Going back to The Forest

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What are the chances all 4 survivors who crash land on an island all lose their son and are perfectly capable of doing whatever it takes to get them back?
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3 Mar 2022




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DirabreemGaming 7 aylar önce
The fact that only a few minutes into the game you guys divulge into utter chaos just makes this game soooo much better. Highly excited for Sons of the Forest, real happy to see you guys playing this game and hope you’ll play that one too.
Lechkingofdead 6 aylar önce
@Gr4vityJuli4n same can be for dying light 1 and a few others i can list IF my memory was better on thoes that scare me BUT i can do with others or just on the idea of doing it with others
Gr4vityJuli4n 6 aylar önce
This is the kind of game which can be scary at first but if you are with friends its the biggest fun you will have in a while.
OojineUgyne94 6 aylar önce
Son on the forest is where the trees are tiny and mountains are only pebbles and rivers just this small ditch system like when you pee on sand it leave this trail
Lechkingofdead 7 aylar önce
if what they have let known fo the game is true, i know ya live with a partly turned cannabal lady or atlest friendly cannabal gal
Evan Delck
Evan Delck 7 aylar önce
@Denny Soto oh
Luke 7 aylar önce
Fun fact: The cannibals have different tribes, and only some of them are hostile right off the bat. The rest will only attack you after you attack them, or do enough stuff that they consider sacrelige.
Ascari2007 Aylar önce
That's cool
Lykia Ookami
Lykia Ookami 2 aylar önce
@yesdude the game literally has a reputation system with the cannibals. And it's very well possible to 'train' them. But the moment you attack one, they go hostile and you can't increase your rep with them, only lose.
_RealUnderscore_ 3 aylar önce
@yesdude No, it's literally part of the game lmfao
En-Zo 3 aylar önce
@Mode Ranger me
Mode Ranger
Mode Ranger 4 aylar önce
Who asked? Lol
Dio- chu
Dio- chu 7 aylar önce
This group is 100% one of my favorites. They're just so chaotic together. 1:33 He was so immersed 18:43 Hm yes physics 19:57 I like how he remembered Smii7y's ocean fear & took initiative instead 21:05 Oh- 😳
ImGRIM 7 aylar önce
"we're ganna complete the game so we can play the next one" Smitty stands there in silent rage looking where a camp fire use to be*
S K 7 aylar önce
Having an unbelievably shit night and you’re content is helping calm me down and distract me. I’m beyond thankful for your uploads. Been watching for years and you always seem to come in clutch
Undead Man
Undead Man 7 aylar önce
I really hope you finish this game because this game is just a masterpiece
Three months now, they finished it 2 months ago. Really looking forward to “Sons of the Forest” gameplay
Reckless 4 aylar önce
There is a new one releasing soon
Matrix_2112 5 aylar önce
And a nightmare
Viority Mist
Viority Mist 6 aylar önce
Its art...i wouldn't call it a master piece tho
Cyphen Rozulus
Cyphen Rozulus 7 aylar önce
20:51 Never would I thought I would see milkbag like this
Siamax 7 aylar önce
yes xd
Arlo Pratt
Arlo Pratt 7 aylar önce
Smi7y: “we are the right people for this” one of the right people: destroys the fire keeping them alive
MagicAc3 7 aylar önce
I love how the moment they actually try to finish a game they don't invite Blarg. 🤣
Jeziel Perez
Jeziel Perez 7 aylar önce
The forest is such a good game I can’t wait to see what the do with sons of the forest, hopefully they integrate firearms
Ethan Barger
Ethan Barger 6 aylar önce
Hands down, best series you’ve ever started
Baku 7 aylar önce
First time seeing your content - laughed by ass off! You guys seem to have lots of fun!
Bucko3 K.
Bucko3 K. 7 aylar önce
I love literally love every single video you post the energy always makes my day just that much better
Albi Metaliu
Albi Metaliu 7 aylar önce
Smity you know what man , you got me through some tough times. Hope you have a nice day
Alexander DeVries
Alexander DeVries 7 aylar önce
this game still manages to scare me. not by the intended horror, but because you can eat people. and they taste good.
Mr. Yeeter
Mr. Yeeter 2 aylar önce
Isn't that every day
@Alexander DeVries The ears are actually pretty good… what do you think about the liver?
Alan Rudy
Alan Rudy 3 aylar önce
Why play a game when you can do it in real life
Vantablack 4 aylar önce
@Lechkingofdead Lol yes, at that point it's laundering.
Red Onyx
Red Onyx 7 aylar önce
He should get the rebreather and dive into the other caves. He’ll have a blast with the tower and glider.
Forgettinq 7 aylar önce
Never thought y'all playing The Forest would be like an UNO game lmaooo.
mak !!
mak !! 7 aylar önce
ive been wanting to see smitty continue this for so long and now that he finally is i'm so happy AHHH. definitely the highlight of my week fr
Pepso8P 7 aylar önce
This was hilarious, I can't wait to see more.
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore 7 aylar önce
Imagine Blarg, Grizzy, and Puffer playing this.
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 12 gün önce
Imagine Nogla, Kryoz, Panda and Wildcat together playing this.
Zak Bloodstone
Zak Bloodstone 7 aylar önce
And Add Soup In The Mix.
Reddest Logoy
Reddest Logoy 7 aylar önce
That's a bad idea especially since there's explosives and we know how Matt gets with bombs in warzone, but content and entertainment wise, it's an absolutely fantastic top of the line idea
Dj DarkDisc
Dj DarkDisc 7 aylar önce
@Mr. Friend random oogs and arrrrarrr from Mcnasty
Mr. Friend
Mr. Friend 7 aylar önce
imagine blarg with other Goons playing this
Kyle Harris
Kyle Harris 7 aylar önce
I actually beg we see more of this, so much could come out of it
Darragh Evans
Darragh Evans 7 aylar önce
Can this be a series I’m loving this group fr 😂
Ayden Hilliard
Ayden Hilliard 7 aylar önce
Real excited that you guys are coming back to this game to finish it. Can't wait for Sons of the Forest to come out so you guys can play that together too, keep up the good work!
Tropicana Club
Tropicana Club 7 aylar önce
I was rewatching the raft series when this popped out, and oh boy the "shark=Bruce" was so fresh that I've been never happier than ever!
rodrex 7 aylar önce
i love when smii7y just plays a random game out of nowhere
_RealUnderscore_ 3 aylar önce
@rodrex I mean... the title itself says "Going *back* to The Forest." Then, in the intro to video, he literally says he's played the game before, twice.
chase 6 aylar önce
Random game 😭😭😭
rodrex 7 aylar önce
@GolenCheeseit damn i can't argue with that logic... well i am going to start living like that. Now if u excuse me i will watch eating contests on TRvid cuz instead of eating i shall watch other people eat
GolenCheeseit 7 aylar önce
@rodrex Why would I go outside if I can just watch other people play video games about going outside? Its pretty much the same thing
Little smarty
Little smarty 7 aylar önce
@rodrex true, he said that
DPIris 7 aylar önce
so many people dont realize how good this game is and became. its underrated asf and the second game is gonna be amazing and hopefully releases not in early access
little bunny
little bunny 6 aylar önce
I am so excited to play the next one, apparently the cannibals are way scarier looking
NorthernLaw 7 aylar önce
I completely forgot about the forest sequel that's coming, actually excited for that
KassieKeahi 7 aylar önce
ya'll should find the 3 hidden underwater caves and get the special blueprints as well
Soba 7 aylar önce
I am glad The Forest has begun to get more attention. I am incredibly excited for the new one and the supposed increase in Quality of Life features.
Genoveus 7 aylar önce
5:08 “Cut her up, BOIS!” That has got to be the most horrifying thing to hear as you fall unconscious from blood loss and die; like that scene from SMILING FRIENDS.
_RealUnderscore_ 3 aylar önce
Dude, they'd literally be psychotic and/or psychopaths for that to happen. It'd be absolutely terrifying.
steamy tree
steamy tree 7 aylar önce
I really hope this becomes a full series on the channel. I Ioved the previous forest videos
Sky 7 aylar önce
Me and my friends started playing this and honestly, it was sooo fun playing with 8 people. We finished it yesterday and it's really fun
WinterLeader714 7 aylar önce
Hearing the usually bold and reckless Smii7y become scared and nervous is a kinda nice change of pace
Lulu Voxnar
Lulu Voxnar 7 aylar önce
im so hype for sons of the forest, hope it gets vr support as playing the forest in vr was beautifully terrifying ~
Alessandro Venturoli
Alessandro Venturoli 7 aylar önce
Are we really gonna have a full The Forest series from one of the greatest youtubers out there? Really hope so, love the content. KEEP IT UP SMII7Y ❤️
Jblazy 7 aylar önce
I hope so, I’ve been waiting so long for a TRvidr I like to make a series on this game. And this is the perfect group in my opinion. They get the job done but make it fun and hilarious. I really hope they continue with this game all the way through. Especially since this was so entertaining to watch live.
Crank Fastle
Crank Fastle 4 aylar önce
17:17 those screams/cries to this day is one of the more haunting sounds I've ever heard in a game.
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez 7 aylar önce
The fact that I’ve only been playing this game with a couple of buddies of mine for the past 3 days says a lot about this game it’s fun creepy and awesome
Ayoub 6 aylar önce
one of the best games i played
Nicholas Bozeman
Nicholas Bozeman 7 aylar önce
17:00 y'all know this is definitely going to be a best of 2022 moment🤣
Will Lewis
Will Lewis 7 aylar önce
Smii7ys laugh at 16:10 sounds like he’s trying to start his car.
ilycolton 7 aylar önce
Zayn'sWrath 7 aylar önce
man sound like a dolphin
Such-Secret 7 aylar önce
2 best comments
AirCon 7 aylar önce
Either that or unlocking the car over and over
2J DestroDegr
2J DestroDegr 7 aylar önce
This stream was pure chaos and I loved it
TotalEclipse 7 aylar önce
Please make this a series, this was one of my favorite games and the amount of shit you can do is endless.
TheBlackSwan 7 aylar önce
I love this game! Can’t wait for sons of the forest! I’m pumped!
fireballstardraco 7 aylar önce
Seeing you and the gang playing this game makes me want to jump back into it, also what made me laugh was when you said I need help and said it over the radio at the same time :D
BelleM0rte 7 aylar önce
The Forest will always hold a special place in my heart; I met my wife through this game. We've done everything together on this game and can't wait to conquer the sequel together too
Caleb Sharp
Caleb Sharp 5 aylar önce
@Hanako Is best girl Why?
Hanako Is best girl
Hanako Is best girl 7 aylar önce
The sequel is sons of the forest, id say perfect time to talk about having a kid /s
Samuel Sweeney
Samuel Sweeney 7 aylar önce
Cursed af but wholesome
Certified Clown lala
Certified Clown lala 7 aylar önce
why is this wholesome
sky 7 aylar önce
you could say the forest was y'all's "meat" cute
Jeff Nerd
Jeff Nerd 7 aylar önce
I’m glad to hear raft will return, those videos were great!
GhostRemus 7 aylar önce
Please continue, would love to see more!!!!!
LevenKing 7 aylar önce
I am so glad your playing this game and I am so hyped for the next game!
Katy M
Katy M 7 aylar önce
I watched Markiplier, bob , and Wade complete it and GOD I just know this is gonna be as entertaining as those three 🤣
maia 7 aylar önce
the amount of times ive watched the old forest videos,,, this is the best thing ever
StealthyDead 4 aylar önce
The Forest is one of my most favorite of games of the hundreds and hundreds of games I've played. It truly is a masterpiece.
How Foolish
How Foolish 7 aylar önce
I could watch a whole playthrough of this if these guys played it honestly
shagster021 7 aylar önce
loved the gameplay and commentary took a whole minute for chaos to break 😂
TIARA BELL 7 aylar önce
I am so happy that your going to finish this game cannot wait for the funny, stupid, and chaotic moments
Mark West
Mark West 7 aylar önce
Finally the time has come, thank you Lord Lactose, I’m literally shaking and crying rn.
FunkSwayed 7 aylar önce
I will always stick around for the forest
dalex_allen 7 aylar önce
Eli at 11:21 just laying out "cavussy" like it's just a normal thing to say
ElectThought12 7 aylar önce
Me and my friend played through the forest and honestly it was terrifying playing through the very start of the game
Logan 7 aylar önce
"It's really dark, maybe we should wait until the daylight." Says Ezekial Donald... in a cave. 12:46
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 7 aylar önce
after watching the first few minutes, I'd rather take my chances with the cannibals than try to survive with you all, no matter how funny you all are. Thankfully I'm just watching you all and I am highly amused by the adventures of Edward Maplebutt
sam clark
sam clark 7 aylar önce
Honestly I'm so happy this is back. I've rewatched the forest gameplay about 40 times now so I'm glad I can go back and watch this about 40 more times. Thank you sir.
little bunny
little bunny 6 aylar önce
You absolutely NEED to play this if you haven’t. Beating the game is awesome
nekokat 7 aylar önce
Can't wait to see more of this!
Darth Jalapeño
Darth Jalapeño 7 aylar önce
Imagine how chaotic this would be with Matt
Bryan Jay
Bryan Jay 7 aylar önce
If you kill a bird and get its feather you can use said feather in the crafting grid(backpack) and make your axe faster. You can do the same with other items.
Nathan Ford
Nathan Ford Aylar önce
Now hear me out. Chainsaw cannon.
Impulse 6 aylar önce
@little bunny oof sad
little bunny
little bunny 6 aylar önce
@Impulse I don’t think so. Some weapons can’t be modded
Impulse 7 aylar önce
...can you use the feather to make... The Chainsaw faster..?
HellWelcome 7 aylar önce
I laugh so hard when Smii7y said not the chainsaw and both of them just rev up immediately.
BitFreddy1987 7 aylar önce
Honestly I wish blarg was playing with them it would be so funny hearing him screaming
Happy Gamer
Happy Gamer 7 aylar önce
YESSSS! I’d love to see a full series on this!
Hoober 7 aylar önce
As someone who beat the game in exactly 69 hours, I can't confirm nor deny that we spend a lot of time opening suitcases.
Kfctrotsky 7 aylar önce
Considering it took markiplier like 50+ hours with bob and wade to finish this, I doubt they will in one episode.
little bunny
little bunny 6 aylar önce
This is one of my favorite games of all time. Me and my friend speed run it in like 3hrs
VEGA Artworks
VEGA Artworks 7 aylar önce
@Daddy_Frogi they did
Autumn Becker
Autumn Becker 7 aylar önce
@Winter_The_Snowfox They did?!?! I watched ever video I thought...
Winter_The_Snowfox 7 aylar önce
@Daddy_Frogi they did tho
Daddy_Frogi 7 aylar önce
They didn't even finish it :/
forgotten snecko
forgotten snecko 5 aylar önce
i love that in multiplayer you actually occupy different seats than the guy with the kid, its cool
Nitrixツ 7 aylar önce
Ouh boy am I glad you guys played this. Absolute blast of a game and now it's better with yall
Lastsnake 7 aylar önce
Imagine these 4 doing the same thing but in rl, god that will be one hell of a story
Masons Dragon
Masons Dragon 7 aylar önce
Ah, the forest, one of my most favorite games
RaddleSnake 7 aylar önce
One of my favorite games is the forest so I'm really excited to see him play this
Rory Watt
Rory Watt 7 aylar önce
Given how great your olds vids are and how great the whole series with mark, bob and wade was, this should be fuckin gold
Sumonerandom 6 aylar önce
5:40 “Who put out the fire?” The game: *Rain sounds with downpour ensuing*
Anonymous 73
Anonymous 73 4 aylar önce
I like how one of the first things they do is accidentally head into the hardest cave in the game
BenOver 7 aylar önce
17:03 was a moment i did not expect to see from smii7y and im happy i did made me jam
Godzilla Hulvalchick
Godzilla Hulvalchick 7 aylar önce
Ye me too
Eva Rose
Eva Rose 7 aylar önce
I'd love to see more :)
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith 7 aylar önce
I remember when everyone was playing the forest , i watched typical gamer play it and these guys it was funny as!
WillWin 47
WillWin 47 7 aylar önce
Glad to hear that u guys still remember Raft, really love those videos
REA-PER 7 aylar önce
Hey just want to say your vids are the best and are always here for me when I need them most I love the content and it will always make me smile.
SOMEONE 7 aylar önce
14:58 the timing of both of them taking aout their chainsaws lol
Foxyoner367 6 aylar önce
I've finished this game 10 times and 4 of those were with friends. Can't wait for sons of the forest
xZahara Dxedx
xZahara Dxedx 3 aylar önce
Surprisingly Smii7y’s videos series like the forest has been my new hyper fixation
Islam Sakr
Islam Sakr 7 aylar önce
The game is so well made that there is a social system implemented meaning you can socialize with the cannibals by not attacking and only blocking their attacks, you can also give them meat and they will like you and be less aggressive.
Stacey 7 aylar önce
I had no idea. I've watched a bunch of different people play this game over the years and not once did I see anyone do a passive play through. I didn't know you could have them attack less. That's really cool.
Finlay Miller
Finlay Miller 7 aylar önce
The storyline is really good it brought me to tears
Symon Graham
Symon Graham 7 aylar önce
yoooo i love this game and your content and i hope you continue this series!! if you eat the legs it unlocks effigies and you can "build your own" which im sure you guys could get creative lol, and the shark heads and animal heads and all that, look for the racoon head on a stick in the crafting, its a wall mount for those things!! annnnd with the bunnies you can build a bunny cage where you can put the bunnies you trapped, putting two in they will have a third, capture enough and you have a lot of food!!!
Stelios Oikonomakhs
Stelios Oikonomakhs 7 aylar önce
As a greek at 6:51 i laughed so hard love your vids Smii7y
Shikhar Saxena
Shikhar Saxena 7 aylar önce
I seriously want more of this game from you smii7y
Superdude725 6 aylar önce
"we going to play the first game and at least try to finish it" Immediately starts attacking each other as soon at the same starts
BeefJerkyPlaysGames 7 aylar önce
You know it’s gunna be a good day when SMii7Y uploads
Clara Callejo
Clara Callejo 7 aylar önce
I'm very excited to see them complete the game and make it funny so I don't get scared Also fun fact, building around water is the best strategy bc the cannibals can't swim (Unless they patched it).
Pompeofan76 •
Pompeofan76 • 7 aylar önce
Videos always make my day always a good laugh!
RePhill 7 aylar önce
The Forest is a good game so I'm glad you went back!
emeraldblade 6 aylar önce
something you should probaly know the more trees you cut down the more aggresive the cannibals become i found this out the hard way after chainsawing half of the forest and got attacked by litteraly everything under the sun
Thantos 7 aylar önce
I really hope y'all are planning to make this a series, I would definitely want to watch it
Twylight Phoenix
Twylight Phoenix 7 aylar önce
A playthough with the boys sounds awsome
Xheroman 7 aylar önce
I'm so ashamed of how much "give the shark a kiss!" got me laughing, holy shit.
SusKoala 7 aylar önce
Please keep going with the forest content
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