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Beta squad Guess the footballer ft Trent Alexander-Arnold in a lineup of 5 imposters vs 1 professional football player. Welcome to False Identity.
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2 Ara 2022




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@YouTube Yıl önce
i need some of Trent’s confidence, hitting that crossbar with no hesitation 🥶🔥
@UKs_Laundromats Yıl önce
TRvid 👀 38 min ago 👀👀👀👀
@ElMargikarpo Yıl önce
@daniya.22 Yıl önce
Why does this only have 3 likes 💀😭
@BobTheSnail759 Yıl önce
please remove these annoying bots with profile pics we don't wanna see and account names we don't wanna know Edit: I know it's the genuine TRvid account. I am telling TRvid to remove the bots because I find them annoying.
@MrForcey Yıl önce
@omnii 7 aylar önce
The professional baller honestly seems like a hardworking genuine guy, hope he finds success in his football career.
@ultra_epic_guy5966 7 aylar önce
his team got relegated to the national league(5th division)
@youtubedislikes3756 6 aylar önce
​@@ultra_epic_guy5966😂😂 cold with it
@Tarks_Coady_EFC 6 aylar önce
​@@ultra_epic_guy5966still decent tbf
@KaizoCPFC 6 aylar önce
i wanna find him whats the team
@coreyj_ 6 aylar önce
​@@KaizoCPFCRochdale, they're in the National league
@niyah_459 9 aylar önce
Trent going for chunks the whole time is too funny 😂
@YAXOB 8 aylar önce
Mums life “ idk why chunks is taking the piss about him being a non shiny bronze when if he was on fifa he would be a 2”
@bananasplitztm6446 7 aylar önce
@NengiGideon-lp9zd 5 aylar önce
He also focused on 3
@Countryballs24992 3 aylar önce
22:12 Niko violated Trent with larus Karius in the defeat against Real Madrid in 2018😂
@Tooskilly 26 gün önce
@@Countryballs24992ohhh I didn’t even get that
@oivindification 7 aylar önce
The polish accent was sooooo good. I was fully fooled. I mean not if you're actually polish, but he nailed the polish-english small mannerisms.
@angelinachen5770 5 aylar önce
@j1nnienchrist 5 aylar önce
@@angelinachen5770ONM AND THE GUY WITH THE MASK
@speedy 5 aylar önce
That's because he actually is Polish, when asked for the logo of the club he says Kubuś Puchatek (Winnie the Pooh) lol
@haruhiro7897 5 aylar önce
bro he is polish but the accent is like french wtf XD Also he said in polish lech poznań have 2 Winnie the Pooh in their symbol LOL
@ProMode2007x 4 aylar önce
Nailed the polish 💅
@thebackendchild 9 aylar önce
The astonishment on everyone’s face when #2 said he played against Trent as a kid is wholesome 😂💚
@bodeoguns9016 8 aylar önce
And you have 66 likes Trent Shirt number
@Rip_Rengoku443 6 aylar önce
That was some quality twist right there.
@user-gx3hm9me1n 5 aylar önce
Trent’s energy with the Beta Squad is so sick. Trent respectfully mocking Chunkz is just amazing .
The polish guy trolling the beta squad in polish is funny af
@PawelGPAV Yıl önce
I trolled all of you
@ambivalentaxe Yıl önce
@@PawelGPAV is that actually you
@beepboop8361 Yıl önce
@@ambivalentaxe yeah its him, same tattoo and everything
@anfieldhd3551 Yıl önce
@gcioo-4488 Yıl önce
@@PawelGPAV Bro got named Pavell and your manager Yanulsh 😂😂
@alicja1845 9 aylar önce
12:00 When number four said "Kubuś Puchatek" that actually made me giggle 😂😂 (Kubuś Puchatek is Winnie the Pooh btw) Its so crazy how a bilingual person could just say anything and people would believe it. Coming from a polish person btw
@saltcheese900 9 aylar önce
@blacksky6923 8 aylar önce
I’m polish to this was hilarious
@cwalshy6527 3 aylar önce
Wait and then sharky said it was 2 dragons, bro really pulled that out his ass
Once I told my french friend that "kalarepa" means beautiful in polish XD
@bernhardsonn7758 2 aylar önce
trent seems like such a cool guy he doesn't deserve the hate he gets frrr
@XJokermanX Yıl önce
For real real real??
@halofanaticboy Yıl önce
who hates on him?
@lefay7637 Yıl önce
I mean he seems like a fun dude, but that don't mean he having a poor season
@in4mus85 10 aylar önce
​@@halofanaticboymost football fans in UK
@langlebesucuk930 9 aylar önce
@@halofanaticboy I do? He's a rubbish defender
"Right back, centre back, whats next the left wing?" "Nah nah nah nah just a language barrier.." Guy number 6 got me cracking up 🤣
@cindyklein7099 10 aylar önce
22:55 The smile that Trent had when he heard that answer, he knew that he had num 3😂
@melarie205 7 aylar önce
it was the “i got you” smile😭😭
@JSW838 7 aylar önce
Trent was actually such a good guest he just seems like a really chill guy
Trent’s confidence about hitting the crossbar first time is insane! His crossing ability has to be 100%.
@MrSweetAsbru Yıl önce
Man's the best crosser for England since Becks.. The disrespect he gets because he doesn't defend well is because he's so good at attacking. Cafu and Roberto Carlos weren't the most defensively sound.. But you'd have them as fullbacks everyday of the week. Klopp knows this. Sadly England doesn't.
@kareem_f1509 Yıl önce
@@MrSweetAsbru well said
@owenpugh7030 Yıl önce
@@MrSweetAsbru we need good defenders lad. He’s bad at defending. Simple as. People like diverti Carlos were good at attacking but they still can defend
@jeffjfjf6034 Yıl önce
@@MrSweetAsbru thats why he should play cdm or cm, cafu and roberto carlos were a lot faster then trent and could defend a bit better.
@TribalWarsRDA Yıl önce
@@MrSweetAsbru Cafu and roberto carlos were leagues above trent in defending, this is silly.
@musicnation8630 Yıl önce
Trent respectfully mocking Chunkz is just amazing 🤣
Icl Trent realising he played the pro was wholesome as hell 😭
@FootballShow11 11 aylar önce
hi mate i would really appreciate it if you subscribed
@bowenshi3408 2 aylar önce
what is lcl stand for
@andimjennifer 2 aylar önce
@@bowenshi3408i can’t lie
@yushaghaly6455 7 aylar önce
18:28 don’t know if anybody noticed but watch the “polish” guy. He’s hilarious love his humor and personality 😂😂 His run off too😂
@apextheracer2022 3 aylar önce
he is polish but born in england im guessing
@CoolPizzza 3 aylar önce
Bro really nutmeged number 3
@uu6015 Yıl önce
Bro trents smile after the players answered questions correctly when he thought they would mess up is the funniest thing
@IDontLikeCat 6 aylar önce
18:34 the way number 4 felt like nutmegging number 3 was so random and funny
@P_T4 2 aylar önce
@TheDestineyy Yıl önce
The Polish guy's plot twist was the funniest thing ever🤣
@PawelGPAV Yıl önce
Legit I was shook😂
@PawelGPAV Yıl önce
My Touch was Horror
@tezgbttv Yıl önce
@@PawelGPAVnah as if that’s you uno 😂
@DD-ru6nv Yıl önce
@@PawelGPAV no way 🤣🤣💀
3:16 Love how Kenny is always right on the instincts - he said it was number 2 right at the beginning
@gym_henry Yıl önce
Trent “his legs look knackered” 🤣. It reminds me when he was doing that coin thing with Bellingham and said “ughhh this table is knackered” 🤣🤣
@FootballShow11 11 aylar önce
hi mate i would really appreciate it if you subscribed
@maddo1069 Yıl önce
Trent hitting the crossbar first time made this video an instant banger. How you gonna be so chilled and have zero chill at the same time
@KPYouTube 7 aylar önce
“Somehow I think Kenny is even worse than everyone there in that lineup. That touch there is CRIMINAL.” Made me start cracking up.
@L1nk2002 Yıl önce
The fact that the Polish guy actually faked his accent is the biggest plot twist
@PawelGPAV Yıl önce
@baviddarragan Yıl önce
caught me so off guard
@boluwatife8295 Yıl önce
why did u spoil itttt
@jovangames2.0 Yıl önce
@@boluwatife8295 why didnt u watch till the end
@zomgbat Yıl önce
but then he says he's from Poland?
@naturalbby1722 Yıl önce
4:03 Trent saying "knackered" is my new favourite thing!!
@XJokermanX Yıl önce
@Lara-rg9gz Yıl önce
"this table's knackered"
@Darko_Boi 10 aylar önce
@Zaynab64 Yıl önce
This collab with Trent is definitely my fav would love to see more video's with him.
@NotTXE 9 aylar önce
The footballer is Trent 😂
@user-yx5pf6lb6s 6 aylar önce
we know
@hadimuneer 5 aylar önce
2:35 Aj fighting for his equality😂😂
@Jovany014 10 aylar önce
That karius joke was genius 😂😂😂😂😂 22:10
@TaTe-X 7 aylar önce
Niko trynna be humble around Trent is crazy 😂😂😂
@MysticMarble Yıl önce
Trent actually seems so genuine and humble, bless him
@randomshotz13 Yıl önce
Hits a cross bar from 8 yards out, throws his hands up and pouts at the camera... So humble 😂 cold sure and he's got the skills to back up a bit of an ego but he ain't humble come on
@SlaveofAllah__ Yıl önce
@@randomshotz13why you hating for😂 i’m a united fan but he’s just trying to have some fun man
@averagbeast3606 Yıl önce
​@@randomshotz13 As if your deeping it like that lmao he's won every club level trophy possible. I think he's aloud to have abit of an ego mate..
@gurra1359 Yıl önce
@@randomshotz13 They are messing about lol how did that get on your nerves
@@randomshotz13 it’s content😂 he does seem like a quite down to earth lad
@SafE29 Yıl önce
so proud of the beta squad for getting this Trent guy an opportunity to be in this vid!
@chloeslythrange 8 aylar önce
when they asked the polish player about his team badge and he replied "winnie the pooh" in polish, as a polish person i started LAUGHING ISTG
@kenziiii195 17 gün önce
The way AJ goes off about Messi being short and best player and then Nico comes to comfort him and AJ stutters 🥹 made me laugh so hard
@rhema_97 Yıl önce
Yeah Trent is cold. Best technique in the prem alongside KDB. And he was very smart with his questions
@Hxneybee50 4 gün önce
4:01 “His legs look nackerd if I’m honest with ya”BHAHAHAHA😭✋ 8:38 the roast on Kenny touch-😭😭😭 9:43 I chocked on my drink I’m wheezing rn 24:48 The plot twist-😭✋😭✋😭✋😭LOVED THIS VID SO MUCH❤❤❤
@rinnoX1 Yıl önce
trent actually seems like such a fun guy to be around
@tejmag7608 Yıl önce
The vid has been out for 2 mins when you posted this …
@@tejmag7608 i know right
@nova-ef2sx Yıl önce
@@tejmag7608 fr haha
@daviddegea1705 Yıl önce
@@tejmag7608 these ppl just beg for likes kinda cringe tbh
@BanDzTheLord Yıl önce
Not on the pitch tho 😭
@AA-qb7ni Yıl önce
10:23 never seen Trent laughing so much 😂😂 Nice to see
The Polish guy was one of the coldest plot twists ever 😂😂😂
@pandum7648 2 aylar önce
3:13 Kenny calling from the beginning is cold 🥶
@TheoWongg Yıl önce
Trent’s face when they’re on it with the answers is the best 😂
@sophiamartinez7885 7 aylar önce
The whole squad is funny but Aj be making me laugh on a whole dif level 😂
@mellsho 7 aylar önce
the balls part..
@Max-cu6bw Yıl önce
biggest surprise was the polish guy not actually having that accent lmao. hes a good actor
@PawelGPAV Yıl önce
@unwind6451 Yıl önce
@@PawelGPAV Good Stuff
@__M7MD Yıl önce
he actually kept reminding me of Mackenzie Crook
yeah same he even looks polish lol
@DizzyBusy Yıl önce
Spigniv tho!!
@EulbYvi 11 aylar önce
I love these types of videos, you get to see more relaxed side of a player, and he seems as a genuinely good guy
@nurraz8436 Yıl önce
10:23 omg Trent🥺❤❤ So happy to see him happyy❤
@Muhammaddag0at 6 aylar önce
Why did the polish guy nutmeg the ninja turtle 😂 18:28
@louisreyes2433 Yıl önce
Nah that Karius at 22:10 was smooth asf. Karius as in the Liverpool gk that sold in the CL finals against Madrid ? Cold.
@Hsamboss9 Aylar önce
This a year ago now and it’s still one of the funniest videos ever😂
@emthebest Yıl önce
Trent’s energy with the Beta Squad is so sick
@elliot8695 Yıl önce
@abdulla1939 Yıl önce
Next Video, Ishowspeed energy is gonna be next level
@gotdajuiceeee Yıl önce
@@abdulla1939 how long into the video before he starts barking ? 😂
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@artimanfarahani Yıl önce
@@gotdajuiceeee 4 secs
@mewsao Yıl önce
this was so entertaining to watch and trent is actually smart as hell, the way he observes things omg (hot) but he once said he valued education so no wonder ❤️ love him so much
@ronaldtapera 10 aylar önce
24:22 Trent played right mid there you go move that man to midfield officially 🫡
@the_random_guy777 3 aylar önce
Its funny when trent says "mr teenage mutant ninja trutle"😂😂😂
@jxllybeann7676 Yıl önce
Trent is so wholesome, such a cool guy and an awesome player 💞🥹
@YvetteNcube 6 aylar önce
Aj having what i call a "short people tantrum"😂
@yeagerist1924 Yıl önce
Lmao,the polish dude actually said "two winnie the poohs" and sharky acting like he knows polish killed me.
@jkf1666 Yıl önce
Polska Górą
@@jkf1666 Poland by the mountain
@troygee5376 7 aylar önce
Trent really just blended in with the beta squad
i watched trent hit that crossbar too many times. the way beta squad were winding him up beforehand "he aint got the minerals" and he was so smooth widdit. plus the beat drop when he hit it as everyone ran to him just made me smile. i love beta squad.
@aavashthakuri3986 2 aylar önce
Trent saying Chunkz would be rated 2 was funny af, i died bruv XD
@tiesjaja2938 Yıl önce
“Vinievski chinievski dannielle” nah this guy had me bursting out laughing bro 😂😂😂😂
This is just one of those videos that you have to come back to every now and then.
@manishdhameja3031 5 aylar önce
That’s so true!!
@kinGsaL1515 Yıl önce
Of all their guests Trent fit in the most. Felt like the 6th member and him constantly taking shots at Chunkz in the post interviews was jokes
@FrozenSavage Yıl önce
Nah stormzy fit in better but yea trent was good
@DimzDaDude Yıl önce
but it wasn't HIM making shots at chunks, u could tell he was told to say half of what he said
@@FrozenSavageYeah stormzy definitely fit in better
fr lmao
@mycatisfat7775 Yıl önce
@@DimzDaDude all the interviews are scripted
@kirannathwani8657 10 aylar önce
18:28 we not gonna talk about the polish guy going for the nutmeg 😂
@adedotunadeyemi 8 aylar önce
Good spot😹
@ndzalo29 Yıl önce
Nah this episode was sick. ✨️ the energy was everything. I gotta say that the Trend celebration after hitting the crossbar was legendary. 😅
@yiyichen5305 7 aylar önce
I bet Trent wasn't fully confident that he's gonna hit the crossbar, but that kick was pure gold 😊
@Ac-gr7lv Yıl önce
Watching this feels like Trent is in the beta squad, the chemistry they all got is crazy
@satviktripathi7263 3 aylar önce
This is the best video on the channel .❤❤ Watched it at least 20 times still seems funny😂
@ismahanali952 Yıl önce
Trent is actually the smartest guest they’ve had on here… asking all the important q’s… I thought it was #3 until he started tripping him up 😭
i also thought the same but when i saw that penalty technique from number 2,i knew it was going to be a long day for him
@tshelby9808 Yıl önce
From the two touch game you could see he was way more comfortable even with the way he deliberately sends it low to force the bad touch
@KingstonFortune Yıl önce
@@tshelby9808 true
How is Trent there though or is that just been recorded already and now it has been released and Trent is in the World Cup
@bigdaddyd2001 Yıl önce
@@jaydenfootball9615 nah trent flew home to record the vid then he flew back out to Qatar. He just had to ask Southgate for permission
@joedorben3504 Yıl önce
The oldest current professional player is Kazuyoshi Miura from Japan, dude is 55 still playing. Pretty insane
@XxwalaweixX Yıl önce
King Kazu 💪
@Delta_Lives Yıl önce
Trent is honestly one of the coldest and funniest footballer ever!
@a.j.h6229 6 aylar önce
10:14 min, the real footballer the only one who is smiling because its funny😂
@BlueBeast6000 10 aylar önce
Wow, Trent Alexander-Arnold is really good at this game! It's impressive how quickly he was able to guess some of those footballers. This video was really entertaining to watch, and I loved seeing the camaraderie between him and his friends. It's always fun to see famous athletes in a more relaxed setting like this. Great job to everyone involved in creating this video! 👍 Subscribe!
@bmobfreestylez6471 4 aylar önce
6:00 the "balls" bit by AJ was hilarious 😂
@Papi4 Yıl önce
“And it’s our turn to guess who the professional rapper is” - AJ
@DxnielKS Yıl önce
@zykoiwnl9677 Yıl önce
Yeah that was so random😂
Stormy vid clip reused! Fell off betasquad... jk love the boys!
@madshooter12 Yıl önce
Edit mistake ahah
@vegasr6s801 Yıl önce
I thought i was trippin when I heard hat . Lol copied the sound bite
@cemalusta6381 10 aylar önce
Trent: ''When beta squad call you come'' - this one was hilarious 😆
@bushra1296 10 aylar önce
Chunkz: “You do not miss a big game to film with beta squad stop capping man” Trent: “Im currently missing a match right now when beta squad call you come”
@boitumeloloffle 4 aylar önce
The fake polish was so smart he aimed for the goalkeeper's weak knee.poor grandpa😂😂🤣🤣
@iamgabbyy Yıl önce
It was hilarious when the one in the mask didnt hit crossbar!Beta squad said its not like you could do first time!Trents energy when he said dont think i wont 18:30 that was hilarious!And he said ok if you want me to when he got asked to move closer
@danagameplay2402 Aylar önce
Trent gets along w the boys so amazingly, love that for them. they’re super cute loved watching this❤❤ trent is so wholesome and i love how he was going for chunkz the whole time HAHAHAH literally crazy
@jakubjaubin2422 Yıl önce
The Polish player saying “Dwie kubuś puchatek” is hilarious. It means two winnieh the poos.
@omarabuwaer3990 Yıl önce
@PawelGPAV Yıl önce
Dunno why I said dwie 😮‍💨😂
@indo1506 Yıl önce
@jakubjaubin2422 Yıl önce
@@indo1506 12:01
@tallymedic Yıl önce
Nah I'm sorry I laughed till I cried with this one. Pawel is a legend but the Fulham TMNT mask guy killed me off ahahaha
@theepicbeast659 10 aylar önce
3:10 Kenny knew who it was from the start
@xariii0 4 aylar önce
12:05 "2 Kubuś puchatek" means Winnie the Pooh 🤣
@PoTaToE_yTpLaYz 15 gün önce
Lol 😂
@flicx99 Yıl önce
The pro actually seems like a humble and very genuine person
@HarryLincoln-iq7rn 7 aylar önce
15:00AJ was throwing a lemon and pretending he was doing kick ups😂😂😂😂
These people have really acomplished everything, first stormzy, now trent (can't forget bradley) absolute legends
and in the trailer they have i show speed
@hoshszn4736 Yıl önce
@@BasedWorldBillionaire who?
@usaicraig8928 Yıl önce
Lol Bradley is a legend
@Flaxety Yıl önce
Bro said Stormzy
@simple85 Yıl önce
@@Flaxety stormzy is actually huuge i was suprised myself
16:51 “the only balls i’ve ever had were the balls in my mou- I me-“ Kenny is so relatable 🥶🥶
@orlamcaleese Yıl önce
I watched this video yesterday, and now im watching it again. love these guys
@omzzzzz786 2 aylar önce
I literally come back to this video every so often to watch Trent be ice cold pinging that crossbar
@star-kb9sf Yıl önce
More videos with Trent pleaseeee I love these videos😂😍😍
@memphisdepay4567 3 aylar önce
for someone who's not from british, this subs helps a lot to understand, keep up the good work!
@maseiveknob Yıl önce
Trent is actually too jokes bro 😂
Nah the whole reveals were so fucking funny😭 “are you a fullham fan?” “Nah i was just takin the piss” “is that your real accent?” “What? Nah nah” 😭 “so what do you do?” “Im just at uni” 😭 lmfaooo they were hilarious
@zp5808 Aylar önce
24:48 - Aight, Mr. Poland. Is that your actual accent? - Wha? NAW NAW... EVERYONE GOES CRAZY! 😂😂
@sumitpop1 Yıl önce
Trent is too cold for that crossbar hit. Man's got Ice in his veins man 🥶❄
@Cuapdoki 4 aylar önce
I need a second part to this one!
@TJD.8 Yıl önce
Trent seems so chill, gotta love seeing him happy
@Kae8 Yıl önce
Wait why tf is the audio all over the place? Is it only for me?
@tylrrr Yıl önce
@@Kae8 just you
@@Kae8 it’s all over the place for me too
@dcp0102 Yıl önce
@@charlotteparvin4495 fine for me
@sweetdeath948 Yıl önce
the amount of times ive watched this video in the past 3 days is unhealthy.
@jonafangk1288 10 aylar önce
That Trent guy hitting the bar at 1st try is amazing... He could make a good footballer someday
@lacontagium7125 4 gün önce
Beta squad is giving us new content😂😂 i love its
@cici.ngxenge 4 gün önce
Lmao it's been a year since this came out
@j_sa63 8 aylar önce
We need another video with Trent!!
@Digi_Beast Aylar önce
Trent’s Crossbar Was Cold Innit, like he had confidence in him🥶🔥, And That polish guy’s plot twist was the funniest thing ever 😂🤣
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