Half Moon Bay farmworkers lived in 'deplorable' conditions, allegedly paid $9 an hour 

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As new details emerge in the aftermath of the Half Moon Bay mass shooting that left seven farmworkers dead, the massacre also highlights the harsh living and working conditions that some of those farmworkers endured.
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25 Oca 2023




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Meep 4 aylar önce
This has always been a thing. I have a friend who grew up on a strawberry field and she has told me stories about how difficult it was to to even make a living and try to save to leave the farm for something better
FriedChicken 3 aylar önce
Got to be price competitive with 3rd world countries somehow.
Meep 3 aylar önce
@FriedChicken I wish I could help the situation somehow but the system is so messed up I don’t even know how to help
Your BTW
Your BTW 4 aylar önce
This is pretty shitty of them to treat these people like animals. Governor Newsom needs to look into this and make changes! He hasn’t been the best lately. This is truly heart breaking
Roadrashxj 4 aylar önce
What makes you think that he's not aware of these conditions already ? He's lived in California for years.. Everybody with any common sense know that these conditions exist, they just don't care is all.. Newsom doesn't care either..
Crow Whisperer
Crow Whisperer 4 aylar önce
Newsome co-owns, founded Plumpjack winery
SnakeyK 4 aylar önce
@Roadrashxj Well said.
M Bryson
M Bryson 4 aylar önce
In the 90s farmworkers were found to be living in caves near Watsonville. In Salinas older farmworker housing is amazingly shoddy, but it's all many can get because their itinerant careers don't build traditionally acceptable renter records.
Fight2 Liv
Fight2 Liv 4 aylar önce
I cleaned up a homeless encampment in the hills behind these farms. There were kids and babies living there. Back packs with hw was left behind. Kids clothing, cooking utensils, strollers, and baby food. I've cleaned other camps but this one had working people living there and no drug addicts no beer cans. This is why they want open borders. They want workers who will accept $7 below minimum wage. Certain industries will collapse if they cannot continue this illegal practice. I know many students that would accept that job at minimum wage. But they won't hire them bc they rather save money by breaking the law.
mrcpaddler 4 aylar önce
The people in Half Moon Bay are progressive and have been for decades. Now that this mistreatment is coming to light, you can be sure that they will act to correct these deplorable conditions - and even this systematic cruelty. It is surprising that former Governor Jerry Brown, as well as local congress persons, did not do anything to stop this terrible situation. Gavin Newsom will not let this go on.
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
By the time officials are done, these workers will have a long commute from similar living conditions paid for out of their own pockets.
Eddie Urzua
Eddie Urzua 4 aylar önce
God is watching, all that matters. All will be judged, life is not forever unless you are given eternal life which I doubt most humans will. I can’t stand disgusting idiots who prioritize their own egos instead of being humans and giving people love and fair treatment. Rich ppl are the most entitled and most likely will burn in hell.
Gonzo smith
Gonzo smith 4 aylar önce
This is funny. It's never been a secret. Everyone knows even the governor. I don't see him getting on the news and talking about it. He tweeted or sent an internet post. Let's see if some legal charges will go down on these farm owners. Lmao and we all know nothing's going to happen to him. They're going to continue to do this. Pay them undivable check
Dr. Jeremy Wong
Dr. Jeremy Wong 4 aylar önce
The governor Newsome is in on it. He's the biggest importer of these workers.
Williediesel420 4 aylar önce
Oh great !! Some secret!! Here comes $30 a pound vegetables. Careful what you ask for …
bluecollarhispanic 2 aylar önce
When we go to the local supermarket, some of the food there was pick by migrant farmworkers AND generations of farmworkers have always been living in ragged housing. What's new?
SnakeyK 4 aylar önce
This should not be news. It is something that should not surprise anyone. If the shooting had not occurred, it would be crickets.
Alicia M
Alicia M 4 aylar önce
My prayer goes out to the victims and their families. I have a problem with the guy who said that Americans don’t want to do this type of farm work. That is not true. There are many young people that would gladly do these type of farmer jobs. What will not occur and will not be accepted are low wages and deplorable working conditions. No matter how advanced we get as country and with technology, farming and agriculture will always be needed.
Alejo Hernandez
Alejo Hernandez 4 aylar önce
Nothing is stopping young people from working in agricultural work now. The only reason they are not out there breaking their back is because they don't want to.
volleyplay1 4 aylar önce
Funny how Gavin now wants people think he cares about these people. At best he is a good alcoholic maybe he should have stuck to it.
Julia L
Julia L 4 aylar önce
so they been living like shit... and getting shit wages.. and get attacked by crazy psycho coworker.. damn that's pretty shity :(
rabbit 4 aylar önce
What a shame, it's the 21st century What about a monitoring dept to help out with heated housing and septic systems.
Crazed Gold Minner
Crazed Gold Minner 4 aylar önce
Healthy years I was Contracting a with with the understanding that if they didn't have a Social Security card they weren't going to be employed in California and that it was illegal to hire illegal immigrants is that still the case?
Safiyyah Hameed
Safiyyah Hameed 4 aylar önce
Glad they reported this
single foster dads Single Foster Dad
question what's the difference of the people living on the front steps of the s.f. city hall
Destiny Kaleeha Marie
Destiny Kaleeha Marie 4 aylar önce
Tom Scog
Tom Scog 4 aylar önce
One of richest county's in America. Sad
Blizzard  Of Oz
Blizzard Of Oz 3 aylar önce
Bottom line- how much rent are they paying? If it’s free, beggars can’t be choosers.
FriedChicken 3 aylar önce
Looks like homeless camp though. I wouldn't pay rent for that
Blizzard  Of Oz
Blizzard Of Oz 3 aylar önce
@FriedChicken They probably aren’t. In which case it’s a great deal for them because they can save money.
G G 4 aylar önce
Well know secret., someone is getting good money out of this workers.,
Marco Duenas
Marco Duenas 4 aylar önce
The dog 🐕 he's all stiff!!!
Karim Abraham
Karim Abraham 4 aylar önce
*gosh Julie is my dream woman. So Elegant*
Akira Shibata
Akira Shibata 3 aylar önce
Enter Name
Enter Name 4 aylar önce
Are you kidding? That’s how much America pays all the “illegal aliens” and now you feel bad? The irony 😂
Samuel Culper
Samuel Culper 4 aylar önce
Why is the media acting like $9 is against the law? It's higher than minimum wage
Jerry Mylove
Jerry Mylove 4 aylar önce
That’s not that bad of living conditions. We lived in worse when I was in the navy. Also got paid less and treated like dog shit.
chromebomb 4 aylar önce
where you live now?
EinsamPibroch278 4 aylar önce
Makes sense why nobody wants to be a Sailor anymore.
Dr. Jeremy Wong
Dr. Jeremy Wong 4 aylar önce
And this why nobody wants to join anymore. We lived like this in the Army in moldy barracks and now nobody wants to sign up, surprise surprise.
Mr. B
Mr. B 4 aylar önce
You get benefits and it's temporary.... Please don't compare it you goof.
Alex Blazquez
Alex Blazquez 4 aylar önce
Democrat immigration policy in action