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A bond. A pledge. A commitment. Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim star in Guy Ritchie’s #TheCovenant. Watch the official trailer now and see the film only in theaters April.

Directed By: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim
Written By: Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies

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1 Şub 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Ashish Sunny
Ashish Sunny Aylar önce
Gotta give Ritchie immense credit to direct a movie every single year, that is no easy thing!
Dude Dudster
Dude Dudster Gün önce
@Bert Plank I heard it was about the son of the Emperor. Crowes character died.
Qobi Kwezi
Qobi Kwezi 2 gün önce
@Bert Plank Not to offend just a fun observation your jargon comes out like a character from Ritchie's London movies.
Bert Plank
Bert Plank 2 gün önce
​@Dude DudsterIs this correct...if so he surely can't be using Russel Crowe???..Crowe has turned into a monstrous LARD BUCKET.....!.
Bert Plank
Bert Plank 2 gün önce
Thanks for your comment Ritchie...how about another tedious Bank robber movie involving "Londin gangstas"... This stuff is thinly veiled zio-prop from the gangster state in the middle east innit.
Dave L.
Dave L. Aylar önce
Shameful how we treated these guys who were on the frontlines with our troops after they risked it all to keep our guys safe. Respect from Canada to Ritchie and his crew for telling this story.
_TAYLOR-ED_ 9 saatler önce
Hearts and minds the vast majority weren't heroes of any sort just rival tribes
james ellerby
james ellerby Gün önce
I wonder if this movie talks about how the taliban was formed and trained. Or will it ignore that fact
Anoneemus Noename
Anoneemus Noename 2 gün önce
@Evan Nevarez I don't believe in profiling but if he was ever in Afghanistan it was a desk job for sure lol.
Jeff 5 gün önce
You can thank Biden for it.
Sayaar Helmand
Sayaar Helmand Aylar önce
As a former interpreter I will watch this movie over and over again, finally someone is recognizing the sucrifices we made.
Tee 1up
Tee 1up 3 saatler önce
Thank you sir! 🫡 hope you and your family are safe and well.❤
Ge0Ne0 2 gün önce
Thank you brother
Erika Donnell
Erika Donnell 4 gün önce
as army vet *this is my wifes account* we appreciated the interpreters, and even had family members come on our base to bring locals food and snacks. they were family. thank you foryour service, brother.
Captain Freedom
Captain Freedom 5 gün önce
@Jhon Shephard You’d guess wrong then, homie.
Jhon Shephard
Jhon Shephard 5 gün önce
​@Captain Freedom let me guess the number of languages you speak then with all the luxuries of running water, 24/7 electricity and peace. I am guessing 1 and barely that? And that isn't counting speak, read and write.
Kareem Wazwaz
Kareem Wazwaz 19 gün önce
There's a recent article I read about Guy Ritchie and how obsessed he is with the stories/lore/hospitality of the Middle East and how he literally stays living in that region, granted safe countries such as Gulf secure ones such as Emirates, and how he plans on making more films from there. Expect him to make more like this is what I'm trying to say I guess
PSVR 2 NEWB 7 gün önce
Persian Gulf countries have a great hospitality culture, yes.
Bryan P
Bryan P Aylar önce
I think this is a good movie to show how much interpreters did for us in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even if this is some sensationalized story, they put their life on the line for us. Their family's lives even. People need to understand that these interpreters deserve to be saved.
ZeroResurrected Saatler önce
@Simple JackGovernments and spineless politicians did that. Not the soldiers who fought and died alongside them
Simon Muller
Simon Muller 2 gün önce
​@Jebediahyess Taliban is the Afghanistan . Youre not ok.
Thinking Impaired
Thinking Impaired 3 gün önce
💯 what a horrible deadly pullout in Afghanistan.
Am S
Am S 20 gün önce
@newuser thats some backwards logic
André K
André K Aylar önce
Awesome that Guy Ritchie is using such a broad stable of great actors. Dar Salim is a personal favourite of mine, a highly respected and well-known actor from Denmark. Looking forward seeing him shine in this movie :)
xxLindaxx Aylar önce
I was hoping to see this comment. 😎 He was amazing in Warrior. 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Walker1812 Aylar önce
I like that the story is timeless. One person repaying a life debt to another. Could set this at any point in human history and it would work.
OoainauT 21 gün önce
And also deeply relevant to very recent and ongoing events.
Sam Lui
Sam Lui 24 gün önce
Bet you, the guy turns out to be the villain
Yvaelle Aylar önce
A major part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest story in recorded history, is the repayment of a life debt between two friends. So it's literally the oldest story in history.
Ezy Does It
Ezy Does It Aylar önce
Guy Ritchie is killing it, one movie per year. That's crazy
jk61490 Aylar önce
@Enter the Bruce 91 comes out Friday…..
Peter Crosbie
Peter Crosbie Aylar önce
Quantity over quality.
Mario Bobek
Mario Bobek Aylar önce
@Enter the Bruce 91 - trust me, you havent't missed much. It'll be out on one of the streaming services soon so you'll be a bit disapointed too when you see it. It's far below The Gentlemen (just to compare it to another recent Ritchie's film), even Jason Statham couldn't save it completelly
Tueclf Pofks
Tueclf Pofks Aylar önce
Is guy Richie Madonna's ex
Andrew Waine
Andrew Waine Aylar önce
Looks really good. Authenticity is the key in films like this. New clothing and equipment is a real give away in many films. The way a solder walks carrying kit is another. It’s not easy and fluid to move with weight. Looking forward to seeing this film
DervichVK Aylar önce
What AFG movies are missing is dust. Dust on clothing, arms, vehicles everywhere dust.
Jake Warsaw
Jake Warsaw Aylar önce
I’m just grateful they used the right OCP camo pattern for a US Army soldier instead of the old UCP
EMMA DEAN 15 gün önce
There is nothing so pure than sticking to a vow and fulfilling it.
Brian Welty
Brian Welty Aylar önce
Looks great. Interested to see what Guy does with a thriller/revenge/honor story. Good to see Jake G. getting frequent roles as his acting is evolving although he may not be popular to everyone. Nightcrawler demonstrated his range as an actor exceptionally. The bald actor counter to him in the story seems strong as well.
André K
André K Aylar önce
"The bald actor" named Dar Salim is an exceptional well-known actor from Denmark
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco Aylar önce
Kimble1599 Aylar önce
I watched The Guilty and I want that 2 hours of my life back 😅
BigNastyyy Aylar önce
Looks fantastic, and the storyline looks compelling. Jake is a great actor.
Tharuka Epaarachchi
Jake Gyllenhaal always kills it and it good to see Anthony Star from the Boys in the big screen. That guy needs more recognition.
Singha Wijesekara
Singha Wijesekara 9 gün önce
@Oscar Jimenes there’s only 3 s
Qua††ro 23 gün önce
Anthony Star in The Boys was on a different level. To call Homelander the greatest screen villain ever... is somehow the understatement of the century
NicheNetwork 25 gün önce
BANSHEE bud, is where he shines, The Boys is great but it's not comic accurate. Banshee is just cool
Veilofmayaa Aylar önce
Don't think I have looked forward to any other movie than this one. Can't wait for this to be out. I love Guy Ritchie's movies. Really sad that King Arthur - legend of the sword didn't do too well, I love that movie.
BinarySunsets Aylar önce
king arthurs amazing
Pete Dandrea
Pete Dandrea Aylar önce
Probably because it had David Beckham in it
FlameOfRoyeca Aylar önce
The Man from UNCLE was pretty good too.
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres Aylar önce
Os filmes do Guy Ritchie são sempre fabulosos!
Captain Freedom
Captain Freedom 24 gün önce
Cuidado com os bandidos em scooters com Uzis, mano.
Chris 17 gün önce
Guy Ritchie is fantastic. Never disappoints - What a talent.
Abhijitsinh Aylar önce
Seeing Jake in the army again reminded of Jarhead, what a masterpiece
Hafidz Murshidie
Hafidz Murshidie 16 saatler önce
@Bill DelFera Bout to say that… But I think he meant to generalize the US Military branch though…
butt burgers
butt burgers Aylar önce
thats because Ritchie directed Jarhead two
Bill DelFera
Bill DelFera Aylar önce
Jarheads are Marines
Madison lee
Madison lee Aylar önce
how about brokeback mountain?
warren croft
warren croft 9 gün önce
this looks incredible. Jake is a master at drawing out emotions
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas Aylar önce
Jake and his beard, Guy Ritchie and a good supporting cast. Sold.
OldBlueLight 2 gün önce
Actually it’s homelander
guy ritchie hasn’t made a good film in 20 years
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen 24 gün önce
Idk, I like Jake with a shaved head like in End of Watch and Jarhead. Probably because those movies are the ones I can remember first seeing him in, he just looks weird with hair to me
orso the shadow Queer
orso the shadow Queer 26 gün önce
Marcus didn't grow up Catholic.Curious to know what made him switch.
Trevor Omondi
Trevor Omondi Aylar önce
I love these kinds of grounded movies where the story is focused on two central characters, a breath of fresh air from the convoluted save the world movies.
C S Aylar önce
This looks incredible. Love the storyline.
Spring Gewehr
Spring Gewehr 20 gün önce
This is a complete set of live action, drama, brotherhood, and you mention it. Outstandingly remarkable.
Sergio Bowers
Sergio Bowers Aylar önce
Jake Gyllenhaal plays these roles great. Awesome actor and I hope to see him play other roles more often, he’s becoming range bound.
Shomo Sen
Shomo Sen Aylar önce
This trailer itself is cinema. It revisits the same moment twice, exploring it through different perspectives. I have grown up loving Guy Ritchie for his incredible body of work. This looks to be a masterpiece.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Aylar önce
It’s a pity very few know the actual stories this movie is based on, and how eventually we abandoned and denied help to those who helped us.
J Gappy
J Gappy 18 gün önce
Same story over and over. Not the first time U.S. does that. Even other NATO countries seem to do the same.
Ash P
Ash P 18 gün önce
This exactly I was going to say. all this is good for oscar nominations etc. but thousands of people who helped were left to die....shame
Official Shafi
Official Shafi Aylar önce
If it’s guy Ritchie then I’m definitely watching it his films never disappoint!
D Mc
D Mc 22 gün önce
In the Name of the King / Ghost of Mars / Cellular / Revolver
perplekks Aylar önce
Swept Away wants a word with you...
trick351 Aylar önce
Anything Guy writes/directs is pure gold!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
crumble bee
crumble bee Aylar önce
except revolver :P
Jeff L
Jeff L 29 gün önce
This looks to be absolutely epic.
balboa Aylar önce
This trailer gave me Goosebumps! Looks like an Amazing movie.
Jose Mancia
Jose Mancia Aylar önce
The musical score on this trailer tho!!!!!!! HEAT!
Kristine L
Kristine L Aylar önce
Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the greatest actors working in Hollywood, and the fact that he has one Oscar nomination with no wins is a CRIME! "Prisoners." "Nocturnal Animals." "Nightcrawler." "Zodiac." All of those roles at the very least deserved nominations. He's one of the most versatile actors I've ever seen! He's up there with Christian Bale, in my book, but at least Christian has an Oscar and multiple nominations.
_TAYLOR-ED_ 8 saatler önce
Fortune Finder
Fortune Finder 15 gün önce
Dar Saleem will get it
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Aylar önce
@Ajinkya Reddy Why compare? Both are really good and have been in really entertaining movies.
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Aylar önce
@Edward Tandy Crazy good movie, not seen by many.
Douglas Santos
Douglas Santos Aylar önce
Wow...Esse filme promete com certeza 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷
Constantine Kasyanov
I am always hyped for anything Guy Ritchie films and will definitely watch it when it comes out, but these trailers, man... lowkey feels like I've already watched the entire film
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 25 gün önce
Guy Ritchie never disappoints.
Damp 23 gün önce
@Julius Jahn the bank job isn't a guy ritchie movie.... and it was good, not great but good.
Julius Jahn
Julius Jahn 25 gün önce
Eh the statham bank one kinda stunk
3 as1
3 as1 Aylar önce
I am so pumped for this movie! I'd pay a cinema ticket for it.
Sarah B
Sarah B 7 gün önce
Can’t wait for this it looks epic!
รeคy Aylar önce
Now this is what I'm talking about! A proper director, making a proper movie with a proper producer, a proper financer and proper actors! Thank you. Can't wait!
pyromaniac03 14 gün önce
@Rusty Colon good movie
Fox Sky
Fox Sky Aylar önce
What you talking about, it looks bad and nothing new
Beardly 01
Beardly 01 Aylar önce
Was it all done in a proper manner though?
Gorrak Smashskull
Gorrak Smashskull Aylar önce
@Kyle F 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
PepeHands Aylar önce
@gamegoof Sing me a song?
Rob Li
Rob Li 2 gün önce
Love movies about overarching human bonds: family, fellowship. Will see this in theaters!
LCD_GAMES Aylar önce
Looks and feels like a good story! Glad to see Guy back.
Mahen Jawa
Mahen Jawa Aylar önce
It's been awhile that we were blessed with a brilliant trailer. Thank you MGM!
Prosey 757
Prosey 757 Aylar önce
Movies like this gives me chills. Humanity and the price one will pay
Bee See ES
Bee See ES Aylar önce
This looks good. Solid story line. Someone give Scott Adkins a movie that has a solid story too already
ENNESS HAY Aylar önce
minimum pay Russkie troll farms ? mmm. Maybe MINIMUM pay MGM troll FARM£R$ ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert g
robert g Aylar önce
@Jake 1283 Just being honest
Jonz Wikk
Jonz Wikk Aylar önce
Scott Adkins is a capable actor, and he deserves better roles in bigger budget movies
SM Aylar önce
We need this movie after how USA yelped and ran embarassed out of Afghanistan with its tail between its legs. 👍
Windinhisface Aylar önce
@Largentina Exactly 😉
Slammarang! Aylar önce
Was not expecting this to be coming from Guy Ritchie. Excited to see what he brings to this
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Aylar önce
Every movie with Jake is masterpiece!♥
Second Sun
Second Sun Aylar önce
As a Dane myself, it's awesome to see another Danish actor get his shine in the big movies! Way to go Dar Salim
Jhon Shephard
Jhon Shephard 5 gün önce
@Howling I know Europeans hate hyphenated identities but you can't take away his non-Danish identity when he does something good, and call him his other identity if he does something you don't like. A South African American comedian did a whole bit on that. I am guessing he is Afghani-Dane or Pakistani-Dane? Also congrats on getting Canadian-Danish TRvidr Not Just Bikes to Denmark.
Dave 22 gün önce
@Howling 'I DO believe, I DO believe, I DO believe.' lol, no you don't 🤣
Howling 22 gün önce
@Dave Lived in Denmark since he was 7, I do believe we can call him Danish because of that
Dave Aylar önce
@Second Sun offers a reality check bud, not grovelling for some good boy points
Second Sun
Second Sun Aylar önce
​@Dave your comment has as much to offer as your channel buddy.
3volvedB3ing Gaming
Guy Ritchie does it again, this is a instant classic for me. Great story. I need to see it.
Moosa Moosa
Moosa Moosa Aylar önce
The Comedy Bros
The Comedy Bros Aylar önce
Ritchie has been on an absolute tear lately. Him and Gyllenhaal have to make for a great one! The only thing that scares me is this trailer gives away way too much, and movies that do that in a trailer always end up being mediocre.
D Mc
D Mc 22 gün önce
The Wrath of Man would like a word with you
Princess Solace
Princess Solace Aylar önce
Got that feeling too eh?🤭
Ryan Rutan
Ryan Rutan Aylar önce
Yeah, I thought the same. Definitely watching it, but I’m bummed I already know the whole story line.
gerdge jones
gerdge jones Aylar önce
@xyoxus bah! Operation Fortune wasn’t lame; just a silly bit of fluff fun movie. Admittedly you didn’t have to think too much during it, but enjoyable enough for all that
1Flyingfist Aylar önce
I've seen this kind of story before. Is this a remake of something else?
Zehahahaha Aylar önce
Wow I can’t believe Guy Ritchie is doing this! It looks amazing, he’s made amazing movies before but this is a new way to edit and it’s not usually the stories he directed but it looks amazing! If anyone is wondering why they gave us the plot for the movie, it’s sadly the only way to get you to watch it. The problem is not the movies that give you the plot in trailers it has become the Audience.
csl Aylar önce
Honestly for the type of movie it is... i don't mind the trailer handing most of the plot... it looks like its going to be good.
mishy yusuf
mishy yusuf Aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥The trailer has me sold already...My kind of movie I can't wait to scream n cry at the edge of my seat 💪💪💪🎉🎉🎉🎉🤭
huwbertooo 20 gün önce
This looks incredible!
Jarod Aylar önce
Guy Ritchie has become my favorite director. I'm absolutely excited for this
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin Aylar önce
I literally got goosebumps watching this trailer... can't wait to watch this!
Lady Bexy
Lady Bexy Aylar önce
I'm a Ritchie fan, so I'll be catching this one. Looks a little different to his usual, but I bet he knocks it out of the park.
same, not what i expected reading guy ritchies name but looks great
Tom McKellen
Tom McKellen Aylar önce
Not really. Richie should continue this exploration. His recent films have been good and still retain some Richie feel to them whilst not falling back in every one of his tropes. The critics are right to an extent about doing the same Brit caper over and over. Not saying it should never be done again, not at all, just that these past flicks are a worthy fare, underrated, an evolution in a sense, and proof of the need to try different things artistically.
N Gonzales
N Gonzales Aylar önce
This looks like a joke
Largentina Aylar önce
​@SpaceRanger Who in this comment thread said it was easy? Are you implying that to critique something you have to be able to do said thing? This is the dumbest "logic" I've ever seen.
SpaceRanger Aylar önce
Make the movie yourself then, if its so easy..make sure to tag all of us so we know when it doesn't come out
Nes70r Aylar önce
Hands down this movie will be great. Ritchie doesn't disappoints.
1984 Aylar önce
Swept Away?
Steam Deck Checker
Steam Deck Checker 4 gün önce
Dar Salim is a so talented actor ❤
NEF 23 gün önce
Jake and Guy Ritchie? This will be awesome. Can't wait.
Cannibal Autopsy
Cannibal Autopsy Aylar önce
I need the full version of this song
SwissPL Aylar önce
looks like a fantastic film, excited for it
Lincoln 23
Lincoln 23 Aylar önce
Every time a see the phrase "the academy award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal" I think this brilliant actor hasn't been nominated enough. He's so talented and versatile
Lincoln 23
Lincoln 23 Aylar önce
@rennmaxbeta I would've liked that too
Dave Kendall
Dave Kendall Aylar önce
@Aku Pegu That performance was insane. That's when I realized what an actor can actually be if they have the talent and the director allows them some creativity. Denis Villeneuve and Gyllenhaal made that movie phenomenal.
rennmaxbeta Aylar önce
He should have won for Nightcrawler.
Nachiketa Roy Soni
Nachiketa Roy Soni Aylar önce
It was about time somebody gave this guy an award!
Aku Pegu
Aku Pegu Aylar önce
@Talking Thrones He was phenomenal in Prisoners before that.
John Marshall
John Marshall Aylar önce
Seeing a lot of similarities to what Tim Kennedy and his ex military friends did during the Afghanistan’s pullout when they went back for their interpreters and their families. An incredible true story. I’m excited to see this.
Mr. D
Mr. D Aylar önce
This seems much darker than Guy Ritchie's usual movies, can't wait to see it. I'm also very glad to see that it's gonna be "in theaters" where an action movie of this quality should be watched!
Legendary Monkey
Legendary Monkey Aylar önce
Feel like I've seen the movie from the trailer but I still fancy this because I think Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best in the business.
Yukon CA
Yukon CA Aylar önce
This trailer alone gives me chills, like literal goosebumps..... i cannot wait for this movie OMFG!!! looks amazing...
Wanderpol Tv
Wanderpol Tv Aylar önce
can't wait to see this in cinemas.
Anxious Samurai
Anxious Samurai Aylar önce
This looks really good! I'm stoked to see Antony Starr (Homelander) making his way into a high-profile movie like this too.
Jayden Oliver
Jayden Oliver Aylar önce
Outrageous fortune is great as well if you want to dig even deeper into his work. Although I'm not sure if people from outside of NZ would enjoy it as much
صالح بلحمر
he's looking for milkies among the Taliban troops
Dave Aylar önce
Ngl I thought that was Bradley Cooper until I read your comment ahah
Anxious Samurai
Anxious Samurai Aylar önce
@Emmanuel Mugwagwa Of course. That was an awesome show! I actually knew of Starr from that before he was cast as Homelander.
Emmanuel Mugwagwa
Emmanuel Mugwagwa Aylar önce
u eva watched banshee
Marcelino Lopez
Marcelino Lopez Aylar önce
You payback what has been given to you. This is a movie I can get behind 💪🏾
PUMA Chomper
PUMA Chomper Aylar önce
Never missed a Guy Ritchie film, looks awesome.
Hunor Simon
Hunor Simon Aylar önce
This movie looks so good hope it will be the best movie this year
Chandrakant Singh
Chandrakant Singh Aylar önce
Guy Ritchie back in business with another masterpiece!
Claes Lanng
Claes Lanng Aylar önce
Dar Salim is already one of the biggest actors in Denmark, hopefully this movie will throw his name across to the world.
Dave Aylar önce
Guy Ritchie's slick comedy/dramas are some of my all-time favorites, but his serious films are on a completely different level. If this is even half as good as Revolver or Wrath of Man, we've got a winner on our hands.
Christer Myrberg
Christer Myrberg Aylar önce
Revolver is definitely one of his worst movies but Wrath Of Man is my favourite
Tommy Dahl
Tommy Dahl Aylar önce
@Austism Nope, I refuse.
Austism Aylar önce
@Tommy Dahl take it back
Tommy Dahl
Tommy Dahl Aylar önce
I would say Revolver is his worst one
M Cat
M Cat Aylar önce
Or Swept Away, amirite
T F Aylar önce
Stoked for this, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint
Bishal Gurung
Bishal Gurung Aylar önce
Powerful stuff when it's the family of another family!!
Rakx10 Aylar önce
Guy Ritchie, Jake Gyllenhaal, badass story, crazy awesome track, yes I cried whatcha gonna do?
Anshul Saini
Anshul Saini Aylar önce
Story seems just magnificent ! I really hope it delivers
Joey McQuilkin
Joey McQuilkin 23 gün önce
I got goosebumps watching that - Dang this looks awesome
Julio Pineiro Jr.
Julio Pineiro Jr. Aylar önce
Guy Ritchie has got to be a candidate for directing the next James Bond entry.
philo betto
philo betto Aylar önce
@Mark Wilko 👍 Bond, James...Bond... he, him, or his lol
Mark Wilko
Mark Wilko Aylar önce
@Alun Lewis and he has a Good potential Bond in the Man from Uncle..
Mark Wilko
Mark Wilko Aylar önce
@philo betto Ritchie is one of the few directors who keeps woke Rubish out of his movies still.. If anything he hits back against it.. So he would be a great James Bond director if he had control and made a normal old school Bond that everyone loved instead of a Bond talking about Illegal Imigrantion being a right or jails being slavery...
hotdog Aylar önce
`they` probably would limit him so much he would back off
Gutten Aylar önce
That would actually be quite something I think.
Thabang Mailula
Thabang Mailula Aylar önce
This movie is speaking to my situation right now. Sometimes we can't help but what to help those you've been there for us. It's a debt that we cannot avoid nor deny. Need to watch it!!!
Polina Tsybenko
Polina Tsybenko Aylar önce
Homelander!!! So happy for Antony to get roles in big movies. Please Guy, don’t let us down
Karen Weaver
Karen Weaver Aylar önce
Another amazing film that Alexander Ludwig is apart of, can't wait to see it.
Papa True
Papa True Aylar önce
Dang, I'm really happy to see that Guy Ritchie's nailing one hit another! The Gentlemen, Wrath of Man, Operation Fortune and now this one. Can't wait, thank you, sir!
Adrian Macias
Adrian Macias 2 gün önce
Well of course anything Guy Richie makes is going to be killer
Shawn Shaman
Shawn Shaman Aylar önce
This looks fantastic. Great job to the team that cut this together, and to the filmmakers involved.
Soren Andrews
Soren Andrews Aylar önce
My favorite part was when Jake Gyllenhaal looked over and said "I can't stop loving you" to his co-star. Can't wait to see this! Broke Back Desert looks good!
Chris Dargie
Chris Dargie Aylar önce
This looks like a great movie!!
Jacob Smiths
Jacob Smiths Aylar önce
one of the few trailers that gave me chills down my bones
Purple Spark
Purple Spark Aylar önce
I just love Guy Ritchie's movies. His movie on Arthur was amazing
Abba Boyi
Abba Boyi Aylar önce
I can't wait for this movie to be released
Dr InDy
Dr InDy Aylar önce
This is definitely a movie night waiting to happen at the theatres in April for sure. Looks absolutely solid! 👊🧡👍
Stella 9 gün önce
just give that man an oscar already best actor!!! cant wait i waited to long for him to have an other film. even dicaprio doesnt have an award
Stella 8 gün önce
@Axl Rose oh yes!!!! lol forgot
Axl Rose
Axl Rose 8 gün önce
Dicaprio got an oscar for the revenant
F. H.
F. H. Aylar önce
As an interpreter for the US army in Iraq! This touches home! 😢 cant wait to watch it! 🎉
Chokyo Aylar önce
Dar Salim absolute legend
Gloriana Arelene
Gloriana Arelene Aylar önce
Can't wait to see this movie 🍿 love Jake and thanks Guy for bringing us such a good movie 🍿
Bruce Haulley
Bruce Haulley Aylar önce
Looking forward to this. Huge fan of Richie, but this subject matter raises his quality to a new level.
Craig Ledger
Craig Ledger Aylar önce
Okay this a break of form from Richie, but this looks solid. I’ll definitely give it a look in theatres!
Kosta Aylar önce
MrReded69 Aylar önce
Totally forgot its a Guy Ritchie movie! Not a single bit of Cockney jibber jabber snappy patter!
Style Aylar önce
My same thought 👊
Jared :
Jared : Aylar önce
Thts what I was thinking
Vincens Aguirre
Vincens Aguirre Aylar önce
A movie with Jake is always a big "W".
Mondo 13 saatler önce
Anything Guy makes, I’m all over it.
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The Sunday Sesh
The Sunday Sesh Aylar önce
I get the feeling this film is Guy Ritchie finally showing what he’s capable outside of British crime comedy action movies
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