Haaland Hat-trick Sends City to Wembley | Manchester City 6-0 Burnley | Emirates FA Cup 2022-23 

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Watch the extended highlights from Manchester City's Six goal thrashing of Championship side Burnley.
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17 Mar 2023




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heyy quandale dingle here
De Bruyne's weight on his passes is simply astonishing 🔥 one of the best midfielders ever
Van Groover
Van Groover 2 aylar önce
Such magic that from Brussels sprouts
Purnama Sakti
Purnama Sakti 2 aylar önce
The Knight
The Knight 2 aylar önce
He's A Monster in passing also in Shooting KDB💯
KEZ RK MAYALL 2 aylar önce
Not a City fan but i love watching De Bruyne. How does he weigh them passes perfectly. He's definitely 1 of the best midfielder's I've seen.
Papi 2 aylar önce
That assist by KDB was world class
Andre 2 aylar önce
Simeon 2 aylar önce
I’m getting tired of seeing this comment🫣 KDB needs to chillllll🔥
Rambo 2 aylar önce
Ketupat Sayur
Ketupat Sayur 2 aylar önce
Im more impressed in the 1st goal assist from alvarez.. i guess striker knows what strikers want..
Joker 🃏
Joker 🃏 2 aylar önce
Outta this World 🌍
Mukul Vyas
Mukul Vyas 2 aylar önce
Haaland is a clinical finisher but Alvarez is just lethal. He hits with so much power that the ball has to go in. Absolutely phenomenal !
Aden 2 aylar önce
Alexandra Ciobanu
Alexandra Ciobanu 2 aylar önce
So does Haaland if you cared to watch other goals of his, especially at Dortmund.
Golu Mandal
Golu Mandal 2 aylar önce
​@Alexandra Ciobanu I still remember that sound of the ball crashing the net in the match vs PSG
Manisha Banerjee
Manisha Banerjee 2 aylar önce
Haaland is just a tap in expert,last goal by Juli is pure class💕just look at Juli's assist, exact pass,they have learnt more from the goat
at1antixx 2 aylar önce
@Manisha Banerjee a goal is a goal
Troye Akb
Troye Akb 2 aylar önce
Haaland's positioning and game IQ is simply insane man Look at his movement in the first goal, checks his shoulder and makes a brilliant move
Vivek Chandra
Vivek Chandra 2 aylar önce
Yeah.. but for some "He's a tap in merchant" His movement and positioning is insane man. He has Pure striker instincts. There arent many left like him, the way football has developed in recent years.
Rafi Nazly
Rafi Nazly 2 aylar önce
it is more like a game sense, but he is smart tho
Shadrach George
Shadrach George 2 aylar önce
@Vivek Chandra He reads the situation really well, you know?!
mahiA InuoaJ
mahiA InuoaJ 2 aylar önce
That required 2 IQ points to be fair. Burnley's back-four thought they were the midfield. They had a diamond shape 💀
kisameSenpai 2 aylar önce
he's insane
ronin 2 aylar önce
Haaland is such a monster, its so difficult to play against him and he complements this Man city team so well. At this point i don't think KDB needs any more praises,, he's superhuman at this point and seems to hardly have a bad game, I really wish they win the champions league this season just bcos of him.. The burnley goalie has a really bright future ahead of him as well..
Jack MacAulay
Jack MacAulay 2 aylar önce
Hes a monster, but Man City had to completely change their style of play because Haaland didn't complement their previous false 9, central one-touch, possession-based, intricate passing-to-goal play style. They are still on fire don't get me wrong, but they have had to completely change the way they approach attacking by taking more direct, risky approaches to get the ball to Haaland on his bursting runs. Tifo made a video on this exact concept.
ronin 2 aylar önce
@Jack MacAulay I don't get your point at all ? Guardiola already knew they would have to change the way they play when he decided to buy Haaland, so there is nothing strange about that. Besides he's not the only player coming into a team that had ot change their style this season.. Liverpool is another example, bt you don't see Nunez or Gakpo fitting in the way Haaland has..
P. A
P. A 2 aylar önce
I hope napoli wins
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Don.
@P. A KVARADONA FOR THE WIN. There are people calling him 1 season wonder whilst what they don't see is a generational talent & that this years champions league is definitely going to Naples even when this years quarter finals draw is the best one out of past 3-4 years, as almost all the teams are in-form right now except for Chelsea.🤣
Life With Precision
Life With Precision 2 aylar önce
@Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Don. And AC Milan.
Batfan 2 aylar önce
That Kevin de Bruyne's pass was world class 😲🔥 His vision is unmatched for real
Joseph Musara
Joseph Musara 2 aylar önce
The best player....he took time to think about the pass before executing
Арслан 2 aylar önce
Yeah nobody can does things that De Bruyne does, except.... 🐐😎😁
B T 2 aylar önce
Most overrated player in the Prem. Missing in big games, as you saw in the world cup, and in the last 8 seasons in the champions league knockout games 😂
Mx gaming 123
Mx gaming 123 2 aylar önce
@B T cool story
B T 2 aylar önce
@Mx gaming 123 come back again after city crash out in the champions league again 😘
Zac_k2 Drio
Zac_k2 Drio 2 aylar önce
Crazy assists from Kevin Debrunyne, and Haaland goals. City is simply unstoppable
Augustine Wekesa
Augustine Wekesa 2 aylar önce
Bayern is watching
Rob 2 aylar önce
@Augustine Wekesa so 😂
Skiller 938 yt
Skiller 938 yt 2 aylar önce
​@Augustine Wekesa city will slllllaap bayern
Mourad 2 aylar önce
stopped by manchester united im afraid
Spunky Maniac
Spunky Maniac 2 aylar önce
The same thing said every season, and then they got stopped
NormanG6 2 aylar önce
That last pass from KDB, such a well timed pass and he really knows his teammate’s speed. A perfecr pass and a perfrct finish
Piman 2 aylar önce
It's so hard to be PERFECT, lol!
Rakan Al Ajmi
Rakan Al Ajmi 2 aylar önce
Perfecr and perfrct nice
Akbar Thariq
Akbar Thariq 2 aylar önce
Alvarez second goal is absolutely aguero-able 🤯💙
Waleed Alarmanazi
Waleed Alarmanazi 2 aylar önce
greg ehirim
greg ehirim 2 aylar önce
that argentine dna 💯
greg ehirim
greg ehirim 2 aylar önce
that argentine dna 💯
OrangoTango 2 aylar önce
O Farah
O Farah 2 aylar önce
How does Alvarez generate so much power from his legs? He touches the ball and it’s a rocket 🚀 unbelievable team
Mistfall 2 aylar önce
His weak foot too 😂 I can see him playing more deep in this city team, his passing ability, crossing, shoot are top class.
Rishav Rawal
Rishav Rawal 2 aylar önce
​@Mistfall you seen him in river plate he score banger from both feet just need to give him confidence and be a regular to get him started
World highlights
World highlights 2 aylar önce
No any problem how much goal he will score but fifa will give ballonder to Messi this season
Manchester City
Manchester City 2 aylar önce
simple , he just loves the sound of the net . for a footballer that is the best sound they'll hear on the pitch . he just wants the gk to say he gives up . merciless that is
Estifanos Bireda
Estifanos Bireda 2 aylar önce
Aguero style
SpecialKay 2 aylar önce
Regardless of the tap ins, haaland has incredible positioning , plus the right pace and height to reach any loose ball
gary the fish
gary the fish 2 aylar önce
As they say, if it's that easy why can't everybody else do it?
Trump 2 aylar önce
@gary the fish cause they are not 7 feet
Al 2 aylar önce
That’s what happens when you have midfielders like city tbh
Samuel Muyiwa
Samuel Muyiwa 2 aylar önce
@gary the fish he does it because of his teammates. It will be hard for him to get those goals elsewhere
Raunak Bajpai
Raunak Bajpai 2 aylar önce
Well it's not his fault that he is getting easy goals He is just like cherry on the pie for city And I think if city does not win the UCL ,this season is useless for them
Tobias Larsen
Tobias Larsen 2 aylar önce
How Haaland is at the right times every time is just crazy
CB Boy
CB Boy 2 aylar önce
Can't underestimate haaland's 2nd goal, really like how he pulled away from the ball to his right instead of running straight towards goal to create space for a better pass and reception. Such fine but crucial details that Haaland does 👏
incredible scenes
incredible scenes 2 aylar önce
Maybe the keeper could have done better to stop the pass tho
Brandon 2 aylar önce
Easily the best striker in the world right now.
Deividas Kimontas
Deividas Kimontas 2 aylar önce
De Bruyne always puts a shift in! 🔥 Pure class, game in, game out!
hypecamera 2 aylar önce
Watch Haaland's movement in front of the goal on the replay from 2:55 onwards, literally making himself open should there be any rebound. What a legend.
YouTube Ban Me
YouTube Ban Me 2 aylar önce
Exactly and noobs calling it a tap is just hilarious
hypecamera 2 aylar önce
@TRvid Ban Me so true😂 Foden’s assist on the 2nd one was beautiful too.
Beaver 252
Beaver 252 2 aylar önce
​@hypecamera bro called a missed shot beautiful
hypecamera 2 aylar önce
@Beaver 252 ? Sorry, I’m more of an F1 guy but did I get it wrong?
MrYounis26 2 aylar önce
​@hypecamera nope, keep it moving
Gulpp 2 aylar önce
What a time to get in great form, What a performance by Mahrez, Foden, Haaland, Alvarez, KDB. that front 5 is top class
THE GRATIFIER 2 aylar önce
I just hate the international break 😢...
ROMELO LUKAKU 2 aylar önce
​@THE GRATIFIER y😢yyyyyyyyyy😢😢😢😢😢
THE GRATIFIER 2 aylar önce
@ROMELO LUKAKU it breaks the team's momentum
DARK WRLD 2 aylar önce
​@ROMELO LUKAKU they always break teams momentum
World highlights
World highlights 2 aylar önce
No any problem how much goal he will score but fifa will give ballonder to Messi this season
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez 2 aylar önce
Haaland just creates his owns records that game by game he wants to break. Absolutely unreal player 💙💙💙
Daredevil 2 aylar önce
Haaland hasn't yet unleashed his full potential ,you all know it if you did watch him in Dortmund 💓😌
SSS 2 aylar önce
Only a few are recognizing Julian Alvarez's throughball to Haaland for Haaland's goal. That is an assist up to par with the likes of De Bruyne and Gundogan.
MrYounis26 2 aylar önce
​@Quinton Bakani humble yourself
ian yator
ian yator 2 aylar önce
​@Quinton Bakani actually he is right.. that specific assist is KdB-esque... i have seen him pull that almost everytime...
Brandon 2 aylar önce
Everyones talking about it. No praise for foden though who was brilliant
Idebe Tejiri
Idebe Tejiri 2 aylar önce
That last Alvarez goal 😤😤
Mr_G GoldFinger_999
Mr_G GoldFinger_999 2 aylar önce
Gabby J or Sterling would have blown both chances IMO
torres 2 aylar önce
@Mr_G GoldFinger_999 lol they wouldn't have gotten off the shot
Teddy Dunton
Teddy Dunton 2 aylar önce
@Mr_G GoldFinger_999 both of them would've cut it back and lost the ball
radioclash84 2 aylar önce
​@Teddy Dunton Sterling would have been ready to fall to the ground and look for a penalty.
Арслан 2 aylar önce
Cause he is the champ
ATZ 961
ATZ 961 2 aylar önce
42 goals in 37 matches this season for Haaland
Danielle Udemeh
Danielle Udemeh 2 aylar önce
Haaland is always there! always where you need him to be. A true finishing monster
Philosophiæ 2 aylar önce
What a game from Halaand, Foden, and Alvarez. Great to see Palmer on the score sheet as well. Edit: For the idiots saying I'm hating on KDB by not listing him, shut up. Obviously KDB played a phenomenal game as usual, I just commented who came to mind at the moment.
Ak Abzz
Ak Abzz 2 aylar önce
Philosophiæ 2 aylar önce
@Ak Abzz YES??
Sibi S
Sibi S 2 aylar önce
KdB is the heart. nobody cares about playmakers
t0mkat 2 aylar önce
Clipped 2 aylar önce
I'm so glad Haaland came to the PL and is challenging himself in one of the hardest leagues and still scoring insane amount of goals unlike someone living the easy life in France
Ludydobry 2 aylar önce
6 hattricks, 1st season.... the guy is a monster
NISHANT CHANDAK 2 aylar önce
Apart from scoring what I really love from Halland is that he isn't selfish he acknowledges his teammates points towards them for the crowd to applaud and celebrates his teammates goal with passion as well 🙌. Can't believe all the hate he gets, fanbase nowadays 🤦
marineta98 2 aylar önce
We come from an era where the debate of all debates was established... "Messi vs Ronaldo". So sad tho, because so many people were unable to actually enjoy both. Now that their career is coming to an end, people need to look for another debate. Mbappe vs Haaland, automatically they will "choose a side" and start hating on the other just because... Like I said, sad.
Freedom 2 aylar önce
De Bruyne passes the ball like he's in a video game. never seen such an incredible passer of the ball.
noobify 2 aylar önce
Foden really deserved a goal in this match. Outstanding performance!
Aoi 2 aylar önce
When KDB plays in such form, chances are inevitable for City. Then you have Phil, Julian, and Erling to finish. Hoping this continous to the end of season🤞
World highlights
World highlights 2 aylar önce
No any problem how much goal he will score but fifa will give ballonder to Messi this season
Fredo 2 aylar önce
@World highlights work on your english and spellings😊
Apuanu Charles
Apuanu Charles 2 aylar önce
I pray and hope they win the UCL this time because they’re such a joy to watch
The Sound Spot Entertainment 24
​@World highlights Obviouslyy he won many awards internationally and the WC which plays an important role
The Sound Spot Entertainment 24
​@World highlights Goals arent the main thing on which ballon dor is awarded
OFF 2 aylar önce
Haaland back at it with the tap ins🔥🔥
Alex Noble
Alex Noble 2 aylar önce
de bruyne's pass for the last goal was sublime
Akot 2 aylar önce
The second goal was amazing technically. The adjustment to use the left instead of right foot within fractions of a second. Great striker in his prime.
AutoLords_Gh 2 aylar önce
This guy called Haaland!! I think “amazing beast” should be added to his name. He’s so incredible on the field. Definitely a Balon D’or winner soon🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tobias Church
Tobias Church 2 aylar önce
Haalands finishing is what most Prem league strikers lack. Even when stumpling back, he decided to shoot, instead of hold the ball and look for another shot. Great finisher, confidence in his finishing....Our Prem league teams are in trouble
MrYounis26 2 aylar önce
City will be our champions and best representative of the ucl for many years to come, this is coming from an arsenal fan
UtdG 2 aylar önce
Exactly, I've watched football for more than 30 years and I must say this boy is something different. havent seen a striker of his mould in years and its glorious to witness!
Y B 2 aylar önce
that last assist by kdb was crazy
Joao Paulo Medeiros
Joao Paulo Medeiros 2 aylar önce
O Haaland faz o que muitos não conseguem: jogar objetivamente em alto nível, sem enfeitar jogadas, sem humilhar de propósito seus adversários. Simplesmente jogar futebol e fazer gols. Muito parecido com o Ronaldo.
Saksham Sharma
Saksham Sharma 2 aylar önce
That DeBruyne assist for Alvarez goal. How does he do that 🎩🎩🎩
гена иванов
гена иванов 2 aylar önce
Haaland's instant response is perfect!!!!
The Little Signpost Pointing the way
So pleased for Haaland hat trick - again!, Alvarez a brace and Palmer with a goal! De Bruyne is just amazing and Foden is always there! What a cohesive team spirit in what began as a tough game! Sorry for Vinny, but you knew what you were up against!
NormanG6 2 aylar önce
City fan or not, haaland js a joy to watch and I hope we can see him play for many more years to come.
Harshdev Sharma
Harshdev Sharma 2 aylar önce
there is literally zero joy in watching city or haaland , the only thing they dont have is joy
jnr mwavitu
jnr mwavitu 2 aylar önce
Nurdaulet A.N.
Nurdaulet A.N. 2 aylar önce
@Harshdev SharmaYou are so delusional 😂. If it was your club you would scream about how joyful it is
Willy S
Willy S 2 aylar önce
Watch out spain
Harshdev Sharma
Harshdev Sharma 2 aylar önce
@Nurdaulet A.N. do you really think I am going to say watching psg is joy 🤣🤣
Diid Boru
Diid Boru 2 aylar önce
The relationship between Haaland and goal-scoring chances is incredibly beautiful 😍
John French
John French 2 aylar önce
The ground Haaland can cover is just astonishing.
Ikhtiyorbek Khasanboev
Haaland is becoming my favorite player from younger generation. But, I let's see if he can do it at leats for 10 years to reach the greatness of other two legends.
Julien De Coster
Julien De Coster 2 aylar önce
Debruyne and his passes are magical
EnderOfRuina 2 aylar önce
That pass from kdb for the last goal… 🎉🎉❤
Anoop A
Anoop A 2 aylar önce
No one is going to enjoy his goal compilations 10 years down the life. Such a machine
Bozza 2 aylar önce
Haaland might not be the most technical player, but he plays like the kid striker who hit puberty way earlier than everyone else and completely dominates the defence physically 😅
Kedo 2 aylar önce
That Kevin de Bruyne's pass was world class 😲🔥 His vision is unmatched for real
saelaird 2 aylar önce
Haaland... what a player. The only generational player who can push Leo as the GOAT. His positioning is everything.
Pcplace Training
Pcplace Training 2 aylar önce
Haaland is a freaking Goal Magnet... The ball wants to go in by him literally!
LUIS Rivera
LUIS Rivera 2 aylar önce
It is a joy to be witnessing all of this talent
Saksham Sharma
Saksham Sharma 2 aylar önce
Julian Alvarez is such a joy to watch. Passionate, technical and intelligent. Superb young player 🔥
twovthree 2 aylar önce
Can't help but re-watch the goal replays just for KDB's sublime passing
043BELE Tauqeer
043BELE Tauqeer 2 aylar önce
Haaland ball awareness is just next lvl... He is like a ball magnet....
SLENDER SOLE 2 aylar önce
The way he gives foden props for his great pass to him for his goal shows just how humble he is.
Zoi Yoichi
Zoi Yoichi 2 aylar önce
Obviously KDB's passing is otherworldly, but that movement for Alvarez's first goal is insane, just floats around the back of Mahrez at the perfect time to receive the ball and then plays the ball across at the right time too. World class.
kuazy 2 aylar önce
Kdb's vision is unexplainably
s3 dGhost
s3 dGhost 2 aylar önce
roeliox 2 aylar önce
Matteo Vargas
Matteo Vargas 2 aylar önce
@s3 dGhost Not even close to kdb's vision
s3 dGhost
s3 dGhost 2 aylar önce
@Matteo Vargas 😒... People forget mehn... People forget
MrYounis26 2 aylar önce
​@Matteo Vargas you are having a laugh broski
harshita Gautam
harshita Gautam 2 aylar önce
Alvarez is such a great player and has a great potential to be the best. And haland is unstoppable at this age👏
Olly Redding
Olly Redding 2 aylar önce
Alvarez’s 2nd goal was pure class 🔥
Rt Rs
Rt Rs 2 aylar önce
That was duty of mdf don’t exaggerate too much fourth goal was even better
John Serem
John Serem 2 aylar önce
Haaland is just a wonder
Abdul Latif Dunt
Abdul Latif Dunt 2 aylar önce
What a player de bruyne He is just amazing with his passes
Neil Taylor
Neil Taylor 2 aylar önce
Haaland is an absolute beast and with the pace of Usain Bolt!
Good Luck
Good Luck 2 aylar önce
Such a huge lad but times the run with perfection. Foden was unplayable. Alvarez is a pressing monster. Well KDB did what KDB does.
Tshepang Ntshala
Tshepang Ntshala 2 aylar önce
It is going to be very very difficult to find a player as technically gifted like Kevin
J3susb3atz Mr. Producer
That last assist was insane ❤😊
Ihwanul Hakim
Ihwanul Hakim 2 aylar önce
Assist from debryune was insane🎉
mcLOVIN 2 aylar önce
how many years does kdb keep on displaying elegant passing , long range shooting, driving from midfield, his creativity on the right hand side is unmatched. He is a game changer 🎉glad to see him back to his best 💙💙
Gustaf Lembre
Gustaf Lembre 2 aylar önce
I got to see Haaland score a hattrick live - felt like a dream that!
bob won ton
bob won ton 2 aylar önce
Most goals come from great passes. He knows to thank the passes.
Joaco Dupuy
Joaco Dupuy 2 aylar önce
Alvarez gave the first assistance and scored the last goal to seal the match ⚽️
Martín Palacio.S
Martín Palacio.S 2 aylar önce
El viene de river plate de Argentina, de ahí toda su calidad!!
Reece 2 aylar önce
Alvarez reminds me of Aguero! Low centre of gravity great finishing!
Rafael Rabelo
Rafael Rabelo 2 aylar önce
Feeling so lucky to be able to watch the birth of a legend that is E Haaland. Stuff to tell my kids in the future. And im a Liverpool fan
Rt Rs
Rt Rs 2 aylar önce
He eats just goals nothing more
KING AL 2 aylar önce
De bruyne slowing it down and perfecting that assist is just class
Maicon Leonard
Maicon Leonard 2 aylar önce
Haaland is some sort of ball magnet. He doesn't look for the ball, the ball looks for him
Anubhav Sahu
Anubhav Sahu 2 aylar önce
Haaland just always somehow manage to send ball inside the net. He is such a great no 9
Tim Egan
Tim Egan 2 aylar önce
I am in awe of Haarland. Leeds supporter from London, now residing in Brisbane Australia, following Leeds since 1971-72 season. I wish we had oil money to have him. After all he is Leeds born.
NEPALI music lover
NEPALI music lover 2 aylar önce
Last assist of kdb is the pure magic❤
Omer siddiqui Siddiqui
Haaland showing the world he is not a robot he is the terminator💥🙌🏻👀
Rahul Krishnan
Rahul Krishnan 2 aylar önce
Haaland is on Beast mode
Ben Obi Wan Bissaka
Ben Obi Wan Bissaka 2 aylar önce
Hes just always where the ball is, it's almost magic 😂
PT 2 aylar önce
The last one that De Bruyne pass to Alvarez was freaking insane🔥🔥🔥
louis tan
louis tan 2 aylar önce
8 goals in 2 games , Halaand is insane
Not_Even 99
Not_Even 99 2 aylar önce
8 assist were better than the goals
Perky Harvin
Perky Harvin Aylar önce
I remember in the post match interview after the game against Leipzig he told Henry he made a mistake on a gundogan shot because he rushed on the back post and the ball went behind him after the shot, same situation on the Foden shot for his hattrick. It’s unreal how this guy sees the game. 1:58
Zar Bilzerian
Zar Bilzerian 2 aylar önce
Even the goal post is assisting Haaland to put goals. This is crazy!
Ego's Antics
Ego's Antics 2 aylar önce
Erling's face on the replay of Alvarez' first is classic! 😂 just like he's watching on TV
Barlin Khuman
Barlin Khuman 2 aylar önce
Haaland finishing is so insane.
@Viral 2 aylar önce
No one can stop Halland 🔥 🔥
Ekales 2 aylar önce
Every team should try and play football like this so that us football fans can enjoy the game every week. What a beautiful gameplay.
Khuzeymi 2 aylar önce
the timing is just lovely , they got their momentum when it was needed 6games zero goal conceded
Draedetta 2 aylar önce
Alvarez needs to be playing!!!
R Y.
R Y. 2 aylar önce
Who will he replace ??😂
Boxer786 2 aylar önce
​@R Y. Play 442 formation with 2 striker not rocket science to explain
Andre 2 aylar önce
@Boxer786 still a player has to go and that was his question… who leaves the team?
Mr_G GoldFinger_999
Mr_G GoldFinger_999 2 aylar önce
​@AndreGrealish as he has no goals threat even few assists
Genuis foo
Genuis foo 2 aylar önce
He's gonna leave for sure
Arnaldo Borges
Arnaldo Borges 2 aylar önce
O Haaland me lembra o Ronaldo fenômeno!!!
Elmas buton paslandı #shorts
görünümler 1,7 Mn
Lucky or skills? 🤔
görünümler 9 Mn