Golden Gate Torpedo Attack - Japanese Assault on San Francisco 1941

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In June 1946, a WWII Japanese torpedo was discovered close to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. In this video, I solve the mystery of the Japanese submarine attack on the famous American landmark in December 1941.

Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Fe...

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Credits: US National Archives; San Francisco Public Library; Christian Mehlfuhrer; Frank Schulenburg
Thumbnail Images: Edward Tambunan & Frank Schulenburg



17 Eyl 2021




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This video is sponsored by Hunting Clash - download it for free here: huntingclash.onelink.me/LNzZ/MarkFelton
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Hurdy Gurdy Man 17 gün önce
@effyleven Right. You came to see film on a war that killed millions of actual people, and it's cartoon animals that sent you into REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Byeeeeeeee......
effyleven 17 gün önce
@Hurdy Gurdy Man It was a gratuitous ad for a nasty piece of work itself full of gratuitous violence against animals using guns as if they were toys. I don't approve, and consider it bad enough to have made this a good channel gone sour. Hey! Never mind. It's not as if there isn't plenty of other highly informative well produced intellectual material right here on YT. I believe there is even a cute cat playing a ukulele somewhere ... and it is NOT BEING SHOT !! Must check that out.... byeee.
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Hurdy Gurdy Man 17 gün önce
@effyleven You came for a great video, which is what you got. You would have gotten an ad of some sort either way, which you couldn't get around. Quit being a whiny jerk and grow up.
effyleven 18 gün önce
I didn't come here to be sold on a stupid "hunting" game. I can't get around it, so I am going and I won't come back.
Jared Mehrlich
Jared Mehrlich Aylar önce
My Dad was born Dec 12th 1941 in Astoria Oregon during a blackout. I'm so glad you mentioned Astoria.
Mrgunsngear Channel
Exhibit Express Evidence
You come up with the most incredible research!
Mark Twain
Mark Twain 6 gün önce
Quoting Ronald Reagan as President in 1983 in his remarks about the Soviet Union....'This is the act of an evil empire...". Makes me livid to think about the dirty tactics that started with Pearl Harbor and then became terrorist strikes against the West Coast.
Mike Armstrong
Mike Armstrong 7 gün önce
An interesting insight into the Japanese character, or perhaps more a demonstration of their complete lack of insight into Western character, is that whole Christmas bombardment plan. I seriously doubt, had Japanese shells been falling all along the West Coast, that Americans would have been much more troubled by the fact that it occured on Christmas Day, as opposed to any other day. And likewise, the fact that the bombardment was postponed because of a belief that it might seriously offend their "christian" allies, is almost inconceivable. I really don't think the mastermind of the "final solution", or his wannabe Caesar sidekick would have any real issue with a bombardment of American soil whether it happened on Christmas, Easter, or April Fool's Day. How little the Japanese must have understood Hitler or Mussolini to think otherwise. Other than recognizing that the Americans would be relaxed on a Sunday and that was a good day to surprise attack them in harbor, the Japanese seem to have placed a ridiculous amount of emphasis on the symbolism of a spot on the calendar. How it entered their mind that a holiday made shells more effective, or attacking a mutual enemy might cheese off their allies, is beyond my comprehension. With reasoning like that, I suppose if the Doolittle raid had happened on the emperor's birthday, they might have committed suicide by the tens of thousands.
clarkewi 8 gün önce
I heard people living along the beachfront in Santa Monica were selling their houses cheap because of incursions such as this. Great work Mr. Felton.
jackpontiac52 10 gün önce
Parts of Vancouver Island in Canada was Shelled by Japan. It was always thought that it was the US Navy testing our defences against Japan for the longest time. Until a few years ago, when a Hiker did find an unexploded Japanese Shell .
Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon 11 gün önce
awesome, love this research explanation angle!
Stonebutcher Gems
Stonebutcher Gems 13 gün önce
The “Potato Patch” just outside the Golden Gate is incredibly rough water and said to the second most dangerous port entrance on the west coast, it’s unlikely the Japanese knew that and it would have been an incredibly lucky shot for them to hit a target much smaller than a ship, especially through rough water from a distance.
Spider Reed
Spider Reed 14 gün önce
To bad we couldn't have sunk the sub when it stopped by the Farallon islands(8.37) to recharge it's batteries. The Farallon's are known for heavy great White Shark activity and I'm sure they would have enjoyed some food.
Spider Reed
Spider Reed 14 gün önce
God they were evil little bastards.
Kristopher Swift
Kristopher Swift 16 gün önce
530 dislikes??? Did all these folks miss their bridge targets too?
John F
John F 16 gün önce
The rest of the torpedo was dredged up in the mid 80's
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller 19 gün önce
To me, this more than justifies quashing Japan. Not only for the horrible crimes committed in China, but also the attempted terrorism against the United States
Sariah Moore
Sariah Moore 21 gün önce
I have been a MF subscriber for a couple of years now.. love the proper serious and professional approach. Wonder if we’ll ever see dr Felton talking into camera as on TV.. I for one would love to see him addressing the camera personally waving his hands about expressively on a historical battlefield or the nazi bunkers on jersey etc… who agrees?
Joel Turpin
Joel Turpin 22 gün önce
Well done!
Don Gato
Don Gato 25 gün önce
Wait I'm completely confused here. Weren't type 93 Long Lances launched off only Japanese surface ships? They were way too big to fit in any torpedo tubes they used. So could not have been fired from any sub, and more than likely just washed ashore with the incoming tide from off the coast somewhere. This is the only logical conclusion I can come up with. Lots of ocean junk washes up on Bay area beaches.
Nathan Glover
Nathan Glover 28 gün önce
Anyone else imagine that when Mark said he'd "finally solved this mystery", he was wearing a detectives hat and smoking a pipe, with all the suspects gathered around him in the drawing room?
Michael Tidbury
Michael Tidbury 29 gün önce
I am really sad that you have advertised a hunting game. It went on for a long time and seems to glorify an horrific ‘sport’. 😢 Advertising is fine but could you not find something less American and cruel; maybe a fantasy game? Mind you, many of those involve murder and mayhem 🥴. It is your usual superb historical video but is marred by hunting 😥.
Jared Mehrlich
Jared Mehrlich Aylar önce
My Father was born in a blackout in Astoria Oregon on Dec 12th 1941. Astoria is on the Oregon coast at the mouth of the Columbia River. 5 days after Pearl Harbor.
ModMokkaMatti Aylar önce
I hear you next generation party Saturday
Greg Summerson
Greg Summerson Aylar önce
The only way to burn California is to leave it Newsom, the Japanese will never learn
Todd Metzger
Todd Metzger Aylar önce
I'm surprised they weren't spotted as the whole mountainside beyond the Golden Gate bridge going into Marin county is one huuuuuge shore defense bunker, with pillboxes, spotter boxes, fire control bunkers, and huge naval guns. Even Fort Point was outfitted for defense of the bridge, bay, and harbor by possible torpedo boat attack and also a submarine net was deployed. As well as large naval guns, spotlights, and specialized Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat guns, which were 3 inch fast firing guns. If that sub had been spotted literal hell would have rained down on them.
Commentator541 Aylar önce
It would be ironic to play this when you’re actually a hunter. ahahaha
Eidelmania Aylar önce
Never realized that the Golden Gate Bridge is art deco.
dcb4357 hiitsme
dcb4357 hiitsme Aylar önce
i have the feeling yamamoto knew that the nazis and fascists were hardly faithful christians and would take such offense. rather he knew if they took pot shots at coastal cities on christmas day the usn had the ability to return the favor. if he had admitted to such a fear of retalliation then he would have lost respect among the more fanatical in the armed forces and regime.
Anthony McNamara
Anthony McNamara Aylar önce
Bravo. Another fantastic, enthralling moment in history, thank you Mark.
LadiesMan217 Aylar önce
It’s a shame mark you don’t do documentaries on the First World War
The Green Man 7
The Green Man 7 Aylar önce
I love your channel! I'm a super-fan of your work, and your videos! I've always been interested in WWII, and have even collected a few period relics myself. I've never heard anything about the Japanese making attempts on the mainland, although it doesn't surprise me. Thank you very much for sharing!!!
Kennys Boat
Kennys Boat Aylar önce
I love how a serious historians video is sponsored by a mobile game. Hey you don't pick you sponsors, they pick you!
blue moxie
blue moxie Aylar önce
Your a Mean one Mr.Grinch
Mathew M
Mathew M Aylar önce
...so that's what destroyed the Ferris wheel. Forgot to mention they took Mr. Hollis P. Wood as POW until he escaped.
michael shampine
michael shampine Aylar önce
I wonder at what distance the torpedo was launched? Did it and any other's just run out of fuel? Putting the other's on the bottom? Interesting I never read anything about this. Not that I am a historians but do watch and read anything WWII related.
Jason Worden
Jason Worden Aylar önce
I really appreciate you telling everyone when it's your opinion vs something that has been factually supported. You make amazing videos. I wish you a lot of success and I will be watching your entire back catalog. Subscribing!
Christopher Norgaar
I live in San Francisco for 30 years. I loved to walk with my dogs in that exact area. I never knew anything about this incident. Glad they didn't just leave it there, but why not put the story out? I think it would have enhanced the historic attraction of the area.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
I think we can all agree that if Japan attacked San Francisco today, nobody would care and it would be a great thing!
Richards Sherer
Richards Sherer Aylar önce
Video mentions that the Golden Gate Bridge is 4200' in length, or about 3 km. Actually, the longest span is 4200' whereas the entire bridge is about 9000', which is roughly equivalent to 3 km.
DrDread Aylar önce
It is my understanding that one Japanese sub actually did bombard a deserted area near Santa Barbara with an interesting back story. It goes something like this: Before the war started a group of tourists with a guide were hiking along a trail on the California coast. One of the tourists slipped and fell down an embankment and into a group of prickly pear cactus. He jumped up screaming from the obviously painful ordeal and ran off, never to be seen by the group again. As it turns out, records show that the injured tourist was a Japanese who later, as a sailor in the Japanese navy, became the commander of the attacking submarine. It sounds as though he wanted to settle a long-smoldering personal grudge with that offending cactus. Edit: grammar
Paul Gee
Paul Gee Aylar önce
This is amazing!!!!
bearray57 Aylar önce
I am 64 years old now and I was told by my parents that japanese submarines were spotted off the coast of Morro Bay during WW2! I guess I believe it now!
S W Aylar önce
The Japanese fired it.
Elija Matt
Elija Matt Aylar önce
Did you ever consider the torpedo was an actual miss from attacking a merchant ship? Isn't that a much more plausible explanation, given the resting position and the fact a second torpedo never surfaced in 80 years? No reputable scientist would ever release such a story without even mentioning alternative explanations!
póg mo thóin
póg mo thóin Aylar önce
i grew up with WW2 history, not at school in Scotland, I'm also a Veteran. I learned through relatives that have long since passed-away (over 25 years now). My Great Uncle was in the local Regiment then, the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. My Granda was in the RAF in India but his brother joined the local regiment. The Argyll's were captured in Singapore and my Great Uncle was a POW in Burma. He hated everything Japanese right up until he passed away. Is there any chance you can do a presentation about that Mark? I love your presentations and I always will....keep up the fantastic work you do Pal :)
K L Aylar önce
this game is the LEAST i'll support and play!
DM .h
DM .h Aylar önce
how much of a genius do you have to be to assume that the torpedo was intended to be in such an irrelevant place. mechanics of water carrying any sort of debris? Land erosion?
DM .h
DM .h Aylar önce
plaus///these ads for garbage at the beginnings are making it impossible to continue subscribing
JUiCED K00LAiD Aylar önce
before washing, ill say this. There were massive anti ship cannons all long the coast of the gate's coast. Seen em in person. nothing would survive lol
JUiCED K00LAiD Aylar önce
jeez... I guess underwater attack is allowable
Patrick McGlone Jr
Patrick McGlone Jr Aylar önce
Never knew about this one.
Healing Art in Karakorums
unbelievable works of Japan
Bropeller Johnson
Bropeller Johnson Aylar önce
YOUR CONTENT IS AMAZING!!!!! Better education here than public education in America
Chet Haynes
Chet Haynes Aylar önce
Very Interesting
Irving Nerdbaum
Irving Nerdbaum Aylar önce
" ....so many mysteries yet to be explained." Dr. Felton is just the right person to do it, too.
Bill Cruse
Bill Cruse Aylar önce
Not only is it the history they didn't teach when you were a kid, more than that, the production is always outstanding, always great work. Now, how about a series on current U.S. history? Many close parallels.
James Williamson
James Williamson Aylar önce
Imagine: It's 1942, you're a Japanese E14 seaplane pilot stationed on a SUBMARINE in the waters of the American Pacific Northwest 😎
Kevin Sheedy
Kevin Sheedy Aylar önce
David Suzuki take note...
E-Curb Aylar önce
5:26 "Scrapped"
William Zander
William Zander Aylar önce
The movie 1941 Steven SPEILBERG with JOHN Belushi was about this .
Hamann9631 Aylar önce
12:50. Tell us more. What weapons did the minesweeper use? Did the submarine fire? If so what?
Marsha Mariner
Marsha Mariner Aylar önce
Well I won't watch the rest of the video. DONT NEED TO WATCH HUNTING ANIMALS FOR FUN. TY ANYWAY. I'd like to hv watched it being from SF. But oh well !!!☹️☹️☹️😡😡
Boosted Pastime
Boosted Pastime Aylar önce
There is no limit to Mark Felton's talent!
Stewart Davies
Stewart Davies Aylar önce
IIRC, the IJN used the Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo in Submarines instead of the Type 93 Long Lance! The smaller submarine torpedo was much less impressive than it's larger cousin, but still much better than any contemporary submarine launched weapon, any where else world wide! PS. I like your channel!
Mark E
Mark E Aylar önce
Great video as always, but a bit more speculation than your other videos. Marshall’s Beach is over a kilometre south of the Golden Gate south tower. That is a big miss for an experienced sub commander firing at a static target (regardless of tides/currents). Is it not more likely that the torpedo was fired at a merchant ship passing along the coast but missed and ran on to the sand bank?
Benjamin Towns
Benjamin Towns Aylar önce
It was my understanding that torps were designed with end of run detonators or were designed to sink if they missed and ran out of fuel. This was dating back to one of the Naval treaties in the 1920s. This prevented them from becoming effectively floating mines. Its possible he fired several and the one at the beach was a dud. The rest of them could have hit and had very little effect and in the middle of the night might not have been noticed.
Todd Metzger
Todd Metzger Aylar önce
They would have been noticed. Fort Point and the whole northern mountainside was one huge defense installation during WWII. Fort Point was bristling with guns to take on anything that came to attack the bridge, including fast attack torpedo boats.
JoyLives_4Her Aylar önce
I know that WW2 was a more than horrific time than most, yet the details and "secrets" that keep surfacing still in 2021 are mindboggling to say the least. Not that it wasnt known but not so well known to many including myself!! Wow I truly hope that our perimeters and coasts are safer than they were back then.
Jo Boring
Jo Boring Aylar önce
10:50 Bad math? 4,200 feet equals 1.3 kilometers
Todd Metzger
Todd Metzger Aylar önce
It's how the sub commander missed, I think. 😂🤣😋
John Rogan
John Rogan Aylar önce
Intuition says that the GGB would make an ideal Taliban/al Queda target.
Thomas Dillon
Thomas Dillon Aylar önce
Your conjecture makes sense. A, minelayer U-boat layrd mimes at the, mouth of Charleston SC. Our ports and harbors were on the list of targets.
A Nickerson
A Nickerson Aylar önce
In 2021 on we can expect a bomb would detonate and destroy everything within a 10 mile radius at least.
Linha Dotempo
Linha Dotempo Aylar önce
Marketing animals killing?! WTF?!
Allen350 Aylar önce
My mother grew up in Enumclaw, Washington during WWII and remembered the Japanese balloons.
schwarzrabe Aylar önce
this was all described in the 80s in Spielbergs film "1941"...
Guy DeGregg
Guy DeGregg Aylar önce
Terrible place to launch torpedoes due to the notoriously strong currents in that area which should have been clear to an experienced sub skipper after maneuvers. Cool video.
Christophers Aylar önce
Best TRvid video yet! Not just "Best Mark Felton video yet", but best TRvid video yet! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your phenomenal scholarship with us, Mark!
juan garcia
juan garcia Aylar önce
book; 'The Nameless War' by Captain Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay
juan garcia
juan garcia Aylar önce
McCollum Memo 8 step plan to provoke Japan into attacking the United States. President Roosevelt, over the course of 1941, implemented all 8 of the recommendations contained in the McCollum memo. Following the eighth provocation, Japan attacked. The public was told that it was a complete surprise, an "intelligence failure", and America entered World War Two.
straswa Aylar önce
Great vid, I was not aware of a Japanese plot to torpedo the Golden Gate. Thanks Mark Felton!
Law World
Law World Aylar önce
till now mark felton i thought you as a special person delivering important information about the war but now after seeing you promoting a animal killing game i came to the conclusion that you are just a money greedy person who can incite to kill animal for money
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher Aylar önce
There was a sub attack in the Santa Barbara channel in 1943.I have the Navy Armed Guard battle report.
kjk2227l Aylar önce
4200 feet or nearly 3 kilometres? Check your facts and/or your maths Mark. Excellent video though. You do dig deep.
Mark Felton is just unparalleled in knowledge about WW2 ❤️👑
even odds
even odds Aylar önce
Forest fires? What a bunch of ass holes
Rod Szasz
Rod Szasz Aylar önce
GREAT CAMPFIRE STORY BUT NOT HISTORY: No Evidence of any Attack: I posted this before and it looks like Mark scrubbed it, but I am a historian of Japanese records in WWII. A torpedo found south of the beach south of the Golden Gate bridge does not equal an attack on the bridge. That is pure speculation with no evidence at all to back it up. In fact the whole story borders upon fantasy. As a person who has read the records of Japanese submarines on the North American coast in Japanesebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb there are many hundreds of other reasons for a torpedo to be on the beach. Many Japanese submarines transited the coast in the 1942. Some merchant ships were sunk. Many torpedoes were used and did not register hits. They can float a long ways... Although a lot of Mark Felton's videos are highly watchable, in spite of the repeated used of archived generic footage taken out of context, it is impossible to expertly research most of the material he posts. Mark Felton is a good TRvidr story teller, he is not a historian with a deft touch of attention to detail. He has posted some stuff (Japanese counterlandings on Saipan) that never happenned and claimed that it did. He does not cite any sources as well and what he does cite is easily obtainable from secondary source materials. Yet on this video even that is lacking.... great campfire story but not history.
bg se
bg se Aylar önce
The satisfying facilities bodily care because michael similarly tip like a ajar bacon. perfect, arrogant suggestion
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Aylar önce
I remember as a kid many years ago visiting Hearst Castle and hearing about an attack from a Japanese subs deck gun where a few shells detonated but there was no damage to any structures.
Tomás Bladinieres
Tomás Bladinieres Aylar önce
Quite a story! Excellent!
Donald Dodson
Donald Dodson Aylar önce
It is very interesting to me to have your excellent scholarship to add to my late parents' recollections about being in California and Oregon during WWII. I knew of the attack on the oil fields near Santa Barbara, but did not know about the assignment of areas assigned along the west coast for merchant shipping. Thank you, Dr. Felton, as always.
Robert Hawxhurst
Robert Hawxhurst Aylar önce
HuntingClash is amazing bullets blowing huge bloody gaping holes in the animals. Been hunting for 40 years ~ never seen a hit do that.
JossWainwright Aylar önce
Just means you've been using the wrong ammunition... ;-)
nicholas ringer
nicholas ringer Aylar önce
10:50 math error on length, apparently there's total length and longest length span? Not sure the difference, just heard 4000ft nearly 3km and feared I'd drank too many brain cells under the table 😅 Love the videos!
EarthenDam Aylar önce
Between the tides and the immense amount of silt that comes from the Delta that dumps into SF Bay I would say any more torpedoes will have been buried completely by now.
Tracy A
Tracy A Aylar önce
Very reasonable conclusions. I have a hard time understanding why they would see the Golden Gate as a worthy target. I understand the propaganda value of such an attack but, as a military target, the Golden Gate is worthless. It is just as possible that it was accidentally launched into open ocean and washed up on that beach.
Jose Carlos Espinosa
Jose Carlos Espinosa 2 aylar önce
This was an awesome account. Your research methods and techniques are outstanding! Thank you
Young & Evil & Bad Like Darth Vader
I thought everytime that im the Most dumbest Person Alife.. But this is the Channel and the topic id Like to get knowledge
DrivermanO 2 aylar önce
I subscribe to your channel, and like the videos. They are well presented and informative. But I have to say thayt was exceptionally disappointed by your choice of sponsor for this one. Its really beneath your dignity.
Erik Roelink Citizen
Erik Roelink Citizen 2 aylar önce
They should give you a medal of honour for al your resurgence of history and discovery's. You are a modern wo2 heroer how keeps them alive and respected
Scott Murdock
Scott Murdock 2 aylar önce
i pay TRvid every month for commercial free viewing!!! IM NOT INTERESTED IN HUNTING CLASH!!KEEP THE GAME AND THE VIDEO!!!!!!
Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson 2 aylar önce
PS: I recently read the fantastic book on the US Navy’s hard won naval battle of Guadalcanal called “Neptune’s Inferno” by the great naval historian and author James Hornfischer. It’s also a fantastic listen on audiobook! Maybe you have read it? Highly recommended! Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson 2 aylar önce
Obviously you are aware of “Operation Drumbeat”, the German U-boat assault on our east coast shipping routes that sank many thousands of tons of shipping that was purposely hidden from the American public. This was a disaster and the German Kriegsmarine called the US east coast the “Happy Hunting Grounds” because they sank so many of our freighters, oilers and tankers during 1942 from New York to the Gulf Coast. As a long time wreck and cave diver I dove the wreck of the British Oiler “Empire Mica” that was one of the many victims of “Operation Paukenschlag”. I distinctly remember diving through the two holes in her starboard side! My dad was a fighter pilot in WWII and years later when I told my dad the story of the Empire Mica and Operation Drumbeat he denied my story telling me that couldn’t have happened! Dad said that The US Navy and Air Force would never have allowed the war to come so close to our shores and he and none of his pilots had ever heard of such rumors! He actually got angry 😤 that I would spread such a story and belittle his beloved US Army Air Corps! I had to show him my copy of the great book on the subject “Operation Drumbeat” and show him a video that I had acquired of the Empire Mica burning 🔥 for a day and a night off the Gulf Coast of Pensacola, Florida! Dad, by that time in his late 70’s, was dumbfounded about his lack of knowledge on all of these ship sinkings. I explained to my Dad how all of this information had been hidden from the US press and people because it was such a disaster! Fake news! Even in 1941 and 1942! Admiral Ernest J. King was mostly responsible for his extremely slow response to this disaster that took until early 1943 to be resolved. My question to you oh mighty Mark is this: Why didn’t the 🇯🇵 Japanese Navy do the same on the west coast as the Germans were doing in “Drumbeat” on the east coast and Gulf of 🇲🇽 Mexico? With their long range Submarines and excellent “Long Lance” torpedoes the 🇯🇵 Japanese Navy could have brought the west coast 🚢 shipping lanes to a complete standstill and maybe even bottled up the reeling US Navy at San Diego! What do you think????? Thanks for another great war story. I am an avid historian and love what you do! Mark Williamson
dantankboy 2 aylar önce
Mr. Felton, you are an Aerican treasure!
Curt Rowlett
Curt Rowlett 2 aylar önce
Please consider offering "The Fujita Plan" in a Kindle edition on Amazon. I really enjoy your channel and would love to read your book. Thank you.
Fixy Clary
Fixy Clary Aylar önce
Elaine Ricketts
Elaine Ricketts 2 aylar önce
.....THANK GOD for MARK FELTON...........
Peter Clark
Peter Clark 2 aylar önce
Ask Yenda in for a chat. Result. [You, the reader, have to think like the Japanese of the time if you are to continue.] Convert 25+ rear-superstructure merchantmen into steam-ramp-launch ACC. Design a single-use aircraft (dive bomber) for the attack. No wheels, 9 cyl radial, internal bomb bay, mostly wood, paper, cloth and dope construction, avg. range 300 miles. Develop the quickest, most reliable at-sea modular reassembly line for them. Maximum 10 mins between launches. Put 30+ of the above in crates into the holds. Lightly-trained pilots - up-skilled junior Army officers and NCOs? No need for radio, difficult navigation, fighter training, etc. Plan for a combined time-sea-state-based launch line 50-200 miles offshore; goal first attacker arrives at dawn. Last attack arrives late morning. Attack: 750+ equiv. 500lb bombs against the West coast; wood built suburbs, many important AC factories, Hoover, GGB, basically target rich. These aircraft continue inland after the aimed attack and are crashed into forests; pilot parachutes. A pre-established network extracts as many pilots as they can, to Mexico and Panama. Using rendezvous points, self-contained survival crates, trucks, tarps, contracted haulers, paperwork. Merchantmen de-construct the ramp, burn the wood, complete disguise, make their own way back to safety. Timing: Done in conjunction with Pearl it would have provided a huge challenge. Does Hunting Clash have any three-legged doormice? I'll settle for a toothless lion, or a zebra with personality issues.
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