Gorillaz - Silent Running ft. Adeleye Omotayo (Official Audio)

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Gorillaz - Silent Running ft. Adeleye Omotayo (Official Audio)
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25 Oca 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Exoticduck Aylar önce
How does every Gorillaz song feel so nostalgic yet so modern? Just another song that I’ll love forever :) Not to mention how every song is like a page ripped out of my life. Thanks for such amazing music Gorillaz ❤
Luca Dede'
Luca Dede' 4 gün önce
​@TheAsianSwagsterr ok ci,
CodeBleu724 8 gün önce
@TheAsianSwagster That old rivalry between Blur and Oasis...looks like Blur won by a mile. Damon created the track of the decade.
Marcos Celes
Marcos Celes 12 gün önce
They synthesizer and the notes they used are very similar to the 80's pop songs. That explains the nostalgia On the other hand, the beats and the metalic effects they use are closer to the 00's/10's songs. That's why you feel the song is "modern" at the same time
DarkZero Aylar önce
Those whistles are really bringing back OG gorillaz vibes
Arturo Tamayo
Arturo Tamayo 20 gün önce
whistle gives me Guns N Roses-Patience vibe, which isnt bad at all.
Chirpp18 Aylar önce
@ʞuɐɹɟ theres an actual whistle near the end of that song
ʞuɐɹɟ Aylar önce
@Surepeacooler Music but in that song it's a melodica, not a whistle lol
Surepeacooler Music
Yeah like tomorrow comes today
Lola G
Lola G Aylar önce
i love how damon’s voice is so gentle to this day. man’s in his 50’s it’s incredible
Yumi chan
Yumi chan 22 gün önce
Damon Albarn is still handsome❤️and as 2D is cute and badass
Jonathan Pitt
Jonathan Pitt Aylar önce
🌸kikosawa🌸 Aylar önce
@Helmut Salvatore i feel like in a few decades, he's gonna become even more well-known as a musician, even if he is no more able to make music at this scale
Dmitri Krotchlikmyov
@Helmut Salvatore that's an interesting idea 🤔 I like it
Jonathan Pitt
Jonathan Pitt Aylar önce
Damon has a beautiful voice and I love this song. I enjoy listening to it a lot. Thank you
SayHeySimon Aylar önce
Somehow it feels like I've signed a contract with the Gorillaz: I have to listen to this band until the end of my life or a part of me will be missing forever. What an amazing song (again)
Gerard 3 gün önce
Toxic Thoughts
Toxic Thoughts 11 gün önce
Maik Stevens
Maik Stevens 13 gün önce
Best comment
André Kellen
André Kellen 14 gün önce
I feel the same broda
Jacob Segroves
Jacob Segroves 21 gün önce
@Ruby Terpball holy schematics you’re right! The very same here! Wow 😢 at least I’m not alone there.
James W
James W Aylar önce
I'm dying. You're killing me with this amazing music, Gorillaz
Geoff. Hernández
Geoff. Hernández 23 gün önce
​@Erick Castillo amigo Erick, estás absolutamente sordo.
Moptop211 Aylar önce
@Erick Castillo The fact that you didn;t even provide any evidence and just straight up said "DAMON STOLE IT" is so funny to me, the nerve.
Y Guy
Y Guy Aylar önce
@Erick Castillo listened to both back to back. That's not even even a stretch you are just wrong dude lol
James W
James W Aylar önce
@Erick Castillo Not even slightly lol. Another Day in Paradise is fantastic and I love Phil Collins, but this melody ain't the same my guy. Damon Albarn doesn't steal music, he makes music.
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
Stole the melody from PHIL COLLINS “another day in paradise”
Divaldi Lazcón
Divaldi Lazcón Aylar önce
Son, sin pedos, la mejor banda de la historia. Son el Messi de la música; cuántos años no lleva siendo, reinventando, colaborando, poniéndonos la piel de gallina? ¡Son espectaculares!
TΩRR35 P3R3Z 18 gün önce
Damon canta en cursiva
Quiero la letra en español 🙊
Beexp Aylar önce
CR7* quisiste decir
Ierne Colin
Ierne Colin Aylar önce
Tu comentario muy bien atinado....Son lo máximo estos cuates!!!
Hobe Large
Hobe Large Aylar önce
Unbelievable how Gorillaz refuses to drop in quality whatsoever
Argo 3 gün önce
@J Boyo oh really for me momentz was one of the best but hey taste differs in many unknown ways^^
alex 15 gün önce
​@Henry TheGreatAmerican then go listen to that instead
TheMovieCynic87 20 gün önce
I was a bit worried about them when The Fall came out, and then that awful single for the Converse came out. Doyathing. Other than that, absolutely solid music collective for 23 years and counting.
Geoff. Hernández
Geoff. Hernández 23 gün önce
​@J Boyo that beautiful album got 2 of my favorites songs ever: Busted&Blue and Circle of Friendz. Minimalism, nostalgic, pain and talent. Gorillaz. 💙
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez Aylar önce
Sour Marmalade
Sour Marmalade Aylar önce
Песни этой группы можно слушать везде в любое время, они вне времени и пространства. Они всегда прекрасны
@ЧМОПС TV Климара feat Кринкоголовый sorry I support Russia
Sour Marmalade
Sour Marmalade Aylar önce
@IPITYTHEFOOLZ bro I’m 13 and we are talking about how cool are Gorillaz. Stop. Talking. About. Politics. Here.
Ngọc Như Uyên Nguyễn
I've been playing this on loop since its release 😭
Erick Sousa
Erick Sousa 24 gün önce
Me too Mate
A Aylar önce
@AverageQuizletEnjoyer link?
@A link?
A Aylar önce
@AverageQuizletEnjoyer link?
LastVerse Aylar önce
probably the best Gorillaz song in half a decade
Buta Emboar
Buta Emboar 3 gün önce
There’s a lot more recent bangers tho you should give them a listen
Gianna Araujo
Gianna Araujo 12 gün önce
Geoff. Hernández
Geoff. Hernández 23 gün önce
This one and Busted and Blue. 💙
Lucas Muñoz
Lucas Muñoz Aylar önce
Slavik Riov
Slavik Riov Aylar önce
This song is damn good. Been on repeat for about 45 min. No joke.
fairyave Aylar önce
Que linda canción, la nostalgia se vuelve un pequeño caramelo agridulce pero necesaria. Gracias Gorillaz 💗🥺
Divaldi Lazcón
Divaldi Lazcón Aylar önce
Un poco, pero sí.
Jose Galindo
Jose Galindo Aylar önce
Baya q si 🥀❤️
Phill Desekai
Phill Desekai Aylar önce
Stop, 'cause you're killing me You brought me back and made me feel free Rowdy waves and your energy You pulled me fragile from the wreckage Well, I got so lost here Machine assisted, I disappear To a dream, you don't wanna hear How I got caught up in nowhere again Oh [Pre-Chorus: 2-D] It feels like I've been silent running (Silent running) Through the infinite pages, I've scrolled out Searching for a new world That waits on the sunrise [Chorus: 2-D & Adeleye Omotayo] I'm silent running Run, run, running (Oh, oh oh), run, run, running Run, run, running, run, run, running (I'll be, oh) Run, run, running, run, run, running (Back to you, Back to you) I'm silent running (Oh, oh, oh) Run, run, running, run, run, running Run, run, running, run, run, running (Oh, oh, oh) [Verse 2: 2-D & Adeleye Omotayo] Stop, or you'll make mе cry (Make me cry) I think it's time that I dеcide (I decide) What I've done when I trip and fly (Trip and fly) The wave is taking me (Taking me) There's no way out of here (There's no way out) In the labyrinth I disappear (No one here) To the dark fleet that got me here (Underground) How I got caught up in no where again [Pre-Chorus: 2-D & Adeleye Omotayo] It feels like I've been silent running Through the infinite pages, I scroll out Searching for a new world (Trip and fly) Waits on the sunrise I'm silent running [Bridge: 2-D & Adeleye Omotayo] Here we go Searching for gold You make me feel so alive (I'll never be) Demons here (I'll never see) That I had (I'll never sigh) Truth be told (Too far to sigh) [Chorus: 2-D & Adeleye Omotayo] I'm silent running (No way out) Ooh, ooh, ooh (I'l be back to you, searching) I'm silent running Run, run, running, run, run, running (Oh oh oh) Run, run, running, run, run, running (Oh oh oh) Run, run, running, run, run, running (Back to you) I'm silent running (I'll be back to you, back to you) Run, run, running, run, run, running Run, run, running, run, run, running [Outro: Adeleye Omotayo & 2-D] Make me cry (Memories and triumph) I decide (This is the season of madness) Trip and fly, trip and fly, taken Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh
Subbiramanian Sivakumar
the lyrics when read backward also makes sense like from bottom to top ,i think
3Prayt Aylar önce
"It's time I decide" is actually "It's time I decide that"
E.K. Aylar önce
@Bohemian Kiddo It comes from a place of feeling and life experience. That's the best I can explain it. Sometimes just inspiration and a love of music.
Bohemian Kiddo
Bohemian Kiddo Aylar önce
I always wonder how people decide to sing such lyrics 😵‍💫
Howtobeme Aylar önce
Thank you my friend
Avijit Sarkar
Avijit Sarkar 10 gün önce
From the day I started listening to Gorillaz I never stopped listening to their songs.🌹
reekhavoc 7 gün önce
Same. Since daycare and I'm in my 30's now
DiburTexGames Aylar önce
Dang 22 years of making music and it’s still so amazing! Happy 22 anniversary to the self titled debut album :)
Yes it’s currently 12:05am as I type this
Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee 18 gün önce
Is it acceptable to crawl into a ball, rock back and forth and listen to this masterpiece 40 times at once? Oh thank God 😩
Irish Chancer (Yer Only Man)
This song has been out 2 minutes and it feels like i have loved it for so long its an emersive experience for the ears its wonderful
TBHK Enjoyer
TBHK Enjoyer Aylar önce
@Erick Castillo what are you on about mate
Irish Chancer (Yer Only Man)
@Erick Castillo I mean it is a good song and they sound kind of similar but not the exact same also tf you mean your a monster
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
THE MELODY ! “Another day in paradise” by PHIL COLLINS ! (I’m a fucking monster btw)
TBHK Enjoyer
TBHK Enjoyer Aylar önce
@Erick Castillowhat??
Irish Chancer (Yer Only Man)
@Erick Castillo aint no way it took my man 3 days to come up with that
xiomcake 14 gün önce
Dios me re encanta 💞 mi favor de el álbum y la sigo escuchando aun muy adictiva y hermosa
Conor Osterman
Conor Osterman Aylar önce
You can tell Albarn has refined gorillaz with this new album. There hasn’t been a single bad song released on Cracker Island. Amazing.
Macgruber Yah friggin turds
​@lebambalebecause there haven't been any in 23 years lol
lebambale 15 gün önce
Actually, I don't recount any bad Gorillaz songs
жумыхумба Aylar önce
Удивительно! Gorillas уже больше 20-ти лет, а они до сих пор выпускают крутые песни!
Phil Diju
Phil Diju Aylar önce
20 years and never fail a song….
Юрий Гра-ий
@maxmkw Google translator ))))
maxmkw Aylar önce
@Swilleh btw China is really offended by your comment they just told me
maxmkw Aylar önce
@Ufum slanish
maxmkw Aylar önce
@Swilleh sorry I don't speak chinese
Matthew Pound
Matthew Pound Aylar önce
This song has that excellent balance between knowing you've been weighed down by your personal situations but finding the momentum to get to a better place. It doesn't fall blindly into sensations of desire or hope or love or lust bc perhaps thats what brought you down in the first place. Rather I think this song is cautious in depicting that moment where you've overcome despair, that unexplainable moment When someone comes into or something happens in your life and before you realise it, your whole thought process changes. I love how the song is structured to correlate the repetition of the melody/chorus with our own thoughts of longing we have circling inside our heads, whistling to the tune, while simultaneously fitting it in with the Gorillaz lore of putting everything that happened up to Plastic Beach behind them.
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green 19 gün önce
Best explanation/interpretation I've seen for this song.
Agnes Fong
Agnes Fong Aylar önce
Sophia Oggianu
Sophia Oggianu Aylar önce
Esta es una de las canciones del álbum que más me gustó hasta ahora
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
Le robaron la melodia de la canción de PHIL COLLINS “another day in paradise”
jass Aylar önce
Familia Gorillaz nos volvemos a encontrar... las mejores vibras para todos! 🙌💚
@Lup_khit01 si papi v: 😊😊😊🥰
Lup_khit01 Aylar önce
@SANTIAGO HERNANDEZ Lo infeliz que sos se nota desde lejitos
Sergio Sarmiento
Sergio Sarmiento Aylar önce
Simon compadre
gaby Aylar önce
Ahhhhh sierto nos volveremos a ver🤩💖
Muglorgrimlockable Aylar önce
Yes good vibez friend
Blood Blossom
Blood Blossom Aylar önce
This song is such a crazy vibe and very melancholy feel, i am weirdly obsessed with this song
Juan Alfonso Salinas Sanchez
Esta joya junto con “new gold”. Sin problemas puedo repetirlas una y otra vez. Una sensacion de tranquilidad..
Gatito1fachero Aylar önce
Silent running , es mi rola favorita de este álbum 🔆
Todrox火 Aylar önce
New Gold, fools gold
rAIN Vortex
rAIN Vortex Aylar önce
Gorillaz, please keep making these type of songs, they’re my favorite. The vibe they give off is amazing
Falcon Kid
Falcon Kid Aylar önce
I am a college sophomore and had a few rough patches occur. This song has made me look back at how far I've come. Now I have a better group of friends and doing better than I did in my fall semester. Thank you Damon and the people who have helped Gorillaz continue to thrive amazingly! 😁
byronius Aylar önce
@Erick Castillo no they didn't shut up
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
They stole the melody from PHIL COLLINS “another day in paradise”
T E O 👥
T E O 👥 Aylar önce
Gorillaz es una de las bandas que más me hace recordar mi infancia! Emocionado por este nuevo álbum que viene, y esta canción fácil ya es de las mejores de su carrera, no tarda en volverse un gran hit! ❤️
Kiro Aylar önce
Gorillaz never miss - even after 20 years.
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Aylar önce
Humanz was Damon's attempt to create a DJ Khaled album, and he succeeded, it's just as unlistenable. Except for The Apprentice.
aldana vargas
aldana vargas Aylar önce
@Jay a
OtakuUnitedStudio Aylar önce
@Crusty Juggler Some of the songs on Humanz are among my favorites.
Bad Batteur
Bad Batteur Aylar önce
@GorillazZombiez To be fair, I can see someone making that mistake since Hollywood sounds like I came right off of Humanz if you ignore the fact that its about LA
Bad Batteur
Bad Batteur Aylar önce
@theninjamaster67 Thats the thing, I dont really like The Fall either because of how monotonous and droning it can get, but again, I can see why someone would like it. It's really not my vibe. Another example of this is that while I love Humanz, I dont really care for Busted and Blue. It sounds beautiful, but it doesnt really go anywhere or do anything for me. The Now Now though, I actually have an extra reason why I really dont care for it though, and its the fact that it was basically an "apology album" for Humanz. I feel like that's such an awful thing to do, considering the message of and collabs on Humanz. Plus it brought in this new era of needless "lore" that seems to plague the band now. I feel like Damon and Jamie are stressing so much about creating new lore to appease the fans that complained about Humanz having no Lore (even though the first and second albums were given lore after the fact, not during their releases). But again, the lore thing is more of a "fandom problem" and the sentiment behind The Now Now's release is something that doesnt directly affect the listening experience of the album, so.
Auddi 。
Auddi 。 Aylar önce
Only a couple more hours until the MV drops 😩 Im so excited, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song
Rhys Grealish
Rhys Grealish Aylar önce
One of the best songs Gorillaz has ever released.
Gatito1fachero Aylar önce
ufff creo que silent running será la mejor canción del álbum ❤️ es adicción 🔆
Gatito1fachero Aylar önce
@Xavi Campoverde opinaba lo mismo con la colaboración de Kevin Parker pero está joya está buenazoo 🔆
Todrox火 Aylar önce
@Xavi Campoverde new Gold 🙏
Xavi Campoverde
Xavi Campoverde Aylar önce
Para mi New Gold todavía le gana, pero por poco.
Erijandra H_G
Erijandra H_G 26 gün önce
Está musica es perfecta para ambientar escenas futuristas o de los 80's
Eat yo Ravioli
Eat yo Ravioli Aylar önce
It really is truly incredible how each song has been so fire i really love this album makes me exited for tormenta
Ryan Schuette
Ryan Schuette Aylar önce
It is honestly astounding to me that every song they’ve released off this new album has been of supreme quality. I can’t even choose my favorite because they’re all so FREAKING good!
Marie Joker
Marie Joker Aylar önce
@Drew Doherty real
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
@Ryan Schuette yeah! The song plastic beach is badass too
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
@Thecasualgamer23 YES!
Ryan Schuette
Ryan Schuette Aylar önce
@Thecasualgamer23 Empire Ants is my favorite too. Listen to it every single day!
Thecasualgamer23 Aylar önce
@MadeusEdward004 Empire ants is their best song for me, the beat is just ridiculous
Wind Aylar önce
Ahhhhh!!! Gorillaz tu nunca nos decepcionas!! Esta canción es una joya, el ritmo demasiada pegajosa y ese toque del silbido le queda perfecto! ♥️♥️
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Aylar önce
The whistling reminds me of tomorrow comes today, and it feels so nostalgic
CinnamonBuns Aylar önce
Every time there’s a new album I say “this is it, this is their best album”. Every time, the next album is always the best. This time it might be it though. This will be the best album…. I like a lot of different music but there’s no other band that delivers this consistently. Gorillaz are unique.
CodeBleu724 9 gün önce
This is a masterpiece. Happened to be listening to Radio Caroline on short wave just now and immediately bought Cracker Island on vinyl. My 21 year old son was asking me about new stuff to listen to. Can't wait to going to tell him about Silent Running tomorrow.
Dee Aylar önce
idk who adeleye is but his adlibs gives such a longing feeling to this song it just adds so much to it and i love it :')
Flor Argañaras
Flor Argañaras Aylar önce
Adeleye is part of "The Humanz Choir" is a Gorillaz choir created in 2016 for touring!
natasha Aylar önce
every single song on cracker island so far is so good
Cafe con Leche Cosmico
I love Gorillaz
Aaron_ExE Aylar önce
blackvbird Aylar önce
Cafe con Leche Cosmico
@Spartan 286 de nada spartan😎
Cafe con Leche Cosmico
@THE WAR Yes💕💕
EBK Aylar önce
jusicko Aylar önce
gorillaz should never stop. how can they just alwas keep dropping sick music. my fav band ever somehow, guided me through puberty
George Harrison
George Harrison Aylar önce
Aún no tenía en claro cuál era mi canción de Gorillaz favorita hasta que llegó está. Definitivamente la rompió
Bicurious George
Bicurious George Aylar önce
they can never make a bad song
ktabaha Aylar önce
@Applenewmoon nothing against it, it literally almost took me out, I was in the back of a car with a 4 inch sub woofer and it was on full blast
Applenewmoon Aylar önce
@ktabaha bruh feel good inc is like one their most popular and Iconic songs
ktabaha Aylar önce
windmill Inc gave me heart palpitations, but i still love it
青木朋博 Aylar önce
This is the best melody Demon has ever had. I have been waiting for a song like this.
Iahim87 Aylar önce
You should get your autocorect cheked out, mine does a weird thing where it either puts some of my language specific asteriks or chamges the word to a similar english one
Zombielord productions
This is why I preordered the CD. Gorillaz just sounds good. Like when you hear it you know it’s Gorillaz.
Chill Aylar önce
@Erick Castillo not even close
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo Aylar önce
They spoke thus melody from PHIL COLLINS “another day in paradise”
Anton Shabunin
Anton Shabunin Aylar önce
It is strange but if not for name in the title I wouldn't tell it's Gorillaz. Pleasant song but sounds like generic pop tune.
Kat3rpillar Aylar önce
Somehow they’re constantly experimenting with different sounds and genres, every song sounds different and unique, and yet you can tell that it’s a Gorillaz song. They’re so incredible for that, idk how they do it!
Fabiano Aylar önce
zoel Aylar önce
how can they keep making a good album for the past of the year, this shit is so good
2wMaliman Aylar önce
Been a while since I heard a tune I could just vibe to on repeat in any particular situation.
Esteban Ayala
Esteban Ayala Aylar önce
You guys really don't Miss every song you guys've been putting out since you guys started has been absolutely amazing
Mary March
Mary March 18 gün önce
No dejo de seguir escuchando esa canción los amo GORILLAZ
the bent-neck lady
the bent-neck lady Aylar önce
I can’t stop listening to this masterpiece
Get Cucked Nerd
Get Cucked Nerd Aylar önce
This honestly might be the best single from this album so far
Bo b Ross
Bo b Ross Aylar önce
the only good one*
Kalguroy Tulan
Kalguroy Tulan Aylar önce
dylon Aylar önce
@Bruh moment I consider realign to be their best album. it also my favorite album of all time. so I'd start with that
Bruh moment
Bruh moment Aylar önce
@dylon which album should I start with for red vox?
dylon Aylar önce
@antiproductive nice pfp, weird spotting a fellow red vox listener in the wild
Doctor H.M.L
Doctor H.M.L 16 gün önce
I love the melancholic yet hopeful tune this song has.
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green 19 gün önce
This song is the only thing grounding me lately. Thank you Gorillaz 💚
Иван Лежнёв
Masterpiece 💔👑
Noodle is my life
Noodle is my life Aylar önce
Gorillaz never disappoint all of us.Their music is like a drug I can't give up
Cody Miller
Cody Miller Aylar önce
Years these dudes been playing still going strong
Sánchez Medina Leonardo Adrian
De las mejores canciones de Gorillaz, solo con los primeros segundos me elevó alv. Gracias por existir Damoncito Albarn
Sergio Sarmiento
Sergio Sarmiento Aylar önce
Mmm jamoncito
Luis García
Luis García Aylar önce
Viejo sabroso
Just Jyo
Just Jyo Aylar önce
Aiel Cabanilla
Aiel Cabanilla Aylar önce
Aldo :9
Aldo :9 Aylar önce
besototes donde quiera que esté
Sumirekchan Aylar önce
increible la musica me encantoo!!!! 😃😁😁
floofyturtle Aylar önce
Best song out of the album so far in my opinion.
single storey dwelling
This song is every emotion and I love it
live dave reaction
live dave reaction Aylar önce
Couldn’t stop listening to this song since it’s release
Lauh Alves
Lauh Alves Aylar önce
Meu novo vício
JAE Aylar önce
gorillaz have done such a good job on this album so far i can't wait for it to be released !!!! they've come so far
Bully Maguire 🅥
Bully Maguire 🅥 Aylar önce
*Here is the full clip: Gorillaz commented on this* *trvid.com/video/video-jhTTxdBKSyI.html*
Worm Aylar önce
this is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs from Gorillaz, crazy how damon just gets better and better
depechemati Aylar önce
One of the best Song ever. I am still dancing 🕺🔊❤️👌💯
⚡️AlLiE⚡️ Aylar önce
Damon's vocals are just so relaxing in this. Takes me back to The Now Now days.
Wob Wob Rob
Wob Wob Rob Aylar önce
Great to see Adeleye getting a feature! Well deserved :)
mansart Aylar önce
Finally, THANK YOU! the intense bass of the recreation of this song sounds really good too, but im not disappointed with this one either! Crystal clear sound. Thank you for being part of our lives for so long Gorillaz
mansart Aylar önce
Also hoping for a video for this one too
AxH Aylar önce
They take such a different approach with this album. It feels more personal and I love it
Liam Kennedy
Liam Kennedy Aylar önce
This and Baby Queen remind me alot of Damon's solo albums and I'm loving it, his solo stuff is great
Stephane Voisin
Stephane Voisin Aylar önce
Il y a 20 ans environ, jeune adulte, étudiant au lycée, avec ses occupations, a entendu pour la première fois Gorillaz. Ce jeune adulte a maintenant 42 ans et comment dire.... Toujours aussi captivé par cette musique, de Clint Eastwood a maintenant Silent running... Que de souvenir et sûrement d'autres à venir..... Merci Gorillaz pour ces émotions..... Bonjour de la France
Laura Hdz Alejandro
20 years of beautiful music 🙌 thank you Damon 🤧💖
Wallace / Alex
Wallace / Alex Aylar önce
Nuggtendo Aylar önce
Time to listen to this song all day 🎶
PN Aylar önce
10 seconds in and I know it’s gonna be an absolute banger
who am i
who am i Aylar önce
Truly a magical song. This album is going to be great!!! 👍 👌
Bully Maguire 🅥
Bully Maguire 🅥 Aylar önce
КSl 🅥 Aylar önce
*Here is the full clip: Gorillaz commented on this* *trvid.com/video/video-jhTTxdBKSyI.html*
Random People
Random People Aylar önce
This album is looking pretty good so far
Tigre Ventura
Tigre Ventura Aylar önce
At my funeral play this song please.!! I might come back to life. 😂. Love it.!!! Gorillaz my favorite Band since 2005. 🔥
Snip Aylar önce
this is the first song on the album that ive actually really really liked, of course that personal preference but this is the first one that ive listened to like 10 times a day, which is a good sign lol
Cortes Rivera Carolina
Tremendo temazo, la mejor del álbum hasta ahora
Malteada Aylar önce
Todos los singles que han sacado hasta ahora suenan increíbles, la espera por este álbum se me hace eterna.
lol hd
lol hd Aylar önce
Literal este álbum ha tenido una racha de canciones increíbles, que ganas que ya salga el álbum completó
Monito de Youtube
Monito de Youtube Aylar önce
tru, a lo poco de escucharlas se vuelven de mis favoritas
ElCodyMaster Aylar önce
@Seth NAOOO pero ya que es la decision de damon
Seth Aylar önce
Se viene la collab con badabuni
gaby Aylar önce
Yo igual🥲, amo este álbum, ya quiero que sea febrero.
Formas y Colores_712
De todos los sencillos q sacaron de craker island, este para mí es el mejor de todos. Y creo q va ser el mejor tema del álbum
Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc Aylar önce
This song goes so unbelievably hard for what reason
lalalalisa♡ Aylar önce
Love you Gorillaz❤🦋
Naomi Pacheco
Naomi Pacheco Aylar önce
I just know this music video is gonna be so good!
Patricia SSMM
Patricia SSMM Aylar önce
Música linda!! Eu e meu marido sempre curtimos muito Gorillaz, hoje ouvimos com nossos filhos que também adoram o som!! 😍❤🎶🎶🇧🇷
Pablillo Cheese 2
Pablillo Cheese 2 Aylar önce
Por este tipo de canciones es que Gorillaz es mi banda favorita, ES UN TEMAZOOOOOO!!!
Pablillo Cheese 2
Pablillo Cheese 2 Aylar önce
Creo que este es el comentario con más likes que he subido, y no ha pasado ni un día
José Toro
José Toro Aylar önce
It is just amazing... Every song just gets better than the previous one. The quality this band reached is unbelievable. And I HAVE to listen every one of the new songs. But this one in particular... Idk, just got to me heart.
Chloe11501 Aylar önce
Dang, I still remember listening to their old music like it was yesterday! Can't believe they still making top notch music after all these years.
MITYA music
MITYA music Aylar önce
i'm so in love with the upcoming album already. but why is it... mono
WingedHarmony Aylar önce
Possibly a mistake while exporting or uploading? Seems it was noticed before uploading to Spotify, and may be why it took a few hours after this went up
Rico Aylar önce
I was listening to the radio at my home. When this song started, I stopped caught in a magical feeling that I can’t describe..
Alberto De la cruz morillo
Gorillaz siempre revive cuando estoy en los peores momentos , siempre me levantan con mas animos te amooooo Gorillaz
baff water
baff water Aylar önce
best song since plastic beach imo, this is one of the best albums gorillaz has put out, cant wait for feb 24th
baff water
baff water Aylar önce
heard this at the orlando sound check, been loving this song since it was first preformed in montevideo. this song is perfect
aliso Aylar önce
Thiago Gomez
Thiago Gomez Aylar önce
Este álbum va a ser una maravilla,cada canción es tan buena,y si hay personas que dicen que no es gorillaz,gorillaz no es un género en específico,gorillaz es música,ellos hacen lo que quieran y va a ser hermoso,este álbum me encanta,y eso que todavía no lo han lanzado. Gran trabajo damon
Juanpa Camberos
Juanpa Camberos Aylar önce
Totalmente de acuerdo 👌😌
V67ford Aylar önce
Man I swear they be making bangers out of no where like damn chill out I’m still vibing on cracker Island
SEI1412 Aylar önce
"How I got caught in nowhere again", me gusta esta frase . La letra me gustó mucho
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