Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Three-week old potatoes!?
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25 May 2019

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random games
random games 10 saatler önce
Me : enjoying my food Gordon walks in Me: this must be a very good restaurant. Camera men walk in Me:. Ah shit here we go again
Lotfi Bouaziz
Lotfi Bouaziz 10 saatler önce
gordon: *tells a joke* me: hahaha gordon: glad u found that funny cuz it's not . fok off !
Enduro Skeet
Enduro Skeet 14 saatler önce
The food is SHET !
Uravityツ 15 saatler önce
My British school makes better food than this
judoslap59 21 saatler önce
Danielle is fucking hot i want to sex her body
Gavin Frampton
Gavin Frampton Gün önce
last time I checked, Perogies have potato
Angel Lee
Angel Lee Gün önce
*SAVAGE LEVEL OVER 99999!!* 5:25
Pervy Swordsman
Pervy Swordsman 2 gün önce
Fahad Aldowseri
Fahad Aldowseri 2 gün önce
The head chef is so omg beautiful.
Andy Connell
Andy Connell 2 gün önce
which series/episode is this please?
TVsez 3 gün önce
I felt for that poor chef.
Burning Heart Photography
I'd absolutely ruin that head chef...jeeeeze.
Aristide Torchia
Aristide Torchia 3 gün önce
Chef Ramsay no fan of frozen food >:(
moomoo1337 3 gün önce
calipdis2 4 gün önce
Is ALWAYS the food...
Naoufalaa A
Naoufalaa A 4 gün önce
“I’m gonna go kill my self in the kitchen ;)”
Avraj Sagoo
Avraj Sagoo 4 gün önce
Oh damn smoking hot mmmm
ja E
ja E 5 gün önce
From where I came from, the owner/manager buys the ingredient/stocks every single morning that will be served for the rest of the day. Hope this helps, 1st time I heard a product was baked 3 weeks earlier then served.
Skipper847 5 gün önce
Anything we dont freez here. errrm ice cream.
P A-B 6 gün önce
I think I've missed a series - don't remember this episode either!
-J- 6 gün önce
"I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen"
Animatrix 6 gün önce
I knew Elsa Jean couldn't cook.
diganta thapa
diganta thapa 6 gün önce
Would you kiss coloured people like that. I ain't seen it. A typical british. Fuck
Alfie Rowland
Alfie Rowland 7 gün önce
NizzyNizerson 7 gün önce
What's the name of this episode?
NSA ClickBait
NSA ClickBait 7 gün önce
Waiter loyalty level : 0 😂😂😂😂😂
RM TV 7 gün önce
ME: shepered's pie looks yummy GORDON: sounds like bullshit ME: its bullshit!
De'Rhys Fuataga
De'Rhys Fuataga 7 gün önce
Awkward handshake 😂
Ace Giddy
Ace Giddy 8 gün önce
I can’t eat without binging this
Corn Hub
Corn Hub 8 gün önce
Big ass forehead
Michael R. Evans
Michael R. Evans 8 gün önce
What a Fucking Embarrassment
Nominique 8 gün önce
I’m 20, I’ve been working in a club where I’ve cooked basic cafe foods and ive done waitressing shifts since I was 15. I have a certificate from a Cooking course I did. I once dreamed of becoming a chef but I didn’t think I was good enough, but hell im better than a lot of the chefs on Kitchen Nightmares
Visimir Medjunogovic
is there anything we dont freeze here? No There is your answer Y O U R F O O D I S S H I T
Frank Medgyesi
Frank Medgyesi 9 gün önce
Gordon: *Walks into restaurant* The food in the freezer: *Already giving out noises*
FIFTY6IX 9 gün önce
All female desaster
SC7z 9 gün önce
5:28 My mans literally quoted Ramsey
Gino Tuano
Gino Tuano 10 gün önce
1:24 ummm last time I checked sheperds pie has mashed potatoes on top???
Dennis Evans
Dennis Evans 10 gün önce
Someone needs to stab him in the throat with a fork.
Shawon Ahmed
Shawon Ahmed 11 gün önce
Gordon welcome to Bangladesh at sylhet
Tiny Tina
Tiny Tina 12 gün önce
The food is dreadful Ok bye
Tiny Tina
Tiny Tina 12 gün önce
Danielle has potential, shes just taught wrong
Tiny Tina
Tiny Tina 12 gün önce
Tina says boooom to restraunt, except Danielle, shes lovely
Katie Hodgson
Katie Hodgson 12 gün önce
0:33 me in school when the teacher asks me a question
brendoggy nolsy
brendoggy nolsy 13 gün önce
I wonder how many places he's banned from
Mike Edge
Mike Edge 13 gün önce
What episode is this from thanks in advance
Dev Rob
Dev Rob 13 gün önce
3 women owners...and they make the 21 yr old niece the cook...fack me
Junk Mail
Junk Mail 15 gün önce
The ending is like "Your food is absolutely fucking putrid, ok bye"
Junk Mail
Junk Mail 15 gün önce
I love what the waiters have to say in this show. They get to vent their frustration without getting sacked the day after, since the episode can only get released once the establishment is fixed.
KanishQ Quotes
KanishQ Quotes 15 gün önce
The chef lady is so cute
MUASSHH 15 gün önce
I like the chef. Thanks
Juan Crerar
Juan Crerar 16 gün önce
If you have a baby with your cousin the result would be a person like this dumbasses owners. Don't try it!
mandy c
mandy c 17 gün önce
The ladies were honest so he was less harsh than normal.
Tye Cook
Tye Cook 18 gün önce
Cute chef!...
Devilish Rxses
Devilish Rxses 18 gün önce
when your name is Erin..😶
JazyyBlack X
JazyyBlack X 18 gün önce
The waiter is enjoying himself lol!
donniecatalano 18 gün önce
Even my mother can cook better than most of these 'professionals' who are more like professio-anals
Louie Berg
Louie Berg 16 gün önce
Zing? The only way that girl is a professional is because she is paid for cooking. She's an self-proclaimed amateur in every other sense (untrained, mostly unwilling etc.)
Zack Colbourne
Zack Colbourne 18 gün önce
Gordon Ramsey is amazing, but the fact he doesn't understand laughing while nervous is infuriating.
Louie Berg
Louie Berg 16 gün önce
Yeah, he always goes "It's not funny". No one thinks that when they nervously giggle. They're nervous, hence the giggle, because they have no idea what to do otherwise.
Mako Rutledge
Mako Rutledge 18 gün önce
*If I Met Gordon It would Be Like Meeting Jesus!*
xboxya 18 gün önce
This FPS doe
alexander breschi
alexander breschi 18 gün önce
Love the ladies: it does suck lol
Manesh Harry
Manesh Harry 19 gün önce
Shane Mar Quiblat
Shane Mar Quiblat 19 gün önce
The girl is cute thou
Khinh Phu
Khinh Phu 19 gün önce
i feel sorry for the niece shes not a cook.
Akangsha Livingstone
Akangsha Livingstone 19 gün önce
Which episode is this please?
Gail Fisher
Gail Fisher 19 gün önce
🌸 have they never seen successful eating places Fresh, fresh and from scratch People line up outside sometimes to eat there I haven’t seen a sign of a person eating there yet
et han
et han 19 gün önce
Makes joke don’t laugh no offence Gordon
Mezzanine Yvonne
Mezzanine Yvonne 20 gün önce
The chef sounds like Billie Ellish
Bobo Boss
Bobo Boss 20 gün önce
The temperture of the potato depends on what shift you come in on......I'm dead!!!!
Now Nothing Will Be Wrong
4:18 me on a daily basis
Sonortubelug 20 gün önce
The chef is smoking hot. She can quit her job and live at my house.
Ranju Sharma
Ranju Sharma 20 gün önce
Ramsy is asshole
Wowmusicable Warcraft Music
Whats the name of this episode, I wanna see how it goes.
LucasDominic 20 gün önce
Theyed make so much more money if they made a non explicit channel
Through The Trash Darkly
Well, at least the owners have a sense of humour about stuff lmfao palate of a 5 year old.
Super Rad 800
Super Rad 800 20 gün önce
7:10 I'll be back. A kitchen Terminator right there.
Mandingo Duagi
Mandingo Duagi 21 gün önce
sounds like a crime
Ted Strong
Ted Strong 21 gün önce
The chef says in the beginning “ I don’t even know what I’m doing” lol🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
MasterTurtle PvP
MasterTurtle PvP 21 gün önce
3 karens
DarcyXGaming 21 gün önce
the chef tho is so fine 🙂
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis 21 gün önce
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