Hamster Pop It Maze - Pop It Challenge In Real Life

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Hamster Pop It Maze - Pop It Challenge In Real Life
Pop It Challenge For Little Hamster

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We're Hamsterious!!
Have you even seen any movies about prisoners escaping? This is NOT human prisoner, this is hamster prisoner. Get ready for a daring escape challenge, as we follow the antics of these determined little critters. They must find each other in order to make an epic prison break!
It is time to watch some courageous hamsters explore their most cunning plans: sneaking out and scouring every inch of this massive place looking for that one special friend...



22 Eki 2021




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Props to the ones who made the maze. It's so so so well built!!!
Pinky B
So colourful maze , very interesting, couldn’t take my eyes off !!! Hats off to the people who created this maze .
Le mostré esto a mi hamster y se quedó viéndolo :D creo que le gustó
A machine that goes DING!
I love every little thing about this maze and video, from the actual maze you built looks phenomenal and the way you make it possible for the hamster with a little bit of hardcore, this is just beautiful, well done Hamsterious keep up the amazing work! You and your hamsters are doing very good jobs!
Never had a hamster or cared to learn about them. But now I’m learning they’re very smart I love it.
Gabi Cardoso
i love your channel!! your mazes are really cool.
Susan ♡
I really appreciate your time for building these mazes 😄
So cute! ❤ Nice maze! Epic creativity you need to get an applause 👏👏👏
I really love hamster challenges and videos like this, keep up the good work!
ur epic 0_0
Haha my baby brother loves watching these types of videos, keep up the amazing work ! 😁
Bee swarm videos only
The part that made me laugh and cry so much was the first spinning pop it XD
I love how the hamsters happy playing this game
Angie Rolls
I put my hamster in a maze once and he seems to enjoy it didn't show any signs of stressed
i’ve been watching these videos for 2 hours now and i cant stop LOL theyre so cute,,,
Czheanel Liane Bago
The one when the spinning pop it and the hamster just said “weeeeeee” LOL I CANT STOP LAUGHING
Makiya Jones
Imagine your watching your hamster do this, but your mom or dad walks in:
Zck Pagcu
have you done your homework?
Are you having fun?
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