Hassan Haskins scores 5 TDs as Michigan upsets Ohio State

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Jim Harbaugh beats Ohio State for the first time as No. 5 Michigan upsets No. 2 Ohio State, 42-27. Michigan RB Hassan Haskins leads the way with 169 YDS rushing and 5 TDs as the Wolverines defeat the Buckeyes.

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26 Kas 2021




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One of the best games I have watched
Haskins and Hutchison made Ohio St look like a D3 team today. Happy for Michigan players and Michigan fans today
witchler glezil
This game rocked me to the core. I cried… as a die hard Michigan fan this really changed my whole year. I feel like i gotta go out and accomplish all y goals after this one. Thank you God for this win!
As a general football fan, I’m just happy this is a real rivalry again.
Chaawarataza Yahawadah
I'm still in disbelief. We actually done it!!!! What an difference an lil staff shake up can do!!! Haskins wit 5 td's against that team?!!! Wow!!!! Mike Hart truly got his revenge.
William Herman
I have not been this shocked by a Football game since Boise St defeated Oklahoma!
Blonde Raider
What a great victory in The BigHouse today. I still have happy tears in my eyes Im so happy we beat Ohio today. This is the start of a new long winning streak! Love my Wolverines. GO BLUE!!!
Fishing With Dom!
The atmosphere was ELECTRIC at the Big House today!!! Won’t forget this for a long time.
Blake Fichtner
Let’s hope Michigan plays more games with this energy and skill
Steve Reeser
One of the best games I have watched in the last 5 years GO BLUE!!
If Hassan Haskins had played the way he did today in every game of the season, he would have for sure win the Heisman and become a first rounder.
Reptile Dysfunction
Wow, Michigan's O-line is nasty-good. I wish my Auburn Tigers had an O-line half that good.
Absolutely insane. AWESOME GAME! GO BLUE!
joshua barnes
Y’all don’t understand this all I wanted! Winning the national would probably make me have heart attack. I been getting trashed 9 years straight! I feel like Kevin Garnett! ANYTHING IS POSSSIBBBBBLLLEEEEEE!!!🍻
Derrick Logan
I have, like many others, been waiting for THIS MOMENT to happen for a LONG, LONG time!!!
Isaac Banks
I never thought this day would come, I fully expected us to lose but we did it! Let's go Blue!!
Ohio State Buckeyes learns the meaning of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.🏈
Matt Bloom
Congrats to Michigan, he was absolutely a warhorse. Dominating performance on both sides of the ball.
Uncle Chester The Pester
I’m so happy, my Wolverines last victory against Ohio state was when I was 13!!!! This gives me motivation that 2022 will be my year to thrive and accomplish my goals.
I'm happy for Harbaugh and his Team for Finally kicking there butts
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