Halloween Kills - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Halloween Kills, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton , Thomas Mann, Anthony Michael Hall. Directed by David Gordon Green.




15 Eki 2021




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Tyler van matre
Tyler van matre Gün önce
I liked all of the movie until when Michael gets free at the end and kills everyone jumping him... HOW? ugh. I love Michael, but with how hyped up everyone(Especially Tommy) was, there's no way he could get the drop on all of them.
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan 2 gün önce
its was one of the worst movie why people liking it or trying tolike it
Geeky Nerdy
Geeky Nerdy 3 gün önce
“eViL dIeS tOnIgHt!”
Nick Chaplin
Nick Chaplin 4 gün önce
this movie sucked...You gave it way to much credit ...Why was any of these Halloween movies are ever made....Number 1....Its a cash grab...Its not about making a good movie...These directors can care less about script and acting..Number 2...THis was easy to make because its just another rehashed title from the 1970s that there is a following so basically its all about Money Money Money and no thought that goes into these movies..Number 3..Logic get thrown out the window and as reuslt we have Mike Myers rehashed for the billionth time...
RyanLeeProductions 5 gün önce
Still confused why Karen was wearing a Christmas sweater on Halloween night. No wonder she got killed by Michael.
Rob Miller
Rob Miller 5 gün önce
Jason > Michael, Freddy > no one, Charles ray lee > all
David Belenky
David Belenky 6 gün önce
Excellent review! Spot on. You nailed it. This one was for the fans. Not all of them. But the purists. Yeah, the hospital mob stuff was meh, but the throwback to 1978 was pure ecstasy.
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas
I forgot u like to cuss lol smh
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas
I was always scared of all the Halloween monster i can't only watch the document about the movie
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas
U look just like Chris Pratt
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas
Y would they do that.
Mammon Mammon
Mammon Mammon 12 gün önce
I'm sorry but Halloween kills is complete garbage I will never watch this movie ever again
true DeNofa
true DeNofa 12 gün önce
Hey Chris this movie was absolute pure trash in every aspect this lost everything just due to the blatant stupidity of the kills everyone just made the dumbest decisions that led to their death this was not smart I will surely not watch anymore of your reviews I guess this was entertaining for someone who only wants to see kill scenes no matter how badly they are setup but you know some people are just simps guess you’re one very cool
Hot Hands Sports Cards
So.... you no longer give honest reviews because you're making movies now and don't want to say negative things about them? This ruins the entire point and purpose of your channel. People come here for HONEST reviews. Not only good things about movies even if they're bad.
No Name
No Name 13 gün önce
It's not an actual horror movie tho. The kills are more for fun than they are to scare us
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 13 gün önce
Draft MM in the Navy and send him to Afghanistan. Imagine MM in Lone Survivor instead of Marky Mark
DreamZcape 14 gün önce
compared to Halloween 2 2009 this movie was a total joke .Some good kills but the story is laughable at best.
Naeem Ayub
Naeem Ayub 14 gün önce
How is this guy being so fair and talking so nicely about a movie that was utter shit, but other movies he goes so ham on... we don't have the same taste
rxmi 15 gün önce
the people in this movie made so many dumb decisions
Jimmy MacKinley
Jimmy MacKinley 15 gün önce
Where did you get that shirt? I need it
Dont Sheep
Dont Sheep 15 gün önce
Wow this movie was complete garbage
Abhijeeth Nambiar
Abhijeeth Nambiar 15 gün önce
Chris ....iam a huge fan of your reviews and verdicts.....soo I would like to suggest you to a movie according to your taste.... please watch an Indian Movie named CHURULI..... streaming on SONY LIV....it would be great to see your review for that.....Thank you ❤️
Bunder 16 gün önce
Wait I haven't been here in a while, he doesn't grade the movies anymore?
Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner 16 gün önce
You clearly went into both films wanting them to suck. Such a bad vibe just to hear you review this. At least put your showmenship into it
Kyinn 16 gün önce
This was a complete train-wreck of a movie, to the point where it became completely parodic. Horrible writing, laughably unlikeable characters while adding nothing to the Halloween-franchise. ❌
JordanRTK 16 gün önce
I hated this one as much as the last! The plot conveniences just put me off so much. They have about as much believability as Fast and the Furious.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 18 gün önce
I like this movie
Axe 18 gün önce
this movie is so bad its just so so bad its really been a while since i watched a very bad movie omg what a waste of time
That Dude Moe
That Dude Moe 19 gün önce
Anyone remember Jason Vs. Freddy? Imagine they redo that, but at the end, have Micheal come beat the snot out of both of them!
P 20 gün önce
The whole movie was like watching random extra clips that got edided out from the first movie cause it was unnessecery. The acting, the prevalence, whole plot or raher the lack of it. Horrible, horrible movie.
Shannon Washington
Shannon Washington 20 gün önce
They need to bring back Danielle Harris "Jamie"
Shannon Washington
Shannon Washington 20 gün önce
They need to bring back Jamie in Halloween ends
Shannon Washington
Shannon Washington 20 gün önce
What ever happened to Jamie?????
Shannon Washington
Shannon Washington 20 gün önce
I have 1 question....... Where is "JAMIE"???????
The Film Effect
The Film Effect 21 gün önce
One of the many problems I have with this movie and the 2018 film is the lack of stalking. In the original film, he chooses his victims carefully and then waits till the time is right to kill them. He slowly picks them off one by one and doesn't just kill them at the first opportunity. There is a method to his madness. That's a part of his character that was missing in these new films.
Abigail Nichols
Abigail Nichols 20 gün önce
I mean, I can kinda see it. Although with the three kids on the swing set they said he was "popping in and out" of their sight, like he was sort of toying with them. I think they got at least that point right in the movie -- and the car scene was another reference to the first one where he jumped onto Marion's car. I appreciate that they put in a lot of references to the og, but the film HEAVILY relies on nostalgia instead of making it it's own thing, which I think is why I prefer 2018 a little more lmao
camf33 21 gün önce
Thank you Chris and the others that have acknowledged the 70s throw back picture.. it was indeed amazing and as a fan of the original it sure made me feel like I was watching a continuation of the original film. Kudos on that department, the music was alright, too overly done on the modern side that it almost lost the feel of the original tracks. All in all WAY better than the 2018 by far!
Momomils 298
Momomils 298 22 gün önce
This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.
Robert McElwaine
Robert McElwaine 22 gün önce
3/10 I'm surprised that Chris actually liked In spite of the flashback scenes to 1978 where they brought back Donald Pleasance being very well done it was overall a bit of a joke The mob scenes in the hospital were laughably cartoonist, and how anyone could mistake that mental patient who looked like the Penguin was eye raisingly ridiculous Most of the characters are idiots, and the movie just descends in to further idiocy toward the end
fafafagat 22 gün önce
Fuck I haven't watched any Halloween movies but this movie made Myers mad unthreatning. Myers HEAVILY depends on stupid people to survive. They had the cunt dead to rights and they just stand around him instead of executing him. The stupidity the pissed me off the most is that everyone fucking treats guns like melee weapons as if bullets won't harm Myers unless you're with in melee range. Horror movies will always be shit if the victims act like retards. Myers would be so much scarier if the victims were smart but Myers would always be smarter. Even if you use guns from a distance, even if you don't split up, even if you wait for backup, Myers would still find a way to kill you and/or escape. THAT would make Myers scary. Fuck the writers of this movie.
eazy123 22 gün önce
If you actually enjoyed the movie, you’re probably not an adult. This garbage was just unrealistic. He is invincible and kills half the town in under 20 minutes after being shot and stabbed🤣😂 TRASH
zahire Coates
zahire Coates 23 gün önce
Most of the Cast was hot mess & ending was terrible. It was that bad I was rooting for Michael the whole movie
Adrián Eduardo
Adrián Eduardo 23 gün önce
I like Karsten Runquist
Lila Montoya
Lila Montoya 23 gün önce
I didn't think it was that great....
Manwolf 23 gün önce
I like Kills more than the 2018, I saw Michael as a grim figure, not a man, like he can’t feel pain but can get tired after significant damage, but hides it and regenerates a whole year, but in the last film, he didn’t take much damage other than the fire, which just pissed him off, the end is like his “video game” fight or flight rage special, and kills them fuckers all kinds of dead
Danielle Minerva
Danielle Minerva 23 gün önce
I would have been more impressed if they showed the actual 1978 clips. How dumb to try and re-enact it. Was an absolute miss for me! Blecckkkk!
Paulus lind
Paulus lind 23 gün önce
Exactly,at first I thought,ok, it's like they are rather than showing sequel stuff they are showing a different angle like in a video game,at first i thought,this could be fun,but,i saw faults in that but still didn't give up,even though Loomis sounded as much like him as what it was,a cheap imitation,but if it got better I could have let it slide but it didn't and the movie just got worse,then it became cheesy and corny,poor script,there was nothing I liked about it,it was just a pile of puke as far as I was concerned! Mind you I killed a fly earlier I better not open the window there are 30 house flies with various weaponry squeaking through their mandibles "EVIL DIES TONIGHT" I better be careful
Danielle Minerva
Danielle Minerva 23 gün önce
Danielle Minerva
Danielle Minerva 23 gün önce
Danielle Minerva
Danielle Minerva 23 gün önce
This was like HS drama class overacting like crazy! Baaaaaaddddd!!!!!!
Danielle Minerva
Danielle Minerva 23 gün önce
This “movie” was the biggest insult to die hard Halloween fans! Anyone who liked it even a little and didn’t totally despise it is someone I need to be very cautious of.
TheLivingRoomHero 23 gün önce
Carpenter nailed it with this movie! Absolutely loved it!
Edward Oberon
Edward Oberon 24 gün önce
just popping in to remind everyone : Evil Dies Tonight 🥳🥳🥳
Anthony Lambertini
Anthony Lambertini 24 gün önce
The movie sucks. A person would have to have a very shallow imagination of sensible entertainment to really enjoy the film and think it was a good movie..... No, that's too nice to say so I'll put it this way. A person would have to be a low IQ unenlightened half-wit to believe that this was a good film and that it makes sense. I give the movie a D+. My reasons are because of the following facts: 1. The plot went in scattered directions, like when a shotgun goes off and the pellets spread. It was hard to follow. 2. The kill scenes were ridiculous and too dumb and gory to accept. Two examples: - The cop accidently shoots his partner because Myers was holding him as a target. After that Myers drops the body and walks away like he's a robot. - The mob scene at the end of the movie. He gets stabbed 3 times, shot 5 times, gets lured into the street, and is beat to a pulp by a mob group with sticks, bats, etc. Lastly the woman stabs him deeply in the back of the lower neck with a big knife. He's out cold. Then after a short time he gets up and kills everyone left standing around, as if they didn't even touch him. What? Doesn't anybody learn? Get an axe and chop his head off, you morons. 3. Lastly, Laurie Strode is stuck in the hospital and never leaves it. Myers never looks for her in the hospital. Why? He lost interest? She's an easier target at this point. Despite the mob of angry self righteous people, he could have easily slipped pass them and got to her. 4. To even suggest that Michael may be a supernatural entity is not only deceitful to the viewers after so many movies of him being an actual man, but also doesn't make sense. That is so stupid to finally make the revelation that he just might be a non-human idea of the mind. That's like saying after all the Saw movies that the doll and killings are all just a metaphor of the mind to represent evil in the world today. What kind of stupid people come up with this stuff? It's called working for Hollywood and being American. Conclusion The movie really failed as a "middle movie" as it were (hint: Halloween 4 was more interesting and easier to accept as a middle movie). An old man in his 60s takes all that beating, almost missing a hand, shot multiple times and is still killing at large in less than 24 hours. Really? Ridiculous, stupid, obnoxious, and illogical nonsense.
John Henningfield
John Henningfield 24 gün önce
this film was nothing more than a cash grab, it went totally against the Halloween aesthetic & format. No slow burn or build-up it was just kill the mudda' fucka's, legacy characters were put there for the kill count and only Lindsay survived..it just ticked me off grrrrr
Mike Garrens
Mike Garrens 24 gün önce
This movie was dumb!
Alejandro Richards Chavez
You don’t grade the movies anymore?
Shoń 24 gün önce
Woww thanks for the spoiler warning now I know there’s a third one 🥲
Irish Marie
Irish Marie 25 gün önce
This movie was awful. Very disappointing.
Casamia 25 gün önce
this movie is hilarious.. seriously LOL this michael does not run. He walks, casually.. But they never be able to catch him. Cant even shoot him in 1,5m, missed shots, 3 times!! like hes literally in front of the cop, walking by... rofl aand of course no one can outrun him, when hes walking :D This woman runs like crazy from him, n hes just walking, again, casually aaaand the woman decided to stop running n hide instead of keep running .. lol Oh, hes inside his house, lets 3 of us take down this giant-strong-immortal-apexpredator by ourselves..... Oh we finally be able put him down! yeay! lets take off his mask instead of making sure that he is really dead.... ups Oh hey! finally be able to put him down! oh sh*t, not again.. ok 2.... now lets fight him one by one so he can stab each and every last of us.. oh, if u have stick or anything long, wait till you on his reach to swing it! and REMEMBER! NEVER aim his head!
Tanjiro Koto
Tanjiro Koto 25 gün önce
hahahahaha.... i feel like the movie felt so cheesy...... kinda fun tho, its 5.5/10
C Mitchell
C Mitchell 25 gün önce
While watching this is in an empty theater, I felt I was missing something. Hadn't watched the 2018 film and wasn't sure if this continued on from h20. I'll go watch 2018 now that you connected it for me. Past that, I laughed so much during this film. The kills, the over the top madness that was the mob, the deaths...it was merely a bloodbath just cause. But it makes much more sense going forward. Give MM his dues and hand him his ass in the next film. I'd like to see this legacy come to an end during my lifespan. Evil dies some other night and I'm ok with that.
Andrew A
Andrew A 25 gün önce
Michael got apprehended by a handful of police man and was locked up for 40 years but can just survive 20 firefighters with axes and chainsaws because this film has no logic. By just making him immortal it just makes him less realistic and less scary. It seems the only reason he is immortal is because they have another film coming out and he just needs to be alive. When the previous film had characters who said 'he is unstoppable' I thought this needed to be interpreted through the lens of someone who has been traumatised but this film takes the literal definition which means that the previous movie loses some of it's complexity. The mums character who they have been building up from the last movie and this movie dies with absolutely 0 build up.
CarlaDNews4U 26 gün önce
This was the dumbest Halloween ever it was so bad that it was good !
She-Rides0 3The-Night
She-Rides0 3The-Night 26 gün önce
I was stunned at how "kills" ended. Boggles my mind at how stupid these characters where in this movie. I love every movie but damn the characters......
King $oul
King $oul 25 gün önce
First time?
WinningLife 27 gün önce
It’s crazy this series still around it’s like terminator. First two the best
James Crooms
James Crooms 27 gün önce
It was stupid as hell
The Dude
The Dude 27 gün önce
You got stab in the fuckin heart! Laurie the Beast it's a paper cut!
BigMac 27 gün önce
This movie: Dumb character go brrr
Der Franzlnator
Der Franzlnator 27 gün önce
I liked the previous one and this one has some major flaws I think. Can someone tell who was the main character in this movie?
SMM 89
SMM 89 28 gün önce
The whole movie felt pretty unnecessary. I feel like the point of it was to show that Michael wasn’t after Laurie, but I feel like that could’ve been done in a one liner or something. Just want to see the end of the story.
Bauer RAT
Bauer RAT 28 gün önce
I unashamedly love all the Halloween films
Anthony Pugh
Anthony Pugh 28 gün önce
I didn't like this movie one bit. Especially the whole hospital scenes.
DTower 182
DTower 182 28 gün önce
Loved Halloween 2018 but didn’t love this one. For me it wasn’t scary, there was no build up, and there were so many kills that it became numbing to the point that I didn’t feel invested in anything. Scenes just happened, one after another, with no cause and effect. Also, this turning the town into monsters angle was done in Halloween 4. They accidentally shot a civilian, and they showed it in less than half the time. I also don’t really watch horror films to see disposable characters be brutally and mindlessly murdered every other minute. This film dropped the ball, I feel.
steven G
steven G 28 gün önce
whats this guy talking about? this was nothing like the first Halloween movie and it was terrible.
NEON KUE 28 gün önce
The flashback remakes caught me off guard on how authentic it looked. Almost thought it was deleted footage they’ve been holding onto for years lol
darius bautista
darius bautista 29 gün önce
@chris stuckmann... Review "the good son" ;)
Donovan Delaney
Donovan Delaney 29 gün önce
It would be nice if your opinion was real. But it’s not.
Jocurl 28 gün önce
Liking ur own comment omega
Donovan Delaney
Donovan Delaney 29 gün önce
Halloween Kills is the number one movie in the world right now.
swavezmartin 29 gün önce
This movie was dope loved it
Alec Thom
Alec Thom 29 gün önce
the creepy guy from you is in the movie
YouTube Commentor
YouTube Commentor 29 gün önce
"Waiting for tonight..."
Get Confirmed
Get Confirmed 29 gün önce
Probably the worst film I’ve seen in my life
where am i
where am i 25 gün önce
You must have seen very, very few films
stevenkinast 29 gün önce
I met H2O
stevenkinast 29 gün önce
Do u have a review for H2H and Halloween Ressurection???
new0033 Aylar önce
Awful movie. Go watch originals!
Jamal Wilkins
Jamal Wilkins Aylar önce
This movie was shi
get TheCash
get TheCash Aylar önce
Don't know why they're trying to make him seem superhuman. Jason would body him
Alex Knight 009
Alex Knight 009 Aylar önce
* Hi Chris. That was a good review. You've probably noticed that there's fans on both sides of the fence, as far as whether these new Halloween films can be connected to the other films, or whether they should not be. For anyone who is interested, I figured out how this new trilogy can be connected to all of the other Halloween films(including Halloween III), but not the Rob Zombie ones. * There's really only 3 continuity problems that would need to be worked out, and I think I managed to do it(in an effort to please the fans that would like the other Halloween films to somehow work with these new ones, which incidentally, I am one of those kind of fans, obviously), if you'll bare with me. The first continuity problem, is that they say that Michael Myers was in Smith's Grove for 40 years. They did not say that he was in Smith's Grove for the "past" 40 years. * So I went back and added up all the time that he spent in Smith's Grove(15 years, from 1963 to 1978, then 1989 to 1995, then 1996 to 2014, and then 2017 to 2018). Lets do the math (1963 to 1978 = 15, 1989 to 1995 = 6, 1996 to 2014 = 18, and 2017 to 2018 = 1, for a grand total of.......wait for it.......40 years). To explain that, after he murdered his older sister Judith in 1963, he spent 15 years in Smith's Grove, from 1963 to 1978. Then he was busted out of jail by "The Cult of Thorn"(which is simply an anagram for "The Cult of Muck Olla" Lord of the Dead. * They merely discovered Michael Myers. They did not make him what he was. Although, they had been tracking his bloodline for millenia. However, they *were* direct descendants of the original druids that placed the very special "Curse of Muck Olla" upon Michael Myers some 2,500 years ago, or thereabouts, in Michael's original incarnation, when he was named "Enda".....Enda Myer's perhaps?), but I digress. When they busted him out of jail, they took him to Smith's Grove(which is where the cult was operating out of), and they kept him there for 6 years. * Then, the only way you can work "H20" and "Resurrection" into the mix, is by saying that H20 is taking place in 2015, and Resurrection is taking place in 2017. When you see Michael open his eyes at the end of Resurrection, he somehow goes from the morgue, back to Smith's Grove again, for another year, which takes us up to "Halloween: Face Your Fate"(2018). * So Michael spent a total of 40 years in Smith's Grove(if you add up all the time that he spent there), but he did *not* spend the "last" 40 years in Smith's Grove. This comment is getting kind of long, so I'll cut it off here, but if anyone is interested in hearing about the resolutions to the other 2 continuity problems, feel free to ask me any questions you want to.................Thank you.
Paul Sarson
Paul Sarson Aylar önce
After 5 viewings i still love this film! Avoiding EVERYTHING leading up to films is the way forward!
wickedfuctup Aylar önce
But Michael wasn't murdering for 40 years straight. Only a few people had a vested interest to go after him. The whole premise didn't make sense. The mob mentality scenes were cringe. Chris... what happened to your channel? I know you have to play nice guy from now on but you're selling out and your reviews are way off the mark since you refuse to say anything bad about cinema moving forward since your directing debuts soon. This movie had sooooo much stupid shit in it, it's laughable and you didn't comment on not even one of them, like how mobs of people split up into small groups so they could be killed and when Michael's stabbed in the back with a pitch fork, she lets him get up and follow her so a small mob of people, with bats, a hockey stick, brass knuckles and no guns, beats him, so he can kill like 20 of them. So friggin dumb.
Giacomo Xxi
Giacomo Xxi Aylar önce
This was a 3/10 at best if your a real Halloween fan. Truly didn’t understand the reason of the cop in the beginning? Don’t know why Jamie was in this movie she virtually did nothing but lay in the hospital bed describing what we seen in previous films. The killings were super PG13 and pointless (why did he make the woman watch him stab her husband Michael doesn’t do that). Lastly, I never seen such oblivious & horrified acting as if people don’t know who this guy is or have any way to securely defend themselves. Felt rushed and no true story to this film but other peoples flashbacks and experiences that we already know about.
JB Aylar önce
It sucked. I saw the original in the theatre....so nothing about this tripe was more annoying than them continuing to say it was "40 years ago"....like that really means anything in canon....like in the first movie IF they had said..."just wait 40 years to see what we have to deal with then.." but no. And people dont say...you remember it was 20 years ago or 40 years ago or whatever when.....no...they say you remember when that guy killed off all those people when we were kids?? And really....a talent show at a tiny bar on Halloween??? Makes no sense. Look, if Tommy had been sitting there drunk and crying and staggered up and grabbed the mic and started going off about the murders ....that would have been far more believable. Why do all of them still live in Haddonfield? Making Loomis a bad guy?? The big kill off of the whole vigilante group was .....listen to me....the ONLY part of this trash worth seeing. Ok....maybe the other murder spree at the park. This movie sucks and was very badly written or thought out...or not thought out. Really bad script. Someone should make a nothing but kills edit because yep, that is all this horrible thing is worth.
First Tent On The Right
This movie is absolutely fucking terrible
Antonio Centeno
Antonio Centeno Aylar önce
Halloween 2018 introdueced me to the world of Haloween, when i saw the movie i was in absolut "Awww" cause for a horror movie it was very well done, the kills where really good and made me wonder for the original movie, i watched it, i liked it, though i felt i´d definetly would like it more growing in the 80´s cause now is a bit outdated (sorry) but fundamentally very good, then saw the second and it was less good, yet still acceptable and then the rest was just a shit show. Obviously as a fan of the 2018 movie i felt like HK throw the script away to make a more gory violent film, my desilusion lasted like two minutes, then i just shuted up about it cause the franchise is not that good anyway, but watching Michael Myers murder people is always gonna worth it, so even though i´d like the movie been more like it´s predecesor i canpt complain, i had a great time watching it, the flashbacks where amazaing and Michal is truly the star of the movie.
Lady A
Lady A Aylar önce
Cool shirt. Where can I purchase one?
Ray Allen
Ray Allen Aylar önce
I will not watch a movie until I get stuckmann’s review .
Chelsea Tayla
Chelsea Tayla Aylar önce
Every time someone spoke in this film, I cringed. The acting, script, and dialogue was so cringe and took itself way too seriously. I'm all for brutal kills or even a cheesy slasher flick, but it needs to be self-aware. For me, it wasn't so bad it was good, it was just bad unfortunately.
libradawg9 Aylar önce
You're missing the point. This town has only been *slowly chipped away by this madman * if the previous sequels existed. Besides that, they had one dark moment 40 years ago. In most cases a copycat would be the assumption. Yet this entire town wastes the entire 2nd act by staging an uprising - in a fucking HOSPITAL?? I beg you to watch the last two movies as if they were real sequels to the original and tell me any of this makes sense.
Forever Furlough
Forever Furlough Aylar önce
I thought it was the best Halloween going. Literally everything about this movie beats any other. Guy with the baseball bat should of died quicker though
Atticus Felix
Atticus Felix Aylar önce
The performances in this movie were baaaad
BeardedButtCrack Aylar önce
Why didn't it get a rating from him?
Samson Aylar önce
This movie was essentially a dark comedy. I honestly think the writers were just having fun and didn’t take it too seriously. I just don’t believe that they were trying to be serious at all in this movie. It’s self aware and it’s just a fun movie. Having said that I can’t say it’s a good movie at all if you’re trying to take this a a serious movie. It’s just too cheesey throughout. The kills were the best I’ve seen in a slasher movie. That’s obviously the best part of these movie. If you want to see some serious gore this is the ticket right here ladies and gentlemen.
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