Good News!!! We're Getting Him Out! Stranded at Lake Mead

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24 Haz 2022




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Jarl Borg
Jarl Borg Aylar önce
You didn't just help Craig, you helped all of us. This was so uplifting in these dark times. Thank you guys, you are true heroes.
albert chavez
albert chavez Aylar önce
Amen indeed :)
R Aylar önce
All i have to say is if everyone raised their kid this way the world would be a amazing place. Well done SR! And well done young man!
Cindy Pack
Cindy Pack Aylar önce
I agree
Ralph Oswald
Ralph Oswald Aylar önce
R, I couldn’t have said it any better! I started watching their channel just being curious to the lake being decimated. I know watch their channel because of way I see a young man respecting his dad and the dad because of his great raising. It’s so nice to see when this country is going through so many trying times! All respect to you SR! JR, you’re a fine man!
Maria Slavinski
Maria Slavinski Aylar önce
Isn't that the truth!!!!
Willy Smith
Willy Smith Aylar önce
Father and son out there helping a man they knew was screwed ... Craig, all there people saved your home, brought you food and got the right guy to pull him out. I wish the world would be more like this. Kudos to everyone who helped and thanks for bringing attention to Lake Meade's dropping water. I subscribed a few days ago!
4 YAHUAH Aylar önce
@ez1913 Good point 👉
ez1913 Aylar önce
@Nettie Kossart The company I work for is licensed in all the park's marinas to work on boats. Unless you're a slip renter, you have no clue all the drama that goes on behind that gate. They look like happy fellow boaters, right. Not so much.
Nettie Kossart
Nettie Kossart Aylar önce
@ez1913 how do you know this? Are you from out there?
oilhauler76 Aylar önce
@ez1913 stolen gas?? Is that how he actually got beached?
Erin Walton
Erin Walton Aylar önce
this is what mr. rogers meant when he said “look for the helpers” everyone in this video, including craig and his friend (keep that one craig, ditch the rest- were your friends now) is truly inspiring. thank you for all you’re doing!
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
Craig is a good guy man, bless him, he's living the life alot of people wish they could live!! So glad he got help from some wonderful people!! Good Luck Captain Craig!! 🇺🇸
DanP1969 Aylar önce
Kudos to everyone involved in helping out Craig. Gives me a renewed hope for humanity 👍
Brett Cinder
Brett Cinder 23 gün önce
Absolutely brother I feel the same way. You know it's we the people that matter. It's a freaking government that's making us all feel awful isn't it? ❤️🇺🇸🗽⚖️
Drew Johnston
Drew Johnston Aylar önce
Craig was dealt a very crappy hand, and even in the worst of it he remained so humble and appreciative. I was at Hoover dam years ago and could tell the water was lower than normal, but WOW to see it now is very shocking. Thats the power of the internet right there, kudos to everyone!
R.A.D. U.S. Army Ret.
R.A.D. U.S. Army Ret. 21 gün önce
Right? Finally something good coming from social media!!
TrE 420Gaming
TrE 420Gaming Aylar önce
Dave and his crew are the salt of the earth! They are my absolute favorite people these days. If more people were like them... this world would be closer to the way it used to be. Pay it forward! It will come back 10 fold! I assure you.
joe mema
joe mema Aylar önce
bruh they put a hole in that mans boat dragging it out like that they owe him for sure
superduty1427 Aylar önce
That was a great thing all you guys did to help Craig and it’s so heart warming to see there’s good people still in this world that want to help someone in need without asking “ what’s in it for me”! You all are some great guys in my book!!!
Weird Wolf Gaming
Weird Wolf Gaming Aylar önce
Mad respect to everyone involved. Y’all are good people
Williston Audio Labs
I love the positivity and brotherhood shown in your videos and this one really warms the heart. Dave and crew are amazing and thanks for sharing this experience with us all. God bless!
Christopher Dickens
You know where that boats at...... it's outta heeeeerreee
Stephen J. Collins
Stephen J. Collins Aylar önce
John Heigl
John Heigl Aylar önce
Awsume way to go heavy "D" sparks beast mode is a sure bet! Well done greetings from Canada!
BG Builds
BG Builds Aylar önce
Man! Even Big D Wiz is in the house?!?! This is probably one of the top TRvid events of all time! So proud of everyone!!
Williston Audio Labs
@Melissa Sanford No the name is not based on a town but my last name 😊👍
Desert girl
Desert girl Aylar önce
Man, so much greatness in one video. Definitely restores my faith in humanity. Thank you to you and your dad and Heavy D for all you e done for this guy. Please keep us updated if Craig gets a new boat or whatever. You guys are awesome
Night Shifter
Night Shifter Aylar önce
Watching this video has given me hope. I’m in a hopeless situation right now and I saw Craig and his boat a week or two ago in your video. Seeing people come together to do what looked to do the impossible brought me to tears. You guys are really special.
Keegan Hall
Keegan Hall Aylar önce
Great stuff guys! Showing that there are still good people out there! Keep up the good work!
Cobaltace 62
Cobaltace 62 Aylar önce
Wow! This is what our society should be like, helping one another. A big round of applause to everyone involved.
Sweetz Aylar önce
That’s melted my heart hearing him being so appreciative. “Can’t hire friends for 25$ an hour” but yet total strangers help out. RESPECT
Texmenistan Aylar önce
... those people, he was trying to help, might of Not been helpful ---- especially if they Don't Have the Abilities, or Expertise, or Resources to help Craig. They might've been more of a obstacle, than a miracle... Towing a 10+ ton Boat is NOT an easy task, or job. 🤨 I'm sure one of the TRvid Engineering experts, can confirm this scenario.
Brolo Halflemming
Brolo Halflemming Aylar önce
Yes, this was an awesome thing to watch. I sat through it with a big smile, and a few tears, but that was the hayfever . Like the guys said, it was one of those magic moments where things came together in a big pile of karma. I thought it was great when the guys first helped Craig out, and then we get this amazing response. And of course huge respect to the Diesel Brothers for their response. Those guys are awesome, and I'm sure HeavyD's casual comment about after care is going to put an even bigger smile on Craig's face.
Jiggle Puff
Jiggle Puff Aylar önce
He may want to rethink the "friends" term. True friends would have helped for free, but the Lord does provide one way or another
Craigs reaction brought tears to my eyes, he was speechless and so appreciative for help from total strangers when he got little support from friends, the park rangers sure didn't give a dang either.
Shawn Alleman
Shawn Alleman Aylar önce
Much love to you for helping a man in a bad situation, we need more people like you in the world. By the way I am a new subscriber starting today! Great work guys!
Cindy Wells
Cindy Wells Aylar önce
All I can say is amazing! In such a dark time in our world now, you’ve shown there is light at the end of the tunnel. Both of you and your viewers pulled together and made it happen. Amazing!
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Griffin Davis
Griffin Davis Aylar önce
God Bless you folks for real y’all. I live in Houston now but I’m a born Vegas native and I know for facts it ain’t too many good people out there. So much props to you two for using your platform to bless another man in need. God bless you and God bless Lake Mead, praying for those waters
Hobiemarty Aylar önce
You guys totally ROCK!!! This goes to show ya that there are still good people out there willing to help out a total stranger. By your actions, y'all have definitely restored many people's faith in humanity and this was a good thing to see. Awesome!!!
rusj0 Aylar önce
Not only have you been drawing attention to Lake Mead and the dropping water levels, you shined a light on a man in need of help, and brought people from all over the world together!! I've seen people from Australia, U.K, and every state in the US watching and cheering this great rescue! Our default mode should be to help each other out, and you and your videos brought Craig the resources he needed at what seemed a desperate time for him. A+++ to everyone involved!!!!!!!!!!
Burnaby 604
Burnaby 604 Aylar önce
🇨🇦 in here
Karen A
Karen A Aylar önce
Thank you for getting this rescue rolling!
Turbo World
Turbo World Aylar önce
@Sndy Orr You saw what I did there?
Sndy Orr
Sndy Orr Aylar önce
@Turbo World its DIVIDED we fall but I think everyone figured out what you meant. Don't let the government divide us and make us enemies. We all need to pay it forward and love one another like brothers.
Sndy Orr
Sndy Orr Aylar önce
@IamJackHill you tube drain under lake mead... its horrifying
J Gonzalez
J Gonzalez Aylar önce
Thank you for making it happen guys!! Heavy D has what he has because he always helps. You guys continue doing it and the same will happen. Keep giving, you’ll keep receiving! 👏🏼
Rachel Barney
Rachel Barney Aylar önce
You guys are amazing!! You give Craig hope when there was none, just goes to show you that there is still awesome people in this world. Love your videos!!
Our Off Grid Alaskan Life
Just started following y'all a few weeks ago and you are truly good people. Amazing video!!
Al Hutchison
Al Hutchison Aylar önce
Thank you to everyone who helped this man. From those who reported his situation to those who came to actually get him out. Praise God that you all exist and actually came through and helped out. Thank you all again for being the hands and feet of God. That is exactly how God wants us to be. Taking care of each other!!!
Sans Aylar önce
I'm so glad I found this channel a week or two ago. Not only is the channel awesome, but the community of this channel is awesome too. God bless you all, and I'm so happy for Craig.
Audrey Browne
Audrey Browne Aylar önce
Heavydsparks and
Sans Aylar önce
@Andy B More like a non-denominational Christian.
Chrissyblou Lam
Chrissyblou Lam Aylar önce
@Myles Kelly l know, me too!! & Sending it to friends 🤠 & asking them to pray for this man.🙏 It's exciting to see things work out like this! ✨
Andy B
Andy B Aylar önce
@Sans I guess that makes you an agnostic
Sans Aylar önce
@narsaku canada I was raised Catholic, I became an atheist, I then experienced things only God can explain. I wouldn't call myself a true Christian, but I would say I've experienced things that only Christ or God could explain.
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Aylar önce
Plain and simple.... You guys did a great job.. I ran across your page because of the interest of the water levels dropping and you gave a good perspective on what's going on. Last few days I was there in Las Vegas and made it a point to visit to see firsthand. Seeing you help this man.. No words.. Keep staying 100.. Salute
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
broke his boat would have bought him a new one. This guy is what the world needs more of. God Bless you guys!!!
RoninNZ Aylar önce
Watching from New Zealand. Awesome effort guys, it really warms the heart to see so many people rallying around to help someone in need like this.
Dishontie Lupeir
Dishontie Lupeir Aylar önce
You guys are also awesome this really warms my heart to know they're still good people in this world. Good country boys☺️
Daniel Lars
Daniel Lars Aylar önce
That was so inspirational on such a high positive "light," which all you guys brought into our world during these crazy dark times, helping Craig save his house boat at his lowest point of hope. Shared this video with my son. Thank you for posting! Subscribed.
d Rodriguez
d Rodriguez Aylar önce
This old man had a giving heart in his hardest times he gave them a fishing lure, and In the end it was strong enough to pull him out… hats off to the boys @ Sin City outdoors X Heavy D and the diesel brothers🇺🇸
js70371 Aylar önce
Duuuude…your comment ❤️🙏😭
Vinyl Hunter 33s
Vinyl Hunter 33s Aylar önce
It definitely attracted some "big fish". Might be the catch of his life lol. Awesome story.
CatFever Aylar önce
He's not that old. Rough but good life . Good man. So glad people did indeed help him !! Yay 💕💕☮️☮️👍👍👍☮️☮️🇺🇲🇺🇸 Right on
riloh58 Aylar önce
@d Rodriguez - poetry!
Joshua Hammond
Joshua Hammond Aylar önce
Enough said right there ! Love it !
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer Aylar önce
Nan Griff
Nan Griff Aylar önce
This was such an amazing rescue!! You guys are such a Blessing! We just happened upon your channel and loved it immediately! Now fans and subscribed! Yay for you and diesel brothers!! ❤️‍🔥
wilson rawlin
wilson rawlin Aylar önce
GOD BLESS EVERYONE involved in getting his houseboat back in the water. You are good people regardless of not being perfect. I pray the best for all of you and your families. Solid people with good hearts in the right place.
Rich Lorimer
Rich Lorimer Aylar önce
I literally got tears in my eyes watching this. Such a beautiful thing to do. If we all could do something, and expect nothing in return, what a beautiful world this would be. Great job to you all.
Glenna Miles
Glenna Miles Aylar önce
Brings a tear to my eye to see what people can accomplish when they work together toward a common cause. High five to all the rescuers.
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I cried.
Vito Spatafiore
Vito Spatafiore Aylar önce
@Neil P. Brady same here Neil.
Neil P. Brady
Neil P. Brady Aylar önce
I know what you mean. Or maybe its my old age...
MG Aylar önce
Hey you guys are great. I'm not a fishing guy but was interested in the drought situation and found you guys. Good job guys specially helping the old guy.
A_giv Aylar önce
Hats off to you guys this is a site to see.....blessings to you all. I have watched yall for at least 5-6 yrs. Appreciate all the valuable info about the water. I posted on fb hopefully someone see the story.
Akrs Aylar önce
NEVER LOOSE HOPE! Big ups to Heavy D and the team👏🏾 Monumental deed!
pollatso Aylar önce
I’m watching this from 🇬🇧 uk the help you guys have made available for this guy is amazing if more people in the world could be like you what a great place it would be.. thanks for bringing all our attention to this 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
RichieSA77 Aylar önce
This is one of the best videos I’ve seen. In these selfish, unsure and unfriendly times there is still friendship, camaraderie and goodwill. You guys rock
C Whit
C Whit Aylar önce
Y'all just warmed my heart. Thanks so much for helping Craig. People still have a heart and the spirit of being the village to help.
MrZ 21 gün önce
This is so fantastic, helping each other in times of need. Great job and well done guys!
Rick Kemp
Rick Kemp Aylar önce
Made a grown man cry!! You guys are Rock Stars. Thank you for showing us all that humanity is still alive and well. Take care.
Kellen Barnett
Kellen Barnett Aylar önce
This was awesome guys, great job in getting these people involved. So uplifting to see this happening in these hard times. Thank you for the video.
MJ3500CART Aylar önce
The world isn't laughing at you... the world wants to HELP you!! So happy you're getting all this support!!!
riloh58 Aylar önce
I just posted something similar before I saw your post. Indeed nobody was laughing at Craig’s predicament but now, I can’t stop smiling. Today is a good day.
I.B Focus
I.B Focus 26 gün önce
You guys are amazing for getting help for the guy stranded, massive respect to you both.... Keep up your excellent work
Nikki The Gnarly
Nikki The Gnarly 16 gün önce
This whole video just kept a smile on my face. The selflessness, the patience and the courage in this video inspires me! And the part that got me the most is seeing how dark it got, and the guys still pullin the boat into the water until the job is done. Now that’s some hero shit 🤙🏻
Victor Jeffers
Victor Jeffers Aylar önce
Heart touching to see the amount of help an response that came from just a video on TRvid totally Awesome ! Thanks to Diesel Brothers and all those who helped this man out ! God Bless you all ! As a avid camper I've helped some fellow campers out a few times and I'd like to think that if one day I needed help a fellow camper would return the favor ! It's like a code that I like to think we go by ! 👍👍to all those involved helping this man out ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Rod DeShong's odds and ends
An awesome effort on the part of all whom helped. What a great effort that managed to culminate to help a fellow in great need. Thanks to everyone that helped in any way they could. You did good!
Gail. R.
Gail. R. Aylar önce
Man , you guys so incredible. Heavy D is a super nice humble guy. It is so heartwarming to see ppl coming together to help a fellow human. Thank you Sr. For your service to our country. I love watching you and Jr. going out and keeping us updated on the water and fish resources in the lake.
Justin Avila
Justin Avila 7 gün önce
Amazing!!!! There ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE. This video, everyone involved in the video and those supporters that made this happen really touched my heart. Paying it forward. Just stumbled on your channel looking at water videos on Mead and subscribed after a few videos. I dont fish, I don't boat (kayaker) but are very much enjoying the videos!!!
Patriot Life
Patriot Life Aylar önce
Massive respect and blessings to all of you for helping this gentleman out, Thanks for what you and your son do to help people and thanks for your service!🇺🇸
ez1913 Aylar önce
@Patriot Life Yep. Not a fuzzy story. Ever ask yourself why no one else helped him off the beach? Would not have taken more than a side-tied 30 hp to get him back to his slip the day it stalled. Lake Mead boaters aren't like that, really. Stolen stale gas put him there. Having zero friends kept him there. Sorry to be the guy that craps on the fluffy story, but it paints all Lake Mead boaters as dickheads, and that's not the case.
Patriot Life
Patriot Life Aylar önce
The story behind the guy rescued?
ez1913 Aylar önce
If folks only knew the whole story... 😞
James Snyder
James Snyder 29 gün önce
Thank you guys! Needed that in these dark times. God bless you all. Glimmer of hope for the future with folks like you.
Kelsea Hamilton
Kelsea Hamilton Aylar önce
I just stumbled on your channel. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see people helping other people for no reason other than kindness. There really is some humanity left in the world and you guys should be so proud of what you accomplished. All of you. Huge kudos from 🇨🇦!!
BIGBEE Aylar önce
Heavy D and his crew are the best people I've never met. It's an honor to be able to watch all your videos. This is how I humans should conduct them selfs. So proud of your work.
Kelsea Hamilton
Kelsea Hamilton Aylar önce
I just stumbled on your channel. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see people helping other people for no reason other than kindness. There really is some humanity left in the world and you guys should be so proud of what you accomplished. All of you. Huge kudos from 🇨🇦!!
C Farrell
C Farrell Aylar önce
I watched you channel first. Then I saw Dsparks. Then I just watched your version of the recovery. Nothing in this world could have made a better outcome. Congrats and high fives for the both of you. I found it amazing how you two teamed up to help a fellow American. Thanks to all involved. Restoration in humanity for the good.
Peter Benton
Peter Benton Aylar önce
I'm so glad that there are still some real human being alive and making it happen. Keep up what you are doing. We could all use a lot more of it.
Carole Thorn
Carole Thorn 28 gün önce
You guys are awesome! This is such an amazing little story. I don't know how I came across it but I'm grateful that I did. I needed to see something so good happen right now. Bless you guys. Best of luck to all of you involved - from down south in Mississippi!
Brett Barrett
Brett Barrett Aylar önce
I knew HeavyD couldn't leave this guy stranded... I really hope the Sin City Outdoors channel grows to a gigantic success. Great people helping great people!
markus michalak
markus michalak Aylar önce
Thanks for your service to our country! Incredibly inspiring to see what you're doing to help the community out there.
boomer bass meme
boomer bass meme Aylar önce
What an amazing story! Bless both of you and the Deisel Brothers for helping him out! 🙏🙏🙏
ecurb yhprum
ecurb yhprum Aylar önce
There was one of the best recoveries I've ever watched. The blew away Matt's off-road recovery tow mater and everything
Mountain Momma Let’s Talk
This was the greatest thing I have ever seen, I am so amazed by all the people that came out to help! I’m so happy for Craig! I want to thank all of you for showing me that kind people actually still exist!
Soffy Vlogs
Soffy Vlogs Aylar önce
You guys are AWESOME this made my day! Thank you for everything yall do out there and thank the Diesel Bros for coming out and taking care of business! The whole world needs to see this rite now i hope they air yall on the show with this! Much respect to every one of yall! -PaintPimp
Watched the first video and read some of the comments and was amazed with the responses of help! And to watch it all come together is fantastic! Bravo to all involved! Warms the heart!
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Anti liberals pro America 🇺🇸
Y’all really great you guys . You really renewed my faith in humanity. Thank you guys so much for helping this good man out and not giving up on him . You have a beautiful place in heaven waiting for you someday 💕❤️👍🏻🇺🇸
Jonny O'Higgins
Jonny O'Higgins 19 gün önce
Being able to help someone is always great. You guys got me right in the feels.
laura.of3 26 gün önce
When people come together to help others in need just truly makes my heart so happy!😊
Jason Hind
Jason Hind Aylar önce
Like many others I found this channel when you started bringing awareness about the water level problem. I just want to say how amazing I think what you've done is. You and your son are just some honest wholesome guys. It's great seeing good people doing good things for good people. Your quote at the end of the video sealed my belief about the type of people you are. BRAVO!
Text me  +①(②①⑤)⑤⑤⑨⑨⓪②③
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Shannon Guthrie
Shannon Guthrie Aylar önce
I agree! I actually feel hopeful now. I promise you this ...I am gonna say it....I promise I will help people if and when I can. If I can't I'll find it. I want to lift people up too. You guys changed his life! For the better. Thank you
Craig H
Craig H Aylar önce
Seeing so many amazing people actually help someone has given me hope for humanity just unreal great work everyone involved 🤟🤟
DEZ BLANCO Aylar önce
What a blessing for Capt Craig. I sure am thankful for you guys being out there and drawing amazing attention to the issue. God bless you
Adam Blumenthal
Adam Blumenthal Aylar önce
Watching your videos of the dropping water level has been informative and enlightening. Getting the word out to help this gentleman save his possessions made me cry. Thank you SO much.
Will Morris
Will Morris Aylar önce
This warms my heart so much. You guys are awesome all of yall!
Josh Morris
Josh Morris Aylar önce
I only hope that I can do as good a job raising my Son as you did with yours! Mad props to you senior. For being a great Father, and an outstanding role model. It is so awesome what yous did for Craig. God was truly working through you guys. Awesome work, awesome channel. Much love from my family in Clearwater Florida to you.
Mike g
Mike g Aylar önce
@ThermaL1102 damn dude. Relax.
Andrea Lanni
Andrea Lanni Aylar önce
My boy and I were talking about this the other day while we watched one of their videos. You can feel the love and respect they have for each other. Its beautiful
Brett Casto
Brett Casto Aylar önce
Well said
Patrick C
Patrick C Aylar önce
@ThermaL1102 all things are possible through Christ our Lord
ThermaL1102 Aylar önce
that's nice , you just GAVE AWAY all HIS hard work ... to Your god , that's amazing how people do that ... PEOPLE doing all the work , and someone else just passes on all Your hard work to someone else , thanks for that religion and respect between people ain't two things that go together , do they ?
Star Sportscards
Star Sportscards 24 gün önce
That was great to see how everything came together so quickly to help get the job done!
Diane Quince
Diane Quince Aylar önce
Absolutely amazing! Sin City Outdoors and Heavy D you rock!! I was amazed at the response from UTube asking for help for Crag. You guys and everyone involved are beyond awesome!!👍👍
Robert Gilkerson
Robert Gilkerson Aylar önce
This was awesome, you guys rock. We need more of this in today's crazy times. Big shout out to Diesel Bros. That look on Craig's face was priceless.
DirectCurrent Aylar önce
Thanks so much all You guys for all the help You have provided to get Craig the help he needed. Without your quick thinking this miracle might not ever happened. I hope you guys will keep us all up-to-date with Craigs progress in the future. Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the great work.🙏🏻👍
John Handcock
John Handcock Aylar önce
it's so good to see you guys are true Humaneterans.God Bless your family.The old man NC
Gita G
Gita G Aylar önce
Incredible-powerful video, everyone who contributed in making this happen is an absolute HERO!! Y’all showed up, teamed up, and together y’all rescued Craig, from what seemed like his worst nightmare. Mad love and respect from TEXAS 🤟🏽thanks for your service Senior 🇺🇸
Brian Ward
Brian Ward Aylar önce
Thank You for this, really helps me have hope for our Country. What a great thing you guys did for this man!
Mike D
Mike D Aylar önce
Bless you guys. You’re amazing awesome people. If only we all were this humble and compassionate, the world would be such a better place.
JustManda77 Aylar önce
Thank you so much for helping a stranded boater out. This warms my heart, and proves good people are still out there doing kind work.
morrisonscott429 Aylar önce
Hello how are you doing?
Rufio Reed
Rufio Reed Aylar önce
"how do you pay someone for it" when it's kindness for their hearts, all those who helped out, you don't. you pay it forward. you guys are amazing
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
Amazing job to you all. You are role models for how we should all be treating each other and our planet. Keep up the awesome videos, love to hunting and fishing too.
Man! You guys deserve all the credit in the world! I watched your channel for a while, you always help people! The happiness you put in that man’s heart! #SinCityAngels
Marcella Wynja
Marcella Wynja Aylar önce
wonderful son and father combo, you taught him well. My hat off to you for saving that man's home. Brought to tears when he cried. God bless you both and thhe fellow that came to the rescue.
rachael wyld stacey
Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in helping get that boat out!!! You not only helped Craig, you were an example of how we all should be!!!❤️❤️❤️
Text me  +①(②①⑤)⑤⑤⑨⑨⓪②③
Congratulations you have been selected among our shortlisted winners, contact the number above...........🎁🎁
Jerry Guzman
Jerry Guzman Aylar önce
God Bless you guys and heavy D and his crew, you guys give hope to humanity that there's still good people in this country and world!!!
Lady Q
Lady Q Aylar önce
Such great news for this man! Thank you for helping him! ♥️
Text+①(⑤①②) ⑧①④-⑦①⓪③
Congratulations you have been selected among our shortlisted winner, contact the number above for INTERACTION on claiming your prize ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^🎁✅
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins Aylar önce
That was cool I’m glad I got to see it gives me a little hope in life I’ve had a hard life to just like that guy who is stranded and there’s so many people out there who will use you and abuse you it’s nice to see someone’s out there helping somebody get their life back on their feet God bless you
Kimberly Rupp
Kimberly Rupp Aylar önce
I love this. To see people help from their hearts a stranger. Great humans ✨💜✨
Rick Cox
Rick Cox Aylar önce
Hats off to you for making this recovery happen. Dave Sparks is a good man. He's making Utah proud!
His whole gang makes Utah proud.
TeflonBubba Aylar önce
Great work all around! Amazing effort by awesome people. Heart warming, too 💪
Teal Square
Teal Square Aylar önce
I've burnt through all of your Lake Mead videos in two days. You are doing an important service for humanity. Love from Uganda 🇺🇬
Kim McG /VR: jade8568
This brings happy tears to my eyes... you guys are incredible 👏 ❤️. ... Sr, you are one of the best fathers I've seen...ever. you've obviously instilled all of your knowledge , thoughtfulness, & kindness into your son. 🥲 I can't believe how quickly that water is drying up. Amazing.
tootsie babe
tootsie babe Aylar önce
I Love seeing Adrian Jr. beaming ear to ear talking with the big guy Dave!
Sin City Outdoors
Sin City Outdoors Aylar önce
Thanks for all the love! @heavydsparks heard you guys 👊🏼. He also posted a video on his TRvid channel here trvid.com/video/video-4H_TMDcw73k.html Make sure to thank him over there. We will update with a P.O. Box or anything else set up for Craig. 🙏🏽
mrnotnomis Aylar önce
I'm glad ya'll stopped to check on him! Will you or @heavydsparks be doing some special 'houseboat' merch to benefit Craig? I'd buy a houseboat sticker to put on my own boat for sure. Also, hi from Canyon Lake, TX!
Holland Nelson
Holland Nelson Aylar önce
@Not Another Gamer Hi Lee - I don’t think it can be changed at this point but as mentioned I’m just a Songwriter. But it’s interesting that there are a lot of students and young people who are interested and that’s a start. It’s too bad it’s become a political issue. I really appreciate you messaging me and your ideas for the video are great and I found a few in the public domain that we will be using for our music video.
Holland Nelson
Holland Nelson Aylar önce
@Not Another Gamer Thanks Lee. I definitely understand what you’re saying! I’m just an unknown songwriter. Some people seem to relate to this song and I’m just glad that it was recorded by a guy who cares about the environment and the future. I am from Roswell New Mexico originally and wrote a tune about that too. I just try to write down what I hear in my head and some tunes are better than others. 👽 I really appreciate your messages!!
Not Another Gamer
Not Another Gamer Aylar önce
@Holland Nelson i hope they grant YOUR wish Good luck we all need it.
Not Another Gamer
Not Another Gamer Aylar önce
Some dont care FOR this planet i do we got live here one in many yars to come this world be all desert like Madmax
Bugjam05 Aylar önce
wow,you guys are some proper stand up dudes.this is the first time ive come across lake mead.and its humbling to see you helping out craig.massive respect to the heavy D bro's/team that was amazing stuff......
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