Half Moon Bay shootings may have been triggered by $100 repair bill, DA says 

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A farmworker accused of shooting and killing seven people in Half Moon Bay had longstanding work-related grievances but may have been triggered by a $100 repair bill over a farm-equipment crash, the San Mateo County district attorney said Friday.
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26 Oca 2023




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@sootuckchoong7077 10 aylar önce
I'm sure it's some other factors rather than just the $100 like being bullied constantly that he can't stand it anymore. He just blows up steam.
This is a horrific story. My condolences to all the families who lost a loved one. Things like this shouldn’t happen. I hope this man who killed these people can get the help that he needs. Because there has to be something wrong with him to cause such an unforgivable crime.
@Bdjwjrhrhr 10 aylar önce
$100 ..for damage to EQUIPMENT . THE COMPANY HAS INSURANCE TO COVER THAT AND NOT MAKE A EMPLOYEE PAY OUT OF POCKET…SERIOUSLY THIS BUSINESS HAS A CAN A WORMS ABOUT TO BURST… paying them 9 dollars a hour, living in containers with no kitchens or proper bathrooms for units…we also need to investigate the owners
@gumonmyshu 10 aylar önce
IKR...sounds like the employer is Asian too.
@zhaneranger 10 aylar önce
This mushroom farm really does have some skeletons in its closet it seems
@Mathin3D 10 aylar önce
Yes, investigate the owners and abusive practices. Normal people just do not explode on $100 alone - there's gotta be many other factors involved.
@minxili3317 10 aylar önce
There's actually a lot more farms like this too.
@skippy6086 10 aylar önce
I love my golden retrievers more and more each new day of human news.
@McDago100 10 aylar önce
Really? I like the snakes I see at the park I walk at more and more. I personally wish I had a yard, so I could get a dog of some kind. Golden retrievers are awesome by the way.
@Vilanennlyy 10 aylar önce
Things added up to evil acts, it’s not just because of $100.00 When you push the people to the wall they will fight back. God always want us to be kind to our brothers and sisters.
@garycallihan4206 10 aylar önce
On another note: Mr. Cardoza, an excellent lawyer with whom I have sought his services three times in 25 years; quite satisfied, I have been, with the results.
@baronsamedi7304 10 aylar önce
Oki doki yoda
@345mrse 10 aylar önce
His vocational counselor sure sent him in the wrong direction for a career. Wow.
@345mrse 10 aylar önce
Kamle Harris I'm thinking more like a Special Forces assassin.
@Black-English 10 aylar önce
Kamle Harris orrr he could've gotten whatever mandarin speaking Job he wanted asian ppl are everywhere looking for workers.
@Mrfigity 10 aylar önce
Mental note: be kind to my coworkers…..
@boris8787 10 aylar önce
I wish HMB was like the town of Chillingbourne - no homicides ever!!
@NFiltr8Red 10 aylar önce
Damn, some peoples lives are only worth $100
@jeschr3462 10 aylar önce
Its not the $100. Its the deep disrespect that people feel.
@willywinkles 10 aylar önce
Free my mans Chi
@brucegreen5781 10 aylar önce
@@jeschr3462 lol that’s pretty cheap actions speak louder than words🔫😋
@humbaba_7730 10 aylar önce
@@Black-English that’s not an excuse. some ppl are like that.
@therealpillventage628 10 aylar önce
People need to be free from this chaos and live the way God intended on their own land without being interrupted
@hello-vy5lb 10 aylar önce
The real pill is that there is no god.
@therealpillventage628 10 aylar önce
@@hello-vy5lb 😂🤣😅
@chinatownboy7482 10 aylar önce
It all makes sense now. $100 is a lot of money for someone who only makes $9.
@johnyang6969 10 aylar önce
He would've gotten the death sentence immediately if he pulled something like this in China. California needs to do better in the criminal justice system, or let street justice handle him.
@johnyang6969 10 aylar önce
@@user-db2sq4ie9w What I meant is he's definitely getting death sentence. And when I said immediately, I meant they won't take years just to get him on death row like how it is in America. And in China, its most likely guarantee death sentence for someone to pull this kinda bs. Even if it's just 1 person killed by a knife, it's death sentence in China. They don't f around and side with criminals in other countries unlike here in liberal CA
@user-db2sq4ie9w 10 aylar önce
@@johnyang6969 Thank you for your reply.
@cindymmm11 10 aylar önce
@@johnyang6969 , agree. Put these criminals away.
@yld629 10 aylar önce
Capitalism truly creates a utopian society...
@Versace71 10 aylar önce
If sure did know what he was doing he knew who he was killing
@charmncute3649 10 aylar önce
Not speaking for the killer, but those farms who treat their workers very nicely, are they reliable of their treatment?
@13lood13ath 10 aylar önce
@rrtds9378 10 aylar önce
$100, not a good excuse to kill someone, it's peanuts, but then again a $100 may seem like $1million to some
@Mathin3D 10 aylar önce
$100 alone, no. But abusive practices at the job site definitely. Investigation into those outfits is in order.
@ToddDunning 10 aylar önce
A reminder to never, ever bill for an even $100. Always go a few bucks over or below.
@Holiday_Ringo 10 aylar önce
Wow they are quick to tell us the motive on this one🤔 atleast he wasnt manipulated by someone to do this to subtly advance taboo social and political agendas
@willywinkles 10 aylar önce
Rush Hour 4 looks sick
@DannyShaw3388 10 aylar önce
Some psychopaths can be triggered to take action by a few stimuli which in this case are Monterey Park Massacre and $100 dispute.
@xtc0 10 aylar önce
it's the little things that set me off too.
@MMM-go4pl 10 aylar önce
he looks like someone who gets angry easily and need anger management
@JesusIsReal925 10 aylar önce
It's more than the bill. He was obviously underpaid and bullied.
@InsiderBoy 10 aylar önce
So treat your employees like trash until they break then pretend to care? Yeah, blood is on the hands of these owners.
@Funcentric 10 aylar önce
He was bullied at two farms? Makes zero sense.
@markcrume 10 aylar önce
@RailWayBandit 9 aylar önce
Bring back the Death Penalty! 👊🏼
@Versace71 10 aylar önce
was $100 worth to get life in jail or death penalty
@gumonmyshu 10 aylar önce
Dead guy in heaven: I still wants mah hunnit dolla, you sunnanabeech!
@E_Clampus_Vitus 10 aylar önce
You DON’T mess with a man’s pay!!
@Anthony-dj4nd 10 aylar önce
That's why you don't bully people.....those people might have had it coming!
@garyspence2128 10 aylar önce
Two people's wives had it coming?? Is that what you're saying? Hope you don't own any weapons, if I may say. Not bullying. Just very concerned about someone excusing mass murder, no matter what may have triggered this madman!
@Three-crows 10 aylar önce
First, why would you believe anything this murderer puts out and second, all bullies are beasts but no one has the right to snap and kill them.
@exalkalibor924 10 aylar önce
@@garyspence2128 when your snap you lose the reasoning of who's the casualty civilians and who's your target. Everyone just becomes your enemy. Dont push people to that edge every person has a savage barbaric inside of them.
@georgehugh3455 10 aylar önce
@@exalkalibor924 Or perhaps the dude was justifiably at fault for the "massive" fine of $100, just like sometimes people get speeding tickets - Should we suspend all rules and stop all enforcement mechanisms simply because _some people_ might get pushed to "that edge"?
@@garyspence2128 As Danny Trejo once said " I don't care if you're a mangey dog I'd rather have you for a friend than an enemy"
@mikeo3589 10 aylar önce
And how much money are we going to spend on this? Did he do it? Yes! Done!!!
@mwu1103 10 aylar önce
So, being paid $9/HR and they gave him a $100 repair bill. I guess i can understand why the guy snapped
@anon21341 10 aylar önce
doesnt mean he should kill people
@rhp_6926 10 aylar önce
@@anon21341 No it doesn't. But if you push people who have nothing a little too far and a little too long, this is what can happen.
@jessiejoseph1093 10 aylar önce
I agree. This shines a light on how farm workers are treated in this facility. It is a horrible tragedy.
@tomc878 10 aylar önce
@@rhp_6926 exactly...In life every action you make just be ready for reaction.
@slconley 10 aylar önce
You should see a therapist immediately if you think that is a reasonable reaction.
@urwomansfantasy4163 10 aylar önce
People are getting the same way about their eggs and groceries.
@gonzosmith4456 10 aylar önce
Was it 100 dollar bill. He was charged by the company? Because they said it is for farm equipment? And if that's the case, how can you charge an employee for breaking farm equipment?
@sdfsdfsdfsdf9966 10 aylar önce
These guys are literally modern day slaves. Of course the employers can do that.
@gonzosmith4456 10 aylar önce
@@sdfsdfsdfsdf9966 I guess I'll just be fired. I have never heard met an employer could charge you for breaking something. What law is this under?
@sdfsdfsdfsdf9966 10 aylar önce
@@gonzosmith4456 there is no such law. Laws don't protect slaves like these people. Why do you think slavery exists??
@kingarchnyc 10 aylar önce
Just for $100… 🤦‍♂️
@DannyShaw3388 10 aylar önce
Long term bullying is the major cause obviously. Everybody knows deep in the heart.
@tvdinner325 10 aylar önce
So, he had problems with 2 different employers and co-workers. He, is the common denominator.
@edsilva54 10 aylar önce
Well don't mess with my money
@MichaelHemotoxin 10 aylar önce
Reminds me of killdozer but 1000000x worse
@tooeasy852 10 aylar önce
Ppl say is only a 100 dollar think about the long time bullying and metal harass. Ppl with their low iq comments 😂
@tooeasy852 10 aylar önce
@The Bonnie to Your Clyde YES I have the freedom to ? what are you going to do ? You going to stop me ? lol 🤣
@ms.sausages 10 aylar önce
For you sympathizers: If someone gets a speeding ticket and has to go to court, would they be justified to light the courtroom up? NO!!! He should've taken responsibility!
@Kinglucero2021 10 aylar önce
$100 how?????that is chump change why take a life
@gumonmyshu 10 aylar önce
That's right, chump change. Employer could have just gave him a warning and brushed it off.
@jakel3424 10 aylar önce
Modern-day slaves. We are all slaves.
@ms.sausages 10 aylar önce
Hmph, maybe you are!
@peterphom4505 10 aylar önce
the truth is if he is mentor he can't be charge with murder
@345mrse 10 aylar önce
@Three-crows 10 aylar önce
Not true in most circumstances. Read California rules of Court regarding competency in a felony trial. A judge must order a psychiatric evaluation and said evaluations are extremely thorough - stringent criteria must be met for a person to be assessed as not competent to stand trial. (And the evils are designed to detect malingering, or more commonly, faking.
@bkwil6078 10 aylar önce
Channel 2 can you start asking some questions like hey governor don't you feel responsible for innocent people being killed by criminals You're the sole reason why people can't carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves you threaten law-abiding citizens with jail if they're caught with a concealed weapon but yet let criminals out of jail on a continuous basis with a slap on the hand for serious crimes then they go and pray on law-abiding citizens....... Tough this gun control in the nation and you guys don't understand it criminals don't obey laws and it only affects law-abiding citizens you all have blood on your hands live with that
@jarrodyuki7081 10 aylar önce
@libiure 10 aylar önce
the 'motive' was possession of a murder weapon - now we know the 'excuse' was over a $100 - the murderer wasted thousands of dollars on murder weapons, so he didn't have $100 to cover an accident ..
@kuwatsinango_1019 10 aylar önce
Stop bullying Asians American immigrant who got here first in america or other races non white who established here in america are no different with with white racist people. Just a matter of time if Asian get bullied and pick on especially with ptsd. The owner of the business should make the work condition fixed if the place is toxic and worker get emotionally stress d no motivation and if the owners knows other coworkers pick on other race and bullied he have to blame at the same cause he did not make the condition of the workers no good.
@TECHN0 10 aylar önce
The daily, unfortunate, never ending consequences of never amending the 2nd Amendment in America
@aarondaniel6630 10 aylar önce
With or without 2nd ammendment people still get guns.
@UNKNSRT 10 aylar önce
trade r kelly for him
@hello-vy5lb 10 aylar önce
@jx1668 10 aylar önce
@@hello-vy5lb yes he need I believe I can fly song. R Kelly didn't nobody. He just was a loving man.
@catmi3068 10 aylar önce
Most of gun violences are similar.
@jx1668 10 aylar önce
It's either about money or about women or about feeling intimidated bullied or afraid.
@hvega8199 10 aylar önce
No it wasn’t. Stop making excuses.
@IvanHernandez-gx4rt 10 aylar önce
These things happen when people are mean and cheap, people always act that way!!!
@lexbeltran1354 10 aylar önce
I can empathize with that man. If you keep bullying certain people, eventually they will go off. Be careful whom you mess with.
@party4keeps28 10 aylar önce
It sounds to me like he was the problem.
@Black-English 10 aylar önce
@@party4keeps28 these people in the comments are Californians you can not reason with people who make excuses out of everything.
@party4keeps28 10 aylar önce
@Everything ButA dream. SS. Please don't say that. I have to move to CA soon for work lol.
@antonio7883 10 aylar önce
Damn I could gave him $100 better $200
@ms.sausages 10 aylar önce
Try me, Antonio. 😵‍💫
@FrankNStein-pf9rr 10 aylar önce
Just wait & see what happens on the FULL MOON!!