn't. Just delete your comment...
Drakorex Aylar önce
No no, they chose a guy...
DeltaPrime350 Aylar önce
I would love it if it was on other streaming services
Edith Yagarí Tascón
Una de las tres películas de terror que me han trastornado en la vida. Y aún esta nueva versión.
Lorenzo Syquia
Lorenzo Syquia 2 aylar önce
As a longtime Hellraiser fan of the movies, comics, and The Hellbound Heart, I'd have to say that this looks pretty good. I know the movies were campy and had a lot of flaws but I liked them anyway. My only fear is that they might turn the Cenobites into your typical slasher villains. Large production companies have the tendency to veer away from the original product in favor of a quick buck. I hope they stick to the theme of the Cenobites' obsession with order and purpose and not just mindless killers. I was also hoping to see the leather costume's of the cenobites but this is a new and interesting look!
Nati 2 aylar önce
Clive barker is producer on it and the director has his blessing apparently.
Sliider 2 aylar önce
hollywood is genuinely creatively bankrupt. void of originality. an endless stream of soulless, irrelevant remakes. a dark era in filmmaking. a generation of talentless yet narcissistic hacks.
Adam Block
Adam Block 2 aylar önce
There's so much you can do with the source material of the cenobites so I'm looking forward to seeing them in action here.
Alejandro Villalba
Alejandro Villalba 2 aylar önce
@Evan Chappell III did that. And V turn cenobites into religious punishers. I believe Judgement did something similar. The problem for me here is that all this look pretty clean next to the look of the first film. Although that atmosphere of rust and darkness might be impossible to recreate. But hey, hope is the last thing you loose.
Evan Chappell
Evan Chappell 2 aylar önce
To be fair, there were atleast 3 or 4 older Hellraiser films you could call slashers... 3 turned Pinhead into a slasher villain
Cher E
Cher E Aylar önce
Best horror I've seen in years ,the bar was low but this was so good .
MichaelNicle Aylar önce
This was a decent remake! and a completely new story with new characters. Ofcourse the original film is better but at least they tried to give us a new story this time around, as horror remakes go, this is one of those that are actually really good / well made.
Vibe-Spartan Aylar önce
It's so so good to see prosthetics and costumes, over-use of CGI was one of the weaknesses of the modern Hellraiser films
Jeannette Holland
Jeannette Holland Aylar önce
If this is how the film looks, I can't wait for the new series! Anyone hear new news about the HBO series? I haven't heard anything new since the announcement
V For Vendetta
V For Vendetta 2 aylar önce
Saw Hellraiser twice on the cinema on its original release, starting a life long love of clive barker. Its been heartbreaking watching this franchise churn out below par sequels to make a fast buck. This, for the first time in decades looks very promising. Loving the colours and lighting. Hopefully they have such sights to show us!
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva 2 aylar önce
@Cronic that would be splendid, but as a series, not as a movie -- too much small details and characters -- the first season would end with the first Fugue's opening, the second with the Fugue's apparent dissolution, and in the third and last we would see the Scourge's hunting the Seerkind to that awesome ending
BasedNate 2 aylar önce
@V For Vendetta I guess I can understand that, I can see something like them standing out during that time.
V For Vendetta
V For Vendetta 2 aylar önce
@BasedNate totally get your point, cheap sets, acting not the best, plot holes, but this was a first time director and was not flush with budget but the reason its a cult favourite?.......the cenobites man! Nobody had seen anything like them before hence pinhead being the reason the franchise plods on. ALL HAIL PINHEAD! 😈
BasedNate 2 aylar önce
I literally just finished watching the original after seeing this trailer and realizing I have never seen any of the movies before. Was not impressed in the slightest. Granted I realize it's a very old movie at this point and they don't always hold up but I find it hard to believe people actually enjoyed this even at its time. The story was all over the place and a lot didn't seem to make any sense (mainly Kirsty's knowledge, she seemed to have more information in the film than she should have at any given point, almost like she was watching the movie as well and learned what was going on) and the acting was just straight up bad imo. I get this is a classic (at least I think it is) but I thought this would be a movie that would stand the test of time like Black Chrismas, another old movie that I only just watched recently, which became one of my favorite horror/thriller movies. Anyway, just my mini review on the film I guess.
MK_sp0ngerin0 2 aylar önce
@Zach Morgan They literally wrote /sarc and commented like twice, I don’t think they’re trying too hard at anything lol, but… that being said, in the context with the /sarc, for them to write this in the first place.. well if somehow they did not like this Pinhead as a woman part of the story, then that is juvenile and they miss the point of what the Cenobites are, and the books to the story.. Who TF cares, backstory of the characters shown or not, whether the character is male or female? If there is excellent writing put down, that makes a film good, that’s all I care about.
yyalP Aylar önce
ngl it's really weird seeing this much production quality in a Hellraiser film... I'm legit excited.
TheShadow Aylar önce
I’m ready for a sequel to this gem
rich T
rich T Aylar önce
@Londzale Hellraiser is an old movie with about 6 incredibly bad films to follow it. This was better than the first, and if they carry on with any sequels they will easily be better than the ones that preceded them. Not that that's a high bar to step over.
Londzale Aylar önce
Hellraiser is an old movie with millions of sequels. In What sense is that a gem?
Jeff P.
Jeff P. Aylar önce
I have always loved Hellraiser's body horror and creative characters! This version looks good! Sadly, not good enough to get Hulu, I'll wait till it comes to Netflix ;)
Jeff P.
Jeff P. Aylar önce
@Gabrielle Sudal I love the IT remake, but still prefer Tim Curry's performance more!
Jeff P.
Jeff P. Aylar önce
@Gabrielle Sudal It has nothing to do with bias....LOL I already used my "free month" to see Prey! ;)
Gabrielle Sudal
Gabrielle Sudal Aylar önce
As someone who was disappointed by the IT and Candyman remakes, as well as Netflix's attempt at Texas Chainsaw Massacre- I enjoyed tf outta this! Hulu better keep makin them, it won't b like the originals but it was very good. The ONLY reimagination for a horror movie franchise that wasn't a fail to me. They did it w this one😭🤣 perfect movie for spooky season.
Gabrielle Sudal
Gabrielle Sudal Aylar önce
hulu originals don't go to netflix ever lol jus watch it online at fmovies or somewhere🤣 i was a netflix fan and always thought hulu wasn't as good (without ever having hulu, jus a bias assumption lol)...til i got hulu. tbh hulu is worth it, they have gems!
Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage Aylar önce
Haven't seen it yet cuz I don't have Hulu but I'm an old school Hellraiser fan so I have certain expectations but it looks like it's gonna be good tho.
GeekHeavy 2 aylar önce
This actually looks really good, very happy they're sticking to practical effects and not relying on CGI.
no 2 aylar önce
Bruh, this looks like trash.
sqerx fan
sqerx fan 2 aylar önce
wtf 20th Century Studios ist so schlecht geworden, das ist viel besser trvid.com/video/video-BtB4FebTSnU.html
Jean Erostique
Jean Erostique 2 aylar önce
the best CGI is the one you cant see. (:
ItzMalick 2 aylar önce
Yo fam I’m a small content creator, and I make a variety Of entertaining reactions, vlogs, and a range Of other content and I’m still working on quality but I guarantee You will find something you will enjoy 🙏🏾💯
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft 2 aylar önce
That said, the CGI they do use looks very good.
Blong Lo
Blong Lo Aylar önce
awesome movie, just finished watching!
ivo hristov
ivo hristov Aylar önce
I've been craving a good Hellraiser
Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox Aylar önce
They actually brought back a classic
Saciea lanks
Saciea lanks Aylar önce
Wow just watched this, well done remake! Definitely theater material.Hulu for the win for the Halloween release. Looking forward to part 2!! You can watch the Original hellraiser from the 90's and still be freaked out which is weird given its been 20 years ago but that's how good it was!!!
Zachary Evans
Zachary Evans Aylar önce
35 years…
Todd Nidzgorski
Todd Nidzgorski Aylar önce
This is not a remake is what people don't seem to understand, they are completely rebooting the the movies and this only the first one. It was definitely considered theater material for sure! It was dark, sadistic, twisted and just all around fantastic story line!
gasan schroeder
gasan schroeder Aylar önce
Lol 30yrs actually
Jake 2 aylar önce
First time in a long time that a Hellraiser flick has looked genuinely disturbing and unsettling. That modern production value really does make this look slick! Can't wait!
Bean Season
Bean Season 2 aylar önce
@oliethemagicbum lol there's always one of you. Welcome
oliethemagicbum 2 aylar önce
Bean Season
Bean Season 2 aylar önce
@Lunkan92 yeah they were always pretty wet and splorchy but I'm gonna trust them and go into it with an open mind
Lunkan92 2 aylar önce
The only kind of complaint I have is that the Cenobites look too clean.
Sgrinwaipwr Aylar önce
I want to watch this in the cinema! I don't think we even have Hulu in my country!
Humphrey 🏳️‍🌈 ('-'*ゞ
I've never watched the original, but this looks good.
DigitalHouse Aylar önce
this was a really good movie, i wish they could make a movie where it shows more info about the box origin and it's GOD and the pinheads world
M Gibson
M Gibson Aylar önce
I agree. From the Novella: "... Of course he knew; he and Kircher had spent long nights talking of hints gleaned from the diaries of Bolingbroke and Gilles de Rais. All that mankind knew of the Order of the Gash, he knew." That's what I was hoping for. Or even this: "... He had worked ceaselessly in the preceding week to prepare the room for them. The bare boards had been meticulously scrubbed and strewn with petals. Upon the west wall he had set up a kind of altar to them, decorated with the kind of placatory offerings Kircher had assured him would nurture their good offices: bones, bonbons, needles. A jug of his urine-the product of seven days' collection-stood on the left of the altar, should they require some spontaneous gesture of selfdefilement. On the right, a plate of doves' heads, which Kircher had also advised him to have on hand ..." More of that would have been nice.
BLAIR ♥ Aylar önce
_I’ve seen all 10 hellraiser movies. The last one was 2019. I was waiting for this one lol. About to watch now!_
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