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When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the vast reaches of Zeta Halo, from stunning heights to mysterious depths below the ring. Rescue UNSC marines to gain reinforcements in your fight against a fearsome enemy known as “the Banished.” Enjoy true Spartan freedom in the biggest, most wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet, launching December 8 2021.

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29 Kas 2021




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Epic Meal Time
Epic Meal Time Aylar önce
This is so awesome. I’m fully on board the Halo hype train now. I’ve been excited but after watching all these trailers…this one especially, I am fully hyped.
ASBESTOS Fibers Aylar önce
1:11 That knee tho....
RoseOfTheNight4444 Aylar önce
@Isekai Idol And yet you know this info, suggesting you're invested...
Battleneter Aylar önce
@Infernal Daedra Media is freaken old school physical media, walk over to your CD rack (aka BR), find the movie or game, take it out of the case and put it in the drive, wait for it to noisily spin up, consume media, take it out and put it back in the case, return it to the rack making sure you file it correctly. Absolute 1990's, buy a cheap 10 TB hard disk and jam all your crap on that or use cloud, its freaken 2021!.
Isekai Idol
Isekai Idol Aylar önce
The Weapon AI is a clone of Cortana and tries to kill herself after finding out. The Endless were trapped in the Halo by the Forerunners and the Harbinger has teamed up with the Banished to help release them. Master Chief kills the Banished leader Escharum and The Harbinger but the Endless are released anyway. Halo sucks anyway,
Infernal Daedra
Infernal Daedra Aylar önce
@Battleneter 4K blu rays store 100/200gb and read at 128mpbs Discs are still one of the most efficient storage solutions, and are much more energy efficient than HDDs. Especially considering the write cycles.
Master Yoyo
Master Yoyo Aylar önce
"This is my world now. COD and Battlefield will be all but a memory" - Halo Infinite
Legna Leon
Legna Leon 3 gün önce
@SkyxRed yup
SkyxRed 3 gün önce
Lol seeing this comment the day when Microsoft just bought Activision
Master Yoyo
Master Yoyo 4 gün önce
@Legna Leon sorry lol I was taking what you said in a different way
Legna Leon
Legna Leon 4 gün önce
@Master Yoyo cuz cod vanguard is generic af and battlefield 2042 was a flop
Master Yoyo
Master Yoyo 4 gün önce
@Legna Leon what do exactly mean by that buddy?
Gigamus Prime
Gigamus Prime Aylar önce
Halo came out when I was a teenager, and I’m 37 now. I swear I’m an adult, but I’m so hyped for this. As an adult, getting hyped for things is far and few between, so it’s even more special
Ivan González
Ivan González 11 gün önce
45 next march. I'm still here playing....
Common Canadiens
Common Canadiens 11 gün önce
@Dat_ Boiii627 I first played halo 4 when I was 8 and have revisited the older games it was a lot of fun to see how deep the lore really went
mattpetty1 16 gün önce
I've played them all so many times I can't count from when the very first issue of Halo 1 came out. X-box, X-box 360, X-Box One. Not of fan of inter play streaming but I am buying this this first weekend in Jan. for a birthday present to me. I have a 48 inch Gaming TV and It should sound great in my Gamer chair with all the speakers imbedded . I too am Syced. Oh....I'm 67 !
Infinite7262 Aylar önce
@imposter you are a legend for being able to keep up with gaming for this long
Brendan K
Brendan K Aylar önce
33 here and I haven't played halo since the first halo on Xbox. Had plenty of memories playing 4 player split screen. Remembering how good it felt to get a kill streak with the sword only.
Dr. Grey
Dr. Grey Aylar önce
My 8 year old self playing halo CE would be so hyped to know that Halo is still a thing in 2021 and that I'm still getting excited watching trailers like this. It's honestly difficult to wrap my head around the time that has passed, the people that have come and gone, where my life has taken me, etc. But one thing that has been consistent over all the year is my love for video games, plain and simple. And games like Halo in particular have such heavy, positive emotions and nostalgia its hard to describe, but I know many of you here feel exactly the way I do. It's a beautiful thing to see all of the people here having similar experiences growing up and loving the community interactions and the games themselves.
- Good Night White Pride
Also experienced so much stuff in my life. Friends died, friends lost, drug and alcohol abuse, chronic illness now but no matter how hard everything was, from 7-8 years old to 26 years old, videogames and especially Halo where always a part from me. I'm very glad Infinite turned out good! ❤
ronuss Aylar önce
right there with you man. although im abit older, i think i was 21 when halo ce came out, but its been there with me though a huge chunk of my life. its nice to have something that you can fall back to and enjoy. cannot wait for this!
Mr Satan Man
Mr Satan Man Aylar önce
No lie, not even half way into the campaign and the tears of joy don't stop. I can feel every emotion chief is going thru, just like many of us OG players do. Can't wait to get home and continue the journey. We are Sierra 117.
Lc3 23 gün önce
It took me a bit longer but I'm loving the story. The little references to his past.
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Aylar önce
What a time to be alive...
Common Canadiens
Common Canadiens 11 gün önce
@JonD maybe so but let’s admit if halo 2 launched today it wouldn’t be held in such high regard
Overclocked5 Aylar önce
Well, not really. games full of microtransactions and half-finished content say there were better times.
Moth Moniker
Moth Moniker Aylar önce
Yeah Now where's this Campaign? Time is 12:24 PM at CST. Halo Infinite campaign should be available and downloadable. I bought the thing lmao
fat doge
fat doge Aylar önce
@Madfire is it really that hard to rank?
fat doge
fat doge Aylar önce
@Madfire how hard is it to reach max rank?
Goodmanfue Aylar önce
"If you knew you were going to die..." Chief: "Spartans never die..." **Halo 2 Jackal sniper shows up** **Chief sweats**
ThatCarGuyDom 29 gün önce
No you didn’t do it right: “If you knew you were going to die…” Chief: “Spartans never die…” **Halo 2 Sniper Jackal shows up** Chief: **Sweats nervously**
Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop Aylar önce
Legendary quote 🙌
National Socialist
National Socialist Aylar önce
And my question to everyone who played on the hardest difficultly is, why suffer ?
Patrik Balogh
Patrik Balogh Aylar önce
Pilot: ,,You've got only one bullet against an army." Masterchief: ,,It's enough." Best and most badass Halo line ever :).
Man From Corpus Christi
@Kyle Gattshall Nothing will ever top that moment.
Tijo Jose
Tijo Jose Aylar önce
“One man against an army” is an old cliché, first used in James Bond “License to Kill.” It’s not as original as the great MC quotes in Halo 2 and 3.
Jea Lou
Jea Lou Aylar önce
They actually trying to make him as badass as doomguy for me its not working.
Luis SV
Luis SV Aylar önce
-Shipmaster, they outnumber us 3 to 1 -Then it's an even fight
StonedCookie Aylar önce
Doomguy: Shit
Jay Aylar önce
The fact that it's looks the same is like it's never left. Same legendary weapons and all. It shows that you don't have to change the entire theme of the game to make it great. Thanks
rickymcn1 Aylar önce
Saints Row, pay attention to this dude.
boobyqueen Aylar önce
I miss the old shotgun
Adam Hemgesberg
Adam Hemgesberg Aylar önce
I just finished the campaign. By far the BEST Halo in a very long time. I'd argue it's better then 3 or Reach. Not to mention they brought back a lot of classic soundtracks. I'm in love with this game
Velshard Aylar önce
Everybody loves multiplayer, but it's always been Halo's campaign and story that kept me coming back.
Kole Manning
Kole Manning 4 gün önce
Dj Kailo Bass
Dj Kailo Bass 7 gün önce
Curious Wanderer
Curious Wanderer 11 gün önce
@Tim R.S 343 is what made Halo Infinite strong. Bungie is long gone; get over it.
BESTYOfficial 18 gün önce
I agree
DarknessInRiku1 Aylar önce
Really? Because I dont like the multi-player.
Tristen Schram
Tristen Schram Aylar önce
When things are good, don't forget the times when they were bad. 343, you have done an amazing job, please don't forget what it took to recapture the fanbase. You have all done an amazing job, please never stop evolving.
Two Insurance
Two Insurance Aylar önce
@toaster_stevedore I know that, but this comment wasn’t addressing that, just the campaign in general
toaster_stevedore Aylar önce
@Two Insurance Multiplayer is a pretty important part of Halo, same as Forge and Co-op Campaign (which are missing).
Two Insurance
Two Insurance Aylar önce
@toaster_stevedore this ain’t about the multiplayer
toaster_stevedore Aylar önce
Recaptured the base just to give them one of the most predatory monetization systems I've ever seen. Good job 343! Only $9 for a helmet attachment!
Liam Dilley
Liam Dilley Aylar önce
Massive graphical improvements for the short time. Big respect to the team members brought on board to get this over the line. Yes some features with this and the Multi player are missing but I think it was a good call to get this and the multiplayer where they needed to be.
Sherky Aylar önce
The man: "You have one bullet against an entire army!" The chief: "It's enough" Hot dang that was badass
PinkGuy1313 Aylar önce
I used my last bullet, and decided to use my grapple to melee everybody in the face,
Steals_Your_Skills TO
Finally I found this comment.
Brad Young
Brad Young Aylar önce
Looks like Halo is going to be our savior this year for FPS games boys and girls. I have nothing else to play so this better be dope. Im already loving the multiplayer so im not that nervous
CityWokChicken2424 Aylar önce
The game really feels and looks like 343 put their heart and soul into it. After the reviews I’ve seen for battle field and vanguard, I’m really confident my childhood game will make a comeback and finish the fight.
CityWokChicken2424 Aylar önce
Same from me. People keep complaining about the battle pass but I think they’ve done enough to fix it. To me the gameplay feels amazing and that’s what matters. It’s another fun halo game that my dad and I can play and make memories like the hood ol’ days when I was a kid.
FoxyDubz Aylar önce
Those Cortana lines at the beginning got me shook.. and man, that music!
Riley GShep
Riley GShep Aylar önce
@Johnathan Dodge nope, she might be dead due to weapon but chief didn't do his task of deleting her when he went back to infinity so she might still be around
Riley GShep
Riley GShep Aylar önce
That's no cortana, her name is weapon That's all I will spoil
Shredder Orokusaki
Shredder Orokusaki Aylar önce
i will kill all the aliens very brutally at max settings 1440p 60 fps on my monster PC RYZEN 7 1700 16 GB DDR4 3200MHZCL15 RX 6700XT 12 GB RED DEVIL MP 600 2TB WRITE:4950MB/S READ: 4250MB/S DELLP2416D 24'' 2560X1440 60 HZ IPS. That is Evrything that You Must Know!
MrKrusten Ⓥ
MrKrusten Ⓥ Aylar önce
@Cameron Childress Yes! Its so cringe. Literally only children or extremely young teenagers think thats funny
Cameron Childress
Cameron Childress Aylar önce
But the funny Cortana joke line at the end of the trailer landed flat. Marvel movie trailers popularized that trend and it won’t die.
Taktikalz Aylar önce
I have never been a big Halo fan, i have played halo 1 - 3, and after reach i just stopped. but man...from now on, count me in. 343 did an amazing job with the campaign. For me the best game of the year!
TheGamingBrix Aylar önce
I’m gonna be honest, this was the best video game campaign- or heck, even video game, that I’ve ever played. The story was incredible, gameplay was fun, and I had an absolute blast exploring Zeta Halo, and I’m not even finished with the main story yet. So yeah, worth $60. And taking off the rose tinted glasses, I’m gonna stretch and say that this is the best Halo campaign of all time.
Satish Talks
Satish Talks Aylar önce
I am loving this too. Fantastic gunplay and the banter of the Grunts are keeping me giggling all day 😂 👌🏽. Enjoy the game mate 😇
Supreme Studios
Supreme Studios Aylar önce
@ibby it’s better that they ignore that end of halo 5, campaign if that was a train wreck I’d rather just forget tbh. It’s definitely not the greatest but after so long of the games being disappointments it has a special feeling yo finally play halo and enjoy jt again
ibby Aylar önce
@Zero meh game who cares, wait another 3 years and maybe you'll get the full game
Zero Aylar önce
@ibby good game who cares
TheGamingBrix Aylar önce
@ibby I literally said that I thought it was good and that I had fun
Brian Mosley
Brian Mosley Aylar önce
I watched all the lore of Halo and seen the back story. The series is so good. I am a sony fanboy at heart but I adore this series. I really want to buy an Xbox just to play this myself!
darkaoshi27 23 gün önce
Justin Nyugen
Justin Nyugen Aylar önce
It’s on pc too
Gotham Savior
Gotham Savior Aylar önce
The multiplayer has all of its issues right now but THIS is what I’ve truly been waiting for.
Timur 52
Timur 52 Aylar önce
@GO the customization issue tho...
GO Aylar önce
Multiplayer will be fine. If they weren't listening to feedback at all I would be worried. Campaign needs to be executed well and then the rest will follow.
Airsoft Alfonse
Airsoft Alfonse Aylar önce
okay now this looks pretty cool 👀
Flare Aylar önce
But its not Halo.
ASBESTOS Fibers Aylar önce
Even that knee at 1:11 ????
Riskyy Aylar önce
HALO just joined my live omg
ZezitoCW Aylar önce
looks ok
London Gordon
London Gordon Aylar önce
Hello there
Leonardo Bodano
Leonardo Bodano Aylar önce
I just finished the campaign. it left me what every game should leave us, that is the emotions. Thank you very much❤❤❤❤
07rodrigez Aylar önce
Steve Downes, one of the most iconic voices in video games. Whenever Master Chief speaks = instant goosebumps
David Cheney
David Cheney Aylar önce
I was 6/7 years old when CE first came out and hooked me to the series. I hope beyond hope that this will live up to the hype and be amazing to play.
James Jensen
James Jensen Aylar önce
I like that they added a huge array of enemies in this game. Almost every enemy from previous games made a comeback!! I hope they do the same with maps like adding Guardian, Sandtrap and Blood Gulch etc.
BruvSeriously Aylar önce
@ibby good point. I do want to see the flood in a future dlc but it’s a pretty low chance of happening.
ibby Aylar önce
@BruvSeriously yep I seen that but again the game being rated T just keeps holding me back from believing it, not to mention we are going to be dealing with a new faction so the flood getting in the way will make it sloppy
BruvSeriously Aylar önce
@ibby there is an Easter egg pointing towards the floods return, so let’s hope for that.
James Jensen
James Jensen Aylar önce
@ibby yeah I think they will add the flood when they add the endless. both are crazy alien threats!
Zero Aylar önce
@ibby and buggers
CR0W Aylar önce
Born and raised with this franchise. Glad it’s back!
Orrii Aylar önce
@Freelancer837 yeah true, they really have to fix custom games though
Freelancer837 Aylar önce
@Orrii I know, and that should be a testament to how not-buggy I think the game is. The game is pretty good in that department that I think even despite the low chance of going against a cheat, I think even that's higher than getting some glitch in this version of the game so far.
Orrii Aylar önce
@Freelancer837 i havent run into a single cheater in my 80 hours of pc on infinite multiplayer
Freelancer837 Aylar önce
@Vice Velocity k
Freelancer837 Aylar önce
@Orrii Did you mean to say "aren't"? Just asking because even though I find the core gameplay to be absolutely shit in Infinite, I will say, bugs aren't much of a problem with Infintie that much, like I'd say even cheaters are a bigger problem than bugs and glitches so far (but what else do you expect when PC has literally no anti-cheat). Besides, the game's already out. Only thing to see now is the campaign specifically. Which is going to be a fun experience for me since I have to play it off of an original Xbox One, since there's no way I'm paying $60 on Steam for just the campaign even if I did look forward to it lol
Fitzcarraldo05 Aylar önce
i just came here to say, thank you for the amazing campaign, loved every minute of it
Hudhudgaming Aylar önce
The amount of detail in this game makes me wanna play it right now not gonna lie halo 5 might of been crap to a lot of people but this has a lot of potential it might become the best halo of all time maybe we don’t know yet we’ll have to see on the 8th
RawFilmmkrs Aylar önce
This was my first videogame I ever played. My uncle got me Halo: CE on disc when I was 7 years old in 2002. Blew my mind away. Haven't played any Halo since then but this one feels very familiar.
justdominos Aylar önce
I feel like my childhood is coming back, good job 343 industries!
Lofiseeker Aylar önce
"We protect humanity... whatever the cost." That sounds like a spartan ll to me 😄
SmolBoi96 Aylar önce
@Lofiseeker Here's my take of that scene. Master Chief was indoctrinated from a young age to be a protector of humanity. The loss of Cortana clearly affected him and Lasky offered some condolences. Immediately his defense mechanism kicks in. He rationalized cortana's sacrifice as a neccessary cost to protect humanity. Being a soldier means sacrificing for the greater good. He steels himself and says that this inevitable and soldiers must protect humanity no matter the cost. But this perspective is one-sided. In his mind he puts soliders and humanity in 2 distinct groups. One protects the other. He is so used to thinking this way that it stunned him when Lasky said that soldiers are people too. They are part of humanity that needs protecting. This is the dichotomy between soldiers and humans. Lasky was not trying to deny chief his opinion. The thing is chief is too good at being a soldier. Too good at sacrificing that he lacks the other perspective. When u lose someone it's ok to grief. It's ok to be emotional. Lasky was just showing him the other side of the coin. The side that chief lacks due to his upbringing and indoctrination. It was definitely an eye opener for him in a good way. Stellar scene to wrap up the masterful stroytelling in Halo 4.
Amy Bruh🎄
Amy Bruh🎄 Aylar önce
100k dislikes so far and this game flopped bad
The Real Dyl
The Real Dyl Aylar önce
@Lofiseeker I'm not gonna sit here and argue with someone who uses "your so mad" unironically. Why don't you use insults better than a 3rd grader would use before you try to diss me
Lofiseeker Aylar önce
@The Real Dyl like your so mad because you keep calling me names you even deleted your previous reply lol i made my point pretty clear. Im done
The Real Dyl
The Real Dyl Aylar önce
@Lofiseeker OMG lol. You didn't just actually say that. You do realize you just admitted defeat right? I mean, your only rebuttal was "you so mad". You literally can't say anything now that would save you from looking like a loser lol. Thanks for the easy win
Dead Aylar önce
I just finished it yesterday. It's not my favourite Halo game but it's pretty good. My biggest complaint is that because of the open world all of the missions are in the same area which makes them all feel very similar and nothing is very memorable. It's either on the surface of the ring, which feels the same no matter where you are, inside a banished structure, or inside a forerunner structure. In previous games with a more structured mission order where you move through different locations every mission becomes way more memorable because they all look and feel very different. I couldn't tell you my favourite moment from Infinite because there's not really a single moment that stands out.
Insidious 28 gün önce
Honestly the whole open world is just there to give u more gameplay options imo, and its gonna be pretty hard topping halo 3,2 ce
Mike Stangel
Mike Stangel Aylar önce
This is a marvel of a game. Beautiful and balanced. Congrats to the devs for creating one of the best games made to date.
Michael Kiely
Michael Kiely 16 gün önce
@ibby hes kind of exaggerating tbh, but it was an amazing game, its definitely not as good as the bungie halo games though
TheOneButter 29 gün önce
@ibby lmao imagine being so pathetic not knowing what an opinion is
ibby Aylar önce
@TMR if speaking facts is trolling to you then so be it
TMR Aylar önce
@ibby troll somewhere else
ibby Aylar önce
What a joke lmao this ain't close to being one of the best games made to date, play better games...
ATTW Studios: Fantasy Stories and Worlds
The animation, modeling, and texture painting is so good! We are shooting to create stories with as much quality!
ChumashChey211 19 gün önce
I absolutely love this game! 👏 Halo Infinite brought me to tears and all the childhood memories that came along with it, Great Game! Great job! 👏👏
Dr Trashin
Dr Trashin Aylar önce
I was there with Halo CE when I was 12. And now I'm here for Halo infinite at 32. Feels good.
Larry Cave
Larry Cave Aylar önce
Same except I'm 33
Larry Cave
Larry Cave Aylar önce
Me too
DJ Aylar önce
Me too my friend!
Halo LASO master
Halo LASO master Aylar önce
Us OG fans are getting old!
Fuhk Whiteppl
Fuhk Whiteppl Aylar önce
@Ryan Bell lmfaooo
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez Aylar önce
I will say my favorite part of Halo 1 was driving around finding stranded survivors, protecting them, and freeing them. All in the effort towards building up the resistance. I think it would be cool for Master chief to start finding survivors hiding in halo and then your missions are helping them building up hidden reinforced areas and providing better equipment for them to begin fight back. So at first you’re the sole soldier fighting on Halo, but much later in the story you start seeing soldiers out in the wild doing gorilla style hits with the equipment/gear you provided them.
Supreme Studios
Supreme Studios Aylar önce
This is actually kind how FOBs and captured marines work. Just hand them all a arcane sentinel beam, get on a razorback and melt any enemy
Pilot: ,,You've got only one bullet against an army." Masterchief: ,,It's enough." Best and most badass Halo line ever :).
Eugene Aylar önce
Wow, this IS amazing! This is one of the most epic trailers so far
Spaceshark Gaming
Spaceshark Gaming Aylar önce
1:03 when the music hit I got goosebumps and total nostalgia.
Darkchief117 6 gün önce
Too bad they decided to not release that track.
Adam Hemgesberg
Adam Hemgesberg Aylar önce
I just finished the campaign. By far the BEST Halo in a very long time. I'd argue it's better then 3 or Reach. Not to mention they brought back a lot of classic soundtracks. I'm in love with this game
Wesley Holland
Wesley Holland Aylar önce
“The mission’s changed. They always do.” The delivery of that line is incredible.
kqlyS7 Aylar önce
@Shredder Orokusaki 60 fps? imagine playing in 60 fps in 2022, doesn't even own a 360hz monitor KEKW
Zach Aylar önce
It literally sounded like Jamie Hyneman
NorthernLaw Aylar önce
Looking to be Infinites Iconic line but who knows yet
Shredder Orokusaki
Shredder Orokusaki Aylar önce
@Jae's Clips You must see my videos i play all action games.
Shredder Orokusaki
Shredder Orokusaki Aylar önce
@Jae's Clips Compared to gtx 970 it was a huge upgrade bottleck dont matter because it runs evrything maxed 1440p 60 fps.
Justin's Journey
Justin's Journey Aylar önce
Oh my GOD!!! Love and souls have gone into this. I am SO appreciative for this profound experience being offered. Just wow!
Wheelin N’ Dealin
Please don’t nerf any of the weapons in multiplayer. Everything feels perfect I cannot believe how well this game flows. For once the assault rifle is useful.
Kabba45 Aylar önce
I have been mistaken what an amazing story and what a great ending and what a beautifully written ending for cortana sadly... Been a long time since a game has brought a tear to my eye and this one did it well.
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio 25 gün önce
Congratulations everyone, this game is amazing, breathtaking soundtrack, very fun gameplay, well constructed story, I loved the new I.A, very funny enemies, I look forward to the next game!!! Nice work guys👏👏👏
Sebastián B
Sebastián B Aylar önce
Nostalgic and epic, congratulations! Glad you learned from your mistakes, I just finished the campaign and I loved it. Look out for extreme Bungie fans, focus on fixing the multiplayer reward system and this will be a pretty much perfect game
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
This is so awesome. I’m fully on board the Halo hype train now. I’ve been excited but after watching all these trailers…this one especially, I am fully hyped.
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto Aylar önce
Bought my Series S last month just for this!!!! Loving multiplayer, it's a blast!!!
Adam West
Adam West Aylar önce
"You have one bullet against an entire army" Master chief: "it's enough" We missed you Spartan 117
Foxtrot Aylar önce
"You have one bullet against an entire army" "It's enough" pulls out an entire arsenal
Foxtrot Aylar önce
@My2Satoshis I know I'm just saying
My2Satoshis Aylar önce
It's an analogy lol. One person " one bullet "
Welcome to the show
Never forget when I first walked out on to that alien valley 20 years ago with the Halo skyline towering above it was and remains a goosebump gaming moment 🤘
Supreme Studios
Supreme Studios Aylar önce
Can’t say I feel it, as I only bought the McC yesterday but I really am enjoying it so far
Me encanto la campaña la disfrute como nunca, me recordó tanto a Halo 3. Espero poder seguir la aventura de Jhon 117 y su equipo 💯
Jameson Kampo
Jameson Kampo Aylar önce
Nicely done on the release /s Anyone that is running cover for MS or 343 is part of the problem with gaming in 2021. Why would you think it's okay to screw up a Day One release like this? I merely had a hunch I was living in the novel "1984" before, now it's confirmed. The amount of ineptitude on display from "AAA Title" developers is astounding. The people applauding or saying "mistakes are okay and common", even worse.
Reilly Herndon
Reilly Herndon Aylar önce
I was 6 or 7 years old when I first played halo ce. My mom wouldn't let me play it for obvious reasons but, once a week when I went to my dad's house he would. He would love to watch me play and we even played split screen sometimes. I vividly remember not being able to beat the mission 343 guilty spark because I was too scared to go forward. Until I played coop w my dad and he showed me there was nothing to be scared of. As I grew up halo grew with me over the years. I am so thankful for all of the memories this series has given to me. I miss you dad
MichiganCowboy Aylar önce
@Nathaniel Carrillo You do. His name is Jesus
MichiganCowboy Aylar önce
Your dad would want you to finish the fight
Philip B
Philip B Aylar önce
God Bless!
noodk Aylar önce
Brooo I remember my first online game was Halo 3. When I played the campaign where the Flood began to get introduced I could not play as I was too scared of them. I was around 8 years old. So my dad beat the flood levels for me. Glad to still have my dad with me! Halo 3 then became my favorite game as I learned what online multiplayer was, and that you could talk with other people through a microphone over a game. That was insane to me. The first online friends I ever had was from Halo 3.
Funny Lemons
Funny Lemons Aylar önce
I've shared memories with both my dad and little brother throughout all these years. Halo is one of a kind. I was 7 when it came out and it was a Christmas I'll never forget. Rest in peace to your father.
Felipe Abarca
Felipe Abarca Aylar önce
i've watched this trailer several times now. Can't wait for the release!!!!!
TheWPack911 17 gün önce
The Campaign was amazing, congrats 343 you finally nailed it!
diana aracely mendez
No puedo parar de gritar de felicidad , espero con ansias a qué se lance yaaa , para poder jugar
SOZO XD 26 gün önce
As someone who grew up with halo I can for sure say this Halo game is one of the best in the series. From gameplay to storyline I haven't been this invested in a game for the last decade. I'm having a blast this game should be game of the year imo.
iSpiteful Aylar önce
December 8th can't come soon enough!
ArkElementStudios Aylar önce
@ibby I've seen the 'evidence' on that tweet and to conclude, he's either lying or doesn't directly mean by how in terms of defining whether it was the campaign fully or not. Overall, everyone who has had access to the Campaign early only had the preview build, not the full campaign. GameRiot included had mentioned this too.
ibby Aylar önce
@ArkElementStudios the question asked to him is 'nick did you play the whole campaign' and his reply is yes, I think you got an answer lol you're mostly speculating while I'm showing proof Edit: nvm it keeps deleting the tweet where he says he's played the whole campaign but as I said you can search for yourself, if you have insta I can show you proof
ArkElementStudios Aylar önce
@UCMXPQycJn95vZJ6owvgFEPA Word for word? Or are you paraphrasing? Because ubernick could’ve only been talking about the “whole campaign preview”, not the actual full game which is absurd since 343i wouldn’t actually release the full game until Dec. 8th.
ArkElementStudios Aylar önce
@ibby I have watched UberNick and HiddenXperia’s videos and listened to them carefully. They did not and have not used any words in sentence that they’ve played the “whole campaign”. It is misleading and is incorrect information. GameRiot and other youtubers have structured the fact the Early Access they received was a Preview Build of the campaign, not the whole thing. The build is a structure of 4 hours worth, meaning that everything in that build is a concept of four hours so far, not how long they’re allowed to show which is ridiculous considering GreenSkull has been uploading countless videos (more than 4 hours worth of footage) of the campaign. Ps: you can literally copy the link of the sources and paste them in the reply box. You’ve either misunderstood what has been said or you are genuinely just confused by information that wasn’t shared correctly.
ibby Aylar önce
@ArkElementStudios it won't let me share tweets but halo TRvidrs such as hiddenxperia and ubernick got the same code for halo infinite and played the whole game, it's the same for everyone who played the campaign, idk where you lot got the idea that they are locked from the game after 4 hours lmao😭
MaeMin Aylar önce
Got my pre-order today! Can't wait for the story to go live!
John Kramer
John Kramer Aylar önce
Francesco Carta
Francesco Carta Aylar önce
This is beautiful. It truely feels like Halo again
Reignz Aylar önce
I love this!!!! It's so fun! just sitting on a couch playing this game with your controller while munching on cookies and crisps!
Alexander Gerszewski
Co-op should have been day one. not maybe in 4 months.
Cadhik Aylar önce
“You only have 1 bullet against an entire army” “it’s enough” I don’t care who you are. MC Is the biggest badass in all of gaming
Deleto Blue
Deleto Blue Aylar önce
"No" - Doom Slayer So inspirational 😭
Altruz Aylar önce
Ramirez445 Aylar önce
@Jack Milliken I've played doom. I'm not saying doom guy/slayer isn't a badass im just saying he isn't as badass as MC
Arby ‘n’ Chief
Arby ‘n’ Chief Aylar önce
@Ramirez445 yes
Arby ‘n’ Chief
Arby ‘n’ Chief Aylar önce
@Beworgen the arbiter and half jaw
Ryan Barbosa
Ryan Barbosa Aylar önce
5 years that's how long we waited for this moment now we are 5 hours away!!
Lammert Meijer
Lammert Meijer Aylar önce
Holy shit 343 you did a more than amazing job this game giving me vibes that I don't feel the last couple of years with gaming, what a experience much love and keep this up
Visible Aylar önce
What a time to experience something good in a while 😮‍💨
Tharrilicious Aylar önce
This trailer is absolutely spectacular!
ryan Aylar önce
"You have one bullet against an entire army" Chief: "It's enough." Proceeds to empty magazine on 3 mobs
Shredder Orokusaki
Shredder Orokusaki Aylar önce
i will kill all the aliens very brutally at max settings 1440p 60 fps on my monster PC RYZEN 7 1700 16 GB DDR4 3200MHZCL15 RX 6700XT 12 GB RED DEVIL MP 600 2TB WRITE:4950MB/S READ: 4250MB/S DELLP2416D 24'' 2560X1440 60 HZ IPS. That is Evrything that You Must Know!
ryan Aylar önce
Guys, I know it was a figure of speech. It's just a joke.
Lowraith Aylar önce
I mean... He finds more bullets after that conversation.
Tyler Barse
Tyler Barse Aylar önce
@ΣIN I know it can be both. But, I've seen the actual full cutscene, where it's very literal in the fact that chief only has a pistol with 1 bullet. Hell, I'll even agree with you that in the promotional sense, it IS used as a metaphor, that Chief', and by extension the player is the only bullet in the UNSC's gun against the Banished horde. I Just understand what people note about the Irony of the situation for that statement to come right before the video shows 3 magazines being fired off. I noted it watching this trailer right away, and I also understood the double meaning, from one of the previous trailers, where I saw the Pilot really only gives chief a pistol with one bullet. It's an edit that adds a bit of disconnect into the whole thing which distracts from the whole point of the metaphor.
JonSeegs206 Aylar önce
The trailer isn't meant to be viewed linearly. It's a compilation of moments packed into a single hype trailer, with a little bit of editing liberty throughout. As others have mentioned, that line is borrowed from a different part of the game, but does it make it any less awesome? :)
Bryce Mitchell
Bryce Mitchell Aylar önce
Oh my god this looks beautiful
Proper Aylar önce
I was like 7 when I first played Halo 3 with my dad. Nothing has changed since then, this is the best game series in the history of game series.
Gavin Baker
Gavin Baker Aylar önce
Couldn't agree with ya more friend, lets go!!!
unevenflaps Aylar önce
for the first time in a long time I'm counting down the days until the release of a game, it's gonna be so great to experience a halo game for the first time again
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto Aylar önce
Same, it's been years!
Jorge Lucas
Jorge Lucas Aylar önce
Loved so much the trailer!!
Wandering Endlessly
A moment of silence for all the fallen Spartans that did not make it to see/play halo infinite. We lost a lot of wonderful people to the pandemic, and just to the last 2 decades in general. RIP.
Mr Satan Man
Mr Satan Man Aylar önce
Spartans never die...
Blox117 Aylar önce
@Ryan Cameron have a good day too, conspiracy guy
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron Aylar önce
@Blox117 I think you got that reversed in a poor attempt at a response but whatever, have a good day.
Blox117 Aylar önce
@Ryan Cameron no that's your job as a conspiracy theorist
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron Aylar önce
@Blox117 Oh let me guess, next you're going to tell me the Earth is flat as well?
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Aylar önce
If this truly is as good as it looks, I can forgive every mistake you've ever made with Halo 343
Iain Douglas McWilliam
This is visually stunning 😍 much love ❤
Zeta Conflict
Zeta Conflict Aylar önce
343 I would love if there is a future update where marine sqaud can drive vehicles.. or even vehicle section in a dlc.. loving the open environment on infinite so far
West Clox
West Clox Aylar önce
A DAMN MASTERPIECE! Good job 343 good job!
Oasis Gaming
Oasis Gaming Aylar önce
Halo is the only game that can give me the feels. The music, the characters, the ring. Just over a week to go! 😍
Resul Baggio
Resul Baggio Aylar önce
@CHS_ Ambs83 i played and nothing even close to the feels of Halo. The moment Halo theme song hits, it's on a whole another level. There is simply no other game like it to give you that feel, and I've been playing video games since 92!
_a _
_a _ Aylar önce
cof cof god of war cof cof skyrim cof cof
Matthew Aylar önce
Freelancer837 Aylar önce
@CHS_ Ambs83 Any except Andromeda lol
CHS_ Ambs83
CHS_ Ambs83 Aylar önce
Never played any of the Mass Effects then.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
The animation, modeling, and texture painting is so good! We are shooting to create stories with as much quality!
Max Buchan
Max Buchan 26 gün önce
Just started playing today am obsessed with the new mechanics
Sammyb b
Sammyb b Aylar önce
343, you listened a f'n delivered. Nicely done and thank you soo much! Halo infinite has a touch of all the games in a good way and finally the lore matters. The story feels heavy again.
Crusty783 8 gün önce
One of the best games I've ever played
"You bave 1 bullet against an entire army" "Its enough" Feels like halo 2 writing and i love it
GT AgentCarolina91
GT AgentCarolina91 Aylar önce
@Denzel Washington "when I asked for reinforcements, I didn't think they'd send a spartan."
Owl Aylar önce
insaineven Bro I haven’t heard that at all with all the hate around it and I’ve been saying for a while that it’s what I THOUGHT they were doing. It is awesome to hear that this was the case
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington Aylar önce
@GJHLSNIPER I guess but i think it makes more sense for chief to be the bullet tho because he will infinitely kill to end it
@Denzel Washington nah he has a bullet but as he would presumably kill more enemies hed pick up more weapons thus *infinitely* killing
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington Aylar önce
Ok so is everyone taking this one bullet thing as if they literally have one bullet does it not mean that chief is the one bullet against the army or is it just a big joke because halo 2
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Aylar önce
Thank you 343 for updating slayer list I been spending my money where it counts my battle passes and armour upgrades this was the last thing I needed ❤️❤️❤️
David Harrison
David Harrison Aylar önce
"You have one bullet against an entire army"... "Its enough" chills!
ben barrett
ben barrett Aylar önce
so hyped, this takes me back to my childhood
le guac
le guac 12 gün önce
just finished it yesterday. not my personal favorite halo game (halo 3, halo 2, and halo reach I personally like more), but this does feel like a return to form for the franchise. 8/10
SuddenlyOranges Aylar önce
Looking forward to finishing the fight Infinite times
Darien Rodriguez
Darien Rodriguez Aylar önce
Looking forward for them to finish the game xD
Dustin Fletcher
Dustin Fletcher Aylar önce
Together, we will thrive with the search of fame, riches, prosperity... and the glory of the GAMER HOLE!
CallMeCloby Aylar önce
Aight, we all know the drill. Who's up for blowing up a *third* Halo Ring?
Ripped Hits
Ripped Hits Aylar önce
link2g7 Aylar önce
Well Ye but it’s not really the end so you aren’t really finishing the fight
Marius Aylar önce
This is shaping up to be something special!
Hyperior Vevo
Hyperior Vevo 16 gün önce
343 good job this is my second favourite campaign and one of the best games this year.
Tux Aylar önce
This is a certified hood classic
Muf Aylar önce
@Niklaus Mikaelson yes
Niklaus Mikaelson
Niklaus Mikaelson Aylar önce
Boyds of Paradise
Boyds of Paradise Aylar önce
The nostalgia vibes are strong with this one.
SweetNailClippings Aylar önce
Can't believe it's only nearly a week away from releasing...time sure does fly by, it's almost as if yesterday I was still watching Infinite get revealed for the first time at E3 2018!
Anton Larchey
Anton Larchey Aylar önce
Damn, it's been three years and a half ? Already ?
SweetNailClippings Aylar önce
@supersandwich yep, you can still see the trailer by searching up Halo Infinite E3 2018 Announcement Trailer or something like that
supersandwich Aylar önce
it was announced in 2018????
Moe Khalil
Moe Khalil Aylar önce
@WigWoo1 genius
Mystic 649
Mystic 649 Aylar önce
Man fr 😩 I remember getting goosebumps seeing chief
The Silent Observer
Five more days, and I'm a little bit excited. Doing my best to manage my expectations after Halo 5, but Infinite's campaign looks to be a good course correction by 343. Time will tell, and I'm looking forward to finding out on release day.
Jedi Ryder Gaming
Jedi Ryder Gaming Aylar önce
As someone who's been playing Halo since 2001, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS
ShmupLegend Aylar önce
I'm glad to see that Master Chief finally has an actual melee weapon and doesn't have to resort to using the butt of his rifle.
GuyWhoPaysTheRent Aylar önce
I’m already excited after playing the multiplayer betas, but now I’m especially excited.
DanielGamer117 Aylar önce
This looks great, it has all the potential to be one of the best campaigns in the saga
The Harbinger
The Harbinger Aylar önce
@Hamm As i said it all comes down to execution Halo 5 had some great ideas but it wasn't executed well if Infinite is executed well enough it can be really good
Hamm Aylar önce
@The Harbinger Well, I guess we just have different taste then :) cheers. I would say, if you're curious and don't want to wait another week, check out the leaked cutscenes and dialog. It really changes how I interpreted the level descriptions that were leaked, especially around the third act.
The Harbinger
The Harbinger Aylar önce
@Hamm i read the entire campaign script leaks and it looks really promising it just needs a good execution
Hamm Aylar önce
@The Harbinger Which ones? The early campaign level description ones? Or the data mined cutscenes and voice dialog? I suspect you didn't see the latter.
Reizor Beatz
Reizor Beatz Aylar önce
it don't have much emotion to out gun halo 2 or halo reach idk about the rest
CallMeCloby Aylar önce
The post-rock music fits sooo damn well for this game.
Unknownwill 4th
Unknownwill 4th Aylar önce
@Illian Ciende i think they meant the mp music
Illian Ciende
Illian Ciende Aylar önce
It's nice classic Halo music but as a post-rock enthusiast I can confidently say that ain't post-rock...
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