Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Reveal Trailer - A New Generation

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Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer experience is dynamic, ever-evolving, and arrives later this year on Xbox and PC. Whether you're a returning player ready to check out the Master Chief's new campaign or brand new to the franchise, Halo Infinite builds on the legacy foundations of the series' sandbox-driven gameplay, including Big Team Battle and Arena. Offering something that's equal parts fresh and familiar, with a personalized Spartan journey that's only just beginning at launch - Halo Infinite's multiplayer will deliver continuous content releases, finely tuned combat, unique modes, and community-driven content for years to come.

Technical previews are coming this summer. Sign-up to be a Halo Insider here: aka.ms/HaloInsider

Read more here: aka.ms/HaloMPReveal


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13 Haz 2021




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Schnappi Valorant
Schnappi Valorant 48 dakika önce
Kristian Nolasco
Kristian Nolasco Saatler önce
Thank you guys so much at 343 for the technical preview, thank you so much for bring back my favourite series of all time back to life.
maefiosii 2 saatler önce
Col HD Wallsey
Col HD Wallsey 3 saatler önce
Tytygamer Tyty
Tytygamer Tyty 4 saatler önce
I can’t wait for this halo is mine and my friends FAVORITE Seris of games
YİĞİT AKTAŞ 8 saatler önce
If you like this trailer, say Halo 4 is good. Although it’s likely very few people are going to agree, feel free to share your opinion
Chase Tiongco
Chase Tiongco 12 saatler önce
Chase Tiongco
Chase Tiongco 12 saatler önce
Make it feel like halo 3 not fuckin 5 and 4 I really don’t want this to fail😩
Chase Tiongco
Chase Tiongco 12 saatler önce
Take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint take out sprint
YİĞİT AKTAŞ 8 saatler önce
Walking: Halo 3 Movement Sprinting: Halo CE Movement
flutee 616
flutee 616 14 saatler önce
I like how they didn't completely change the multiplayer gameplay except allowed you to do the things you wished you could do in all other games such as interacting with the environment more than just whatever forge maps we always be making to do the same. Too bad I'll never play this one.
Sparc Mac
Sparc Mac 14 saatler önce
Juiced Beetle Juice
Juiced Beetle Juice 16 saatler önce
*Gamers of Halo, I call upon you!* Disgusting data miners have leaked Halo Infinites story. In order to preserve the hype, I beg for all of you to post as many comments as you can on ANY AND ALL Halo related videos, all presenting FAKE but BELIEVABLE cuts of info on the Halo Infinite campaign. By spamming BELIEVABLE but FALSE information on Halo Infinite, we can mask whatever REAL information is spoiled by other horrible people. The damage has already been done, but together we can stop what else may come and protect what will be Halo Infinites release and mix up any info released by spoilers as much as possible! Stay strong brothers! Divert your eyes from spoilers and to Halo Infinites release!
Yeet King
Yeet King 23 saatler önce
My heart is happy is all I can say about this.
Camo-boy2002 23 saatler önce
They finally did it halo infinite is going to be best game man the new gun looks dope 👍🏼
Loyal Casanova
Loyal Casanova Gün önce
Grapple op….
toxikid69 Gün önce
2:05 why was this so badass
giacomo scandurra
ixxgunnerx x
ixxgunnerx x Gün önce
its a about time , hope it plays like halo 3.
George Cosgrove
George Cosgrove 2 gün önce
It seems 343 are ignoring we dedicated HALO fans. I have no invite and i've been playing since day one. Finding out that folk who have never played the games are getting invites. Are they looking for new players? What about us REAL fans, 343. Care to consider us, if you will. Thanks!! x
Caelan Badovinac
Caelan Badovinac Gün önce
Lmfao, I’ve been playing since OG Xbox days and I got selected. It’s just random, you’ll get in on the next flight maybe, or maybe not. Just be patient man
Spartan Jameson Locke
Anyone who signed up for the flights has a chance to get in. It's random, you just need to get lucky.
Graeme Jones
Graeme Jones 2 gün önce
Gimme this music NOW
100Factz 2 gün önce
So this only for Xbox not ps5?
cpt sean
cpt sean Gün önce
Xbox and pc
Bananas2aday 2 gün önce
Yes it's only for xbox
Butter Bar
Butter Bar 2 gün önce
After playing it for 6 hours, I’d say it’s pretty damn fun Obviously this is more of a slice of the game as it only has a few weapons but it’s really fun so far, can’t wait for launch
Pat Lee
Pat Lee 2 gün önce
Pathfinder: finally a worthy opponent!
Arlock Castle
Arlock Castle 2 gün önce
and greg ?
Michael Pfaff
Michael Pfaff 2 gün önce
This... looks... amazing.
Bio Nemesis
Bio Nemesis 2 gün önce
Joe Pap
Joe Pap 3 gün önce
wish it would come out on ps5
Soul Gaming
Soul Gaming 2 gün önce
getta out of here
Elite Strokes
Elite Strokes 3 gün önce
Helpless7 3 gün önce
Anyone else notice in the Campaign trailer and this trailer that they manually had to level the Warthog out so it will land flat when going off a jump? Hmmm.
Nectazz Universe
Nectazz Universe 3 gün önce
I dont even play halo and this looks cool as shit
Tiffany Rice
Tiffany Rice 3 gün önce
Can you guys put your games on PS4 plz🥺
Elite Strokes
Elite Strokes 3 gün önce
The Spartan
The Spartan 3 gün önce
Xbox and pc exclusive, although Splitgate is a good alternative
Impulse 77
Impulse 77 3 gün önce
The great journey has begun
Zachary Vered
Zachary Vered 3 gün önce
The last online shooter I played for more than five minutes was R6V, it was so clean and pure. Hoping this is a good one, wouldn’t mind coming back to the genre and putting down a 30/2 KD spread.
killwe5 3 gün önce
where are my elites at for customization Alien players should return T.T forcing all to be Spartans ..boo.
AgentFour 3 gün önce
Will we be able to play this on Windows 7?
Alex Bacon
Alex Bacon Gün önce
Windows 7 is unsupported so it probably won't run.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 3 gün önce
Can't wait for the demo!
Can't wait
Seraphendipity 3 gün önce
Didnt need to flex this hard But boy are we glad yall did
Joel Chambers
Joel Chambers 3 gün önce
0:43 charged plasma pistol shot reflected!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drifter 3 gün önce
Unknownwill 4th
Unknownwill 4th 3 gün önce
i got the inv lol
yo fadah
yo fadah 2 gün önce
Yashar 4 gün önce
Wow what a joke , halo is dead rip
monke 2 gün önce
@Jane Magne "already did, looks **perfect**"
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 3 gün önce
@Yashar nope, I didn't
Yashar 3 gün önce
@Jane Magne you pretty much implied it
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 3 gün önce
@Yashar no, did I ever say that?
Yashar 3 gün önce
@Jane Magne you think halo4/halo5 are better products than halo 1-3?
Andrés Felipe Palma Vargas
First beta flight in 2 days!
Alex Bacon
Alex Bacon Gün önce
@Jane Magne No it doesn't, there is no Beta that we know of. It's a tech preview for surveying info to 343
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 3 gün önce
@ODSTSniper68 no, today it's just a technical preview of what you will see, the beta flight starts in 2 days
ODSTSniper68 3 gün önce
it's actually today
Josh K
Josh K 4 gün önce
Coming here to hype myself up for the flight this weekend.
Thoulo 4 gün önce
NitroUndertaker 4 gün önce
Can’t believe we are getting a beta tomorrow.
Alex Bacon
Alex Bacon Gün önce
It's not a beta
Benjamin Bjärnhag
Benjamin Bjärnhag 4 gün önce
I haven't owned an Xbox since 360, this and the promise of a new Fable game really wants me to get an Xbox.
Exiko Il
Exiko Il 4 gün önce
Got an invite to the beta :)
TTryler 4 gün önce
I woke and checked my email today to find out I got chosen for the test flight is the best day of my gaming life I swear
Super_Pancake Rifle
Super_Pancake Rifle 4 gün önce
The music in this is criminally underrated, and it' not even gameplay ost We're in for some holy eargasms
hugo cruz
hugo cruz 4 gün önce
Love it but i wish the sight wouldnt take up the whole screen.
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova 3 gün önce
Which sight?
• volatile
• volatile 4 gün önce
Can we get the music from this trailer separated from the other audio?
zlibz 4 gün önce
this game better have good anti cheat else its a cheatfest like warzone
Akuma 4 gün önce
Please tell me it’s coming to pc
Manmighty 4 gün önce
rigbone02 4 gün önce
Yoooo the needler is purple not brown.. really glad about that
Plague 4 gün önce
I’m sad we don’t get the old Halo announcer 😢
Alex Bacon
Alex Bacon Gün önce
Same guy, different voice tone
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 4 gün önce
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 4 gün önce
Yes we do, what are you talking about?
Spin 4 gün önce
1:01 the physics of the jeep getting shot somehow gives me satisfaction
Beanboii515 4 gün önce
@iSp Gravy a lot of people call it the jeep instead of the warthog because its just easier to say
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne this guy has never played halo
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 4 gün önce
Did you just call it "jeep"?
seniorplaza 5 gün önce
looks like a ps3 game lmao
Juan Rangel
Juan Rangel 3 gün önce
Not funny, didn't laugh
Spabsa 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne if you really want the truth and not my opinions just look at the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Halo sells about half of what they used to. The people left when the quality of the game did. That proves it
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 4 gün önce
@Spabsa Halo Infinite HAS blood what are you talking about?
Spabsa 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne halo CE-reach were rated M. At least keep the blood. Can’t even have that
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 4 gün önce
@Spabsa Halo has never been worthy of the M rated, in fact, all of the games are PEGI 16
roussel theo
roussel theo 5 gün önce
Halo fortnite
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 5 gün önce
Let me correct that for you. Halo infinite
Dominick Fumble-bottom
Hall of games: our newest game halo infinite This seems like this game will change gaming forever
Zac C.D
Zac C.D 3 gün önce
Jouta Kujo
Jouta Kujo 5 gün önce
*EXTREME* Bungie fans are STILL, seeing this, and saying Halo is dead smh.
Spabsa 4 gün önce
Numbers have been down. Not dead but definitely dying
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 5 gün önce
They just want another Halo 3 and sprinting makes them cry lmao
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes 5 gün önce
Can’t wait so I can clap y’all’s cheeks
Random Person
Random Person 5 gün önce
1:43 ???
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 5 gün önce
How can anyone not be hyped for this game? They’re literally adding nostalgic designs back like the AR and Energy Sword along with adding new elements that Halo never used before. The only things I would want more from this game are the boosting mechanics from Halo 5 because otherwise you’re vulnerable in the air, the gameplay from that game was good but the story is kinda off
Spabsa 2 gün önce
@MikeyBoy exactly they habitually let us down. Don’t let the hype erase that from your memory
MikeyBoy 2 gün önce
As great as it looks, I am trying not to get hyped to avoid disappointment. People were saying the same things for the last 2 games and we all know how those turned out
Spabsa 4 gün önce
I wish they went back to reachs more believable look. That art style looked better in my opinion
NWRPercy6 5 gün önce
0:34 what’s that gun called?
Scope 4 gün önce
It's called the heatwave
Screwielu 5 gün önce
Bring Back 4 Player campaign and local please Halo .
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 5 gün önce
JC Yep
JC Yep 5 gün önce
why do the graphics looks so cartooney lol
Unknownwill 4th
Unknownwill 4th 3 gün önce
@Spabsa Halo reach has a great artstyle and infinite is a blend of what halo looks like.
Spabsa 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne I can guarantee your in the minority there. Most fans will agree that Reachs graphics were one of the best if not THE best. You just lost your credibility
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 4 gün önce
@Spabsa none of them look like any, Halo has always had a cartoony art style, Reach was the only one that tried a different approach, and it didn't look good, it looks ugly
Spabsa 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne they do look cartoony a lil. Compare these graphics to reach and you tell me which one looks like a military sci fi shooter and which one looks like power rangers
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 5 gün önce
@JC Yep they don't, this ain't Cuphead
Mythos 6 gün önce
OMG, Halo also fell victim to the woke? Strong Diverse Female Character? Hahahahahaha OMG, cluster f@ck incoming......
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova 3 gün önce
@Mythos triggered ❄️
Mythos 3 gün önce
@Jane Magne not about racism,, I'm Greek and that's not really a thing here (not against black people anyways). I just see that everything that happens nowadays is aimed at something. Look at what happened with He-Man, they made Teela the star. And that's just the latest incident of extreme wokenism.
Mythos 3 gün önce
@iSp Gravy some woke examples are extreme, some mediocre and some mild. I just don't believe in coincidences any more. All the male characters and superheroes have become female (pretty certain next stop is trans). All white characters have become black (but the other way around, nah). Nothing just happens anymore and yes having been born in the 80s my tolerance is very limited.
Mythos 3 gün önce
@Jorge Cordova whatever you say moron (I meant to say moron who plays with Legos, sorry).
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova 3 gün önce
@Mythos go back to your safe space you triggered snowflake ❄️🤡🤡
Oni 6 gün önce
I watched too many times. I think i can now qoute it but i am still not sure.
Connor Eagle
Connor Eagle 6 gün önce
Guess I’ll just have to own 2 consoles again…
RaiseTheBar 6 gün önce
0:28 do not put this in the game. Also if you are going to have maps with vehicles there needs to be multiple different ways available to destroy them, with reasonable spawn timers ofc
Mutantcy1992 4 gün önce
@iSp Gravy orly?
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 5 gün önce
@Mutantcy1992 there’s no grapple hook in CE
Mutantcy1992 5 gün önce
@iSp Gravy it's not that hard...we've been doing it with guns since Halo CE
RaiseTheBar 5 gün önce
lmao noobs
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 5 gün önce
@Mutantcy1992 I assume you would have to aim at a fast moving vehicle... not easy. As well as time the hijack
Keano Roberts
Keano Roberts 6 gün önce
Please tell me I can play it on my Xbox One (No extra letter)
Spartan Jameson Locke
@Definetly G And the One S is the same as the base Xbox One, so you're golden.
Definetly G
Definetly G 6 gün önce
I think you can it’s guaranteed to be on the Xbox one s and above
KenYen Music
KenYen Music 6 gün önce
Bruh the grappling hook onto the banshee 👌👌👌
Mutantcy1992 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne in Halo CE banshees slapped tho
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 5 gün önce
@Mutantcy1992 they have always been a bad idea, In Halo 2 and 5 you can lock on rockets and destroy them, in Halo 3 they are really weak, in Reach they might be strong but you can also lock them and they are super easy to hijack, and in Halo 4 the plasma pistol is OP, so it's pretty easy to EMP a banshee and then destroy it or steal it
Mutantcy1992 5 gün önce
flying vehicles back to being suicide. they go back and forth from being unstoppable to being deathtraps.
Alien Network
Alien Network 6 gün önce
you know i’m buying that forsure forsure .
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 6 gün önce
It s free
Retsil Gaming
Retsil Gaming 6 gün önce
This needs to hurry up
Definetly G
Definetly G 6 gün önce
It shouldn’t never rush a game
Halo Thrones
Halo Thrones 6 gün önce
Hope there's assasination
The Amazing Spider-Frizz
Same here!
Kirby Jay Flores Gannett
Game changer free to play!!
Mutantcy1992 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne I see, thank you for the information!
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 4 gün önce
@Mutantcy1992 through several battle passes that, unlike others, will never expire
Mutantcy1992 4 gün önce
@Jane Magne I've been burnt many times before by companies saying things like that then going back on it. How are they expecting to support a F2P model?
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 5 gün önce
@Mutantcy1992 they've been saying for the past 3 weeks that there won't be microtransactions
Mutantcy1992 5 gün önce
hopefully it's not full of microtransactions.
Desmond Sharkey
Desmond Sharkey 7 gün önce
I think I’m buying an Xbox just to get rhis
Alex Bacon
Alex Bacon Gün önce
(Get a PC instead lol)
Joe Buzik
Joe Buzik 7 gün önce
Have you played any of the Halos? Lol
Music and Game
Music and Game 7 gün önce
Can it run Halo Infinite?
Diego Monroy
Diego Monroy 5 gün önce
In fact, Halo infinite will be so good that it will run Halo infinite 😌😆
Spartan Jameson Locke
@The Amazing Spider-Frizz I don't know, you tell me?
The Amazing Spider-Frizz
@Grunty But can it run Halo Infinite tho? 😂
Grunty 6 gün önce
It is Halo Infinite.
happyDude 7 gün önce
RIP Destiny.
Beanboii515 4 gün önce
rip destiny? since when has destiny ever been alive to begin with lmao
active super
active super 7 gün önce
This could've been you cyberpunk
CBT TV 7 gün önce
even the gameplay trailer is full of bugs 0:42
Juan Rangel
Juan Rangel 5 gün önce
You should've better bought glasses because there's no bug
doom slayer
doom slayer 7 gün önce
i really don't see any bu
Massid 7 gün önce
You say full of bugs yet you only have one example where there is nothing
Master Chief searched Zeta Halo and couldn't find a bug
Elyrium 7 gün önce
There's no bug there, are your eyes damaged?
monty python
monty python 8 gün önce
noticing a lot of sparrows and no hornets...
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova 3 gün önce
That’s the wasp but the sparrow from Halo wars 1 would be awesome
Massid 5 gün önce
@monty python although i think we can both agree the best unsc air to ground vehicle is the sparrow hawk
Massid 5 gün önce
@monty python the wasp just looks way cooler though
monty python
monty python 5 gün önce
@Massid It's literally the same thing except worse in every way
Massid 5 gün önce
@monty python it just is though
Aimal khan
Aimal khan 8 gün önce
Remeber when people were sad it was delayed then cyberpunk came along and everyone was completely fine about the delay
Orangepoppin 8 gün önce
This is Cyberpunk if the creators didn't rush the game.
Tom 8 gün önce
This is a game developed for the Xbox one, but it looks great, imo
RedstoneGaming 8 gün önce
If its F2P on PC, it better have one hell of an anti-cheat. Dont want another TF2 bot breakout.
Cracklasco 8 gün önce
1:00, I realized the Skewer is basically the Brute version of the Spartan Laser 👌
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 8 gün önce
"a new day is apon us" The first thing I think about when I hear that is the Halo Infinite multiplayer
Fa7iid Eg
Fa7iid Eg 8 gün önce
Guys when is holiday 2021?
Galaxy 8 gün önce
Like, around October-December.
Gavino Elias
Gavino Elias 9 gün önce
Im not a halo fan but can i jump into the hyoe train or some?
Person117 8 gün önce
Come on in! It might be a little packed, but there’s always room for more people to jump on board!
Gavino Elias
Gavino Elias 9 gün önce
@Spartan Jameson Locke i want it thanks man
Spartan Jameson Locke
Don't know about a hyoe train, but we got a hype train, you want on?
Stoat_ Productions
Stoat_ Productions 9 gün önce
Now if the Xbox Series X/S actually existed in stores so that we could buy it, we would be in good shape.
Stoat_ Productions
Stoat_ Productions 8 gün önce
@iSp Gravy Yep. I mainly want to get the Series X because it uses game Discs. I'm so behind that I dont even have the Xbox One! I only have the 360!
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 8 gün önce
@Stoat_ Productions because of scalpers, and some people simply want the best (understandable, but I’m loving my S)
Stoat_ Productions
Stoat_ Productions 8 gün önce
@Jane Magne Really? I didn't know it was gonna be on Xbox One, I thought it was a Series X/S and PC exclusive. Thanks for sharing.
Stoat_ Productions
Stoat_ Productions 8 gün önce
@iSp Gravy I don't really understand why the Series S is somewhat in stock but the series X is basically nonexistent.
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 8 gün önce
It's also gonna be on Xbox One and PC
The Hydra
The Hydra 9 gün önce
I am so glad I got an Xbox a couple years ago
Logan Horn
Logan Horn 9 gün önce
I’m so excited to play this but it’s just a shame that the world is most likely going to fully collapse before it comes out.
Elyrium 7 gün önce
Nice on, it will take quite some time till the world collapses
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 9 gün önce
This world is doomed to fail... but not until the future
Corey Wood
Corey Wood 9 gün önce
Its great they are going f2p with the multiplayer easy too convince people to play custom games with you when its free (:
Frino Jais
Frino Jais 9 gün önce
I hope it’s similar to Halo 2/3. The Halo series fell off after Halo 3 IMO.
Axel J C
Axel J C 9 gün önce
Ya se ve mucho mejor en cuanto las gráficas, ¿pero por que no se ve igual que en la E3 2018?
Axel J C
Axel J C 9 gün önce
@Jane Magne creó que más que nada, la polémica se hizo por lo mismo De que la gran mayoría tenia las expectativas de que se iba a ver gráficamente impresionante lo cual no fue el caso con el gameplay de la campaña. Pero ahora con lo nuevo que mostraron del multijugador, se ve mucho mejor
Axel J C
Axel J C 9 gün önce
@Jane Magne y pues gracias por la respuesta, también pensaba lo mismo pero no estaba seguro
Axel J C
Axel J C 9 gün önce
@Jane Magne ª En ningún momento me queje, solo tenia la duda del por que no se ve igual :v
Jane Magne
Jane Magne 9 gün önce
La E3 de 2018 era solamente una prueba del motor gráfico, no reflejaba en lo absoluto la jugabilidad, de todos modos no te quejes, las gráficas en este tráiler son igual de buenas que el remake de Final Fantasy 7
Purp Flamez
Purp Flamez 9 gün önce
If it gives you goosbumps then you know this shits gonna be good.
Romelu 9 gün önce
The soundtrack in Halo Infinite is going to be great Hear closely off this point 1:49
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy 9 gün önce
Yup. All soundtracks released it top notch, and even the legend himself Marty approves
Iain Lang
Iain Lang 9 gün önce
Anyone else think this trailer could have been better if at 1:32 when the claxson type sound goes off, they instead had halo 2 "Genesong" by paul gibson play from 8 seconds in to continue out the trailer, and would also flood back heaps of nostalgia for the og players who know the song. just a though because obviously both sounds are halo but my god would it have been hyped if that started playing.
Elyrium 7 gün önce
I wouldnt, would be kinda unfitting there
The Complete Halo Saga In 22 Minutes
Why is Halo 2's Campaign SO AWESOME?!
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