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We're doing the Gummy vs. Real Food challenge, but with a mythical twist. GMM #1156!
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We are two Internetainers dedicated to giving you a daily dose of casual comedy every Monday-Friday on our show "Good Mythical Morning." Thanks for making us a part of your daily routine. Be your mythical best! - Rhett & Link
Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
Writer/Producer: Micah Gordon
Writer/Producer: Ellie McElvain
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Additional Graphics/Editing: Matthew Dwyer
Art Director: Colin J. Morris
Production Assistant: Saagar Shaikh
Content Manager: Becca Canote
Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
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Maryam Raslan
Maryam Raslan Saatler önce
Rhett: Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing Me : Ummmmmmm
Mudlij Al-Zakwani
Mudlij Al-Zakwani 6 saatler önce
My dad when his favourite football team wins 11:18
10 saatler önce
Frogs, pig brains and chicken hearts are actually very tasty when cooked right
Amari Sneed
Amari Sneed 15 saatler önce
What's NOT bolied for safety on this channel😂😂😂😂
Mitchell Burton
Mitchell Burton 16 saatler önce
"Its good innit"
Iam_montay1k Music only!
Iam_montay1k Music only! 17 saatler önce
You seen it Through his glasses 😡
BenoChan1 Gün önce
Link looks so good with the beard
TheCookieFox Gün önce
Rhett’s head wobble when he’s liking what he’s eating 😂😂😂😂😂
Angie Ayriss
Angie Ayriss Gün önce
Sweedis Fiss
William Zhao
William Zhao 2 gün önce
11:19 headphone users be careful
Jacob Slon
Jacob Slon 2 gün önce
I bet Rhett looked into the lenses of Link’s glasses
Angelena Willis
Angelena Willis 2 gün önce
Rhett: how is it so fruity? Link: literally has a seizure
Rharris43 4 gün önce
They should get the impractical jokers to do this with them
Danielle Nigro
Danielle Nigro 4 gün önce
Don't eat brain u could get mad cow disease
Reuben Litchfield
Reuben Litchfield 6 gün önce
I figured how Rhett did it he looked at the reflection of Links glasses
Devin_IsAlone 6 gün önce
Sports fans on each team reacting to when one of the teams wins: 11:18
Naldi SooDiabolic SomethingMoreSinister
Rhett is really good at this ☺️😂
Chrecked's Youtube
Chrecked's Youtube 7 gün önce
Does anyone else think Rhett could see the reflection from Link's glasses and tell when it's a gummy or not?
SJunior2 4 gün önce
Chrecked's TRvid yessss
Its_Izzy My_dood
Its_Izzy My_dood 7 gün önce
Me: ah yes another amazing video of good mythical morni- Link: *B E A R D*
Videokescores 8 gün önce
11:18 I swear I heard something there
Some Guy Named Steve
Some Guy Named Steve 11 gün önce
I really wish they did this more.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 12 gün önce
In the US, elk.... not exactly exotic
Mickey M A W S
Mickey M A W S 12 gün önce
Rhett is really good at picking gummys
nyobi 12 gün önce
i wasn’t prepared to come from an older GMM episode to see link with a beard.
anonymousgamer 13 gün önce
When in doubt boiled for safety
Caboose Gaming
Caboose Gaming 13 gün önce
Rhett this is an intervention
Tabitha Kelly
Tabitha Kelly 13 gün önce
11:19 BEWARE
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 14 gün önce
Was anyone kinda disappointed no one said, “Show me the gummy”? Missed opportunity, peeps.
emo gf
emo gf 14 gün önce
Link's so bad at lying hahahaha. Revealing he has no control of facial expressions is a double edged sword.
David Beck
David Beck 15 gün önce
Sardines are good though:/
CEC PTT 15 gün önce
4:39 it’s called vat 19
TuxyAndBokchoiVlogz 16 gün önce
When link saw the frog his face went from this: 🙂 To this:😕
Jayde 17 gün önce
3:48 "Did you even look at it?! Or were you just looking at your own brain!" 😂😂😂 Little did he know!
Geronimo 18 gün önce
Rhett cheated by looking at the reflection of Link's glasses. FYI
anusha iyer
anusha iyer 18 gün önce
When your friend knows you too muchhhhh😂😂
Timmy_Manz 18 gün önce
Rhetts a god damned legend st this lol
October_Sunshine43 .-.
iTs ThE hEaRT Of ThE eLK
GamblingGoat 18 gün önce
i actually feel bad for link
Maxwell Taylor
Maxwell Taylor 18 gün önce
I hunt and if you fry elk heart in batter it actually tastes really delicious
Xavier 19 gün önce
Link acts like a Vegan.
chim chim_95
chim chim_95 19 gün önce
Link should keep the beard it suits him
hs loc
hs loc 20 gün önce
Heart of elk is not bad? Its pure muscle. Yum!
Benjamin Farrington
Benjamin Farrington 22 gün önce
Frog legs taste like fish not chicken lol
Marcilene Rose
Marcilene Rose 22 gün önce
ItS ThE hEaRT oF ThE ELk
Alex koy
Alex koy 22 gün önce
Eagle Jones
Eagle Jones 24 gün önce
Stattycat 24 gün önce
Lol David’s haircut
Timmy Huggins
Timmy Huggins 24 gün önce
Tater - Tot_9.17
Tater - Tot_9.17 21 gün önce
My glasses only reflect if theres a light right in front of them. Like a computer screen or something like that. They dont reflect something on a table that has no light source.
Dominique Dean
Dominique Dean 25 gün önce
Elk tastes like meatloaf
David DellaRova
David DellaRova 25 gün önce
im still tasting fruit im still tasting brain! lmao!
religiousabuse 25 gün önce
dude the fish one. id actually eat both, thats not so bad, link needs to stop beign such a wuss
SadBoi Penguin
SadBoi Penguin 26 gün önce
People have killed for the heart of the elk Mostly elks have been killed but the fact still stands
NERDVANA 24 gün önce
SadBoi Penguin This made my day.
Ross Brian
Ross Brian 26 gün önce
Fun fact the flavor of Swedish fish is............FRUIT PUNCH
Jsweizston 26 gün önce
Frog legs are good.. restaurant near me sells them. I wont actively at them but they taste just like chicken.
kevin rini
kevin rini 27 gün önce
These dudes wearing a grand master flash tshirt.. what.
nobbie gaming
nobbie gaming 28 gün önce
I like fish it is delicious
Jillian Kaplan
Jillian Kaplan 28 gün önce
link is dying and Rhett is flabbergasted and obsessing over the gummy. I'm dead
Olivia Storms
Olivia Storms 28 gün önce
The city I live in is called Elkhart lmao
Katie Smith
Katie Smith 28 gün önce
Link's beard tho 😂
Michael Rowley
Michael Rowley 28 gün önce
Links glasses reflect.. Rhett is cheating
magnus krintel
magnus krintel 29 gün önce
LMAO!!! good vid 2019 lol
Collin Butler
Collin Butler 29 gün önce
Link gags at everything
Aevan Cruzat
Aevan Cruzat 29 gün önce
Rhett see's the gummy's reflection on links glasses
Cassandra Wood
Cassandra Wood 29 gün önce
...Lord of the freaking rings
Nae'Ahmi M.
Nae'Ahmi M. 29 gün önce
Rhett probably seen it through links glasses
Minh-Khoang Hoang
Minh-Khoang Hoang 29 gün önce
11:18 thanks for the earrape
Mark Cantu
Mark Cantu 29 gün önce
Rhett cheated he should’ve gotten the real food instead of all the gummy food
Avi Rathod
Avi Rathod 29 gün önce
Sienna Carver
Sienna Carver 29 gün önce
U guys should do real vs gummy with a tongue and a booger 😂
Allison Life
Allison Life Aylar önce
Anyone else think Rhett is cheating off of links glasses?
Brayden Peyer
Brayden Peyer Aylar önce
I love cooked elk heart.
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez Aylar önce
Link: were you even looking or were you looking at yur own brain Rhett: 🤔
Salty Cookie
Salty Cookie Aylar önce
Links beard makes me wanna die
Tim Lockwood
Tim Lockwood Aylar önce
"Were you looking at your own brain?" Nice one Link, called your shot
Carmen Of The Canopy
2019 anyone?
Confusion BOMB Studios
5:01 This literally represents the entire channel: Link is struggling with gross food but Rhett is having a good feast!
Sirshanksalot Leggo
Link: is going into anaphylactic shock Rhett: how is this so fruity? Like this is especially fruity.
Conrad Garcia
Conrad Garcia Aylar önce
One of the funniest episodes for sure. There are some episodes of this that are like saw, about reading gestures and expressions, and making choices. It's so fun to do this in a party, and the duo just made it 1000 times more fun. Rhett's a good reader. Link is hilariously bad. haha
Caleb Walters
Caleb Walters Aylar önce
why is boiled for safety my new motto loll
Mary Hannemann
Mary Hannemann Aylar önce
Sunny lyfe
Sunny lyfe Aylar önce
Phillip Bradford
Phillip Bradford Aylar önce
Why so mad link
UniKorny Aylar önce
We need more of this! Love it !!
Trichinosis Aylar önce
Frogs are actually pretty tasty.
Rayna Riojas
Rayna Riojas Aylar önce
He probably saw the reflection off his glasses 😂😂🤣
Emmanuel Jearim Sadio
Rhett really dominated this one haha!!!
Neito Aylar önce
What is the name for this video i like content like that
Ran & Scotti
Ran & Scotti Aylar önce
Wait a minute. Link has a beard?
Green Logos
Green Logos 29 gün önce
Ran & Scotti no
pratham chhabra
pratham chhabra Aylar önce
I would throw up eating gummies I don’t like em at all
Patricia Crowell
Patricia Crowell Aylar önce
It's been awhile since I laughed this hard. I love you two!!!
someone3 Aylar önce
link: "you didnt feel any emotions" rhett: "i felt defeated" lmfao!! 😂
Mr.Venom 009
Mr.Venom 009 Aylar önce
Ok, i love the show, but his mustache gave mw nightmares
Mr.Venom 009
Mr.Venom 009 Aylar önce
Shanna Tate
Shanna Tate Aylar önce
Could Rhett see the food in the reflection of Link's glasses?
tiger_8765 Aylar önce
I see link has gone with the John green bread. Very good choice
Stephen Fielder
Stephen Fielder Aylar önce
Link with a beard
Joker is_mad8765
Joker is_mad8765 Aylar önce
Oh god what is wrong with link”s beard
Drizzt Rahl
Drizzt Rahl Aylar önce
Rhett: Its so fruity! Link: AAH *HALF SEIZURE
Mikey J Nettles
Mikey J Nettles Aylar önce
He could see what link had in his glasses
TFS Drippy :D
TFS Drippy :D Aylar önce
Rhett could see in his glasses
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