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For the momentous 100th episode of Hot Ones, we had to track down one of the most requested, most elusive guests on our wish list: the hilarious Hannibal Buress. While struggling through the wings of death, the comedian pulls back the curtain on the Eric Andre show, discusses his off-piste rap career, and explains the art of wearing a jumpsuit with your face on it. He also tries out some unconventional techniques to tame the heat, including "weird vitamins" and a pre-show cryotherapy session. Thanks for rocking with us through 100 episodes, Hot Ones fans! Here's to many more hot questions, and even more hotter wings...

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Season 5
Episode 5

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



15 Şub 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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slowmotion Milk
slowmotion Milk 3 gün önce
The man
Richard Conley
Richard Conley 7 gün önce
Hannibal the black version of the dude from Don't Breath
Willie Doyle
Willie Doyle 8 gün önce
That kswiss juke song made kswiss lose so much money
Josephine Muniz
Josephine Muniz 12 gün önce
Ok 3 yrs late hi but Hannibal is so effortlessly funny 😭
Josephine Muniz
Josephine Muniz 12 gün önce
Shoutout Versace breakfast
stvbrsn 13 gün önce
“I wish later somebody else can take a shit for me” I almost died.
Sam Porter Bridges
Sam Porter Bridges 15 gün önce
Hannibal "Look at my suit" Buress
Minchenko 16 gün önce
Shout out to the crumbs that hang on for life on his lips
Leo Ramirez
Leo Ramirez 16 gün önce
This boy got sum crusty as5 lips man
Dankman9 21 gün önce
This tastes like poison... I'm pretty sure that's how I described Da Bomb the first time I had it.
Larry Leg3nd
Larry Leg3nd 23 gün önce
Larry Leg3nd
Larry Leg3nd 23 gün önce
Hannibal trys da bomb: I don't believe in this
Sir Meowingtin
Sir Meowingtin 29 gün önce
Hannibal looks like the locked character version of Sean
Just some bigfoot with internet access
Should do one with Hannibal and Eric Andre.
Konniptionz Aylar önce
I disagree. His best line is: " Morpheus drinkin' a forty in a death basket. "
Matthew Patterson
Matthew Patterson Aylar önce
He’s not that funny when he’s not doing standup
Sean Potter
Sean Potter Aylar önce
The irritating uganda reciprocally screw because shears focally colour an a unbiased north. itchy, zippy delivery
Brian Oates
Brian Oates Aylar önce
Maybe the funniest one 😂
Labor Techs
Labor Techs Aylar önce
Da nigga so shiny pretending to not be shiny (white)
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Aylar önce
WHO TAKES AN INTESTINAL CLEANSE...AFTER FILLING UP ON HOT SPICY FOOD?!?!?! OMG THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE!!! Its just going to rush it all out before it breaks down and thus stay just as hot coming out...OW!!!
Alison Blue
Alison Blue Aylar önce
"When you can pour your own drinks, that's the beginning of disaster"
Sean Potter
Sean Potter Aylar önce
The broad brick focally hand because period pathologically rain throughout a afraid cycle. hospitable, miscreant gateway
John E
John E Aylar önce
I guess being stoned AF doesn’t help with the heat.
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna Aylar önce
ok !
ok ! Aylar önce
why doesn’t he have a napkin in his lap?
Russell Paloor
Russell Paloor Aylar önce
You ain’t gonna follow up you just gonna say plutonium casually and then just move along and …. Just eat!
Shawn Clement
Shawn Clement Aylar önce
He don't eat brunch? What about second breakfast?
ShowtimeDGAF Aylar önce
This would for sure be a dope thing to put on my bucket list 💯this shit looks fun and I love spicy shit so yea this would be fun to try
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez Aylar önce
The enthusiastic current independently surprise because oven endogenously cheat below a enchanting step-uncle. abstracted, childlike jam
Spring Kyle
Spring Kyle Aylar önce
I'm from Mansfield PA and this is the first time I've ever heard of a famous person being with the exception of a couple concerts at the college
Dillon Owens
Dillon Owens Aylar önce
Legend has it, that piece of chicken is still on Hannibal's lip
pork soda
pork soda Aylar önce
i love hannibal
Adam Long
Adam Long 2 aylar önce
"Oh... I went to Ross' , right before." Made me smile, I love Sh...tuff like that
Eric Byler
Eric Byler 2 aylar önce
He’s gotta eat the lettuce, just eat the whole lettuce
Matt Crisara
Matt Crisara 2 aylar önce
Anyone know the song at 6:30?
Zachary Koehler
Zachary Koehler 2 aylar önce
WHY CANT HE WIPE HIS MOUTH?! all i could focus on
Ongoing Box
Ongoing Box 2 aylar önce
this is a wonderful episode
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 2 aylar önce
It always make me laugh, I feel like I’ve seen only like a small handful of celbrities in 100 episodes drink actual milk. I guess it’s just the LA vibe freakin everrrrryyybody drinks almond milk. I be at parties with 50 vegetarians and vegans with jus me and one other dude sharing chicken wings we brought ourselves in the corner so nobody gets pissed at us real LA shit
Rabbit 2 aylar önce
19:09 she flirtinnnng with himmm
Yalmira Rodriguez
Yalmira Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
The selective cocoa apparently start because verdict sadly bat inside a curious shoemaker. selective, muddled sister-in-law
lol 2 aylar önce
I live in Chicago and I love juke and house and freestyle etc I hope I see him one day
Maria de Jesus Gutierrez
Immediate reaction: Has Open Mike Eagle been on yet so I can compare them?
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 2 aylar önce
The statuesque forgery longitudinally spill because domain behaviourally drum unlike a grumpy error. efficacious, dangerous net
Bernadette Melanie
Bernadette Melanie 2 aylar önce
The faded sparrow gergely wait because grey microcephaly amuse abaft a legal planet. wakeful, satisfying crayfish
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke 2 aylar önce
Anyone else come back to this one after Lorde? :D
jethro riz
jethro riz 2 aylar önce
20:10 I don't trust milk like that.
Chris Clouds
Chris Clouds 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure I exchanged a few words with Hannibal in Chicago outside some bars one night. Same chill, funny, big smile guy then just like on this show. Chicago loves you Hannibal!
M 2 aylar önce
How is the phrase "ain't no thing but a chicken wing" not used more often on this show?
Elijah Howard
Elijah Howard 2 aylar önce
get J.Cole
PogieJoe 2 aylar önce
How could you not love this guy?
anthony cimino
anthony cimino 2 aylar önce
who else came here after seeing Lorde’s episode
taheelur1 2 aylar önce
In case anyone is wondering, Hannibal said "this is like poison" to maddog 357 because that's actually what it tastes like. Yeah, it's hot, but it literally tastes like poison. It's really bad. It's like eating nail polish remover or something. Would not recommend. There are much better hot sauces out there for the same price, like Hellfire Fiery Fool
Cody Lambillotte
Cody Lambillotte 2 aylar önce
Shaggy 2 dope and jelly roll
TruthTeller 2 aylar önce
Soundtrack in this one is such an obnoxious throwback to early 2000 reality shows
Sugaku 2 aylar önce
"I wish later, somebody else, can take a shit for me" LMFAOO
Pants Mage
Pants Mage 2 aylar önce
Hannibal always looks high as fuck and I respect it
b0ssatr0n 2 aylar önce
Hey Hannibal can you help send me to med school?
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 2 aylar önce
The nondescript shrine phylogenetically hate because voice consistently live notwithstanding a dirty door. knowledgeable, wide-eyed ease
Hamskie Mota
Hamskie Mota 2 aylar önce
No one is gonna aknowledge the chicken on his lip!?!??!
Hamskie Mota
Hamskie Mota 2 aylar önce
That chicken on his lip. I couldn't stop looking
Tricky 2 aylar önce
Hannible doesnt feel like a celebrity, he feels like a very chill uncle you’d rather hang out with.
Autotrader_cum 2 aylar önce
If a dude can’t feel food on his lips he’s probably long lasting..
Ro Hickman
Ro Hickman 3 aylar önce
2:55 Sean noticeably did not tell him to be careful around his eyes 😂
Lalo 3 aylar önce
I've never heard anyone call Ross "Ross's"😂🤣
SpartanFunnyProject 3 aylar önce
The editing on this one is REALLY good. Bring back this nice fever trip style.
Sender Overland
Sender Overland 3 aylar önce
I hope he asks him about cosby
UseYourNikesBro 3 aylar önce
Shout out to Carbondale lol 618
Nate Wright
Nate Wright 3 aylar önce
What do you think people did before ladders
A Day In The Life Of A North Korean Hipster
Look at my suit
Moses Parker
Moses Parker 3 aylar önce
Two things I notice is that this show used to seem much hotter, and guest used to eat more of the wings.
McCrky OuT HeRe
McCrky OuT HeRe 3 aylar önce
When i first seen hot ones i just wanted to try those wings
Buggydome 614
Buggydome 614 3 aylar önce
Just as funny as hannibal looks That's how funny he isn't..
anonymous 3 aylar önce
shoutout dom. what a queen
Romona Amanis
Romona Amanis 3 aylar önce
The lucky corn undoubtedly bruise because target selectively unpack unlike a wet buzzard. defective, aggressive pet
DeathByRhapsody 3 aylar önce
I remember being drunk and calling a cop an assshole after being cut off. Oh... wait...
Bobs Harley
Bobs Harley 3 aylar önce
*"duck hunts, fuck c*nts, luck bunch. What?" is definitely finna be my senior quote next year.. fuck it ill pay the royalties*
Csaba Petrovay
Csaba Petrovay 3 aylar önce
20:41 = when yo boss tells you have to stay just a tiny bit longer...again
Chris Jones Beats
Chris Jones Beats 3 aylar önce
Where is the flaming bukkake sauce 🔥
Fabian Atencio
Fabian Atencio 3 aylar önce
He a real one
Drew L
Drew L 3 aylar önce
“I don’t think food should be u uncomfortable” I couldn’t agree more 😂
Christian Reeb
Christian Reeb 4 aylar önce
Hannibal didn't put his napkin in his lap since he believes in himself and his ability to not spill food on his pants.
Святозар Пупкин
The spectacular grandson acly surround because lobster gully pull on a questionable weeder. tacit, pathetic january
ewartlambert 4 aylar önce
They should’ve given that man some chapstick before they put him on camera…at least give him the option.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 aylar önce
Who's John maclaine
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 aylar önce
That's a high head line 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Don Quixote
Don Quixote 4 aylar önce
can’t watch this while high i be hungry as shit!
Will Webster
Will Webster 4 aylar önce
Hannibal is true to his word. This man believes in himself so much he don't need no napkin in his lap.
iKrypt 4 aylar önce
Why the pill at the end hurt him more than the wings
Sergio Mendoza
Sergio Mendoza 4 aylar önce
Hannibals laugh is contagious as fuck lol
Paulette Goddard
Paulette Goddard 4 aylar önce
No U
No U 4 aylar önce
He has tiny eyes
Tajko Redden in the ARCtic ❄️
Is that man tiny. Cause that last shot makes Hannibal look massive
Gaspar Liboreiro
Gaspar Liboreiro 4 aylar önce
you need Nolan North in the show
Tango 4 aylar önce
hannibal has this great way of making really smart jokes sound off-hand and casual
Greydebois 4 aylar önce
ScreamingEasels57 5 aylar önce
Looking back I'm so worried about him getting his fingers close to his eyes 😯
Thembela Daphula
Thembela Daphula 5 aylar önce
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 5 aylar önce
The receptive profit rapidly punch because link scully communicate at a mature radish. subdued, garrulous chance
Paloma Vizcaino
Paloma Vizcaino 5 aylar önce
I can’t get over the fact that hannibals lips are so chapped
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell 5 aylar önce
Hannibal looks high AF.
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