Hardest Part About Starting A Pressure Washing Business

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22 Ağu 2021




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Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
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John Lacambra
John Lacambra Aylar önce
"Outgrow your equipment..." That is a great solid advice i wished I knew 8 years ago when I ventured out to become an independent self employed auto, industrial mechanic. Now I would say I am content and happy with what I have been able to achieve so far. Looking at the over 80k+ of equipment, tools, supplies excluding what hauls all that I need around to do my job; I wished I first outgrew my tools and equipment before buying the much bigger more expensive stuff. When I first started there were things I bought that was not necessary that I could have used the money and resources to grow my business faster. For a few of such equipment I bought I did not first have the need to use years after I started. Leaving those unused years with brands of the equipment coming with better models and technological advances in the tools that when the time came that I finally needed to use such equipment; I would have bought a newer and much better latest model than the old one I bought and barely going to start using. I am not in the pressure washing business as you are but your self employment talk is made for those whose ears are fixed on success. I hope you more prosperty with your business and shall we all grow old, fat, bald, and loved like Benjamin Franklin on the 100 dollar bill. Who doesn't love a successful guy like him?
Coach Nate
Coach Nate 3 aylar önce
Biodegradable products available?
Bryce Ramos
Bryce Ramos 4 aylar önce
Tryna get started on my own side hustle of pressure washing, wishing all of you the best. It's gonna pay off for all of us 🙏🏽🙏🏽
James T
James T 3 gün önce
hows it going?
Phillip J. Moodie
Phillip J. Moodie 7 gün önce
@Brian BoydYou are not alone with that kind thought. Phil.
Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd 11 gün önce
I love you bro
Phillip J. Moodie
Phillip J. Moodie 12 gün önce
@Nick Beyer I am off to a very good start by actually writing down a real Business Plan on paper, not a computer screen for the first time in my life. I have a Harvard based MBA, but that was Yesterday. Now I am back to planning for the operation of a new Business where the largest Hospital, in Melbourne Australia, is scheduled to conduct further blood tests to confirm that I no longer have the COVID 19 induced blood clots in my brain cells that could been seen on an MIR scan. I never saw TRvid until I was locked in COVID 19 Intensive Care for 12 weeks with only a 4inch smartphone for company. Now it is my prime source of motivation, because it has become a great place for people starting new ventures, or careers, to gain support without fear of criticism. I am looking for success, because I am part of a family with a total of 5 generations of Building Sector experience across the main states in Australia. Which is why your thought full comment put a smile back onto my face. So thank you. Phil.
colearmitage1000 13 gün önce
@Ray AAO-Topic Definitely theirs my man, you are not going to be hauling around a trailer full of water, it's not going to be worth it, you can "factor" that into the quote to make it seem better. Hey Ron, I'm thinking it's going to be around 200 gallons of water and at the rate of "x" for city water, since im not bringing my own im taking $45 bucks off the total. Make it seem like they are saving something has always helped me.
QuadA195 10 aylar önce
Hardest part is just constantly being under all that... pressure... I'll show myself out
Framework333 3 aylar önce
@Blake Phelan oh nah. The first guy can stay, YOU, gotta go😭☠️
DaDiabetic 6 aylar önce
The power behind that joke
d0uble _ 0
d0uble _ 0 6 aylar önce
thats life itself..no pressure
Scarlet Thompson
Scarlet Thompson 8 aylar önce
Guess you just started feeling too much pressure
P S 6 aylar önce
Huge respect to you for wanting to share information for new owners, seriously unique in the business world!
Frankie Torres
Frankie Torres 4 aylar önce
I just started my career as an Electrical Engineer but worked construction for 10 years(started at 17) & see this as my first potential side business! I hope it really goes well so I can begin taking care of my family the way I've always imagined🙌🏼🙏🏼
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy Aylar önce
yo im 16 right now and finishing up my last couple months of school next year starting power engineering at university and im going to start a pressure washing business over the summer to stack up some extra money
Alex Myhas
Alex Myhas Aylar önce
How’s it been going?
Joshua Amie
Joshua Amie 3 aylar önce
@LilReed OFFICIAL that part
LilReed OFFICIAL 4 aylar önce
Bro your an electrical engineer, you should be set with that pay 😂
Kuntry Fried
Kuntry Fried 26 gün önce
Love your videos. Hating my job and working check to check right now, but can't wait to purchase your kit and get started on my own PW business. Thanks for posting your vids.
Cecil Lee
Cecil Lee 10 aylar önce
This was intended to show the scary side of this line of work but I've been busting my ass doing landscaping for the last 5 years so this work looks fun haha memorizing too
Aidan Woods
Aidan Woods Aylar önce
@strange_wave Lol I hear you, I spent 2 years in Vegas hustling like a mf. 125 degree heat working 6am-6pm smh. Taught me a lot of tricks though, how to breathe in hot weather + how to drink water etc. Ice in a bandana around the neck, little things I wouldn't have learned otherwise. Only thing that bothers me with pressure washing is the use of chemicals, but I have a 3M respirator that I use. It filters 99.9% of the air so I imagine that's better than nothing
strange_wave Aylar önce
@BushandOJ agreed
BushandOJ Aylar önce
@strange_wave but if you got the job for yourself then it’s worth it
Skylined 5 aylar önce
Justin started out doing landscaping.
strange_wave 7 aylar önce
Same bro fck landscaping. Digging a hole in Alabama red clay mid summer 96 degree heat no shade with a pick axe is much harder then this lol
bsojdfo 5 aylar önce
Just started my painting business. As a painter, sometimes you have to pressure wash an exterior, so I bought a mi-t-m rig. I hope to get more pressure wash jobs.
bsojdfo Aylar önce
@Bliss Limo Service also you need to paint for about a year just to get an idea how to handle situations that might come up and how to deal with clients.
bsojdfo Aylar önce
@Bliss Limo Service I’m not sure bro. It’s different every part of the country. If your cousin can do the talking to win bids, let him, but also watch, learn and listen. Try to get as much experience as you can.
Bliss Limo Service
Bliss Limo Service Aylar önce
@bsojdfo How realistic is that you will make money in this business if say ai dont have experience in it I wont be painting but my cousin does paint and I will hire other people that know how ro do it..I will just be trying to get contracts?
bsojdfo Aylar önce
@Bliss Limo Service it’s pretty busy for me in northeast Louisiana. Just wrapped up 3 big jobs.
Bliss Limo Service
Bliss Limo Service Aylar önce
@bsojdfo how is the business going im trying to start a painting company with my cousin but not sure how the market is right now?
Gavin Alderman
Gavin Alderman 5 aylar önce
Some real 🔥🔥 info you got here Justin, youre totally right about all this. I did a few pressure washing jobs while working for a property management company; hard work, chemical and environmental exposure, it can be tough! Thanks for marketing and advertising gold🤑 Sincerely- one excited new guy
Boni_ Traxton
Boni_ Traxton 5 aylar önce
I’m thinking of a pressure washing business but not homes.....golf buggy’s I was hired at this golf cart dealership and they had me pressure wash the carts an it was kinda fun. Then I shined them up even the sales manager was impressed because I never done it before! So it kinda spurred something on me. I live in Florida, so golf carts abound an I came from a restaurant I’m no stranger to getting drenched 🤣 the only thing is getting started because all my freinds in social media are too young an don’t drive golf carts so it’s like how do I promote
Thomas Laux
Thomas Laux 9 aylar önce
Hi Justin. Just subscribed because im amazed as somebody who studied business how creative you are in all these jobs you do. I never seen an average joe go this far. My question is; How do you have the energy for all this? And, did you study business in a formal setting?
The Best Service
The Best Service 2 aylar önce
It’s not so much about business plans or business models that create success. The need to survive and thrive is what makes us successful. Pleasing customers and BEING ON TIME. The number one killer. Never ever overbook. Pissed off customers will kill your business. I am not a big up sale person. People feel like they are being Nickeled and Dimed to death and feel like they are getting played. Explain you may be higher but you are more through. Always do something extra and tell them it’s free. People love thinking they got a better deal than Joe the neighbor.
Delighted Cuttz
Delighted Cuttz 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the knowledge...I'm a Lawn Care Tech and was thinking bout pressure washing during the fall instead of leaf/fall cleanups.
Nate Haji
Nate Haji 2 aylar önce
Awesome video yet again. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, list your setup, etc us noobs appreciate you!!
Duncan Gill
Duncan Gill 3 aylar önce
Thanks for that mate! I don't live north but I was told by a guy that a good idea for the winter is driveway clearing and gritting (where it gets icy and snowy)
Paul Chacon
Paul Chacon 9 aylar önce
Thanks for the realistic view of the business. Something I didn't hear you mention is paying taxes. Charging sales tax for your services. I was called in for an audit because one of my customers told them I didn't charge sales tax. I don't know where they got that because I do charge and pay sales tax. I'm glad I knew to do that.
Aw Con
Aw Con 2 aylar önce
@Zach Campbell yes he means quote 500 including taxes
Zach Campbell
Zach Campbell 3 aylar önce
@JD did you ever figure this out, need to know
JD 4 aylar önce
@Scarlet Thompson so what you saying is tell the customers the job will be $500 sale taxes included?
Scarlet Thompson
Scarlet Thompson 8 aylar önce
Tax on services is different than a sales tax on an item. You quote 500..you pay tax on 500...their share is in that... So really they got the job for 450 plus taxes. Id say quote it as job plus taxes will be 500 for job...then they cant say a word and they feel they got off cheaper in a way
Azariah Israel
Azariah Israel 10 aylar önce
I would say the most difficult thing for me personally Out side of marketing is medical and dental insurance for my family before I quit my job
Epindary 9 aylar önce
Maybe try it out on the weekends to see if its for you so you can keep the insurance from your dayjob
silverxkube 2 aylar önce
I'm finding interest in this business. I'll be spending some time watching more videos on pressure washing. I feel this is something I can do as far as having my own business.
RSAPLAN 8 aylar önce
What’s up Justin. I was watching one of your videos last night and you were using an attachment for soft washing. It was attached to the nozzle of the pressure washing wand and it had a tube going into a bucket that held the solution. What was the name of the attachment? Thanks for all your tips! 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 8 aylar önce
X jet
Shawn Staley
Shawn Staley 2 gün önce
Hustle. I use to do pressure washing with my former brother-in-law who fired me because he and my sister was getting a divorce (cheating Bastard). He owed me some money and couldn’t pay so he gave me a pressure washer and a beat up trailer as payment. This is my first year doing this on my own and i can’t wait to get your coarse and start learning from a real professional. Thanks so glad i found your channel
Duce Lee
Duce Lee 9 aylar önce
Great to see a video about the reality of the situation, instead of just a budget dream.
ELMOcall911 9 aylar önce
I am slowly starting a detailing business so far I have done 5 cars...and yesterday I did job for my coworker he gave me $800 worth of equipments...$300 steamer and a $500 3100psi pressure washer by B.E.
ELMOcall911 4 aylar önce
@Cali Hits not that good because it's winter.
Cali Hits
Cali Hits 4 aylar önce
How's ur business doing?
Lucky Barnes
Lucky Barnes 5 aylar önce
How’s business?
iHildy 5 aylar önce
How's business
Moshe Levavi
Moshe Levavi 7 aylar önce
How’s business doing?
Jordan Quast
Jordan Quast 7 aylar önce
Living in Texas, should I wait until beginning of next year to start this? Obviously doesn’t get terribly cold here, but curious how slow business is during the “winter” months
313 MEX
313 MEX 4 aylar önce
Did you ever get going? I'm thinking of moving to Texas to start this
John Mock
John Mock 5 aylar önce
I never stop here in South Texas just wear thick jackets if it kind of cold
Aron Kovacs
Aron Kovacs 5 aylar önce
Nah, things are starting up slow, start early so in main season you’re swinging at full force.
Haydo Visual
Haydo Visual 6 aylar önce
Try it out n see
Cody Stark
Cody Stark 6 aylar önce
I think it ends up being what youre able/willing to put up with for conditions. Were in the Midwest and are washing days in the 40s. Keep a couple cans of pump saver on hand and blow out your hoses if it looks like it'll get cold enough to freeze up. Go get em
CAZ32TT 8 aylar önce
Decades ago I worked cleaning tractor trailers using a mobile system out of an Astro van. Doing things like Miller’s Outpost, and Ador Farms by example. The worst part of pressure washing… soaked feet.
Gage Beckwith
Gage Beckwith 8 aylar önce
Big Ole water proof boots 👢
Rich Beauty Co.
Rich Beauty Co. 10 aylar önce
Hustle real hard 💪🏽 and thanks for all the insight
trey terrence
trey terrence 10 aylar önce
interested in getting the course to start my own venture on pressure washing and becoming my own boss! My goal is to make enough money to supplement my lifestyle and allow me to venture off into other parts of my overall goal. the first step in the door, so to speak, is to begin a pressure washing business that gives me the freedom to move as i please. this video was sent to me by my father, and both he and I think that the information is of value. however, the big however is, I was wondering if there is any way that I can directly message you for a bit more information, before I make the risk of purchasing the course. Is there an email, or perhaps a facebook messenger link that you can provide to me, that will allow me to ask some quick questions that I have? much appreciated, and thank you for your time, Terry edit. after rereading the description, I see that you have provided an email. I will email you now and I hope that you are able, time permitting, to answer some questions. again, thank you!
Shae Freeman
Shae Freeman Aylar önce
Just started. I got a 3.5gpm. Cant wait for things to pick up. Will let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for video!
Shae Freeman
Shae Freeman 8 gün önce
@Jaden H still hustling man. Did alot of door to door but need more advertisement need signs everywhere. And hopefully with a week or 2 I will figure out if i landed couple gigs through some realtors. Working for realtors seems like it could be good also. Let u know updates as I progress. Hard work getting customers tho without proper advertisements everywhere
Jaden H
Jaden H 21 gün önce
how did it go
Jim Mcdonald
Jim Mcdonald 2 aylar önce
Thank you man. This is just the video I've been looking for before possibly jumping in. Appreciate you
George fisher
George fisher 10 aylar önce
I took a leap of faith and started a jetwashing company and I havnt looked back since. We started out with a cheap petrol karcher washer off facebook under 6 months we've already upgraded to 3200 psi machine and made many business relationships and its safe to say that we have a return clientel
George fisher
George fisher 4 aylar önce
@JD ofcourse you can mate 👍
JD 4 aylar önce
Hey George, Is it possible I can contact you for questions?
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
Great work George! Congratulations
Random Uploads
Random Uploads 8 aylar önce
In my case, customers would be the easy part. I've been thinking about starting my own pressure washing business
GodzKreation 9 aylar önce
Hardest thing labor wise is holding that button down to spray water and maybe the walking but the hardest part would be the business management it is hard to be on a job when u have to bid other jobs keep up the good work and stay motivated
Skylined 2 aylar önce
Trigger finger! I think if the equipment at hand allows I'd fasten a zip tie around the handle loose enough to slide back and forth but enough to hold the trigger in. That or a small cut down belt.
DirtySouthGaming 5 aylar önce
Hustle Hey Justin was just curious if you ever made that video discussing how to pivot from doing this as a side hustle/weekend warrior to full time. Currently matching my income that I get from 9-5 and feel like im about ready to pull the trigger and switch to washing full time
TheCap 8 aylar önce
Getting customers is what Im good at. 6 years as a lawn tech and sold like a madman. I just need to learn this
Michael’s Mustang 5.0
@Nat Britt same here
Nat Britt
Nat Britt 3 aylar önce
Wish you were in Ct lol. I can do the work, getting the customers is my weakness.
Michael’s Mustang 5.0
how you get customers?
azxp 6 aylar önce
Hustle, thanks for the info. I am starting a new business, so I will take any advice I can get!
Nicole Cato
Nicole Cato 9 aylar önce
Thanks. I’ve done this for others and want to do it for myself now.
King Shahid
King Shahid 8 aylar önce
Very helpful man I appreciate you giving out game you a real one boss
Baz Griffith
Baz Griffith 4 aylar önce
What is the best washer to start out with? I plan on doing some small jobs in the evenings and on the weekends to help out financially. Any advice is appreciated.
Tanya Alvarez
Tanya Alvarez 2 aylar önce
Man, you hustle hard! Respect bro!!! Thank you for these excellent vids!
Peachy Pound
Peachy Pound Aylar önce
Would anyone suggest working for a pressure washing company first? Obtaining the basic skills on how to quote, how to operate the equipment, how to avoid mistakes and damage that are completely preventable, what chemicals to use, what to look out and listen for; both positive and negative. What do you think Justin?
first name last name
first name last name 25 gün önce
Trust me i worked for a company and hated it. Hard work and shit pay didnt cut it for me. You can pretty much learn on the internet. I have a background in construction and boy let me tell you pressure washing is a breeze compared to the shit i did haha. Work for your self. You will be surprised how much you will make within the first month if you are persistent and dedicated to the hustle.
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee 9 gün önce
I started a painting business but I realized I have to do alot of pressure washing houses and trailers I was wondering what would be a decent price to charge doing the pressure washing houses , trailers ?
Elver Güdo
Elver Güdo 10 aylar önce
I work for someone this summer and it’s not rocket science, pretty simple job hands on tho, if my boss would of been responsible his business would be so big, yet he been doing it for 3 years and still only him, he seem burn out I used to wake him up everyday to go to jobs, sometimes I used to just take the rig on my own, it was stressful seen so much potential and someone no care for it any longer.
Pussy Eater 2.0
Pussy Eater 2.0 10 gün önce
@Elver Güdo Did you have work year around with press washing
Elver Güdo
Elver Güdo 9 aylar önce
@Kevin Vargas boss man is only 33
Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas 9 aylar önce
How old is your boss
vndradeanthony 10 aylar önce
Love your channel bro. You should talk about finances and how you manage all that!
Little Rock Softwash
Little Rock Softwash 10 aylar önce
Great content sir keep it coming!
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
Thank you sir
Peyton Carroll
Peyton Carroll 9 aylar önce
Man I just did my first job and this helps a lot, thanks for tha vid
Ryan Mickens
Ryan Mickens 9 aylar önce
How was it??
Ric O
Ric O 10 aylar önce
I just started pressure washing to pay for school. this is the realest video ever and things I’m facing right now.
Erika Thomas
Erika Thomas 6 aylar önce
Well ,this is America. People value life less over here & money over everything 😅
FoolhardyCrab91 8 aylar önce
@Ric O hey where do you live at?
Kingcocaman Coca
Kingcocaman Coca 8 aylar önce
@Ric O Thank you so much for giving me the information I apréciate good luck 👍.
Ric O
Ric O 8 aylar önce
@Kingcocaman Coca I’m in school and I just jumped in but I only work when I turn on my ads on FB. You should work for a company that does it fastest way to learn.
Kingcocaman Coca
Kingcocaman Coca 8 aylar önce
@Ric O i haven’t started because im trying to study more about it. Also is it hard to get requests from people?
Jack O'Malley
Jack O'Malley 10 aylar önce
One thing I have learned never do house washes with any surface that is painted regardless if it is soffit. Siding or any kind of surface that is painted never treat it with SH sodium hypochloride even in an inconspicuous area that's no guarantee that some idiot who painted the siding decided on some spots to not prime it and others to use different shades of paint with sodium hypochlorite will totally expose any flaws in the paint therefore I only do house wash on unpainted vinyl siding or all brick and gutters only or Hardie board that's been painted from the factory but I will absolutely not do any house that's been painted especially with organic paint like Sherwin-Williams
Rellyrell420 3 aylar önce
Thanks for this.
IOS Gaming Geek
IOS Gaming Geek Aylar önce
Can you make a video about your exact equipment set up and explanation as to why and what it’s for. I already have a customer base. Sounds weird I know, but it’s because I’m a detailer. But I have hundreds of people asking me if I can pressure wash sidewalks aswell. So I’m thinking of doing that aswell to earn some extra money and I’m assuming it’s quicker jobs rather than detailing anyway. Also, I’ve had hundreds ask me to pressure wash trailers and such. I am blessed to live in an area where many Russians live, and they all haul stuff and haul cars or fix and sell cars. So I’m positive I can have this gig all year round.
Jays Sidehustles
Jays Sidehustles 6 aylar önce
Wearing all the hats comes with starting any business. You cannot be lazy in anything. As far as marketing, there's more than just the old styles (flyers,etc). Learn some FB ads and Google ads.
Michael Cole
Michael Cole 2 aylar önce
Bro I gotta say, out of the hundred or so new business channels and power washing channels, you’re the only one I subbed to. Thank you for the honesty
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 2 aylar önce
Preciate you bro
WingMan_Nate 8 aylar önce
Do you use any chemicals to clean? Do you have a guide or place you buy from?
Cody Frank
Cody Frank 5 aylar önce
Pretty scared not gonna lie. Travel for a living and I'm done with that. So I gotta jump into business full steam ahead. No leads no income new area. It's gonna be a ride.
Lungani Ngwabe
Lungani Ngwabe 2 aylar önce
Co-ask... Howzit going Cody? Update
Chance Miller
Chance Miller 2 aylar önce
How’s it going 2 months later?
infin8vibrations 6 aylar önce
But how do you estimate a project? By sq foot? By supplies? Time and labor? That seems like the hardest part. Seems like you would bundle those costs all into one. So what is that number?
Taterhoe ps4
Taterhoe ps4 6 aylar önce
I usually do a sq foot charge plus supplies and add on if it’s really dirty.
JOSHUA 6 aylar önce
its interesting how 250 bucks is considered just "pretty good money" for just pulling weed where as in India 50-60 dollars would be considered a lot of money
Annoying Defense
Annoying Defense 10 aylar önce
Something you could do to get customers is go door to door DOORHANDLE flyers on people house you can clearly see need some pressure washing
Hello There! I have a question. When you rinse, what product do you use?
Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose
I do it on the side with my property maintenance business. Quoting is the hardest part.. people expect 1980s prices. I'm just using an old Karcher my with the surface washer. Good enough for now. At the moment I'm charging $3.5 per m2 with power and water supplied and $4.2 m2 with only water supplied.. I'm looking at a 1000L tank for my equipment trailer.. 👍👍 the biggest problem I have is power. I don't use any petrol equipment. I've gone fully battery powered. That's part of my sales pitch. No fumes and less noise. I'll need to set up a little battery bank and solar in my trailer as well
Shae Freeman
Shae Freeman Aylar önce
Can anyone recommend what gas to use in my pressure washer. Or do I need to add anything to gas or just use regular unleaded? It's the simpson pro series 4000psi.
Miguel Wilthsire
Miguel Wilthsire 6 aylar önce
What would u charge for can cleaning?
Austin Alsup
Austin Alsup 8 aylar önce
Haven’t even watched it yet, but i can only imagine the pressure of it all
SILENTGAMER 3 aylar önce
i did a floridans drive way for free. they are huge as heck. but not hard at all. the round thing he uses to pressure wash the drive way, it only gots forwar and backward not sideways. that’s the hardest part
Black Widow Veloster
Black Widow Veloster 8 aylar önce
JujuClutch 10 aylar önce
What’s the chemical u use in ur pump up sprayer?
Jim Mcdonald
Jim Mcdonald 2 aylar önce
And WOW! The links. You have given us so much value from one TRvid video. Greatful.
Jorge Angel
Jorge Angel 9 aylar önce
As a concrete finisher, and business owner…. This is a piece of cake
Daniel Oakes
Daniel Oakes 5 aylar önce
How do u prevent wasting time with scammers?
ainalpipe 5 aylar önce
Jorge any tips for starting business? I know i can walk around and give out cards or ask people if you need service, but don’t want one person to say yes and i go buy a washer and i get no customer or if it doesn’t work
interdimensional3333 5 aylar önce
Getting work would be the hardest part lol
GodzKreation 5 aylar önce
@Jonathan Molina thanks man means a lot salute to you brother
Jonathan Molina
Jonathan Molina 5 aylar önce
@GodzKreation you will have your business one day, don’t stop grinding my friend 🤙🏽
Shane Fitz
Shane Fitz 7 aylar önce
I subscribed. I love your business attitude I need to adopt it
Kerry Curran
Kerry Curran 9 aylar önce
What was the price and time for this job shown in this video? #hustle
Treveyon Kinnard
Treveyon Kinnard 2 aylar önce
Im in Chicago with it, i bought all the equipment x 2, pickup truck and all to start pressure washing/landscaping this year. I think the hardest part will be gettin customers🥴but whats some mistakes i should avoid? Thats my question. I wont be doin the work myself, ima teach someone how to do it all btw. And should I start off with the 24in surface cleaner?
Phelan Owens
Phelan Owens 4 aylar önce
As Usual Great Video J. Thx For The Insights!!!!
The Berserk Horse
The Berserk Horse Aylar önce
It might be hard work but at least your working on your own terms.
Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz 12 gün önce
Always remember it's better than loading boxes up to 100lbs for 12 hour days in 120 degree heat box lol
R.A.M. Productions
R.A.M. Productions 9 aylar önce
How long did this job take you?
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 10 aylar önce
Been following you for a while now bro! I do construction so hard work aint the hard prt! Ima start in 2 months!! Question do u use chemicals? Or just water bro? Thats my main question
Jeff Ridens
Jeff Ridens 10 aylar önce
@ThatRedNismo no i dont understand that, you can mix whatever strength in a sprayer. 6% should work fine on concrete and roof.
Jeff Ridens
Jeff Ridens 10 aylar önce
@ThatRedNismo 10% is a little too strong but yes that would be a 10% ratio.
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 10 aylar önce
@Jeff Ridens thank you so much!!
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 10 aylar önce
@Phoenixtoolit thank you so much !
Jeff Ridens
Jeff Ridens 10 aylar önce
For concrete you dont have to, but using sh or degreaser does help and makes it easier.
T Rope
T Rope 3 aylar önce
oome on bro did it for a summer, an maybe it was cause i was in my early twentites, but it wasnt hard work at all lol. being the boss may be hard, but doing the work is one of the easiest things that ive ever done! some advice for ya though, get a trailer possibly, wit 1 or 2 water buffalos on it, an go hit up some fleets! like large semi companies, ups, fed ex, water companies, etc... that was a huge part of our job an i think we charged somethin like 70 bucks a semi. maybe it was like 35 though, i dont remember, this was 10 years ago. we got like 8 bucks per vehicle, an we made bank working nights, which is the most productive time to do things like that. same with gas stations!!!! huge possibilites if you can land some gas station contracts! again though, thats a night job,. youd piss alot of ppl off with tryin to pull it off in the day
Dennis Lea
Dennis Lea 6 aylar önce
Very informative, I'm really considering starting my own pressure washing business. This would be done from April through November and December through March I do handyman jobs. I wondering what is a good professional pressure washer to purchase. Would it fit in a van or a pick-up.
Dennis Lea
Dennis Lea 6 aylar önce
@FLOWSOFT Exterior Cleaning thanks for the information.
FLOWSOFT Exterior Cleaning
Anything Honda. Like he says. If you go over 4 gpm you’ll need to look at using a buffer tank to supply the pump.
Hamilton Vision LLC
Hamilton Vision LLC 20 gün önce
Just bought my equipment. I already have the LLC. I just dont have the customers. I'm excited to do the first job but, I dont even know what to charge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
Duey_didit 10 aylar önce
Great video looking forward to the next vid
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
Thanks Duey!
Cwilly W
Cwilly W 9 aylar önce
Don’t wanna diminish your honest and helpful vid but this job cannot be very labor intensive unless you’re stranger to manual labor. Lawn care is more strenuous let along concrete or landscaping.
Skylined 2 aylar önce
It's hard enough, it's not like you're sitting down all day.
Jizz Stain
Jizz Stain 5 gün önce
We want the equipment set up and all the important hard work you hide.
Hung Like Christ
Hung Like Christ 10 gün önce
Please tell me what part of pressure washing is hard? I owe a full service Property Management and Maintenance Company. Of all of the services we offer pressure cleaning is by far the easiest service we provide. I mean I offer HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical. Pressure Cleaning and Junk Removal. Pressure Cleaning is a breeze...
Boost Junkie
Boost Junkie 2 aylar önce
this is s great starter business if you are self motivated and tired of working for other people tou do need the self discipline to get up early and get to the job asap. I'm not s morning person but I'm s worker and I'm about my business morals. set boundries And lines that you wont cross. dont miss appointments. sell yourself to your customers. be nice but be confident up front and direct. people like sm honest take charge get it done right type of person. hustle people eith your personality. dont let your guys stand around or run late. treat them good especially in front of customers dont argue with ur guy's. talk to them later for pull aside for a second and get on same page real quick. be about your business. people respect thst.
carlos hernandez
carlos hernandez 2 aylar önce
great video Looking forward to becoming a member
King Regalado
King Regalado 2 aylar önce
What type of pressure washer would you recommend starting off with?
adam norwood vlogs
adam norwood vlogs Aylar önce
My friend and I are looking to start our own power washing side hustle we are planning on getting two power washers and water tank and a Chemical tank and we are planning on just working out of his truck and my Tahoe for now
Carlos Hidalgo
Carlos Hidalgo 5 aylar önce
hello good afternoon brother I would like to know if I can put a surface cleaner of maximum 4000 psi to my machine that is 4200
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes 9 aylar önce
Husle Hard been In this Grind for 6 Months hard work
ZX- WES 5 aylar önce
Is it just already assumed that you will be using there water or do you have to ask to make sure you can use there water ?
KAY KAY 22 gün önce
What is the best 20inch service cleaner I’m just starting my business so I appreciate all the help
Ruben Zamaro
Ruben Zamaro 9 aylar önce
Here in Cali, do we need to collect the runoff water? Or is it ok/fine for it to wash-down to the streets? Cant find the answer through online. Hear u need to collect but same time i see folks letting it run down.
Bliss Limo Service
Bliss Limo Service Aylar önce
hey ruben how is the business going in Cali? im trying to start part tine in northern cali.. by SF but afraid there is no market here..still doing research..let me know how is your business going? thank you!
CISCO 9 aylar önce
From my understanding as long as the water doesn’t go to a drain you are fine.
dave a
dave a 2 aylar önce
It’s really definitely not that hard of work the hardest thing is climbing on a ladder to wash a roof I started my business 4+ years ago doing good ever since
Eco Ron
Eco Ron 10 aylar önce
First timer for your videos - great content.
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
Welcome to the channel. Thanks for stopping by!
K Pureifoy
K Pureifoy 4 gün önce
I found this out it is hard work everything you stated hustle
Texas Backyard Gardener
What do you use to take payments?
Motorcycle is Life
Motorcycle is Life 4 aylar önce
Another thing that people dont talk about is the wear and tear on your body over the years and the stress. Its great money if your willing to grind. But lets be honest we will pay the price when we are older
TB 3
TB 3 4 aylar önce
That’s what the equipments for . Compare yourself to a ufc fighter … you’ll be alright . How bad do you want it
Bryce Johnston
Bryce Johnston 5 aylar önce
when u start out do you use the water of the home owner?
m1000rr Aylar önce
what do you do if a customer doesn’t have a outside water tap ?
Gankz 10 aylar önce
What is the average price you would charge for a job you are doing in the video? IMPORTANT
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
Watch this 👇🏻 trvid.com/video/video-z3DCNSVsi6w.html
Zach Campbell
Zach Campbell 3 aylar önce
I’ve been watching and ig studying stuff for pressure watching and just spent half of my taxes on a pressure craftsman 2800 psi 2.5 gpm , a 160$ surface cleaner, and a 4 type of cleaner. I definitely can’t afford this but when I can I will. If anyone has tips just lmk honestly why I made this comment. Working on my business license rn
Meagan Davis
Meagan Davis Aylar önce
@Bliss Limo Service yeah I want to know too
Bliss Limo Service
Bliss Limo Service Aylar önce
how is the 2.5 gpm working.. how much you paid for it and do you think is doing the job ok or you wish u got a 4gpm?
Zach Campbell
Zach Campbell 2 aylar önce
@CodeETCDefi I was scared of heights until I started painting with my friend and his dad
Zach Campbell
Zach Campbell 2 aylar önce
@CodeETCDefi haven’t had any request too, but I definitely would
CodeETCDefi 2 aylar önce
@Zach Campbell do u work roofs? I’m afraid of heights
James Hines
James Hines 11 gün önce
Listen to him when he tells you to not quit your day job. Pressure washing is a sidehustle. To do it full time you really need to be lucky. Most people have there own machines.
ecomsponge 22 gün önce
How do I learn to quote? Can you give some tips or maybe some examples of how you quote on size or sqft?
Wild West Wash Services
Best video you have made to date!
Wild West Wash Services
@Forever Self Employed NOT a chance just life!
Forever Self Employed
Forever Self Employed 10 aylar önce
Damn Wild West Thought you forgot about me bro
Jonathan Silver
Jonathan Silver 2 aylar önce
Starts at 2:00
Ferdi ford
Ferdi ford 5 aylar önce
Make a video conecting the hose and everything step by step.
Rob Valero
Rob Valero 9 aylar önce
What is the best thing to use to pull up old oil stains? Really struggling on that my brother
Skylined 2 aylar önce
I think for really tough spots try using wd40 and a stiff bristled brush. You can also use a wire brush but go easy at first. Some regular old cheap washing up liquid to capture any oil you remove then wet vac it up.
SmashAdams 8 aylar önce
@Ricky walker 😂💯💪🏼 no worries bro. I can take a joke.
Ricky walker
Ricky walker 8 aylar önce
@SmashAdams 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's all love brother man
SmashAdams 8 aylar önce
@Ricky walker 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤡
Ricky walker
Ricky walker 8 aylar önce
@SmashAdams thats what I thought you lying
Sebastian 18 gün önce
Do you thinks it’s a good idea to own a landscapes business that offers power washing services and other jobs such as hard scapes?
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