Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Elite Specializations - Untamed (Ranger)

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Ancient forces of nature dwell within Echovald, and the untamed channel these primal energies through their bond with their pets. For more info, visit: buy.guildwars2.com/

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion for the award-winning and critically acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Continue to evolve and customize your level-80 character with a new elite specialization for each profession. With a new variety of playstyles, weapon choices, and traits to choose from, there are more options than ever to play your way. Learn More: www.guildwars2.com/end-of-dra...




20 Eki 2021




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phalus galaxy
phalus galaxy 6 saatler önce
This is disappointing
Lilith Luna
Lilith Luna 2 gün önce
kreidas123 14 gün önce
Yep. No need to come back to this. Is it this difficult to have a common sense Rifle Ranger? Untamed would be much better if they give the ability to have the character wield TWO pets instead of ONE.
Paolo Bonanno
Paolo Bonanno 15 gün önce
Ranger has never had love from Devs. That's why I have quitted gw2 and will never buy any other expantion. I still remember years ago,the streams or content that devs used to release showing them playing gw2, every time they played all the professions except ranger. NO MONEY FROM ME THIS TIME
Arphaxad Basiloña
Arphaxad Basiloña 16 gün önce
At last...after 4 long years...my ranger can now choose a Specialization that doesn't sideline the pets or make them into ersatz combat drugs (Druid/Soulbeast)...GO MY POKEMO--I mean MY PETS!!!
Auzzie015 18 gün önce
Nick Redmon
Nick Redmon 25 gün önce
they really have a knack for making something look really unfun to play in their trailers, run around, use skills!
Matheus Shopek
Matheus Shopek 25 gün önce
Miyu Shinohara
Miyu Shinohara 25 gün önce
Daniel Paladino
Daniel Paladino 26 gün önce
Probably not gonna enjoy this one....
Eskiiz Sanat
Eskiiz Sanat 26 gün önce
not dealt with, worthless to buy. people are not stupid. one should feel a little embarrassed when telling this
Merchant of Karma
Merchant of Karma 28 gün önce
I take back my initial excitement. It's poorly thought through, buggy and not rly usable outside the hammer.
Don Demon
Don Demon Aylar önce
I hope Arena will fix ist asap, the spec is useless atm. Ranger is my main, but playing the untamed in beta is garbage.
Grace Sinclair
Grace Sinclair Aylar önce
booger blaster
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Aylar önce
My favorite spec revealed from this expansion so far
Time Fourty
Time Fourty Aylar önce
Very disappointed with ranger untamed. All the pets have the same unleash abilities. No multiple pet attacks, no long range rifle for a RANGER? Instead you get a hammer that works as well as the off hand are. The invincibility with the new healing option was unnoticed. I highly doubt untamed will be a popular ranger buildnthe way it is now. Petsnare still slow. Could tell any difference in potency between leashed and unleash. Not sure how you would use untamed. Will not do well in wvw nor in pvp. Out of the 3 betas that came out this round. Engineer was number most innovative. Then the thief. Played the Ranger beta and it felt like I was playing a weaker soulbeast with nothing really new in comparison of the other 2. I mean to shoot buffs to allies with thief? That is a game changer. For the engineer wow that was extremely fun to play a little bit more fun to play than soulbeast. Ya not impressed at all with untamed. The title definitely doesn't fit the abilities available. The hammer is the only weapon that changes abilities when unleash. I mean let's put things into perspective. Warrior and revenant are he only class that doesn't have multiple helpers or ways to copy abilities. Very high dps. They could probably focus on condition damage with ranger. The druid doesn't last long enough to be able to be useful. Not like the other classes. Irritated as it seems so little effect was put into this new ranger untamed.
DecemberSun Aylar önce
so much this.
Logan Reed
Logan Reed Aylar önce
Bunny Thumper is back!
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Aylar önce
Lovely! This means i will continue to main Ranger
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
Just got into this game and it seems like it's a good time for it! Having a blast so far
Marcell Huszár
Marcell Huszár Aylar önce
Anyone getting gw1 bunny thumper vibes? God I love this spec already.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
My favorite spec revealed from this expansion so far
Uhohhotdog Gaming
Uhohhotdog Gaming Aylar önce
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
Bunny thumper!
Kaas Aylar önce
I am very disappointed in this ranger elite specs. I am Ranger player since launch and now I have an elite spec using the same hammer animations from the launch of the game over 10 years ago? Really? It is neither new or fun. The effects look bad to me too. They didn't even show a single new pet. They even reused old pod-bursting effect from the druid but multiplied and recoloured it. Old reused animations and obnoxious effects are the biggest disappointment for me in this round of elite specs. Don't expect myself to get back to the game when expac comes out.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
please change the sewer color coating xD
theflamingtoaster1 Aylar önce
Just got into this game and it seems like it's a good time for it! Having a blast so far
Beeyoth Gaming
Beeyoth Gaming Aylar önce
This is def the elite spec I’m looking forward to the most. The ability to fight along side your pet and have it be viable is something I’ve wanted for a long time now. Soulbeast and Druid just don’t cut it for me
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
considering we're going there and both this spec and Wardens are linked to these "ancient forces of nature" they're talking about here.
Efe Öztürk
Efe Öztürk Aylar önce
Ugh the the effects and colours make me vomit
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
Tbh, it's the first EoD spec that got me actually excited
Trinki Aylar önce
By far the less exciting
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
solo ranger damage. Missed opportunity
Izaak yildiz
Izaak yildiz Aylar önce
Scott Silver
Scott Silver Aylar önce
They are bringing back bunny thumper from gw1
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
I guess they saved the worst for last x)
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
Nice, finally something to look forward to. Gotta love pets.
Angel Aylar önce
Unbalance... inc.!!!!
Jan Banan
Jan Banan Aylar önce
Lovely! This means i will continue to main Ranger
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
lackluster but still fun.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
If this isn't the first spec that will revole around stacking poison, i'll officially give up on Arenanet.
Anon Nine
Anon Nine Aylar önce
Bunny Thumper is back!!
Mackdaddy 4life
Mackdaddy 4life Aylar önce
Bunny thumper!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
considering we're going there and both this spec and Wardens are linked to these "ancient forces of nature" they're talking about here.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
Sounds interesting but man I seriously don't like these visual effects. Looks like a vomit to be honest. It was such a nice tiger before getting this zombification effect. :(
Bugman Aylar önce
please change the sewer color coating xD
isleof dogs
isleof dogs Aylar önce
Yes, I can’t wait! This looks so good!
Nicholas Fay
Nicholas Fay Aylar önce
This makes me so happy while reminding me of "Bunny Thumper" builds from GW1! Curious if the cc while your pet deals damage mentality lives on
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
so pet gets stronger when its covered in snot
Aigle inComments
Aigle inComments Aylar önce
uh bunny thumper is back! woop woop!!! now will this gw1 all time favorit claim its rightful place in gw2 too?
lunerlilly Aylar önce
Very interesting.
Dylan Hinkelman
Dylan Hinkelman Aylar önce
So it’s soulbeast where your pet stays out and you use a hammer. And here I was thinking you’d come out with a hunter based rifle spec that does away with pets for boosted solo ranger damage. Missed opportunity
Half Insane Outdoor Guy
a hammer.....?! a fucking hammer? ok. I'm out. good luck with this absurdity.
gugi nike
gugi nike Aylar önce
I guess they saved the worst for last x)
Trev H
Trev H Aylar önce
im just over here waiting for firebrand to be back in pvp. snore.
XTaronyuX Aylar önce
so far the machinist looks like the best new class.. and the catalyst.... worst.... wasn't a fan in the slightest, the skills didn't feel like they meshed well with each other, the element rotation didn't flow well, and honestly ele need a ranged weapon not a half close range to melee weapon.
Stephen O
Stephen O Aylar önce
These elite specs are so terrible they would have to pay me to play them.
Aimless Name
Aimless Name Aylar önce
If this isn't the first spec that will revole around stacking poison, i'll officially give up on Arenanet.
MrEnArC Aylar önce
Not going to lie, was kind of hoping for rifle but this still looks quite fun
matt hayes
matt hayes Aylar önce
SpaceWolf Aylar önce
Sounds interesting but man I seriously don't like these visual effects. Looks like a vomit to be honest. It was such a nice tiger before getting this zombification effect. :(
phalus galaxy
phalus galaxy Aylar önce
Copy paste from gw1 again
whosnkn Aylar önce
Why did I watch this!!!!! Now I want to come back to the game.
Abominable Yeti
Abominable Yeti Aylar önce
so pet gets stronger when its covered in snot
Robbxhy Aylar önce
Bunny Thumper from GW1 let's go
DeathsDOA Aylar önce
Return of the "Bunny Thumper"
Nintindope Aylar önce
Question is: Do i HAVE to use the hammer for this spec? I love the beastmaster theme but not the weapon that goes with it.
VoicingDragoon7 Aylar önce
So this is like a beastmaster 2.0 then?
Killin With Ki11Roy
We going to be able to get Raptors as pets yet? Been waiting since Eye of the North.
Tim Aylar önce
I just hope it's gonna be useful in WvW :P
Emil Sørensen
Emil Sørensen Aylar önce
I was hoping for an elite spec where I'd be able to have two pets active simultaneously. This could be interesting tho
Okos Rigó Andor
Okos Rigó Andor Aylar önce
So there still isn't a fun longbow build in this entire fantasy game.
Kioga Aylar önce
everybody talking about the pets... I want my walking spirits back!
david henry
david henry Aylar önce
What skill type do they get?
Randomizer Aylar önce
Oh ANet. Ranger>Hammer? *sigh. I know it's to bring variety. But a "Ranger"!? Soulbeast already is nerfed to heck with the loss of pet changing. Druids are suppose to use nature magic, not healing. But ok. But hammer? I only use druid in one of my rangers. Stopped using soulbeast altogether... but this I lnow I'll never even try. Does not look appealing to me.
Slanion Aylar önce
I love the return of the bunny thumpber. What I don't love is that green aura. AGAIN. It destroyed all fashion besides nature themed ones on soulbeast already. Don't get me wrong: from a mechanical point of view, soulbeast is my absolute fave! And untamed will also play high up in my ranking. But those auras... Just give us a way to recolor them.
Em Bi
Em Bi Aylar önce
If they wanted to give the Ranger a hammer then they could have given long bow to Elementalist for the sake of being diverse 🤷‍♂️
Tando Aylar önce
No… I wanted rifle! 🥲🥲🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰
Cyric Aylar önce
pet spec.. arena never learned that pets are useless
KabEo CZ
KabEo CZ Aylar önce
Hello guys i am new at guild wars 2 can anyone tell me how to get better equipment or weapons on lvl 80 ???
kyle B
kyle B Aylar önce
For ascended armour, crafting is best. Accessories, rings etc living world vendors or fractals. Ascended weapons you can do each elite specialisation achievement chain which each give one or do world bosses that drop hoards e.g. teq or drakkar.
Shadamehr100 Aylar önce
This is all very nice, new game mechanics, but don't forget CONTENT Anet, CONTENT, the lack of which kills games. No point in having shiny new class specs if there's nothing to use them on. It will a 10 month content drought when the expansion comes out, and that last bit of truncated content left a bad taste in player's mouths.
XECOR 2814
XECOR 2814 Aylar önce
Espec is content. Actual pve content is sleeper
Guild Wars 2 Music
Guild Wars 2 Music Aylar önce
Maybe this spec will make me want to play ranger again, not just be my crafting slave XD
Sardeth Wynn
Sardeth Wynn Aylar önce
As some one who played/at times still pops into GW1 all I can do is giggle "Thumper Build"
KIoppii Aylar önce
Was looking for this. :D
Caglar Cakmak
Caglar Cakmak Aylar önce
With this exp. pack Anet messed up all classes
Bruno Negri
Bruno Negri Aylar önce
Stop trying to take more of my money Anet... I already preordered the deluxe edition :l
Flyrow Aylar önce
Ohhh finally I think this is a melee spec for my Ranger I`m gonna like, and with my legendary bow as an off-weapon, I am ready to go!
Te we getting a white tiger? And plis anet let us have a crocodile pls pls pls
Tog Nightmoon
Tog Nightmoon Aylar önce
NICE gw1 bunny thumpers are making a return in gw2 finally!
Jhereck420 Aylar önce
Thank you!!! This, this is the ranger I have wanted to be for years. Don't get me wrong, I loved every bit of leveling up and exploring, and though I like Druid, this is *exactly* what I imagine Druid as. All these years, Ele and Tempest have been my favorites. Heck, Elementalist was my first class and is still my fav, hands down 🤣 Now I may have to juggle between Tempest, Untamed, and Virtuoso. 💗💗💗💗
Ryuk Aylar önce
Meh, ngl, i really wanted a ranged playstyle not a hammer. A rifle or pistols would be crazy 🤷
Zivhayr Aylar önce
I was keen to get rid of the soulbeast green swirl effect, but now it seems to have mutated to encompass the entire body
Zivhayr Aylar önce
Finally, the Miley Cyrus spec
Andromeda Lopez Gillespie
Hey A-net; it you're reading this, more character animations, pls
Toxic Tim
Toxic Tim Aylar önce
Why play this spec when you can just one shot everyone with your bow
Guru Medz
Guru Medz Aylar önce
Grandmaster of Animal Cultivation
St Bay
St Bay Aylar önce
Looks good, might give Ranger a try now that i have a new character spot
Joxter Aylar önce
Ancient forces of nature, known as bunnythumpers.
Mario and Rossel WarKing Legacy
Ranger Tank maybe 🤔
S N Aylar önce
as excited as I would LIKE to be, I have a suspicion that, based on what we've already seen, this is going to be more like catalyst-meets-druid where the cool fungy mode is going to take 2 hours to fill the energy/activation bar, while the bar is continuously depleting at all times even during combat, and will last for 3 seconds once activated before the energy runs out. The hammer skills shown looked....kinda slow....like core guardian hammer slow. This is concerning, as well. I want to be excited, but given what happened with the last batch, I'm witholding my excitement until I get the chance to actually try it out.
Lord God
Lord God Aylar önce
Soulbeast: We want to remove the pet class aspect from the game Untamed: WE'RE A SUPER PET CLASS NOW, BABY
The Nerd Beast
The Nerd Beast Aylar önce
Bunny Thumper is back and stronger than ever!
Nathan Moyer
Nathan Moyer Aylar önce
Thief had me REALLY excited (it looks like what I wanted) but man do I love this one, too! I don't care how people feel about AI and pets in the game I LOVE pets and we finally get a pet-focused spec!
Yakov Martinenko
Yakov Martinenko Aylar önce
Could you have made something more boring for Rangers ANET?
Wrong Way Annie
Wrong Way Annie Aylar önce
Didn't we call the hammer wielding ranger in og GW a Bunny Thumper? LOL I like this!!
EGGG Aylar önce
You guys are going to make me have a stroke on trying to figure out what class/specialization I want to focus on. Almost all of them seem really fucking fun, some seem a bit lackluster but still fun.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
Probably the first spec I want to try out in the next beta. Hammer on ranger just sounds awesome and I love the idea of making the "beast mastery archetype" more fleshed ou
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
Let's just hope ranged pets can still make use of any AoE the spec might give them. If not, RIP my black widow.
Hor1zon Aylar önce
Who named these 3rd gen elites, doesn't feel like guild wars to me.
Embreis Aylar önce
Untamed, eh? - why do I think of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji and their bond?^^
Zeivu's Gaming
Zeivu's Gaming Aylar önce
So bunny thumper with special effects...
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