He Was WARNED Not to Talk Trash...But Didn't Listen!

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He Was WARNED Not to Talk Trash...But Didn't Listen!

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13 May 2020




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Hrvoje Odak
Hrvoje Odak 9 aylar önce
I have a personal story to share with Drazen. I was a young prospect back then, played in junior team of Cibona Croatian champion, where Drazen used to play. After a summer practice, our couch says: ok guys, you're shooting 3s and the one who wins, stays at an additional practise. We were like, wtf? But I won anyway, I was really good back then. Next thing I know, Drazen walks onto the court, introduces himself and we spent 2 hours in practice. Everything he did, I had to do to. 25 free throws Drazen, 25 free throws me, with Drazen passing me the ball. It was unreal. Oh, and did I mention this was when he was already a huge Nets star and he was in Zagreb on "vacation". Every day he spent in practise. That's how motivated he was. Thanks for this video @Cosgrove, made me cry. Edit: wow guys, I did not expect this... I'm really glad you liked the story . Thanks for all the love
bl8ck plug
bl8ck plug 8 gün önce
this didnt happen. nice story though bro
Draženko Čičković
Draženko Čičković 20 gün önce
@vladimir curkoski koga briga za jugu,za Hrvatsku su ameri culi,za jugu ne.I Cibona je uvijek bila u HR svidjalo se to tebi ili ne.Pozz iz Zagreba,Ciboninog doma.
Raf Soto
Raf Soto 28 gün önce
Awesome story!
_ Aylar önce
all the best euro players are from Serbia
Scott Aylar önce
What a great memory to have. Thank you for sharing!
Stan Salazar
Stan Salazar 6 aylar önce
Damn, I hadn’t heard of him and am not much of a basketball enthusiast but this was an exciting reel! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks when it was revealed that his life was cut short in an accident. Totally knocked the wind out of my sails. RIP Drazen.
Johnny 16 gün önce
Cars man not even once. I have had many friends, exgirlfriends who have lost someone to a vehicle related accident. I was also involved in a serious accident where everyone survived miraculously.
Maraming Alam Channel
Because he's not American no hype for the media.
S Susperreguy
S Susperreguy Aylar önce
If you have not heard about Drazen you do not know anything about basketball
NICK SHARMA Aylar önce
yeah, did not expect that at all. damn
hapwn Aylar önce
Not a fan, but I remember the name.
James Page
James Page 4 aylar önce
I remember Petrovic clearly. I was 17 when he passed away. Living in NJ and going to Nets games Drazen was 1 of the only stars on the team. He gave real hope to us winning. He was an actual Star and he shined blindingly bright if only for a short time. Cant forget a guy like that. RIP Drazen.
sublime42087 Aylar önce
If only you were there to give your brain dead analogy he'd still be alive.
Goober Picker
Goober Picker Aylar önce
@Rusted Root So jealous!
Rusted Root
Rusted Root Aylar önce
@Goober Picker Saw them twice in Concert.
Goober Picker
Goober Picker Aylar önce
@Rusted Root Rusted Root kicks ass.
1Matic Movie Clips
1Matic Movie Clips Aylar önce
@Equinox Shadow Dame you went in but a seat belt could have saved him. FACTS bro.
Robert DeMartin
Robert DeMartin 2 aylar önce
He had an apartment in Hackensack, NJ, during the season and I often had breakfast with him at a local diner. He would always sit at a table away from any TV set because there was a terrible war going on in his Country and he couldn't bear to watch. He was a wonderful man, soft spoken and respectful. After the tragedy in Germany all basketball fans and in particular NJ Nets fans were in shock and, to this day, I still think of him once in a while. He was a great, great player. There was a day when a mass was held in NYC at the Croatian Catholic Church so that fans, fellow teammates and NBA dignitaries could pay their respects. I was fortunate to be at the mass and it was a very stirring moment. Drazen's mother said his favorite piece of music was 'Ave Maria' and a woman sang it beautifully at the mass and believe me when I tell you, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. For the rest of my life whenever I hear that beautiful song I will always think of that woman singing it at the mass in his honor.
stevealaska73 5 aylar önce
May Drazen Petrovic never be forgotten. What a legend he was. Another one taken too soon.
SpiritEssence 2 yıl önce
Died young, but still managed to immortalize himself into the basketball history. That deserves respect.
freedomprophet 22 gün önce
@Josh M oh he did a lot. Enough to get in hof. Just the fact that becouse of him you have Dončić, Antetonkoumpo, Jokić and others is more than enough.
You missed his point, he meant "bad" as in VERY GOOD, just like Mike Tyson was called the "baddest man on the planet"! So you wouldn't have missed the joke if you had been a true sports [or basketball] enthusiast. 'nuff said.
Lisa Kane
Lisa Kane Aylar önce
@Paul Harris I found you again
Jay Best
Jay Best Aylar önce
little mermaid
czierwo 5 aylar önce
@WhiteRabbit interesting twist! Anything else to enlighten my day? 😄
innertubez Aylar önce
It's a shame I didn't know about Drazen Petrovic until he died. Thanks for this video laying out this historical tribute to his talent, his fighting spirit, and the Euro legacy he brought to the NBA.
Chris Lemery
Chris Lemery 5 aylar önce
I'm not even a basketball fan and I enjoyed this video immensely. It's fascinating to see 2 people so skilled and so competitive to one another that it left us all spellbound. Rest in peace Drazen.
Jesus M Chavez
Jesus M Chavez 5 aylar önce
Loved Drazen's game. He was a part of what got me seriously playing hard even when the odds where against our team
Tay Daley
Tay Daley 21 gün önce
He’s got that underdog energy that I love. I’m an underdog in music and always was in sports too. I played basketball and soccer. Have always been good at that and music but no one gives me the chance. That’s why I love guys like him who are also so clearly talented and hardworking but people overlook. Never give up! I’m so glad you got to watch him play over there. If he hadn’t died so soon I would have definitely known him more as I was an avid NBA fan in the 90s. Grew up in Portland. RIP Drazen
25mfd Aylar önce
the BEST comment on here
Crónicas desde la cripta
A completely wonderful player, incredible shooter. He played in Spain, Real Madrid team. Same as Fernando Martin, they both died in car accidents and we were very sad for it. Petrovic was practically unstoppable in the basketball court.
4 Gbr Split.
4 Gbr Split. 2 yıl önce
I'm from his home town of Šibenik, Croatia. And i remember him very well. He was 3 years older than me. And was a national hero already with 18 years. He was a magnet for people,and for girls. He had a beautiful contagious smile, and wonderful curly hair...But he never spent the nights with the girls outside, never drink or whatever young people of his age doing...All he was interested about was basketball. He used to come at 6 in the morning, every morning, before school, put the chairs all over the floor and dribble through them for 2 hours....And shooting from all directions practicing fast release. Then the cleaners would come and at the 8 he would be in his clasroom. And afternoon he would come again and stay on th floor untill midnight. He was just MAD basketball addict. Very polite nice and humble guy outside, but cold stone killer on the floor. Drazen outside, and in the floor, was two completly different persons. He didn't respect even his own brother. Once he had a free throws against his brother team Cibona, in the game that means NOTHING to Dražen, but means EVERYTHING to his brother team. I don't remember what the game was for, but it was important European championship play off game. He was a player of Real Madrid then. It was few last seconds of the game. And Dražen on the free throw line.He was begging Dražen to miss the throws, saying, please, let us pass this, this game means nothing to you. You are already a champions...but we desperately need this game.He was mentioning some big money award too, if they win the game.Dražen was just look at him, gave him one ironic smile and cold as a stone put both throws inside. He just couldn't imagine to loose the game. His brother didn't wanna speak to him for months after that game.
T-Love 26 gün önce
you could mention that his brother’s name is aleksandar »aco«
Orestis Palampougioukis
That’s not lack of respect for his brother. His brother should not even ask him to throw the game.
niksonitis 2 aylar önce
@vjeran vlahovic He did won! In the final night he was shooting free throws in the last second and scored for victory after scoring 40 points that game! Next day there was political attempt to take title to Bosnia but the gold medal stayed in small city of Sibenik and Drazen became a living legend.
Putin will hang in the middle of Kremlin
@meniosgomenios ..... for your information ,that Frankenstein country doesn't exist for over 30 years 🤦🏻‍♂️‼️
Putin will hang in the middle of Kremlin
@B B ......🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜
Kash 7 aylar önce
Growing up in Chicago I was a huge NBA fan going back to before Jordan played in the NBA. I got to see Jordan play live and also watched every game on tv. I watched those games that Drazen played against the Bulls and Jordan plus any other games Drazen played in that were broadcast nationally. He was a true superstar and not only the best European player I have ever seen but, simply one of the best NBA players I have ever watched. At the end of the season before he died I remember thinking, wow wait till next year, he will be a marquee player. It’s such a shame that he lost his life so young. The NBA not only lost a great player but a great ambassador to the game. The only other players that I have seen play with the same heart and determination were Jordan and Larry Bird and Kobe. What a huge loss, Rest In Peace.
Javigar13 Aylar önce
That was a really nice take, totally agree. Good taste in basketball
m salih
m salih Aylar önce
Petro for 3? Yes!
pdxtim97209 5 aylar önce
As a native Portlander, I am ashamed at how poorly we treated Drazen. May God forgive us!
Derpy Turtle
Derpy Turtle 5 aylar önce
Dude was a Savant, WELL AND TRUELY ahead of his time, We see what guards were doing in 2018-2019, splitting doubles, running around screens to get open threes, being one of the toughest to guard at the rim, and applied it in an era known as the Big Man era. You can’t take anything away from him.
Derpy Turtle
Derpy Turtle Aylar önce
@#DontFeedTheTroll theres a few different meanings of the word savant, but I’m saying he was mentally and intellectually amazing at basketball. Doing things back then that we were only starting to see at high levels of basketball about 15 years later.
#DontFeedTheTroll Aylar önce
Doodoo Swaggy
Doodoo Swaggy Aylar önce
gillian67ec 2 aylar önce
Drazen! ...I hated him for what he did to Italian teams he played against, but, when he died I cried like I had lost one of my family. We miss you!
Jeremy M. Thompson
Jeremy M. Thompson 2 yıl önce
I was a 15-years-old growing up in a Chicago suburb when Petro died. I'll never forget the immense sadness that I felt. Petro was fearless and obliterated the myth that Euro players were soft and couldn't play in the NBA. He will always be a legend!
vjeran vlahovic
vjeran vlahovic Aylar önce
@MrMJmusicLover yes he is god of basketball
MrMJmusicLover Aylar önce
@vjeran vlahovic An idol is something you worship. Is he your God? 🤔
gavriil nick
gavriil nick Aylar önce
Ostentatious Savant
Ostentatious Savant 5 aylar önce
Now the NBA is soft as butter so Euros can completely dominate.
Marko Brnadic
Marko Brnadic 6 aylar önce
@Gianna Stavros dominant Player but His FT are awful.
Alejandro Macias
Alejandro Macias 8 aylar önce
As a 90's kid. I remember some of those iconic clips. All I want to say is from my heart I thank you for making these videos. You made my day and I have mad respect for your work.
Dominic Eugenio
Dominic Eugenio Aylar önce
One of my favorite all time players of all time I would watch the nets just to see him shoot pure magic .the will he had to win was impeccable. So sad he tragically died on June 7 1993 he was one of the best and would have been even better .you are still missed draz.but never forgotten can't believe it's almost 30 years you left us R I P brother I hope to meet you on the other side
Jon Q
Jon Q Aylar önce
Much respect to Drazen : He was a true legend who should be credited more for his basketball gifts..
jesus tamez
jesus tamez 5 aylar önce
Man this video dang near me got me in tears. Dont ever let anyone convince you cant do something no matter how impossible the goal is.
J Alvarez
J Alvarez 2 yıl önce
I was a 21 year old Nets fan in 93 when my best friend called to tell me that Drazen had died in that car crash in Germany ..I cried like a little kid, like all Nets fans, I was devastated..Went to his Jersey's retirement game against the Pacers at the start of the season with a girl I had just started dating and I cried through the entireme ceremony. My favorite Net ever...rest in peace Drazen.. Pucaj Tricu!
SINAN SAKIC 2 aylar önce
@Rich Panini How old are u?
Dakar Crew 2 -
Dakar Crew 2 - 4 aylar önce
@Droptop RARII Obviously you don't know the facts about Drazen's death. It wasn't him who was driving, it was his girlfriend. He slept in the right seat because he was tired after the game he played for the Croatian national team. The driver of the truck that caused the accident turned in a semicircle on the highway over 4 lanes. It is strictly forbidden and unexpected for someone to do such idiocy on the highway. Due to the rain, the road was wet and visibility was poor. The tragedy is not the result of Drazen's mistake. If you die in a plane crash as a passenger, it's not your fault that the plane crashed. I had the honor of meeting him and once playing street basketball with him in his hometown of Šibenik when he was already a famous and best player in Europe. Croatia still cries for him every year on June 7 when we remember him. RIP Drazen
Droptop RARII
Droptop RARII 2 yıl önce
That shit just seems fishy to me🤔 if he was that aware on the court I just don’t see him dying all of sudden🙄they knew he was gon taint Jordan’s legacy, so they made it seem like a accident.....and can’t nobody tell me differently🤷🏾‍♂️
Montañero Paisa
Montañero Paisa 2 yıl önce
Pucaj tricu!! Bravo dude! Drazen najveci ikad
Matija Ciprijanovic
Matija Ciprijanovic 2 yıl önce
Pucaj Tricu!!!
Tomislav Duić
Tomislav Duić 2 aylar önce
Having watched all his career and having been on his funeral, I can only thank you for this video and a great memory of one-of-a-kind human being.
Andrej Zavadlav
Andrej Zavadlav Aylar önce
A legend, that left us way too quicly. Remember the day of the accident, still getting tears in my eyes whren remembering it. With his brother Aci, that was a splendid 3 point shootet, they formed a team we ex Yu basketball lovers won't ever forget. Also privately a man of honous and respect. Rip
Javigar13 Aylar önce
Young kids, you dont know how good Drazen was, of you did you would not ever say the words "best shooter ever" on anybody else without thinking. A pleasure to watch him play, true great
# Guiltless
# Guiltless 6 aylar önce
Such a shame to lose such an immense talent and great human being..RIP Drazen 🙏🏻
The Watchmen
The Watchmen 5 aylar önce
I remember watching him play. I was an amazing shooter! The guy never missed. He was practically automatic. I was so crushed hearing of his accident bc i knew we missed out in watching a great player entertain us RIP
BlkDiesel 2 aylar önce
R.I.Power Drazen...he played with no fear. He was simple one of the best European players I ever saw play in the NBA. And, his duels against MJ bought the best out of MJ because he used to get under MJ's skin like Dumars and Mitch Richmond. I don't know if he ever said it publicly but you could see MJ has MASSIVE RESPECT for Drazen. He reminded me of a younger Oscar Schmidt from Brazil...extremely talented, in elite condition and fearless on the court. Again, R.I.Power Drazen.
Patrick McClure
Patrick McClure Aylar önce
What a very talented young player, such a shame his career ended in this way. A Great NBA legend.
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 8 aylar önce
RIP Drazen. Many my age don’t get to hear about you. Hopefully many more hear about your story
Matt Sims
Matt Sims 11 aylar önce
Drazen was a beast! Imagine the mental toughness you needed to have to go tit for tat with MJ and not break. Now, imagine facing MJ with the Dream Team and still thinking "we have a chance, boys!" and he played like it. Guy was fearless AF!
monolith geometry
monolith geometry Aylar önce
@Ethan Weeter This room ain't gonna get what you're saying bro.its hopeless but yeah, your e right. For a shooter any contact puts u slightly off balance ,and just the possibility of someone hitting you is always in the back of your mind as a shooter. They used to say "Don't settle for jumpshot ". That's b4 the cupcake era
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Aylar önce
@of the One wtf! Nutjobs with their conspiracies. Foh!
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 5 aylar önce
And that is when hand checking was legal. Now Curry can shoot and not worry about getting touched.
of the One
of the One 7 aylar önce
That's why they killed Drazen. It was an assassination
Huskie Huskerson
Huskie Huskerson 7 aylar önce
I mean it's a game, why wouldn't a player play against MJ or literally any player when that's literally his job
Saif Rahman
Saif Rahman Aylar önce
Drazen was such a baller. I teared up at the end. Gone too soon
David Stith
David Stith 3 aylar önce
Rest in peace, Drazen. He was a great player. I remember him.🙏
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle 2 aylar önce
I remember watching this guy play in the NBA back then and remember saying to myself... This guy is fearless 🔥🔥🔥
Patrick Pope
Patrick Pope 2 aylar önce
This was great, I followed Drazen Petrovich career and a heck of a ball player, jumpers out of nowhere and baseline moves, if he was on a more talented team he would have won multiple championships, yes he was that good and still very great in Heaven.
Scrappy Spider
Scrappy Spider Yıl önce
One of the most underrated players in NBA history. RIP D. Petrovic, NBA really misses players like you
Order 66
Order 66 9 aylar önce
@Ben Simmons’ Shooting Sleeve Agree wit everything you said 💯% man. Absolutely. 👍🏽
Ben Simmons’ Shooting Sleeve
@Order 66 I’d take Petro over Dirk, Sabonis and Luka based off of what he showcased in the NBA. No doubt Arvydis was a great basketball player, but he never got to showcase a lot of his talent to people who follow NBA basketball. I understand defending Arvydis because he was such a weapon overseas in his prime, but he isn’t even in the discussion with Dirk, Petro and Luka. Dirk is a legend and I feel he never gets the respect he deserves amongst competitive power forwards/centers however he was a one trick pony. Petro was just on another level at basketball, superior to Arvydis and Dirk entirely and Luka is the only one who appears to have similar abilities.
Taaj Barnett
Taaj Barnett 9 aylar önce
Jerome Ashley
Jerome Ashley 9 aylar önce
Arcade Music Tribute
Arcade Music Tribute 18 gün önce
Dražen Petrovič was probably the best European Basketball player of all time. I can not stress enough how good this guy was. He was a basketball giant! So sad he passed so soon. What a legend! I'm from Slovenia and we have Luka Dončič now who's walking in his steps but when Dražen was playing with Cibona [his team from Croatia] in the 80s, I watched all their games in the Euro League. They had great duels and legendary finals against Žalgiris and their Sabonis from Lithuania. Sabonis also went to NBA. That was some peak Euro basket at that time. I think at that time Euro basket differed in style more from the U.S. than it does today in a sense that it was harder for Euro players to adapt, but Dražen was all about taking challenges. He was so good! Btw - Croatia in 1992 also had Kukoc and Radja. I think Radja also played in the NBA. Their team back then was certainly #2 in the World at that time. It was no coincidence they ended up in the final, but the dream Team back then was on another level - they should've just went play some intergalactic matches against some Alien basketball team because they were just too strong for anyone here at that time :D :D
Random Indiana Guy
Random Indiana Guy Aylar önce
I remember getting a Petrovic 1992-1993 Topps Gold Card when I was 12 and was super excited about it haha. Seems like 50 lifetimes ago. But he was an absolute sniper with the basketball. Dude could put your lights out all day with long / short-range jumpers.
Original Mindset
Original Mindset 8 aylar önce
It HURT 😞 me so bad, when Petrovic died in that unfortunate and fatal car accident. A LEGEND in his own time, and a DEVASTATING blow to the NJ Nets. RIP my dear friend. #BrickCity
Ephraim Akoto
Ephraim Akoto 3 aylar önce
Brookyln is a Cursed franchise, no one will win a championship there .
Frodo Frodovic
Frodo Frodovic 5 aylar önce
It is nice to read that so many US Americans loved him. Thank you Bro. Greetings from croatia
jeremiah johnson
jeremiah johnson Aylar önce
I remember him well on the Blazers, I live in Portland and followed the team at the time, it was a difficult situation for him because the Blazers already had Clyde Drexler as the starting SG, and next to Jordan he was the top SG in the NBA at the time. Petrovic could clearly play but he wasn't going to get significant PT on the same team as Clyde the Glide. I was happy for him when he went to NJ and got some real playing time, then proved he was for real in the NBA. The car accident was a shock, he was so young and still had years ahead of him in the NBA. A shame.
XhopFPS 2 yıl önce
He played basketball for the thrill of the game and to face strong people. Nothing but respect for this man
Lourdes Ortiz
Lourdes Ortiz Yıl önce
@marlo219 219GI How the fuck does LeBron get mentioned here... STOP HATING
Agent Zeeda
Agent Zeeda Yıl önce
lol he was the goku of basketball
marlo219 219GI
marlo219 219GI Yıl önce
He’s better than lequeen if u ask me
Elvir Hurem
Elvir Hurem 2 yıl önce
True example of sportsmen
Clint Adams
Clint Adams Aylar önce
Such a great talent he was fearless on that court definitely help usher in the European wave of players...Godbless Drazen.
lward528 3 aylar önce
I'm glad I actually got to watch him play. He was definitely an all-time shooter that does not get his just due.
Juan Manuel Fuentes
Juan Manuel Fuentes 2 aylar önce
I remember him playing for Real Madrid ( Spain ). Oh my god, he was unstoppable. The other team tried to manage and back up each other so he would'nt have an opportunity to shoot...imposible. Just a fraction of second, a milimiter and Drazen got the opportunity. It was a nightmare for the opponents. Personally I thinnk he is the best European player ever.
Terrell Rea
Terrell Rea Aylar önce
I had the honor of meeting him at basketball camp when I was young and you could just see that he had the Charisma and the talent and the heart for being a great basketball player and it was it was a tragic of losing him at such a young age and there won't be anybody like him again you know but he sure to give Michael a good tough battle
Ivan Camaro
Ivan Camaro 2 yıl önce
I had the honor of knowing him personally as a kid, he was our hero. And really great and simple guy. You are truly missed Dražen.
ToolieTrips 9 aylar önce
Ivan Camaro
Ivan Camaro 11 aylar önce
@Dion St. Michael if you knew,you would be funny.
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 11 aylar önce
@Ivan Camaro What’s a funny stick?
Ivan Camaro
Ivan Camaro 11 aylar önce
@Dion St. Michael ,you wouldn't know humor if someone beat you to death with a funny stick.
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 11 aylar önce
He said YOU were simple TOO! Lol! What a coincidence, huh? :)
ThABaTToSai Aylar önce
Damn Drazen, you went at the GOAT like you belonged on his level and you held your own every time. RIP
T-Love 26 gün önce
@CAM MAC there are no gods, just humans.
CAM MAC Aylar önce
But theres this factor that separates the likes of gods mj, wilt, kaj from greats such as drazen. Theres also powerscaling in nba lol
gavriil nick
gavriil nick Aylar önce
Elron Humpperdink
Elron Humpperdink 8 aylar önce
The “you ain’t all that” and “you can’t stop me” back and forth is like that masculine trash talk that you just can’t help and actually ramps up the energy of the game. No throwing fists or chairs, just “you’ll regret those words” and then have a dunk or a three pointer to back it up.
Jason Christen
Jason Christen 4 gün önce
Growing up in NJ and going to Nets games, I quickly became a Drazen fan. I remember this 1 game he scored every OT point in a Nets win and on the way out I purchased his jersey...the 1st one I ever owned. I'll never forget listening to the radio while laying in bed and hearing the news of his death when I was 15. Never thought you could be emotionally connected to someone you've never met, but I cried my eyes out that day. You were one of the best basketball players I've ever seen Drazen and I love you for playing hard and never taking it for granted. Thanks for the memories 😢 ❤️
Kabamaru Iga No
Kabamaru Iga No Aylar önce
Croatia had an amazing team, but imagine playing against united Yugoslavia. I remember our Greek team playing against them and Drazen was a nightmare although still young. Definitely one of the best European players of all time.
NENAD MORDŽIN 15 gün önce
Believe me Galis was also for Yugoslavia especially in EC in Greece 1987 and you even stop our revenge for the lost against USSR in Seoul in 1989 when was our home court for the EC.
buffalopatriot 2 yıl önce
I was living in New York when Petrovic was balling. He was no joke and did a lot for New York basketball. It was a real shocker when he died. He definitely represented European basketball and got it noticed. Rest in Peace Drazen.
Sel Sam
Sel Sam Yıl önce
The Knicks had a hard time with the trio from the Nets . Coleman, Anderson, and Petrovich were fire. And I was a huge Knicks fan but you couldn't front on them under Chuck Daly.
Jonathan Vargas
Jonathan Vargas 5 aylar önce
This kid was special and confident. You can tell he would have been one of the best.
AdamMS1384 5 aylar önce
Forgot about how damn good Petrovic was. He’s always left out of the conversation when it comes to over seas greats.
VintageE Reacts
VintageE Reacts 3 aylar önce
Wow!! I will forever remember this guy!! What a legend !!
Jaheim Ré
Jaheim Ré 2 aylar önce
Yeah Drazen could ball. I still remember how shocking it was hearing about the accident. He was just becoming known in the NBA.
Matt Delaney
Matt Delaney 2 yıl önce
Petro was unreal....I consider myself lucky to have seen so many of his games while he was on the Nets. Just a special player.
SeniorRonson 11 aylar önce
As a Blazer fan I was sorry to see him go, he was killing everyone in practice it was just a matter of time
Sppecials Yıl önce
@Ivan N @ back then I thought it was a top basketball, now I know it was just a second hand level basketball compared to nba.
Ivan N
Ivan N Yıl önce
@david carrasquilla Just look up on youtube for games when he played for Cibona Zagreb 85/86, they were european champions back then, it was magical.
Guy Guy
Guy Guy 2 yıl önce
@Sion thefool true but 100 points is 100 points and he scored 112
Sion thefool
Sion thefool 2 yıl önce
@Guy Guy 100% true but the level of competition also plays a role.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 2 aylar önce
Great video, Petrovic was a true legend and repped hard for European players until the end, rest in power to that brother!
Billy O
Billy O 8 aylar önce
RIP Drazen. Fantastic player, loved to see him lighting up the bulls and Jordan.
Ben Hibma
Ben Hibma Aylar önce
Bulls fan 46 years. Drazen was different. In a time when the fear of Jordan was growing. Drazen never backed down and welcomed the challenge. People were scared of Jordan’s shadow back then. Petro was an animal out there. One of my all time favorites
Host 7 aylar önce
Wow thank you for sharing this great video. Drazen is an absolute legend I didn't even know about him, not that I know much about bball but not heard of him nevertheless. He should have been portrayed better for commoners like me to have appreciated him. Legends always live on. Grrrr
Fred Tapalo
Fred Tapalo 8 aylar önce
He was a legend, and had team power, May his soul rest in peace
Jay Chill
Jay Chill 9 aylar önce
Rest on, Drazen. Appreciate what he contributed to the sport and to people who face challenges in any way❤️💯🙏🏾
Lingshlo Flingshlo
Lingshlo Flingshlo 8 aylar önce
ria 7 aylar önce
Didn’t know much at all about Drazen! Thanks for the video. Such a special and fearless player.
Tuco 7 aylar önce
Petrovic should have been part of the NBA 75, I know his career was cut short, but his legacy still lives on, he opened the path for international players in the NBA.
gavriil nick
gavriil nick Aylar önce
Hey Beaches
Hey Beaches 5 aylar önce
You have to respect :55 didn’t even know the ball was coming and still drained it quick
Johnny Longshlong
Johnny Longshlong 16 gün önce
I was addicted to Basketball at this time. I would never miss a Bulls game. I used to take days off school "sick" just to watch a replay if I missed the game that night. I have to be honest, I can barely remember Drazen. However, this video shows he was loved and respected. RIP.
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng 9 aylar önce
Respect 🔥 The fact that Petrovic came up against Jordan with all he’s got just shows how confident and capable he was and how much he loved the game. Challenging the GOAT and not backing down warrior style, always giving the game his best, pioneering European basketball, mad respect right there. R.I.P. legend 🙏🏻
T-Love 26 gün önce
why would he back down when he was the goat himself? he just played with weaker team mates, that’s all.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 2 aylar önce
@Cabell Perry Wow Jordan cult members are so thin skinned that giving someone else praises is seen as an insult to their god. Like MJ is the only player that warrants praise and adoration. Like everyone should just bow down to Jordan because its blasphemous to do otherwise. Yeah, dont forget your jordan brand product quota this year to support his airness' lavish lifestyle or your loyalty and current membership in the Church of Mike will be in question.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 2 aylar önce
@Joe Lazarus Every player in the NBA is supposed to produce cause youre in the premier league, but do they all produce? In every performance based job, recognition is warranted. You're not talking about toll booth attendants.
Joe Lazarus
Joe Lazarus 2 aylar önce
So we're congratulating Petrovic for doing what he's SUPPOSED TO DO?? lol Pro basketball standards has gone down in this era.
Ben Moore
Ben Moore 2 aylar önce
Yeah, he was able to have some success against Jordan. The narrative that he was a threat of any kind to Jordan is preposterous. If MJ played at 100% and Drazen played at 100%, Jordan would win every time.
branded72 6 aylar önce
Awe c’mon dude!! I thought I was over it. Thought I’d moved past all the players the Blazers have completely shackled to the bench, just to be traded to put up big numbers for other teams. Look, I don’t mean to hijack the message here. This is a tragedy. It’s just really hard for Portland fans, seeing yet another player who was so mismanaged that it’s damned near criminal. No I don’t mean that literally…or do I? I don’t even fukn know at this point.
Jac M
Jac M 2 aylar önce
totally agree; i look back at the careers of some awesome players who spent yrs in bench, did so much disservice to everyone. steve nash was another one who only got so little playing time in his first few yrs in nba.
RealestGamerAlive 2 aylar önce
Man... I never had even heard of Drazen. I was both in 87 and I watched almost every minute of the 95-98 seasons and the 01-03 after he came back, but only saw footage of the super oldschool Jordan. But it's crazy to think there was a guy who was like Jordan kryptonite. Him being about the same age as MJ, just imagine if he went to America at like, 20 and played an entire career there. Or had he not died, imagine him being with those nets teams in the late 90s and early 2000s, he woulda been mid 30s and late 30s during those seasons but, unless injured, likely still would have been a threat on the court for those teams.
Johnsshow Mauri
Johnsshow Mauri 3 aylar önce
When he died it was a gut punch to the league. A lot of players, and coaches like Chuck Daly, really liked and respected this guy.
Tom Hank
Tom Hank 2 aylar önce
He was the best player we will all miss him he was too young to leave
gricius 2 yıl önce
Wow, Drazen was a fearless badass! I just checked his field goal shooting percentage and it was 51.8% in his best season (also the last one) with a 50.6% for career average!!! For a shooting guard doing his pull-ups and 3pt shots this is fucking insane. For comparison, Michael Jordan's best season field goal percentage was 53.9%, whilst career average was 49.7%. Kobe Bryant's best season had 46.9%, whilst career average was 44.7%. Steph Curry's best season had 50.4%, whilst career average is 47.6%. Wow, Drazen was a supreme shooter!
Javigar13 Aylar önce
@Jody Vance your ignorance is beyond belief, how dare you compare Drazen with those scrubs? Learn basketball and some manners wanker
Javigar13 Aylar önce
And Drazen did It against true opponents, not like todays drama queens
David Byron
David Byron Yıl önce
@Frost Bite dude when he got to Portland he barely played in 2 seasons. In his 2 full seasons he averaged over 20ppg over 50%FG and led the league in 3p% span 1991-1993. In that physical era to adapt that fast is crazy especially for SG position. Guy was special
David Byron
David Byron Yıl önce
Petro was high iq and genius they don't call him Mozart for nothing. You can just check his nba games Petro would always play the best in 4th quarter. Ppl don't know that he was fanatic BB was only thing important to him,nothing else that's why he trained like a maniac. He was unique artistic that's why he will be forever remembered
Darijo Bubica
Darijo Bubica 2 yıl önce
@Jody Vance True but Drazen played in an era that defense was much better and didn't get easy looks... Look at some tapes and see how hard he ran off picks and screens just to get a good look at the basket .. Curry gets a lot of easier shots due to the change in style of play in this era . So hard to compare since the game has changed....
Bangpaulxu 7 aylar önce
I come back every month just to rewatch this! Cosgrove never disappoints !!!!💯💯💯
Manny P
Manny P 2 aylar önce
A life ( and a stellar sportsman ) taken too soon. What a player.
Kozel B
Kozel B 8 aylar önce
Drazen was amazing people who played against him have so much respect for him but he doesn’t get much credit from fans unfortunately
Lorens Kresic
Lorens Kresic 13 gün önce
RIP Drazan Petrovic. You were the greatest for me.
Elias Weslati
Elias Weslati 2 yıl önce
When Reggie Miller says you're the best shooter he's ever played against you know this guy is no joke
T-Love 26 gün önce
@Alf Jones miller stated facts. there are decent players out there, but none of them are on his level. cut comment, however.
Yogi WonKenobi
Yogi WonKenobi 8 aylar önce
Absolutely 💯
luimack 620
luimack 620 8 aylar önce
I never new about this dude, but now I do. Thank you
Apro8lem 9 aylar önce
Marquita Freeman
Marquita Freeman 8 aylar önce
Oh wow what a phenomenal player. I was saying to myself why hadn't I ever heard of him...but I was only a little kid (6)when he started in the NBA and tragically he died before I got into basketball. Still glad I got a glimpse into his career. TFS
Trapstarr Quita
Trapstarr Quita 8 aylar önce
He definitely was a beast rip 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
KungFuJones 2 aylar önce
His nickname should've been "The Spartan" or "Tenacious D" This is the kind of dude you want to go to war with. I was a huge NBA fan from the mid 90's through early 2000's, up until the refs became mobbed up, defense was abolished, and the game devolved into a glorified three point contest. I definitely remember hearing the name Drazen Petrovic, but up until this video I knew nothing about him. Now I need to know more. Thanks for making this video.
Joel N
Joel N 5 aylar önce
Jordan was amazing, it's always nice to see an underdog bring out the best in the best players like Jordan. Growing up as a teen in the nineties Australia was awesome. We never saw race, it wasn't talked about anymore. We loved who we loved because of who they were. We were living Martin Luther King's dream. I wish we could go back to those times. I wish our kids could grow up the way we did.
Edwin Lindley
Edwin Lindley 2 yıl önce
Drazen Petrovic was one of my favorite Blazers of all time. I was sad when Portland traded him to the Nets. But I was also happy knowing that Drazen was going to get the playing time he wanted. When I lived in Germany. I was able to go to Zagreb where Drazen is buried. I left his Portland Trailblazers jersey at his statue outside the Drazen Petrovic Basketball Hall.
Str1ng5 Yıl önce
Zagreb backwards is Bergaz. Asi como el fue
schussa Yıl önce
@Justin Kevalaitis If Croatia had Sabonis , Usa would be having some serious problems winning.
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming Yıl önce
Big RESPECT bro 💪💪
Justin Kevalaitis
Can you imagine if you guys had prime Sabonis and Petrovic? That would have been such a filthy team.
Joaquin Ulises Lopez
I still have my Portland Drazen Jersey
Iloyd Martinez
Iloyd Martinez Aylar önce
Drazen was awesome. When Dirk came into the league and started to find success, the first thing I thought of was, the second coming of Drazen.
The Life and World of Seanny Jr.
As a NJ native who also respected MJ watching him play as I grew up (and after Petrovic passed away,) that was an amazing video and I had no idea the competition between them was so fierce
fred stahl
fred stahl 3 aylar önce
Drazen was a beast!!! He always gave mj a hard time!!!! R.i.p
Zhubo Tang
Zhubo Tang 19 gün önce
A real gem of a video. I never knew how good he was. Until now, he had no fear.
Martina 2 yıl önce
As a Croatian myself I can say that back when he was a kid he didn’t have the conditions to play bc the country was poor and after his basketball training he would break into the gym and train ALONE for 4 hours every day. This man loved basketball soo much and since he died no one in Croatia, imo, even in Europe was born ,to this day,with such love and will for basketball. Rest in peace legend❤️🏀🇭🇷
alex mood
alex mood 9 aylar önce
@Vasko Kuzmanov it’s difficult to compare today’s generation of European players to Petrovic. In terms of talent at young age the only one coming close is probably Doncic. But I remember seeing footage of Petro dominating the Yugoslav championship aged 17. He was playing against top European players and at 17 he made them look like amateurs. The difference was far greater than when Doncic played in Spain in his teens. I’m not sentimental and I never liked Petro as a person but as a player he was the greatest international player of all times.
tigermilk 9 aylar önce
All you need for basketball is a ball and a hoop. Plenty of all stars honed their skill on blacktops...it's not a prohibitively expensive sport to learn or play what does being poor have to do with anything?
@Danilo Blandon ur a muppet
İdris Kürşat Ateşci
@packerpf they are physical freaks. And they did not compete against MJ
Queenly Tee
Queenly Tee 7 aylar önce
This was so inspiring I was in tears before the end ❤️
Samael Martinus
Samael Martinus Aylar önce
What an awesome relationship they had. Sometimes a bond is built between two great rivals.
Alejandro Curado
Alejandro Curado 2 aylar önce
He also played in Real Madrid and everyone there still remembers his amazing talent
Troy Allen
Troy Allen 3 aylar önce
So sad to lose such an amazing talent at such an early agearly age I never knew until this day I don't follow basketball but who doesn't know Michael Jordan and Petrovitch now rings a bell and my head everyday from this day forward
Dano's LifeStyle
Dano's LifeStyle Aylar önce
Thank you very much for this. He was a LEGEND 🔥
K Ng
K Ng 21 gün önce
Going against the GOAT with all he've got. Respect!~ RIP
Carlos Jiménez
Carlos Jiménez Aylar önce
Drazen you always gonna be missed
Diego Camarero
Diego Camarero Gün önce
I was a teenager when he was an actual demon playing for Cibona. When he arrived at Real Madrid before his NBA career, he was virtually unstoppable. He had not only a lethal fast 3 points shoot but also was super-skilled dribbling and a gifted passer. His offensive awareness and aggression were well above his physical abilities. Sure, he was not the NBA athleticism stereotype but damn, he did not need to be athletic to dominate the game! Like other IQ basketball freaks like Stockton, he could push his game further than you could expect. Let's put it simply: he was a European version of Steph Curry. Nothin lesser.
brown55061 2 yıl önce
Imagine if Drazen would have been on a team like the Celtics or Bulls in that era. Loved that he wasn't cocky but was just confident enough to have zero fear.
Igor Gagula
Igor Gagula 9 aylar önce
@Glenn Killer both were amazing but I think Kukoč worked better for Bulls than Dražen ever could. Dražen loved the ball and loved to score, in Bulls he'd never have been a scorer cause there were MJ and Pip. Kukoč was better all-rounder and Kukoč sacrificed a lot of what he was capable of to give Bulls what they needed from him (for example he was well known for his mobility as such a tall player but when he joined Bulls he sacrificed that and got 20 pounds cause that's what Bulls wanted from him). They were different players on different positions, Dražen was a killer, Kukoč all-rounder so I wouldn't put that trade on the table
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 11 aylar önce
Naaaaah, how bout YOU just imagine it for both of us and we’ll call it a day, alright?! How bout that, Princess?! 🤣
Jill y
Jill y Yıl önce
He was cocky to the point of nastiness back in the Europe years. He was hated by many players and fans. He didn't started his career in the NBA. I live in Spain (he played in Real Madrid for almost two seasons) and not many of his former team mates get along fine with him.
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk 2 yıl önce
Glenn Killer
Glenn Killer 2 yıl önce
Imagine if the Bulls had Drazen instead of Kukoc
LastbutNotFirst 4 aylar önce
i remember their battles on the court. thats how good this guy was.
MSinger 3 aylar önce
It's dragic how we always lose those in our world that have such beautiful impact. I'm aure MJ appreciated Drazen far more than he'd say on camera.
Mike Listman
Mike Listman 2 aylar önce
Great documentary about Drazen and an exciting time in the NBA. Thanks!
Vato Loko
Vato Loko 2 aylar önce
What a sad ending to a wonderful beginning RIP legend.
Grizzy1986 Yıl önce
Dude had so much to give, dude was fearless, r.i.p. Petrovic
Miranda Bisnoù
Miranda Bisnoù 9 aylar önce
How did he passed?? Nevermind, I saw it. 💔
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Sorin Carstea
Sorin Carstea 3 aylar önce
Respect Drazen!!! One of the best!
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