Heartbreak On The Mississippi River Fishing For Catfish

M. Hood Fishing
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I got into a fight with the river.
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18 Haz 2021




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John Watson
John Watson 2 aylar önce
Excellent narrator
Al Petkiewicz
Al Petkiewicz 3 aylar önce
That was awesome! Great fish!! 😀♥️♥️
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 3 aylar önce
And I bet you have a musselbank at the drop off. Thats always hard to fish. Good vid! Greets from germany
Luther Shadle
Luther Shadle 3 aylar önce
have you been where the ouachita river flows into mississippi great fishery
Mr. Marcus
Mr. Marcus 3 aylar önce
Nice session
Chasing Catfish
Chasing Catfish 3 aylar önce
Your persistence paid off! Nice job! 😎
Justin Majors
Justin Majors 3 aylar önce
Where y’all at?
Dave Rider
Dave Rider 4 aylar önce
"Pff...I've seen bigger." Lol.
Leslie Byrum
Leslie Byrum 4 aylar önce
Do another gar cook and clean
Natalia Bryant
Natalia Bryant 4 aylar önce
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Vladimir 3 aylar önce
@pinnedby Coin Põst Thanks for his contact info I'll get to him right away
pinnedby Coin Põst
pinnedby Coin Põst 3 aylar önce
pinnedby Coin Põst
pinnedby Coin Põst 3 aylar önce
@Vladimir through what s a p p
Vladimir 4 aylar önce
How do I contact Henry Brown trade's?
➕ ① ④④③ ⑧⑨② ③③④⑦ whatsapp.
His stories are everywhere 😱 Trading crypto with Henry Brown trade's has being a game changer for me
No Sleep
No Sleep 4 aylar önce
wouldnt be a M. Hood Fishing video without a break off
Steve Cousins
Steve Cousins 4 aylar önce
He is definitely not a weaker man.
Mark Romero
Mark Romero 4 aylar önce
Must be a car down there… hilarious 🤣
Jah Lion
Jah Lion 3 aylar önce
...went in shut the door and rolled the window up lmao
Carol Robinson
Carol Robinson 4 aylar önce
Back in the day Linders did a extensive video series on catfish. Their underwater videos showed more actively feeding catfish usually dropped back to the end of a run to feed. 😉
packingten 4 aylar önce
Never did care for Al to much he seemed like a smart.#$$😊
SCUMDOG FISHING 4 aylar önce
BS fishing
BS fishing 3 aylar önce
Derek Stine
Derek Stine 4 aylar önce
Yeah your right
Born To fish
Born To fish 4 aylar önce
Nice, got to love those blues
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe 4 aylar önce
Noah is a hater.
kevin h
kevin h 4 aylar önce
You are probably one of my favorite TRvidr. Alway have good content. Alway enjoy your video
Gathney Brandon
Gathney Brandon 4 aylar önce
Get baitrunner reels it will makes things easier
Popeye 4 aylar önce
You need to use steel leaders those gar fish popping your line
Marty Sims
Marty Sims 4 aylar önce
any day fishing is a good day. love watching your videos tight lines from north augusta sc.
Atavistic By Nature
Atavistic By Nature 4 aylar önce
Between M Hood beating his meat bloody against a log and the chopper scene from Apocalypse Now, I'm freaking out, man!!
Big Frog
Big Frog 4 aylar önce
LoL. Why did you say "beating his meat".
Carol Robinson
Carol Robinson 4 aylar önce
😂😂😂😂 If he ever starts doin more than catching donkeys I'm unsubscribing.... 😵😵😵😂😂😂😂😇
Solomon Jacobsen
Solomon Jacobsen 4 aylar önce
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 4 aylar önce
Time to shave
Roy Flores
Roy Flores 4 aylar önce
I miss you salt water videos
Noah A
Noah A 4 aylar önce
Mhood treats his friends bad. Jared caught a fish be excited for him. You lose a fish and blame Jared. Jared always driving you are ungrateful. If I was Jared I would drive you to a dentist.
Big Frog
Big Frog 4 aylar önce
Yeah to an extent. I see some minor disrespect. But they wouldn't be friends if they didn't make up for it in some sort of way.
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe 4 aylar önce
Bull pies! I watched the video and it didn’t happen.
6412mars 4 aylar önce
I have to agree with that! I'd be telling him to ride his bike next time😂
Kelly Schuster
Kelly Schuster 4 aylar önce
Keep the videos coming mr hood
David Millhollon
David Millhollon 4 aylar önce
You are the boss.
Cj D
Cj D 4 aylar önce
You might need some 10/o, your baits are big af for 8
End Game
End Game 4 aylar önce
Yooo M Hood Fishing, u should make your own castnet I could show u how to do it. I made a 7ft net and gar cant rip it and it doesnt tear. Used 100ilb test braided line. Took a few months. A 3ft one u could make in probably a week or 2. Dont expect u to reply to me, cuz I dont believe u know how to. I'm in Louisiana also Slidell Area. Lemme remind u I didnt know shit about making them, tying knots or putting it together.
Robert C Hall
Robert C Hall 4 aylar önce
He proubly pinched that line when he shut that door.
Gary Snyder
Gary Snyder 4 aylar önce
Have seen that happen! 🤡
John Turner
John Turner 4 aylar önce
Take a tball bat and beat carp when using them as cut bait
Atavistic By Nature
Atavistic By Nature 4 aylar önce
Wiffle ball bat works pretry good when the kids are acting up too 😂
John Turner
John Turner 4 aylar önce
@Cj D Yeah makes it bloody an releases smell better
Cj D
Cj D 4 aylar önce
Make the meat bloody?
Alex Doscious
Alex Doscious 4 aylar önce
Mitchell Crawford
Mitchell Crawford 4 aylar önce
When are you going to cook and eat one of them blues
Mitchell Crawford
Mitchell Crawford 3 aylar önce
@luckyloller mod master what do you eat??? Or better question do you even fish 🎣
Mitchell Crawford
Mitchell Crawford 3 aylar önce
@Noah Stice i must have missed that one
6412mars 4 aylar önce
@Noah A 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍
luckyloller mod master
Why u americans need top eat everything leave the fish alive
Noah A
Noah A 4 aylar önce
Jared is a good friend, always driving mhood everywhere, he lands a stingray and hood don’t care he treats his buddies bad. I would drive hood to a dentist and leave him.
Mark Duvall
Mark Duvall 4 aylar önce
Chunk the braid and get you some Berkley Trilene 30-40lb is all you need .. no leader.. always leave your drag around 15lb. And use ropes to tie your rods to something secure on the bank. Happy fishing✌️
• Salt Rock
• Salt Rock 4 aylar önce
Mornin y’all! Happy Friday! Thanks M.Hood for some fantastic videos. 🙂
moblack 4 aylar önce
Here first
Told you once
Told you once 4 aylar önce
Yeah you right. I really enjoy your content and videos. Keep up the great work bro.
Bugworkout taught us ! 🤩 #prank #shorts
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