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That was crazy...
Today I became a tiny hitman and did a bunch of jobs. The cops were looking out for me and so were some of the past clients. This is one of the best hitman videos yet! There are a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!

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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!



1 Ağu 2021




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Basically accurate representation of Treys height
Get Bent Gaming
Everyone's day always gets better when Trey uploads
Everyone’s day always gets so much better when trey uploads..
Fascist Italy
You can obviously tell it’s gonna be a GREAT day when TT uploads.
cheetahsurfer 007
Hey trey just wanted to say thank for all the hard work you put into these videos so thank you so much it really helps through my tough times in life
Aladdin Attieh
Finally the character reflects Trey’s real height! 😏
Fat Tyler Scratches
Congrats on 2 million you should do another one of these
Duston Stafford
Finally an accurate version of trey in real life
Trey, you’ve made my day! :D With the power of uploading.
Treyten: We're not gonna look back. Me: FINALLY YOU LEARN
Edward James Hurtado
The snipe to Frank was a masterpiece. It was like when a friend was betrayed. He even said wtf and the falling was so realistic.😎
Robert Cervantes
Literally when trey posts, i know its gonna be a good day
We all love your content and glad ur uploading every Monday
Benjamin Racklin
Trey did a Hitman job on frank last year too lmao. Frank just can’t catch a break
Gianluca 1
trey you need to do more of these ppl love watching ur hilarious hitman jobs
Rodney Acord
Trey finally made his character a bit more realistic
purified water
man trey finely put his character to his own height
That was funny how his whole voice changed after he killed frank🤣
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You know its a good day when treyten uploads
Nabil Qashaam
Whenever Trey uploads everyone becomes happy and Trey please do more of these!!
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