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Here we are again in the world of Harry Potter! This time as requested taking the Hogwarts House Quiz. This was actually pretty fun to do.

As some of you already know, the house are:
Slytherin: Notable members include Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy and (rather unfortunately) Lord Voldemort.
Ravenclaw: Notable members include Luna Lovegood, Gilderoy Lockhart and Filius Flitwick.
Hufflepuff: Notable members include Newt Scamander, Cedric Diggory and Nymphadora Tonks.
Gryffindor: Notable members include (of course) Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

Have you taken the quiz? What Hogwarts House do you belong to?

Take your quiz: www.wizardingworld.com/news/d...

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Chad Norton
Chad Norton 8 aylar önce
I love how the most skeptical person at the beginning is now the biggest potterhead of the group 😂. Also, proud hufflepuff here!
YellowMellow 23 gün önce
Respect to our Hufflepuff Brothers! -A Slytherin
Laura Giancotti
Laura Giancotti 24 gün önce
I love how as soon as he started that explanation about how he chose stars, I was like "that's so Hufflepuff!". When he said that "selfish" was the thing he didn't want others to call him, I thought "yep, consistent". Then the Tabby cat and wanting the ability to talk to animals??? Hufflepuff confirmed! Even his reasoning for choosing those things was so wholesome, nice and enthusiastic. His fate was scripted even before taking the quiz😂 I'm also happy our house is not as underestimated nowadays as it was before. Proud Hufflepuff here too💛🖤💛🖤💛
TroyBoi 2 aylar önce
I’m a Gryffindor, and then Horned Serpant for the American school.
Doggez 7 aylar önce
Hufflepuff here we welcome you with open arms💛🖤💛🖤
Sterre 7 aylar önce
hell yeah hufflepuffs unite
watsername 8 aylar önce
"Was there anything Cedric Diggory couldn't do?"-the Hufflepuff. "I dont know, live?"-the Slytherin. It's just too accurate 😂😂
Elia Swan
Elia Swan 10 gün önce
This made me laugh WAY TOO HARD and I am a Slytherin soooo 😂
UserName42 11 gün önce
David Jockin
David Jockin Aylar önce
Cedric Diggory did live though, so he could do that. He just couldn't survive Avada Kedavra, but he wouldn't be the only one.
Pratibha Goswami
Pratibha Goswami 2 aylar önce
Came here to comment the same 😂🤣😂🤣
Naijah Grant
Naijah Grant 3 aylar önce
Omg! I laughed out loud reading this. 🤣
olga saraswati
olga saraswati 8 aylar önce
David confused why he got slytherine, then gave the most slytherine answer at 25:50
кιм 6 aylar önce
I chocked on my own spit at that moment 😂😂😂 WTH, you can’t just SAY STUFF like that without giving a proper warning first! Someone really needs to make a compilation video-scratch that, I want a SERIES-of the Badd Medicine crew reacting to Harry Potter. Just imagine the possibilities. And of course, the first video should be ‘The Oak’s slow but sure ascent into the madness that is becoming a respectable Potterhead’
bostonstopangel 8 aylar önce
olga saraswati
olga saraswati 8 aylar önce
@LEX_CENTRICITY I pointed ppl the question so they'd understand the context of the answer
LEX_CENTRICITY 8 aylar önce
It's actually 25:56
Kelly 8 aylar önce
DannyDarko27 8 aylar önce
Haha I never thought I would be watching 3 grown ass men talking this quiz and enjoying every second lol Edit: we definitely need Oak updates as he gets further into the books
Marsha L
Marsha L Aylar önce
We need his opinion of Tonks after reading the books. She is one of the coolest characters and was cheated of screen time in the movies.
DeadlyBeast205 5 aylar önce
You're never too old to be a fan of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World 😊
DannyDarko27 6 aylar önce
@ILikeCHEEZ9 haha thanks, i too like cheez🔥
ILikeCHEEZ9 7 aylar önce
@Beetsup they just uploaded and hour long roundtable on the movies. I haven't watched it yet so I don't know if anyone else wants to read
Beetsup 7 aylar önce
I need a bookclub from these guys. Harry Potter, Hunger Games would be great to have their reactions to that.
Robert Gronewold
Robert Gronewold 8 aylar önce
Hufflepuff is that house that gets maligned the most, but is full of the sort of people that you definitely want in your life.
Ash P
Ash P 3 gün önce
It is because us hufflepuffs are just so bubbly and friendly ♡
E m m a
E m m a Aylar önce
It used to be, but now it's Ravenclaw.
Risa Plays
Risa Plays 3 aylar önce
I honestly think Hufflepuff is the best house with the best people. I'm Ravenclaw, Second best house with the most interesting and unique people.
Stephanie M
Stephanie M 4 aylar önce
JK Rowling's own daughter told her once "The world needs Hufflepuffs."
Tricee XO
Tricee XO 8 aylar önce
I swear The Oak’s Potterhead journey is just so fun to watch. Who knew he’ll be the biggest Potterhead among all of them? Lol. Anyway, welcome to the Ravenclaw house, Mason! I’m a proud Ravenclaw as well 💙
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
@jain thorne we greatly appreciate the support! Thank you!
David Baye
David Baye 8 aylar önce
I couldn’t have ever imagined getting this hooked!!! -Oak
jain thorne
jain thorne 8 aylar önce
It's been so much fun. I became a Patreon member just to watch his longer reactions.
工ㄖ𝓝讠丂🝗ᗪ ⼕ㄖ爪闩
Merlin and Severus Snape are examples of the true potential of Slytherins. Merlin is the most famous and arguably the most powerful wizard to have ever existed in the Harry Potter-verse, founding the Order of Merlin(equivalent to the noble peace prize) which promotes MUGGLE rights and he also made laws preventing magic use against muggles. Even though the creator of Slytherin(Salzar Slytherin) only wanted pure bloods taught at hogwarts, one of the most famous members of slytherin(Merlin) saw differently. It is also speculated that Salazar taught Merlin during his studies looking at the time periods, Slytherins traits are ambition, resourcefulness, determination, and cleverness, its just unfortunate many dark wizards share these qualities as well.
Ju-lyLen 2 aylar önce
@Giulia. It was in the book I think in the second one
armin17 3 aylar önce
Andromeda Tonks, Slughorn, Leta Lestrange and Regulus Black are imo the best Slytherins
Kati P
Kati P 8 aylar önce
The Answer always gave off mad Slytherin vibes, welcome to the most honorable and noble house of the Serpent! 💚🐍Also the "Was there anything Cedric Diggory couldn't do?" "I dunno, live?" is the most Slytherin shit to say, I love it 😂😂
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
Cupid 8 aylar önce
I am a very proud Hufflepuff, excited to see what houses you guys are in!
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer Aylar önce
i was a hufflepuff... but i had to redo everything as i lost my account.... so my patronus and wand are the same, but my house... i was put in Ravenclaw this time.... i do like Luna buuuuut.... i liked being in hufflepuff ..... *cries*
Catarina 8 aylar önce
So happy to find fellow hufflepufs in the comments
Marina L.
Marina L. 8 aylar önce
@Badd Medicine i am glad to hear that
FernandaB 8 aylar önce
Welcome to Hufflepuff
itz_Cherise 8 aylar önce
Yes! Another Slytherin 🐍🤍 Slytherin isn’t necessarily evil. The key traits are ambition, resourcefulness, and determination. But to be fair, our first villain (Quirrell) was a Ravenclaw, our second villain (Lockhart) was also Ravenclaw, and our third villain (Peter Pettigrew) was a Gryffindor.
Briana Armstrong
Briana Armstrong 8 aylar önce
When I took the quiz years ago, I too was very upset getting into SLYTHERIN. But after learning more, I’ve learned to embrace it and I can’t imagine being in any other house. 🐍🐍🐍
Jenellie Nostrabo
Jenellie Nostrabo 8 aylar önce
I was very happy to find I was a Slytherin. Welcome to the club 🐍
Briana Armstrong
Briana Armstrong 8 aylar önce
@Artsy Sabs we unfortunately share a lot of the same traits as dark wizards. We’re very complex individuals and tend to do anything we can to get what we want. Can go dark or light depending on the goal.
Jess5_11 8 aylar önce
My dad got Slytherin and to paraphrase Harry he is the best man I've ever known so you're in good company!! 😂
Artsy Sabs
Artsy Sabs 8 aylar önce
@Briana Armstrong people think "uh oh syltherin bad, evil dark wizards" but syltherin has just had the *most* dark wizards, not all are awful. Some of us are chill 🐍💚
Briana Armstrong
Briana Armstrong 8 aylar önce
@Artsy Sabs omg!! That is too funny!! 💚💚💚
D. C.
D. C. 8 aylar önce
It's so fun to see The Oak becoming a Potterhead and basically taking the lead of this series since the last video about the deleted scenes, I'm so happy that he's loving the books too! I'm so glad that all of you had fun with it, and I'm relating to most of The Answer answers, good job! Now let's watch the rest of the video and see if I can welcome any of you in my house: ravenclaw! Edit: Welcome Mason Quinn!!!
D. C.
D. C. 8 aylar önce
​@Badd Medicine You're giving to me way more than you can imagine, it's a tough period and your videos cheer me up! So thanks to you! I would have NEVER predicted that The Answer would have ended in Slitherin, also, The Oak in Hufflepuff is perfect: the most loyal, sage and giving people are there. He must feel proud of his house.
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
Thank you! We appreciate it! 😁😁😁😁
Maria Selina Mondragon
I am a proud Gryffindor and if you guys didn't know, Tom Felton who plays a Slytherin in the movies, also took the House Quiz and happened to be a Gryffindor.
Laura Giancotti
Laura Giancotti 24 gün önce
I guess he's a Gryffinpuff then because when he did it in 2020 he got Hufflepuff😂
Lotemy Life
Lotemy Life 4 aylar önce
and he is still so upset about it, he wanted to be in Slytherin so bad xD Proud Slytherin here ^^ Nice middle name 😉😂
Florrie-Beth Bellerose
I am obsessed with The Oak’s ‘character development’ during these HP videos. I recently rewatched the Philosopher’s Stone reaction and it was hilarious how uninspired he was by the whole thing, in comparison to here where he’s literally schooling the others in Potterverse lmao. Love it.
John E. Dunn
John E. Dunn 8 aylar önce
I knew The Oak was gonna be Hufflepuff 😄😄, Mason as a Ravenclaw makes sense, but The Answer going to Slytherin was pretty suprising. Great content as always fellas.
Stephanie M
Stephanie M 4 aylar önce
I knew Oak would be in Hufflepuff the moment I saw his reaction to the hippogriff in the Prisoner of Azkaban reaction video.
John E. Dunn
John E. Dunn 8 aylar önce
@A A facts! The ordinary response on top of the black cat and a couple other answers. I was judging what they would be just based off their personalities from watching the podcast though.
A A 8 aylar önce
I think his most slytherin answer was Ordinary. Anything else, like Coward, were gryffindor answers, and selfish sounds like a hufflepuff answer.
Katie Blake
Katie Blake 8 aylar önce
Nah, I always knew The Answer would be Slytherin X)
kristenj2009 8 aylar önce
I was surprised The Answer was sorted into Slytherin. But then I thought about it. He did choose a lot of black stuff but I think the clincher for The Answer being Slytherin was when he chose 'Ordinary' as the thing he would most hate people to call him. Slytherins are characterised by strong ambition and the desire to succeed so standing out is important to them. It's funny because they don't care if people call them 'ruthless', 'cold', or 'selfish' but if someone ever called a Slytherin 'ordinary' they would lose their mind. Edit: Never mind, I take my initial statement back. When Oak was talking about wanting to be able to tell his dogs when he's leaving I thought 'aww, that's so sweet' - then Answer was like 'but they don't understand the concept of time, duh, so that would be completely pointless' and broke the Oak's heart into a thousand pieces and I thought 'OH. That's why he was sorted into Slytherin. It all makes sense. Of course. The sorting hat doesn't make mistakes. I should never have doubted.'
Mobble Maggotgutter
Mobble Maggotgutter 8 aylar önce
A very proud Slytherin here!! 💚
Ripcraze 8 aylar önce
@Susan Stenson Well, no matter what anyone think it means all over the world, in reality it doesn't mean anything at all, and I don't think we will agree on the subject which is fine.
Susan Stenson
Susan Stenson 8 aylar önce
@Ripcraze The classic depiction of the goddess Bastet in Egyptian mythology is a black cat. Bastet was not evil. My grandmother was bizarrely superstitious about black cats. She would spit three times if she saw one. I guess it's probably a good thing she'd passed on by the time I got my current cat, who is nearly all black (a few white hairs on her chest and you have to know where to look for them). She'd be spitting constantly. It's really annoying in HP how often the characters denigrate the subject of astronomy. But then the purebloods tend to not believe that muggles could possibly have gone to the Moon. Do you know what it means if a black cat crosses your path? It means the cat is going somewhere.
Ripcraze 8 aylar önce
@Susan Stenson Well yeah, its about magic, not astronomy. Black magic is super obvious and "black cats are considered common companions of witches and bringers of misfortune if they happened to cross your path", most "bad" things also tend to happen in dark places and at night, so that makes sense too.
Susan Stenson
Susan Stenson 8 aylar önce
@Badd Medicine I think that whoever made the quiz tends to associate "black" with Slytherin. I got Slytherin because of "black" and "black cats". Black makes perfect sense for me since I'm into astronomy and my current cat is a basic black housecat who is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had. What's up with the Siamese cat dislike? Please don't say it's because of that disgusting portrayal of them in "Lady and the Tramp." My first cat was Siamese and she was wonderful and amazing and extremely sociable. She was best buddies with the family beagle (after he stopped trying to wash the markings off her face; he couldn't figure out why he could never get her clean), and she'd sit in front of my grandfather and speak to him for minutes at a time - not wanting food or anything, just making conversation. My current cat did that as well, after I came home from a 2-week hospital stay. She spoke to me at length for the next half-hour, and I can only assume she was telling me all about how she was upset that I'd been away for so long and the person who came to feed her was the human with the Big Noisy Thing (the housekeeping person from the seniors' centre who had the bad manners to use the vacuum cleaner). I'm sure that part of this speech ran along the lines of "You left me alone, I was scared and missed you, and don't ever leave me again." Since then she gets upset if I'm gone longer than the few minutes it takes to go to the mailbox. If any of you care to check out Harry Potter fanfiction, it's a whole other spin on this universe. Some stories are retellings of the books, but I prefer the ones that explore the Marauders' friendship and lives regardless of whether the story follows the novels, the movies, or goes into "what if" territory. There's a whole subgenre of fanfiction in which adult Hermione goes back in time to do something to defeat Voldemort (or sometimes she time travels by accident). Of course she meets the Marauders, and has to worry about changing history (or maybe her purpose _is_ to change history). And then there's a 400+ chapter epic called *New Blood* in which Hermione convinces the Sorting Hat to put her in Slytherin because she's ambitious to make as much of herself in the magical world as possible. She and Harry are still friends, but Snape is her mentor, not her enemy (as long as she doesn't do anything he considers stupid).
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
😀 Boom
Viola 8 aylar önce
I'm a Ravenclaw! Fun fact: Hermione was almost sorted into Ravenclaw before the hat decided to put her in Gryffindor. I took the quiz on Pottermore years ago and I've always identified with Ravenclaw. This was fun to watch!
E m m a
E m m a Aylar önce
@Poulami Mukherjee I mean, yes, but a Ravenclaw doesn't necessarily have to be a creative lol. We value knowledge the most, that's all. And there's curiosity too. I'd say the reason why Hermione didn't become one is just because she _chose_ Gryffindor.
twittersux 7 aylar önce
What JK Rowling said about Hermione was that she was braver than she was clever. What is more important? You answer is the house you will be placed in.
Poulami Mukherjee
Poulami Mukherjee 8 aylar önce
The reason Hermione never made it to Ravenclaw is coz her cleverness is factual. The difference is clearly spotted in Luna's and Hermione's character. Luna a Ravenclaw would always be open to possibilities, whereas Hermione only believes what is proven. A Hermione can never be an inventor.
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
interesting factoid. Thank you and glad you enjoyed. More to come tomorrow.
jain thorne
jain thorne 8 aylar önce
I knew that The Oak would be a Hufflepuff but the other two surprised me. You should definitely take the quiz to find out your Patronus next.
Klassic 8 aylar önce
Currently about 15% through The Goblet of Fire myself on my first read. The only way I can compare it is the movies are what the story would be like if someone told you the story and the books are as if you are truly there right next to them. It’s insane how much detail and how much you can see yourself in between the pages.
Sara D2
Sara D2 7 aylar önce
I hope you've finished my now and onto the next :) What I loved about the book 4 is we learn so much about magic itself. Spells, wands and magical creatures
Alessio 8 aylar önce
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure!" Welcome, fellow Ravenclaw, Mason! 😊 And congrats on joining Hufflepuff and Slytherin, Appleton and Answer!
E m m a
E m m a Aylar önce
@ediblemongoose Trueee lmao
ediblemongoose 8 aylar önce
Fun fact! Back in the olden days, “wit” was a euphemism for a man’s “equipment”. As a proud Ravenclaw, I find it highly fitting that our house motto is a fancy sounding d*ck joke, lol
Anna Beth T
Anna Beth T 7 aylar önce
As a very proud Slytherin myself, welcome to the family! 🐍🐍
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 7 aylar önce
Josea Bito-on
Josea Bito-on 8 aylar önce
I was lucky enough to be a part of the initial 800 account slots for people worldwide when Pottermore first launched back when I was a teenager and I got sorted into Ravenclaw. Even when I retook the official sorting quiz when Pottermore became the Wizardingworld website, I still got sorted into the same house and I truly do identify with it (Ravenclaw, Sycamore Wand, Marsh Harrier Patronus!). 🤗💙 The odd thing is my sister was initially sorted to Slytherin all throughout her teenage years and on to her 20s, but when she remade an account and retook the sorting quiz after she became a mom, she got sorted into Ravenclaw! She often jokes about the cause of the change being motherhood softening her edges. 🤣
PF Campos
PF Campos 8 aylar önce
In the original quiz, I go Ravenclaw but with the Pootermore quiz I got Hufflepuff so which ne am I really?! I identify with Ravenclaw more I think thugh I have no problem with hufglpuff
Kat Webb
Kat Webb 8 aylar önce
That's hilarious lol. I've gotten Ravenclaw a few times at different points in life. But the first time I took it and many times since I always get Gryffindor. So I just go with that.
Josea Bito-on
Josea Bito-on 8 aylar önce
@Kelly I'm nearing 30, myself! 😄 I remember counting the minutes and seconds til application requests were open 🤣🤣 and losing my mind when I got a confirmation. It's absolutely insane how there were only 800 of us in the entire world for the beta, and there were only 2 of us in my whole school, the other one being a good friend of mine who I never knew until then was a huge potterhead. I let it slip to him that I got in the beta in a passing convo where he proceeded to jump up and down and tell me he did, too, and that we were in the same house 🤣🤣🤣 After that we were diligently contributing points on the regular and had each other to talk to about the contests and quizzes. What a time!!
Kelly 8 aylar önce
@Josea Bito-on Absolutely crazy! I'm in my late 30s now. I still remember being so excited when I was chosen that I cried. 😂
Josea Bito-on
Josea Bito-on 8 aylar önce
@Kelly oh my gosh, HI! It's so rare nowadays to encounter someone who was in the Pottermore Beta! 💙 How crazy is it that every one of us would at least be in our 20s now?
Emily Golde
Emily Golde 8 aylar önce
I started the book series several weeks ago after reading an interesting comment giving more context from the books. I’m halfway through the last book and I’m already depressed that it’s ending. Thankful for this channel for sparking my interest in this fabulous book series just by reacting to the movies!
Marina L.
Marina L. 8 aylar önce
that is awesome. I am thinking about a re-read.
Juib 8 aylar önce
That's great! Reading the books is like experiencing the series for the first time again even if you have seen the movies already. The detail, and foreshadowing in this is series is so amazing that you still pick up some new things during every re-read.
Luciana Queijeiro
Luciana Queijeiro 8 aylar önce
you guys should definitely do the patronus test, it's so fun
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
Wand and Patronus drops tomorrow.
Haven Alexa Langley
Haven Alexa Langley 8 aylar önce
Is the Oak married? If not, does he need a Ravenclaw wife? I love how dedicated he is to becoming a potterhead. So cute 🥹
Marina L.
Marina L. 8 aylar önce
he is married and had a child.
Detonador450 8 aylar önce
a tip when taking the wand quiz also open the wizarding world page explaining what each wand component means (wood, size and core) so you will know the unique details of your wands
Sarah Robins
Sarah Robins 8 aylar önce
AHHH I knew Appleton Oak was Hufflepuff before I even started watching this video. Everyone’s results makes COMPLETE sense
KevinRy4n 8 aylar önce
This was really neat!!! Appreciate you guys for all these Harry Potter (related) videos, this journey has been a fun one for sure! I, myself got Hufflepuff as well
Kota Mundaca
Kota Mundaca 8 aylar önce
I CALLED ALL OF YOUR HOUSES! ha! idk hy that made me excited hahaha, welcome to your houses!! Answer: Slytherin is a great house! just bc a few bad apples were in slytherin, doesn't mean it's a bad house! and also, there are many good traits to being a slytherin, one of them being that slytherins are not ordinary people, they excel because of their ambition and cunning habilities, they're driven and focused! Also, you choosing "black" stuff doesn't have anything to do with it really ;) Mason: did you know that it is said that every 50 or so years the sorting hat has to take some time (up to 5 minutes) to decide which house is best for a student? it did with McGonagall and Hermione because both were so much a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw! But anyways: WELCOME TO RAVENCLAW MY HOUSEMATE! so excited to have you! Oak: Yay welcome to Hufflepuff! i knew you would gravitate towards it! your kind nature shines through the screen a lot! Huffies are hard workers, patient, loyal and optimists through and through! don't let others tell you it's a "bad house" or a "boring house", you Hufflepuffs really make the world better and less grey, enjoy your amazing common room RIGHT BESIDE THE KITCHEEENS
Kota Mundaca
Kota Mundaca 8 aylar önce
@Nere Rodriguez i mean the SNACK GALLOREEE hahahah huffies are so lucky :') i'm a ravenclaw and as much as i appreciate the views, a little kitchen convenience can't be beaten!
Nere Rodriguez
Nere Rodriguez 8 aylar önce
I love the “RIGHT BESIDE THE KITCHEEEENS” part, because I was sooo excited about it when I found out in the books 😂💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤
Hikaru 78
Hikaru 78 8 aylar önce
You're so right ^^ Oak is such a hufflepuff haha
123haninhk 8 aylar önce
Looking forward to seeing you guys reacting to other franchises such as The Hunger Games. Judging from your reactions from the first time watching Harry Potter and LOTR, I am excited to see you guys experience a similar journey too. Woot!
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen 8 aylar önce
I'm not gonna lie... When I was sorted into Hufflepuff I re-took the test like 10-20 times because back then I was like "No! I am not a Hufflepuff!" I got Hufflepuff EVERY time I re-took the test 😂. So here I am now a Hufflepuff with an awesome Thestral patronus.
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen 8 aylar önce
@Lady Beyond The Wall very well said.
Lady Beyond The Wall
Lady Beyond The Wall 8 aylar önce
@Michael Bowen Maybe you got a Thestral cause us Hufflepuffs wouldn't necessarily judge a book by its cover? They're creepy looking, but obviously sweet creatures! Either way, that's definitely an awesome Patronus! 💛🖤 I mean, badgers aren't known for being sweet and docile themselves, haha, but that's why its our mascot! We'll give you some chances but don't keep pissing us off! Lol. Ooh and maybe, since you have to have seen death to see a Thestral, maybe it's a kind of metaphor for empathy, if that makes sense, which we as a house tend to have in droves.
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen 8 aylar önce
@Lady Beyond The Wall That is definitely fate. Not sure why a Hufflepuff such as myself got such a morbid yet awesome patronus.
Lady Beyond The Wall
Lady Beyond The Wall 8 aylar önce
Yeah I've taken it a few times and always end up Hufflepuff too. No getting around it sometimes, but I've embraced it for a long time now. Plus, I have a badger for a patronus.. I mean, that's fate.
Eguntola Osunyemi
Eguntola Osunyemi 8 aylar önce
The Oak is a Hufflepuff, as I predicted! Yay! My second favorite House and the House of my daughter!
Joanna Kowal
Joanna Kowal 8 aylar önce
Before you guys started I was sure Oak would be a Hufflepuff, but all of your houses makes total sense! This quiz was made by JK herself, so I think it's really accurate to people's characters and what she had in mind for each house. I'm a proud Slytherin, so welcome Answer! ;)
J Hoop
J Hoop 8 aylar önce
I want to have a book club with the Oak and discuss the books every few chapters lol
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
It's happening. Just a matter of when 😁🤙
tiny derp potato
tiny derp potato 8 aylar önce
@Badd Medicine oooh pretty please?!
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
Book review might be coming soon.
Brandi Smith
Brandi Smith 8 aylar önce
Welcome to Slytherin The Answer!!! The quizzes on The Wizarding World page are mostly book based. We also need a book club series were you all read the books and discuss in detail. Each episode could review 2-3 chapters.
Poulami Mukherjee
Poulami Mukherjee 8 aylar önce
Although I am a Gryffindor...married to a Hufflepuff. I love how the Hufflepuffs are just genuinely good people. The reason Hufflepuffs don't get much space in the books is coz kindness is underrated. It's the Hufflepuffs that make the world a better place. Also Hufflepuff common room is right next to the kitchen. I am sure they get more food than the rest of the houses.
Kelly 8 aylar önce
Oak's development from cynical to fan is amazing! I am so happy to welcome Quinn to Ravenclaw!! I loved the website Wizarding World use to be. I was on the Beta test for Pottermore and it had amazing artwork and walked you through the story and you'd unlock Rowling notes from when she was writing.
Ron K Music
Ron K Music 8 aylar önce
I'm sorted into Gryffindor🦁🧡 my Patronus is a Greyhound 🐺 and my wand is Alder Wood 14 ¼ inches🪄 you guys should also do these quizzes if you're interested😀 BTW I loved all your HP movie reactions!❤️ What a journey it was, brought back so many memories as I've grown with these characters. Please keep entertaining us with more HP related stuff. Thanks 😊 Love from India 🇮🇳♥️
TimmyT 8 aylar önce
I think the big question to get Slytherin was when he chose he would most hate to be ordinary. Slytherin's are ambitious and cunning but not always bad. Plus, only a true Slytherin would make a joke about Cedric's death haha.
Thidarat Wongba
Thidarat Wongba 8 aylar önce
Yeah, Appleton Oak is definitely a Hufflepuff😂
Kerps 8 aylar önce
This brings me so much joy 🥰 I swear every time I hear another one of my older guy friends say they're "too old, too manly" To watch harry Potter I'll just send them this whole series, Oak out here fighting for the buff mature potterhead guys 😄 there is no age or or gender limits on Harry Potter, it's an amazing adventure for everyone who is willing to give it a chance 🥰
Norman Arnold
Norman Arnold 8 aylar önce
I can tell The Answer was taken back about being in Slytherin. Hop he jumps on with The Oak and reads the books. He'll find out how cool of a house Slytherin really is. I myself really loved Gryffindor when I was a kid and had all kinds of Gryffindor gear, but finally took this same quiz at 30 years old and got sorted into Hufflepuff (the coolest of all the houses, black and yellow for life). Still have all my hardbacks that I bought as they came out over the years. amazing books, I really suggest all of you read them. First book came out when I was about 12-13 so they really hit home for me.
Anna Dohanich Paz
Anna Dohanich Paz 7 aylar önce
Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko 8 aylar önce
@Norman Arnold Leftovers from feasts for sure. Their common room must have buffets all the time lol.
Norman Arnold
Norman Arnold 8 aylar önce
@Leopard Gecko yea I read that its down near the kitchen so snacks are easy to come by too haha.
Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko 8 aylar önce
As a kid, my friends and I always made fun of Hufflepuff in general. 20+ years later, I'm in Hufflepuff and couldn't be more proud! Also, apparently their common room resembles a Hobbit house so I'd take that over some tower or dungeon any day!
Dreamie Queen
Dreamie Queen 8 aylar önce
Every house is great ^^ It's too bad only 2 of them are really showed in the movies. People have that misconception that Slytherin is only bad, only deatheaters. There were great wizards from that house who did great things or who were good. Slughorn, Regulus Black, Merlin, Leta Lestrange, and later on, even Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy.
Miranda Johnson
Miranda Johnson 8 aylar önce
I am nearly 60 and for a while I was a teacher of 16-19 year olds. I remember how it felt when one of the kids who had been resistant to something finally "got it" and became enthusiastic about whatever it was. Watching you reacting to HP so reminds me of those kids. I love how you have thrown yourselves into the magical world. I read these books to my kids and I still re-read them - so often I'm on my second set. The films are fantastic but there is so much more in the books. True Potterheads you are now ❤
No No Name
No No Name 8 aylar önce
This was really fun. We need the other quizzes as well😆 Welcome to Ravenclaw, Mason!🦅🦅
Juib 8 aylar önce
It would be really cool to hear Oaks updates and thoughts about the audiobooks!
DMKH 8 aylar önce
Welcome to Hufflepuff, Appleton Oak! I don't think any of us were surprised by any of your house placements. Good fits all around.
Mellchiril 8 aylar önce
I'm surprised Oak isn't a Ravenclaw, with all his insights into the story and the lessons, as well as his willingness that borders on passion to read and understand more of the world and the lore. But I do think Hufflepuff definitely suits him. I'll welcome Mason to my House instead. It's not a bad place to be. Welcome to Ravenclaw!
Manon Clarinval
Manon Clarinval 8 aylar önce
From the second question he answered I had a strong guess that The Oak would be a Hufflepuff and every answer he gave after that confirmed it. Hufflepuff are the kind and loyal ones, they're often overlooked as being soft foodies (just like the badger in the description) but if you hurt their friends or animals they're ready to show you hell.
Gus Fernandes
Gus Fernandes 8 aylar önce
I love how immersive you're all in the Harry Potter universe, I have never seen anyone who has made videos reactiong to HP do this before. Congratulations guys!
Mia P
Mia P 8 aylar önce
I'm a Slytherin too ^^ And I'm really enjoying the content you've been putting out. And I'm really excited to see what Mr. Oak will think of the books.
David 8 aylar önce
I'd love to see you guys react to the books as you read them
Andy Viveros
Andy Viveros 8 aylar önce
I knew Oak was going to be a Hufflepuff as soon as he chose to speak to animals hahaha as a Hufflepuff myself I loved that, great video, and I'm very excited for you guys to react to Fantastic Beasts, greetings from Mexico
Mark Feggeler
Mark Feggeler 8 aylar önce
If you want a great audiobook adventure, Stephen Frye who narrates the Potter books, also narrated the complete Sherlock Holmes collection. Simply amazing.
Rhino_1389 8 aylar önce
As a fellow Wisconsinite and Hufflepuff, glad to see you guys getting into this! Imagination and joy knows no age!
toodlescae 8 aylar önce
Ravenclaw here. Love that Oak started out the most skeptical and now is invested enough to listen to the audiobooks.
Hikaru 78
Hikaru 78 8 aylar önce
I like that Oak is so serious about his quizz x)
Hikaru 78
Hikaru 78 8 aylar önce
I guessed for the ravenclaw and the hufflepuff but suprised for the slytherin ^^ I though you'd be a gryffindor
KJ Lucky
KJ Lucky 8 aylar önce
Seeing the Oak’s transformation has been the best part of these reactions❤ In so excited for him to finish the books, he’s going to LOVE them the further he gets into them! Definitely need book updates! Sending lots of love to all the guys❤️
SamiiInsane 8 aylar önce
i would LOVE Oak to do readings of the books and giving us his thoughts as he reads. I would tune in for EVERY episode!
Jasmine W.
Jasmine W. 8 aylar önce
I’m a proud Slytherin✨ we might tend to be a little darker than most but we still are very smart and determined. We can slither our way out of most situations lol. Wish we got a little bit better representation of Slytherins in Harry Potter 😭
Jor 8 aylar önce
this was great! 😂 I've taken this multiple times over the years and usually switch between ravenclaw and gryffindor. I'm definitely a ravenclaw tho! Also, super happy that the oak is starting the books, they're absolutely fantastic!
MademoiselleRed 8 aylar önce
I'm sure The Answer is one of the cool Slytherins like Merlin himself, Regulus Black and HAAAANS lol. Seriously all my bffs that did the quiz and my brother are Slytherins so can't complain about them (And I have to admit, I wanted to be one too) Mason does have that wise Ravenclaw aura. The wish to speak to animals was such a Hufflepuff answer. You got into Vengeance's house, Oak! Hufflepuffs are BFF material, very loyal, the least darks wizards out of the 4 houses! Great people. When I got into Gryffindor I couldn't believe it (thought I would get Ravenclaw as in most fanmade quizzes). I relate a lot to Neville, I couldn't see myself as the brave one. But we all know how Neville developed so I'm very comfortable with my results now.
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 8 aylar önce
So happy to hear your listening to the Books -- you will be astounded with all you will learn -- there were tons of changes for the movies but after all they were necessary -- Nothing wrong with being sorted to Slytherin -- They are goal oriented and have a desire to increase their knowledge which in turn leads to wisdom -- I like all your outcomes
RachelJClark 8 aylar önce
I literally just started watching the video, but had to comment that I’m SO EXCITED to hear that Oak is reading the books! I could tell when he started mentioning he might that he’d enjoy them if he read through them. I hope you have a great journey!
Camilla Abreu
Camilla Abreu 8 aylar önce
Seeing Oak falling in live with this world and reading the books is so magical to me. I love to see people falling in love with Harry Potter universe even after the "hype" from 20 years ago, soo cool! And so you guys know, yesterday the Fifth movie made 15 years! Crazy! And my house is Ravenclaw as well! Welcome!
Jan 8 aylar önce
Proud Slytherin here🐍 It actually makes perfect sense that the sorting hat has sorted y’all in these houses. It wasn’t a surprise for me but your reactions were hilarious! It was a wonderful journey guys. See you all in Fantastic Beasts💚
mcm -ㅅ-
mcm -ㅅ- 8 aylar önce
slytherin pride yeahhhh 🐍 congrats to all 3 though, all are great houses! and a tip for when you take the patronus test, let each person "drive" because it's time based (and also you just point, don't click)
hrast_ika Aylar önce
honestly, Oak being sorted into the Hufflepuff house made me real happy. I may not be a super Harry Potter fan but i am a proud Hufflepuff.
Ariel Olavarria
Ariel Olavarria 8 aylar önce
Proud Gryffindor here :) I’m so happy you guys did this! Every single house is exceptional in their own unique ways! Hogwarts is legit home to everyone :)
Ana Sá
Ana Sá 7 aylar önce
Let's show some Slytherin Pride, fellow housemates 💚
Jacob 27 gün önce
I recently got into Harry Potter myself at the age of 24 and I had no idea how enthralling it can be. It's such a cool story. While it was clearly meant to be grown up with you can still appreciate everything it does when it comes to its creativity and life lessons. I even go as far as compare Harry to Anakin from Star Wars, except Harry chose the light instead of the dark. They come from very similar stories if you think about it. By the way I took this test twice and got Hufflepuff both times although my answers were a little different the 2nd time.
Ailene 2 aylar önce
I knew Oak was gonna be a Hufflepuff before he took the quiz lol it’s definitely accurate!
Selin Eroğlu
Selin Eroğlu 8 aylar önce
Unfortunately, Hufflepuff is not covered in detail in the books either. The only common room Harry hadn't visited was Hufflepuff. But in Fantastic Beasts, it was able to stand out a little more thanks to the Newt character. Everyone who reads the books and watches the movies generally wants to be Gryffindor. Because Rowling wrote biased and I think she realized it later. Then she tried to praise Hufflepuff and all, but no one ate it. Everyone after the Gryffindor liked Ravenclaw because I think that's the point of view of Gryffindors in the book. I'm Hufflepuff by the way. Don't worry too much as the author writes from a Gryffindor point of view. At the end of the books, it gives the message that it doesn't matter which building you are in. Because like Harry you can decide which building you want. I think Harry would have been Sltyherin, probably at the beginning of the books if he hadn't gotten a bad impression from Draco Malfoy.
Rey's Got Plans
Rey's Got Plans 8 aylar önce
I KNEW the Oak would be a fellow Hufflepuff!!! 🟨⬛️🟨⬛️🍻 your compassion and love for animals are traits a lot of us share 😁 nice one guys!
My Name
My Name 4 aylar önce
The Oak fits perfectly in Hufflepuff, loving animals and not wanting to be selfish
Emma Jaworski
Emma Jaworski 3 aylar önce
It's cool seeing what house you all got put in and I love that you're all in a different house, which is shown in your videos when you all bring different points to the table. I'm a Ravenclaw :) Buzzfeed also gave me the "you're rare and fit all 4 houses pretty equally answer" which I honestly find quite true though. Like I always had top grades in school without doing much studying, which is very Ravenclaw, I can be quite cut-throat, competitive, and have a sharp tongue (according to my mother lol) which is very Slytherin, I don't have many friends but the ones I do I'm very loyal to and deeply care about, and I'm just a friendly person in general, which is very Hufflepuff. And then I just spent a month exploring Europe solo (I'm from the US), which could be described as brave and like Gryffindor.
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
Did you take the House quiz? If so, what house do you belong to? Patronus and Wand Quiz: trvid.com/video/video-zYCdbHeShpg.html Full Reactions on Patreon: www.patreon.com/baddmedicine
Aell Targ.
Aell Targ. 8 aylar önce
please help
please help 8 aylar önce
Priyansh Sinha
Priyansh Sinha 8 aylar önce
React to "RRR".
Frances Powell
Frances Powell 8 aylar önce
Our house is a mix. I'm a Gryffindor, oldest daughter is a Slytheryn, middle daughter is a Gryffindor. Middle daughter's bloke is a Hufflepuff, and my youngest (son) is a Ravenclaw.
PhilBagels 8 aylar önce
Ravenclaw. I was so obviously a Ravenclaw, when I read the first book - before any of the movies came out, before there was a Wizarding World website - I knew I was a Ravenclaw. (And yes, the quiz confirmed this.) All the houses have their merits - be proud of whichever yours is!
Emma Jaworski
Emma Jaworski 3 aylar önce
Honestly hearing that you've rewatched the movies and are now reading the books makes me so happy because I know you'll love them and it's just funny that for the first 2 movies or so you were like "ah it's good but im never going to just sit down and watch these again"
Wendy _
Wendy _ 8 aylar önce
I was actually just thinking last night about how you guys should do the Pottermore Quiz and here we are!! I had so much fun watching you guys. Welcome to Slytherin, Answer!! 💚We were portrayed as “villains” in the movie but we're actually really cool!
SweetSlytherinGirl (Jennifer)
Slytherins are awesome! I was shocked and upset at first, too, but after a little research, I am now proud to call myself a sweet Slytherin who just happens to be ambitious and resourceful. 🐍💚
LilBitx 8 aylar önce
When The Oak chose the grassy lane i knew he was going to be put in Hufflepuff lol. The houses fit you guys so well, proud syltherin here
Ryan Oseguera
Ryan Oseguera 8 aylar önce
Proud Hufflepuff!!! So awesome and wholesome to see ya'll get into the series as much as ya'll are!
Ayaa Chann
Ayaa Chann 8 aylar önce
From the beginning of the series, i always thought Oak was Hufflepuff and Mason Quinn was Ravenclaw. I feel so excited to have been correct haha! Because of the films i always wanted to be Gryffindor, so when i got sorted in Hufflepuff i was upset. UNTILL i found more information and learned about the wizarding world outside of the films. Im incredibly proud to be Hufflepuff. I think its (for me) the best house to be in. It stands for Loyalty, Kindness, Empathy and the most humble. Some think its weak but its not. Its the house that is most liked by the other houses because of the personality traits i just mentioned. Cedric Diggory is the perfect example of being a true Hufflepuff. And as you saw, he is very strong, should not underestimate, but still humble and kind. You guys should read into it more. You will find out that all of you really belong in these houses. David seemed dissapointed but Slytherin is not a bad house. It has produced great, strong wizards. Unfortunately its know for producing the most evil wizards. But besides Malfoy and its goonies, all of them were great people. You should be proud.
Elizabeth Edlefsen
Elizabeth Edlefsen 8 aylar önce
Hey Oak, I am sooo thrilled to hear that you are listening to the audiobooks!!! Jim Dale is an absolute delight to listen to. He has been in quite a few Disney movies like Pete's Dragon and Hot Lead and Cold Feet. I hope you will be able to give us a short review of each book so we can hear about your experience!!! Have a magical time. 😃
Sophie Comas
Sophie Comas 8 aylar önce
Love that you guys are doing this! Always fun to see which house people get sorted into. When my family and I took the quiz I got Slytherin, my sister got Hufflepuff, my dad got Gryffindor, and my mom got Ravenclaw.
Ativanob14 8 aylar önce
Extremely happy to hear the oak is reading the books! You guys are awesome. Just discovered you guys, looking forward to bingeing your lotr reactions!
jasmin k79
jasmin k79 8 aylar önce
This was so much fun to watch. Congratulations on being successfully sorted into your Hogwarts houses! 🧙‍♂️ Hope you'll be happy with the results. Mason and Oak didn't surprise me at all. ☺️ Is anyone of you into PC games and planning to play 'Hogwarts Legacy' when it comes out by the end of this year? Maybe this would be something interesting to watch. 😊 Love your Potter content! Keep it up! 👍
Caz Avery
Caz Avery 8 aylar önce
Watching Oak answer the questions I was like 'well, he's going to be a Hufflepuff'!
Alex Scott
Alex Scott 8 aylar önce
I love how into this you guys are. Can't wait to see Fantastic Beast reactions. Oak being the resident expert on Potter is not the twist anyone saw coming, but it's appreciated. 😂😂
Dani Lynn
Dani Lynn 8 aylar önce
While you all were going through your quizzes, I correctly guessed the houses of Answer & Oaks, but was not able to guess Quinn's, which I found interesting since the previous test said he could be any of the houses. PS I'm Hufflepuff.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 4 aylar önce
Started reading the books recently and found this channel and binged the harry potter series. Loved that yall took to it so well, I was one fortunate enough to grow up with the movies and books and still come back to it on occasion. I am a gryffindor and now subscribed! Keep it real guys.
shiv mag
shiv mag 8 aylar önce
Mate, I tried so hard to get into Slytherin when I was younger because I wanted to be "edgy." But I'm a ⚫Hufflepuff🟡 and proud of it. Dedication, patience, loyalty. Our common room is warm and earthy, sort of looks like an enlarged version of Bilbo Baggins house, who wouldn't want to bunk there. Always though about how if the Hufflepuff students want to take a break from homework, they can just nip out of the common room for a quick second and grab a tray full of food from the Kitchens to take back and study with. Can't wait to see your wand types, make sure to read what makes each component of your wand special and any other article on wizarding world that you may be interested in, I also recommend the Super Carlin Brothers TRvid channel for their Harry Potter theories if you haven't already. Question for the guys or anyone on the Patreon, anybody know how far away the Hunger Games content could be, can't wait to see them react to that? Stay safe everyone.
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 8 aylar önce
I too recommend Super Carlin Brothers channel and Harry Potter Folklore and Harry Potter Theory -- they answer lots of my questions and make me wonder new ones too --- SCB trivia quizzes are fun to watch too --
Khishigt Mandakhbayar
Khishigt Mandakhbayar 8 aylar önce
I didn't imagine you guys would continue HP videos and go into deeper .. I am really enjoying all your contents about HP ..thank you so much form Mongolia 🇲🇳..
Flower Dragon
Flower Dragon 8 aylar önce
Yay! So happy one of you were sorted into Slytherin 🥳🐍 it’s for sure the best house(I’m not biased at all lol😂)💚💚 people love to give us a bad rep, but I think they’re just jealous 😂 jk, jk! Hopefully The Answer reads more about the qualities that make someone a Slytherin and has a change of heart 😁💚🐍 also, reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child will make him a proud Slytherin! It really shows the good side of our house! 🐍💚 And I just knew that The Oak would be sorted into Hufflepuff!! 😁😁 no surprise there! 💛🦡🖤
Sadie Dol
Sadie Dol 8 aylar önce
I'm a Slytherin too! At first I was annoyed and made several different accounts to try and get another house but I still got slytherin every time and noe that i think about it, that was a very slytherin thing of me to do 😂 we are the house of the ambitious, determined, recorcful and clever after all 🖤🐍
Berliandiva Aulia
Berliandiva Aulia 8 aylar önce
I used to think that I was a Ravenclaw but after taking this quiz and got Slytherin, I finally accepted it and actually see myself as a Slytherin. Plus based on your houses, you three are like me and my two sisters😅👍🏻
Kayla Quinn
Kayla Quinn 8 aylar önce
I used to always get Ravenclaw when I was younger, but now I get Hufflepuff every time (which I think actually accurately represents some mindset changes I've had over the years so that's kind of cool)
Indre Duobaite
Indre Duobaite 8 aylar önce
I was also a Ravenclaw as a kid but since retook the test when I was 18 and then at 20 this year I keep getting Slytherin and it actually makes perfect sense. I love being a Slytherin!
crunchychicken 8 aylar önce
It was the opposite for me lol I used to get Hufflepuff all the time and it annoyed me so much because I was ignorant and thought that Hufflepuff were the overly sweet underdogs until I found out what exactly makes one a Hufflepuff. Now I only get Ravenclaw and honestly the change in mindset as I grew up made sense for both at those stages of my life.
Badd Medicine
Badd Medicine 8 aylar önce
D. C.
D. C. 8 aylar önce
I think that this might happen to me as well if I were to re-took the test! Hufflepuff is so underrated when you're younger
Crystal Marie
Crystal Marie 8 aylar önce
Happy Hufflepuff here. Always happy to learn of new members to this group.
kmargr3tt 8 aylar önce
Another famous Hufflepuff: Newt Scamander 🤓 I am so excited for Appleton Oak to finish the books! I loved the audiobook, too, and can't wait for you to dive deep into the literature. There is SO MUCH detail that couldn't be fit into the movies. You'll enjoy it for sure!!
Stormy 8 aylar önce
Pottermore is everything!!! It was amazing to have like an "official" confirmation that I am a Gryffindor😌 This was awesome guys!!!! PS: I forced my mom, my dad and my boyfriend to do all the tests cause I just can't get enough lol
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