Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | November 28 | 2022 NBA Season

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27 Kas 2021




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Alx Aylar önce
Curry is insane rn. His patience is amazing. Soon as the defence starts to sleep he stops passing and starts scoring. Amazing to watch.
Marlon Cinco
Marlon Cinco Aylar önce
@allfootworkm8 i think Kerr will give Curry rest in some other games just like what he did against Pistons were the bench players are the only one playing
Principe Aylar önce
@allfootworkm8 hopefully klay comes back by then
allfootworkm8 Aylar önce
only problem is if he keeps this up hes going to be extremely fatigued during playoffs.
吳承宇 Aylar önce
When he is on fire, he doesn't have to wait until the defence starts to sleep, and he can start scoring, like 6:25
Ahdeyah Yasharel
Ahdeyah Yasharel Aylar önce
The clippers fans were rooting for the warriors louder than the clippers fans. Wow!
Deniyah's Journey
Deniyah's Journey Aylar önce
Warriors fans go wherever they go
TroystonB Aylar önce
when things get serious and they have to play big games on the road it won't happen
NBA 876
NBA 876 Aylar önce
Not clippers fans it was warriors fans a lot of them was there
Marcel Patulacci
Marcel Patulacci Aylar önce
Curry is like Federer in tennis. Everywhere he's playing, he's at home!
12MRJERSEY Aylar önce
They are in California.
Ms. Day
Ms. Day Aylar önce
How embarrasing is it when the home team fans cheer more for the visiting team than the home team? Damn the Warriors are good. Only team to play 82 home games!!
NBA review
NBA review Aylar önce
@Mutka aww you cute g
Mutka Aylar önce
@NBA review clippers ain’t even trash what?
Marin Aylar önce
Well they are true basketball fans. Ofc you love your team,but why not cheer on good players and great show. You are there for show after all
Mura Aylar önce
everyone loves the GSW cause they play proper unselfish basketball, with movement, cutting, etc..... No ISO, no heroball, no antics. It's hard not to like them.
Kinh Tuấn
Kinh Tuấn Aylar önce
@Johnny Jacksonson really?
ampi tenlima
ampi tenlima Aylar önce
Love Kerr. How he gets all fired up with the boys
Yann Courtel
Yann Courtel Aylar önce
@cs371212 The refs were very bad in the second half though... that jump by Mann with the two elbows up in Curry's layup was ridiculous... I understand the brother was going berserk...
Le lolo
Le lolo Aylar önce
How can a All-star,mvp be underrated?
cs371212 Aylar önce
nah in this game they’re fired up by the ref esp curry
Sen Abülhamidi savundun!
Curry is already the GOAT shooter but the way he's been playing he's making a solid case for GOAT Point Guard
Zephan Wong
Zephan Wong 26 gün önce
@JR Rolla steph’s impact can only be measured by metrics and The Eye test because of how average he plays no flashy blocks or highlight dunks just pure efficient scoring his defensive shares are pretty decent too. If he didn’t screw up so much during the playoffs at crucial moments I would agree he makes a solid case for top 5 but as of now he’s at least top 10 or 15 what he is doing is unprecedented
The King
The King Aylar önce
he is already the best point guard of all-time, he is making a solid case for being the GOAT.
deadmau5ization Aylar önce
@Yann Courtel curry isn't even close to the top 10 players defensive ability
Sen Abülhamidi savundun!
@mhscjuve34 You trippin lol Magic was definitely not on "another level", Curry is definitely up there with him and in terms of influencing the game, he is even ahead of him Curry is in his late prime rn and if he can earn another MVP and give the Warriors another Championship (or maybe two) he will definitely be regarded as the GOAT PG by many
JR Rolla
JR Rolla Aylar önce
@Zephan Wong I know and I'm saying Steph doesn't deserve to be a top ten all time and people don't wanna understand
Andrea Duarte
Andrea Duarte Aylar önce
Warriors have that weird advantage in that all their games feel like home games. 🙃
Jerome 3456
Jerome 3456 Aylar önce
@legendary collection curry effect
The Basketball Historian
And haters will just say "Warriors have too many bandwagon fans!" But it's not our fault your team isn't good enough to win fans and the Warriors are too impressive not to cheer for.
A. Hassan
A. Hassan Aylar önce
@Silent peasant Thats a fact
A. Hassan
A. Hassan Aylar önce
@blue light now u get it!
blue light
blue light Aylar önce
Well, there is a reason why they said "strength in number". Its not just about the roster but also the fans
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Good Aylar önce
I don't think Warriors can be any better than they already are. I mean, of course there's always things that can be improved but come on... such a great team/teamwork. And Steph's the real Chef! those shots... I am not a huge fan of Warriors but there's nothing what not to like! Amazing basketball. May the best win.
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 Aylar önce
@isaac debeila they were already the best team in basketball when KD joined them, CAV got extremely lucky and a 4 point game 7 loss shouldn’t be enough to discredit the fact that they won 73 games
isaac debeila
isaac debeila Aylar önce
Klaus return puts them over the top like how KD joining them put them over the top that's how good they are
Mixed pleasure
Mixed pleasure Aylar önce
Wait till Klay is back
LeMao Aylar önce
Relax bro it ain’t even Christmas yet lol
Ukeme Obot
Ukeme Obot Aylar önce
Steph is so underrated. I take him over KD anytime and, yes I am kLBJ fan but I want to say Curry should be in the MVP AND one of the goats conversation instead.
Gilbert QuirVen
Gilbert QuirVen Aylar önce
Real king is Chef Curry
Jay Jayden
Jay Jayden Aylar önce
Klbj is trash and old. Father time be catching up to him nd he's hair line
MegaIniesta Aylar önce
Poole is underrated.
Warrior J
Warrior J Aylar önce
Steph is in a crazy zone. He’s pulling from 30 with no hesitation. And he believes it’s going in every time.
Eric Fields
Eric Fields Aylar önce
@abdul ismail lol you THINK the Suns want some. Trust me, they don't.
abdul ismail
abdul ismail Aylar önce
Steph on borrowed time, Suns in 4.
Horia Valeanu
Horia Valeanu Aylar önce
He doesn't believe. He KNOWS
Acar Özdemir
Acar Özdemir Aylar önce
Because it does... every time
Ahdeyah Yasharel
Ahdeyah Yasharel Aylar önce
I never stopped being a fan of golden state even when they went through all the transitions and rebuilding stages. I never jumped ship.
Shumz sons
Shumz sons Aylar önce
Lmfaooooo surrrreeee these are usually wise words from someone who jumps from bandwagon to bandwagon 😂😂😂 if they were to trade curry you would probably delete this comment lol
David Uzochukwu
David Uzochukwu Aylar önce
@EdElFigo l 液体 insane...only got into gsw when we drafted Steph
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 Aylar önce
@David Uzochukwu been here since the We Believe days ngl
David Uzochukwu
David Uzochukwu Aylar önce
Yh fr ppl called us bandwagons. They were shocked a lot of us stayed loyal. Not gonna lie tho, those Ky bowman, alfonzo mckinnie days were hard to watch😥😥
Josh4Lyfe 13
Josh4Lyfe 13 Aylar önce
That’s not saying much…
Business Mike
Business Mike Aylar önce
Did curry score 33 points but played assists and defence the whole game, this guy is unbelievable, wtf lmao.
Gabriel Aylar önce
7:41 My goodness at that tough shot over 3 defenders.
Andre Gregory Samuel Gilles
7:41 people ask what the hell they were doing on him. As I Said B4, If Clay Is Back At A 80 Percent Of Performance , They Could Need 3 Defenders On Him Too.
Javier Yeo
Javier Yeo Aylar önce
he got a tech for a trash call so he fucked the clippers
I n T e R e Y e
I n T e R e Y e Aylar önce
If it were any other player doing that he'd be sitting on the bench no questions asked make or miss.
Aps_Aries Aylar önce
The fact that he even THOUGHT of taking that and BACKING himself to make it with 18secs on the clock🤧🔥
Manaakitia Rankin
Manaakitia Rankin Aylar önce
Was that clippers fans getting hype over it hahaha?
Zeko F
Zeko F Aylar önce
Poole feels like he scored much more than 17 pts
Agneza Barutanski
Agneza Barutanski Aylar önce
Because he went berserk in the third. I had that same feeling too lol
Franklin Ines
Franklin Ines Aylar önce
His the good one though
roc2eazy Aylar önce
It does lol. He didn’t draw any fouls and his points came in spurts.. I guess
Kostasxzed Aylar önce
if curry wins two more championships why cant he be in conversation for being the goat? he changed the game like few people did and he is making enemy fans rooting for him! this guy is insane
Kostasxzed Aylar önce
@Alexis Reyes imo michael cant do the things curry does on the court so why compare them that way, could mj survive on mordane nba without a deadly 3pt shoot not sure about that. Btw the only raason mj is the goat is because you made nba global and he became an icon all over the world. But better player than lebron and curry there is no way. Go watch 90s baskeball is so slow bad plays over and over again no deadly shooters . dont see only 6/6 champs
SF Ramos
SF Ramos Aylar önce
@Ricardo then lebron is out too?
Alexis Reyes
Alexis Reyes Aylar önce
This Conversation do not exist. The GOAT is Michael Jordan. No way.
Ricardo Aylar önce
@Kostasxzed I think we can all agree on that lol. It's crazy that he's actually entering his 2nd prime right now.
Kostasxzed Aylar önce
OK those were valid answers and I kinda agree with them. But watching him play and make buckets so with no effort is amazing.
Gerrard Israel Laraga
“The next 5 years are mine” -pat beverly
Вася M
Вася M Aylar önce
@Yen Ki Wong hahah got 'em
Erick Behari
Erick Behari Aylar önce
@xthene If
Rizky Riv Alhamid
Rizky Riv Alhamid Aylar önce
@xthene if klay have not injury.. no chance to beverly say that
Yen Ki Wong
Yen Ki Wong Aylar önce
"The next 5 teams are mine" -I forgot his name
Gift Agbonsohan
Gift Agbonsohan Aylar önce
Nopski Aylar önce
people starting to appreciate gsw.... specially curry.. Haven't seen the away crowd cheer for someone this consistent since MJ
Victor Ibarbo
Victor Ibarbo Aylar önce
PG playing like a MVP candidate man. He defintely earned his respect back if it wasn't already for last year.
HaVe_SunQ Aylar önce
As said by other comments, it seemed that Clippers fans were rooting more for GSW than for their own team. That’s what greatness does. Props to the crowd tho for the recognition aside the rivalries.
Юлиан Георгиев
That looks like the best Curry we've ever seen. Even at that age. His decision making tonight was phenomenal.
Andre Gregory Samuel Gilles
I have a lot of respect for Paul Georges. He did his best even though he was hardly guarded.
The Basketball Historian
7:42 was so impressive, even the LA crowd erupted for it. 8:23 mind blown hearing "Warriors" chants at Staples (to be fair, many Clippers fans went home already to beat traffic).
The Observer616(👁️‍🗨️)
Spectacular warriors!!!!!! And when klay Thomson returns it will be even more spectacular. Go for the ring
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Aylar önce
Curry really means business this year
Adiprima Aylar önce
Each Golden State players has crazy athleticism and also a damn good shooter.. There is no stopping this golden state at this current rate.
Mohamed Bilal
Mohamed Bilal Aylar önce
Porter Jr. had 18 points and 10 Reb. He is doing great
Cynthia Tumewu
Cynthia Tumewu Aylar önce
Curry always giving us something amazing and fun to watch, let's see at 2:09 and 8:06
silishebo litebele
silishebo litebele Aylar önce
🗣️Let's go warriors!!!!
Juan Alberto Gonzalez Pozo
Cant wait for Warriors vs Suns!!!!!!!
Me and you both
Cassius 2206
Cassius 2206 Aylar önce
6:55 Now, that's a coach with a real passion, effort and love for his team. Jason Kidd picking his player up on the court at live play, we don't need that superficial affection.
thoomas2333 Aylar önce
GS got 18-2 record this season. It is incredible how good they are and how complete this team is. They dont need KD .They need only to Steph play in play offs like he is playing in regular season and Klay comes back .And they can win with anybody
Conrado Ferrer
Conrado Ferrer Aylar önce
Give the championship trophy, ring to the Warriors. No more better opponent.
Vicious Tech Music Official
The Curry's shot is wonderful ♥
Gorohu Ganiga
Gorohu Ganiga Aylar önce
all that cover on PG13, yet he still gets them in, love my Dubs but Paul George is amazing!
Abel The GOAT
Abel The GOAT Aylar önce
Yea it seemed like literally everything was going in for him
Kick off Ass
Kick off Ass Aylar önce
Tonight, Clipper has so many turnovers. Is that normal or can we say: that's because Warriors done a great job on defend 😝
graha zamrud
graha zamrud Aylar önce
Not about Curry, but crazzy play on GSW. Keep on fire GSW!!! 🔥🔥🔥😍
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Aylar önce
After halftime when Curry scores the crowd roars. How weird :)
Zitow Huang
Zitow Huang Aylar önce
can't wait to see dominant Warriors vs undefeated Suns ^^
Romel Bautista
Romel Bautista Aylar önce
Is this CLIPPERS home court? Coz when Curry hit the 3 after the tech. The crowd celebrate... 😅🤣😂
Leon Aylar önce
why does it feel like wherever the warriors paly the crowd is like their home games screams more for them than their own team
Максим Башинський
Warriors vs Suns! That’ll be the game!
Felix L
Felix L Aylar önce
7:40 insane 3's
Angus Cooper
Angus Cooper Aylar önce
The real test will be the next game when Steph meets the Booker and Chris Paul led Suns. This will be a preview of the Western Conference Finals. They have had some serious struggles last season with the Suns so it will be interesting how the 2021 version of the Dubs match up this time with the Booker and Chris Paul led Suns. Lets Go Dub Nation !
AlexEMusic Aylar önce
7:20 I think clippers forgot who they were playing against. Only explanation lol
Wilfred Jhon
Wilfred Jhon Aylar önce
Not even a fan of both. But man, how do people miss this? The difference between curry and lebron is curry stayed loyal through thick and thin. Most of his teammates from last year was either rookie, g league player and role player but he trusted the process and wait for them to improve their game and it’s showing this year. Lebron will leave once the road gets tougher or he will trade half of the team. He left cavs the first time because he cannot beat the celtics and howard’s magic. He left miami because wade and bosh were getting injured a lot. He left cavs because kyrie was gone and kevin love is not the same player anymore. If the lakers don’t win championship this year, expect lebron to leave again and look for another superteam that can give him an easier route to championship. Kd and curry won 2 together in 2 years, almost 3 if kd didn’t get injured in his 3rd year. Imagine if curry and KD choose to play together for the rest of their career just like how lebron picked his teammate for the last decade. Curry and kd might have more than 5 rings now.
maxiqum s1
maxiqum s1 Aylar önce
man that roster from 2019-20 still got traded almost completely, yes Steph stayed but it's not like he will uplift bad players
Andre Gregory Samuel Gilles
Fact : I have Respect 4 Lebron James As Any Human Being But I've Never Considering Him Like A Talented Player. Natural Selection Gives Wilt, Shaq, Lebron, Tyson, Rony Coleman Great Athletism, But in terms of brain, they are so...... ( respect ) Does King James Grow Up Any Teamate ? Does he improve even a sidekick player ? When King James Can't Deliver 33 Or 50 Point To Save The Game , does he help any teamate to score instead of ? I don't like to talk about sport to young fans. It's clear to see even you have watched NBA 4 10 years , King James Wants Only Go To Teams That Have Players Who Have Great Stats Just Before He Join Them. I Will Never Be Surprised If He Ask Chef Curry To Firm Him Next Season , When Mother Nature Is Taking Back His Athletic Body. Coz, even he will be on the Golden State Warriors bench, He Will Get What He Is So Obssessed To Win : Rings .
azwan azmi
azwan azmi Aylar önce
@edy miguel Nope, look at the record with both teams healthy.
edy miguel
edy miguel Aylar önce
@azwan azmi you can make the argument for Golden State stealing the title the year prior
azwan azmi
azwan azmi Aylar önce
@edy miguel Funny thing is that doesn't happen if injuries and officiating doesn't help the Cavs steal the title.
Plata o Plomo
Plata o Plomo Aylar önce
Steph go for his 2nd unanimous MVP 🔥🐐
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 Aylar önce
@White Magic Sponge I also think KD and Giannis will get some of them points
Matheus Sanz
Matheus Sanz Aylar önce
@White Magic Sponge Man, Curry>>>>>>>>Abyss>>>>>Jokic
Ramone Aylar önce
@xd pperfect only one in 2016
White Magic Sponge
White Magic Sponge Aylar önce
it will not be unanimous becase of jokic
xd pperfect
xd pperfect Aylar önce
Dont he already have 2 unanimous mvps?
vasper Aylar önce
Best team in the league ad with Klay healthy they are no1 favorites to win the ring
Wtfff. Curry is insane dude no one can guard
Jehu Strachan
Jehu Strachan Aylar önce
Draymond giving Poole that Steph and Klay treatment with them screens 🤣🤣🤣 love it.
buxtehude123 Aylar önce
I had the privilege to watch Gretzky The Great play, and now enjoying Curry The Great
Tayo39 Aylar önce
tryna tell y'all i'd take Wardell #1 in a all-time draft...for 5 years now too... he is the goat imo.
Rissi Junior
Rissi Junior Aylar önce
Baby face assassin for mvp💯❤
Jing Xiang Huang
Jing Xiang Huang Aylar önce
Don C
Don C Aylar önce
Steph about to be the second unanimous MVP in voting (guess who was the first)
george jr acero
george jr acero Aylar önce
Steph played just like in a practice..Warriors are fun to watch
jordan dk
jordan dk Aylar önce
Damn Pg vs warriors was a tough match up he came close tho
ILMAN RIF Aylar önce
It's so demoralizing when you're playing at home and the crowd is cheering for the other team
porfirij Aylar önce
that curry guy is a real talent. i predict he's going to be a good player one day, you may quote me on this.
Random dude
Random dude Aylar önce
@EdElFigo l 液体 Yeah LeGm messed up this trade
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 Aylar önce
@Random dude Lakers just traded him away and now have AD and Westbrook, terrible, terrible decision by LeGM.. he and Lonzo would’ve been the ultimate Super team.
Random dude
Random dude Aylar önce
@Carlos Soares Yeah I bet he is going to be a superstar for the Lakers , dude's shooting is form is the cleanest I have ever seen 🤯
Carlos Soares
Carlos Soares Aylar önce
Have you ever heard about this Lonzo guy? He is Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical!
DC 17
DC 17 Aylar önce
I think he will get a championship ring one day
jorge luis rodrigues
Warriors are evolving each game.
Douglas Chan
Douglas Chan Aylar önce
i'm just blessed to witness 2021 warriors.
Jeral Raspati
Jeral Raspati Aylar önce
They played in clippers home but the cheer for curry is louder than for PG13. What a player💯
Chris O
Chris O Aylar önce
3:49 good screen by Zubac for Curry!
Rizky Riv Alhamid
Rizky Riv Alhamid Aylar önce
I have mad respect for curry.. this man is phenomenal.. bulls fans
Exa 02
Exa 02 Aylar önce
Don't make angry the best player in the world or you'll pay 🔥🔥🙌🏼
Wan Wan
Wan Wan Aylar önce
damn the ref were trying so hard to let clippers win
Rui Felipe
Rui Felipe Aylar önce
The Warriors are already a big threat this Season, just wait until Klay Thompson is back 😮😮😮
AtreusBarron Aylar önce
keeping all those high scoring teams under 100 points is nuts
Aubery Bitoni
Aubery Bitoni Aylar önce
Curry, KD and Kawhi are my fav players
Barbinha Aylar önce
Mad Curry for MVP
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt Aylar önce
Its always fun when Curry starts to mock refs.
Pedro gujamo
Pedro gujamo Aylar önce
Folks... When the commentator said "are you serious?" I knew Steph was in cheat mode!
Jerome Yudiet
Jerome Yudiet Aylar önce
Lionel Richie has been a huge help for GSW..
Antonio Jr. Decatoria
warriors and suns playing like they own 2 home courts
sandy edler
sandy edler Aylar önce
This is refs vs warriors and the warriors still win the game. This is why you don't wanna mess with steph and the warriors, they will make you pay.
P Hing
P Hing Aylar önce
agree and ref sucks
P Hing
P Hing Aylar önce
agree and ref sucks
すてふぃん Aylar önce
I hated refs in this game. 🤬🤬
KaRtOoN Aylar önce
we gonna sart calling poole deadpool lol but i feel like when klay comes back it`s gonna take shots from him i hope not dudes a killer
azwan azmi
azwan azmi Aylar önce
There will be times where they are on the floor together, it's about finding the open man and feeding the hot hand.
jalheel jalhe
jalheel jalhe Aylar önce
I Like PG 13 but I don't understand why the refs allow him to cheat like he does in the game.
Wan Wan
Wan Wan Aylar önce
home games advantage
na-chan Aylar önce
that T sign at 7:48 💀
allfootworkm8 Aylar önce
GP jr playing full court defense whole game..respect
Shaun Ramkelawon
Shaun Ramkelawon Aylar önce
this was golden state vs Paul george lol - GG PG
Bang Bang
Bang Bang Aylar önce
Matheus bob Belisario
Warrios tá foda! Rumo ao título!
Mr Croco
Mr Croco Aylar önce
Must be hard for players to see Curry come to your town and take your crowd away. goat.
Wade James
Wade James Aylar önce
To think Klay and Wiseman still gotta return as well
Antanas Tomkovidas
Antanas Tomkovidas Aylar önce
I don't care how the rest of the season ends, Curry already deserved MVP.
Sanchirsuren Byambasuren
taking satisfaction from Steph, like air MJ
friendLi Aylar önce
how did they miss that egregious travel from Poole @5:30 holy shit
Julian Muheirwe Marvin
Ikr, i rewatched it over and over again but I thought, since u can take two steps they counted that change of pivot as the second step
Oyame Aylar önce
2019 Team with the best 2 ways players in the league, Kawhi Leonard and Paul Georgeo. 2021 Still no ring.
Theoryfoot Aylar önce
God damn even Kevon Looney has become legit. KerrMit the Frog you a genius
deep void
deep void Aylar önce
i mean you can say no kawhi.. but no klay also so.. yeah
bld Aylar önce
Damn, they look unbeatable!
KedwinRodriguez omerlin
Warriors vs Suns today ,,🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
A M Aylar önce
California Love all the way around. Someone has to get this work. Dubs all day
Vicious Tech Music Official
Curry Most Value Player !!!
agbor clovis
agbor clovis Aylar önce
it is clear that the golden state will be the champions no doubt
blackcrow Aylar önce
24 turnovers... what a disappointing performance by The Clippers
Jay Hadley
Jay Hadley Aylar önce
Otto Porter amazing pick up if he can stay healthy
Bukosi Tyler
Bukosi Tyler Aylar önce
good time to be a gsw fan
Muhamad Rizky
Muhamad Rizky Aylar önce
Warriors 💪🏼
Erwin Rodriguez
Erwin Rodriguez Aylar önce
next phoenix..suns... golden state waiting for you...💪✌
Keion Garnett
Keion Garnett Aylar önce
Why are the clippers fans celebrating with the Warriors
PeaneutzTV Aylar önce
They are not just clippers fans, they are Basketball fan, and if you love Basketball at the highest level, you love Curry and the Warriors. Simple as that.
Jerry Naif
Jerry Naif Aylar önce
Simple, they're enjoying great basketball play from warriors
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Aylar önce
@sendoh7x Socal and Norcal are like USC and UCLA -- they hate each other LOL!
sendoh7x Aylar önce
The LA and SF are in the same state you know...
Jayvion Burke
Jayvion Burke Aylar önce
Your right I was thinking it was a warrior home game, they just like Curry that much I see
Bill AR
Bill AR Aylar önce
Wiggins got cooked by PG tho...Nice W for the Dubs
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