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Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown, looks to extend his jurisdiction to Hot Ones county in this out-of-bounds episode of Hot Ones. As he suffers through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb, the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" star weighs in on everything from his relationship with Drake, to his status as the Meme God. Winner winner hot wing dinner!

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Season 3
Episode 15

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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27 Nis 2017




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Cindy Eckles
Cindy Eckles 13 saatler önce
Justin Krann
Justin Krann 2 gün önce
he legit didn't react at all
Rainman 3 gün önce
The man right here
cyberprompt 3 gün önce
come on. if you're going to fry your own tortilla chips, you have to first make your own tortillas. flour, water, salt... but who would unless.. oh... supply chain interruptions. well stock up on flour and salt then.
Tony Gerulat
Tony Gerulat 3 gün önce
I thought Guy Fieri was a douche bag... with his shirts and sunglasses behind his head and the jewelry that looks like he got from Hot Topic... but seriously, he is very humble and shares amazing experiences with his children and actually does a lot of charity.. like raising 20 million for food service workers who are struggling with the pandemic, donating equipment to restaurants (a 15 thousand dollar mixer to a restaurant that was on DDD who didn't have a mixer, etc).. just a good guy. It's hard to not like someone like that. Be has my respect and I hope him and his family is doing well and I love that he took in his nephew when he lost his sister to cancer. Amazing.
Alexandrea Williams
Alexandrea Williams 4 gün önce
Speaking of “flavor town” you guys should get flavor flav on here!
Thomas Walton
Thomas Walton 6 gün önce
came to learn more about A crew after a year.
Jayson Dilao
Jayson Dilao 8 gün önce
I love what he said at the end! Let's cook!
Heather Marriette
Heather Marriette 9 gün önce
That is weak for being the last sauce lol only half a million?! That’s nothing compared to others lol
Heather Marriette
Heather Marriette 9 gün önce
🎵🎶Tequila in my wine now I’m feeling fine🎶🎵
Ian Manson-Blair
Ian Manson-Blair 12 gün önce
I'd love to meet Guy and pick his brain over a few beers.
Ian Manson-Blair
Ian Manson-Blair 12 gün önce
I watched my mum cooking and that's how I learned to cook living by myself. Guy hit the nail on the head. Truly awesome man and I love his shows. Keep kicking it guy. Your a class all to yourself mate.
Jennifer Falco
Jennifer Falco 12 gün önce
please have abby leee miller on this show
Cindy Poole
Cindy Poole 14 gün önce
Wow! No reaction to Da' Bomb... Guy is bad ass!
Red Oz
Red Oz 15 gün önce
Tastes Ghostpepper sauce and is like "meh, I dunno". That's when I knew he would easily go all the way.
Rouge Brohi
Rouge Brohi 17 gün önce
Hes kinda rude…
Paul Jackino
Paul Jackino 17 gün önce
I think "Hierarchy of Heat" blew Sean's mind. Blew MINE.
InusaraByMyself Vlogs
InusaraByMyself Vlogs 18 gün önce
forgive me but he always will be Minute to Win It for me. That show inspired a lot of family bonding time.
bossaddict08 18 gün önce
He was so casual the entire time that I was caught off guard when it ended. Did this dude even flinch?
dbid08 18 gün önce
Well, that's the difference. Halle Berry didn't say :" for the record. No milk, no water!" She just did it!
Tim Ovitt
Tim Ovitt 19 gün önce
I love guy on triple D
gwedoh69 20 gün önce
no water. no milk. gangster.
Darryn 22 gün önce
Never knew much about this guy but I was impressed with him. Especially the comment to teach you kids to cook which is a great family message !
The Official Andy Saenz
I’m surprised Sean didn’t take his “hierarchy of heat” slogan!
jason colby
jason colby 24 gün önce
How many of you guys tried the Paqui One Chip Challenge before?
God family cars Beer me
Steak and shake no clue wtf that is
Melvin Bonilla
Melvin Bonilla 24 gün önce
Oh hell no, he barely ate any of them. Took the tiniest bite out of each one. Nobody will ever beat NORE….not only did he eat them all but he also got drunk…..I rest my case damn it!!!!!!!
Tim_StarSol 25 gün önce
(0v0)/ hi
This Guys Stuff
This Guys Stuff 26 gün önce
that was funny.
This Guys Stuff
This Guys Stuff 26 gün önce
hol up, i gotta stop this video and go watch the Eddie Huang video, be right back.
SOULEATER199961 HILLS 27 gün önce
Jaboody dubs needs to do this
Random Person
Random Person 27 gün önce
his burgers are the best
Dr. Furrytoe
Dr. Furrytoe 28 gün önce
No Water No Milk! Baller!
Atika 28 gün önce
Wow class act Guy. 👏
Alastair Hood
Alastair Hood 28 gün önce
Love this Guy!
Quinn rivers
Quinn rivers 29 gün önce
I like him even more after this. What a cool dude!
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 29 gün önce
Whenever I see Guy I want to hug him
Elijah Kane
Elijah Kane Aylar önce
Jaboody Dubs!!!
Andrejs LV
Andrejs LV Aylar önce
Who else Fuks with Jabooty Dubs?
S M Aylar önce
no water, no milk
Robert Colclough
Robert Colclough Aylar önce
Hey by the way..... NO WATER NO MILK 🔥
Robert De Pesci
Robert De Pesci Aylar önce
no water no milk was by the far the most impressive thing i've seen on hot ones
katethegreat00 Aylar önce
The mediocre wing comment was kinda bitchy.
Ashlyn Burgess
Ashlyn Burgess Aylar önce
Yes guy! Children need the skill of cooking of basic food knowledge!!!!
Andy Broer
Andy Broer Aylar önce
Bravo! For telling people to tech your kids to cook!
Backcountry Surf
Backcountry Surf Aylar önce
Da Humboldt is strong in the Guy.
Tanisha Montes
Tanisha Montes Aylar önce
Fierri v Ramsey Fierri wins
Alec Lally
Alec Lally Aylar önce
Guy feyeti ???????? 0:16
Mike Pasichnuk
Mike Pasichnuk Aylar önce
"Teach your kids to cook" - so true.
Linda van brunt
Linda van brunt Aylar önce
Teach your kids to cook
Chase Rodgers
Chase Rodgers Aylar önce
Anyone else like to eat something spicy while watching Hot Ones to feel involved? Or is that just me..?
bob reno
bob reno Aylar önce
He didn't finish most of the wings, but still awesome. Especially the ghost pepper one, he took off a piece, ate it and threw 90% of it in the trash.
Neelia Ptolemy
Neelia Ptolemy Aylar önce
Binge watching again. 😘
John Bernstein
John Bernstein Aylar önce
Right on- Teach your kids to cook. They can go anywhere in the world and get a job. It might not be the best job, but they'll survive.
Lamonte Davis
Lamonte Davis Aylar önce
Great show but dude deserves a rewarded trophy 🏆 or sum shit roll out the red carpet litarly shit he completed
Iris Soya
Iris Soya Aylar önce
What a douche. Why does anyone watch this idiot?
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson Aylar önce
katie mikesell
katie mikesell Aylar önce
I always sit here and imagine that people like Gordon Ramsay and his you know taste and Guy fieri that those things are insured so that they can know what taste good or not just makes me wonder if some of these people like Billie eilish with her singing in her throat just makes me wonder if it's safe for them to do this show
Sheryl Tarnuev
Sheryl Tarnuev Aylar önce
How many times do you have to add the capitial one commercial to one video jesus
King Joffrey
King Joffrey Aylar önce
When you're on a "Hot Ones" wave and you find the one where they made a Sean Evans dubstep. #nostalgia
parker197411 Aylar önce
No water, NO milk; beast mode! Love Guy Fieri!!!
Empire Royale
Empire Royale Aylar önce
"by the way.... no water, no milk." FUCKING. GANGSTER.
Bo ObnoxiousCricket
did this guy actually eat anything? look at the wings that he throws in the trash.
T Obe
T Obe Aylar önce
I hate The majority of cooking shows now days, the yelling and the nonsensical fusion bullshit. But DDD is great, especially for people who travel, there's so many cool spots and it's a great idea. Plus it helps so many restaurants with promotions
Silent Outlaw
Silent Outlaw Aylar önce
He just no-sold everything. must be the drugs..
CaressasPassion Aylar önce
It's impossible to watch JUST 1 Hot Ones episode!!!!! Here I am 6 episodes and hours later
TEACH YOUR KIDS TO COOK!!!!! Even though I taught all seven of them and can't get a nice home cooked meal unless I do it 😂
Ene Idoko
Ene Idoko Aylar önce
He barely even felt the heat
Nimbus Shadow-Wings
not sure guy has ever eaten deep dish
roborabbit6801 Aylar önce
Guy took those wings like a champ. Just shrugged off da bomb
fluffyfeetbmf Aylar önce
You had to know Guy was going to be a boss. No water🤣🤣
Sekiron Aylar önce
ive seen Diners Drive Ins & Dives so many times which obviously no swearing so hearing Guy say shit is akin to hearing Carly Shaw say the same thing (or Miranada since she doesn't put on a voice)
Help Me
Help Me Aylar önce
every time i see guy fieri anywhere, the first thing i have in my mind is jaboody dub's voice lines with him
JBAT4Laughs Aylar önce
By the way, no water, no milk...*mic drop* Noice! Lol
Powerwordhug Aylar önce
This episode is one of my favorites ive come back to it a few times. Thank and NO WATER NO MILK Guys a good dude a champion for small business owners
Sammyb b
Sammyb b Aylar önce
Guy Fieri didnt drink before the host too lol. Legend.
Maverick Dakota
Maverick Dakota Aylar önce
Sriracha is actually spicier than Tabasco which has no spice so why is it reversed?
Miranda Aylar önce
“Serve them mediocre wings from a pizza joint down the street that was purchased by the camera guy 3 hours ago and sit ‘em in a room and tell ‘em they can’t wear black. I don’t know” 💀💀💀 He went in
Steig Evjen
Steig Evjen Aylar önce
my life is a lie i thought it was guy fieRI not guy fieTI
Carlos Mejia
Carlos Mejia Aylar önce
Fietti? Get the F*uck ouatta heea
Redrose Lace
Redrose Lace Aylar önce
Sean the only white human ON EARTH on who can eat super chilly like its ketchup.
Mike B
Mike B Aylar önce
Teach your kids how to cook… that’s gold 👌🏼
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Aylar önce
So this is 4 years overdue… made that queso and put some of the hot ones sauce on it (on the side not for the ppl I made it for) it was FIRE. Miller lite is the beer I dribble into it. Not sure how much he wanted into it so I just put a quarter of a shot. But it does make a difference! It’s very good!
Kevin Gumfory
Kevin Gumfory Aylar önce
I mean. Im not gonna watch again to see ... but I don't think Sean drank anything either. Maybe im wrong. He didn't bang a gong so everyone would know.
Kevin Gumfory
Kevin Gumfory Aylar önce
Anyone that thinks anyone but Sean is the fckn boss of hot ones isn't watching the fckn show. Episode after episode he eats those fckn things with the exact same zest and zeal the guest does. If the guest is boss Sean is boss. If the guest is hurt Sean pretends to be hurt. He just becomes what they need. Easily the fckn BOSS GOAT. Thnx man.
Kevin Gumfory
Kevin Gumfory Aylar önce
Wabo Cabo. Lol. Killin me bruh.
Jacob Teeter
Jacob Teeter Aylar önce
This video made me a guy fan
Z. Aylar önce
What's up with all of his snide comments aimed at the host? Dude is acting like he's too good for the show.
Stanley Marcel
Stanley Marcel Aylar önce
Should get Andy millinokis on this
Stanley Marcel
Stanley Marcel Aylar önce
If rondey dangerfield was still with is. He would have made one of the best appearances on this show. He would have been so funny Rip Rodney
EvilEpicFace Aylar önce
And to think the guy who once cosplayed as him would sit in that same seat
Armando Reyes
Armando Reyes Aylar önce
This one sucked.
Giorgio Trona
Giorgio Trona Aylar önce
He ate little to no chicken :((
Ramiro Maia
Ramiro Maia Aylar önce
Too easy for this man
tater hater
tater hater Aylar önce
i don't care what anyone says, i still love guy.
Matthew Marais
Matthew Marais Aylar önce
He's a great guy
Helena Sara
Helena Sara Aylar önce
hell ya .. teach your kids to cook
Kris 2 aylar önce
teach your kids to cook. amazing /clap
Los Lobos
Los Lobos 2 aylar önce
Guy killed it. Holy chit , that’s crazy stuff
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