Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Three-week old potatoes!?
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25 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Stephen Pearce
Stephen Pearce Gün önce
I saw this episode again a month ago on British tv and I still feel sorry for the beautiful Danielle.She had to cook this shockingly awful food.
EMRE 2 gün önce
4:18 "I'm gonna kill myself in the kitchen" *mOoD*
Knight 2 gün önce
The usual 360p
Lou 2 gün önce
0:32 wtf are these edits and cuts? The context is completely artificially constructed. Sentences get cut off in the middle or glued together with others. Everything built on lies wtf
If you walk into a restaurant and see Gordon and a camera crew behind the counter, maybe go to another restaurant lol (A restaurant that isn't his own)
I have stopped trying
I'm eating a takis and cream cheese sandwich for breakfast and its somehow good
Selena Stephens
Selena Stephens 5 gün önce
2020 When I see all the kissing! CARONA VIIRRRUUUSS!!
CAVE GUY 5 gün önce
God bless that critic 😅 Spuddy Hell More like Bloody Hell!!!
Zechy's Channel
Zechy's Channel 6 gün önce
Oh no bake 3weeks ago?..what a embarass for the customer who paid $$ then eat the old bake potato
Warraich Warrior
Warraich Warrior 6 gün önce
I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen... 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Francisca Almeida
Francisca Almeida 6 gün önce
"Fucking embarrassment": said sir.Gordon tasting the soup, and my parents once i was born
cesare bacchelli
cesare bacchelli 7 gün önce
But you dont have to be a genius to figure out frozen or old potatoes arent going to taste nice. This is all about cutting corners. Using frozen to prolong the shelf life of their potatoes.
Epic Nerd40,000
Epic Nerd40,000 8 gün önce
Imagine if he actually like the food and had ordered 5 courses like he usually does. One of the reasons I think this may be staged, coz the episode with the jamobola that he liked only had 3 courses like a normal meal, everything else he seems to know that ittl be bad and orders 6 courses am doesn't finish them
Luca luca
Luca luca 10 gün önce
Me thinks Danielle is the tastiest thing in the cafeteria......
Marcjames Whelan
Marcjames Whelan 11 gün önce
Fucking food sound effects do my head in!!!
Regenbogen Drache
Regenbogen Drache 11 gün önce
Fake show
Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki 11 gün önce
Making 21 yo kid with no education a head chef, don't blame her, the owners are bellends.
Comrade Dyatlov
Comrade Dyatlov 13 gün önce
This restaurant is run by a Herd of wild Karens
Bob Bond
Bob Bond 14 gün önce
The young girl was just not trained properly. I would blame the owners for the disaster.
Nizam KyZz
Nizam KyZz 15 gün önce
I feel pity for those owner and the workers, yea they lack of knowledge about cooking, Gordon should've guide the young chef,
Hathat Bima
Hathat Bima 16 gün önce
I hope this show will live again
Katie Robertson
Katie Robertson 16 gün önce
Why are none of those other women cooking? Or trying to help? They’re just standing there. They’re totally clueless. At least the ‘chef’ said she didn’t know what the hell she was doing!!! Why are they serving Gordon 3 week old potatoes? It’s Gordon Ramsay, Ffs. You invited him. You knew, more or less, that he was going to be showing up to help you.
Ryn O'
Ryn O' 16 gün önce
the chef is cute and looks so badass lol
Jay McD
Jay McD 17 gün önce
Ramsay's food barometer : Bland, dry or raw
Ioanna Chartomatsidou
Ioanna Chartomatsidou 17 gün önce
The potatoes would be cheaper if they were fresh and they would taste better too
Arto Dotto
Arto Dotto 17 gün önce
The 3 owners look like a Becky, Karen and Susan
veronika ray
veronika ray 18 gün önce
"he wants all of you to taste this shit you serve people"
Faki Jr.
Faki Jr. 19 gün önce
JustARandomYoutuber 19 gün önce
Video looks like it’s been recorded in 2006
R Kanava
R Kanava 22 gün önce
Why isn't our restaurant succeeding? *Maybe go and hire an actual chef*
PeerPressing 23 gün önce
How make this crap? Just one reaction face after another and that music? Wtf who watches that shit?
Rakesh Cs
Rakesh Cs 23 gün önce
He's really toxic at handling ppls problem
Jake Stevens
Jake Stevens 23 gün önce
Why is some of this clip about 15 frames per second
keraman bin mohamad iemansh
Hello,good morning!
m0nkey 25 gün önce
what is that qualaty
Rem Aizen Danao
Rem Aizen Danao 25 gün önce
the server is so honest tho 😂
Sarah Le
Sarah Le 25 gün önce
I can feel like the owners of the restaurant are not really the owners... Because the way they respond to Chef Ramsay is not seemed like that :)
aposslex 26 gün önce
I like when he makes jokes then has a go at the owner for laughing. It’s not funny!
turtle_food 26 gün önce
4:47 i have no idea what im doing
German Road Stories
German Road Stories 26 gün önce
It pisses me off when they do this 15fps sequences...
xxlCortez 26 gün önce
5:24 The way he gave Ramsay's message was more like a personal opinion.
Vic James
Vic James 26 gün önce
Danielle you can serve me any bad food as you want😍😍
Azim Vahora
Azim Vahora 26 gün önce
Gordan: Is there anything, we don't freeze here. Me: probably the water
Scott W Pilgrim
Scott W Pilgrim 13 gün önce
Lol, you'd be surprised. I know a restaurant that freezes big bottles of water and they use it for the iced teas and/or serve it as a premium water.
Ramsy Gordon
Ramsy Gordon 26 gün önce
is it only me think that danielle is cute
Sleep Potion
Sleep Potion 27 gün önce
So this is the 720p in 2019.
Ali Alaali
Ali Alaali 28 gün önce
Anybody else think they all look like karens
Aurel Matthews
Aurel Matthews 29 gün önce
From my own experience as a chef and from the stories i repeatedly hear from colleagues bad restaurants are most of the times bad because of awful management and leadership. I thought of this show as a bit absurd at first but it might be pretty accurate...
Quintin Valentyn
Quintin Valentyn 29 gün önce
damn cant stop when i start watching this i wish there were a 2021 season of this after corona
ZUL BAHRIM46 29 gün önce
The chef is cute 😍
Ben Sanderson
Ben Sanderson 29 gün önce
Hahaha! WHAT
Scarz Aylar önce
Who else is watching during quarantine
bOokEr T
bOokEr T Aylar önce
I thought Westerns were rich!! Shit!! They eat frozen food! Never in my life I had frozen shit
Giannis St
Giannis St Aylar önce
Anyone else hates the people who edit their comments to thank people who liked them? Holy fuck Edit: thanks for all the likes, never gotten that many before ❤️
The fact that the head chef is pretty cute
TLS Glenn
TLS Glenn Aylar önce
What episode is this? 🙂
BLU3 DR4G0N Aylar önce
Gordon: give me some water Also gordon: this water is bland and dry
Jay McD
Jay McD 17 gün önce
and raw
Phantom's bride
Phantom's bride Aylar önce
HAHAHAHAHAHA nobody can say the word "shit" as eloquently as Gordon :-D
Ady Ana
Ady Ana Aylar önce
I really want to see gordon ramsey react to kfc :v
Ken R
Ken R Aylar önce
Is there anything you don't freeze here? Who instantly thought, "The salad"
AlexJRAshman Aylar önce
Claire is too american
warsha roy
warsha roy Aylar önce
does anyone knows what episode it is?
Dr.ClocksWorks Aylar önce
My elementary school served better shepherd pie most likely
StainderFin Aylar önce
Gordon: fucking bloody hell! jesus christ! food was terrible there!
Neill Gowans
Neill Gowans Aylar önce
You’ve got to feel for poor Danielle.
Connor Twomey
Connor Twomey Aylar önce
@4:18 When I invite a girl over to meet my parents and they start telling stories about how I wet the bed until I was 14.
The thing behind my pfp is a joke
Connor Twomey you don't need the @ buddy, just saying
Connor Twomey
Connor Twomey Aylar önce
@2:44 My Dad when I get up the courage to talk to a girl and say, "Do you like clouds?"
midwings00 Aylar önce
This is a particularly sad one. They are just ignorant. They could have saved themselves early one, but they just sank deeper into debt. Honestly this one could have been saved by anyone other one Mr. Ramsay. This one has no arrogance, no ego just ignorance.
Hannah Aylar önce
This is the only thing that is getting me through lockdown 😂
Daniel Aylar önce
I love how the waiter made the message more savage - "I want you to taste the shit you're serving people"
JA Purnell
JA Purnell Aylar önce
why to americans have to change good old british food and try and call it their own
JA Purnell
JA Purnell Aylar önce
females owners we dont know, gordon man needed to sort it out lol. and feminist go
JA Purnell
JA Purnell Aylar önce
funny gordan tied them up and spoon fed them their own food, by what the heading says lol
coral smith
coral smith Aylar önce
Aww she's a baby ,no wonder the good shit ,she just like cooking how you would for kids at home , in time and training maybe good
TY LESNAR Aylar önce
Stupid Restaurant
Monkey News
Monkey News Aylar önce
Does Gordon not know a potatoe skin has no potatoe inside
Jehan Wadiwalla
Jehan Wadiwalla Aylar önce
I am.a home cook and I swear to god I make far far tastier food
Stay Once
Stay Once Aylar önce
what is 9+10? THE 3 OWNER: *21?*
Kangwa Mfula
Kangwa Mfula Aylar önce
"He wants the 3 of you to taste the SHIT you serve people " 😂😂 he enjoyed delivering that message.
Nishant Joshi
Nishant Joshi Aylar önce
5:24 what a savage XD
D JJCW Aylar önce
This women’s haircut looks like a Karen
AccountingGuru2202 Aylar önce
ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay Hating On Food
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