H.A.S.A. Headquarters! Moon Science! - Hermitcraft 8: #19

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The sky is falling! Literally Falling! Today we build the massive H.A.S.A. headquarters and being performing all the Moon science! We must figure out what is happening with the moon!

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30 Kas 2021




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Lexi Connell
Lexi Connell Aylar önce
Please name the space headquarters the "Institute for Research and Interstellar Studies" - or IRIS for short, to keep the eye puns going :D
Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham Aylar önce
It already has a name 😑
Isaac Swoyer
Isaac Swoyer Aylar önce
Comment of the year
Jiro Quilnet
Jiro Quilnet Aylar önce
all cun
all cun Aylar önce
I like this name, long but got a cool short call
Stephen Harding
Stephen Harding Aylar önce
Celestial Offices for Researching the Nebula and Everything Atmospheric. C.O.R.N.E.A.
Brandon Evans
Brandon Evans Aylar önce
Grian: Im gonna build an observatory and telescope to track the moons growth Tango: I'm gonna build a facility and telescope to record data on the moon Mumbo: "The earthquakes are probably because I haven't built a temple yet"
Xenomorph King06
Xenomorph King06 27 gün önce
He made a cult last session too
jowno 29 gün önce
also Mumbo: "This has cult potential"
Phil Spaghet
Phil Spaghet Aylar önce
I love how Mumbo is the crazy cult leader this season XD
Truffle Tries
Truffle Tries Aylar önce
It's all so on brand I love it!
Alex 5432
Alex 5432 Aylar önce
XB: I'm building a Situation Bunker. Joe: I built a thing to track the Moon Growth, seems very janky, but it works better than anything else so far lol
Ben Hillard
Ben Hillard Aylar önce
Grian: “Moon’s big” - builds nice observatory Tango: “This is alarming” - builds freaking NASA
Lightning ⚡️ Bolt
No, not N.A.S.A, *H* .A.S.A
Yee Aylar önce
You have got to hire Zedaph at H.A.S.A. His science powers are great, if you got him you could research even better. And he hasn't done anything involving the big moon yet, sort of just doing his own thing.
zayahijs Aylar önce
ye why isn't zed doing anything about this he's the science!
Exayevie Aylar önce
Okay but for real, ever since spyglasses came out, I've thought Mojang needs to make a way you can set them in place pointed at a specific thing, that other players can interact with. Like those coin-operated magnifiers at parks.
gingergamergirl98 Aylar önce
That would be incredible!
Sliverwalker Aylar önce
Ok, ok, ok hear me out. All the hermits join together to collect a LOT of slime blocks... See where I'm going. Y'all construct a giant trampoline to bounce the moon back into its proper orbit!
imnot kindasus
imnot kindasus 28 gün önce
Snuwflow Aylar önce
Sliverwalker Aylar önce
@Kuratos Darque Mmm, Mhmm, yes, business, business, science, mhmm... ad nauseum...
Sliverwalker Aylar önce
@Ho Hi Then we cry...
Sliverwalker Aylar önce
@Something We need a Nutty Professor! Someone call Zedaph!.... It's flubber time...
Julian P.
Julian P. Aylar önce
As an idea: It would be absolutely genius to see a „video conference“ style meeting of big moon scientific institutes. Thinking about H.A.S.A. , Grians Observatorium, Keralis Space Station and probably more…
Vriesn Silver
Vriesn Silver Aylar önce
@「 Heaphilian 」 Wouldn't want to mistake other laboratories as the LABORATORY™ after all ;)
「 Heaphilian 」
「 Heaphilian 」 Aylar önce
@Vriesn Silver I'm glad you wrote LABORATORY™ right
Vriesn Silver
Vriesn Silver Aylar önce
@Michael Hassard *cough* are u sure we want a cult leader here-
Kewtie Aylar önce
Joe Hills has something, I don't remember what he called it. It's kinda crazy all of the ways they are all finding to track the moon.
Michael Hassard
Michael Hassard Aylar önce
And mumbos mooners
Cocoecake Aylar önce
So if the reduced distance is constant/linear than there are 47.7ish days untill the hermitcraft moon hits the world (although it will likely accelerate as it approaches). Additionally, it will likely destroy the planet and all surface ecosystems before that due to colliding gravities. Some hermit needs to push/explode it back into its place but unfortunately the world terrain may be altered permanently (taller mountains, deeper oceans, even bedrock may sink) Thanks for the data H.A.S.A.! also, the Among Us reference hints that space faring ships of unknown origins exist near the hermitcraft world
EvidentGames Aylar önce
@Alex Lee and the rocket grian used to sent the last 5 diamond blocks from S6 to S7 and his personal one to transport him from S6 to S7.
Cdt Nick Milcic
Cdt Nick Milcic Aylar önce
Well there is already among us characters everywhere
Eneicia2011 Aylar önce
Thank you for doing the math! Explains the earthquakes.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Aylar önce
I mean if you have watched rendog's videos in the previous season spaceships do exist if you count Renbob's van as one of them
Liv Aylar önce
I feel like this comment deserves more likes.
Nadiki Aylar önce
I love the variety of the Hermits’ responses to the moon. Tango starts H.A.S.A. Keralis recreates the I.S.S. Grian makes a lunar observatory. And Mumbo starts a moon cult.
Kewtie Aylar önce
@Darkside 2427 yeah, but that was after I commented. Or at least I saw it after.
Darkside 2427
Darkside 2427 Aylar önce
@Kewtie nah doc and ren are going full cult on the piece of moon that landed on their farm-
Kewtie Aylar önce
The swamp girls are building a bunker as well. Doc and Ren are kind of ignoring it.
Keychain Wolf
Keychain Wolf Aylar önce
And Joe has built an aperture to measure how big the moon has gotten plus his data collection has being going on for longer.
suprakirby Aylar önce
XB starts to spy on the Big Eyes Crew because he thinks Fifi is a laser that make the Moon grow. Also he built a bunker.
Nathan Wickenden
Nathan Wickenden Aylar önce
I love how tango is like "Throwout random maths terms, go!" cracked me up.
Lemon star Official
tsukinohime3 Aylar önce
I got mad respect for Cub who is actually taking complete ownership of his antics that have contributed to this Moon-pocalypse.
Hawks Aylar önce
Clearly Tango, you needed to include a vector field matching to the moon's diameter growth per second and then use green's theorem to calculate the gradient of the field. That would tell you how the moon is growing and in what shapes. then you run that through a simulation using predictive modeling to identify possible outcomes. I surmise you'll learn not only that the moon is getting bigger, but which part of the moon is growing fastest
Sylvius Black
Sylvius Black Aylar önce
Hermits’ reactions to the moon: denial, panic, investigation, hide, join the moon, worship the moon.
43Badgers Aylar önce
I love how during the timelapse you just see the constant very tiny, little shake of the world lol
2tini ⚜️
2tini ⚜️ Aylar önce
With Grian and JoeHills also having moon observatories, I'd love to see HASA's ranks grow into a full HC Space Agency
Nasis Kahn
Nasis Kahn Aylar önce
Hermits are either doing sciency stuff or building bunkers! I love it! I can't wait to see why the moon is doing what its doing and the tremors! I loved the cameo from Marvin the Martin!
Nasis Kahn
Nasis Kahn Aylar önce
@IM A TOASTER And Cults! LOL I knew I had forgotten something.
IM A TOASTER Aylar önce
And cults, don’t forget about cults
Stephen K
Stephen K Aylar önce
I decided to put Tango's methods to practice IRL and can confirm that the moon appears MUCH bigger when you look at it through a telescope. Science wins again!
Aylar önce
as someone who has looked at the real moon through a real telescope, its magnificent I highly recommend it
Alana Rodríguez
Alana Rodríguez Aylar önce
I absolutely love how the hermits are trying to figure out what’s happening with the moon. And then there’s Mumbo, building a temple and worshiping the moon.
Joe X!
Joe X! Aylar önce
@William Thompson I c what you did there... Got the reference xD
TheOneUH8 Aylar önce
@Austin Stover peace love and planets
BobTheBox Aylar önce
@Austin Stover Peace, love and no pants*
Austin Stover
Austin Stover Aylar önce
Peace love and plants baby
William Thompson
William Thompson Aylar önce
"We can make a religion out of this." - Mumbo probably
superservo15 Aylar önce
Amazing episode… for the among us part I was totally expecting it to come to the giant minecraft moon and you’d need to zoom out! I know you guys likely have the next few weeks of episodes planned out already but would love to see all the big brain hermits collab together to solve the imminent problem! Solve the hermatrix! Always great content and can’t wait for the next one. Kudos!
Marin Crnaric
Marin Crnaric Aylar önce
I like it how they started the season at 1.17 where those new caves werent added and now since the moon is gettng closer, the tremors are happening and the tremors are causing the caves in the 1.18 to formso when they switch it will look like the moon made the caves.
bastian boje
bastian boje Aylar önce
A wild and probably stupid theory that I just thought about: this season, all hermits live on the same continent, and at the very beginning of the season I remember Joe said something like “things outside the continent might be deleted” (I don’t remember exactly, but something like that). Now why would he say that? Well what if the moon comes crashing down, and the rest of the world is updated to 1.18, and that’s why they keep all the building on this one massive continent, so that could be left intact and the rest of the world is destroyed and sent to the next update. Like I don’t see a reason for joe saying what he did in the very beginning when all the hermits were together, but if the reason is to reduce how much of the world that will be left in the previous update it could kinda make sense, could it not? Alternatively and less likely is that it will blow up the current continent and take the whole world into 1.18, but idk. And it could well be other have thought/said something like this before, I’m not trying to take credit here, just for fun.
XOXheartAmy Aylar önce
Maybe it's just me feeling nostalgic for Season 7, but I think a big cartoon baseball bat to knock the moon away from the earth is the answer
Emily S
Emily S Aylar önce
I was hoping the moon dataset book was just gonna say “Moon’s big” 😂
Dinopaws Aylar önce
I wish as well
swat33345 Aylar önce
Same haha
KeitieKalopsia Aylar önce
Genuinely thought it would.
13loodyDove Aylar önce
This whole moon business reminds me of Majora's Mask an awful lot.
May May
May May Aylar önce
I’m calling it now: the moon will “hit” planet hermit when the server updates to 1.18
Spacemaster 267
Spacemaster 267 Aylar önce
That VAB looked incredible! Maybe you need to build something like NASA’s DART mission!
ProfessorH Aylar önce
Game theory: the moon is going to crash into the world on the same day that the server is updated to 1.18 to force the hermits into the new updated underground
Erandi Gael
Erandi Gael Aylar önce
It took a supercomputer for a hermit to understand that the Moon was getting closer, not bigger.
Jeremy Ayers
Jeremy Ayers Aylar önce
Doc knew it was getting closer just by looking at it.
RequiemPoete Aylar önce
@Nicholas Cruse Not the season. My guess is, is the moon getting closer will cause geological change outside the Main Continent. Or in otherwords when Xisuma updates the server to caves and cmiffs.
Muhammad Saad Imran
Never underestimate the power of 26 braincells..
Otto Oetting
Otto Oetting Aylar önce
Honestly, they could have just listened to us viewers.
Andy Mir
Andy Mir Aylar önce
chill, people, it's a joke
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Aylar önce
With Grian and JoeHills also having moon observatories, I'd love to see HASA's ranks grow into a full HC Space Agency
Kittyhawk Aylar önce
"How many times is Pearl going to come in here and mess with Fifi?" The answer is, all the times. All of them. Every one of the times.
StarAce Aylar önce
This is such a fun and entertaining video. Really hilarious with the moon research and the among us space detail. Always looking forward to Tango's content and this vid was so much fun to watch. Thanks Tango for all the time and love put into each video.
the_Lena _girl
the_Lena _girl Aylar önce
Pretty sure that both beef and the lump gals are making bunkers to hide from the moon Grian has build an observatory to figure out how much larger it gets While Joe has build a platform to figure out how much larger it gets (honestly would recommend talking to him) and also both he and Cleo have started getting Netherite in hope of staying at least a bit saver
Christine Watson
Christine Watson Aylar önce
It's time to call in backup. Zedaph has spent the entire season developing the most high-tech state-of-the-art scientific research station ever seen in Minecraft, and though astronomy may not be quite his area of expertise, his brilliant engineering mind may have a solution for this weirdness. As an aside, the editing during the Experiments sequence was perfection. I actually laughed out loud. My 6yo was worried that the moon would smash into Fifi. Hilarity all around!
Perfect Protagonist
Oh no! Not Fifi! XD
Joe Carom
Joe Carom Aylar önce
Great, now I am worried the moon might crash into FiFi :S
Scott Garvin jr
Scott Garvin jr Aylar önce
Tango put a lot of work into this episode and it shows. It turned out amazing!
Mr Mann
Mr Mann Aylar önce
I love how Tango is like,” The moon seems to be getting larger”, and Grian’s just like “Moon’s Big.”
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Aylar önce
Utterly amazing editing in this episode. Totally nailed it.
EldonS Aylar önce
8:24 made me laugh so hard XD that was brilliant! The sounds, the timing, perfect :)
Oktober Vanderslice
Seeing Marvin and Buzz was so unexpected hahaha this was such a fun and silly video 😂❤️
Squibit Bessy
Squibit Bessy Aylar önce
Loveing the storyline so far especially all the different reactions from the hermits, looking forward to how this goes
Madi Smith
Madi Smith Aylar önce
Hear me out, we launch a rocket at the moon. We launch rockets at other dangerous space debris, it could work. Maybe not just straight at the moon but position it in orbit to get a gentler angle.
MEB 1997
MEB 1997 Aylar önce
I love this new moon content. I've been looking for more hermits to investigate the moon issue.
Yolandah T
Yolandah T Aylar önce
Tango the scientist vs Mumbo the cultist Edit: are we going to talk about how funny it is that Mumbo immediately chose to create a religion for the moon while Tango resorted to science to research what’s going on.
dragon Garra
dragon Garra Aylar önce
two types of redstone people
pi Eppy
pi Eppy Aylar önce
@Miss Kitty Grimm I’m surpriesed grian isn’t talked about more than mumbo in the comments because of the quantity of shenanigans that grian does
Jack Schwitzer
Jack Schwitzer Aylar önce
You mean "science" and "research".
DPKing Aylar önce
@The Awesome Gang // EPIC Productions lol
The Awesome Gang // EPIC Productions
We need a Grian and Tango collab Right Now
Johnny Ackermann
Johnny Ackermann Aylar önce
The Among Us telescope at 12:32 actually made me laugh out loud, that was perfect XD
J Smith -jadynsgames dot com fan-
The Minecraft world expanding must be causing extra gravity bringing the moon closer.
BoswcheydoesArt Aylar önce
I love how tango fades away into a silhouette as he pans the camera over to the moon
Jake Greathouse
Jake Greathouse Aylar önce
This episode was hands down the best I've seen on this channel and I have been watching for years!
Ayaan Ahmad
Ayaan Ahmad Aylar önce
Out of all the earthquake reactions, Tango's was by far the funniest 🤣
The Millers Apprentice
This was one of my favourite episodes of hermitcraft ever!
XDaddy Wing
XDaddy Wing Aylar önce
You have just under 48 days until the Moon contacts the surface of the world . . . better work fast, Tango!
IcyPopsicle Aylar önce
I like how Grian just made a small observatory on the top of Scar’s mountains with chains for measuring and Tango just went *all out* /pos
Rachel Kubacki
Rachel Kubacki Aylar önce
Love your face! What a good episode. Funny. Engaging. Best sound effects for the ravager kills. Love all the science
Ajlez Aylar önce
From watching Minecraft videos, I've realized the great value in building something amazing only to learn how much more amazing it COULD be. Which is cool.
Rosa Aylar önce
I like how Tango, Joe and Grian are taking measures, being scientific on the moon thing while Mumbo is like yeah, I'll make a cult out of this
Anonym M
Anonym M Aylar önce
I like how the moon is smaller with the telescope than without
Schlongdre Aylar önce
According to the Roche limit, if the moon gets too close to the Earth, it will disintegrate. Based on the current distance, and the Roche radius for the moon, you have about 46 days until the moon is close, and will crumble apart because the Earth’s tidal forces will be greater than the forces keeping the moon together. Hope you get it figured out soon Tango!
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker Aylar önce
@Spibow That was before the update was split. Hermits are already finishing their projects, and some hermits barely seem to be around any more.
Vriesn Silver
Vriesn Silver Aylar önce
@Matt Warriner I guess the hermits may be in for a big tsunami along with the earthquakes then-
Spibow Aylar önce
@Thomas Becker they already said they plan on resetting outside the continent at the beginning of the season. Kind of like how they migrated out to the village in s6, but slightly different. This just adds a lore bit to it so it's a bit more interesting
Commandi Aylar önce
The moon will collide soon. very soon. sooner than you think.
YeBoiTabby :D
YeBoiTabby :D Aylar önce
James Shepherd
James Shepherd Aylar önce
Yes the moon is falling hermits going underground for 1.18 love it herd this somewhere a few weeks back and loved the idea then and even more now :)
Internet User
Internet User Aylar önce
The editing on this one is great 😂
Malchi Wolf
Malchi Wolf Aylar önce
The moon is amazing! (and amizing edit Tango! looking forward to your next epidose.
scribbler 13
scribbler 13 Aylar önce
I love how there’s 1 of 3 options the hermits are taking in response to the growing moon 1 pretend nothings happening 2 make a moon cult 3 become a doomsday preper
RetroBlockade Aylar önce
OMG I love all the little easter eggs you slipped into this episode, from among us, to marvin the martian, to buzz lightyear, to the moon being made of swiss cheese, to A113
RetroBlockade 16 gün önce
@NetherVoid86 A1-13 was the classroom number where many of the Pixar animators learned how to animate movies at California Institute of the Arts. It is used as an Easter Egg in many Pixar movies, including Wall-E, to pay tribute to where it all started.
NetherVoid86 16 gün önce
A113 being the Axiom right?
Quietloris09 Aylar önce
Good job on the editing tango it adds a lot to the video
Painless Plains
Painless Plains Aylar önce
As an aerospace engineering major, i appreciate the orbital mechanics you threw in there
HalfInt Aylar önce
That Ravager prank was so good, I watched *all* the perspectives and still was excited to see yet one more.
J.C Aylar önce
Grian:let's make a observatory. Tango:let's makes NASA. Mumbo: let's make a temple to worship the moon.
Megan Aylar önce
@Matthew Hendriks 'megalithic' (lit. "big rock") as used to describe constructions such as Stonehenge, theorised to be related to astronomical calculations Like what Joe's doing :)
Matthew Hendriks
Matthew Hendriks Aylar önce
Megan Megalythic? It's like, 2 poles and a walkway, it's really accurate though
Megan Aylar önce
Joe: let's make a megalithic structure to measure the moon
Slumber 1492
Slumber 1492 Aylar önce
Ren & Doc: Moon Rock Go Brrrrrrrrrr
Scooter Campbell
Scooter Campbell Aylar önce
Only one of those things is going to appease the angry moon god.
HIGH FIVE Aylar önce
When I see hermits fly by Fifi's cave, I hope they'll drop in and look. It's such an incredible build, I always want to see it again.
Hahawolfie Aylar önce
I also love that your attempting to be proactive with the moon over say, building a bunker. It’s refreshing to see you engage with the lunar event instead of simply reacting to it
Alex Stapf
Alex Stapf Aylar önce
You have no idea how happy I was when I saw my favorite hermit create my favorite building. The VAB at NASA is so cool.
The Hermithood
The Hermithood Aylar önce
Nice video editing Tango. Love the camera shake and how you pasted photo's into the book for lore. Coming along great keep up the amazing work!
Clare Chaddon
Clare Chaddon Aylar önce
This was an amazing episode!!!
Himmel Aylar önce
i love the don’t escape 4 vibes the ending of the season is giving!
David De Jong
David De Jong Aylar önce
This video shows just how much effort tango puts in maddddddd respecg
Ditty Margoo
Ditty Margoo Aylar önce
Loved it Tango! Especially the build and the science!
Taakka Aylar önce
I love that Tango used kilometers instead of miles with his scientific research, as proper scientist would! :)
Volt Siano
Volt Siano Aylar önce
What self-respecting scientist uses Kanadian miles?
Sydney Aylar önce
@Cheese Miser Actually yes, NASA does use metric.
Cheese Miser
Cheese Miser Aylar önce
@Sydney well actually, no. But whatever floats your boat
Cheese Miser
Cheese Miser Aylar önce
@Apple Ducky temperature and miles are the two things that are too hard to change
Abercrombie Rye
Abercrombie Rye Aylar önce
@Sydney Yes my good Sydney. I was well aware that they used metric, I was not disproving that, I was affirming weirdness, "It's about the principle"!
SinFueledGaming Aylar önce
#TangoTek the way you edited this video was awesome, so well done great video :) the lack of vicatior's compared to contraptions though :'(
Sevenfifteen Music
Sevenfifteen Music Aylar önce
Wonderful video editing! Loved this episode!
LadyBug_Queen22 Aylar önce
You. Are. So. Talented! This video is great. Love your storytelling. It’s smooth, hilarious and entertaining. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
Lord Azrekahl
Lord Azrekahl Aylar önce
You could always become a Mooner. I heard they will be saved during the approaching lunar apocalypse. All the moon asks is you sacrifice your soft beds and embrace constant wakefulness.
D. Bass
D. Bass Aylar önce
I think the only course of action is to send Bdubs to the moon to blow it up à la Armageddon. Maybe this could be the Boomer’s final ride?
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Aylar önce
LMAOO love this
Hannah Southwell
Hannah Southwell Aylar önce
Bruce doubleO Willis100?
jarofclay8 Aylar önce
Great idea! LOVE IT!!! 😁💥🌛
Zac Grimm
Zac Grimm Aylar önce
So I was right! Using the events in Doc and Ren's most recent videos, with the moon rock blowing up there chicken coop, I would assume that the moon is currently nearing its Roche limit. That means it it currently being torn to shreds, which is not good.
SonicNotTheHog Aylar önce
Ok, this was phenomenal! Great job!
WildWestDan Aylar önce
The Space Nerd in me loved this build! Thanks so much!!
AngelofGrace96 Aylar önce
oh wow I love all the effort you put into this ep!
ArtMasterFrylock Aylar önce
Can't blame Cub for just wanting to hide. How do you even change the moon's orbit? You'll probably want some help from doc and maybe Zedaph. Zedaph's experiments might be a bit quirky but he is a local scientist. Grian is also tracking the size of the moon with his observatory. Perhaps the moon is just appreciating Bdub's moon base. Love the cam with the ravagers as well.
Otto Oetting
Otto Oetting Aylar önce
Whenever you're considering asking Doc for help, you know you're in big trouble
genesis frog
genesis frog Aylar önce
Joe's been keeping track of the moon's rate of growth - he shows off his apparatus in Cleo's latest video
KeitieKalopsia Aylar önce
@Octops64 Sounds like they already have.
Octops64 Aylar önce
@Jayako Grocock Join the mooners cult made by mumbo
Introvert Aylar önce
@Parker Johnson if tango's work is, zedaph's is too.
heyitsmyface Aylar önce
Has anyone calculated when the moon will reach close enough to Earth to reach a critical disaster?
Natt Yo
Natt Yo Aylar önce
Thats a lot of effort for this video, thank you Tango!
Jen D
Jen D Aylar önce
This whole moon thing feels like a phase ;)
will Aylar önce
this episode was comedic genius i have so much respect
badpillow Aylar önce
Seeing the scale of the imminent threat H.A.S.A might need to collaborate with BoatX on this one. They have an observatory on top of the Scar mountain which gives them a very good vantage point to collect accurate data!
Keith Graham
Keith Graham Aylar önce
Just in time since they came to a truce =D
Lisa_WistfulOne Aylar önce
@Locko Smith Yes! Joe’s data measurement is far more accurate.
Ho Hi
Ho Hi Aylar önce
No no no guys no science can’t stop the moon 🌚 we need to throw our beds in the moon shrine and never sleep
Locko Smith
Locko Smith Aylar önce
I’ve also heard of an independent program by one Joe Hills, who has been measuring the rate at which the moon is growing. He might be a good source to go to for further information on the subject
Eathy Aylar önce
Love your work mate! Your editing is nuts.
k98killer Aylar önce
According to your calculations, you have 49 days before it impacts, so you should build a bunker in the nether or end dimension and ride out the apocalypse there.
Acid Quotient
Acid Quotient Aylar önce
Strap boosters on the moon so it will get back in it’s normal orbit!
Iain Laurence
Iain Laurence Aylar önce
Big fan of the moon arc (or should I say decaying orbit!) keep up the good work with the cinematics
Mackenzie Taber
Mackenzie Taber Aylar önce
Me thinking about how Bdubs has no idea the moon is big bc he sleeps every time the sun sets 😌
LisaMiza Aylar önce
You definitely need to get Zed onboard with this case, he got the science knowhow. Maybe it's time to bring back A.S.S too and upgrade it to Astronaut Sheep Service!!!
Lizzard Doggo
Lizzard Doggo Aylar önce
Well, there is ice on the moon, which can be used to help make liquid rocket fuel. If you could turn the moon it self and propell it in the right direction, you could theoretically let orbital mechanics do most of the work of getting back into its proper orbit.
Christopher deRaadt
I ABSOLUTELY love the assembly building. Cheers!
Patotato Kingdom
Patotato Kingdom Aylar önce
Grian: I think we should build an observatory on Scar's base. Tango: The moon is getting far too big, this can't be a good thing. Mumbo: Cult time...
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Aylar önce
7:05 Tango: Starts explaining his redstone. Mumbo: Aight imma head out.
Marloes van Eck
Marloes van Eck Aylar önce
I get it, the hermits manage to save the continent from the moon but the rest of the world will "die" and change to 1.18. Thats how you will update the world
The E-Scooter Apocalypse
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Hermitcraft RECAP - season 8 week 23
MUTLU BİR OYUN (Happy Game #2)
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