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Throughout human history, heroes have risen when called upon. The Master Chief carries each act of bravery with him into his most challenging battle yet. We've always believed in heroes, it's time to become one.


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27 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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This brings me back to the marketing campaigns of Halo 3 and it couldn't make me any happier.
Carlos Varselli
Carlos Varselli Aylar önce
@Skimtar yes, thanks Phil Spencer 👌👍
Stolen Name
Stolen Name Aylar önce
@Skimtar halo infinite imo is about 90% perfect, but some variety and more to the story and and few more activities would have been nice. It reminds me of ce and halo 3 and that's a good thing imo
Zachary Aylar önce
Minus the people of color/women taking up weapons intro in the first 5 seconds.
Griffin Aylar önce
How does this bring you back at all?What does ww2, someone drowning, and a dude fighting off wolves have to do with Master Chief? We all fight I guess? wut
Freelancer837 Aylar önce
@Skimtar They do?
Cyberzerker Aylar önce
That Halo Wars marine armor brings a smile to my face.
Eddie Zavala
Eddie Zavala 28 gün önce
Assassin Aria
Assassin Aria Aylar önce
Honestly, the most practical of armours, even more than the Chief's. They look like actual rocks - effective camouflage
Bloke Aylar önce
Halo 3’s marines are my favorite by far
the Power Burns
the Power Burns Aylar önce
@M A X I M U S same, tho I do appreciate the army troopers aswell.
M A X I M U S Aylar önce
Those are my favorite Marines!
TomHankySpanky Aylar önce
What I got out of this is that the Master Chief is the culmination of a thousand years of war and pain. The pinnacle of humanity, kind of a master piece ngl
SinDawg030 Aylar önce
“A thousand years of sacrifice in our veins and each generation must know it’s own suffering.”
Erik Salinas
Erik Salinas Aylar önce
He is, the one.
Freelancer837 Aylar önce
So basically what Halo 4 has literally already exposited to us lol
AneurysmSauce Aylar önce
@Noah G bro I’ve talked to you before. I swear this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that name
Noah G
Noah G Aylar önce
@AneurysmSauce approximately 100,000 years
MinersLoveGames Aylar önce
"Our duty, as soliders, is to protect humanity. No matter the cost."
Joey Castiglia
Joey Castiglia Aylar önce
@Wuwarrior 2917 A soldier is a role that transcends humanity
QualityLawnCare Aylar önce
@XxMinecraftHype correct.
XxMinecraftHype Aylar önce
@dimensionalrend I think he was talking about Halo 4, seeing as that’s where the quote is originally from.
Alvaro Valencia
Alvaro Valencia Aylar önce
@QualityLawnCare good luck with that, kid
dimensionalrend Aylar önce
@QualityLawnCare core gameplay wise - no, it easily has one of the best weapon sandboxes halo ever had, it's VERY fun to play progression wise - yes anyways, nice bait
Slipspace Entertainment
Well that… that was just absolutely amazing bravo 👏🏻
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
@Jeff Taulton while I agree with gears of war do have good trailers I’m not sure how versed u are in halo lore but this trailer is pack full of Easter eggs halo lore
Shriram Raghu
Shriram Raghu Aylar önce
Can someone explain how the different battle scenes through time are relevant? I'm a bit confused
Laary 7
Laary 7 Aylar önce
@cptnemouk01 thought the same at first Then the explosions made me cry
cptnemouk01 Aylar önce
I came here from idiots on twitter calling it "woke trash". Well I literally got goosebumps watching it. Role on 6pm uk time for halo campaign
Laary 7
Laary 7 Aylar önce
Please get me this trailers soundtrack
risk Aylar önce
Give em hell, Spartan!!
Trooper ODST
Trooper ODST Aylar önce
Ooorah!! Chief will... He is.. That's why he is the one and only 117
Revan1939 Aylar önce
Sir, yes sir.
Ligitpiggy 46
Ligitpiggy 46 Aylar önce
To those who ventured into the howling dark, against impossible odds
JT Hughes
JT Hughes 21 gün önce
@Fanfics Inc Thankyou very much. It's my belief that the writers have turned Master Chief into fictional "Saint Michael" narrative and that it will inspire a great many if it hasn't already.
Fanfics Inc
Fanfics Inc 21 gün önce
@JT Hughes Best of luck with it!
JT Hughes
JT Hughes Aylar önce
@TommieTaco Thankyou very much. I am attempting to draft the wording for a fictitious war memorial in my own writing and it would be in poor taste to copy this series directly, but the quote you have given is both inspiring and helpful. None of us is Master Chief, but we can all be heroes in our own way. That's what stories like these are about. Best wishes. JT Hughes of the 1st Infantry
TommieTaco Aylar önce
@JT Hughes Admiral Hood: "For us, the storm has passed... the war is over. But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure; sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their fight... our fight, was elsewhere. As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten."
TommieTaco Aylar önce
@JT Hughes this is actually a quote from the ending of halo 3 if my memory serves me correctly
Noble Armories
Noble Armories Aylar önce
With all this discussion I think it's important to remember that Falcon was in Coast Guard colors, thereby confirming in some way that the UNSC has a Coast Guard branch (or equivalent). To all my coasties who play halo, this is your moment of glory!
Jordan Stamey
Jordan Stamey Aylar önce
What I love about this trailer is that everyone can be a hero. Everyone can strive to be a hero like the Chief. You don’t need to be a super solider to be heroic
TheWolfofWarren Aylar önce
It's so refreshing to see these shorts return to the same depth and seriousness of the older shorts between 2006 and 2010. It's a return back to the deeper meanings behind the franchise as a whole. Let's hope the game itself delivers in kind.
Medkit Aylar önce
falcon main
falcon main Aylar önce
@iAmAnonymousTom sorry to tell you man. No one cares
Trent Anderson
Trent Anderson Aylar önce
@Truxej That's bait
Viktor the victor
Viktor the victor Aylar önce
@Truxej Loser
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
@Truxej This is fairly weak bait.
Whoever designed the marine crash section, I don't know who you are, or how many of you there are. I thank you all, that shit was amazing.
Ellie Clarke
Ellie Clarke Aylar önce
"Our duty, as soliders, is to protect humanity. No matter the cost."
RedDeadPanda Gaming
I think this is the best one yet... It brought out a lot of emotions and really gave me the feels... Halo Infinite here we come
bmkaggie Aylar önce
I love this. Not only does it show humanities struggles through the ages and our evolution. But also that anyone can be the Master Chief in moments of struggle.
Ryan Burkart
Ryan Burkart Aylar önce
@ItsaTurtleHead the real war was clearly ww2
ItsaTurtleHead Aylar önce
@M4TT YN there were two wars shown here. Some 19th century conflict, and the human covenant war. One is history, one is fiction. Both are about a lone individual taking up arms to defend their home. Become is about becoming a hero. Not fighting wars.
breaking the 4th wall like
@M4TT YN without wars we would have nothing
M4TT YN Aylar önce
i don't see my struggles per say in this but i still wonder the point of all the wars in turn solved what? so much blood shed for what i got no clue.
Cleit Aylar önce
Chief truly does represent humanity's bravery and courage to fighting against impossible odds.
SNOW SOS Aylar önce
Reminds me of the ODST live action
YourOldPal Jake
YourOldPal Jake Aylar önce
The message I got from this video was to keep fighting and keeping moving forward and honestly I needed it even if I'm just looking/reading something that's not there I just need it.
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett 22 gün önce
shut up
Spud620 Aylar önce
keep going, the strength of all who need it too are with you
Nathan Aylar önce
Is amazing how this videogame trailer can say so much. We FIGHT. We always have... We always will
Tajaloe - Personal
Tajaloe - Personal Aylar önce
Okay. That was an incredible cinematic. Outstanding.
Everarmed89 Aylar önce
This was amazing and very well done. But do hope we get more “archives” videos before launch
PhantomZettonX18 Aylar önce
I would like to imagine someone putting axios music from foward into dawn into this trailer
wdo345Gaming Aylar önce
SprikSprak Aylar önce
Just rewatched it the other day - such a good mini series
Pintexx Aylar önce
Cheif got humanity and it’s entire history on his shoulders 😭
WoofWoofWolffe Aylar önce
Give em hell, Spartan!!
Revan1939 Aylar önce
Will do sir!
Benjamin Benneth Arfianto
hmmm, wanna take some break from battlefront?
matt Buchanan
matt Buchanan Aylar önce
Good to see ya wolfe
xGhostx97 Aylar önce
Good to see you, Wolffe!
Screwistic Aylar önce
Away from battlefront I see lol. Good to see ya
Hannah NéKelly
Hannah NéKelly Aylar önce
When all is lost. Hope is all we have. And in that hope. Carries us to victory. Armour cannot hope. It is a vessel; a shell. It needs someone in that Armour. A beacon to give us hope.
big poodle
big poodle Aylar önce
I'm extremely satisfied with how well optimized this game is for PC. Seriously, every other dev team should take notes.
big poodle
big poodle Aylar önce
@Mister Scoot indeed. the game looks great even on lower settings. Just as a quick example, cs:go vs halo infinite... halo infinite looks better on lower settings than cs:go on max and still uses less cpu/gpu. I don't know what the dev team did to make this work so well, but it's pretty great.
Mister Scoot
Mister Scoot Aylar önce
Won't even lie, I have to agree with you there, and my rig is not top of the line at all. Considering how the GPU market is right now, I will have to settle, but damn the game looks pretty good on Medium to Low settings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what can ya do.
MIDXS Aylar önce
Man I'm really loving that halo is back to its glorious self. It's been so long.
Tyler Birch
Tyler Birch Aylar önce
Wow, just wow.. I was starting to tear up by the end… well done 343
Large Bean
Large Bean Aylar önce
Rip the hornet. Gone, but not forgotten.
c0ya1 Aylar önce
@Nicky Garcia Halo should've had a mode that's a hybrid between battlefield's conquest, and starfighter assault from the original battlefront games, just have 100 vs 100 going at it.
Lanay667 _0909
Lanay667 _0909 Aylar önce
@Jacob Blomstrom nah, the forklift was too OP
Beast Mode
Beast Mode Aylar önce
@Wuwarrior 2917 honestly I’d just settle for them added to the sandbox and spawnable in Forge when that comes out. Maybe that’s why they’re holding Forge back… Hmm…
Wuwarrior 2917
Wuwarrior 2917 Aylar önce
I'm hoping that because we saw it in this trailer we might get the Hornet and Falcon in Infinite later on.
Nicky Garcia
Nicky Garcia Aylar önce
@Fellas I want the Halo Wars vehicles back in. I'm talking the Cyclops, Grizzly, Lich, Blisterback, etc. Atleast for campaign. I doubt it but I'll shit myself if I see them.
Rayffe Aylar önce
I have no words to describe how excited I am for the next Halo. Years and years playing and I never tire of praising this franchise.
MrMK211516 Aylar önce
Love it. I was having a hard time following the time jumps but love how it came together. Those halo 3 vibes.
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Aylar önce
This was an incredible ad! As an aspiring filmmaker, this was truly inspiring
Dan Aylar önce
Truly beautiful to see the reason for chiefs existence leading up to him in his moment, can't wait to jump in on December 8. It's been too long chief.
litsven Aylar önce
this believe level marketing is far better than anything ive seen from 343. way to go. crazy how we’ve improved since halo 5.
Blackstar 改善
@• volatile I feel like people will change their minds on Halo 5 with enough time. The marketing was misleading and overhyped the Blue vs Osiris plotline.
Blackstar 改善
@• volatile I feel like people will change their on Halo 5 with enough time. The marketing was misleading and overhyped the Blue vs Osiris plotline.
Lucefied Aylar önce
@• volatile halo 5 actually had really good marketing, the problem was it was misleading as hell. None of that was in the actually game.
Ghostly Guardian
Ghostly Guardian Aylar önce
@Bryan born in 2002 and started with Halo 2 as a wee lad. Infinite feels like classic Halo, deal with it
Spring4 UZ
Spring4 UZ Aylar önce
@Scrapy Dan yeah the marketing was pretty good the game just did not hit. More so due to false advertising.
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
"Our duty, as soliders, is to protect humanity. No matter the cost."
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Aylar önce
Humanities resilience in halo just always makes me feel a part of it, not missing a beat, always fighting for something bigger Loved this
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Aylar önce
That gave me chills! The Halo magic is finally back!
marcel da kinky koala
I legit almost teared up, well done 343
Haiburidu YT
Haiburidu YT Aylar önce
I just find your recent videos absolutely inspiring! Thank you for not only making an awesome game, but definitely videos that sends a chill of nostalgia & hope down our spines.
EpicSOB Aylar önce
That was an excellent trailer, like kind of old school live action trailer that you would expect around the mid 2000s. I love it.
Fist of Dante Media
This is the first 343-era Halo ad since “You Are The Unofficial Story,” that made me feel that they were anything close to Bungie’s trailers. This was truly fantastic. Hats off to everyone involved in this.
Holy shit I just noticed that at 1:17 she mentions that it's the Fujikawa Trans-light scale test. Fujikawa is the one who made it possible for interstellar travel in the Halo lore so that's an awesome little detail that they added.
saber440 Aylar önce
He he, 117
Hathveon Aylar önce
@Chinese Covid Anal Swabs yeah I’m pretty sure it was called the Shawfujikawa slip space engine. There was even a map in halo 3 with the both of them being a mural on a wall of a space station.
Chinese Covid Anal Swabs
It's two people if I remember correctly.
Mr. Quail
Mr. Quail Aylar önce
“You are the culmination of a thousand lifetimes of planning.”
Jasur Yuldashev
Jasur Yuldashev Aylar önce
J lock
J lock Aylar önce
I came up with it myself
CommandantNOVA Aylar önce
@Chris Rambarran it's from Halo 4
Chris Rambarran
Chris Rambarran Aylar önce
Did you come up with this....it's rather brilliant.
Unlost Studios
Unlost Studios Aylar önce
Moral of the story: War never ends
Musk Aylar önce
I loved this brings back H3 trailer vibes, as it can be seen in this trailer, throughout human history people have stood up and fought back all that hope, anger, courage is embodied in the Master chief , him being like all those before him but still unique as his fight is of his time.
It’s been over 10 years since a Halo trailer gave me chills and moved me emotionally. Phenomenal work, thank you 343.
Time Sausages Gaming Channel
That was fantastic - simple and powerful with an added tingle down the spine - really well done!
HOT PURSUIT95 Aylar önce
This gets me more hyped at the idea of a game during The Interplanetary Wars. I love seeing humanity in the Halo universe before the Covenant. Such a cool time.
Kyle T
Kyle T Aylar önce
@Shadewolf00 Nope the UNSC levelled an entire colony planet with nukes when it rebelled it was in Halo Legends
Kyle T
Kyle T Aylar önce
@Benny Meraz Lol they aren't communists they just don't want to be ruled by some douchebags on Earth lightyears away from them...sounds pretty based to me.
Jake Gore
Jake Gore Aylar önce
@Y3L10WFLASH Yeah I absolutely agree, that would be super rad.
Joey DiMeo
Joey DiMeo Aylar önce
@Freddie Cawston titanfall is what your looking for
J.M. Obyx
J.M. Obyx Aylar önce
@Juan Daniel Alvarado Conte It was a bait and switch, false advertizing at its greatest. But at least you guys could afford an X-Box One when it came out, getting Halo Infinite will be a genuine struggle. But it would've been the perfect ending for Locke's story, where Locke's redemption arc would end after he confronted the crimes of ONI as well as the evil and corruption of the UNSC, the end of his redemption arc would've marked the beginning of the UNSC's redemption arc as a whole, when humanity fully rejects ONI for the evil they are and fights to the death to remove their influence forever.
Ty Fighter679
Ty Fighter679 Aylar önce
God this trailer always makes me get chills it’s so good. Hyped me up for the campaign.
alexander robles
alexander robles Aylar önce
These types of trailers just brings tears to my eyes. My older brother and I would watch them all the time.
Ur-Didact Aylar önce
"You can't imagine how exciting this is! To have a record of all of our lost time! Human history, is it? Fascinating."- my old friend..My greatest rival.. Chakas.. Lord of Admirals..And now? Tinker bell..
BurnYourSelfProds Aylar önce
God, this video is strong. I'm on the verge of tears over here.
Friedrich Der Große
As Jorhan Stahl once said "When evil stares us in the eyes, we stare right back. That is who we are." This is a truly incredible trailer, showing the fighting spirit of humanity.
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
@giles burford **big yawn** Okay hippie. You need to read some new books. This is something a teenager would say after their first break up. Good grief.
giles burford
giles burford Aylar önce
@Kyle McCormack I do not hate humanity because I understand it is not our fault. We do not intend to be a disease. No disease intends to be a disease but they work toward self-preservation, just as we do. I love human life and cherish our existence, but it would be illogical for me to believe that we are not akin to disease. Ultimately, it does not really matter though, because we are simply subatomic particles that have intricately coalesced into lifeforms. Particles that have always existed and will exist long after our lives no longer do. We are one in the same. We are both parts of the same whole that has always existed. Our conversation right now is nothing more than the Universe (us) talking to it(our)self.
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
@giles burford Listen to yourself. You hate yourself, you hate your own life, you hate humanity and you project that onto the rest of us. I feel so sad and sorry for you. The planet isn't even remotely sick, and human life is a miracle. To reduce humans to a disease and to prefer plant life over human life only tells us about your sorry state, your crumbling mental health, your withered spirit. I hope you find some way to combat this narcissistic, nihilistic, low value belief system. No one will ever agree with this horrid view, except for other haters of human life. Good luck.
giles burford
giles burford Aylar önce
@Kyle McCormack So a person who wants to trade his own existence to put an end to the rapid destruction of habitats and extinction of countless species is narcissistic? That's an interesting take. Our planet is sick and humans are the disease.
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
@giles burford be quiet childish nihilistic narcissist. Nobody cares about your dumb, uneducated opinion
STRYDER Aylar önce
This gave me chills holy shit, chief IS humanity
Patterrz Aylar önce
Halo is back (?)
Brad Poole
Brad Poole Aylar önce
The Sunday Shooter
The Sunday Shooter Aylar önce
Halo is black woman
YourOldPal Jake
YourOldPal Jake Aylar önce
@Jason Bradley you play 4 hours and barley scratch the surface I'd say they have alot in store for us
King Rex
King Rex Aylar önce
Halo is back (!)
vanGamer Aylar önce
@Jason Bradley it looks great
Max Aylar önce
Amazing as always. Having tons of fun with multiplayer, cannot wait for the Campaign
Brad LeCompte
Brad LeCompte Aylar önce
Beautiful and emotionally striking at the same time …. Well done. This is why you play for these moments.
Exuberance Aylar önce
"but one thing was certain, the covenant saw firsthand the capacity of human courage and our unwillingness to accept defeat" -Halo Waypoint: Heroes Never Die
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
@Exuberance I'm 31 so, a little different lmao. I was 11 when Halo: CE came out so I have played this franchise since it launched.
Exuberance Aylar önce
@Kyle McCormack I just turned 21 so I’m still trying to figure out what counts as “when I was a kid” lol
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
@Exuberance It's not even that long but it does so much work. Great for getting friends into the series
Exuberance Aylar önce
@Kyle McCormack it gave me chills as a kid
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
One of the most underrated pieces of content right there
xyz consulting AR/VR 3D Design
Am I the only one that feels a knot in his throat with all the new Halo videos? They are truly a masterpiece
optiTHOMAS 7 gün önce
Wow, that was do damn cool! I love seeing stuff go through time like that! The old ww1 section was rad! It's cool to see, we keep fighting. Ever onwards! Never giving up no matter the cost! That unending fighting spirt! These are so cool! They remind me of all the other badass trailers we got back in the day!
Falkrim Aylar önce
This was awesome, absolutely loved it
🌸 Hakuru15 🌸
🌸 Hakuru15 🌸 Aylar önce
1:55 absolute goosebumps and chills i love the screams
darkaoshi27 Aylar önce
Ever notice just how 'real' Halo feels? I've never come across any other franchise that gives me the same feelings.
marvs o
marvs o Aylar önce
@Jibulus dude everything is expensive right now, you're getting free game, maps, updates, events etc... the better the game does the more updates it gets, the bunch of updates fortnite gets it didn't happened years ago because games didn't get that extra income from selling skins. That many people would rather pay for full game and dlcs I understand I would too, but something that happened back them was that many don't and it used to divide gaming communities and you end up not even playing anything new it used to came out because the amount of people playing new maps was smaller than the ones playing old maps. I really don't get why to complain so much my way to enjoy games with a battle pass is just spend the $10 and unlock everything if some stupid person comes and spend $500 to unlock everything faster is on them.
HiiBillyMaysHere Aylar önce
StarWars and Mass Effect give me that feeling too. It's the quality/detail/love/consistency put into the media and Expanded Universe of these Franchises that make you feel "connected" to it, almost like you're living it. Even though it's fictional it's still "grounded" in reality in it's consistency.
Jibulus Aylar önce
Just want to take this moment to explain what a redundant point the “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” argument is. It comes from such a passivated consoomer mindset that in your efforts to take a neutral stance to appeal to the widest audience, you’re actually unknowingly supporting toxic marketing and microtransaction strategies like this, which means developers will be encouraged to implement them in more games in the future. I understand you having this opinion if your experience of the industry is from 2018 onwards, as fortnite really pioneered this strategy on mainline consoles and took it away from just being used for mobile games. However, if you’re older than 5 or 6, you need to wake up and realise they are just trying to turn you into passivated microtransaction cattle they can farm. The videogame isn’t the only game of theirs you’re playing.
Beatyofeet32 Aylar önce
Halo, Mass Effect, and Deus Ex all have that effect on me.
Jack Aylar önce
Lol what? Halo is cartoonish and nothing close to reality.
J Espinola
J Espinola Aylar önce
God this is beautiful. Reminds me of the old Bungie trailers, phenomenal
Starbird14 Aylar önce
The military could learn a few things from this for their recruiting videos. They need to show BECOMING a Warrior is not all fun and games.
Erik D
Erik D Aylar önce
I am happy halo is back, the past few years have been hard, thank you for bringing back something that makes us happy 343. Good to have halo back.
Rory Mercury
Rory Mercury Aylar önce
I got chills watching this. Takes me back to reach days
Solemn Modz
Solemn Modz Aylar önce
You See.. This.. This is how you do it. I don't know how but this gave me goosebumps. This is golden, thank you.
The BBQ Show
The BBQ Show Aylar önce
"Training is nothing. Will is Everything."
LofiJunki Aylar önce
Why am I crying 😭 the ending scene with them screaming and chief charging was so powerful
McOreoTims 250
McOreoTims 250 Aylar önce
Wow… just absolutely spectacular! Live action hits different every time!
Halo Canon
Halo Canon Aylar önce
Pretty nice trailer! Some damn good shots of the Chief in action, plus some cool lore easter eggs. What more could a lore-lover ask for?
Blades Dark
Blades Dark Aylar önce
Maximilian Ramos-Paez
Did we just see an original test of a Shaw-Fukijima engine????
milky Aylar önce
A finished game that's not broken for years after its release
Michael Rossi
Michael Rossi Aylar önce
@Doug - core even better, that’d be rad
MASTERHALL117 Aylar önce
@falloutgamer 347 What is it @Falloutgamer 347? Falloutgamer 347: the smell, I’ve smelled it before
Unbiased Anomaly
Unbiased Anomaly Aylar önce
They did a really good job on this trailer for sure and definitely reminds me of the older halo trailers I saw when I was a kid
Josseph Mancilla
Josseph Mancilla Aylar önce
Can’t remember the last time a game trailer gave me chills … can’t wait 🔥
Mark Perez
Mark Perez Aylar önce
Just getting you emotionally involved in the whole experience again. Hitting you right in the feels and I fuckn love it
Lestat Zapata
Lestat Zapata Aylar önce
These remind me a lot of the metro 2033, metro last light& exsodus trailers. They were so captivating and moving. No words needed to send the message and bring about such a massive mixture of emotion
John Wick
John Wick Aylar önce
Master chief might seem like humanity’s greatest, but there’s a lot of people who came before him. This trailer was dope. Love the parallels with Halo 3’s believe.
Tally hall
Tally hall 19 gün önce
So you're telling me that people before him saved humanity from extinction and saved the galaxy multiple times? I'm only talking about humans btw.
Kiefer Neo
Kiefer Neo Aylar önce
People like you good sir
Musk Aylar önce
I loved this brings back H3 trailer vibes, as it can be seen in this trailer, throughout human history people have stood up and fought back all that hope, anger, courage is embodied in the Master chief , him being like all those before him but still unique as his fight is of his time.
Jacob Maualaivao
Jacob Maualaivao Aylar önce
Gave me chills! So excited for this
Aditya Sharma 037
Aditya Sharma 037 Aylar önce
Now that's what I call legendary.
evan xd
evan xd Aylar önce
Goosebumps throughout the entire trailer.
BloodSprayed Aylar önce
It’s been over 10 years since a Halo trailer gave me chills and moved me emotionally. Phenomenal work, thank you 343.
Xbox Gaming
Xbox Gaming Aylar önce
**shudders** 🥲
Socksyy Aylar önce
@h o Agreed, the halo wars 2 trailer was master class.
h o
h o Aylar önce
I got them from halo wars 2 when the ODSTS drop from the Spirit of Fire
Thomas Vaughn
Thomas Vaughn Aylar önce
I couldn’t agree more, legitimate chills
Trickyluck Aylar önce
I most say, I had a tear on this one.
Unsounder Gaming
Unsounder Gaming Aylar önce
I got pure chills from watching this. Good job 343 on the marketing its really good.
Wesley Rogers
Wesley Rogers Aylar önce
This gave me chills the whole time watching
James Gray
James Gray Aylar önce
dude that armour is so perfect, how it looks and all the proportions. incredible.
Lord Jake Does Gaming
Feels just like the old days. Well done!
Bodacious Aylar önce
That was SO GOOD.... after seeing the hornet crash in the farm field, that makes me want a halo game played as a marine in those urban and rural environments
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Aylar önce
This may be one of the best game trailers ever made. Great job 343, your carrying on the legacy of great Halo trailers.
Apocrypha Emiya
Apocrypha Emiya Aylar önce
it gives me the chill. I don't even know why. There is a reason why I love Halo so much when I start loving it in the time where my favorite is still call of duty and battlefield. It's sci-fi but it feels real. I guess some people could humanity shine the most in the face of our end
Your Favorite Vampire Succubus
It's a great way to show Chiefs different attributes Fighting the horde (The Wolves) Fighting for Time (The nurse) Protecting his fellow soldiers (The Coast Guard) Exploring the Unknown (The Astronaut) Getting your brothers to safety (The Marine) Great trailer all around, but I don't think anything can beat Starry Night
Jack Aylar önce
@sly dankass yes, you play as a sheep herder in mission 6 of the infinite campaign. Spoiler
Frazoor117 Aylar önce
100% agree.
Deej Eh
Deej Eh Aylar önce
@Beast Mode that's not a troll. That's a clueless kid or ESL.
Beast Mode
Beast Mode Aylar önce
You guys do understand Sly Dankass is trolling, right?
breaking the 4th wall like
Halo has always been a story about hope, sacrifice, and above all else the strive for survival
Ilirjan Balidemaj
Ilirjan Balidemaj Aylar önce
This to me portrays what infinity really is, everything always changes but it doesn't, we still know so little of our universe and this reality maybe it really is infinite and so are we
Andrés Díaz
Andrés Díaz Aylar önce
Damn dude, this is a masterpiece
Dvp169 Aylar önce
Such passion and high quality. Really loved and enjoyed this, keep it up Halo 🙌🏻💙
alpinestarzR1000 Aylar önce
I hope the halo tv series is like this, we need a good halo action movie, I’ve been waiting my whole life for a halo series or movie
Mark Ciccolella
Mark Ciccolella Aylar önce
"Folks need heroes Chief to give them hope so smile would you while we still have something to smile about." This Johnson quote is what I'm getting from this marketing.
LofiExpresso Aylar önce
This halo recaptured the feeling of playing for hours on end having fun with your mates late at night
Duke Ragragola
Duke Ragragola Aylar önce
Right in the feels
Terror Billy
Terror Billy Aylar önce
Been playing the crap out of the multiplayer. Can't wait to dive into the campaign 👌
jit Aylar önce
Idk why that literally made my ears tear up. But I was smiling the whole time.
Ghostvirus Aylar önce
I'm enjoying these glimpses into the struggles of everyday people to contextualize the Chiefs existence.
Y3L10WFLASH Aylar önce
@Devin Terrio It would gut me if ONI ever had Chief killed tragically by working with a new faction with all new aliens, as a betrayal even after all Chief had done for humanity It would piss alot of people off but would be crazy Because you can imagine of course Chief beating the Banished with heavy costs from both sides & then ONI swoops in taking control of all the UNSC & killing Chief (that would be a helluva twist for like a fan story, since that'll never be done In-Game but I wish) Plus I would have it where Jerome was like a younger brother for Chief up until Chief died and then we continue the fight as Jerome
thirty seconds
thirty seconds Aylar önce
This trailer shows in a very short way, what MasterChief represents to the halo universe, he exist because humanity fight, and he fight for humanity to keep fighting.
Blue Dog
Blue Dog Aylar önce
That’s what I loved about the live action Reach trailer where it shows ordinary civilians before the Covenant arrived.
Devin Terrio
Devin Terrio Aylar önce
She said that to me once, about being a machine
I am an absolute menace on Halo Infinite
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