He Visited Every Country Without Flying

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12 Oca 2021




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سامر تيوب - SAMER Tube
Wow 😳 this an amazing story ❤️👌
nicolas palacios
nicolas palacios 4 aylar önce
ok buddy
Fajar Pramudya
Fajar Pramudya 7 aylar önce
سامر تيوب - SAMER Tube
@zeina karakjie Yes true I speak multiple languages, Thanks for the info!!
zeina karakjie
zeina karakjie 7 aylar önce
I travel to syria samer tube I know that you talk arabic
Ali Vlog
Ali Vlog 8 aylar önce
I know
matej4real 7 aylar önce
This guy is a legend. He got my respect.
The Silence reviews
The Silence reviews 13 gün önce
Drew binsky 2.0 part 2 of drew binsky going all the countries without flying
Suvurov 4 aylar önce
Congrats for Thor i hope the world is gonna know his story. Respect from Moldova 🇲🇩🙂
Cookie Crumble Milk
Cookie Crumble Milk 7 aylar önce
"he won't stop until he's finished" Corona: hold my virus
Shimotsuki Zoro
Shimotsuki Zoro Aylar önce
No wait gib it bacc
Tomato Diablox
Tomato Diablox Aylar önce
I dont think a beer can stop him
Sicilian Mapper
Sicilian Mapper 4 aylar önce
North korea:Hello there...
sheikhtigansarr 5 aylar önce
Mohammed Maksood z
Mohammed Maksood z 6 aylar önce
@Swayansiddha Tripathy pffft Corona:hold meh virus Vaccinnes: Hold meh Beer
Basically C:
Basically C: 8 aylar önce
Imagine when he finishes and someone else completes it first
emkata 136
emkata 136 4 aylar önce
yoo what did u say
Eternal Quez
Eternal Quez 5 aylar önce
@Patrick Star I think he means polynesians who did discover a lot of Pacific islands but definitely not the whole world
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 5 aylar önce
@Lovely Lin Source?
yavuz 7 aylar önce
@Lovely Lin ye ke
Lovely Lin
Lovely Lin 7 aylar önce
Its already happen..Malaysia people in year 19 has visited every country without flying but the World doesnt know about this story
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 11 aylar önce
“I’ll be visiting every country without flying!” Covid-19: *I’m gonna stop you right there*
ZDS Gamer
ZDS Gamer 3 gün önce
OMG no wonder it's exist
The Silence reviews
The Silence reviews 13 gün önce
Drew binsky 2.0 part 2 of drew binsky going all the countries without flying
Pro_james 3 aylar önce
COVID be like I warned u your funeral is on countries
Divine_Vanessa 3 aylar önce
@sleb YES
Aulia Rizki Aribowo
Aulia Rizki Aribowo 3 aylar önce
Mask: Nope no no no u not gettin him today suckka Vaccine: Ya ya i agree
Francelina MommyOf3
Francelina MommyOf3 5 aylar önce
Omg, this man is crazy! The good crazy. God Bless him on his journey. 🙏🏽😚
When Mountains Move
When Mountains Move 8 aylar önce
Graham Hughes (The Odyssey Expedition) did this years ago. Specifically without flying. However, not in one single shot. He flew home for a few weeks a few different times.
V 6 aylar önce
That must’ve been really tough and love the message!
Kavi BG
Kavi BG 7 aylar önce
Finally , after all of his hard work he finally did it .
Seltzer 11 aylar önce
Imagine the stories his grandchildren will hear
ö 13 gün önce
@Pog I just found out how to change my username bruh
huskyVCR ANIMATIONS 8 aylar önce
thor: back in my day i traveld the world with no plane
Macaiden Suen
Macaiden Suen 8 aylar önce
Hey!Language!Children are watching including me!
Pog I just found out how to change my username
@Hakim Roslan fun fact it wont because all of you children dont give a fuck about the amazing adventures your grandparents have and take them for granted, I wish I could hear them but theyre a whole other country away...
Dah kid that always stays in her room all day
Daniella LaBonte
Daniella LaBonte 7 aylar önce
I like how he speaks English, it can be hard when they speak other languages, but I loved this story!
G11mfan 3 aylar önce
he's so patience, hope he will finish his dream.
Learning Portuguese
Learning Portuguese 9 aylar önce
Muito suas produção vejo sempre seus vídeo continue assim o bom trabalho
DaniTheShark 7 aylar önce
Thor: traveling all countries around earth 1 year later: new countries Him: I’m done
Karl -magar
Karl -magar Yıl önce
Thor is searching for his hammer through all the countries 😂😂
The Silence reviews
The Silence reviews 13 gün önce
Drew binsky 2.0 part 2 of drew binsky going all the countries without flying 🤣
Hamza Burhan
Hamza Burhan 26 gün önce
Si popular comment how
Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh 2 aylar önce
With a plane tho
Sausage 2011
Sausage 2011 2 aylar önce
@JustPlayXbox there aren't any countries on any other planet
Sausage 2011
Sausage 2011 2 aylar önce
That's not funny.Imagine not seeing your family and being shot dead by drunk people. He's doing something incredible and even life risking. You don't know what he's been through don't make fun of him.
Tobletporter 9 aylar önce
imagine if this was a movie or someone made an anime out of this-
cool josu
cool josu 4 aylar önce
@camran G lmao my favorite comment this week
camran G
camran G 4 aylar önce
There is an anime. it's called One Piece.
local weeb
local weeb 6 aylar önce
I would watch that like imagine how many episodes they were be
lara. 10 aylar önce
Me wanting to do the same My phobia of travelling in bus ship or trains: Hol’ up there buddy. Yeah, no way your going.
Hannah Schødt Dickow
Oh my gosh he’s crazy 😜 what an amazing story 😍 jeg er også fra Danmark 🇩🇰
Kitty Brakstad
Kitty Brakstad 8 aylar önce
Imagine just chillin’ on the couch then someone breaks in and asks to stay
MPST THANMAI 3 aylar önce
I would say slsgahsbs
Neil 6 aylar önce
jelly run kingdom
jelly run kingdom 6 aylar önce
I'd say yes.
Noob BLOX Yıl önce
Thor needs to create a TRvid channel, his story is so inspiring, and entertaining!
Ashutosh 11 aylar önce
He has got one Once Upon A Saga
Christian 11 aylar önce
@Spider-Man If Thor Visited Every Country Using His Hammer,Can You Web Sling in Every Country?
Jordan Vargas
Jordan Vargas 11 aylar önce
@Doge Raid Videoleap my guy
AnonyCrow 11 aylar önce
He has a TRvid channel, name's Once Upon a Saga
Somebody 11 aylar önce
Hello fellow noob
Stomping Zebra
Stomping Zebra Aylar önce
He's my Idole now. Mad respect to this guy 👍
Romaine 8 aylar önce
There is also another record, a teen travelled the entire world in a tiny plane and went through a big cloud that was a bit stormy
Amoungus123 4
Amoungus123 4 9 aylar önce
Imagine getting him as my grandpa❤️
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 7 aylar önce
Am really happy there was this channel to give people credits
Specifix Yıl önce
My Parent: *and that, is how we got to school...*
Kanishk Sharma
Kanishk Sharma 9 aylar önce
Erron Black
Erron Black 9 aylar önce
ItsFall 10 aylar önce
Starry Night 🌃
Starry Night 🌃 10 aylar önce
Lol truth😂
REDFLASHES 7 10 aylar önce
So Asian
°The_Block° 7 aylar önce
Malta is also a island in the middle of nowhere (kinda close to Cicily)🇲🇹
Crypto viper
Crypto viper 8 aylar önce
He is and still is the demigod that shall never quit on what he dreamed of doing
Erich Ashlee Osma
Erich Ashlee Osma 9 aylar önce
*Share his Story (at the end)* Me: Wait I thought Nas is gonna say *That's one minute, See you tomorrow*
Ascension Gaming
Ascension Gaming 2 aylar önce
You're not just a TRvid channel, you're a frickin' documentary
Ama Mensah
Ama Mensah Yıl önce
That’s a huge achievement. He has a bright personality. To spend 7 years travelling the world is something I’ll never have thought to do. Have a blessed day to anyone who is reading this
Hector0_0 9 aylar önce
Give Thor some supports for risking his life on going to all the countries😉😉
Jade's Fitness Bucket List
Insannnnnne, I went to 50 but I feel bad when I think about all the plane travel. This is incredible
Globe be mine
Globe be mine 6 aylar önce
Nusair, you sometimes put click baits in your videos! You should not do that. For example :Is he going to swim all the way to Antarctica or Is he going to learn every language in the world? Please don't do that.
Vin Rafael Gomez
Vin Rafael Gomez 10 aylar önce
Nothing to say, but *What an absolute legend*
L Galoso
L Galoso Yıl önce
Nghĩa Đào Quang
Nghĩa Đào Quang 11 aylar önce
Yes.YES that really is
dvxshie^^ 11 aylar önce
birb 11 aylar önce
gs mikytrini
gs mikytrini 11 aylar önce
u mean WHEN
Gamerz TTT
Gamerz TTT 11 aylar önce
Not if,when.
Daniels animals
Daniels animals 9 aylar önce
The lesson in this video to never give up
《*•,※ 『ŁÈĘŁŸÑŃ』 ※,•* 》
*This man has traveled to EVERY country without a plane* Me being smart: ok then he used a boat 🤓
Abigail McIntosh
Abigail McIntosh 9 aylar önce
Omg I love this, you just got a new subbie! James Asquith is another great TRvidr that traveled to every country
skylarlunastar 8 aylar önce
Fun fact: I'm so happy that he came to my country in Lebanon
zys Yıl önce
Its crazy how hard people try to find their talent..
Brightify Yıl önce
sarita mishra
sarita mishra Yıl önce
ARCeUS7 BoT 10 aylar önce
Lesson learned - never ever give up And nothing is impossible
pro at breathing 69
pro at breathing 69 9 aylar önce
What a legend
Dawson Keith
Dawson Keith 9 aylar önce
When he’s ready to go back to Denmark he should take a flight.
ItsQber 8 aylar önce
Thor is gonna travel to every country without flying! The irony 😂
Nas Daily
Nas Daily Yıl önce
Instead of flying for 1 hour... This guy, takes a ship for 10 days. Why? Thor has a crazy goal of going to every country without flying to it. Yes, this includes the remote Islands of Polynesia. I love people who do crazy things, and I don't think it gets any crazier than this! Follow Thor on his amazing journey here: trvid.com/u-OnceUponaSaga Good luck, man!
Oak Log
Oak Log Gün önce
Wow 2.5 hours 25 days Wow 25 days until hope
Dr.Mortyy Yıl önce
Dr.Mortyy Yıl önce
Mohammad Monerul Islam
Bowiemm Yıl önce
ur amazing :)
Matan TheWizard
Matan TheWizard 7 aylar önce
Lol of course he does hes freaking Thor 😂
Eraj Fatima
Eraj Fatima 7 aylar önce
Has he traveled to Pakistan? When has he traveled? How much money has it took in total? What about his family? Has he traveled to cities?
Every country is beautiful 🥰
frank odea
frank odea 5 aylar önce
I could not travel abroad without flying I always fly when I go abroad
Earth and Star
Earth and Star Yıl önce
“Thor” That’s why he don’t use planes, he flies his own
Earth and Star
Earth and Star 11 aylar önce
@Fawwazuddin Siddique yes
•Andre• Yıl önce
@Sailor Levi The 2nd you mean Mjolnir?
Alex Yıl önce
@Sailor Levi The 2nd he Lost it !!!!!!
Fathuhiyya moosa
Fathuhiyya moosa Yıl önce
@Fawwazuddin Siddique you make sense
Fawwazuddin Siddique
How the hell did he loose it he can literally just summon it
X2Excalibur X
X2Excalibur X 7 aylar önce
Man I love nas daily videos
Faizall Amir
Faizall Amir 3 aylar önce
That's the most crazyyest idea I ever seen I love it 😂
Roshan Latke
Roshan Latke 10 aylar önce
Nas Daily : He visited every country without flying Me thinking how and why he has such weird beard
Zull Indra
Zull Indra 6 aylar önce
Owh...juz crossed my mind to be his host when he comes to Malaysia, then I saw he visited a place which I recognized very much...hmm..he already been here..🤣
No Name
No Name Yıl önce
Teacher: So where do you usually go on vacation? Thor: Yes
Areej Hossam
Areej Hossam 11 aylar önce
@Masuma Hoque ok and nobody asked you. Guys if you have a bad opinion just don’t say it like what’s even the point of you saying it just mumble it up in your head dude
Masuma Hoque
Masuma Hoque 11 aylar önce
@Areej Hossam tbh that makes it a bit more long and boring and the joke was better without your addition
4RithX 11 aylar önce
@Areej Hossam But i think Thor saying "YES" is way way better- like 100 times better (no offence tho)
PanArt's Animations
PanArt's Animations 11 aylar önce
@ZIRAA r/woooosh
Stick Man
Stick Man 11 aylar önce
Mcflashy14 Games
Mcflashy14 Games 9 aylar önce
I wonder how he went without going home for three or four years
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 2 aylar önce
I'll be the second to do this! Thanks thor, for making me believe i can do it :)
WolfArmieS 8 aylar önce
Can we appreciate how worthy Thor is for doing this??
~JELLY 𝓁𝑜𝒸𝒶𝓁 𝒹𝓈𝓂𝓅 𝒻𝒶𝓃~
every summer (Even during covid) me and my grandparents go to a different state but it must be in our radar (we went to niagra falls its took a long trip in an rv!)
TheMemeTurtle 5 aylar önce
Me when I hear his name is Thor: wait a sec- he is using his hammer to fly to every country
Mihbo 9 aylar önce
Great man! He have the biggest willpower.
Edgar101 8 aylar önce
Him: travels all the countries in the world Me: takes 6 mil years to tidy the house
•  🌸 𝒮𝒶𝓀𝓊𝓇𝒶 🌸  •
Antarctica : Hold my cold weather, I wanna be a country!
Isaac David
Isaac David Yıl önce
Thor in Marvel: flies with a hammer Thor in this vid: Does not fly at all
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci 7 aylar önce
Thor is a God in Norse Mythology -_-
Avatar Korra (Leader Of GL)
@Dianne Cocjin .
Marvelle Api Pecinta KA 1
Gaming Nicholas
Gaming Nicholas Yıl önce
@Durell Mauskemo erm that’s no the real joe tofu he just named himself after him
Dianne Cocjin
Dianne Cocjin Yıl önce
he was not happy at all
TheWish 9 aylar önce
I was just watching and saw him in the exact place where me and my family went with my classmate
Zulfi Ackerman
Zulfi Ackerman 5 aylar önce
"Hi, my name is THOR" Me: Of course he could just use the bifrost
YourMotherLord420 Aylar önce
Me wondering if he made it Such a legend
BLACK 7 aylar önce
Have you ever heard of a guy that traveled the Europe with only 50€ .
Eternal Pøtatø
Eternal Pøtatø Yıl önce
Hats off for this guy who travels almost everywhere everyday and records every single day *applause*
Drago Chruser
Drago Chruser Yıl önce
It's hand off
Davion Marks
Davion Marks Yıl önce
I think he did
Sukhad Yıl önce
You didn't even watch the complete video lol
Karthik Yadunath
Karthik Yadunath 8 aylar önce
I walked through every country without using any vehicle in a world map
mrac 5 aylar önce
This dude: Makes a great challenge to show people how far you can get without polluting the environment. People in the comments: oMg HiS nAmE iS tHoR sO cAn'T hE jUsT uSe HiS hAmMeR tO fLy ArOuNd tHe wOrLd
Andrea Lechtenboehmer
Andrea Lechtenboehmer 5 aylar önce
Lol true 😂
Lunatic Arts
Lunatic Arts 3 aylar önce
I just saw he go to malaysia so i was happy : D
AhMeD NaaVy #19
AhMeD NaaVy #19 2 aylar önce
I hope he comes to Maldives and get the chance to get on news, since I am from maldives
Caneron Yıl önce
I just want to know if he's going to fly back when he's finished all this
Bloob°~ Yıl önce
Well he already *Finished* the challenge. *So I think yes*
mukhlis rachman
mukhlis rachman Aylar önce
He will take very long time to complete because once he just almost finished new country is created/made.
XP_Studios 9 aylar önce
How does he have 9 left? There's the UN members and observers, and Taiwan, which gives you 196. Is he going to the de facto countries like Transnistria and Somaliland?
Skywatcher Paintball
Skywatcher Paintball 5 aylar önce
It's like replaying a game but adding more challenge...but in real life
Hikkiwaru 6 aylar önce
Have you ever tries Tempe in Indonesia?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
osama Ghalwash
osama Ghalwash 8 aylar önce
He didn’t travel all he didn’t travel the one in my dreams 😂
Phaze of Thunder
Phaze of Thunder Aylar önce
"The man never used an airplane." Me: he used a boat
Sreesha E K
Sreesha E K 8 aylar önce
person: I passed with flying colors. Thor: I became famous and saw the world with land colors. moral: never lose your grip to earth cause the ground has more colors and treasures than the sky.
Foxy 4 aylar önce
Imagine how rich he is 😳
DC Clyde
DC Clyde 8 aylar önce
Who will be the first man to visit every country without flying or by sea?🤣🤣🤣
Aditya N. Raj
Aditya N. Raj 4 aylar önce
nas: he hasnt had a home for 7... thor: promising never to reach home in denmark
Are you mad my father travelled 197 countries without flying
Sabilarrusdi Sabil
Sabilarrusdi Sabil 7 aylar önce
What i wanna know is? HOW DID HE GET TO NORTH KOREA
He is the god of land “Thor” Cuz he doesn’t use planes
Brightify Yıl önce
really good i subbed ur channel
sarita mishra
sarita mishra Yıl önce
Vivin 5 aylar önce
Imagine,during covid-19 period how can he travel?
Caveira Negra
Caveira Negra 4 aylar önce
Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down
Yassmin Shoumari
Yassmin Shoumari 5 aylar önce
Keep going thor!
DEATH FART 86 9 aylar önce
He,s a thunder God 😂😂😂😂
Elias Roy
Elias Roy Yıl önce
I think 'Thor' name suits for him. 👌
the gamer khan
the gamer khan Yıl önce
@Sagar’s Speedcubing and other good stuff now he just flies he only got an axe which means he can't do it
tnt Yıl önce
@Brightify stop promoting ur dam chanel work hard this way ur gonna get more hatr
ledger plus
ledger plus Yıl önce
@Brightify dont worry everyone its not a rickroll
And more
And more Yıl önce
He is a tough viking
OrangeAreGreat Yıl önce
His big beard reminds me of the fat Thor in endgame
Rajat Sekhar
Rajat Sekhar 3 aylar önce
Where did he get the money from? I mean he was just travelling, so how did he earn? Or probably he was rich.
NotJustYourAverage Joe
This guy has unlocked every locked area in a video game
Munni Biswas
Munni Biswas Aylar önce
It's so funny how in marvel Thor goes from one country to another by flying, but in real world he just need walking.
CreeperBoy7984 YTMCgaming
I'd just do this if I didn't have a family and I was rich.
Kakyoin Yıl önce
School : Stays there 8 hours to learn and goes back home to learn nothing Nas daily: Watches a 2 minute video I learn so much
֎𝕂𝕡𝕠𝕡 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣֍
i know a guy just like him but instead of traveling every country he travels every state and city of India walking and he is more than 60 yo +
Antoine Cesar
Antoine Cesar Aylar önce
drew binsky:i have visited 197 countries thor: i,m stuck in hong kong noo again thor: at least i have 194 countries
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