Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Elite Specializations - Vindicator (Revenant)

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Vindicators channel the legendary alliance between two mortal foes to devastate their enemies and protect their allies. For more info, visit: buy.guildwars2.com/

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion for the award-winning and critically acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Continue to evolve and customize your level-80 character with a new elite specialization for each profession. With a new variety of playstyles, weapon choices, and traits to choose from, there are more options than ever to play your way. Learn More: www.guildwars2.com/end-of-dra...



14 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Randomizer Gün önce
Simply awesome. This and mech will be my most favs.
Liu Senpai
Liu Senpai 6 gün önce
honestly for me, most of the new specs are pretty disappointing except for necro, guardian and mesmer
Miko Wijaya
Miko Wijaya 16 gün önce
Finaly My Revenant using Twilight
The Ritualist
The Ritualist 20 gün önce
Would you please, pretty please, add sceptre and focus as core weapons for Rev? It's inspired by he Ritualist but there is no way to have a gameplay feel like one. I miss it greatly and I'm getting a bit sad with the melee/physical attention on everything. Please?
Yuri Fleury
Yuri Fleury 25 gün önce
No Weyandt legend on rev yet... Smh, fingers crossed for the fourth expac
LetoZeth 26 gün önce
Shitty ideas, re-hashed animations. (this one is just reusing Necromancer Reaper) And again, pushing that feministic agenda with a femboy male. 16 years I've spent on Guild Wars. No more.
Marc Pabel
Marc Pabel 27 gün önce
This seems really great. Especially if you have a way to do a lot Nova-DMG when you get into down state. It’s like Instant killing an or multiple opponents.👍
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Aylar önce
their spirits which look very similar to the spirit animations in this specialization!
Nigel Bagguley
Nigel Bagguley Aylar önce
All the new classes look very underwhelming. Not to excited about them
Samuel Price
Samuel Price Aylar önce
Revenant new elite spec: Ventillátor
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
probably gameplay will be nice ... cannot wait!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Aylar önce
Yo the Elite Skill had best be Signet of Spirits, like everyone has been asking for.
KINGhotaru11 Aylar önce
Was hoping it would be ranged based :(
Blast Archer
Blast Archer Aylar önce
where is our subtitle? to brazil portuguese pt-br
Having my utility skills changing was kinda confusing enough, now I also have to keep tabs without looking before using the f2 lel
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
yes yesss yessssssss ive been waiting for this!!!
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Aylar önce
probably gameplay will be nice ... cannot wait!
Dan Robins
Dan Robins Aylar önce
GW2 video getting 200k views but why does the game/LFG seem empty?
GamerGami87 Aylar önce
Oh no. I knew it.. you gave them a great sword. and I have no idea what it does. way too much flash...
Grim Stride
Grim Stride Aylar önce
Anyone know the name of the armor the character is wearing? Or is it an outfit? Please I need to know!
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Aylar önce
hope we get their Armor! It was so awesome! Both were though! Kurzicks were my favorite as a culture though! So awesome to honor and tribute em like this! Thank you!!
Cyn Hanrahan
Cyn Hanrahan Aylar önce
Well, this confirms my first legendary will be a greatsword, since almost everyone can use it now.
Wowo Mah
Wowo Mah Aylar önce
I FREAKING CALLED IT. It would have made no sense to not use those two heroes together given the lore.
helvis Aylar önce
ooh that looks great!
Ren Cen
Ren Cen Aylar önce
When the Revenant switch to Shiro. Shiro "You were using those two treacherous fiends skills weren't you?" Revenant "Err no??" Shiro "You're lying! I was fine with you channeling those other chumps but those two.... I can't do this anymore, I'm leaving!" Revenant "Wait no! I still used you!" Shiro "What, using those two skills ain't enough for ya?!"
TheDementor64 Aylar önce
Give this man a spear and he's practically a dragoon.
VoicingDragoon7 Aylar önce
As a Kurzick player in the past, I'm a bit dossapointed we didn't get to see a spectral image of Viktor in this trailer. Can't wait to try it out though, this is basically what I wanted the Revenant spec to be about but with a greatsword instead of the spear I hoped they'd add
Little Lee Lee
Little Lee Lee Aylar önce
Did... They literally just lift GS 2 off of Reaper? *sigh*
Sonny Aylar önce
Yo the Elite Skill had best be Signet of Spirits, like everyone has been asking for.
merio super
merio super Aylar önce
It is possible that the two Legends are fixed.
Saikyue Aylar önce
If this game got an engine update it would probably be like top 1 mmo in nearly every category
Q smtt
Q smtt Aylar önce
yes yesss yessssssss ive been waiting for this!!!
Amante Aylar önce
Poor Rev is never going to have a good 1200 range weapon
Oz Aylar önce
just bought the game rev is amazing
Aylar önce
- which new elite spec did you want us to put greatswords on? - yes
Convoluted & Exiled
Awh HELL yeah! 👏 This is going to be PERFECT to Rev things up ;) Really though, it will suit my playstyle! Can't wait to try it out! Also? KURZICKS FOR THE WIN!!! MAAAAN i hope we get their Armor! It was so awesome! Both were though! Kurzicks were my favorite as a culture though! So awesome to honor and tribute em like this! Thank you!!
kalistas pierzani
kalistas pierzani Aylar önce
0:44 why the ritualist outfit? I wonder...
THE KING Aylar önce
Yeah very nice but I want engineer ...
Balthazar Bishop
Balthazar Bishop Aylar önce
these guys will just all get wiped out by drunk rick
Mad Jester
Mad Jester Aylar önce
Whaaaaat the fuuuuuq.... thief better be as cool as the Warrior and Rev or im gonna be very upset >:| The Warrior Elite Spec is gonna be hard to top tho.... YOU GET TO PLAY AS 'JET STREAM SAM' LMAO
eloah adonai
eloah adonai Aylar önce
Looks boring and nothing new
iosa88 Aylar önce
When did we do Vindicators 2?
Alexis Martello
Alexis Martello Aylar önce
Can we get ritu and dervish back... ._.
Pwnage Aylar önce
This is the first time gw2 implemented flashy skills into the game
Skorge X
Skorge X Aylar önce
I love how lore rich elite specs are. Super extra Anet
Shuyu Aylar önce
ifDragon Aylar önce
"Guys this isn't dragoon we swear."
Snazzy Drew
Snazzy Drew Aylar önce
Lowkey this is a test comment.
Fenix A24
Fenix A24 Aylar önce
Miguel Tapadas
Miguel Tapadas Aylar önce
Pls anet change the Animations. Animations suck apart from last one
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
nnarcus Aylar önce
Dekkane Aylar önce
Bladesworn got their own unique battle animation and here's vindicator with recycled Reaper animation...come on ANET!
Ruzrarz Aylar önce
Sad excuse for using Reaper's movements in another class... c'mon!
BM Aylar önce
Rev and Warr get to be two-handed sword bros this expansion.
Eric Aylar önce
Love that factions lore is integrated here Anet, great job
Orcaluv26 Aylar önce
What great sword is that?!
Vinicius Souza
Vinicius Souza Aylar önce
Mohawkward Aylar önce
Wait a minute, why is there a Ritualist at the end? Does this mean, we will get them back as playable profession? Please say yes.
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique Aylar önce
DAFLIC Aylar önce
i can't wait for elite thief
Flyrow Aylar önce
I love the name! And I love that it is a GS!
John von Horn
John von Horn Aylar önce
Is this a good name for a necro? "The combine soul harvester" ?
Cazali Eiben
Cazali Eiben Aylar önce
Couldn't Revenant have gotten something more interesting than yet another melee greatsword? I hope it's at least a condition weapon and not yet another generic power greatsword.
Friggin Paco
Friggin Paco Aylar önce
I do share people's concerns that a lot of the animations are borrowed. I mean you clearly see gravedigger and the auto attacks are all warrior autos. Sure, some things are different but... well it's likely to be like that at launch too
FumeKing Aylar önce
Do they usually reuse animations? Pretty sure i saw the reaper gs 2nd skill being used
b0ss Aylar önce
We Doomfist now
Alex Rex
Alex Rex Aylar önce
ooooo, HYPE! I get this jedi knight or sith marauder vibe.
Ao Aylar önce
That's the most boring teaser so far.
martin stingers
martin stingers Aylar önce
That reaper GS spin animation though...
Lucas Run
Lucas Run Aylar önce
Feels kinda slow and heavy compared to warrior gs skills...
블레이드앤소울 린남 쌍검사
길드워2에 투르크(돌궐족), 여진족, 거란족, 흉노족(훈족) 신규 직업이 추가되는건가
Mallow Marsh
Mallow Marsh Aylar önce
You can't just copy paste 90% of the reaper animations and call it a new class. This is so lazy seriously.
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
welcome to mmoland
Ees Taga
Ees Taga Aylar önce
will they ruin the movement skills in the name of pvp like they did staff5 ?
BooomShakaBooom Aylar önce
GW1 Kurzick >
Velakor Aylar önce
uhh why are the animations EXACTLY the same as reaper GS 2 and staff daredevil backroll .-. come on
Dkp oki Ralala
Dkp oki Ralala Aylar önce
We want guild Wars 1 Rebirth !!!!! PvP back ect... This game was incredible, rebuilt around it please !!!!
Hide Seek
Hide Seek Aylar önce
cant wait to see new ranger elite spec
Phenomatron Aylar önce
i hope the animations get a bit more polish before the release in feb >.,
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
Lucky Lukas
Lucky Lukas Aylar önce
Goddamn it, i wanted elementalists to have greatswords
Dingus Khan
Dingus Khan Aylar önce
When thief
Isaac Sterklinger
Isaac Sterklinger Aylar önce
wow everyone is excited about a re-used reaper's animation?
Roasted Bloop
Roasted Bloop Aylar önce
To put it mildly. Never the two are the same
Asslikethat Aylar önce
Skill animations are bad, copied from other classes
Asslikethat Aylar önce
@Random Guy at least Warrior looks great
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
that's gw2 since hot noob
Normie Aylar önce
I am going to believe ANET made that blindfold as ugly as possible by design. I refuse to accept that someone can look at those extrusions, fingers, spikes or whatever they are and actually think: "Oh yeah, those look good."
Jonathon Aylar önce
I hope these skills actually do damage instead of jumping around everywhere and hitting like a wet noodle (willbender) lol
Emerald Acid
Emerald Acid Aylar önce
This'll go great as my secondary Legend Stance alongside my Revenant's main Legendary Assassin Stance.
Dmitry Androsov
Dmitry Androsov Aylar önce
Well, what the f*** are animations from other classes again?.. I thought it was a one-time promotion, but it turns out that they inserted old animations into all new specializations.... well, cool th. And there is no way to bring new ones for the Expansion?! So far, it looks disappointing.... Mesmer is still more or less reworked, this is at least visible visually!!!
Dmitry Androsov
Dmitry Androsov Aylar önce
Ну какого хера опять анимации с других классов... Я думал это была разовая акция, а получается они во все новые специализации вставили старые анимаци.... ну круто че. А завезти новые для Експеншиона никак?! Пока выглядит разочаровывающе.... Месмер пока один более менее переработан, это хотя бы видно визуально!!!
J0kuc Aylar önce
Can we not reuse attack animations please? What I just saw was rev gravedigger
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
Not new.
clarencezer Aylar önce
Welp, there goes my hopes for thieves getting a greatsword or sword / sword. Gonna be real fcuking pissed getting that torch.
eveneit Aylar önce
and why'd you all want gs for thief ? it doesn't fit the class at all
Luke S.
Luke S. Aylar önce
Why torch? Thought it was scepter
Shorts_Gaming Aylar önce
ArtOfLongfield Aylar önce
@Random Guy lol
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
your flop channel? yeah
Rinswind Aylar önce
Still lots of time till the launch. So hopefully (pretty please A-Net) they do a bit more work on the animations and flare. So far I've only been impressed with the Virtuoso, granted the rain of daggers thing probably needs to be toned down a bit but still. These seem really lackluster and reused. Where's the love? The main cool one I seen was the spear guy and that's probably the elite.... Woulda thought there'd be a bit more style in the way they animate, like how they use staff etc. More particle effects and mists/spirits. The block animation was especially subpar, put a big misty shield in front while stabbing the sword into the ground or something (unless the intent is subtlety for pvp, in which case, UHG) . Sadface.
adam ryan
adam ryan Aylar önce
Looks at my Sylvari revenant named riannoc reborn. My time has come.
ivan antonio rios fabio
why do they always have to disappoint? is it an attempt at reaper or what?
Bishie Aylar önce
Me in August, yeah I kinda want to main something other than Rev in PVE in EoD, me in Sept, guess I will main Rev.....
Sean McMahon
Sean McMahon Aylar önce
Unblockable 💯 blades RIP Warrior 🤣
Geezer Of Gaming
Geezer Of Gaming Aylar önce
*YES SIR!* As a Norn, You had me at "...and crush foes by leaping straight in to battle, instead of Dodging." Love it. I'm already jealous of Revenant players. Vindicator mains can role with me anytime. A Norn's friendship is a gift and honor. Never forget it.
Gihon88 Aylar önce
Hahahaha your comment is the best
Grant Ihrie
Grant Ihrie Aylar önce
I'm not going to lie, usually I'm extremely interested with elite specializations. So far I haven't really been all that interested with these but maybe it's just because my interests have shifted since PoF. That being said, I actually REAAALLLY can't wait to try this one out.
Simon Fabian Pardo
Simon Fabian Pardo Aylar önce
Nice class but why recycled animations? :/
Earannæ Aylar önce
Can't wait for the Thief one
Christopher John Hill (SweetMiMiDoll Adventures)
Well, looks better then the Willbender at least, Willbender's slogan should have been >> (Dodge your foe's until your inevitable death!)
Naslight Aylar önce
If it's 2 legends in one spec...
Rvvilla Aylar önce
yYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Souls Aylar önce
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