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World premiere gameplay of Halo Infinite competitive and ranked multiplayer settings, with commentary from Lead Multiplayer Designer, Andrew Witts, and former Halo pro and member of the 343 Competitive Insights team, Sal "El Town" Mohanan, with host Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky.


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Karlan Meyers
Karlan Meyers 7 gün önce
Mat Barker
Mat Barker 13 gün önce
kill time is to long idiots look at splitgates kill times way better
TedDidlio 14 gün önce
No radar in ranked is perhaps the worst decision made by a AAA developer in modern gaming history
Tryhardblackguy 10 gün önce
Put on headphones and stfu
Matthew meehan-lam
Matthew meehan-lam 15 gün önce
Been playing multiplayer a bunch. Feels just like playing halo 3 again. Feels like coming home
Theprotectorplay 17 gün önce
Man they got gun hacks already on Ranked.... damn it...
S D 17 gün önce
Settings timestamps?????
Brandon -
Brandon - 18 gün önce
I like it but no smg, no plasma weapons (except a weakened plas pistol), no shotgun, no carbine, no mauler, no brute shot, no FRC, just lots of modern-military looking weapons
Michael Shinn
Michael Shinn 18 gün önce
after playing for a few hours now, i can say alot of weapons feel very underpowered
Just an honest guy
Just an honest guy 18 gün önce
why cant Halo infinite credits be earned, they should really be given to you upon completing challenges. For example 10 for basic (completing a game), 20 common (winning a game, x kills), 50 uncommon (ctf, weapon based), 100 heroic (specialist achievements, milestone), 200 legendary (big milestones), and 500 for mythic (massive milestones). Or maybe 1 credit for every 10xp for each challenge. Just some ideas really to encourage people to play around the game. I dont like being forced to pay money for something I used to get for free. I get having some sort of monetization because the game itself is free but we should still be able to have a lot of armors for FREE. Or pay 60 dollars for the game and get it all.
Three giant onion
Three giant onion 18 gün önce
I was very excited for halo and 2042 It was really disappointing with 2042 but I’m liking halo so far
derekhudsonmusic 19 gün önce
Forced Crossplay is a joke and the only reason I wont be playing competitive. I know Input selection is a thing but regardless of this it should not be forced to play with pc players. I really don't mind waiting the extra time to find only console players if that is what it takes and I hope this is fixed in the full release.
derekhudsonmusic 18 gün önce
@Three giant onion nope, nothing to do with keyboard/mouse its purely the fact it matches you with PC without given you option to turn it off. They can be using controller as well but it doesn't matter, it still shouldn't be forced. I'm also in diamond as wanted to test out all the settings so that doesn't change my opinion on the situation either way. It should be an option if you choose to use it, not forced gameplay.
Three giant onion
Three giant onion 18 gün önce
Your acting like this just because somebody had a keyboard and mouse? Just turn up your sense and play claw I would know this cause I’m diamond 1 with controller its really not as bad at people say it is
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 19 gün önce
Yeah, absolutely.
F0X_H0UND 19 gün önce
Thank you btw, for making this game free, even though youll make hella bank on micro transactions, especially with £16 character skins hahaha! but thanks for the free game either way. enjoy what ever cash i spend on season passes , ill get a few
nightro gaming
nightro gaming 19 gün önce
completely off topic but why do all the pro gamers and influencers wear they're hat backwards i just noticed that is that like a gamer style or whatever
F0X_H0UND 19 gün önce
damn pro controller players look like low rank aimers , they just have map knowlage and possible plays available in stand offs ect
DuoX 20 gün önce
wake me up when there is a real competitive mode without BR's
Tryhardblackguy 10 gün önce
Competetive always had brs lol
Carlos Canela
Carlos Canela 20 gün önce
So this guy is considered a Halo pro ? Lmao , Halo lost its touch over the years sense halo 2 and 3.
Bottom Gamer ZX6R
Bottom Gamer ZX6R 21 gün önce
Thank you 343 BF and Cod let us down!!
zucxys xx
zucxys xx 21 gün önce
Damn might just have to switch to halo. cod fukn sucks with ranked play 💤
Heerod Moradi
Heerod Moradi 21 gün önce
Bro as soon as I heard BR starts, I almost cried.
CRT Wasteland
CRT Wasteland 21 gün önce
Can anyone answer if there are any FULL AUTO weapons in ranked? or is this 3 round burst Battle rifle all we get?
Three giant onion
Three giant onion 18 gün önce
It’s what you start with but you can find other guns around the map
M4G3 21 gün önce
id have to say as a long time vet, H2 being my fav then H3, competed in some of the online tournys and I'm a ffa god! Ive been depressed for years from halo and i'm going to optimistic with this it looks pretty fun and might bring me back!
Garbo At Names
Garbo At Names 22 gün önce
8:25 sal trades melees and then immediately his teammate trades melees with someone else
Vaughn Brenda
Vaughn Brenda 22 gün önce
So will you be able to have a rank that goes up AND down? Like Halo 2?
Post Rock Mixes
Post Rock Mixes 24 gün önce
Im not sure I agree a player needs to be "viable off of spawn". Weapon pickups and control of even tier 2 spawners should be important. But I guess, even comp games gotta be somewhat casual these days
Fikk 25 gün önce
In regards to competitive that’s all I play. I’m curious I know normally 24” 1080p is the best for competitive that’s what I currently use 240hz for high FPS smoothness etc… Would a 1440p 120FPS hurt me in competitive for infinite? I know the games not out yet just curious on what you all think? Thanks.
Awesomefile23487 25 gün önce
Oh my god as cod fanboy I could not be more excited for this game…. It looks so godamn cool… while I’m having fun with vanguard currently this looks like my new obsession… can’t fucken wait for this to come out
OMGitsYANN 25 gün önce
thank you.
Zam 26 gün önce
I can't wait for Dec 8th so I am forced to play Campaign by myself.
Gibraltar 26 gün önce
Very interesting
Jburn 27 gün önce
I dont even play pvp on shooter games mainly just story but even im excited about this
DR3AD! 27 gün önce
i wish halo had custom skins on weapons or vehicles!
The Nickerman
The Nickerman Aylar önce
7:59 I think he's trynna make a grenade jump play with a enemy grenade but 343 has no grenade jumping in infinite which is stupid add it in
Peter Gardiner
Peter Gardiner Aylar önce
Looks dope
Juxtaposed1Nmotion Aylar önce
that seemed kinda boring tbh
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 27 gün önce
the best games do. no stupid gimmicks
Too West
Too West Aylar önce
I miss the magnum and AR The BR is kinda a lazer and wish to see the OG weapons. All other settings are great though.
BloodSprayed Aylar önce
Halo is back baby. *remove the sword though!*
malupatchou Aylar önce
Had to comeback and wash my eyes with this after the IGN gameplay
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 27 gün önce
Tyler .Bobbett
Tyler .Bobbett Aylar önce
had to come back to this after seeing IGNs gameplay today
Wynton Freemab
Wynton Freemab Aylar önce
PLEASE fix these medals! Your killing the community that loves to show off highlights /montages etc Make them bigger and all different colors we don’t need or want the graphics from killmanjaro plus we also don’t want them the same boring color just make all the medals DIFFERENT colors and BIGGER and I’m sure you’ll get a better response. Maybe go higher than killionaire aswell would be cool!
Zeus Himself
Zeus Himself Aylar önce
Taylor Child
Taylor Child Aylar önce
This looks so fun.. god that BR sounds beefy!! But PLEASE don't make competitive a precision starts only! I hated that about Halo 5 -- some of us want to use something that doesn't rely on accuracy alone! For me that's what makes Halo unique -- the ability to excel via strategy rather than failing if you don't champion accuracy. Plasma weapons, needler timing, noob combos -- that's what makes Halo what it is!!
Charmike Aylar önce
halo esports lmao, inb4 it uses the same buggy branch of eac
Ruiluth Aylar önce
This just looks way too frantic to me. I have never been able to keep up with competitive shooters. I do much better in campaign where I have time to think between shots.
Ratamahatta Aylar önce
Holy sht dude skilled af
Jonathan Blake
Jonathan Blake Aylar önce
I agree that just using the br is kind of lame. Made sense in previous titles but honestly the sidekick is harder to use than the br at least have it as secondary? But then again they might put it on the map as a pickup, as they stated they wanted to emphasize the need to go out and pick up weapons on the map. Don't understand why they think the nerfed to begin with shotgun is too good to be a pickup though
Cal Neuvost
Cal Neuvost Aylar önce
oh, sprint is in competitive mode. oh well. could'a been fun. glad to know not to get my hopes up
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 26 gün önce
@Breakneck yes but i have also looked at the new gameplay after the flight. walk speed has been reduced which makes sprint feel faster so everyyones happy
Breakneck 26 gün önce
@Toppy Games my point is that gameplay isn’t going to be disrupted from sprint because it is barely faster than normal walking. If you played the flight you can see that a normal walking speed is able to keep up with the other sprinting guy for a while.
Michael Snyman
Michael Snyman 26 gün önce
@Breakneck isn't it 13%?
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 27 gün önce
@Breakneck ive seen plenty of the math videos. I could tell you with a blind eye, its not 3%
Breakneck 27 gün önce
@Toppy Games no someone actually did the math and tested it. it’s 3 percent in the flights
noway kets
noway kets Aylar önce
Did they say mouse and keyboard would be locked to play with only mouse and keyboard or is it controller keyboard cross play?
Jack Burton
Jack Burton Aylar önce
Get rid of the Fing outlines on players, weapons, equipment, and vehicles for competitive play!!
covnant Aylar önce
carl1bo Aylar önce
Are you gonna dissable mouse aim assist? I think it makes the Game less skillfull
KontryBoy706 Aylar önce
that's cool! It would be even cooler if I could actually find and buy an Xbox Series X... Oh well lol
Qwinn CT
Qwinn CT Aylar önce
Is there friendly fire?
Local Chap
Local Chap Aylar önce
Me: 18m radar has never been a thing in any Halo, it's always been 25m. 343i: we removed radar.
Thrillchiller Aylar önce
Do not take anything from Shit 5
Half-Assed Gaming
Half-Assed Gaming Aylar önce
i'm glad they decided to take grenade hitmarkers out of ranked/comp. not sure about br starts or no motion tracker though. i like the power struggle of ar starts. when you have a br or something you don't have to look for ways to get the edge you can kinda just neander around picking people at mid/long range
Blake Turner
Blake Turner Aylar önce
Why isn’t it rated M?
Luit Aylar önce
Is that fat Chris stuckmann
Huguito 10
Huguito 10 Aylar önce
Ya no puedo más esperar ya quiero jugar estoy ansioso de jugat halo infinite
ODSY Viper
ODSY Viper Aylar önce
Any chance that the full release will allow more precise sensitivity options for PC? Even two decimal places would allow for a much larger range of sensitivities at different DPIs and make the game more accessible to more players.
ultima0121 Aylar önce
This is the kind of attention to detail and communication with the audience that goes into making a good game. The opposite of this is Battlefield 2042.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
This game was hand-crafted for competitive play, that skill plays the pros make are going to be insane with all the tools we can combine
acktion jackson
acktion jackson Aylar önce
I want Blue vs Red back or at least the option to turn it on. Hopefully they hear us on that.
Greg Aylar önce
Competitive Halo looks like Halo? What is different here, expression? I'm confused lol. I dislike the intensity of the red glow around enemies. Also, "weapons on the map and sanbox etc." but uses BR whole game.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
Everardo Aguirre
Everardo Aguirre Aylar önce
HALO please bring out halo 3 anniversary
Joe King
Joe King Aylar önce
It’s 2007. It’s Friday heading into Christmas break. Your best friends are riding your school bus to stay the weekend and play video games all day and night during the snowstorms. You all rush into the house, all throwing your bags onto the couch. You rush into your bedroom and turn on your Xbox 360 with halo ready to be booted up. You all play for hours on end. Going through every emotion as you win/lose matches. All of a sudden your dad comes home. Alcohol reeks off his breath as you can hear him screaming from the other room. You hear a loud thud and see your mother on the ground not moving. He pushed her and she snapped her neck on the coffee table. Your sister screams in horror as she witnesses it on the staircase. Your father pulls out his gun and shoot her in the chest so she would be quiet. Your father screams at you and your buddies to hurry and help get the bodies thrown in he vat of acid in the basement. There is a knock as it is your neighbors worried about the noise. They let themselves in. Your father beats them to death with a baseball bat. They were an elderly married couple with 3 cats. The cats are angry. They Meow and Hiss In Morse code. You look outside and there is an army of cats and kittens ready to go on the offensive. Your father throws you and your friends shotguns to prepare for the onslaught. Jarrod cries because he just wanted to play Halo but this is reality now. The cats attack slicing and dicing their way into the crib. Jarrod and Antonio are dead with their necks slit opened by claws. You and Avery rush upstairs to block the doors with pillows and blankets. You take out 15-20 kittens with headshots only to realize it was a trap. Avery perished along with your father. As you slowly crawl as you bleed out. The 3 cats who were the cause of this revolt sit on your back and Meow “ Tis the end of you” then all of a sudden your dogs comes out of nowhere and rip every cat to shreds. As you go to pet your dog and thank them they both tear into your flesh and blood as it was a twist this entire time that they orchestrated the entire war. They are now free with no owners. As the camera slowly pans away you see the Xbox you were playing now has the “Red Ring Of Death”. Credits roll
Breakneck 28 gün önce
That was a rollercoaster
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
This game was hand-crafted for competitive play, that skill plays the pros make are going to be insane with all the tools we can combine
Mixed Media
Mixed Media Aylar önce
Andrew Witts voice is very articulate, I like it. More halo nerdiness please
been guy
been guy Aylar önce
Personally dont give a damn about halo competitive but its very nice to see it being taken seriously by the developers, keep being grounded and have a close communication with the community like this and you will stick the launch just fine
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Wait so no player collision for competitive either?
Paola Barreiro
Paola Barreiro Aylar önce
estoy emocionada
D L Aylar önce
Infinite is shaping up to be the best Halo. I love everything that was done to make this game feel more fun, rewarding *Headshot sound* and the red cursor when you kill someone (Overwatch deathskull perhaps?). The fluid feel of the gameplay, the scoring system, the death feed, I can go on. Really excited to return to HALO after being extremely disappointed since Halo 4. The Infinite flight test was so much fun but please, let us have an option to not match up with PC/KBM players, it’s such an unfair advantage to use the precision of a mouse. Excited for December! Here’s to the next 10 years of Halo!
Nellanella Perched
Nellanella Perched Aylar önce
JimmmmmmmmmmmmY Aylar önce
Halo infinite maybe look fun, overall at the same time it's a major downgrade!
Adam Ramirez
Adam Ramirez Aylar önce
BR starts are so limiting. Why do people like them?
Dr Crucible
Dr Crucible Aylar önce
Is there no extra damage for getting headshots? I'm just wondering why he doesn't aim for the head at all...
Jussainwuturthinkn Aylar önce
Where’s the Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay?
xXDrunkTOTALXx Aylar önce
MP is looking good and all, but can we have some campaign news please...
Dustin Dumont
Dustin Dumont Aylar önce
BR crosshair looks bad. So, does the sprint smh.
Dustin Dumont
Dustin Dumont Aylar önce
I want to be able to see my shots landing on their head- not flashing red lines and highlighted bodies. You're doing the mostttt
Dustin Dumont
Dustin Dumont Aylar önce
And take out the flashing player outline. All that red flashing and highlighting is messing with accuracy and perceiving movement. This isn't fkn Overwatch, stop killing the game.
shape charge
shape charge Aylar önce
Mac Aylar önce
I miss the 1-50 ranking from halo 3
Cameron M
Cameron M Aylar önce
i have faith this game will be the same caliber as halo 3
Nolan Spivey
Nolan Spivey Aylar önce
Shit looks like halo 4&5 aka dog shit
Santino Aylar önce
Looks way better than the standard multiplayer.
Azz Azz
Azz Azz Aylar önce
Female Spartans look like men :(
Walkier Aylar önce
Wait so no player collision for competitive either?
Alexander Joseph
Alexander Joseph Aylar önce
If the MP doesn’t get me addicted like crack I don’t want it
Jason Owners
Jason Owners Aylar önce
will be trash just like Halo 5.... just like every Halo 343 has ever made. People need to stop pretending this game is going to be Bungie quality when history tells us that it won't even be close.
Spartan003 Aylar önce
Judging by the flight reactions and personally playing the flights, this will be miles better than Halo 4/5 Fans are loving it. Its a good time.
A MMOD Aylar önce
I hope that we get a new look at the campaign before the release, because if we don't, it's going to be kinda sus.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Aylar önce
Logan Parr
Logan Parr Aylar önce
exceded my expectation from the looks of this! so sick
EtherMagz Aylar önce
I cant wait to shit on everyone 😬
Mikeylee4 Aylar önce
please add a ranking system like in halo reach
Meta Varia
Meta Varia Aylar önce
Just take hit markers entirely. They have no place in Halo.
VRexG Aylar önce
This game is rated T for Teen. And that can mean a whole a lot.
Spartan003 Aylar önce
@ZN0N There is blood.
ZN0N Aylar önce
No Blood. That's literally it..
veflex phone
veflex phone Aylar önce
Sentient Potato
Sentient Potato Aylar önce
Great game just wish it wasn’t rated t for teen
KrinoDaGamer Aylar önce
Can y'all plz take another 6 months ITS NOT READY
MMA Freaks
MMA Freaks Aylar önce
What happemed to bravo is he dieing? Or just addicted to some legal drugs
jediorsith24 Aylar önce
Since competitive is going to have no motion tracker can casual please get a 25 meter range? 18 is not enough with how fast you move in Infinite
Lil Devin
Lil Devin Aylar önce
This looks so much better than the beta wtf
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