Heavy Rain and Thunderstorm - Try listening for 3 minutes - Fall Asleep Fast - Insomnia - Study

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29 Nis 2021




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Lauren Prowse
Love it I just love it 😀 😍 ❤ 💕 ♥ 💖
Ash Manning
I struggle sleeping because of my purse and I generally can't get to sleep sometimes but can sleep all day and I've realized having noises like this helps me and makes me feel comfortable and safe I still sleep with stuffed animals and this is just one thing that helps me when I can't sleep with one or in general and no ADS IS THE BEST so thank u
Cazza and Kids
So I slept through a massive thunderstorm and rain last night apparently 🙈🙄. So I'm giving this a listen in replacement, so relaxing and hoping I'm asleep very soon 😴😴🥱. Happy relaxing everyone 😊
Don Vega
Don Vega 9 saatler önce
Growing up I slept next to a window and could hear everything outside. Sometimes an ambulance, or train or sirens. The best relaxer was the combination of all especially with rain and thunder. Thank you for taking me back many years. I am 70 now but remember 10 years old with your sounds. Good night to all.
Evelyn Micona
I was having anxiety and this really helped and put me right to sleep tysm 😁💕
great sounds, thank you!
I always have the highest quality sleep on rainy nights. This video is perfect when I want to listen to rain as I sleep and is so aligned with my personal taste. Thanks for putting the time and effort into making this.
joe annandale
It hasn’t rained where I am in nearly two months and it’s not likely to rain for the next month. Listening to this is brilliant.
Davena Porter
Davena Porter Yıl önce
Thank you. This is absolutely miraculous!
Stephanie pamela
Stephanie pamela Yıl önce
I listen to this every night to sleep love it thanks soooo muchhh
Kenzy Real
Hope everyone has a good nights sleep. Relax and let your mind rest
Isabella Mendez
I just started listening to this but this is so good thank you so much for making this
Thank god I found this because I love hearing rain drops and thunder
Naomi Lacore
I’m not use to sleeping in the quietness makes me a little nervous,😬 so I need to hear something that will relax me so I chose to always listen to the rain. Weather it’s actually raining or this right here.❤️
robustlake Yıl önce
I love this thank you💜😪😴😴😴
Relaxing Black Screen
Relaxing Black Screen 14 gün önce
Thanks for sharing your amazing video my friend...😄
Della M
Gosh, I can almost smell the rain !!! Thanks, so relaxing.😴
Dominican Me
I love this. I sleep to this every night ✨🪐🌙🌑🌖💯
Cody Colter
You have a new subscriber now, thanks for the best sleep in my entire life
Joshua Miller
Wow! This is absolutely heartbreaking! The sounds of rain just tear at my heart strings. The thunder matches my inner longing for a hotdog.